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September 6, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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September 6, 1930

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A.D SOC,A I .oc. ITEMS MUST BE IN THE OFFICE B Y or Send Social Items to The Guardian NOON TUES- 307 West Second Street. Phone 5486 DAY. Mrs. M. P. McNeil and Sister M. Madonna, Newfoundland, returned from a trip to Los and Sister M. Gianetta, Philadelphia. and San Francisco. Mrs. A. Metrafler and Amelia, and Melanie, have from a ten days' stay in Vista. Altar Society of Good Counsel meet Friday afternoon at the school auditorium. All urged to be present. Jane Deves and Chas. Jr., of Fort Smoth spent the with Miss Margaret Louise ladies of St. Edward's Parish a card party on the after- night of Wednesday, Octo- ,at St. Edward's Hall, Ninth streets. Wilhelmina Wiltiamson and Justyne, have rturned from two weeks with rehttives in Commerce, Fort Worth Texas. and Mrs. J. J. Keller from a month's motor Detroit and Port Hu- points in Canada and W. Roy Monsignor H. H. Wernke, of Our Lady Of Good Counsel is spending his vacation in Schools Ready For Fall Term Opening Dates of Academy and Grade Schools Are Announced Simultaneous with announcements concerning opening dates of other schools in the city comes the sched- ule arranged for local Catholic schools. They include Mount St. Mary's Academy in Pulaski Heights, three parochial schools in Little Rock and two in North Little Rock. Mount St. Mary's Academy, di- rected by the Sisters of Mercy, will be$in the fall term on September 8, with registration of students4 regu- lar sessions to begin on Tuesday morning, September 9. This is one of the oldest schools in the state, hav- ing been founded in 1850 and incor- porated in 1860. The academy is af- filiated with the University of Ar- kansas, also the Catholic University at Washington, D. C. Graded by the State Bo~.rd of Education as a "Class A" school, Mount St. Mary's curriculum is em- braced in primary, the elementary de- partment and the junior mad senior high school grades. Special courses include dramatic art, drancing, art, piano, violin and voice. The latest and most approved methods are em- ployed. a the guest of his par- nd Mrs. Herman Wernke. The department of dramatic art, was erland, introduced last year under the super- madeLv vision of Mrs. Evelyn Johnson, met With such pronounced success as to IAlice Bernier, accompanied by encourage the introduction this year ins, Misses Elizabeth and of dance classes. This feature will -~ Fulk, has reutrned %o her be directed by Miss Helen Rose, tal- ttope following a visit with The recently completed gymnasium and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Gus offers opportunity for many new features during the .coming year. Some phase of "gym" work will be party will be held on Men- 'required of each student. Swimming "noon, September 8th, in the will also be featured Specially ~nsel Auditorium, Maryland equipped laboratories are provided ~P ~treets, for the benefit of students in chemistry, and a library Booth, which is sponsored of unusual proportions is at the dis- C~bunse Parish during the posal of all students. The commer- ir each year. A prize will cial department, using the Gregg method, includes all that is required at each tube and the charge for a complete business education. 25 cents Mrs. A. Me- c~ . " Many of the Sisters at Mount St. amrman. Mary's have been away during the r- ~. . - .. summer months, either visiting with ~guLar monthly cara pm~y h" . ., relatives or studying for degrees in Y the ladms of St Edward s _.. " _ various universities~ or colleges. The ,_It be. held on Tuesday, Se!,( Roy. Mother Mary Fidelis, accom- ].6, m St Edward s Hart, panied by Sister M. Riga Marie and Ic[ Ferry streets The pro t'" ". . - Sister M. Carmelita, have been visit- hl~ card party will be given ~ . ing in Los Angeles, Cal.; Sister M. 1stets who teach in St Ed ,, " . - Catherine and Sister M. Ambrose in noel There will be a prize " St. John s Newfoundland, and points SCore at each table and re m anada an 1 el t " " C , d S'ster M. Im da and s will be served Sm ' "ter M. Benignus have spent the -- summer in Ireland and England. [ announcement of an extra- Good Counsel School" de luxe was made through Good Counsel School, located at Urans in last week's issue, to Ninth and Bishop streets, will open by the Parish of Good Coun- I for registration on Monday, Sept. xr auditorium on Halloween !5 sessions to begin on Tuesday tuber 31st, depicting Har-Imorning. Eight primary grades, with L. All who were so ~ortunate I piano and violin as special features; the Spanish Fiesta the past lure taught at this school. The faculty member the stupendous ef-ris composed of teachers from Mount I forth, and no doubt will lst. Mary's Convent, with Sister M. Y reservation for thin club- h ICatherine as principal. Perhaps t e ~-r%alnment on Friday, ecru-[largest number of pupils in a local parochial school compose the stu- -- dent body of Good Counsel. ,raes p. Gaffney, V~ce Rec- St. Edward s School John's Seminary, returnedEight primary grades are taught at t last Thursday from Wash- St. Edward's school, Ninth and Sher- C., where he was doing re- man streets, which will open for reg- brl~ at the Catholic Univer- istration on Friday, Sept. 12. Ses- rOUte home he spent a few sions will begin on Monday, Sept. 15. his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Four ~eachers and two music instruc- {- Gaffney, in Coroapolis, tors, from the Order of Black Bent- THE GUARDIAN, SEPTEMBER 6, 1930 Patrick's school on East Seventh ~.~~ ~ ~NII|I~T 'Street in Neigh Little Rock, with Sis- ~|~UlliilIJ|~d,] ~Jll- LJJIJ~|LI ter M. Loyola as the principal. An ~r.][~OP.~||~l~| OA||% unusually large registration on Sept. r~]~LU~||]|~ ~l~ 15 is exjected at this school, where[ .................. . [ I eight grades are taught with music, Tfl R~ INCR~A~INCI as a special feature. The Rev Fa- av ~.~ ~a~j~aJ~ij~t~j~. .ther George H. McDermott is super- ~isor of the school. C. K. OF A NOTES Through an error, the State Con- vention will not be held until Septem- ber 17-18, but neverthelesu, points are to be considered, i. e., first the Burse, for Subiaco Abbey, do we members of the Catholic Knights fully realize what this Burse stands for, we would say for the aid of one who begins studies for Holy Orders and let it go at bhat. How many young men have the vocation but are denied the chance to fulfill their wishes, for more than one obstacle, i. e. parents often cannot give the privilege of going to 'school and seminary because they have not the means to send our boy, so dear members, all give a help- ing hand for the Burse to aid those who give up all they have to assist us in our spiritual needs. Our Juvenile Insurance. T~his de- partment is a new one for the order, but is proven to be a real success The ages for those to be insured range from one month to 16 years Rates are very reasonable, ranging from 25 cents to 38 cents a month, insuring from the amounts of $34 to $500. Rates t~main the same, but as the child grows older the valuation of protection becomes larger. Any baptized Catholic child can be writ- ten. Dear members, please boost this department,~as well as the adult department. Home for Aged Members. The Catholic Knight's wish you to give this question serious thought-- talk it over with local members then bring it up for general discussion. It would be well to adopt a resolu- tion to be placed before the general assembly, to hold monthly district meetings for the good of the Order, as this encourages the membership, and let each district organize a degree team. Missionary Program. Instill Catholic doctrines by giving Catholic literature to non-Catholics, assist the priest in such undertak- ings. A number of other points could be brought up, but space is too scarce, so let all work ,hand in hand. Don't forget Bro. Win. E. Prender- PAGE THREE Bishop Herblgny O'ves Details of Re- cent Shocking Outrages--Sulcldes Becoming Numerous and Many Are Fleeing the Country have enrolled 17,000,000 adults and 18,000,000 children of 8 to 14 years of age, whereas in their official sta- tistics of April, 1929, they counted only 600,00() adherents. "Their publication, until recently a weekly, now appears every five days with 350,000 copies, most of their subscribers having been forced to take it, and it is predicted that it will become a daily with a circula- tion of 500,000. It is announced that the radio, already used for the spread ing information on the horrors of re- ligious persecution in Russia has been ublished by Msgr. d'Herbigny, Bishop f Ilion, president of the Oriental Pon- tifical Institute, in an article appear- ing in Revue des Deux Mondes. I ALTUS MAN HAS i NOTABLE SUCCESS GROWING GRAPES Arkansas Democrat Publishes lnte~ esting Article on Farming Met~ ods of Young Man of Altus Congregation. of atheism, will soon contribute pew- Altus, Aug. 30.--Seven years ag~ By M. MASSIANI erfully to its diffusion Truth, pop- Herman J. B. Weiderkehr, a student (Paris Correspondent, N. C. W. C. ular welfare, the essential morals of at Arkansas Polytechnic Co~leg~ News Service) civilized life are of no importance Russellville, turned farmer and s~, Paris, Aug. 18.---News and disturb- to these godless ones. Their official probably next year, one of the large~ medical tariff for abortions, is it in- nurseries in the country will announce deed long? It is even gratuitous in his discovery, and patient work in de- some cases and this 'operation' never veloping the world's largest gral~., costs more than forty rubles, or about 400 francs." I not yet named. Weiderkehr calls the Heroic Attitude of Persecuted [grape "Giant Campbell's Early," but the name probably will .be ehange~ "The terror has become such fol- After brushing over the pietures Of lsince it is not a gdauated or devel- lowing all these persecution," the horrors committed by Soviet atheism, Ioped Campbell's, despite the fact tha~ Bishop writes, "that .... some the Bishop of Ilion points out the ad-it started from a vine of that variet~ parents have reached this frightful.mirable courage of the persecuted ltgrafted to Munson's roots. question, whether to see their chil- Christians: "A letter from Siberia dren fall into irreligion and all the shows in its simplicity the valiance of The new grape will be slightly lar~ vices, and at the same time the most these souls. A simple woman arrest- er than the King, now believed to be terrible misery, or whether it would led in April, 1924, for having carried the largest on the market; will be slm. not be better to make them perish food to Msgr. Cieplak, a Catholic bish- ,ilar to the Campbell's Early i~ color, with their parents? A tragic example Iop condemned to death, completed, in I and equally as good an all-purlm~ illustrates this atrocious truth. A April, 1929, the five years of hard grape, Weiderkebr declares. It wi~ mother of a family of four children labor to which she was sentenced for have only three or four seeds tom- received notice of her expul- this 'crime' of charity that she had pared to six and eight for other var~ sion for religious fanaticism. A committed. Her sentence finished, ties widow, doubtful of departure with- in place of being freed she was exiled During the last few years Weide~- out resources across the snow, a to Siberia---two months' travel as a kehr, son of a Swiss pioneer, the late neighbor whom she called in to aid prisoner, following a serious illness, John Weiderkehr, has invested his her saw her light her ,last candles be- then continuation toward a small lo- farm earnings in further development fore her icons and heard her say to cality 17 hours distant from the rail- of his 79 acres until today ha is ores her children, 'Eat well, my little ones, way and the nearest town, without of the two largest grape shippers in it is our last repast at the house and counting the numerous miles to be the Arkansas River Valley, his neigh- I haw prepared a good supper. Eat made on foot to reach the first sta- bor, Alfred Sex, being th'e other. well, my little ones.' Two hours later tion. What is the cry of her soul? When he purchased the farm he he police rapped at the door but there 'I thank God for all that he has sent did not devote much time to gr~lm was no response. They kept it up. me. His Holy Spirit has been man- culture, and today has only ~ine acrea Silence. They broke in the door. ifest in it all. If He wishes to send in which 14 varieties attest to h~ Around the table of white wood, me greater suffering yet, I am ready, love for experimenting. sleeping on their chairs, the mother Because His great mercy has always The Weiderkehr farm is operate~ and four children remained motion- given me His love, I shall be happy, on a scientific basis. Welderkeh less. To save them, the unfortunate I have always a great longing for my raises truck crops, berries and fruits mother had poisoned them. dear family, I wish so much to be on a large scale, and although h~ Family Suicides . With you, but since God wishes that three small sons are not large enou~ "And these cases are numerous. I wander in exile in a foreign land, to be of any material! help, he is sol- Family suicides h anVee ::kTs~l:n~U~h HH:lhF:i[l:nw~echSa~:o ~:::~let:~;I dn~:; in a rush. He has a ]ar~, proportions that o P " _ . ~ y "Y " " ' } ' , f ve cows and nearly 20@ ii::i~!0~:her:i:eMsJ~;h::~g?~:: ~::n::S:ial~nWi~':t~:uhadT:h:t~:hruet l::T:ie~ii,rmnoS:h:ft~l~ Po~:e C7:~ religion, hhnsgederhsiemuSt~frsbewrhen hisl B T~RTH sits atop a small hill with ,cultivated arrival of " P ' I LAM E I portions of the farm surrounding o~ o::Tu;' ; oo:e,o there were ' -} I " - " a es. About 2~ cities that had been there since morn-] London, Aug. 25.---"It i% unlikely!acres of timber or eight of ing." I that the'~3hurch will ever retrace th~s'meadow make up the uncultivated In a letter received through some I long stride in the direction of pagan acres of the place. gust of Adelphia Branch 102, who is German refugees in the camp at Ham. standards of morality," declared the I Entering the vineyard one immed~ confined to his home in a serious con. merstein, unbelievable details of bru- Rev. Francis W2odlock, S. J., noted ately notes its cleanliness. Brush, dition. Remember hlm in your pray- talities are found: "Someone seeSlpreacher and lecturer, preaching atlroots, weeds and grass are not tel- ors for a speedy recovery. Brother gold-filled teeth in a mouth. They Farm Street Church here on the on-ierated" Campbell's Early grapes, the Premtergast has two sons in Saint are etracted from the owner because cyclical letter of the Anglican bish-!chief commercial variety of the river John's Seminary at Little Rock, pro- he is not a communist, the blood ups, and referring specifically to the valley section, is also the princip~a paring for the priesthoom.---(Report" Cows, and it is not even a dentist1193 to 67 vote of the Bishops favor-Ivariety in the Weiderkehr vineyard. er). who operates, but some little peasant ling artificial birth control in eertain lIt is from these, grapes that the bi~ with a pair of pinches .... If I cases. " i profits of the industry are made, de- CATHOLIC CHARITIES GET ~God does not put an end to these days,] "Protestants may regard it as par- spite the fact that the crop was a poo~ BEQUESTS we are all lost. At Simferopol X and]adoxical,,, he said, "that from this on this year. V were tortured.All their fingerS[Jesuit pulpit it should be necessary Nevertheless this is the first time i~ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) were pounded." ] to remind the Anglican bishops that 50 years of grape history in the valley Detroit, Mich., Aug. 30.---Catholic After quoting from a number of]the end does not justify the use of that Campbell's Early grapes failed. institutions and charities benefit in letters in which cruelties to German] sinful means and make them lawful Being a shallow roote~l grape, the the will of Miss Honora Collins of De- Catholics were narrated, Msgr. d'Her- [ even [u the hard cases." freeze of last winter left a stamp throb troit. The entire estate with the ex-bigny made allusion to the horrible Departed From Catholic Tradition. will no% he~ erased for two years ye~ ception of $10,000 is directed to the persecutions of Polish Catholics:I The Lambeth Conference, he went The hull of this grape is stout, thel~ Catholic beneficiaries. "They were such that despite the win-[ on, admits that in taking its step it fore sd1~able to ship long distanee~. ter, hundreds of unfortunates tried ] was departing from the tradition of Being one of the eholeest table grapes, Mr. Spendix--"Any installments to escape across the frontier. One] the Catholic Church of which ~t and with a tendency to preserve bet- due today?" could see many mothers fleeing with claimed to be a part. ter in eannlng than any other grape Mrs. Spendix---"No, dear, I think their children, having stuffed cotton-[ Father Woodlock stigmatized as a in th~ country, this variety probably. not." wool into their mouths to keep them~ calumny the Bishops' statements in ~ever will be produced on a seal~ " ue Mr.: Spendix--Any payrnents d from crying." It heir encyclical: "It is significant large enough to supply the public de- on the house, the radio, the furniture "These horrors," Bishop d'Herbiw] that the communiOn which most mend. or the rugs, or the books?" ny continues, "are n~cessary to drive [ strongly condemns in principle all The Delaware grape is second in ira. Mrs. Spendix--"No." the people to atheism. And certain [preventive methods, nevertheless in portance in the valley. This is a Mr. Spendix--"Then I have ten 'defenders of the people' in the Oc- I practice recognizes that there are oc- small pink grape, and being of tend~ dolars we don't need. What do you eident assure us that there is no per- [ casions when a rigid insistence on hull that easily bruises, it is not a say if we buy a new car?"--Hard- secution in Russia, while the militant ~ principle is impossible." very good' grape. Howe~er, the d~ ware Age. atheists announce that they soon will[ "It is here suggested," he contin- mand excelis that for Campbdl'~ ued, "that while the Catholic Church Early. . absolutely condemns contraception in t theory, it condenes it in practice in Other grapes in the vineyard mm~ Niagaras, Munson's Mammoth, Herbe. t certain hard cases, mun~, Sunrise, Banner, Brillla~ brother, Mr. Gaffney, in dictine Sisters of Fort Smith, corn- " ............ his --~-i ....... and tt~eolo""His or "No Catholic who practices this Cynthiana, White Lady, King Ph~ip, .... (uy m. ~. w. t~. mews ~erwce.) l~n msopny s~. - O,~h~o. prlsethe f~cultyo? thin school. Sis- Washington, ,Aug 80--The Rt~ dination to the priesthood by Cardinal ,ice can be absolved of %he sin !n Brig~htons:and Uncle Sam. The !at- . zer iv*. uemres WnL serve as tne prln- " " ~ --- "~ ," ci-,al More than 100 pu,,ils are ex Rev. Samuel Alphonsus Stritch, Bish- ~Resphigi took place on May 21, 1910. i confessmn unless he sincerely repents ~er grape m now caned S~ark s Star, l"rotesslon . v "o-- -~ "-' ....................... ~ O-ates ~ and promises amendment He may and was a creation of the late Josel~ - ~0~ +- reodster v ox ~u,uuo, has oeen nameu exrcn- un his re~urn ~0 zne unltuu ~1,~t ] " - . ~ ...... 9 ~' ........ "- " bis " , sa go to Mass, as others in sin may De ~aenman, alSO ox AltUS. Mount St. Mary s , st Andrews hop of Milwaukee, aceor(hng to of- the $ oung priest was appointed a .. ....... ...-- .... ficia~ --.-..~ .................... ~ ............ ~ o. ~'-*rlck's ] present at Mass, ou~ if ne approaches Lasl; ~au wiederkehr planne~ tm ~aounce Final Vows a+ lm .... ,---, ....... .:-_^~ u.. ,~o ~+ ~ wwu recutveu nero ~octay iron, otst, anl; Eo "~ne pas~or v~- o~, ~t~v , . ~, .... " 'lnls school, ~up~v,~ ux ~ ...... Rome . ~" ;'i ~, ] ch .... ~, ~,,~,~h;,~ W~th~n a year he I the altar to communicate ne ~nows take some grapes to the, Arkansan ,--csmve ~seremony. Rev Msgr J P. Moran, will open for " .,~ ~ ........ , ....... v .............. -- hil and sacri- " " m,,-~ ........ , " " " -- ~':~-- ~ ............... I became "~*or In 1916 he was up-Ithat he does so unworty state fmr. At the t~me of the fair v~* oI lVlounl~ bt. Mary s ~,~_..:.. ~n Thursoa,, meat 11 ~,~,op obrl~cn Will necome ~ne IllLII [ p~v I ~ .... ,, .......... Scen~ ^, ^_ : ...... : ....... ~s'"~'~ .... ~ . .~ ":. "'.. ~." . ~' . .............. I nointed secretar,, to Bishop Byrne, ] mgiousxy, an g~-apes nan been narveste~ Dug zne _~ ~x a, ,.,p~,v~ ccr~- sessions to Degm friday, ~ep~. ~z. z-~r~nDlsnop OI lVlllwauKee, succeecllng v ~ . ... , ) ..... . . a~ ........ ~_ ,.. -- - . ~.. )t Wednesda,, morning, when ~- .... ~, .._ o~a..~re...,~ ~. ........... ~ and a year later was chosen unanee~ I ~aurcn uncomprom~s,ng,mammounS, W~Icn ne ~ooK.Tney worn - ~ s' ~ I The graues ~augn~ m o~. ~-~ w ~ ~ne Ivies'6 l~ev. ~eoas:ian~ebnaro t., ......... ~ xv_h,.;ll,~ He ] "The ~.hurch is uncomnromlsin~ [ first prize " ox Si t he ,,or ~-7 ~ne ~locese u~ ~_v ........... * ~ s ers pronounced t include those from the first and ..... ~s - o . ' . . Mes.~mer, who dmd at Goldach, Sw~tz- I wa~ al~- su,,erint~ndent of the pare- Ibecause a moral truth ~s at stake. We]derkehr has not been won ove~ o~ their religious proles- +~ ..... ~ the eighth yearViolinann . . . | " ~" - ~' ~ . .... , I. . - e ....... ~ .~^I ...... ~.. ~ o.. - . . . ermna, August 4, in h~s 83rd year ! chi--1 --h-ms of the Diocese of Nash- ! She has no power to abrogate t.ou s r~)y peacnes, .but he has a five-acre ap- ~uremon De an Wl~n ~**~ ial ~eatures~ ~eaen- - ~ " ) ........ " ' , t ....IY ,~ ..... I Pmno are spec = ....... Bisho., Stritch " ..... :..~ ^~ x~..~ frill6 and in this capacity took a deep i~aw in this matter any more than in/pie orchard that is another success- - ~ne cnapel,rloly massI ~ :,f ,~ eiwht sister oI ~ne wnH;e P ~ a xia~,v~ ~ ,~,,- { ., ,- i " .. . I. brated 1,,, v~,, n~,, ~s~r ]=.~ ~::-~..~- ;.o _. _, Voneshvro corn ville, where h~ was born August 17,{interest and acquired widespread ex- ] ~he matter of remarrying a mvorce~t zul pro~ect. Mammoth, Black Twig, -z --~-z ..... -,- s i I~eneoictme uroer a~ o - s , " I ~ . . . let-~- .......... . ........ , _ ,t ,,__~887 and ,~+ +~ +:--~^ -= ~-" .......... I,,erie.c~ ;,~ the needs and problems ~erson or recogmzmg such omens a..~Wmesaps and Dehcmus are the vane~ "" J. Duffy and P. F. Des- Ira, as nrincipal, non as *~snop of Toledo, in 1921, he,o~ ~sathodc e~ueauon. ,~,u ~c~-,v ~,-~,. /-$- ~" ................... ' "? ..... ~" the course of the ceremony t - ~, M,~v's School was the youngest member of the Bishon Stritch's elevation to the Father Woodlock said that consid-|pmms, potatoes, corn and truck erol~ ~ and insnirin~ sermon was I ~-..~ ~o~- e,-m Mount St. M~ry's ~merican Hierarchy, a distinction Enisconacv took place on November red apart from the injustice done| e grown for the fatally'use, whd~ oy Ms~r Fletcher in which ],~ ........... ise the teaching staff hat came to him in recognition of his 30 ]921 when the Most Rev Henry o a child born under the stimga of|P, peanuts and o~her legumes~ a r~ ' ~O~IV~llb ~UI/ll]A ' , " ' . , of the beauty of the re]ig- t of St Mary's School at Baring Cross '~rofound learning and great adminis- Moeller, Archbishop of Cincinnati 'le~tunacy and !regarded solely a~|usedto build up run-down portmns and the value of a religious/Grades are taughtup and through the 'ratine ability, consecrated him Bishop of Toledo . sin of sexual :sensUality, many a|the~arm; ....... ,. .~ /eighth year, with music o~fered as a The Archbishop-elect attended St. The Rev. John B. Morris, Bishop o use of motherhood without marriage~ Mr. we~oer~:enr, ~s a member ox )win~, Sisters nronounced ! ..... ~ ..... rse Sister M Leo serves ~ary s parochial school in Nashville, Little Rock, and the Rt. Rev. Thoma' ,~ght well be a lesser sin in the eyc~l the Altus congregation and a su~ ~" ~P ............ .~ , [~criber to The Guardian. Vows: Sister M. Genevieve, l~s ~rincinal at this school, which wL1 ~ 'nd later entered St. Gregory s Co]- E. Molloy, Bishop of Brooklyn, wer f God than those cases of marrmge d;r Sister M. Barbara,~be opene'd for the fall. term on Sept. Iege, Cin,innati, where he remained co-consecrators on this occasion. Tb, "ithout motherh0od---where mother[ Sister M. w'., mffred," Con- ,/~=,~.~v .... , "s a student, for two years.. The Rt. Rt. Roy. Jose. ph Schrembs,. B~sho"od .was being ...... avoided by the de I vote ..... of 193 to 667, approved tn pro,-2.. M n ~ck's r~v Thomas Byrne B~sho of Nash ,qtnte redeces.~or as Ordinary e ~erate use o~ convracepuves Tn( heutar cases the mt~er mn Jo'se~hine, Newfou d-| St. Parr" '~ I "... . , ". p " , " h's p .. " " ' | " :'" , The Delphine, Little Rock;|" The Sisters from Mount St.. Mary. I file, then sent him to the American the Diocese of *Poledo, preached th~ ,odern world generally, he said, ant| stone of ignominy was kept ~for ~]h~ Newfoundland; | Convent will teach next year at St. 'College m Rome, where he completed l~ermon, now the Anghcan episcopate by a~ unmarned mother, he a~ed.