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September 5, 1914     Arkansas Catholic
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September 5, 1914

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PAGE TWO. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBEP 5, 1914. /" i/:/! !iiif: ?,% i:/i:: [.i:L if! .[, :(L. L :" ) <[ '3 SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Mrs. T. W. Newton, and daughters Misses Cassie and Mary Newton will spend the autunm in the North and East. --q------ Mrs. Richard Miles returned home on Sunday after a pleasant visit of several weeks with friends. Miss Sallic Graeie returned last week from the North and East where she has been sunlmering. Miss Nellie Eagan returned on Sunday from a month's visit in Brooklyn and New York City. Miss Nora Miles returned on Saturday from a month's vist to friends in Texa.i Political Equality. The Study Club of the Political Equality league met with Mrs. Chas. Jennings, I22I Scott street, Wed- nesday promptly at Io o'clock. The subject for debate was, Resolved That the Child Labor Bill is neces- sary for the better protection of children. Miss Mary H. McCabe for the affirmative handled the sub- ject in a masterful manner, showing that Mle had given it much study. She had many pictures to illustrate the degradation to which the greed and advance of man has subjected childhood ahhough Christ had while on earth for them the tender- est concern." Mrs. S. S. Wassel had the negative which is always the nate.lsing side where womeu predonfi- Mrs. Sadie "d--*I"-'-Roberts has again The subject for debate next meet-[ taken up her residence on Lincoln . . . Avenue. ing is Resolved "Ihat the MInununl I \\;Vage Law is necessary for the pro- tection of women. Mrs. Frank Wriggle, affirmative; Miss Emma De ] Neler, negative. I Dehmer-Moser Wedding. The wedding of Theodore Dehmer Jr., and Miss Rose M. Moser was solemnized at St. Edward's Chnrch at 8 o'clock :rues- day morning, the Rev. Father Maurus, O. S. B. officiating. The attendants were Miss Helen Dehmer sister of the groom, and P.W. i Duwe, hest man. The bride wore a beautiful gown of crepe de chine with pearl and lace trimming. The veil was caught with a wreath of: orange blossoms. She carried Bride roses. The maid wore a dress of white chiffon over net and carried pink roses. A reception was tender- ed at the home of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Dehmer left to visit n San Antonio and will be at home at 407 Commerce street after l October I. + Mr. Ed Monahan, Jr., of tile firnt f Monahan & Son has returned aq'oua the East and quarries' in Ver- mont, where he purchased finished and rough stock for ntonuments. He visited various large establishments in this line and took pains to note any new methods that are being adopted for the betterment of monu- mental work. %' SCHOOL DAYS AT Rev. Father Saunders went to t-lot MT. SAINT MARYS Springs to help out for the First Friday. Father Carroll, the pastor Vacatio/a Time to Give Place to has not yet returned, and Father "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" Clarendon who had heen taking his On Pulaski Heights. place dnring the summer, has gone on a brief vacation before the open- Qtdetly, peacefully, cahnly have ing of college, fhe vacation days of I914 glided by + at Mt. St. Marys, Pulaski Heights. Mrs. Bertha Comes annom|ce the tlowever this spirit of peaceful engagement and approaching mar- eahn in n'o way betokened inactivity flags of her danghter Miss Anna {n Mr. St. Mary's little world. On Theis to Harry E. Walpole the the contrary" there existed a busy wedding to take place on Septem-contagion oit unhed labor, mental, pfiysieal and splritaal. Within class bet 22 at St. F.dward's Church at 9 room and halls, wl'tence passed the o'clock. + happy school girl to Iter three months haven of res't, the Sisters Mists Kathleen Wright, daugh:ter have busily engaged in study and siderable discussion, after which it between right anti wrong which was moved by Mr. Denis A. Keeshan makes the great difference between and seconded by Mr. Ben Higgins ns an,3 the lower animals. You may that immediate steps be takm to lteach a (tog not to steal, but it will estahlish a council of the Knights!tm'.y I)(. through fear of punislunent. of Columbus in Helena. . Directly.]put xve t:ave a sense of responsibility of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Wright, Pulaski Heights, is improving after undergoing an operation at St. Vin- cent's Infirmary, for appendicitis. ,F Mr. B. C. Mattingly and Mr. Adam LeBlanc, of Donaldsonville, La., were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Mattingiy, several days last week. +--- The many friends of Mrs. George E. Cunningham will be pleased to hear that she is rapidly recovering from the effects of her recent acci- dent. Mrs. M. O. Wendler, I4oo Wolfe street has returned from Armstrong Springs. She is delighted with her sojourn at the great health resort. + Miss Julia Koers left Thursday for Heber Springs where sire will enjoy the pleasures of the resort for .a few weeks. .V---- Mrs. F. M. Mullen and two children returned home Sunday after a five weeks' visit in Decatur Illinois. Owing to the fact that Mends will be Labor Day the Cathedral Aid Society will not meet until Tuesday, September 8. + The Cathedral Aid Society will the chairman ordered a canvass to be made anaong those present, and as a result, seven actfial nd tweniy prosi)ective members . wcye found. An organizing committee composed of Messrs. B. J. Cunningham, J. t[. Wel)b and F. \\;Vail)aura was next app(finted. It was estimated that the committee would swell the number of candidates to tifty_ heforc next Sunday. :\\; message from Father White was presented to the effect that at least twelve candidates would be nmstcrcd between Forrest City and Marianna. Mr. Joseph Truemper, St., Mr. Denis A. Keeshan and the pastor of the chnrch were appointed as a cont- mittee to eonunnnieate the results of tile meeting to Little Rock cotmcil and to request that an organizer he sent to Helena. Forth- with the conm:ittee despatched a .'_o a power higher than ourselves. "l'].is is the voice of conscience with- 'ill* 't{'s. guiding, checking, npbraiding u:; if e have done what is wrong, r, on the other band, approving us if we have done a good action. The history of the human race is that of a constant struggle between these two principles. They are the two masters of which our Lord speaks in the Gospel of today, and each is striving for the ascendancy over us. Which are you serving, the flesh or the spirit, God or the devil? This is the practical question for each one of us. For there is no half- way. We cannot serve both of these masters. You cannot I)e half the friend of God and half the slave of the devil. Eiiher you are now in the state of grace, the child of God, an heir of heaven, or you are held captive by tlie devil, and should you die at this nmment he would claim letter to tile Grand Knight at Little ly,m as his own. Rock This done, tile meetlngl I3nt, perhaps, you doubt which Cthd IN I adjurned master yet1 are serving, because your a e ra otes \\;Ve feel certain that the "allies"l sonl is the battlefield for that con- will make a formidable class, flict of which the Apostle speaks-- Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost ht 'view of the Bishop's holne com- ing soon Father Tobin preached on "Tile. Episcopate," and not on the Gospel of the day last Sunday. The sernton is tel)reduced in another cohlnln. 111 the evening he took the Gospel of the ten lepers for his text, Epistle and Gospel of The Day for it afforded him an excellent ex- ample of that lack of spiritual earn- and a Fh, e Minute Sermon :stness which he has been deploring in his recent serntons on aspects of B A Paulist Father faith. The Daughters of the Faith will receive Holy Commtmion tomorrow in a body, and it is to be hoped they will set an example for those who approach the altar rail on the suc- ceeding Sundays. The school will ouen on Tuesday. September 8. The regular monthly collection will be taken up tomorrow, and in view of the opening of school, and of the repairs and improvements re- cently made a generous collection is expected. The Holy Hour was observed on Friday night. plann{ng for the better interest of the pup'ffs. The scholastic year opens on Tuesday anorning, Gept. 8. when registratlon ,ill take place. All parents wishing to enter their children shouTd corn munlcate with the Mother .gtlperior. HELENA TO IAVE I. OF C. COUNClL Meeting Held Laat Sunday ,Shov Good Results and Bright lhoa- pects--Father Higgins Active'. Rev. P. J. Higgjas, pastotr of St. Mary's Catholic" Church, has sent tha: follow- ing brief announcement to the male fi:embers of St Mary's parish : "Knights of Columha. A meeting of all the men of St. Mary's Parish will be held on Sunday, August 3 at 9:45 a. m., with a viev, v to establish a Knights of Columbus Council in Helena. You are earnestly requested. to attend. Fraternall yours," etc. It is expected that the new: council will be organized' under the most favorable auspices, as there are num- bers of male Catholics in Helena and vicinity, Helena World. F.l)istle (Gal. v. I6-24). Brethren: Walk in spirit, and ye will not fullil the lusts of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and tile Spirit against the flesh: for these are contrary one to another, so that ye do not whatever things ye will. But if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law. And the works of the flesh are mani- fest, which are fornication, unclean- ness, lasciviousness, luxury, idolatry, witchcraft, enmities, contentions, rivalries, wrath, quarrels, disputes, sects, envying, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and the like: of which I foretell you. as I have before said: that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is charity, joy, peace, l)atienee, mildness, goodness, h:)ngsuffering, meekness, faith, modesty, coutinence, chastity. Against such there is no law. But they who are of Christ. have crucifi- ed their flesh with its vices and lusts. Gospel tSt. Matt. vi. 24.33). At that time: Jesus said to his tile hlstiug of the flesh against tile spirit and tile spirit against the flesh, so that you do not the things that you would. That is, though in your heart you would rather listen to the promptings of your better and nobler natnre, yet sometimes it seems as if the flesh had the upper-hand, and you are tempted to think there is no use in trying any longer. Take courage and be consoled by the experience of St. Paul. Thrice he besought the Lord that a grievous temptation might depart from him, and he received the answer, "My grace is sufficient for |hee, for power is made perfect in infirfiaity." No one has described more vividly than St. Paul this conflict with us. "The good which I will," he says, "I do not, but tile evil which I will not that I do. For I am delighted with tile law of God, according to the inward man, but I see another law in nay nemhers fighting against the law of mind, and captivating me in the law of sin. Unhappy man that I am! Who shall deliver'me from the body of this death?" Atd he answers: "The grace of God lay J'esus Cfirist our Lord." If, then, you are tempted --if even you have fallen, be not dis- meet in regular session on Tuesday In compliance with the above invi- afternoon, Septemher 8, at 4 o'clock, tation, a mass meeting was held on All members are urged to be last Sunday. On motion of Mr. F. present. D. Clancy, seconded by Mr. B. J. --.I Ctmningham, Mr. Joseph Truemper, Mrs Zeb Ward who underwent an Sr., was elected chairman. The operation for appendicitis at St. latter in an interesting heart to "Vineent's on Tuesda last is heart the object of ,ed as nicely, the meeting, con- disciples: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate one, and love the other, or he will cling CLOSING SERVICES IN to one. and slight the other. Ye Union Trust Corn 01 West Second St. Caital and Surplus--S400,000.00. Banking, Savings, Rentals, Insurance, Real Deposit Boxes, Trusteeships. } Sam W. Reyburn, Preside,it. E. G. Thompson, Vice Pres. '(. George B. Rose, Vice Pres. Moorehead Wright Vice Pres. and Treas. C. P. Perrie, Secretary. i C. M. Connor, Asst. Treas. E. J. Bodman, Asst. See'y. L. J. Gibson, Trust Officer. cannot serve God and mamnton. Therefore I say to you. I)e not anxions for your life, what ye shall eat: nor for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food? and the body more than the raiment? Behold tim lairds of the air. for they neither sow. nor tlieir Ahna Mater. But, stran.gcly, German dispatches, ,vla Holland, particularize on priests distributing arms to snipers in Louvain, perhaps the mailed fist of the Kaiser banged into something tough in Catholic Belgium. Yours truly, F. O'CONNOR. Bishop Coming Home Monday He and Father Aretz TogetherRe- ception at Cathedral Hall Monday Evening. Father Tobin received a telegram from His Lordship, the Rt. Rev. John B. Morris, D. D., on Thursday afternoon, stating that he and Very Rev. W. H. Aretz had just landed in New York from Naples. The message stated that tile Bishop and I:ather Aretz would arrive in Little Roek Monday afternoon over the Rock Island. A reception has been arranged in honor of the Rt. Rev. Bishop and will l)e held in Cathedral Hall, Sixth and Louisiana streets, Monday even- conraged. God's grace can save you, ing,'2ugust 7, at 7:45. It is expect- God's grace can enahle you to ed that the hall ill be filled to over- triuml)h over your lower nature, if flowing with the ,.Catholics of the you have done those things that you city and other friends of tile Bishop would not. Despair not, then but, of whom he has many. trusting in God's mercy and in the power of His grfice, arise and renew MENA NOTES. the struggle. Victory will crown your efforts in the end. if only you The many friends of the Very Rev. persevere in the fight, for "he that A. P. Gallagher will be pleased to persevereth unto the end shall be know that he has entirely recovered saved." from his recent severe illness. Re- [ ports were circulated as to his dangerous and dying condition, but ST. PAUL CATHEDRAL happily such reports were unfound- ed and at present his appearance Archbishop Ireland Preaches His-gives every assurance that malay torical Sermon In Old Cathe- more years will tie continue his dral on Last Sunday. zealous work for A. M. D. G. The old Ca,thedral of St. Paul, St. The Rev. Herhert Heagney of Paul, Minn., which was erected near- Little Rock was a very acceptable ly three-score years ago, will soon visitors to tile parishioners of St. reap, nor gather into hams: yet your be abandoned and torn down. The Agnes in general and a few in heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value than closing services were held on the particular during Father Gallagher's they? And which of you, by anxious last two days of this month. On illness. Only for his consideration thought, can add to his stature one cubit. And for raiment why are ye anxious? Consider the lilies of the field how they grow: they labor not, ne'ither do they spin. Yet I say to yotL that no even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these. Whe'refore if God so clothe the grass of the field, which is today, and to- morrow is cast into the oven: how much more you, 0 ye of little faith? Be not anxious, therefore, saying: *d/hat shall we eat, or what shall we drnk, or wherewith shall we hie clothed? For after all these things the heathen seek. For your Father know,th tha ye have need of all these hings. Seek ye, therefore, first the kiffgdom off God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. % SERMON. THE POWER OF GRACE. "For the flesh lust,th ainst tlte Sunday, Aug. 3o, there was a Solemn in remaining over for Sunday rite Pontifical Mass and Archbishop Ire- congregation would be without land preached an historical sermon. Mass. He preached both at the Ou the following day lie celebrated morning and evening services and it a Pontiiical Mass of Require for the is needles to say that his sermons deceased naemhers of the parish, were excellent ones, especially his At th.e services on Sunday there discourse on "Our Blessed Lady," attended a nunaber of the surviving which was highly commented upon naemhers of the parish who were by his impressed hearers. present at the laying of the corner Father Heagney's striking person- stone of the church, which took ality has certainly appealed to the ploce on July 27, I856. The cere- Menaites with whom he is already a mony was performed by the first favorite and the writer would need to Bishop o St. Paul, Rt. Rev. Joseph be "a machine" to answer all the Cretin, D. D. A COMMUNICATION. The Editor Southern Guardian, DEAR SIR--Regarding the distruc- tion of Louvain, Belgium, the war dispatches hint at priests distribut- ing arms, etc.. to the snipers. In a country under martial law, how in the name of common sense would Spirit and the Spirit against the' priests have access to arms, more flesh .... so' that .yo dcr not the particularly than others? Louvain has things that you would."---Gal, v. 17. Ieten the center for theological The two-fold prlnclple n ma, of/g|udies .for many a student from the which the Apostle here speaks, is a/British Isles, as well as from other matter of our eonmon exeriertce./poittts of Europe, no doubt many We are all conscious' of two tenden-foreign students took up arms for eies within us, one which tries to[Belgdwm, no doubt prior to the sack drag us down to what is mat'rial, of Lotrvain and their Alma Mater, sensual, and evil, and another which I hot-htded scholastics did volunteer seeks to raise us to what is nellie, I for the' defense of Louvain, did help elevating, and spiritual. The former[to distrfmc arms with other youths comes from our physical being, frorrr!and citize% when they thought that nature  which we have in com-/they had tfi'e' cmnee to drive out the men with the brute creation; the]cruel invad'er. Scholastics in other is our moral sense, our reason |soutanes with lretas may have join- conscience ed the sm tlm'y ,ore the only It is the )ower of distinguishing they ,and tEey died for queries as to "wh tteagney contiug Rev. Father Mcna lasi ._Monday l again, on his way Subiaco Abbey whet! fhe Silvcr Jubilee Staats Vrband. is a frequent visitor'! always welcome. TO COLLECT FOR Germans and Dependent by Receive In accordance passed at- its recent Pittsburgh the national federation of olic Societies, has funds for those Austrian nationality ed dependent by pean conflict. Such sent directly to 750. Austria for are not to be turne American or English any like agency. of many thousands killed in the Rev. L. no matter what victorious the 1 pe'ople as the result el ising t be very great and said: ed no doubt for sony must termination of te 1-Ioly ( to provide for such collection is to be tended for this sent to Joseph the Central Verein ton Square, New } J. Q. Juenetnann, St. Paul. Minn. FOR Four four-room cot three-room cotta Pulaski street, also store rooms op MRS. S. I3O8 FEDERATION The program for national convention Federation of be held in Baltimore in Septemher, has OBening with religl at the Cathedral on her 27, the daily session the ing. Great made for the tainment of the nat whose honor there on Tuesday in which] participate. Mount St. Mary' Academy A selict boarding and day school for ladies and little girls, wiU re-open elasses on day, September 8. For partieulars address: Mother Superior Pulaski Heights. 't Mount St. Mary's.  Little of th from nSgression to his, Used in: n means