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September 1, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 1, 1923

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! % i PAGE EIGHT " * " " * * * * " " " I THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT" l, 1923 " LISTENING IN " : ably never will pay them. The man thoughWh refuseShe doest take a Catholic paper, OB!TUU{Y tle Rock; 25 grandchihtrcn and :1 at least does MRS. A  great grandchildren. All of the s&apos;nsiGlllY TO OFFER IRhineland objects " By Autolycus * not hinder the nOtworkhelP,of the Catholic NNE SHERRY and the daughter wcre prescnt when I gle" ---- Mrs. Sherry d/cd. I FRANCE P000TIONS OF any solution of * * * * * * * * * * , press. The man who orders a paper Pioneer of LittL, Rock Dies at !be Very Rev. Dr, lloran Officates Calls Them Yellow and forgets to pay for iL is a drag on , b]::h::e is a good :dvert,smg slogan !he orgamzation. Some people seem Age of 82. I Funeral crvice. we.. '.., ..... ",,, 0,,o,--, ,.,::c specch ,n ..... ,, ae slecs of' Chic .... LO think the- v ...... r .....  "  / , ..... ' ...... e,, a t., IVUIIUfflII, ,I.XNM -.c as a temperate and of other . . . ,,- . j .,v,,L wal;nOllC 3ournal- Mr. ,nm'ew s l, athe(h.a tt 9.0 , .... ..,aatwA t "t, . cities which are serve ] lsm by reading. Cathnl ......... s. Anne Sherry, ared 9 ,, ;...V/rl', ....  .... " .., O(1ock, ,. tcment hy the go ny a arti -" . . .d . a .......... raper ney Gre ' . 8., _.. .............. uy mormnff. A Hi,l ..  " ', P:, cular kind of taxmab, it ]flatter themselves. ] gory Cherry, Sr., former ncmb,,./Rco,i ............... . Ma.,s oil ...... -- . I oht,ca] leaders m runs: ,,"TIe thinkino fe]l--_., cans" a |  of the Little Rock -I)oIic ,,t.parm(mt ' .... ""/ (n  net" ......... sou/ tb oere( .r the repose / nanceuor.. , Stresbemann,. . Tells lmlus- rml contrihution to a; yel|ow. (Jadly I ,ive {h,, v_,.._. /The Rich ,L,. Idled at ]'35 o'clock - .... ] .... r, , ,_ y the Very Rev. 1)r. 1) / trmi and I'mancml Lead.r ate an atmos here v o . e xcuws $ *uo *u,v:%v allei'llo p  , " . . ( S Ile , [ .his free lU!,/icity, for the '- - The B ...... /at the f mi v re,'i, .............. on . oran, 1!. D., of the hnmacu ate Wouhl Gve Part of Priva lan earl resum, on knowled,in.., ..... ; ..... sae o ae- I,^. :-. ,snopo.enver ra,ses an in-[streot ,-- :- ' ...... -" .... v bnesLer boneepuon church, Fort Smith - ;.. ] ings for Ret .... :-- . te Hohl. ln:rl,..Y tti _ o .  --*,sou sioL, an co oa... ereslng n ' r ;, -oo..,: , , /  on(: was born 1 v ,) IQ ,. ;.., , , . , ,*, a,*- -*.,-ht,Oll O! G(rilla ,.a .... S DebWeen (srl] ed by the ,,o- .......... u , , n... [ ..... ,, o ,-om ............ mg mat when IPerrvviI1 )^-- la: , ,,, a ...... ae an( cmsc h'mnd of the "l ,- Soverei ,nt . n L n , .. ype conoucor Notin t parish Bi . , .... e her aLnor, John Mm ., .,ars. I eseu m -- the chancellor said . g hat the . shop Tflmnsideai. . . . ' mmg, she moved the sanctuar wer ,. B.'' . " " . K!an does not do ]ts stuff in Chicag.o,/bufldmg a church out of :.!hat--!nl.t Ltt]e Rock just before the o,, tMoran ,,,-.-Y-= e t!c !ev. ,,athcrs/, ehn, Aug 25--Dr. Gustav/Stood by the offerth "Ills OW][l " " * " "- ] Cl'[IJt' a]l(l I amt resema, , where nere ]s a large fore[n_borntpocket, a rich m-n , ........... break of the Cvi] W*r and li,,n ,--  , .......... Y" l, . m, the new chancellor, yes-]government had ma - , . ..... l,*,ves hiS  .... . ........... t.t'e ..... m was m Calva ...... /er(la e " . - . .: < ' / ..... element and where the odds are I low parishioners of fh ....... el i ]until the tme of her deatl i ,, k ........ Y cnutcry. Y. lehvered at a lunches  tend- Germany s hnances : . . . : ..... . ...... dp,.,c,vne e o Marrie ' Year:' eur,,A, ,,ee: ttonorary---FeHx] ered lure by industrial, financi.d an(!lwithut a settlement : ,a,ar2b:tnethe...,nehulous kmghts, the J P__alc,pz:tmg_ m th.e wor| 's best g in-/ Mis ...... d 62 . l , J Snodg'ra,s . L Do ...... commerc'a] le .......... . ,.. " .. - ..... th;,.u, ..... .:,ue .comments: "The/.VesmenL It s interesting to notelo-__  [tann,ng was married to;J. B, Man'e, J M S,-'.J.!:.-:.-:  .s.'*"'[dec] ..... *; .... a,.ers, ms ],rst o fflcmll',uamn. , _: - ...... ,,t chow calls them yellow " I |m this connectio- u.,. ,u. ., .... I"'cgory nerry January  ., , , ........ n , , ,' ...... -*y, ave . . ....... ,,- - ms government's stand | le world." Bald: , ., v**,v xne battiOllC . , . - ..uu at t .-**uS [tilt. o d /vJt ] , In ln -, .' " - . " . ' thank you. Church Extensiou Societ.. : ......... ISt. Andrew, cathedral then In-.--hi Joe c. ............ !oney. Active__ / .. e repa, atmns controversy. I'expects from ts st tallows the loc '" ....  mv,,mmY[at Second and Center stre^J. , . ......... ] --.[, u. ,. ,orster, William / ur. Stresemann permitted the i ff  I f normal conditions ,,gr, ,_ , ,,_,, -- |. . 'al Cataolics to take thel., .... ' . cts. ne was/oarre. William l{o,,^o.: o._ . . en,,, +'g-, ..... e'-r " : -,- zan lo /larer ,,..A^_ :_ .. . la llTe member of  r.,+l...l: , - | D .... ' . _ .u.n*xa, ,3r; I.OUlS e -, uta [Ale tler/nan over commerce istead T  ...... , - . l, .,,. ..-.-,,- n, ne wor of church | u:, ...... the. ......... c bnurch. | .epeu;l an(! A. Sobotka. would trade . . g nme)t . . , .... "? yo rpos.or w,o has been o,,,,ng ,n ral places. B ,oro-- / ..... 7 :**. nus,an, has not been  ] ............ portions of her econom,c]'chas. eane( (lown, or fired, for a lapse from I teeing an avera,e of o-- *----.7-- ]';', I. ennec:ed wath the Police De-are- .... , I __ - ............ / os,em, a:or the restoration of German [ "Such a possibility: accuracy, will fin(t consolation in the I estimated cost, he Soc?ei,:"u.^x-. e ]in recent years, he has mainain'.' .'.']I Mr. Herbert Asquith said: "Iad- ;*overe]gnty. ]in the last official pi .zact that even the pnnces of journal-I fc'ent encouragement to the loe 'l active interest m the affairs of the ]mx as a practical man that denominu-I , ms ,statement ,s v, ewed m politi-I British government." sm are not infallible. Northcliffe ]people to induce them *- -:-^ th...a,]officers. For several ears  , h, ],onal schools are an indispensable/, e'u c,rcms as merely parapharsin his ::r g_ ave employment to more re:l mamder. In this way theinTtial'eon_] a mual PO!cemen's ballYit bas heen/Zt f our e.ducat,0nal system. You lla:gura' . stat..e_ment before gthe / Circumstances m r:is nan.any other man in thel tmbutmn s productive of all the geu-[ '.^_a! mual. custom for Mr. and Mrs ]c'..',  S ,rm o:t them because you/,let st^ag..n which he made ne eom-lman" The wise m, = *tel'l DO I --s*llU lln(l an ra t v  *vnaunlalon OI [e mplre, wrote ] ,eromt y end the c r t" :'"" ' "n his diary, " y which follows. I TM  .- graml march.  ....... " y P " ]cal substitute |an : ........... man official Icumstances. T:: he hadmet "Cardinal Mannix."l __ ,... 1.. l,':,m,ly Prcsent at Death-Bed ,r nem. /and th*va e. urm(ncuon in the Ruhr| , .._. arcnmtlo.p of Melbourne is not] Love Ambassador [.,esmes her husband Mrs. Sherry is I lab:._ he. l,nmeland a condition for/flame. In this way ye a caramal. 'Northeliffe wouhl | The ....... surwveci by four sons, Abe -:,- . ] The way to please o^. :_ , armomng pasmve resistance |extinguished and have reprimanded any.of his men forhis arTh a-nu-m,er st. marrmges in Greogry, Jr., all of Little'R:: e an/form our own duties__On'o;t:,.,])e: . .. Called Bid for Peace Ilove of God which making a similar en'or - " - |c'  . ** e a priest in Massa- James Sherry of Salinn v--. ' ..... l other peonle ; .-" ..... m ms address he o osed a . .'tna ne ausets to su ose , , % -.-; one .- , w.h whom we have PP , ny at- would have been right in so d-* ..... w ^- ..... Pp, that the dcchne m daughter, Mrs W. M M ............ ]nothing to do ]tempt to make the Ruhr a-n *.^] We seldo, '; of which sho,- "- .... * .-g. n uum_gs is uue I;o bashfulness on the  ,,vuy oi Llt-/ ' I ........................ ' ....... |, ,- " ....... --o ,* nere is some part st the v,,, ...... , ..... - .................................. o ,ong as we are sense m the precept (usuall ....... To r ..... Z-:,,s ,,,u o ne vJiage. ................ ] HERMAN DURST D - /render them *  useu e,,,euy ms sae of affairs he of- , RUGGIST, 924 E. Ninth St. Phone 21300 ironically), "Don't do as I do; do as fers to act as ambassador for any love _ The only things a tell you." sick swain who is willing to dispose .;,m.,,,,, ....... ..'. in his hands are -- of his heart, but who lacks the cour- given away. Fresh Start age to mention his generosity to the It was about one of Northcliffe',, girl of his choicc. This might go BRA DFORD papers, by the way, tha the story is over big in Massachusetts. But a l M.A. told of a man who rea,t own doath generation or two has passed si,,ce/ DR U G CO. 00pecial notice in the morning paper. As it l the young men had any say in the I -' New wouhi cause some slight trouble in his[matter throughout the rest of the ] I'k'House of Ouali(v IHsuranee domestic arraigements to have people 'orld. The girls an the proposing] Phones: 4-0227, 40218 $01-7 Southern think him dead, he called on the edi-, nowadays. And t/te fac that no one I Fix Up ]'hat Life .tot and (remanded thae a correction be]has volunteered to propose on behalf I 209 W. Second St. roday,,i Sell inserted. "But we never make a mis-] of the girls shows that they are prov- Phone take,on this paper," argued the era- ing theniselves capalfle of conducting Ifit[le Rock Little Rock, ,or and demanded that a correction be I the rite without the kind/y interven- ence was sufficient evidence of the lion of a third party. - .... .._.. ,:. error. The editor insisted that his paper had a reputation for standing behind everything it published, and PAPAL PRINCESS could in any cire00,00stancos a(lm00t/ OUR B00KII00 DF2AR00F200 that it was wrong. ]he only thing, DIES IN NEW YOR00 ..,o., I can do," said tim editor, in a final I W ' offer to placate the "dead" man, is to l (By N.C. C. News Service) and give you a fresh start, to morrow t New York, Aug. 27.Mrs. Sow ,is. We have plenty of money on hand  lend on Ltlo lgot stick you in the "Births", ] wood-Mackin, , ' ;  1 rmcess of the ' Papa] or other aeceptable seeur/ty, aad elleit appllt. Ipeerage' died here on Wed n6sday a How About Y,, the age of seventy. Sb was the I widow of the late J,gmes ' " / W, B. W0RTH COMPANY, The "Catholic Standard and Times"l o ........... M,tckJrl, ] ue enaor, and /ater State T" , , has received a sum of three"dollars-urer, of New York. Her fathervaSs :- "Sine 1577" From a person Who twenty years ago / the late James H. Britton of St. Louis. ',r received the paper beyond the length In 1921 Mrs. Mackin was made a of his subscription, and gave no stop//sed aI " m Maim order. There are thousands of people :rmcess by letters patent is- 4 Pt CENT l]'l']l PAID ON SAVIM reputation of being ardent supporters I the pooreY linOpe Benedict XV in recog-/ SWITZERLAND REPAIRS WRONGS TO CHURCHA in the country today who have thel nition of her charitable work among teritic sne after Masa in.a mountain parish cha. the United States and] C.atholic, a ha ................ . In Switzerla where th of the Catholic press, but who have]abroad. Before that time she had ne Argovmn State Government ha. |nfrm"''--. 'a--- lnOV4' not paid their subscriptions and prob- been a Papal Countess Switrland of ita intention to make financial rettltutiom fo  ....... OUR ASSETS ARE OVER MILLION proparty .tolen in the 19th century. . .. . ...... SUBIACO (5-00OLL E GE * "" ' ' " first mortga loana---M IJmrafore eutomers and e,ate we repmmt vwtments. We aet u administrater and tars under Will of many estat in Pulaski other unti in this State We will be CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE FATHERS to ait you. Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regtflar Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercia/ PEOPLE'S SAVINGS Course, Four-year Co/lege Course, Leading to the A. B. Degree. . LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Central Ba CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let u take care ef your money for you. Let us se!! or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully managed Bauk can do. "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." l Situated in Logan County, 110 miles wes of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Health, ful location in ..... the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. "Spa- cious buildings, up-to-date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses. Forcata]ogue and information apply to Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR Subiaco College, Subiaco, Arkansas. Build Your TERRA Beautiful vistas of *no and valleys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Healthful, pure air. The plaee for your to grow strong and active. 201 West Second Street. Laid out in a beautiful dences only permitted. All building. Street, sidewalk, gas, eleetricity and telepho installed. dc o Catholic 'apply p union s the t and t' 8rates