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September 1, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 1, 1923

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PAGE SIX NORTH LITTLE ROCK St. Patrick's Parish Items Sunday Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. Weekday Mass at 7 o'clock Confession hours on Saturdays and the eves of all holydays and First glen, at .Jonesboro, Ark, as a dele- gate of the Frank Fried Post Mrs. Glasgow Haywood and two winsome little (laughters, who have been visiting Mrs. Haywood's par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Nail, lefL for their home at Shreveport, Ida.,  tH)IAN, S,TUR1)AY. ,.l.,PT., 1, 1923 ...... I K OF CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP WASmNGTON Lm00R i (N. C. W. C. News Service) ] EDU'CATION AN ]MI ORTANT--THO'----UGH NOT THE SOLE FACTOR fll$1111lllllllllllllBI]lllllB[lllllllll""llliilli$IlliStfliil*l"lilUllll IllllliINlilttllIlllllllllll illll DFARTH OF LEAI)EIS 1)UE TO LAC;: OF SPIRIT OF SACRIFICE JAPAN AT VATICAN GERMANY TO Fri.,__s ......... Sunday on No. 3 .... . . Written by the Rev John Rot" ....... : ...... ) , ..... Restored Catholic u,*y.':  o o anq l:3U p m ,_ , .. . . 1 is reported from Tel(v,) 0,." '-- xJcxclller iOl Lne 1 ress bulletin Cypress and East Seventh treet .... :- anl?vlrs Joe Stafford, of Still- Buddh/sts of Ja,lan v,l:J" ::::- ", ..... Serivee of the C. B. of C V. e nt. of Many T . ..,v,-, vKla, wno motored to M . . x , ,u v.xctclse(| llle or ne next All(! wh" ' ,, . ,,e. Rectory phone: 4-507) fo ..........  ena sufflcmnt influence to (tef-* +l .............. :it if the, Why Cathohcs do not lead" is the . . L a visit wn lvlr. Stafford's ] . . "  ....... av- g-va mass oi aem are col ., . . , (C. B. of The Altar Socmty held tile regular er Mrs " " ..... ' noth- propr;'.tmn by the diet of a sum t .... .-- ..... . lege glad grave questmn whmh two o our A . ,  .'. t d. n'llD an(I big ' , tac=. 2kit ne worse lor - , . . . ccounts of the ; monthly business meeting on last Sun- Miss B'-" ', " " aunt, defray the expenses of "m officia m.. I  ...... " the col- C,thohc weekhes endeavor to anser ti . . .. . ......  .. rmge lancy, left on  ' ' ,,q,- ,-sv earnm is a r- , . on on July 17 of day eq., lbree mw namqs were turn *'-'  " the re- lomatm envoy from Jawm to t'. -." / .......... g g eat good, a lbut, not m a way ttmt would full b ' ' . aA. ..,otlD _, .' i ,v . rloay.. . " '' _ ,-' ,.=-..,-[,,v vrasure one worl; v of' ovrx ...... Y ull(hngs of the Ca - ,  _ ".ou c ,,. . " ' " . M " ' , , .';:,' t:a ,.L... :'. . can nave wthdrawn their o,mosition Ih ..... - .... ' ..... h __. _._.] sas:y me earnest requirer The at Lou " o,,. work arrarbed for the comirw, C'l, ,, ,, '.' '2.';': "fi.r. 1 ........ , Mr. 'aft.-r eonfer ....... ; ..... ,. *. ' .  ,aoe. ciior; nu tne cu/lvation question should have bcn i-,,a ....... va.l.. y ....... .... . o , -- ' vrs. will Bizer of He.,-.--- .... ':. - ............. [ nc foreign o1-|o lle will is far mo " ,. . . . ._". ..... ' ,,,- conrmumn 1-or the va .ujournment came on the up- ! ,. d t-  ......... ,  ...... , '"'[;ice, paving the way for the -s*-, ',o,, ........... re .ptant. In. def,mtely Why do Canohcs not lead the -, .  *,-*, Llfce]lIl Ior .... , ,-- , as x,.o, sa s  .,,. . . re-established p[ach of the general comnnttee, v '- wt.h *he * ..... y : .a snoxtlhshment of formal relatia, , ........ ) ......... y, . ne eml ozlm the professmns? or m finance? or c ..... r ...... r, when aP + ....... :s  -- ',.-. .., _ ---:: - o, nmnes Iamlly. Jthe Japanese ov .......... .t:t.. tralng is o Know God, and, out of in business? or in olitics' or in ......... .ermany. .......... _ .... v,,rn orgamzauons e Mrs. . J. Greiner of (u. ..J.L.  .... g eminent and tile that knowledge, to ]ovo 1-i .....  ., I ...... P that although it was vt-u Lne progress aurmg the week Rule ....... _ . , cn Vatman early next ve'm. Th,,-  ;,..,_ ...  "  ";'", ....  .... lworm alIa;ys7 In regard to some ot' t] . -" .... .. , ---,, wuo IS corres onah . . "   ' 1 ...... S oa- -*,,*U.t,t ]21nl, aft We |na . ., le reparation la,ses of ..her asmgned parts for the Carni- retar- r.,. ,.^ ,)..,,_ . "p ... g sec-/pan will follow in the foot.* ..... . ........ y te nearest] these departments of human endeav-/T--*- : ...... x, va] Thursday night, Se t 20 -s . :-., .c  v, touny now, re-Im ,, , -- -. ....... vs ,,, , voessmg our souls of true vir- or a fair mohr-{ .... v ,., , , . -. /..-,. ,mposeu on t ., .......... P It wa. pors na tile nrem/um l-, * ...... ! ............... uropean governments  tue." The Cath 1" ' . .  ,- ,-.-.....y ae mamng hgatmn of sendin to (,ecmea o ancxpae any weather in- Dec ..... ,,t, -. ..... v 4t, Lne J It is possible that O ............ ., I. ......... o c Church, while] men are really tSattmlics, though not tan g elemenc b the nno s.v s progressing satis-|_ ,, ' , ." . ,,_ .c vsl I vsermg eucamn m every ossi- alw.',,, - +h .. .... .. .:_ . .d manuscripts equal ........... Y Y ..... a uncement that fac:orily. It ix believed *,.. ,o',,),t ne anoot: 07 one of tbe oldest l ble way, has always h,lt ,,. *..'*...' , -,'." " ,'.  ...... a, s a value to those destr, ,aur iortn(tflmg, the Carnival Show will s ........ "-  ....... ')i Buddhistic institutions i- ...... t h. i _,_ . ......  ...t: mt rum ne reugmn of Catholics is not "ther ; eve,ts will be postponed to the first . ..pass m[?rev,ous el/errs. ]recognized leader of this"li''..'.[:-/':-:  " anomer e,emen wnxch ex-] of a demonstrative character, so that way enChant,be no^com fair evening followinf xcaaemy upens .e-:.,_ : .....  v ,o..,v.,ca/yu a zar greaer mluence thanmanv a nrominent,. r,.,.^- ..... ". _:,,,.. ac u.. " ltn ,n Lna country, o tile United [knowledge on man's oe.r. ...... '^-i'.. .- -, . -- ......... : ...... -,,-- zmed ths ob]igation." .......... ,-, uxly lS ]10I; Know]l except in his imnle- The Sisters o1' Mercy, of St. Jo- , ........ , tigtfisG'n'andManagerbooths Wa]terwas Koehler re- seph's Academv.. Me-- '" a.-'- l o.te, .and F, urope, may. have had. good, namely, character, that is a per- date circle of friends and acquainL- The learnedShw classes port,d that everythingsettledin the andWaYac-f 10tbUUaCeTlletna scnoo win ,....pen ' Sept. I' mindSmethmgon .... ,.t.t...,.d wth^v .'sthis. change. . , ofl fectly trained will, founded in deep antes. In the professions, in finance, said to have shown A(ademr wi ....... I v ........... orehgmmsts.,religious convictions. Joan of Arc in business and in polities the l/act of I tie work on grounds would begin " ' ., ll .....  a. -.x- , " [ generous zeal for the oeptionally, well bal..tnceu ...... iacmty amx t'[hetl ndilabbtt, called upon Premdent] was not a high-school girl, nor a col- one's being a member of the Catholic/the Louvain Library, mxt week, is up-to-date in every re,'Dect The !" : g some months before the lat- lege graduate, and yet she proved Church is of very doubtful advantage./freely acknowledged The Carn/val land will be one or beautiful ad healthful loeatii); ter's deatb, prohably the first call of'herself a great leader, and she is but'lf the Catholic religion were as pop-[ has been well organized the ma/n attractions, enlivening the Menu's splendid moral atmosphere, the ancient eastern re]igmn. Father Ratzinger, tie noted Bava- Methodist or Baptist, far more Catho- / professors and :.n; the kind to be made by the head of one among many. ular among us as, for instance, the[ It was directed by bouts from 7:30 to 11 o'clock. ]combine to make the eviromnent. The3 Chihlren'Sto 6. Carnival will hold ideal for an institution of ARCHBISI]OP ARRESTED rian Sociologist, thirty yearScauseago, put, litsliC nameSo leadingWUhl appearmen thann the various ceutre at Leipzig. tromfrth during the late afternoon hours, l The Academy is well equipped to his finger on the real of the arc l:ounfl I for both boarders and day pupils, fatal lack of leadership in Catholic there now. In this regard the act / sendt aSkthemthe lissPrfessrSof The large Gift Tent will center the ISLAMIC WORLD , Archbishop Szeptyoki. wbo is a: the life and struggle when lm said, thatthat Catholics :; t(mt/e,n of the several sin"tiler head of tim Ruthenian Church in Po-t the "educated Catholics, and tbe a matter or' prejudiced not onleadtheiSonegreatlYside, wouldmore thanbe moSthaif a boothS.Tuesday evening Mr. John l'runiski I Unitedhmd andstatesWhOtoreCentlYobtain fundsVisitedfor thelhis/lackedCathliCSthe o.f nmans in all countries and of worldly prudence on tile other, been forwarded to useful. EVERYWHERE spirit of sacrifice, without But this, we suppose, wa," not the these were valuable directed to his own satisfaction at I STATE IN people, is reported to have been ar- / which spirit eVenwouhian noarmYamountf edU-to tlle'Cpepapers tilere:terredqUestion as proposed by belonged to famous lea:t, the efforts of the Youn, Pen-' FERMENT ,ested the ,o,isb authoritie00 wh00le ca*00d Catholics I'eethminsi't;Ple's ([UbwithOn alongthe fewCastWmdevillet arrivelineS'at per-Hel __0F turningbishtO WarsaW.p t,,,], ... to Church !"much for thelf caUSewishof God and Holy appeal made to the "Goldent' althougnBook,,theof collectioniSts' each ofrepresentingbooks on Ah "the dSe:Poiiit n'b;g ed you to have any prominent men, the Amerman "Who s branch of] ..... ,.. a more rehearsals, on ol Absorption of Western Natio-J:-.: f,. ' " : .' e fatal- modern witnesses as to the lack of u..,,  .... , _. ......... - ........ s, PersonaYs ., ....  ,,a,,.t,c lies ana was . schoo]n..-.- -- -, ' ., .....  [ ,,*vt .... Sci/l LO lnlpiy 11;. fflany some th,,o.... _. l{leals Altectin Reli,.i ..... ,_ |. .... , , .ae m L rmce me splrl oi sacrifice amon, ,mr  ...... -' ....... ... --,.o..,,,s vt I: Mr. and Mrs. John Pruniskihave as hammcd " "  ...... ,uo taslmr buoomirski Poland's first wealth,, and educate ......... ,, .. ,,c,) t.,$.y a -lc,uous prommencelw e find in the list a !l their guest Mis Fannie Hodge of " Minister to Washin-" ..... ' i.'21 . .   , u wunouCS IIS- 131al; woul(l De very distastet'ul to thelibr ..... * ........ , [ , . sum, lne (Uli]- rn to waruinal O'Co,moll. ,,rt ; ....... ,. , I .,. ui o,vuu volumw BatesviIIe, Ark. , -- , ;cmty with th ........ ; ........ i ..... ,, , . - ........... average atnonc. bucn authorltiesl 2.000 v, ...... ,M ' i!i hometroit,Missafter Mich.AnnavisitingHemphling hasher parentsr e t u r n e d i : eiii!it! i: f il geij:i!. iiii!ii ] !iiil iht rin De- l ]i:e m niii i !ii ! o!ff raai t!Y ton! I i!iti!(hle2 i b(ib  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koluoski, 404 " " " the throe. e Ruth ian rita 'he " B J " "" ' , as a r 1 ,a librar of " i e of t Cathohc ut these Catholics are 1 . ] y of anthropolo$ Olive, are visiting in Searcy, Ark, / a larogresmve failure to solve the' Church, which -- ......... / , a most all too humble to make great claims for I D .h,.,.,  ^-...:., ....... ,,ow,e(tges cnes ir-,men an" ' I ' " ! r ................. a' Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koehler have rP rob/eros of western ivilizatiop +itual au ,,.. ^, .... P ,, . a women who have had the pubhc recogmtmn, and refer to kee .. returned home after visiting in Ben- ,religious ,roblem , +o  - " ..... ] .... th .... ,, me. The centre- 1 best educauon" money could obtain; "the noi..l. to .... P ......... P Wortlt We,ht ton. the center of the" worl'( .:a_occupy[vrsy s merely one of the many po-lyet what pitiful leaders they are'/ -ehave-ver-'.'ll"td-'--- " .... -,.-a... [ To replace the ]it  e regara xor eo a t l ne abxcal uarr , t '  g ' ' q els timt have rown out lAain- 'It i e ....... . ....... "/ , . " P "/ he old library, man Mrs. W. B. Randolph h'h returned ...........  ........ x v,,-]pe of pxominence in this sense or" the printed books were new Turkish state, which comes into of the clasll of nationality in t]e re-I pie ef refinement to clos bern b v e out the g y irtue of the Lausanne makin- of E . .  . term. Many a fourth otass basebal  ..... , ,, ufteriu, visiting in Indiana and Chicago, treaty, is, accordinf,n + ..... : I .....  g.. urope. It s asserted by l sght of whatever is disagreeable to nla .......... 1;., +', .., ....... [ . ..... j,. nese eveh of its s ........ "' '- ... ]  s g t hat Archhish-[look at. This is not really refine-I ........ ," '': "'.'f. " ": "  ' uminated MSS. Mr. and Mrs. M. Rapillard are vis- . vu.sors, a the nresn ] o ze t " . . mVuun mvvrcee enjoys .'z'eaer . o* ..........  . o d P p yok has been overzealous m ment---t is cowardice born o ;o  ..... i; [ monastic hbrarms of tt:ing relatives in Stuttga., Ark. , . . . . . , ......... -, prominence man ne amest n sic1 . ,: : ,w.era m wmcn l will attempt the mtelests of bs Rutheman chares I ness. Cultivation which .... I ........ P y an, I pressed at the great Miss Edith and Ed Kellogg of o reconcne wn the religious dea]. in eastern Galicia ----,-, . . I ........ o,,v.,] prolessor, ars or pnuanmropic Ii-of these m,,,,,;..+ .* . . ' , a,m Lna ne nas en- srengm is eecaence I is r -" - ' ....... s-.v* Waverly, Me., are visiting Mr. and of Islam the economic and civil ideals couraged them o ,..,. , .... / ......... , p.gclse. Inancmr; all of whom should much]the "Vin,-ti,-o ,, of the western wo-M T-  .... , ..... -, __ '.. -,,. lsn su- [ , me prlvnege oi ne rmy cultzvar, ea i rathe- h,, ,h,, n seem to be leadels in I ,, , . ......  "'' Mrs. B. D. Kellogg, 215 W, 5th St. be,un b-' : ..... -7-*'-" : ,t a, reaoy premac: "l'te tuthenians are of the t and weaqthy to reach out to those less l ...... :7" "',_ "? ..... ' " I almost worth their v , me , sanq blllr WalK OZ llZe I SUCh Inen we Of th g canphate e race as the Uk , e ear from *h ....... " : ' , 'ainians and have fortunate. ] ..... " . " I " ly printed WNER .  prson oz ne  eeve, nere ultan, a be made their wa v o. " - 'y o er the Carpathians But alas, for the great majority of of ................... / " m imprint of are a iar larger number bear tl ginning' of what mght be considered into wha is now Polish territory, our wealthy and educated Catholics, is given credi for. ze avaoac from man me nurcn I Plantin Press of : from tim orienta/ viewpoint the '"m ....... r._,_ ..... r-^ ^* -, .... - . . . "''"-1 whom is minence advises to o to, . . . .  aclteS[ LIDrl School Children's Picnic. - .....  caurcn an sme MEXI ...................... nnportance ox Caaracter  The account nr Cal,..  _ , ... [ ta qUETION mer vroesmn neignt)ors o learn a, ............... - ..... Lst Wednesday was a gala day [ roy wars .....  u wna oz ae mgner matmrsnipl will have a li*. ..... From Indl ............. It has been made known official- lesson m renglous and charitable , h ....  .. ...... . . I ..... .. --,e l'e ors ., . -...---,, ,.-,, .ae, suca as is ae-[s " or St. Anthony's School Children, follow r . ... p. aa ne!tha t the' Unite(/ States will * .... ... ]/eadershp! If we desire any more! ................ pect wll rank am_n.g ". i The heavy downpour of rain the e s o onammed have clashedl . /. . . o--,a.y [t,,timon, ^,---.'-^-  ....... ..... , [ ' ...... unatamub,e or tiuse who] book collections in all- reco raze tile res n  J' atlullluM rll, Zl|ll, Wlll Lell night before (lid not dampen the en- with the more ancient Hindus .-rod t-. g "' p .set government of / . ,,- , 'have received no more than the r- b ' ' ' " thusiasm of the children, as the boil- that lb,  ....... .. ' -  Jviexico probabl- lat  ^,^_.__ us: .t requires too much mental l ........... P ufldmg, a gift of the ----. .... wo ,s,amic sects t,,e Sun - , ...... w,,,uer ..... . mary euucamn o our tatn0hc ,-are- :'r: whodesi :dob e c;u'ried the agreement reached by the Ameri- e I.ior f0r mmy persons, already at- chial Schools? Abraham Lincoln did | ing sun had performed good work nites and the Shiites, ht'v " - . s g y " can commissioners ifi conjunction with illC[.e(l Wll;n algue oz ne iaenct, to n(t h,,, , ,,,.h  +,. ..... ' ........ k  ) ........................ a, ana ye ne most notable public the representative s of. President Ob-" devote themselves wholeheartedly t]became the greates political leader country. outdoor game known b c between the regon, having been regarded as ade y hi]dren was l . Spaniard and the -: " ', . Church activities." In other words: ' ......... , ' the prevailing brad of education does] our country ever had. You may an- played by Father Strassn r whmh had its b quate m the way of safeguar(hn the ....  . ,; e with the I ' i eginning in the Moor-I. ,. : "" "'" " g not make men leaders. Mr. Babson,[Swer' that is an exceptional case. BISHOP WALSH cn]laren Irom ten thnt lC,]1 mv sin  interests of American citizens No in .. , -. "y in the morn-/':. " .a " n of Snain_ centuri, ....... -..,1   ..s' :, ' " ",. .. .' . , Granted. Yet this example show TRIBUTE TO g until seven-thirty at night. Rac-its again on, but in Africa instead ell exception has been taken m off]claI an eminent statistician, has this to that leadership does not depend so nrgzCOntets, rewarded with useful]Europe. The Moors have, it Js re-! quarters to President Obregon's say on the matter', "EducatioL un-.much on knowledge Du " ratne on' OF LATB afteeS' were greatly enjoyed during[ported, proclaimed a holy war againstl s;atement that the understanding in- less guided by a religious purpose, is .... ' . '. " I o ernoon 1 lye aliens of st thmr S amsh volves no cnange of pohcy on the art " "  cnaracer no oil acauemic uegrees,, C. . " . g .' ' raw- / ' P' '. conquerors. Mecca, in/ . ..' . " , p a very oangerous thing." But, even/b .  ...... - " (By N. C. W. .so :uae.i p, uu, ,,uermp'" " ..... lfnof necesstiY/or nly what '" "" u o a srongwm, nonesy . .....-. ox pur-/] Portlaad, Me., Aug. erry ice cream aml a mess of water-|the eyes of the Islamic world a holy |01 lvlex,co nor any sacrifice of Mexi- ' 1 t 1 nlotlhd :Poltti:::g  melons made the sumptuous chi, | )lace f. ll. " co's interests. In other words the so- Rev. Louis S. Walsh, . _. cken  a s under the shadow of [ . . Pwea ';e uses . | " p- . good Many a bright, pommmg pro [ pmmc a]nner and lunch look like a litical turbulence b- reas ...... .^j lutton appears to have been reached land, was a speaker at a ,, o  duct of our Catholic High Schools, I ) , , ' " of higher learning as cultivated by anquet. here were no empty stem fturbulen't attitude of the K" . _ I merely by the process of a better un- ria] service held on the " mg i cnel ........ , , . Academies, and Universities bavel our High schools and Universities. achs that night in that group, though/Hedjaz ' I(mrsmn(ung Ol vexico s podcy un(mr th.ere must have been some sick store- Influence of Western Ideals t the present consttutmn. The Mexi- turned their learning to bad account. But, even theoriesif no falsebe principles r I, Mountthe KineOlate PresidentHtel at ent apl.e'ars to have been To use Mr. Babson's striking exam-/mffunded carried away] f achs the next dasisters M ia O S Competent observers of the mys.ld .c '' s eak" ' ple: "Two men graduate from the'should The memory of the from them by studeiits, even if faitlwll 1 be honored and Cecl anl::t;:l not suffer there in its con-lop said, because of , . B., and M, terous East report that the Islamic [ .P . y .p rag, mlsunder- S[O0(l. same law school--one uses his edu- , ........... Sa]esia, O. S. B., came down from world is in a state of ferment much The firsi ste. in t  .......  ,, . -. _ ................ ,II1CI; WmX proua overvearmg scmnce, calon o upnom ne law aim ne Ol]er ................ gentlemanly character, Jonesboro to enjoy the day with of which is due to the absorption of I . , .v -,= v ............. .. .' ...... I SUU me role o eaaersmp wm no ........... ,..  ognidon wi De the appointment of a uses ms e(mcamn to neip men evae .............  bearing, kind and "their" children, western namnansc iaeas. It is roT-. Ch m e d'Affaires an-" ]-te-- ' ..... ,,__ ,_.  ................. au to me smaen, smpy oecause ne nc .  wv cnemlS graauate Irom ! .... as well as for his : Baptisms ficult for the followers OfciviiMohammedland  'g , ' a a r, ,e up- the same classne uses hs tra]lnng/ As the Oriental zoverb Ires it During the last three weeks, there;to differentiate between re.' P:m. mentf an Ambassador to Mexi- . .. s a smaen, ent of party and pets( to make foods pure, the other uses,, P" ' ]President Harding will have been three baptisms. Iligious authority Heretofore they  "' ty. lhus will close the long the same training to adulterate ofods.  .... fully remembered, Hugo Joseph, the son of Mr. and ..... , v[,. ne man nas ruleG 1- ........... t._ [ Our lack of leadership ill Church [ wna ne Knows, becau.e he openly h ....  ............ ', - . :' period of "watchful waiting," which Who learns and learns, but acs not . has cnaracenze ene rm:tlons u- [Is one who ploughs, and ploughs, but Mrs. Hugo Schwarz, is the only boy!probably less as Sultan than as ca- .... and State is owing, not so much to ,, .of the group. ' " w Turke . , ween the wo counrms prise and sadness and ] hph. The ne y has cu* thin, " "' [the neglect of modern edu "" . ,. I never sows. Lucile Anna born to Mr. and  camm,, ''1 "" the demon of intoler was knot by making the sultanate a merci -- -- .m+ h,, ..... Lack of S lrlt of Sacrifice :Mrs. George Ritter. fi ure head cent " "_ I ....... I WARD S SCHOOI [the 1  of head in our land to sta: ' ' ' ST E ) , ..........  the humbler member  P g rahzmg cleft autbor Even a m t; in the hands of the assem" bly [ Church, but rather to the curious an such grea fam. as Regina Rosa was born to Mr. and Joseph Rifler. ' Angora. " at l The faculty of St. Edward's Music [lck wealnf the spmtan of sacrifice among HUgmedG..rt,A l onl na'h]:edeathbed'consumea eX-my The Bishopand racialreadhatrfro ligious  Coming Test /School" has been attending a Normal. our who Yard educated Catholics. hf : in which the late PreSt , is prooaole nat the next few .............. v=-s ore, .......... "Ylb come leaders of ....... " ..... " few days before he sti .,, ........  Th; *-  ........ ^+ ,t. m^- 17hose e pre-eminently fitted to ' e in a laborious doing of nothing I years will'" constitute a severe test of] offer their, v"atrons, s"ecialv courses in e .... amouc nougnl woum, give all my learning and honor Alaskan t'ip, was quof Mohammedanism. The European l pian, violin, history, harmony, then- ::meh:::v::f1:niu answer the call for the plain integrity of John that he would continue Who, When, Where r ex r " ' ' ' .- gence, prioe or ,, force r y, p essmn and as a specm] at Ur k s a e being w4thdrawn from Con-I, : " ' " -Idl- cares "  ....... / 'c . What does all the leader- every problem with gee Very Rev. A. P. Gallagher, aecom- [ ' ]ractmn," a muslcal" Kindergarten' wor  , mtne s mp o sac / , stantinop]e and the turk comes back ' " sh'm- , ,,,, . heart instead of hatre panied by Master Harokl,. Callahanito take his stand at this historic out-[curse for beginners. This affords an r!fl= ::e :halt can g,ve us strong / tolSmi:i; of ourfohtm?l, edu will is the only solvent f returned Saturday afternoon from post of Europe but "" .... /opportunity for a talented child to be- cna a saxe maaers t-or[ca , n ermt aria socim epne- is the most effective ,pot v , ms canno ne . n , ChurCh a d State / , gm at the age of five. the class ' mera amount to. Nothing for this without which no per "their motor trip to Little Rock, the taken as a reversion to the conditions ........ ment in human affairs WOrK consisting oI ames, songs, ane Hiamut car, with a parw of yotmg which long prevailed in the Ottoman l h ' g " A-USTR.LIAN RECTOR ,;r:,'mg out for population 'o f.]l i: that he would continue, ' , folks, having arrL, ed the day before. 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