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September 1, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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September 1, 1923

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!I iJ i:; f rAC FOUR . _ - . THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, SEPT. 1, 1923 YOUNG MEN'S PIONEER PRIEST OF [CATHOLIC ORPHAN BOY REVIVAL OF IRISH "EPIDEMIC" AT STATE GERMANY NATIONAL UNION . SOUTHLAND AGED 65, WHO BECAME WAR HERO LANGUAGE DRAWS PROTECTORY PROVES RULE , FOR PARENTS' RIGHTS l , DIESINNEW ORLFANS i SUCCUMBS TO WOUNDS FACTIONS TOGETHER ' TO BE INFLUENZA FRI cal to private education was adopted|. ended tile funeral services for the[his greatest (eli,ht in te,-U,,.  two great politica r oalties ;- r,,, ... i=2 emma .whmh attacked 150 of the department has b, by the Catholic Young Men's Nation ]late Rev lohn t rancls Ia.mond, said[ w, , u,  , it is le . ,  . y the Ne York C'ltho]k rived the )actice . - . . flo_..:s at . .... arys OrphanaFe and . p ,ts]ng to obsrve that their Proector, "u .. . t a!. Umon whJcll closed its 49th an-I!., have ,b een the (,!(lest priest m the[who became a hero of the word w'w [greatest rivalry is a friendly one--to officials : )5,'.: ?(!- ,h,ch cal.,set) he,lth packages free of hum convennon here yesterday.. The ,ouun, who one, as week in the La- was on ever ton , : - ' see whieh can do th . . . .. ..... ,a,c ! luvestganon, na. has extended the resolution affirms the or'anizatio-'] fn Negro Old Folks' Home at ttm/..e ; ........ y gue in tile h.ttle town i '  '. ..emmc m levv- ploved to be notmng more than a )ar" . . , .... ' ....... /. . ^. ", ' '/t, ,ryan when lunerai serwces were ng the Irish language. A fortmght mil(l form . ..... ..; ! tculff class . suppo. ot :freedom of education as alage I :'" .... ]held for tim late Clarence Hynes Kel-] age at the annual convention of the demi ........ eel, llflucnz.t .. ,Ill(, e!,,- twenty-two pound. prmcJpm Iunaamencai in American in-I ne viosc Jcev. donn .W. Shaw,/lv IGae ic Lear, ue su'"or ...... , .... , , . ..... ,,, unougo o ue an m- close of the world - [ a" [ " o , , pp ux O.t l:lle l.e-.leCl;lon 'lll([ " ' r , ' ' shtutions. Archblsho of New Orle t ' ,." . .  , , tell diagnostmmns' of the - ] .. : . P ... : a s, pre.,]led, The hfe narratwe of tile sohlier lad pubhc and of the lree State sat to- division of )' ' . other natmns of Other Re,omm,,ndat,ons .rod dehvered the eulogy The lhghi,.n.. ,: ............... /ether fo  , ........... - " eldcm,ology worked on toms duty on "gi: Other re commendatmns" "'included: A tev. Jules: - B. Jeanm,ud,. Bishop:" of l,a-'  ::ga'inPg:.  :;o:t/l:, y:c:d::: I wards. , the-co,m; :n(,:::slng. me uls to th,:;;k:, mosfr tt)e,m Board, . :f Iiealtll.. f which. 'came fro recommen.dat!.on that the members o:f [.,yete: ,:d the !eight Iev J.M La-I the romancing of an i, genious novel-] Last ,,eek the Free Stat army hehl hops ",1 .... 1-...v^me!lz , sufferers, t!le and contained foo _nc orgamzanon see{ to put into el- -, ........ wy msnop o: ew t)rean.% ] ]st I a special conventio t, r,,r ..... 1 ', ... - -..- ,. rom genera pros- term "gift" packs n .......... aLc a onin r ol I;ne feet the teachings of Christ and the were present m the sanctuary , [ Die-, .... , , [ scheme for foster: .......... i g . bo,y. mean any narcel ot ?no:m [nurcn in Industry, agrlcUl- i t ....... lorn m l:rance . [ lie was born twenty-f(, ur .Ye'trs. . ,'tg)]guage. amongst all ranks Rev. Father . ..... ,: , , ,  , , gift to tim. a(tdres: , abe an(l 1111 tn(e, ttl( e,](lol se abner Javmona was born In Pl  t W 1 RESII)i ' , na ment of the " !'"  ": ":"- I'h,nce ;he ':'" .... -' . . , in Galveston, and on the death of both ] gott, senior chaplain to the Dublinl  __ I S NAME use of tmnself a o cnzensmp cam)al n in eaa (i ms am]y being - , Corn IN CORNER , ..... " ' 1 g - ' .... " .- parents wax taken into St Mary  Or / mand area, presided and th , " STONL" BOX , . , , . ' ,  . , " " . ' . s -- . . , e )ro- , . - augurated by .the Natlomtl Cat, hohc] the. Siem de Ra.ym,,lnd:, l, ather (],1- l phanage. One ,lay, when he was busy]ceedmgs were conducted entirely in [ O1, CA'I HOIAC SCHOOl. ]/1[ nn|l I]!1 :;Z::: o?,:',,:2:,"o'i ,,,,u,:_ 7r,ET,;,,,o,FZo.,,,,,,, ,,.,,, ,,, ,,o .oo, ,, ,,o o,,,,,,,,_,,,,. ,,.o o,,,de,-,-ho:, .,, ,, ..   II t mu ,: .. , ;a f, ,.' . .ate clv,cl, ,..' :. , : . ' , . U"c.nslage garden which he loved o well, a eral Mulcahy, wroLe in h'ish cxpress-[  y n. c. w. C. News Service) llUUH!! 11111 cuv,y. among anonc c,t, zens; a]!l cn`'mcese, canle ,, ,truer,ca w,:hlvisiting priest, the Rev. J. B. Gleiss-I ing his approv,.l of the ste,,s bein,, I Clevchmd, Aug. 27.--Tl,e ,,ew ---" oo.m suy?sfon :?[_ff I program to n,m. . ......... ]net, of Bryan, was impressed witll his I taken- General Sean O'M;u'thui]lcl schoo.1 for Ou,." La(ly of Ange]s par- m' .......... c ,,,,es ,n juvem, e an,et- ,r,s,ocranc ,.anl,,y devotio,, to his work a,,d ,,ske,] ,1;,n',u,,'termaster-geno,.ai, ,,he was fr-;l:n",'nfl ,'vers'de,',t l, ono ,o ?ve,,,e. claims the ROSE U''m ms, and expressmns of prame for the Notwthstndmg Ills youth tnd a f he ou hkc to come ) ]mr]3 g(mlal ccletu of t e ( 1 mg lhe fnst Ctthoh( work and aims of the Catholic Boy tocratic rearinv, Father Raymond was him. . l,eague, stud arrangements wouht be , ve nl ,ts colnestone THE MOST SAlq' cox the name of Calvin Coolidge as JOE JUN ordered to the church of St. Lamh.y Won llis Cross in Fr.'uce inlade to have soldiers' names, words President of tile United States. Tim in Oi)elousa , a storm ('enter durin K The lad agreed and grew up witll of comnumd an(l nlilitary terms gen- new school l/uildi]g, which will cost he ,,a,s o l,e ,':,pe bage,'s, lo ,.'ather (,eiss,or ,ntil he ",nswee,, era,,y i, h ish. ,t w,s ,,ls,. doi,,ed to 00,000, wi,, acommo,,ate 500 p,,,,il: THE U S; n)aint;.incd a pastorate there for tlfir- tim c'd] to war. lie served wit]) tile introduce a special decorat.ion con- and will be c ouducted by the Sisters Lv-seven years, during which time he Forty-Ninth Company of the Fifth sisting of a small circle worked in 1441 BroadwaY, is :::i(I to have under.,one serious peril Regiment of Marines and was through of St. Josei)h. l'rominent prie:;ts o i from bigots. Mounted on a spirited the fighting in Bel]eau Wood, SL. Mi- form.g]d threadThbon thedecoration,Slecves oflikethe uni-the [ cornerstonethe Cleve]and]ayingdiOceSecoremonies.attended the1,1 CAPITAL " black horse, which was sai d uo have hiel, and the Argonne. At Belleau ' " ' ' k;amne or (,old ring of the Gaelic been brought from the Raymond .,:l,a- Wood he won the croix de guerl'e. He League which i,spircd it, will be addition to that of President Coolidge SIPLUS o , the cornerstone contains the names of[ hles in France, hc was a picturesque xwm given a message to take back awarded only to those who satisfy the i the reigning Supreme Pontiff, Gover- We hay. fiyure, and daily covered miles of e from the front to the conlmanding army examiners that they are flueut parish, which extended over an areu officer. Wounded with shrapnel and Irish speakers, nor Donahey of Obio, Mayor Kobler, lm f$m of seventy miles, fainting at one stage of his journey, of Cleveland, aad Monsignor Joseph  mllim he Interested in Negroes he managed to drag himself to head- SIX SONS PRIESTS IN F. Smith, diocesan .uperintendent of IH} Ir tat alur schools. The Rev. Edward T. Calvey h I When he was finally transferred to quarters, where he collapsed. He was Bayou Gou]a in Terrebonne Parish. wounde,I several times ,n action un; ONE FRENCH FAMILY presided at the exercises. $,05. Thl| the whole countryside gathered to bid til finally he couhl persuade no doctor $4r care of him farewell. In his later years he to iend him back into the lines. After Camtdian Catholics number 3,388,- u well aa th I 663. manifested his keen interest [n the, the armistice, flat on a hospital cot, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ENGLAND welfare of the negro population an(| he was sent back to the United Lille, Aug. 18.An unusual cere- ----'--'----: wa,. appointed superintendent of the States. mony was celebrated in the Church of La:fon Home. He is said to have been Fortunate to Escape the Sacred Heart here recently a St. Joepir-s'" one of the world's leading authorities[ On New Year's night, 1!)18, he al-- priest saying his first Mass, came to on the work of the negro missions.  ] rived off the coast of New York. A the altar accompanied by his five [bitter storm was raging and the hos- brothers, also priests. H O T S P R I N G S PAPAL COUNTESS pital ship, North Pacific, could not The director of a large insurance [ make the port. [t was decided to try firm in Lille, and his wife, M. ana to land some of the men by getting Madame Basquin-Delahaye, had six The South's Most Famous them vn other ships, lfines were fin- sons. All six entered holy orders; Conducted by the Sisters of ally fired and baskets made ready, two belong to the Society of Thc invalid Kelly was put in a basket one to the Benedictines, one is vica but half way across the raging seas at Lille, one at Roubaix, and the sixth the lines broke and he was overturn- ha. just celebrated his first Mass. ['HIS TELLS THE WttOLE STORY OF ed into thr waters. As though by A large number of ecclesiastics and ]UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE a miracle, .lall boats managed to faithful attended the ceremony, at AND WITH ALL CLASSES. pic khim up and he was taken int the dose of which they filed past the ort. :, parents and their children to con- DEVOTED SISTERS Dies Gallantly gratulate them on the magnificent For four years and a half he faced]and rare example they have given EXCELLENT STAFF a losing struggle against death. Fiaal- The bishops of Lille and Amiens sent COMPETENT ly it was decided that only - capit::d special blessings to this family. operation could save his life. He faced the operation as gallantly as he Every flower that blooms, every Well Equipped BuildingOf Pr had faced the machine guns--and'plant that grows, every bird that lost. 'sings, every star that shines, every Care in AppointmentsEvery Room The fame of the sohtier hero had human face, suggests something about Well Ventilated and Lighted spread throughout Texas, and there God, the creator, reveals'some feature was a large delegation at his funeral of His Power, His wisdom, Hi. good- .... in Bryan. ,less. Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Scouts, the Catholic Boys' Brigade,[ the Big Brother Movement; and the[ St. Vincent de Paul Society. [ The convention also .went on rccor(I/ as praising the National Council of / Catholic Men and ple(lffing the "en- tire resources of our organization in the furtherance of the objects for which it has been organized." Pope Plus Greeted A message of greeting and loyalty ws sent to Pope Plus XI and a pledge of cooperation was adopted and ordered sent to all members of the Catholic Hierarchy in the United States. The following officers of the Catho- lic Young Men's National Union were elected for the coming year: The Most Rev. Patrick J. Hayes, Archbishop o New York, Spiritual Director; Mi- chael J. Slatery, LL. D., of Phila- delphia, President; Frank J. Manley, of New York, First Vice-President; John A. Quinn, of Central Falb., R. I., Second Vice-President; James J. Corrigan, qf Providence, Secretary; Joseph P. Smith. of Philadelphia, Treasurer. Reports presented to the c(mven- lion showed thai since 1917 there have been 143 new clubs established throughout the country with a total membership of nearly 22,000 young I Inl. ' I Some critics affirm that music is/ doomed. Still, it is too soon to try to save posterity from grief by suspend- ing piano lessons. Sarah Spottiswod-Macldn, Nazareth Academy, Alumnae, Dies New York, Aug. 22.Countess Sa- rah Marie AIoisa Spottiswod-Mackin, one ef the very few American wo- men raised Io the Papal peerage, died at Harrison, N. Y., yesterday ,)i She was born at Troy, Me., July .), 1850, the daughter of James H. Brit- ton; one-time Mayor of St. Louis. Her great-grandfather was commander of the man-of-war Tempest in the Am- erican Revolution. She was educated at Nazareth Academy, Nazareth, Ky., being graduated there in 1867. She was the widow of James Mackin, once ] State Treasurer and later State Sena-/ I tor of New York. Reforming human nature is a much less irksome task than plowing, but not uually so successfully per- formed. COME OVER THE BRIDGE INFIRMARY-. D, NITARIUM - REST Professional Attendance t (,, TO THE CARNIVAL St. Patricks Church Grounds--North Little Rock Cypress and East Seventh Streets For. Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERI0t St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot S Bankers Trust MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS --We are agents for practically all the Companies. --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business 1 you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of, the Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for be cheerfully given, without charge --We wish to remind you also of our Foreign which is in position o effec money transfers to by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting BANKERS TRUST CO MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT THURSDAY.. SEPT. 20th Wt CAN NOW BF. 0 AFTERNOON 3 o'clock to ll o'clock EVENING' UNIQUE CARNIVAL FEATURES00 UNUSUAL TAKE EAST NINTH ST. BUSSES AT BROADWAY BRIDGE HELP US BUILD A NEW CHURCH AIEKAN]S' FAMOUfl MEDICINAL AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO THE For DO ymx this water hu boon famms as Kidnr, Bladller, and Nrvou For imformattom writ PIIOTECTOlll FOR BO flEARCY P. 0., ARK. ROUTE No, Wel: a dre 8