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August 30, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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August 30, 1930

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IUGI4"I THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 30, 1930 out to Frayser Station Tuesday eve-i of his mother, Mrs. M. Reedy and ning and we feel sure they will feel~his sister, Mrs. James C. Adler of • I e amply repaid. The proceeds will be 1364 Court avenu . usecl for the church. A pleasant di- version that is being arranged is theI Among those reg!stered at the games of tango which will be played pBuena Vista Hotel in Biloxi, enjoy- during the evening. The hostesses ing to the fullest the wonderful good for the affair are Mmes. Lawrence :times of that popular resort, are Mrs. Mensi, and ~harles Jeter Jean Dearth and her sister, Miss Vio- ' let Musso of our city. The ladies of the Madonna Churchileft Saturday by motor to spend twoI No attempt at elaborate decoration Truly the coming novena which will ~'t~|]~I~ N~ ] ~ e~ prec'ous relic was lost at Frayser Station have planned a weeks inNew Orleans. Mrs. Lillyiwas made, just an axtistic arrange be held in St Patrick's Church dur- ~jL]~l|~ U][" J.Z, LJP~ religious riots at the cl ment of garden flowers, in the par- ing the month of September, will beJ~It~D]~,~ |]~F}'|~]~ teenth century• The spagh~tt'l supper, to be served at the and her daughters, Misses FlorenceI ' " " " " home of Mr. C. Francchia whose and Theresa, were includedm the~lors and dining room• Mrs. Hahan- a time of thanksgiving for the mem-;~|,~ro~ ||~[v|~l~JJ brought to Holland in a home is adjoining the church. Thelparty. nah was assisted in entertaining her bers of the parish and the scores of~ ................. liquary by the Bishop spaghetti will be made in the true 'guest, s by her sisters, Mrs. Leland admiring friends of Father Hayes. t RV ~NCVCI_ICAI_Ihave an honored place Italian style, and any one who wantsI Mr. John Reedy of Chicago has Greaber, and Miss Helen Walsh. Anent the novena, we will give thei ~a ~J.l~.a~*a~a~ Bavo's, as the first r a real treat should by all means go,been a visitor in Memphis, the guest Lunch was served during the game details of it next week• i old. ! By Rev. Manuel Grana, ] "There are but two and at the conclusion a delicious icei i cours~ was served. The prizes were! As the pendulum of time is swing-:(Madrid Correspondent, N, C. W. C. drals in the world unusually attractive and were cap- ing on faster and ~aster towards the! News Service.) Bavo--the Ghent ( tured by Miss Annie McNulty, Miss'[st of September, we cannot helpI Madrid, Aug. 18. Insp;red by a your newly built Nell Phelan, and Mrs. Walter Phelan thinking that the hearts of younglstudy of the famous Encyclical of B~shop Coppieters in the l and Miss Camilla ttoover. Mrs. Mat- ~ America are growing heavier, and;Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, the 27- the 5,000 representatiVeS tingley was presented with a beautl- the sighs are coming w;th equal r'~p-lyear-old Marques de Viana bearer church organizat.ions wh~ • , o ] ful pearl necklace. Mr. and Mrs. idity. We could not fail to note the ',of many noble titles an red,tuber of thank him for hm gift• Mattingley are leaving tile latter part changed expressions of the children, ~one of the most distinguished families gates, after filing past th of the week for home; they have both large and small, boy and girl, of Spain has ceded for a nominal residence, where Churchi In a previous issue, we have told[ made many friends here, who are al- last Sunday when the announcement sum 12,355 acres of his land to the and Provincial our readers that one of our most| Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cham- ready planning for a return visit was made that "School will be open Catholic Agrarian Federation of their salute, massed in charming young Catholic girls had bers of 1906 Foster avenue, are lear- next summer, for rcgistration Friday morning, Au-lAvila for a period of 30 years. The square to hear the .gust 29." Coming out of church aft-!land is at Solosancho, in the province ups Coppieters and entered the novitiate of file Domini-ling this week for Cincinnati to be can Order, at St. Cecelia's Academy present at the wedding of their cou- Another visitor who is being hun-er Mass Sunday, here's what the ma-tcf Aviia, and will be used for an sing the jubilant song, 2n Nashville, Term• TMs young girl, ,in, Mms Ann Catherine Harris, to ored with a round of socials is Miss jority were saying: "Shucks, 'taint[experimental farm. Tile Marques is Blyd~chap (Roman Miss Marie McDowell, whom we will Mr. Edward H. Kraemer,-which will Lois Hanna, the guest of Miss Rose fair to open school when it's so hot. ia naval lieutcnan't and took part in It is very ir in ,the future know as Sister No- Ibe solemnized Wednesday morning, Barnett. Miss Elizabeth Duffy en- When I grow up, I bet I'll make a law the capture of Abdel Krim. in the same city from reene, was a general favorite. Pus- September 3, in St. Edward's Church. tertained most charmingly Mondayan' the kids won't have to go before This gift of land, for that is what Godfrey van Mierlo, was sessed of a magnetic personality, she IMiss ttarris is a daughter of Mr. and afternoon in her home on North Au- October." But since we seem to be it amounts to, has caused a great to flee before the rabble, endeared herself to everyone with ~Mrs. Thomas A. Harris, of Cincinnati• burndale street, with a bridge lunch- living in a time of tyranny, judging sensatfon throughout Spa~n and has .the blood of the whom she came in contact. Her suc- i She has visited in our city and has con, complimenting Miss Hanna. Pink from the comments being made, we me~ with much criticism in aristo- Peter Ballin~, and yellow were the colors chosen, will have to make the best of things, cratic circles, many loudly declaring pavement of St. eess in the schoolroom is certMn, for many friends who are wishing ~her Marie counted her friends by her ac- much happiness in her approaching and this was carried out in all the and trudge on to that much hated their preference for the old regime the time of the Cur details of the afternoon. The hun-'task of breaking in. After the first and "a walled-in pasture." cession on May 29, quaintances. As a tribute to her,[marriage. Mr. Frank L. Monteverde, the "Poet- oree was presented with a beautiful few weeks, all these present grum- The colony will be composed of been celebrated only a Laureate" of Memphis, wrote the Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Schwan,tz of xemembrance of the afternoon, blers will be deep in their school men who have never owned land. from those desecrated following beautiful poem and dedi- Buena Vista Place, left by motor the work, whether it be learning the Throt~gh the assistance of the Fed- pletion of another St. cared it to her. Knowing her since past week for Quincy, Illinois, where Rev. Father Edwin F. Younkin has multiplication table or a tussle with eration of Catholic Unions, and with to continue sy her earliest baby days, it seems most they will visit their daughter, Mrs. arrived to succeed Rev. Father Al- Caesar, or writing a thesis on some financial help through the Federa- constructively the ' I • n ' deep subject. No doubt there will tion s loan bank, they will be able tCathedrals of the fitting that we let our readers have Milton Braxmeier. Before returning, bert as pastor of St. Antho y s an opportunity of reading the ex- they plan to spend a few days in Chi- Church, which is for negroes. Fatheribe. some figuring on when a holiday lto obtain the necessary. . facilities, for] Archltect Sees q-uisite sentiment and thought ex- cago. Younkin comes here from a mission will come, but for the most part, successful cult~vatmn of their land. The archiect who pressed; then they may judge for in Breaux Bridge, La. Father A1- school and its associations are the Right to Buy Land. isfaction of seeing the themselves the beauty of the charac- Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Lawo and little bert has been in charge of St. An- dearest thing in the world for all[ The Marques received 20 per cent the work entrusted to ter of this noble young girl. daughter, Jean of the North Parkway thony's Church for over three years; children. Nearly all of the parochiallof the value of h!s land from the Bottemanne in 1893 To Si~ter M. Noreene are enjoying a stay in Hot Springs, he has been transferred to Mobile, schools will be opened for registra- Agrarian Federation. The farmers Cuypers, son of one On Her Reception to the Itabit,Arkansas. Ala. His departure wifll-cause deep lion Friday morning, but Tuesday will who work the land are to have the Catholic cultural August 15, 1930• regret not only among the members be the formal opening. During the privilege of buying their plots in easy statue was unveiled Miss Zita Koch of 288 Highland of the parish, but among the white first couple of weeks, at least while payments over the thirty-year period, round. eo le of the c ty He was held in the weather is so intensely hot, ~)nly This provision was included in .the An idea of the The saints in Heaven today are smil- avenue, who has been having such a p p . . . . • luen mmnmg sessmn~ will be held The the highest respect and his inf ce " - " ~ wonderful trip through Oklahoma contract given by the attorney of Cathedral is had: ing, 1 ............. ~ ~ hi~-~, !new Sacred Heart School will not be the Marques to the Minister of La- 3,701 piles were and a visit with relatives in Okla- est type. He will be missed, but we ilready for the opening, the children bur for his confirmation. As looking down they view this ho y homa City, has returned to Memphis, among th~ ,~sl', ............ s-- sight; I to support the str with many interesting stories about .....,~., ,~. ,~ ~.,^.~o he foo will however attend in the old build- The deed of sale was signed by the of the towers. The first be ca~ Img, while theh~gh school depaxt Theguiling,Vision so sweet their prayers be-[her Westex:l~ trip. tered among the negroes will .. " " " . . ' - president of the Catholic Agrarian[was sunk June 15,'1895- t ment w [ hold)nl sing se runs, Creates a picture that is Eden-bright, Mr. and Mx~rles M. Bryan tied on by his succ:essOr•oklFathern N land the ~ will" )r¢ ,ably' e ] u the" Federatiori of Avila, the secretary of ist°ne was laid that Oct¢ And as the lights are ever, ever shin- Yotmkin is a native of Bro y , . _ " the National Confederation, the pas- April 1, 1898, it was t ing, are among those registered at the Y., and was ordained in 1919. Both lCrypt o the ~m~ h. 1~ v. ather tor, the governor, the Marques de lservices in the edifice. , Kemphu s ann m( d th~ th new ' Aglow with holy incense always true, Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. ' he and Father Albert attenoed the i " - Viana s attorney and the Director of for fhe towers was ~n building wouldbe read~ fo~ occu The clouds are lifted and the silver Mr. Bryan is attending the conven- school, colIege and sem" ary, t " ' " " - the Accion Social. 1928. , lining tion of the Bar Association. land belong to the Order of St. Jo- pancy about the middle of October. Solosancho is in a beautiful val-] "Today," De -- seph, known to the people as the " / --- ley of the mountains of Sierra de lris~ aloft, co .n Reveals the central figure---it is YOU. Miss Zoe Taylor and Miss Cath- Josephites. We welcome ]~ather~ Misses Theresa and Ellen Canale, Gredos. The principal crops of the ling landscape, and No one could live in a more sacred erine ttayley have been welcomed Younkin into our midst, and wish ldaughters of Mr. and Mrs. Phil M. neighborhood are cereals---wheat, ling our emanci home after a delightfulvisit in for him a success equal to that of~Canale, of 1391 Peabody avenue, and oats, rye and barley• ~he Marques oppression, calling; The Savior's voice is answered here "Cloud[and," Lookout Mountain, Roy. Father Albert• IMiss Lillian Gautier, daughter of had at pasture in these fields 9,000 if need be, forget, but today; Tenn. ] ---- I Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gautier of 665 sheep and 400 cattle. Like his'not historically efface." And like a benediction it is falling Annou'ncement has been made that South Willet street, have been ~el- neighbors he has lived on the produce Upon your future as we kneel and The many friends of Miss Annie the local branch of the Knights of corned home after spending the sum- of lands that came to him upon reach- ALL PORTUGAL Sheridan of 418 Webster avenue, will Columbus are planning an initiation mer at Camp Illahee, Brevand, N. C. ing his maturity, in accordance with Go~rb~ess th~ life so humbly, freely regret to hear that she has been ill, for September 21• From present in-I ------ the ancient rules of property but not TO HOLD OF PRAYER ' given but at present writing is improved, dications,. . one of .the,,rs•largest classes ;I M:ss Lillian James of Central av- necessarily in conformity with the (By N. C. W. C. N To such a cause and given in His m ~ecent years, will c o s the sandy enue, and Misses Agnes and Grace Christian spirit. " name; IV[iss Minnie Pirtle of Fulton, Ky., desert It is the hope of the entire O'Rourke of H~ " Rejoicing Among Tenants. For your reward must be a home in is visiting her sister, Mrs. Essie ByrneAs we" are not permitted to join, that ~ " goee avenue, are reg- , The taking possession of the land Lisbofi, Aug. 1[.-- • "" istered at theMonticelloHotelin ~as the occasion for great rejoicinglNati°nal Congress of In an address l°f Prayer and the Rel Heaven of Webster avenue• As we are not permitted to jjoin, that Atlantic City • " x n " and public festivities When you are called to see the stars -- ~s we of th~ opposite se , all we ca " , ....... -, After a deli-htful visit with Mrs ............ ~- to the new tenants, the Minister ofl~us~ nero at ~raga a~lame g • ao is WiSh you lUCK, ann llge the tory Messrs Charles ~^--:- --~ ~-- '- " " -" • Mar- Terr~, in White Station Miss ....... ~ ......~~~ ~ ..... "~ -:-r " ,~,u auu ~er- Labor urged them to justify the gen-I~ugai, assume~ the' ~, , **v ~au ~c~ a~ ,, ,,,~ w ~ man Griffin have r .......... , e~urneo aiter a • • magn~ilcen~ (~emon. ,, etos~ty of the Marques de Vmna, Our prayers are with you in your Mary Byrne and Miss Catherine Crot- Grammar Grade readers, about Abou rhotor trin ea P~s~,, wh~_ ,~^.. " I~ ......... true endeavor ty have ~eturned to the city. Ben A, dhem, May your tmbe,,m-spent their vacation:~-' ~ ...... " ~icn:~a:l: :~e~h:f :llnSPs~:~ andtp:: I~"d~i:nth:U;na~X:s: o;the To labor in the cause of human-kind; ------- crease• Them s our sentiments• ~ -~'- - ,,-- t tates will ~ ~ts c~y o~ rlosanna • ~ , " be tu'ned upon Solosancho • And Godwill bless your work and Mrs. J. E. Franchere of Oakmont ^ ............. . .......... • " ar ~ ~,L~p ox mu~es o~ the oacrea and ~ne ~uture ox rural life in Spain ---"~" you will never Place who was called to the bedside Mr. Charles Corbett of 1436 Popl .~ . ...... I . . Find a reas-~n for a change of mind. of her mother, in Kansas City, waslavenue left the past week-to spend !~:r~rv~ ~_nurcn axe sponsormga caro will be ].nflueneed thereby• An oldI The Cardinal Archb~S~ • : • " " " i " "1 P y ~o oe given at the watnol~c man took the hand of the Minister ~ and Patriarch of Port~ Our hearts are w~th you, though we forced to undergo an emergency up-la few days m Bflox~ w th hm fam~ Y, [~ ............. I ..... .too ~ve~nes~ay a~ternoon. 'x'ne and said: "Until death, this land will " a a rams your presence, eratmn m that c~ty Latest reports lwho have been there all summer. ~r6c^e ............. - I the gathering at Br g • M~ orb t hm wife and tw " h ~ ~ u~ wm ~e ~urneu over ~o ~nelbe urine; my sons wig cultivate it as/ ..... ~us Our wishes, our hopes and our prayer; are very encouraging and her many ". C et ," o daug - ] ~is~.~r~ ~ ~ D~..~,~ ,~ ..... [ ....... ,, ate ann rece~veu en~- ' e e ~ ~ o ~ ~,~. ~ ~ v~p,an~g~, l a nerl~age xrom their iatner ~., And while we leave you here still friends here are eagerly awaiting her t rs, Mary Elizabeth and Florenc ,,~ :~ ........ ~ : - , ..... . ~ ] ............ i l~rlage and Dunco Will ne 131area and l q'h~ ,~nla~Phn o~fo~'n~q~o fho[atl lOng als journey ~ Y ~ . • ..... ~ " ve pmzes both for tables andlCatholic Agrarian Federation feels l ern city. But thes we are happ , return home ' wi~ return to ~v~empnisthe tatter~att~acti ........................ " .... , ~"'~ e For we know that you are happy in par~ ot the wee~( attenda .... I " ' ,,. " t .... I• nee nave oeen seeure~, anti should have a happy effect'upon po- as nothing compared ~v ~s care. . ] Miss Pearl Markey, principal o~ -- . ~it is the hope of the ladies in charge]litical c0nd;tions in Spaiu, particu-ltion at Braga where he the Cummins School, and Mrs Thelma Mr William H Adler, of the edi- that a nice sum will be realized Thei" " " " ' • " " " 1 • Imrty if it is adopted in other locali- "he hm OlS due a re~re' Mrs. Nellie Ament and her daugh-!Burkhardt of 550 Madeline street, torial staff of the Commercial Ap- committee who have arranged the ties since ~ommu-;~ ~ ..... ~ ,;,~ t ~. " v ' ter, Mrs P H Till, have returned ~ are spending the remainder of the peal, has returned after three weeks!affair is comnosed of the follow'he' - *'~.-*'~- ~:~.~ ............ '; ....... ruling prince The city - " " " ~ • . . -~ ' ~- ~ ~,.,~ ~--~~u among propertyown-~ " after ~ever~l weeks' visit with friends i summer in AsheviUe, North Caro- spent ~n Canada, Northern Marne and :Mines. C. G. Furor A: Pas-uarillo and ~,~--~ I tival dress and all of in Cl~icago and points in Wisconsin. lina. New York. - L L Mivelaz ~' "* ..... " ....... • " " l midtary autnomvms, ' " m ' " " ' "'------- le I ~ I NEW CATHEDRAL, REIhLACING Inarians, Catholic assc Mrs Fred W Rms, with her three Among the many charming v~s~tors Miss Mar:¢ Fltzgerald, the capab ,_ . bright interest'ng children, are en-lin Memphis, none are more popular and efficient correspondent for theiCATItOLIC GIRL OF 20 i 16TH CENTURY STRUCTURE, IS !great crowd of her c " - " ............. Catholic Joulnai is en'o i ~ew 1~ ADMITTED TO BAR' COMPLETED AFTER 37 YEARS I ...... i~ joying a visit with her morner and ithan ~wms ~stene ~u~lino o~ ~nreve .... • , . j y ng a • I ! [.t~e station ~o rcc~ father Mr and Mrs Hagerty, inlport, La, who is the guest of Mr and weeks' rest in Milwaukee t -- i "- ......... re" Nashv;lle: IMrs. A. C. Gautier, aild their daugh: ------- l (By N.. C. W. C. News Service.) ! ~ By .Rev. J. Van der Hoyden, [u~n:x ~]gnl~amesp~.e -- Iters, Misses Corinne and Lillian, in Among the Memphians who are! Washington, Aug. 22.--Miss Mary! (~ouvam tJo)iresponoent, N. C. W. C. lfap,u ~.ega~eana ~ .q ¢ ~Jose h Kane o h]~ ~ Ne vs Sexmce ) 151a~a lncluoe(1 tu~ Miss Lois Hanna, who has been the[their home, on ,outh Willet street, leaving Tueoday to attend the Re-i .P " f t "s city, a graduate ~ " • °o ' . uest of Mms Rose Barnett, is lear Miss Dufliho has been the recipient tail Grocers convention which will be of Columbus University Law School! Louvain, Aug. 18. The blessinglEvora, the PatriarCh g " " ' ~ • : ' • . " ~ ' O) ing Tuesday night for her home in of much social attention during her held in Chattanooga this coming here, estabhshed by the Knights of of the two front towers of the ne~vtIndta, ,rod the B sh I Kansas City, after a most delightful stay here, and has made many friends week, are Mr. M. J. Walsh of Cal- Cohm~bus, was admitted to the bar Haarlem Cathedrala few days ago who will regret her departure, houri avenue, and Mr. John P. Rob- this week after passing the semi-an-marked the final phase of work on ilio. nua] bar examination. Miss Kane is the ed'fice begun 37 years ago under visit i~i our city• Miss Hanna has made many friends during her stay who regret her departure, Mr. and Mrs. Verd Slaughter" are expected home Tuesday after a de- lightful vacation spent at Tybie Beach, Georgia. Rev. Father Joseph E. Leppert is in the city, the guest of his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Lep- pert, of the North Parkway. Rbv'. Father Kearney who is sta- tioned at Franklin, Tenn,, has been in Memphis and while here w~/s the guest of his sister, Mrs. Thomas L~lly of 1591 Vintou avenue. He accompanied by his mother, Mrs. P. D. Kearney of Nashville• They Mrs. John Dickinson of Peabody avenue, and daughter, Miss Estelle, have motored to Port Colbourne, On- tario, where they will be joined by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis, who have just returned from Europe. Mrs. Ellis was formerly Miss Martha Jane Dickinson• Mr. and Mrs. Mattingley of Cleve- land, Ohio, who are visiting their cousin~ Mrs. M.-J. Walsh of Calhoun to normalcy. He is muchly improv- 9d and we sincerely hope that he w~ll soon be strong and well. Father Hayes gave all h,.'s friends quite a ~care, but thanks be to God, the pray- ~rs that" were sent to heaven have been answered, and he is now able to take over the duties of his parish. Cecilia's Academy here. only 20 years old and joins the selectBish°p Bottemanne, and continued We note the name of Mrs. Frank ranks of those who have been admit- Martin Bens:.eek of 673 East Park-]ted to the bar before attaining their way South, on the register of a local majority. hospital• We hope her stay will be a Miss Kane is one of a class of 17 brief ene and that she will soon be I graduated from the Columbus Law able to return to her home. School this semester. Two other girls were members of the graduating ~t gives us great pleasure to an- ] class, and one ef these also passed the nounce that Rev. Father Hayes is bar examinations that "floored" more now at home and on the high road than half of the aspirants taking the test. Ten of the 17 Columbus Univer-~IPresented to the diocese by the Bish- sity graduates, or approximately 60uP of Ghent. per cent, passed the examinations,I Precious Relic Lost. whereas of all those who tiok it, : When the first St. Bavo's church fewer than 50 per cent passed, was ready for dedication in 1500, Miss Kane, is an alumna of St. the Abbey of St. Bavo, Ghent. sent a large relic of the Patron• That • under Bishops Callier and Aengenent. ,This second St. Bavo's is a worthy successer to the first, begun in 1500 land still standing, but long since be- i ref~ of its inward glory, its life-giv- ing soul---the Blessed Sacrament. It ,is bereft, too, of the relics of the i Saint whose name it bears. The blessing of the towers coin- i cided with the translation to the i church of a new relic of St. Bavo, Beja, Viseu, Porto, Func.hal, and the of Lamego. At the first Braga's largest tire assembly sang th~ which the letter of appointing the of Lisbon as his papa! read. An important during the Lino Neto, director Center, on "The which-he concluded with Catholics regarding bility to the State. The religious congress included a munion Mass, a and the c oncl'u ling cession.