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August 30, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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August 30, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN,, AUGUST 30, 1930 PAqNE EVb, bi things that had cheated Mollie out of was unjustly occupying. They had CATHOLIC SOCIAL GUILD counter-attraction in the form of WHERE" Iu- ' tmAt MASS a hol/day. There was the little one been magnanimous. It.was a month IN ENGLAND FACED WITH cheap entertainment; the distressing lying lonely out at the cemeteryoverdue, and she must go Where? SERIOUS FISCAL CRISIS number of young people who were (that wound was slow to heal and Mike asked her gently. She naively unemployed, or the desire to "ha~e" list, while not tom- --Masses on Sunday at 8:00 and must not be too often spoken of); suggested giving herself up at the (By N. C. W. C. News Service) a good time" or perhaps a combina- the summer schedule for t0:30 a m., on holidays of obliga- his own accident and the weeks in police station. It took money to get London, Aug. 18.---A crisis in the tion of all three, made it increasingly Masses in various parts of .ion at 7:30 and 9:00 a. m the hospital; the lohs of his jib; his into a "home." affairs of the Catholic Social Guild, Many Resolutions on Ques- ate It is published for the HOXIE, Mary Immaculate Church present ill-paid employment the l Mike looked down, heavy with the so grave that it threatens the exist- difficult to persuade young men and ieaee of our readers, andi --During July and August, Masses on ! small sum in the b-~-~ ..... --- 'misery of his errand. But the with- ence of the Guild and of the Cath- women to give a night a week to se- .Wery effort has been made to the first and third Sundays at 8:00 a.i mean* somcthi,~ ~-,:,g puwaer can ered old eyes sought desperately the olic Workers' College at Oxford, was rious stud . . -----~,. M,ke was happy . Y accurate reformation, The] x~; on the second and fourth Sundays I about it because Mollie - far corners of the room, the unlovely disclosed by the treasurer at the an- The principal of the Cathohe was~-poor lit- . . . , aa assumes no responmbfilty at 7:00 a. m tle laughter-lovin~ Molli~ ......... roof-top heen from the small win- nual meeting held at Oford m con i Workers College reported that e~ght changes or errors herein. I JONESBORO, St. Roman's Churcklmany "heads wer; shaken~wVhennmldk, as though she looked for the nection with the Guild's summer ' students have been in residence dur- sue ,, ,,school JtNSAS CITY---Mass on the l "Masses on Sunday at 8:00 a. m I became a bride "Sh .... lasthme I wanted to die here, ling the year e n never do a . hMay of the month at 9.30 and !0.00 a. m During June, July I day's work, that one " ..~-, ..... she stud, and told her story. It began The small bank balance of the] The Rev Lewis Watt, S J., gave " ~ , vwi*Jlt:tl i11Ke S ~ .~..~ I ~n~[ August at 7.30 and 9.30 a.m. I mother, wid her cloth ~ ~,~ ~.^. years before, a young couple coming Gmld has been turned rote a deflclt, laddresses at the summer school on ~s Church of the Assump I KNO'BEL--Mass on the first and steps and her lau~hin~ __., _. ~to Amemca, a httle prospemty, httle and a loss on the year s working of "How to Study the Socml Questmn"; ,a~es on first and last Sun-I d~ird Sundays at 6:00 a.m. ion.,, ~ s ~,u gomg i~ra.ves to weep over, death, loneli- the Catholic Workers' College re-'the Rev FelixRankin- S J, lectured L ~lte month at 7 a.m. On oth-i LAKE VILLAGE, St Mary's I But a brave ....... I n"ess, poverty, duced its balance sheet surplus. Ion "Health Insurance" and "the Leak. n~ue SOlaier ~Ys, at 7 and 9:00 a.m. I ~hureh--Masses on Sunday at 7:30 I"laughin~. Moll ....... , was l "You'd be more comfortable, any- A special campaign for funds will __^ ~-^~'~^m" and addresses were also I} . . ~ m, seeing ~oci s will I . . . , . . ~ii~ ~,~u~ , .KNOB--Mass on the first, and 10.00 a.m. ]m ever- misfor* ......... way. with the Little Sisters, the big be launched m an effort to save the ~.~ .... ~n th~ course of the first few ~1 fifth Sundays at 9:00 a.m. LITTLE ROCK, St. Andrew's Ca-]tears when ":""'~' lorc~ng hack the ~man" tried to comfort her, but she work, which finds itself in this ,~:~'h~ Mr'I~ G L Hussev and Miss ~ne oaoy 0leo oeeau , - ---- -- ~& VISTA--Mass every Sun- ~hedral--Massesoon Sunday at 7:00. Mike needed her co~-~ ........ se wouldn't be. This miserable room gloomy pomtmn m a year whmh or- M. D. Le s. ~:00 a. rn. 0:00 and 11:00 a m.; on holidays at!port He r ....... -,~.~ an.o sup-was home to her "Himself" had sat dinarily would be one of rejoicing; Th~ ge~:ol i~ grill in session a nlgn~ a~ter ; * -- ..... " ......... TIt]~VILLE, Immaculate Con- 6.30, 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. I acciden+ ---~ ........ ms in that chair by the window while she for the Guild m w~thm a few weeks of v w,c, [ne tru~n dawn : " [Church.---Masses on the firstLITTLE ROCK, St. Edward's] upon him that his h^-~*~ - - edlwent out to work. He liked to watch ~ts coming-of-age. ROMAN NOVARRO GIVES a ~a*~n waS irrep- ~ ~ ............. t 7 a. m., on the second, Church--Masses onSunday, Low!arablv broke ....... ]the children play. .he Cathohc Soclal Guild was e~.~-r,,= ~ ,ve,,Te |M - -, tna~ ne would be o.,~.,~,,..~..,,~,~.-~. fourth Sunday at 10:30 Mass at 7:00 and 11:00; High Ma~: lame ~_ , ....... ] When she camehome one night he founded in 1909 af.her the Manches-, ~, ,ue ano a ~uroen ~o Mollie I ,, , at 9:00 a.m. H ....... " 'wa- ~-one You a thin,- it was ~ust ter conference of the Catholic Truth [ NI~LEy---St. John's Church--- LITTLE ROCK, Our Lady of Good behid: wnmpered ~ her as she sat]slee Sbui" when I ~ok h~s hand death Society, the late Rev. Charles Plater, ] San Francisco, Aug. 23.---The Jes. [very Sunday at 8:00 a.m. Counsel Church---Mass on Sunday at Mollie "I:*'~'~' ~s~ uoa to take me, [wasV'on it " To rambling talk went S. J., being its mainspring then and I uit Fathers at the retreat house, E_I fl}~N ....... 6 00 7 30 and 9 00 m o hell , - never de another day's I " " ' " for sev ral r ....... ~ Retire San Inigo, Los A.Itos, last week ~0a ~'---~'~" l~" ulson~nurcn'n-n~ ~,~' ~1~ ,,a ~ nn :'~" n " good to you." And he recalled theln' memormsoz mve,,death, no, fear ,~.+~ne Ye~ s+~un~u ms much la-lreceived a life-size statue of the Sa- ounaay a~ "~ :o,, ,~,,,, ,,: .... --, -: ...... :~" ~. --" , tittle exclamation of lov~...... an~ sorrow Iof the present, xne oewimerea an~ ............. ~ "~"~"" ~ crea ........... near~ ~rom ~amon movarro, n~m ,.~ MARIANNA--St. Andrew's Church as she made hi--- --~ ........ [ big-hearted agent of Grant & Tetter I It arose out of %he need of promot-I ............ p-~--- . .. .. . .... . -, ~-~r~ana now mi~ ,- . .... i star. xne smme Is carve~ in imlma :'~l~F_,---Mass on the first ann --mass o~ ~ne secona ~unaay ox me taken he was, how she . . ~r-- ] Watched the old face and feeble [ mg an in~eres~ in sociat quesuons, so| .......... ~ month a 0 " wan~ed aim, 1 ,, ,, , marom anu was ~ne gk~ o~ ~ovarro day~ of the month at 10:00 t 8:0 a. m.; on the fourth sickb, and la ..... hands and felt that the present that the Church s principles might be[ ......... ........ ~ me perhaps, ou~ never ~ ... ..... | wad recen~ty ma~e a re~rea~ a~ ~ae ~unaay, a~ ~o:~u a.m. a bard^-- Iwould soon be gathered into her life lappnea .re existing social con(fi~ions./ .... : ~ . ......... ITER RIDGE.--St. Joseph's McGEHEE, St. Winand's Church Both=the Courtne--s bi ....... I history and lie in its quiet page Pope Leo XIII's famous encyclical:nuse" u~ner ~fts .... h,d~ ~ :h~.el t, . s r ~ , g mine lvli~:e . " ,, . ,ann a shrine e~ me gro~o oz our -Mass during the months of Ma s eve y Sunday at 8.00 a. m and his "~a- r,,, ......... IThen a sudden memory assailed h~m [ On the Cond~tmn of ehe Workmg~ ..... 7uA~gus~ on the second and onMfiErsNtA~uSndAg:~s'7Ch0uy:TpM.,~0sa~" the firm Sol ZGrant~&WT:tte~rG::n:71 and temptation laid its hands on big I Cl:~:~'i'o~,:s::~pted asthe new or-1~aay o~ ~ourues. ,2 ays at I0:30 a. m . Y : : Tetter~--.,~u~ mOCK~' ...... a~er :'oloc~" o , Mike. .He gave in to it shamelessly I g " " s ter and pregram. ~ tRLESTON --Masses on first, I m.; on aecond Sundays at 9:00 a. m.; , ...... : ......... f s~ ~mfled at the old lady [ Study clubs were organized up and I PAINTING, NEWLY FOUND . . -,~,,~vn~ on ~ne rover Iront ...... ~" ~d fifth Sundays at q:30 andt on third and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a fift ............. Where I"I've just thought of a wav. tdown the country, many books and ] IN OLD CHURCH, THOUGHT . ~ ~=,,~ ago smar~ coaches --, . m., on second and fourth]re., on fourth Sundays at 7.00 a. m gallantly alono car ...... , swung lma'am, that the rent can be put off, t pamphlets were pubhshed, a summer ITO BE WORK OF RAPHAEL ~at 10 30 a m ] M 0 R R I L T 0 N, Sacred Heart s y m d u m some wa an ou us ]school was launched and eventually : atin and ~)vave~a-,g" oeaut . " I or fixe p" y d y j t, [ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ~rAY, St. Joseph's Church.-- Church.-~, Masses on Sundays at 7:00 skinned Italian babies ~r~:~re" gM.en'!stay on here till it seems easier to a college for working men was start-! Madrid, Aug. 18.---A painting just air : : . . . . . ~,~u. a~ pm , ! - m ke a chan e. Just be eas ed at Oxford. The Guild acts as a ldiscovered in an old church at Se- Sunday at 7 00 and 9 00 and ?:59^.~m ..... ear ringed vendors of fr ,~ .... ~?~!you to a g Y I ..... ! ,. [ ~u~w~---.mass on zne seconc their carts th ...... u.~ ,:~..~,~ i about everything till I come around r bureau of mforma~mn, na~mnally and ville is thought by a number of ex- ~AN i e's ann ~ourm ~unda at 9 30 a m , ~ ~gan grln~er s~ ,, ~ 1 ' ELLE St August'n ~ Y : monke av " ,again The old woman smiled corn- i internationa ly. Eleven years ago it i perts to be the work of Raphael, al- Y g e late gratmtouh er I "-2ash onthe first Sunday ell ." N,?RTH LITTLE ROCK, St. Pat- formances. ,for hi.~........ nua~Ler nveaP .'tplacently. God was taking care ofibegan the publication of The Chris-lthough the famous Spanish painter, ~at 9:30 a.m. ]mc~s wnuren^--- ~aasses on ~unaays at this once aristoc~-*-',,,~,~........ .el 11 re]her again, i tmn Democrat, the emstence of which i Villegas' thinks it may be a beauti- '~EN.---Mass on the second [ 7 .~o. an~.?o a.m. The old house retaine~ - g- oor.nooo.). . * * * * ~s also threatened, fully wrought copy. The canvas i~ Oti E u ~ certain ai - . ~ . . l~ Sundays at 8:00 and (50LA---Masses on second, nity despite t~- * ....... .g [Later that evening,Mr. Grant} Mr. F. R. Mmr, treasurer of %he about four feet h~gh, representing the , . ~- ,,c ~mmg numank ~eehvel third and fourth Sundays at 8 00 a Y '-- Y- [ " within. Twen~-~.~ ~m,mes ~ ......... [called his junior partner,. . Mr. Tetter.. I Guild, speaking at the annual meet-~ Blessed Virgin with %he Infant Jesus ~,LL'S BLUFF--Mass on the [ m. red, us.. ..... m as .many [ Youn Mr. Tette~ d~dn't seem m the rag, stud : "I feel ~t my duty to warn and St John and is excellentl re- Y t e "we~kiv .~ r~ght place, somehow. H~s eyes were the members that the guild ~s at a served. ~nda of h month at 10"00 PARIS, St Joseph's Church--Aft .windows curtained Wlth the . g ~ " Y p ._ [er May 15, Masses at 7:00 and 9:00 every~do::Sahy babies pomlng fromltoo kind. The lines of his mouth were t real crisis in its affairs. Our ex-I The naintin~, is said to have been ~0RADO. --- Holy Redeemer [ a.m. ", , , ]not ideally hardened yet. I penditure cannot be reduced .below, ~i .... +~+~,o ~,,~.u ~..~ ~ ~ ~,~ Mass n a s 7 30 NE BLUFF, St Joseph s Church ,, , es on Su d y , : I When too ...... [ This fellow Courtney i~ a remark I its present amounV if any sort of or- I .... , ~.~.. ~ ,u^ c~ .: ~ ..^~.:~.-,- -a. m /--~,.~oo=~ .. ouau~y, a~ ,:oh and M~b,...n.., ..... ~. ..... CUlabl~. cha~Or that class understand gan~zation and propga anda is to .be _ y~- " , -, ............. ' ......... ere his ~uties at G-'- -' "" l [Dona Marm-Anna Perez de Garato UUERG---St. John s Church I xv:o, a. m.; on nouaays a~ ~:~u an~ & Te,~ ........ ranz I one another. He brought in old I maintained. Our income is below I no~,,, ) , ~cr, ne woula ~nlft hls Plpe, [ , I1 Sunda 30 o clock 9 00 a m ._ ys at 8: / : " " half shut '-" - -~ - ,, " ~widow Daffy s rent, not only back lthat--our regular income from sub-] ....... , ms eyen ana arawl Well ~KA SPRINGS, St. Ehza- [ POCAHONTAS, St. Paul s Church ] there's a ' ....... : ' [rent, but th'~'ee months in advance [scriptions is very mu~ch below that. [~_ ulrch~Ma e Sunda of/--Masses on Sunday.~ at 7:00 and _ ,,~,e unoerstanclingbe-I o 1 la n us T " " " * h .....~s very Y la.aa~ m tween the boss and myself s~~,--. tThse pepep y o , etter, that Whether we mee~ adam at a[ml [ ~m~le~~ " ~ ~x'vu a m ............ ' ~" ""' 1 a mone u " ~ beautiful Rosaries be ~-- " " " .. .............. i fond of diversio ........ :old rasca h d y p t away. , summer school here wall depend en-[l| [ ~ Rosaries be: [ | rTEVILLE and TONTI k-ru~tgOXl'--lvlass on tne xirst . -, ~- gne ~oerors tell l ,,..~- , ....... [ ......... l1 1 [ toreyou buy. lleauty ~11(1 [ I 1 ,_ " ........... [me I must hay- :- ~ -- . l M.Ke lsn ~ gel;~lng much oI a sal- tit'ely upen wnener we survive cue |l | [ uuality come first at [ | 1 ?a~et~t 8:0u0r::fd 10a"::al']bUR;~CLi;FEmM~:s:~::~he~nd Inever the. same on:dayto~h::~fxt~,s, ary," commented M~-~:yetter "Valu-lcrisis by increasing our income, ifll[ I come first at ~ II f. e "[ ........... [ This w . " " able fellow, isn t he. the Guild goes, the Christian Demo-| CHAS. S. STIFFT ~ch ann ~our~n ~unaays ot ~ne munro at as p~act~cally true LessI ,, , . ,, , ,, COMPANY .~,~Sunda. y ,t ,s well to fmd. [ ...... [than a clerk m ...... * " , Hes satmfmd, growled the semor crat and '~... .o ... o....ll I Ill " on the first and f u , " ' ~ " " lost hi ............ " of the m^--*~- -* 8"00 a m "] Methodius Church Mass on Sunday I __ ~o ne was not surprised o ....... I s jon.. . . expena~;ure ;~7,i~lO. [ General Manager eC ~"~ ....... 'ia " . . May morning to " .... " ~ ~ There was no diminution of inter- end, third and fifth Sun-~ nd all Hohdays of obligation at 9 . be assigned to the~ ................... . ...... I r 10- - a m ~enement district to " ~ --. ~earzul ~uome gree~ea ~umnae, es~ apparen~ a~ one summer scnool[I .. .. . . . .. ,, ... . | :30 a, m." on holida s of call on an old ,, ,, . , . ~uy .our anu mi. wor~t a, a~ v.,, .'... Y [ STAMPS---Mass on the third Sun Iwman who had n~, .... that.mght. Molleen. he exclaimed, ~tself, and the hope is expressed herell F~o. i - -.~v ,~. ,,. rent ~ ~.a,u her pitiful wnateve---" ~IITH--- Immaculate Con-[day of the month at 8:30 a.m. ]h~-" Her wealthy |and|ords ne~^-, [ "Oh ................ h .......thatthe d,sc!osure.o.f the phght of i[ o n ~r~,, * [ er l~lO ,~vu , J.VlIKe, ~t ur~u~Ul ~ nlg n~p 111 r s I 1 ~hu I hey, so " ~ " the ~una w e u ~.n mcreasea as- onell IKlle ,.umber rch---Masses every Sun- STUTTGART---Mass on the second 1 " the happy task [ ened t " w r "" Y [ ! 30 ............ ]cctmff, or evict" of col-i P , oday while e we e away. i sistance which will assure the centre-II r~ , 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. i ~untxay o ~ne mon~n a~ ':z~u a. m [a~ _ - rag, fell upon ~-'^~ ,W( ve been ~^~-~-~d " [ .... l i ompany ~*, and cas ,u,c,- ' ~uuu~ . l uance el ~ne worK. | I~IITH, St. Boniface Church]On all other Sundays of the mont) da ..... t a bhg~nt off* the sm'in~ "Not my dress suit it is Motlie~ .............. ]l Phone 3-4135 L~*tle Reek ! 0a Sundays at 6:00, 7:30, at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. him -~ne walked along. I~ wo~.~: s, II was countin- on it t'o wear at The Air Kmas o~ people a~;~enue(1 reel| a m On Holidays at 5"301 SUBIACO .~, ~. ~.~. ~. ~. 1 ~. l~ she was an o!-' "~e~ I_ ~" - ,,s [school, from working men and women [ " - " " ..... ~ "~ "~"~'*~'" 1 ~ woma ~reaKers . . a a one, he an . . n and ,, ' to doctors and umvermty graduates. "~ - m. [--Masses onSunday at 5:00-5:30, ]Father Ke d Molhe might call on Don't be foolish! Oh, how can you ^.~. ^ .i.,~ n~r~.~n~ members of l] ] ITH, Church of Christ ,6:30", 7:30, with five-minute sermon; be do-- - - y or see" what cou/d[jOke about it~M;ke, the bakin~l ..... ' ..... ]] .............. | :"-Mass ....o. -~--s atI ..... " .......... [ ne /or her at t'- .... ~ - " " o t tne ArDekerverein, joine~a ~ne scnool, II I I III/llkVl~! ? l%rl~ O L~g%]%II ^ ~ uu ouuuny ~:uu, sermon; v:zo, lalgn fflass. 1-1011- Of el.~ r, ' ne ]~lttle Si~f.,e~powoer can is t~oneI We can't ,tel . . . ,, iI-ll/ll/i'~/l~ i sl AT~i I1|~11] I ~:00 a m On Holida,,~ at [ ~ ....... *'.-.^ I o-- tour. ~ .... ~ ....... , " . ,, ~. wmcn was o~ a weeK s auratmn, aur- I llllll.jlll~l.~l ~ k) 1 [ 9 g- ~a~, ~*-~ ~..e. ~,vay. ~onle one DIOKe In-- ~- :00 ~ He too ,,, m the closing days. T~ a.m. . TEXARKANA, St. Edward',[hi ...... k the subway, which s~-~ Twas some one that lives here," g~.. ,~., v o-~ .q 3 ~^~re [~r~, ,o ,,, ,o [ ass on the secon ~ 0 b/ock or M~ko d ,, , r'lUmDln ann riea m ff t~hurch Masses on Sundays at 7 0 tmatm two of h~s des I eclared, roused at last If ~t s there are 104 g g .the month at 10 a. m ..... j~ -- " . "n. There the de .... ",that snoo~in~ o~n ....... ;.. : ...... tary, reported that .. [ [ 'uR(~ M ...... h- ~-urthI : "eet blinke-' : d o/d|-. ,. ,, study circles at work and the t ,I " I " the-'mon:; :t'10"30"~ m WARREN Mas, on the seeon, "ab/es rollodUi2n the morning sun. ~la.t. lll~- . membership of the Guild is 2,135. Re-II 208 LOUISIANA STREET I ~-l~Iasa ,,~ +Re ~+ ~,,a +~'.~[ Sunday of ~he month at 10:45 a. m sidewa/k r. gay abandon on the[ M~ke. What ails you? Why we ferrin~ to a ~slight decline in mem-II / 0 .................... ~'~ o ~c was too ear/ l have been nei~ ghbors for years " s ~ [ Phone 8342 ! f the month at 7"30 and WYNNE.---Immaculate Conceptionrgan grinder ... Y for the ~ .... bership, he said the Guild was unde'- ! ! etivelv " [ Church--Mass on the first Sunday of in his pocket" ~..~e~e~'rmg to a card ...~'A baking powder can," went on staffed and the staff over-worked. [I ! , ~vn~e ~OUnd No l~me o~atomcalty, 'hsn't safe at all ~)r amzm secre , St"Mary's Church the month at 10:30 a. m.; on the nob/e brown ston .... 58 a ~'re . " .... " .. Mr. T. Leyland, g "" g "l[ LITTLE ROCK, ARK. | Unday at 7'30 and 10:00 third and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a. m.; He /abored up th; of misery. 1at:nurn nave Kept it m ~ne per- tary, said it was not so easy now as ][ | on holidays of obligation, at 9:00ful staimva-- - , once beauti- ,,. ' formerly to start study circles. The ,! ..... I , _ _ ~, stopped before . ~._.,. ~re you crazy?" Mollie was in t~G rch a m ~erea do " ~ S, St. Mary's Chu [ .. or, knocked, and sli ....... " tears now. ~ ~ne miserab/e roe . ppeu into "No " ...... ,,-, ...... ,, . .. . m. , sale lYllKe. I m l;rie ~nleI, F~ ~"If'~TTT]I'~'If"~ thing was the matter w~th the A tiny old woman, sweet faced as Mollie Pawn." IHILP Courtneys. Me/lie might lookin forty l~ole He !nade his confession. The old When the can was caxed from ~ts woma __ " n s pitiful plight. His sudden Short Story. ]Ot~rtney was one of those ~P, pretty women that i in mind when he created Yb agle She had a nice of singing as she worked work into play The the kitchen door had ~artial air from being tbe tune of "Tramp, ~, the Boys Are March- )lly's dish cloth was a thing that answered to in the next apartment, hiding place, Mollie threw the con- One evening unexpected- !ad Mike and Mollie toss. i Powder can back and laughing uproariously for a: fortnight.' " escaped MolUe's fat "Be quiet," admonished Mollie nd rolled ~on the floor. "You know with one thing and an- '~en.t under the sofa they other we've not been able to take a rs~t, "like a couple of holiday for five whole years and the f the disgusted caller an-I ocean for two weeks drives we crazy m~d: dis:h:~lyh:~tht'tO;hgnkik~,:miled indulgently;then the news that 'some- grew g~ave thinking of the little thought of a way out. His return to tents upon the table and with a deft the flat Then back to the office with little:finger poked about separating went out, and giving the ghost of a the money. "And you're not mind- ing it too much, Mollie?" nickels, dimes and quarters. Now, smile when she finally wont out and "No," said Mollie, bravely. "ItI you know the secret. The baking set the sodden wick aught. Then was fine of you. I should have known powder can was a bank. she turned, and haw a big man stand- better than to leave the money where "Thirty-two dollars, old Mickey," ing in the doorway. you could get it." cried Mollie, "and we'll have enough A man in the doorway was a very "B ' ' lonous~ Two whole famflla, slght B~g men had stood Won t it be g " . .. . . ut we 11 go to shore ~ust the same," said Mike. "Why, Mollie, I've weeks at the shore when you get there before, angry with her because a check in my pocket that'd make your time off. Katie Mullaney's sis- she didn't have the rent, because she your eyes dance And the joke is, ter said she'd take the two of us for was l~oor. But this big man was dif-I $35 at her home at Cape May. The ferent. He leaned heav" v n a " I got the raise for the grand success extra for oddds and ends--" His blue eyes were m~ill~t annd s:~?'[I am as a collector." For Mollie Pawn, interrupted passionate.. He smiled and took off lhowW~lol''' said Mollie simply, "see Mike. Twill be in all the papers, his cap. The old lady d v! d blessed you. But give it , '.'' ~ , _ few a dee to me to keep, Mike. We deserve won t ~t, Mplleen. Mr. and Mrs breath of relief It couldn't be "the lthat vacation." Michael Courtney of Harlem Flats rent." But even though it was, asi are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Mike finally told her, the little old[ INCLUDES ALL TRUTH Thomas Mulvaney at The Breakers lady couldn't be frightened of him. I To become a Catholic one is not re- "Take your tea," he told her, with' a glance at the old stove which i quired to abandon any truth which he already believes, because this is the smelled to heaven. It was only hot'very nature of the Catholic Faith~ water, but she deftly hid this and that it includes all truth. To become drank it down. The May morning a Catholic is to complete one's belief was chill. Reluctantly big Mike got bY embracing in addition to those down to business. Grant & Tetter~truths already acknowledged others were worth only a million or two audit aught by Our Lord with equal cer- they needed~money, or the room this~titude and plainness. The modern luxurious way to Erin... economical. Too .... these spacious Steamers. Large airy staterooms, lounges and libraries . . . cheery ver- andah cafes... Canard food and service. Special facilities for daily celebration of Mass on board. *First Class $177.50 up, *Cabin $147.50 up, *Sec- ond Cabin $132.50 up, Tourist Third Cabin, One Way $108 up, Round Trip $190 up, Third Class One Way $85 up, Round Trip $155 up according to steamers, U S. War Tax additional. * "Subject to 12% discount on round trip in off-season." 1135-37 Ollve St., St. Louis J. T. HORNIBROOK Ventilating and All Kinds of Roofing