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August 30, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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August 30, 1930

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"/ to us that nothing is than that Catholic a~d CathoLic literature a large circulation, as eVetT one may have every reading which instruct8 and strengthens and the Christian virtues. ~'BENEDICTUS, PP. XV. A Catholic Paper !s i Perpetual Mission-- Pope Leo XilI "The Guardian in every Home"---Our Motto. THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK, ARK., AUGUST 30, 1930 No. 48 VEREIN ABBEY'SPOVERTYBUDAPEST HEARS !EDUCATORS OF 25 60VERI OR RITCH!E KLAN IN STRANGE DIANOND BRINGS PRICELESS BISHOP NOLL ON NATIONS DISCUSS URGES TOLERANCE IN ROLE AS r ,ONTANA CONVENTIONBIBLE TO AMERICA CATHOLIC__ PRESS CATHOLIC SCH00LSI TALK TO ALUMl AEI ELECT 0N__ NEARS Budapest, Aug. 23.---A review ef (Louvain Correspondent, N. C W.C. Emmitsburg, Me., for Ninth Bi- [ other in Montana :ya~t"-?',:SuB'a'?aTed.~j=:: m::#__ ... (Vlen~BY2:-F::d,~?:yU~dcT,~l~;ws%%..r~ic,e; W C. (By N. C. W. C. Nexw; Service) By Rev. J. Van der Heyden, [Catholic College Women Gather atSupportlng One Catholic Against An. i:ke history of the Catholic t ross in] News Service:) I ennial Convention---Bishop [(By N C. W C News Service) s nsoftheD y:VtioReSclu-t-iCnSan tiV~enna'Augne Abbeyof St_18 p-Inaul in Carin.Lhia the Benedie- ti~e united Sta~es was presented lastt Louvain, Aug. 18. t~ive hundredI McNamara Greets Del- t ------- ev. nag in an address delivered at i and fifty educators, representing 251 effates. Washington, Aug. 25.---Echoes of Passed by the con'cluding negotiations have !the religious turmoil raised during Convention. W C News Service.) Md. Aug 21.A long loyalty to the and thanking him for including "his one" on Catholic Educa- up by the Central in the closing hours diamond jubilee convention expressed the appre- of the. Verein members for "interest in the threaten- and economic conditions warns us, unless rem- the application of the prin- social justice may become soil for the spread of Resolutions. of the Jesuit Mar- North America to the ranks was also referred to in been Budapest by the Rt Rcv. John F. ]countries, have just spent four days taking place in recent days for the Ncdl, D. D., Bishop of Fort Wayne, in Brussels discussing questions vital (Special Correspondent, N. C. W C. :the last presidential campaign are to sale to America of the famous Guten- Indiana. The American prelate was to Catholic secondary schools. News Service) be heard in the present congressional Emmitsburg, Aug. 24.--"It is no campaign, but they are growing so one of the speakers selected for the International Catholic Literary Week, the last phase of the greaL Hungarian commemoration of the ninth centen- ary of the death ef St. Emmery. The celeb~;a{ion began in May with pilgrimages to the famous sanctuarie~ of Hungary, and has continued throughout the summel, each we(k being" devoted to CathoYc teachers, artists, young people or some other group, and culminating in a national Eucharistic Congress on August 19, The Literary Week commenced the following day, and will continue berg Bible of this abbey. As to the reason for and the history of this sale, the correspondent of the N. C. W. C' News Service received the fol- lowing information from authentic quarters : This Gutenberg Bible. one of the most precious works of the earliest art of printing, is destined to be add- ed to the Congressional Library of the United States, in Washington. The age-old Carinthian Benedictine abbey, fallen into distress because of the loss of its funds consequent upon the depression after the war of Austrian Coincident with this assembly of writers and repre- sentaEves of the Catholic Press, Catholic physicians are in ~ession dis- cussing the problems of sexual ethics with wtfich they are confronted in following their profession. evening in his address of welcom~ to the ninth biennial convention of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae in session at St Joseph's College, Emmitsburg. The Governor's address was deliv- ered in the spacious auditorium of the new college building following an in- formal reception in the parlors of the main buildifig. Guests were in- move tlie duty of the State to protect faint as to be scarcely discernible " our publi, c schools and institutions above the din over old-time political it is to protect Caholic schools issues. and colleges," His Excellency, Alber ~ Strangely enough, the dying rever- C. Ritchie, Governor of the Common- berat.ions are loudest in Alabama, wealth of I Maryland, declared last where the Klan, together with the Southern Republicans under the lead- } ership of Col. Horace Mann, are lend- 'lag aid to\the independent movement of Senator J. Thomas Heflin, and in ~Montana, where both of the senatorial: Icandidates happened to be Catholics. The Montana situatio nhas obviously been a hard nut for the Klan and church organizations to crack. Sen- ator Walsh. the incumbent, is not troduced to the receiving line by Mrs. only a Catholic but a dry. Judge Clara Douglas Sheeran, alumnae of Galen, the Republican nominee, is a!so , I St. Joseph s and co-founder of the.ia Catholic but a wet. The Klan de- Federation. Mrs. Mary Blake Finch, icided to throw its support to Judge president of the organization, was the I Galen on the naive theory that Sen- first to greet the guests who then had ator Walsh is the stronger of the two currency, had for years intended to through August 28. sell this Bible in America to improve "Religious Education" was the sub. jeer of the first day's papers and diseussions. Father Clesse, of Her- slat, Belgium, answering the ques- tion "What is the seconda.ry schools' mission with regard to religious edu- cation'!" said: "Secondary schools should be an initiat!on to Ca{%olic ~ction. It is, therefore, of prime im- portance first to remove bad ele- ments from them when there is no real hope of transforming these ele- ments; second, to bestow special at- tention upon the teaching of religion: third, to organize sections of Cath- olic action among the pupils. After the reading of this paper, the question was propounded: "In how far is the teaching of religion compulsory in the countries repre- sented at the Congress?" Replies disclosed the fact that such compul- thereby its financial circumstan*ces. But ever and agaifi there were dif- ficulties, until at last Dr. Otto F. H. Vollbehr acquired the Gutenberg Bible for a collection of valuable in- cunabula, the purchase of which was Before launching upon his subject sion exists in only a few countries, ; "t,::, which was one of the made by the American government most eloquent drawn up This collection, which was bought c lay organization in the for a million and a half dollars in all, es. This me.sages~ w'ill consists of no fewer than 2,000 in- forwarded in its entirety to cunabula. Included are some of the can City. earliest European products of the art Were many resolutions adopt- of printing produ.ced before the year oth the Central Verein and 1500. About 30,000 of !theseincuna- iary, the Catholic Women's (Continued on Page 4) Which held its convention in (rf the Catholic Presg" in the United and that Chili goes farthest in the States, Bishop Nell declared that it obligation imposed is most fitting that Americans should Father Corcoran, S. J., of Dublin I participate in this great centenary tUniversiLy College, speaking on celebration in honor of St. Emmery, "Philosophy, Foundation of Peda- for, if it be true that Amerigo is Ital-igogy," said: "It is now.about a con- ion from. Emericus, the two great tury that non-Christian ph'losophers continents of the New World bear the ] have been applying themselves, name of St. Emeric, or St. Emmery. through the teachers, to the spread "This fact, it seems to me," he added, of their doctrines among, school-go- "has not been sufficiendy emphasiz- ed in connection with your national ing youth. They have succeeded only Maryland" officers and distinguished t too well. The training of teachers guests took their places on the audi- t for state schools is .permeated with torium stage. The first address of Msgr. Ramon Mestres with the men's organiza- St. Adalbert Society's th t and, therefore, much moie formidable e priv'lege of meeting the Rt. Rev. ~ " " - as a "henchman of the Vatican " H~ John M McNamara, At~xiliary Bishop ' . i- ram Wesley Evans, lmper,al wizard of the Archdiocese ofBaltimore; " - . " ~ " ....... v,:,^~:^ ~-c,- ~.~..._~ A . of the Klan, is ~o embark upon a cam- GUV~g IIU JL J~ l~Ulll ~ ; JL~ L', ~r..~%l_ W ~t L'J .t~ Pace di~-~-r of *he I F C A ' Ipaign tour of.the state in the interest o a .wet cand date opposing a dry Msgr. Bradley, president of Mt. St. i ~ : M ....,~ c~U ..... M~,, -loh~ J Tier-tcandidate, although the Klan is offi- , c:ally a dry orgamzat~on hey of Mt. St. Mary s Seminary, and officers of the I. F. C.A. ] To the strains of "Maryland, My I Mrs. Hoover Expresses SOrrow Over Death of wh!ch discussed Celebration Attended and ecclesiastical celebration." of~e~ American farmer, by_ American Slovaks "While you are obs rving., the ninth f-~se, ph..~o~ophical, doctrines.. These. ' (Continued on Page 5) ~ - f improve.meat in prison t centenary of the death of St. Em-ihave even penetrated into Catholic l ---- CB., N C W C New~'g:: ...... and prison management, By V. Myslivec, Jr. (Continued on Page 4) schools; for numerous Catholic edu-IBOOK RELATES STORY I l~Ionterey: Cilif:, Au;. ~2e3.~2~iss ] %J~. ~tV&~t~va.~.JA~ V~ /4~t~.~l~l ~$ I~llOltl~t ~:~em, here ]s in receipt ox a serious #.tuation arisi:~ (Prague Correspondent, N. C. W.C.I caters, forced to attend non-den0m,- ,t:" ltalinl~ ~LI~'~ 9.r" i ................. pread unemployment a News Servlce)" I DUTCH COMMITTEE nat'onal~ institutions, have been sub- 1 ~ru~"-;~--~''~e~'~ LU~I'~'~'~ Llvr..~ ~,~r''Xr~" ~^**^. ,~um-~:~-- ~mrs ......... r~oover in ions and problems of the Prague, Aug. 18.--A large hum-! FORMED FOR DUBLIN jetted to the influence of a false 'which the first lady ex~resso~ h~, ~tinued on Page 4) ber of Slovak Catholics from the EUCHARIST CONGRESS philo ophy TLere is, therefore, a~ -------- sorrow at the death nf M~c~v ~,,k,, ~ ' " r c Indochma N -- *, .................. ~-. R ...... I ........ , ~gt~b4Jl UZ tile ~armei IVllS- United States, Canada, Roumania and -- crying need for the foundation of a Phat-Diem, F en h " , ( Ma~ero~ -.--*^-- ^:~ "1- .......... Fled Martyrs Jugoslavia attended the celebration (By N C W C News Service) pedagog u)on a sane philosophy" C W C-Fides), Aug 13--A calvary., ....1. .... -^a ~. ........... t .... Y I ...... Sl~-, ~,,,, ,,,.~.,~u uvr aua ~ne vres- a0red by Scions held at Trnava, Czechoslovakia, to Utrecht, Holland, Aug. 18. A On the subject of "Education and ~which, in 50 years, has sent to an un-'.ident in 1899 tmark the sixteenth anniversary of Dutch Central Committee has been Religion," Father Sillerot of Dijon, timely death 27 out of a total of 44 I The letter ;ends in ~art" atRites on Estate the St Adalbert Society, an organi- formed to co-operate with the Irish (Continued on Page 4) missionaries--such is the mountain "I want to thank you fo~ sendin- zation founded in 1870 to promote Committee for the propaganda of the . mission of Chau-Laos in the hinter- me the word of Father Mestres' -~-*~ C: W C. News Service.) the publication of Catholic books in XXI Intermttional Eucharistic Con-:CATHOLIC SAILORS' HOME land of the Vicariate of Phat-Diem, It was charalteristieally thought~u~o~f a; Aug. 18.---An historic the Slovak language, gress at Dublin in 1932. R. P. W. [ ESTABLISHED IN GERMANY ithe weird tale of which has recenty you * * * * atfamilYBurghwallisCmmemratedHall, nearitS Many distinguished members of Van Dijk, O. S. A., Dutch representa- ] i been published in book form in Hong- "If he has been so ill for these r, Where Mass was celebrat- the clergy and laity took part in the live on the Permanent Commitbee ofI (Berlin, Aug. 18.---The first Cath-[kong. many months, his nearest friends can ~ grounds to mark the beati- celebrations, speeches being made by International. Eucharistic Congresses, ~tic Seamens Home in Germany hasI In 1878 Bishop Puginier of Phat- not but rejoice that he has passed be" essed John Anne and Bishop Dr. Paul Jantausch, Msgr. An- as president of the Comm:ttee..The Ibsen inaugurated at Bremerhaven. It Diem determined upon the evangeliza- yond the pain and inactivity that have drew Hlinka Abbot Knezic chairman secretary is Senator Alphonse Steger, lis s-on " " the Katholische ..... - " .... v sorea oy tion of ~nis distant part o~ his ~er- been his recently Andleby. The Anne still Lords of the Manor of the St. Adalbert Society at Zagreb, D. es S., professor at the Universitie]Deutsche Apostolate des Meers, the ritory which lay untouched since the go"whilene, so Ith= I hallnot seeSadsantherfriend een celebrated at Burgh- Jugoslavia, and Msgr. J. Postenyi, ad- Technique of Delft. The Reisbureau i German branch of the international unsuccessful attempts of some Jes- entt ries, continuing right ministrator of the St. Adalbert So- Centropa is acting as inquiry agent Catholic organization, the Apostle-tuit missionaries of three centuries ..... he penal days ciety, in Holland for the Congress ship of the Sea. previous. Bishop Puginier sent as again, my extreme sympathy goes to those of y.ou who had the fortune t.o Rev Joseph R. Cowgill, Monsignor Postenyi told the meet- The Dutch Congress Committee has This is the outgrowth of a corn-trail blazer Father Fiot, of Langres, be amongst his immediate fi~Ck and Leeds, celebrated Mass at ing that the Society had gained 11,- drawn up an elaborate provisional mitres headed by the young and ac- France, who was well received by the will feel his loss most poignantly. altar, the Abbot of Am- 635 n~w members in the last year; program of activities providing for five Bishop of Osnabrueck, the shep-~.common people, less heartily we]- , , .,, and other clergy being pros- that the membership now. totals. 83,-. such work ao~ th~ v"u~'li~;~" ............. ^~ ;H,,s- Theherd of the northwestern, diaspora.Th ',comed by the chiefs," but g~ven" most { 976, and that the Society arms to .......... . great ports lie in that district, e hostile treatment by the ugly wood [,~ ~ c~rx~r~z~-o r,,~.~,.~ est Lambert. Swinburne increase the number of members to ~ravea brochures aoou~ ireland anu wetk has been carried on by three fever of this evil forest domain which I~" o. ,.~uv~,r~o L#r..ot~r~,,~tr.. t~ ..... nea