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August 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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August 28, 1920

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tr. Z |&apos;AGE EIGHT THE STAND OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ON EDUCATION By Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, D. D., Rector of the Catholic University. Many evils of our modem life are 1 due to the wretched philosophy of l materialism, which takes account of intervention, control, direction, sug- gestion, are never lacking until the normal right and authority of the considered and THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1920. I Catholic schools and every insinuation to the contrary is strongly resented by them. Morality is essential to the good or- der and proper growth of every com- munity. Long experience, including that of the recent war, has proved that without religious training, with- out a definite belief in God and in the Christian way and spirit of life, it is impossible to sustain in our American society respect for morality, i. e. for "7--- AbIERICANS VISIT [the sentiments prompting his refusal. THE ETERNAL CITY I Strong feeling among all classes of Italians has been aroused by the scan- dalous outrages perpetrated last (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Sunday by Socialists on Catholics at Rome, Aug. 21. Monsignor A.E. San Salvatore Abbey near Siena. Burke, of Toronto, who has been for Responsibility for the attack is at- two years in Mexico, was received this tributed to the Socialist Deputy, Mas- morning in private audience by the Holy Father for a discussion of Mexi- can affairs. His Holiness was most interested and expressed pleasure at the improvement reported by Msgr. cagni, who made a speech condemning the political activity of the Popular Pal%y and the Catholics generally. The mob was inflamed by Masca- gni's harangue, and brutally attacked O parent cease to be 41 :'"" the present only, and makes human eventually disappear. With the old- correct views concerning right and Burke in the position of the Church ',, .: " the Catholic procession, composed i..,:> - happiness consist in riches and pleas- [ fashioned American family life goes wrong, good and evil, virtue and vice, in Mexico, and hopefulness as to fu- mostly of women and children, and [::, ure. For over a century it has domi- I soon the sturdy ind[vidualism so personal responsibility, the sanctions tare developments, later invaded the Cathedral, firing on ": The Osservatore , Romano, this the worshippers. One monk was killed !L!:: - hated most non-Catholic schools. Its characteristic of true Americans, the of law and order. In the absence of <' :. 3 . fatal results cry aloud from all the vivid sense of pm.,sonal right and re- strong religious conviction only hew battlefields of Europe. Catholic-I spnbility' the broad vision of per- threats and force operate to restrain c:mrning'News Smwicentes thereleasesStory in regardingN" C. W. lyandwounded.the parishThePrieStfewWaSpolicedangeroUS-on the TO i!  ism has been for all this period one t sonal opportunity and development, to the average individual from invading the refusal of William S. Farmer, spot were unable to hold the mob in which our last century owes so much. his neighbor's rights, or the common long protest against the tenets of materialism and its deadly spirit in I By its respect for the soul, for human education, laws, conduct, literature, life, for the religious rights of the art, music, the drama, and in every child, for his physical and. economic expression of human life. Through her welfare; by its principles and teach- schools mainly the Church has been ing conceting marriage and the able to combat this low and mean duties of parents; by the immemorial philosophy of life and to raise up in tradition of Catholic family life om- every nation a generation of men and ing down from Nazareth, the Church women who shape their lives by the has established the family as the strong spiritual temper of the Gospel, [ cornerstone of our civilization, the by the teaching of ttoly Church, and very opposite of what she found it in by the example of her saints. In this Greek and Roman paganism. Every respect, the teaching of our Catholic Catholic school is the lengthening schools lms been justified by the shadow, as it were, of the family, collapse of good government, threat- works in its name and for the same ened or actual, over vast areas, and ends, cultivates its ancient and lovely by the ever-growing demand for a vilues, follows the same ideals, and complete distribution of this world's appeals to the same motives, rewards goods'to multitudes who no longer be- aml sanctions. Should our Catholic schools ever lose their commandilig lieve in another worhl or in any re- ward or sanction beyond the present, influence, the last secure shelter of Those who sow the wind must ex- American family life would be pect to reap the tempest. We are only threatened. Given the present temper now gathering the consequences of a of our non-Catholic educational forces century of unintelligent and soul-less and interests, we should soon be well materialism in the growing annals ofx n the way to ancient Spartanism or divorce, suicide, juvenile crime; in the modern Prussianism, in which the prevalence of violence; thievery, child is a helpless chattel of the social murder; in the decay of comesy and power ,and the pareht and the school good manners, in open gross selfish- its agents, revocable and chastiseable hess, in lack of principle and moral at will. stamina, and in other unpleasing facts Loyalty. the cry of public and private life. Dishonest adversaries raise Life and conduct are normally based of disloyalty to our country. What upon our beliefs, particularly our atti- ! answer can they make to the splendid rude toward God and the other world, response of our Catholic schools to "It is to the Catholic school in these the Nation's call to arms, to the hero- days that we owe in great measure the ism and sacrifices of their graduates retention of our belief in GJd and the on the field of battle and in every soul, in immortality and judgment, branch of the national service? Our correct sense of virtue and vice. "Greater love than this no man hath of good and evil, of right and wrong, that he should lay down his life for above all our grasp of the great cen- his friends." These Catholic graduates tral fact of our Redemption through are found by thousands in every Jesus Christ, come to us legularly by community from the Atlantic to the Catholic teaching, whether in the Pacific, and by their respect for law domestic or the common school, and and order, for authority, and by their they affect our lives in proportion as cultivated sense of obedience and roy- they are taught with faith and skill, erence, they are a strong bulwark .The Catholic school is the continuation against the rising title of Bolshevist of the pastor's teaching office and is dechristianization of all life, public essential to the normal growth of and private. faith and the highest intelligence of Who rendered better service during its place in our Catholic life. the war than the Knights of Colum- The Catholic School and the Family, bus, whose numerous membership is It is a truism to say that our Cath- I largely the product of our Catholic olicsocial order is based on the family schools? The fruits of education are and it is preciseIy to the family, with quickly reaped, and the war records all that it represents that the Catho- I of our schools are convincing proof of lic school offers the only buhvark it the patriotic spirit which abides in the now has against the destructive in- hems of American Catholic parents fluences of the modem world. From and teachers. Loyalty to God and every quarter arise its enemies. State country is a distinctive mark of our .................................................................. |l ........................... a .... | I . I II THE BOSTOH MILLIHERY AHD HOVi]LTY SHOP Mrs. Nina Dunn, ProprietoL 908 Main Street Little Rock, ArK. A special invitation is extended to the Lady readers of this paper to visit my shop, where they will find a new line of FALL hats for all ocassions at LET LIVE prices. Phone Main 7298. Summer Excursion Tickets TO COLORADO On Sale Daily to September 30th Final Return Limit October 31st, 1920 TWO TRAINS DAILY FROM ST: LOUIS and KANSAS CITY VIA MISSOURI PACIFIC For Information and Booklets, Address . C.L. S'IO'NE Passenger Traffic Manager, Missouri Pacific R. R. gT. LOUIS, MO. Grand Master of the New York State check. One policeman was among the goods, or the domain of law and order Grand Lodge of Masons, to join lhe seven killed. Forty persons were and from superseding by cunning or violence every will except his own. By proposed Intennational Masonic gath- wounded. There have been several at- its definite and clear teaching con- ering in Rome on September 20, and tacks on Catholics lately, but none so comments with a just appreciation of serious as that of Sunday. cming the divine source of all au-. thority, the divine sanction of all ...................................................................... wrong, vice and injustice, the Catholic school lays in every youthful heart a firm foundation of intelligent and willing respect for law and ardminis- tration. It exhibits the social order as God's own work and domain, and man as his responsible agent, govm- tg for the common welfare and by the authority of the Creator of man- kind. American Traditions. Our Catholic schools uphold in every quarter of the United States the tra- ditions of American political and social life. The original American type and conpect of popular govern- ment are today seriously challenged by many hostile agents, and the con- cern of our Government is amply jus- tified by the facts of communistic and anarchistic propaganda. Our Catholic teachers and school "texts do not need watching lest they be found to cor- lapt the upcoming youth of our cities and towns. Every Catimlic school is an ally of the American Governmen as handed down by the fathers, and a source of sane American patriotism, for it bases the love of our country on divine commands and on the leachinffs of the American Catholic Church from Archbishop Carroll to Cardinal Gib- bons. ,,%, -..'- -_ .-,,%,,. - ._, "- ,,%',",,",',,,'d' THE FOUNDATION STONE FOR THE NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Catholic Univer.qly cf America Washington, D. C. WILL BE tall) SF, PTEMI.Ei" 2a, at 3 P. M. BY HIS EMINENCE JAMES CARDINAL GIBBONS 'Jhis his'orical event will be attended by the Hierarchy, Clergy an,1 thousands of visitors. Many wb.o canno attcn'd lmvc a,l,'.ed for a pro- [s ramme and if you have noi ordered your programme. /)]ease fill out ! ', the attached coupon and mail it today. ................................................. Roy. II,.rnard A. McKenna. D.D. tIse This C.,Ul)an Catholic University of Amm'iea. ORI)EI{ FOR PROGRAMME Washitu:ton, D. C, Offerin:z One Dollar or More As ovcry Catholic Family shouhl naxe a ct, r, of ths beautiful l)rogramme, which I under.-t:md b; illustrale:l in se,,',,t: COlOrS. 1 enclose off,.q'intr of $ ...... for llly COpy. a 1":era r ............................................... M:'. Mrs. Miss Write Phdnly. 'l'y|cwrite if P,s'bl:.. l a Ad(h'e.:s .................................................................. City S.ate ............................... ............................ _ Itnt| Seal yore' letters nn.1 Imckxres with S'dve Regina Stnm), of th- Nation'd Shrine or lbe lmm.wuhLt:. C,nception, Supplie:l in convenient books of 109 atamps for $I.00. -a S 'l*l for 11 })001;, lo,l'ly , i t [p mm -- a L_ . . SUBIA( :O COLLEGE SUBIACO, ARKANSAS Classical and Commercial College with Preparatory Department conducted by the Benedictine Fathers 1 SUBIACO COLLEGE Subiaco College is gituated on a beautiful and picturesque eminence between the Ozarks and Magazine Moun- baths, the most charming and healthful spot in Western Arkansas, and offers exceptional advantages to boys who desire a higher education. Removed from the distractibns of the city, ours is the ideal place for thorough study. The building is absolutely fire-proof and equipped with modern conveniences. The artistic new auditorium, he, best baseball grounds in Logan county, the artificial lake, new gymnasium, complete library and reading rooms, tennis, handball and basket ball courts keep the boys occupied during .hours of recreation. Fall terms begins September 15th. Students are requeste(. to arrive at the College September 14th. FOR PARTICULARS ADDRESS Rev. Benedict Borgerding, O. S. B., Rector SUBIACO, ARKANSAS Residents of Little Rock may call for partic ulars at No. 815 Sherman. Street, or Phone Main 5089 and ask for rep resentative of Subiaco Collge .i i CAPI TAL SURI'LUS We have increased our rom $100,000 to mg the new issue of cent above our par our been increased from 00. This enables us to ter care of our present well as new ones. England LIFE If you have in your life J. J, bletropolitan Lifei M. 2981 1002-7 3m-6-5-20 H.T. Watches, Goods, Watch an Re 706 Main St. A. V. Both Phones GAS Practical Plumbing, Steam Dealer in Pipe, Gas Pumps, FREE Examinations :ost you nothing to )on of your condition at our office DR. CLIFTON 501 1-2 Little Rock, Ark. .Calls Answered Office Phone 886 Give Us a Phone, We manufacture Soft or Stiff Straw Cleaned, Blocked acids used on THURSTON No Acids FEAST Og YOU DO NOT HAVE YOU A ENDAR IN CATHOLIC lie IN EVERY CALENDARS AT OPPOSITE 1920 Illlllllllllllll Any Alumnae o purchase rosary -eligious articles <lier can obtain rates at The We have nice ill be, promptly ![[i$$[$[HU[[U[[[UI OFFICE SUPPLi, DESKS, Our printing automatic est of work. Send for Typewriters. HELLO Give 0UNG'S The Ninth- i PP.. 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