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August 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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August 28, 1920

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................  THE ,IANS  L TO  ................. d from Pt war it h: he eharltl he ramifl( yond eo t of Chr] in the ort of Dyini n all tll ten it is continue i is not 'tion to s liciently k is org ed and s of a II ity wept their wet f funds. ,1 't was stc s on whiC wasting >f tlle pare ml could lies to al ildren of! I write I 9 to 186 m for th! s ! thinlY: ent by th i Lhose yo r orl]han I-Iome Lamp =J2+ - /'  I , I n I e 00cO00CHe00 Llgntea S and Girls: to tell you about my Moines to the Twin shall try to keep my 8 Moines about 7:45 A. 8day, August llth, and ; stop at. the little vil- khart,, where a beauti- :k church bearing aloft Our redemption, stands of the faith of our fa- ramunity. ;0 stop was made but a !P of buildings adorned t of a herd of Holstein i attle. I saw that Key- Iere made at Sheffield I)Usy, thriving, prosper- lortland Cement is Ma- L ith church and school us and again we saw !0Watonna. As we tra-  Owatonna the coun- . broken and we miss- fields of cozen seemed to exteml for of us. = Seemed to extend for J We were within the for a half hunT. a great wall of solid the bed of a clear of from ten to we'd know everything we need to know and wouldn't have to go to sclmol. Moreover, it wouhl be easy to be good. But all is very different now. Be- cause we are Adam's and Eve's c]fil- (lien, we are all born with a sin on our soul. This is called original sin, for it comes down to us from our first parents. The first sin not only closed the gates of the Garden of Paradise, but also the gates of Heaven. Only God's adopted children are in Heaven. What could Adam and Eve do to get back sanctifying grace? Nothing. What couM they do to open the gates of Heaven? Nothing Then can none of us go to Heaven? God is so tender and kind that as Adam and Eve left the garden, cry- ing. He had pity on them and told them that some day a woman would be born who would have a Son so great that He wouht open again the gates of Heayen. This promise was Adam's and Eve's only joy through the rest of their long lives Because this woman's Son, called the Redeemer, was going to come, God gave back to Adam and Eve sanctifying grace and He also gave this grace to many persons after :them. But until the Redeemer came, Heaven was locked and the good peo- ple that died had to wait in a place GUARDIAN, SATUR responded Captain Marden, glancing out of the white-curtained window. Then his eyes fell upon the calendar on the wall. He started, attd an ex- pression of deep grief over-shadowed Ihis handsome bronzed countenance. "The 19th of August," he said hoarsely. Stella's dark eyes filled with tears. I Going to her father's side, she laid her lnmd caressingly upon his shoul- der. "Dad, I don't really think Mary is dead," site said softly. "Someltow lately, I have a very strong feelinl that she is still alive. I have prayed each day to our Blessed Mother to bring her back to us." On the 19th of August. eighteen years ago, the Pearl of Asia, an Amer- ican merchantutan bound for Ceylon, had foundered during one of those terrific storms peculiar to the treach- erous Indian Ocean, Capt. Marden's wife and the 1-year-old twins, Mary and Stella, were on board. The cap- tain, aided by his first officer, suc- ceeded in saving his wife and little Stella. The next day they were picked lilt by a honteward-bound steamer. Little Mary, however, together with the second office]', who had taken charge of lie]', were antong the miss- ing. No trace of either was ever DAY, AUGUST 28, 1920. was growing light and tlle rain had ahnost ceased The lightning and thunder now came from a distance. Only the sea kept up its incessant ]'oaring. When Stella re-entered the living room, silo stood transfixed on Hm threshold. Her father, pale and treml)ling, was kneeling beside the still unconscious girl, staring down upon her... A terrible fear that he father was demented clutched Stella's heart. "Dad!" she ahnost sc]'eamed( rush- image of you. My God! Can it be-- she 2" Stella oheyed and a cry escaped her lips. The pale grey light stealing through the window clearly revealed the white features of the girl and Stella recognized their perfect like- ]tess to her own. "You're as like as two peas," said I the captain, who had gained eoutrol /of his emotion. "God's ways are won- Iderful, and there's no proof that yonr "sister was drowned. We'll leave all vocation may be made clear, and where they may receive some kind of p'eparation for the seminary, either in Englaml or abroad. In many cases these converts know nothing' whatever l of the necessary steps to be taken in order to "offer themselves for the priesthood, nor are they awarc el' the many (liirerent ldnds of vocations that are open to those who seek to enter the priesthood. So at Begbroke Place they at'e given an opportunity not only of testing," their vocation, but also of another church stood Cross and it was time until we aT- of St. Paul, after of Waters. its wonderful Ca]he- Catholic describe in my next Own CONCHESSA. ean by the "end of of man" we mean the hich he was created: love and- serve God. know that man was alone ? was created for everything in the for something itzelf; but there World more perfect he was created" this world, and for the An- been created for called Limbo. We nmst not blame Adam and Eve for everything. The world would be very pleasant if each person stopped sinning rgiht now. And ]to matter what other people do, you and 1 shall. always be happy, if we keep sin out of our own hearts. I)o you wish you could have Adam's, chance? You have Just about as good a chance right now. Adam was in the garden and could have stayed if he had ]lot sinned. You and I are not in the garden, but if we don't sin, we can get into a far more beautiful garden which is Heaven and once there, there will be no danger of out" eve]" being put out. I think I'd rather work my way into the garden and be sure of staying when I got there than be born in the garden and run tim risk of being driven out. Before Adam and Eve sinned, neither lions nor tigers nor wolves nor any other animals ltarmed them. And if we do not sin, nothing can harm us--neither headaches nor tooth- aches lie]" measles nor whooping. ing to his side and violently grasping choosing in what direction that reed- his arm "Oh Dad' don't look like tion Mtall find its most complete ful- that!" " ' ' fillment. , . He turned his head and looked at rest of Vocation. her. She shuddered at the brightness [ During' the ten months that Beg- of his eyes. broke Place has been opened the "Stolid---look at her!" he whispered record shows that it is filling a sorely hoarsely. "Look at her! She's the desired need. Begbroke Place is under tthe direction of a Warden, the Rev. /Dr. Charles Heath. Dm'ing the past /ten months there has been fourteen found, and gradually the grief-stricken to God. But if it only could be true!" parents gave their child up for lost. A few minutes late]" the girl was Mrs. Marden never recovered fronT tucked, warm and dry, into Stella's the shock and before the fatal 19th of ]bed. Stella sat beside her and gently IAugust came around again, found brushed back the damp dark curls .fronl the White forehead. Yrlle girl 'sighed deeply once or twice, then opened lie]" eyes, eyes deep and dark like Stella's own, attd gazed bewild- (;red about her. A SIMPLE PRAYER. Each Jewish mother taught her son A simple prayer, whose words thus ran: "My spirit I commend to Thee, O Father, God eternally!" This was the last prayer Jesus spoke Before His heart in anguish broke; And Mary stood beside the Tree, And heard tim words learned at her knee. Ah, thus, to ease her woeful loss, Did Jesus tell her from the Cross "I think of home and lessons done; 'Twas sweet to be Thy little One." --The Ave Maria. (Concluded Next Week.) peace in a better land. The captain was heartbroken, but he still had Lit- tle Stella, and bravely determined to live for her. He pl'aced her with the Sacred Heart nuns to be educated and under their loving, watchful care, the girl grew up into pure, sweet, happy K OF C. IN ROME iN. C. W. C. Special Cable) Rome, Aug. 21.--During the visit of the Knights of Columbus to Rome, following the pilgrimage of Metz to dedicate the monument of Lafayette, officials of the order will determine what, if any, activities they can under- take here in the center of Catholicism. maidenhood. When he came for her I l after fourteen years, she was all a father could desire. Captain'Marden, who had by this time amassed a an]all fortune, retired front active service, bought a pretty little cottage on the seashore a mile or so distant from a small seaport, and devoted his time to making his daugh- ter happy and writing sea stories It would be hard to say who was happier, father or daughter. A loud rumble of thunder was dis- tinguished above the roar of the break- ors and a stronger gust of wind tore in at the window, wildly tossing the white curtains. The captain aroused himself. "Guess we're in for it, girlie, he muttered. "I'd better shut the win- dows and make everything safe and snug. It's going to blow some, or I'm no sailor." "God protect those on the sea!" whispered Stella, looking out upon the ocean, tossing hlack and attgry in the unmitural darkness. "O Mary, Star of the Sea, lu'ay for them, guard them !" converts in residence, ten of them convert clergymen, and :four laymen. At the end of ten months' time of trial and testing', two of the men are now studying for the priesthood in Rome, and one at a sentinary in Eng- land. Three have just gone to test their vocation for the reli/4'ious life in novitiates, and five are on the point of departure for training in English seminaries. Three of the Whole num- ber have found that their vocation lies in the world, and have departed fl'om Bogbroke Place to take up some secu- htr occupation. COMMUNITY HOUSE A SUCCESS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Hartford, Conn., Aug. 24.The Dio- cesan Bureau of Social Activities formally opened three months ago to- (lay, has already proved its power and its effectiveness in the diocese of Halford. It has opened a Community House for young women, in which more than six hundred girls have been registered and, cooperating with three child-caring institutions in the dio- cese, has been instrumental in mak- ing provision for the care of more PAGE SEVEN NORMAL INSTITUTE CLOSES Continued from :rage 1.) Licenses and are certilied by the State as qualified to teach in arty school of the State anywhere. Itmay be said that Arkansas 1)Tactically enjoys tile i)rivilege of being one of the most progre,mive states in the Union ill the departntent of education. Next Year's Course. The Nornml School will be held again next sunlmer with another adtied year of college work. During a census of the schools taken by the Superintendent of Catholic Education during lhe Normal Institute, it was ascertained that ahout seven thou- sand children attend the Catholic schools of the State. The Sisters that attended the Normal School this sum- mer, without exception, pronounced themselves greatly pleased with the type of work and results. CHAPLAIN KELLY'S CONDITION. St. Louis, Aug. 7.--Rev. Father Francis A. Kelley, national chaplain of the American Legion, who is in St. Mary's Hospital h c re undergoing treatment for injuries received by him ou July 26, when he was thrown from an automobile, is improving so rapid- ly Hint he xpccts to be able to attend the Connecticut conventmn of the American l "glen on August 20. Fa- ther Kelley is to be the principr, speaker at the gathering if his condi- tion warrants. than 1,200 children Of these 1,011 a'e under the Bureau's supervision in family homes, 83 are in boarding homes, 40 are being cared for by agents of the bureau acting as guar- dians and 41'have been given in adop- tion. The Roy. Matthew J. Judge, diocesan director of the Bureau has made plans for a social sea-rice school to shaft September 27. The Finest Catholic Prayer-Bed=. My Prayer-BooE HAPPINESS IN GOODNESS By Rev. F. X. LASANCE Happiness ! That is the key note of Father Lasance'a theme. Hc teaches hy re. eept, poetry, and prayer now to secure the haptiiness which all men see-K, hut which mistaken search leads , so few to find. Imitation leather, red edges $1.25 Imitation leath, gold edge . 1.60 Amer. Seal, limp, gold edges. 2,25 THE BOOKERY 309 W. SECOND ST. lcough nor death itself. The only real al all men equ? ]harnt is what hurts our soul, and sin equal in whatever is is the only thing that does that. teir nature and end | Now I didn't say that toothaches i]Osed of a body and/dn't hurt, but they can do us a great all created to the ira-deal of good if we want them to. I'll e of God; they are all tell you how. and free Have yon eve]" watched bees hurry- all been created ing from flower io flover? They empty each one of its honey and never in many .things? waste a second. They are not feeding, raany things, such as for they will carry home every drop Power, etc.; but and store it away. The bees do not to the world and care for the flowers; it i onlY the He came into this honey they are after, and they know PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS "" ................................... '3-_ :. '----,-' ...................... ",'.--.I-.Z.,.:.4..I.4.4.4..I- .I-,4.+.I.4..:.-I. ++ +++++ + . + +..  +++ Schmand-Porbeck Candy Co. . (INCORPORATED) .-t v Wholesale Candies Baker and Soda Fountain Supplies, " Cigars, Cigaretts, etc. i LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS According to her custom whenever All Catholic papers here contain 4`...4"`bb@&*b@$ a storm raged. Stella lit a blessed I long accounts of the arrival of the candle before the l)icture of the s of Columbus from France donna and kneeling down began to _.,. :'-'. ....  ..... ; ' ' I,uC ,nercs IS atreaay lnamles:eo  Eastman Kodak recite the rosary for those in dangeri n thei] cumin T  " - . g. ney are (lue o aT- on tlm sea She had just started the .:_^ :_ ..... the .....   Developing and Finishing. first decade when a blinding flash of 27 and will - ...... , " .e receives in COlleCt:lye r/ HEGAR TY DR UG CO lighinhtg lit up tim room following by ._.;___, 1_. ,,_ ........ _ ' [aut,,,cc uy ne rloly ,aner on Au- a deafening crash of thunder ,At tlle I-ust 28. " On the renewing ..... say riisl ' same. time a cry broke front Captain t Holiness. will say uass ..... Ior nem a"  50! MAIN ST. Marden at the window the altar of "* " I , viaaonna della Guardia in l "Stella  eoine here " he cried ,._ r ............. I .... " ' nc vatican al'(tens. Alnougn t;Ile  '"" "Watch when the lightning flashes A ceremo "" ........ ' ny wm oe qune private, h wiu, I boat is out there, near tile breakers!" Anoiher flash of lightning lit up the and he will leave how to gather sweetness even from angry sea attd revealed distinctly a 0nly the conse- the bitterest plants. / rowboat,, containing a figure tn flut- or evil done in this Each of you can be a little bee*tnd terlng white, tossing upon the wild men to the make honey all. day long. Each day raves. will be filled with flowers, but whether "Good Heavens!" ejaculated the 'one, roses or thistles, don't miss one. If captain. "She can't last much longer. TIMES you have a toothache, say: "All for Pray, Stella, pray that I'll be in time!" late better than Thee, my God," and at once God will And I)efore tile girl could say a word, double the fun, put by something nice for you that he rushed out into the storm. build "a fine nest, you will enjoy forever when you get Stella stood helpless for a moment, love mother best, to Heaven and this is the way you then knelt down again before our faust go to a span, will draw honey from something very JLady's picture and prayed with her has my little man, bitter. When you go to school say:lwhole soul for her father and the open and close, "All for Thee, my God," and there 'stranger for whom he was risldng his one little nose, will be more honey stored away it] life. diraple d and sweet, Heaven Whatever you do, whether Outside the storm raged with un- o two little feet, you do, whetler you eat or play or abated fury, but the awful roar of tile little chin, work or are sick, say: "All for Thee, breakers drowned every other sound. With a rose set in, dear God." What an enormous honey-Stella trembled for her father's safety. s chubby and Strong Icomb you will be able to make. This (Each moment seemed an hour. Surely all day long, is the kind of honey God likes. Aren' her fatber wonld have returned ere my darling say you glad that you can make something this, if all was well! At last she by nay side each" fur Him? =could stand the agonizing uncertainty How happy you will be when God no longer. She threw on her oilskins soft and Ishows you what you were storing up and started for the door when it was }for yourselves when you gave toHim violently thrown open and her father Cast meekly down, l everything you did. entered, dripping with" water, bearing l guard him in( ----- in his arms the apparently lifeless one at the head I STAR OF THE SEA form of a young girl, whose long dark hair half concealed her features. "] A young gh'l stood in the doorway . }of a little white cottage on the bekch "Just caught her in the nick of *'TORY gazing seaward. On the distant hurl-[time," gasped Captain Marden, lflacing 'his .bqrden upon the floor and at once commencing artificial respiration. "The boat went down before I reached the wter, but the breakers cast her ashore. I caught her Just before she was carried out again. Ah! she's re- covering. Thank God I was in time! Run along, pet, and fix your bed. You'll have to play nurse" Witk a Joyful heart Stella went into the adjoining room and her soul rose in thanksgiving 'to the merciful God and Mary, the Star of the Sea. The worst of the storm was over. It Promise Adam and Eve if they had only would have ltappiness in the be no wars, no and best of all, When God ere- have loth- grace so that His adopted after a while we Without dying. be clear and zon a heavy bank of ominous black clouds was rapidly rising into the sky, bringing about a premature sun- set. The sea was getting rough; the hreakers (lashed lpon the beach with an angry roar. Te wind, too, was rising, and played havoc with the girl's dark curls. Flocks of sea-gulls flew screaming toward the shore. "I guess we're in for a bad storm, Dad." said Stella, turning to the gray- haired man who sat at the table, read- ing his ptper. "Yes, it c0rtainly looks threatening," be .very imposing. The statement in the foregoing ca- ble-gram regatling the detenina- tion by the KnFghts of Columbus as to whether they shall undertake in Rome doubtless efers to the question of their establishing centers and con- ducting activities to offset sectarian propaganda in Europe by church organizations. The knights have been re'god to extend their la- bors to Italy. ! CONVERTS' VOCATIONS TESTED AT HOUSE OPENED AT OXFORD (By N. C. W. C. News Service). Oxford, August 1.--One of the most excellent Catholic institutions in this country is the house of Begbroke Place, Oxford, which some ten months or so ago was opened as a primary place of study for converts Anglicanism, and other religious bodies, to test their vocation for the priestlmod. Cost of Conversion. ]n a country such as England, where tim proportion of Catholics is small, there has been found an urgent need for some home where clergymen land other men of education, who have come" over to the Catholic church, may get their bearings, so to speak. Some of them, particularly in the case of convert clergymen, are made homeless and often penniless by their submis- sion to the Catholic Church. For want 6f such a home as Bob- broke Place, in the past some converts have had to abandon all hope of the priesthood, and seek at once a liveli- hood in the world of which they have had so little experience. Begbroke Place offers just this kind of home, as a clearing house, where converts may get their new bearings; where their Bishop Kinsman's Story OF HIS CONVERSION "SALVE MATER" "HAIL MOTHER!" "Salve Mater"--'Hail Mother !"--is the title of the book just published (by Longmans, Green & Co., New York), in which Frederick Joseph Kins- man, until recently the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his conversion to the Catholic Church. The book was written in the silence and solitude of the woods of Maine, where Dr. Kinsman retired after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and renounc- ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and its Com- munion. Ten days after it was finished--an event which the author describes as "the last act of a life that is ended"Dr. Kinsman was received into the Church. The Book of the Hour Protestantism Catholicism HUMAN INTEREST STORY Rare Vividness--Exceptional Literary Power His Return to the Faith of His Fathers . READ Cathohcs THIS Protestants BOOK Price $2.25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309. W Second