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August 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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August 28, 1920

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W PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1920. Rome--Paris--Dublin Latest Cabled News MONSIGNOR KELLEY OF CHICAGO REPORTS TO POPE ON AUS- TRIAN CONDITIONSK. OF C. VISITORS AWAITED. IN. C. V. C. Special Cable.) ltome, Aug. 24.---Monsignor Francis C. Kelley of Chicago, who is now in Rome, after having visited ,Vienna to distribute among the suffering people of Austria the relief furnished by Americans, has laid before the Holy Father, In private audience, c(nnltlete information as to conditions in that country. Pope Benedict received Monsignor Kelley Vednesday. the Church throughout the world will follow the examlfle given here. PARIS CABLE, IN. C. \\;V. C. Special Cable.) Paris, Aug. 16.--At the instance of the French bishops, special prayers were said in all the churches of France yesterday fer the salvation of l'oland. Rt. Rev. William T. Russell, Bishop of Chariest(m, was entertained Friday 1)y tile I'aris subcenmfittee ef the Na- tional Cathelic War Ceuneil. Pronli- ncnt Catholic Fren(hlnen alld Ameri- calls a[tended. homes wrecked by fellow-workers in- cited to this barbarism by Carsonites, and that bullies and agitators talk wildly about civil and religious liberty, without any idea of its meaning, while Catholics are victimized for their faith. He declares" that the outbreak was deliberate and systematic, and that some Protestant leaders paliated and approved these actions. While rite British Government would not pro- tect Catholics at work, seventy thou- saud soldiers were sent into Ireland to terrorize the nation. Th6 eueral Council of County Coun- cils has enjoined local authorities to cease trading with Belfast and to withdraw their support from northern I)anks, until political and religious to, sis as conditions of employment are abolished. Archbishop Har|y has wrlHen the The whole subtract of Catholic mis -I The Knights of C, olumbus, in their County Limerick protest that the stons was also d cussed at this audi- visit to the French battl.e grounds, British Government officials tour- ence Disturbances caused by war will be acceml)anied by Monsignor dered with impunity o1(1 and young ill and or anization finance and person.'Baudrilhu'i reeler of the (httholic. In- tile Archdiocese of Cashel, wrecked g , . , nel on every side are engaging the titute, towns, villages and homes, destroyed close study, if not the unhurried con- - ............... [creameries and committed robljeries. sideration of the Holy See Just now. DUBLIN CABLE. ]Forty thousand pounds damage has Monsignor Kelley's competence in thts (N C V C Special Cable.) ]been done to creameries at Tipperary great branch of the Church's work is Dublin Aug 24--The Lord Mayor I and Limerick. say farnmrs' news- recognized. The Holy Father ex- Dressed pleasure at the interest takdn by the Chm'ch Extenslon Society in providing relief for the sad condition to wlflch the clergy and religious of Austria have been reduced. A party of two hundred and fifty Knights of Colunfl)us Is due to arrive of Dublin has received a cablegram from Archl)ishop Mannix conveying the prelate's sympathy to the l'ela- tires of young Farrell, who was shot I)y (he military while attending a ben- fire ill {liP. archlfishel)'S honle town. The mnr(lered man was given an im- I w(ssive nli]itary funeral. papers. LONDON CABLE. London. Aug. 24.---The National CaHmlic Welfare Council London err- respondent has just inquired at of- ficial quarters, and has received inside information that tim Government is ! AUSTRALIANS U Varsaw, hoping tlmt Poland would who takes care of the beast lest it negotiate with the Bolsheviks, and perish." FULTO&"--'---- that he could reply to Tchitchcrin's Keating's History of Ireland: "If it ___ . )reposed measures against the be olljected that tim chronicles of h'e- (Continued from PS Catholic Church in Russia. Poland fell land are liable to suspicion and may war. Since the war it hll :- through, and after laying the case be-be justly questioned, let it be ob- t4th fore the Holy See the archbishop was served that no people in the world at Vienna all the chart constrained to come here to secure the [ to(tic more care to ln'eserve the attthor- the natiou Tile l'aulifl6., works are beyond co p co-operation of the government in ol)-[ity of their pul)lic records and to de- possible aspect of ChrlJ'' taining Justice for Catholics. He de-l]iver them uncorrul)ted to posterity." . ' r  given its place m tile o g  ..... elares that tim Bolsheviks refuse to [ Row on Row of Dyinl s and Girls: recognize the Catholic hierarchy; and NOTRE DAME COLLEGE I was shown all th( to tell you on the grounds of Comnmnism have HAS A VAN DYCK works, and when it is Moines to seized all Church property for the VALUED AT $100,000 the relief must continuo l shall try to state. In an3' lflace any committee years if Austria is ]tot t of twenty perseus, who claim to be (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) a great satisfaction to sl Moines abe baptized, may seize local Clmrch 1)rop- Notre Dame, Ind., Au K. 16.--Few didly and efficiently flay, August erty and enjoy the revenues. An out- art treasures in America have a more charitable work is or ward show of religion is permitted, interesting history than the Van Dyck Money is needed and ir t stop at. the but Catholics are denied freedom in painting, "Christ on the Cross," which The Superioress of a lli khart,, wher( the exercise of their religion, hangs in the Notre Dame art museum Sisters of Charity wept I :k church be= and for which the college authorities as she told me their wet| Our redemptb Opinions of a Few nlore.havc repeatedly refused $100,000 and ened for lack of funds. ,el the faith Protestant Irishmen Per more than sixty years the fa- saw till my heart was stel COmmunity. row of little beds on whtCl I0 stop was inDUS painting, one of the five great children, slowly wasting fi p of buildin Henry Grattan: "To depend on the triumphs of the celebrated Belgian . of the horrors of the pat a of a herd /  attest, w s concealed undel a cheap [hen( r of another nati m is to depend ' ' '" .  '"  . " If only au appeal could attle. I sa rere at polttmt of Napoleon and it was not up(m its will and to rely upon the will .... : American Catholics to a iUsy, thrivin eft foreign country is the definition of until 1887 that tt was (hscovercd by need of these children of) slavel ' Grcgori, the former art professor at And all this I write  irtland Cem '" ' "'Y' , Notre Dame. "As equals (with England) we shall ,, ....... ,, . which from 1829 to 1865 | Tile (Jnl'lS on ne l'OSS accor(l- general collection for thl be her sin(ere friend; as anything .  ....... , . -th b, church I lug I;o tile DesI. ar records, as given else than her equal we shall I)e her  ........... the United States! thiag us and aKa , I t,V van IAyCK, a 1:ne oyln K l'equcs1; OI [I)ltteest (m my " : "  '" Ibis father, to the Domincan Convent lions of (lollars sent by th 0Watonna. A "They call themselves Orangemen in Antwerp in 1699 There it hung Association in those ys  Owatonna and Prot(,stant Boys. They are a for twenty years until seized by a our churches, ()ill" orphaal ry broken and banditti ef murderers committing mas- band of Spanish mercenaries who our schools. . Uabroken fielc saeres in" tim Name of God and exer- garrisoned the city. The canvas was "pr="-'ised-I) Jesus chrl h seemed to here on August 27 to remain until Areldlislml) Mmmix, it is understood, satislicd that Archbishop Mannix's rising descriptive powers iu the name taken to Madrid, where the thief sold to you everywlere iu tll0 r side of us. Sel)tember 1st. The most iml)ressive is (letermined to visit h'eland, visil is personal and peaceful, and will ef Lillerty." it for an insignificant sum to ])on custom of Austria A tl Seemed to e feature of their visit will be a Mass "I mean to see lh s business through consequently withdraw its inhitlitiou . " Mi'ucl Cotozo a Sanish randee i|h cheerfuhmss--thero We were v ,, Col Edward Sanaersofl: "*,','tl(ll . /4 ' ',  " P 8 " ' which the Holy Father has gractouslY ilo lhe end, lie has mud. shortly, and alh)w tim arclfl)lshel) un- " ' H  lie o i ' s s'l it ")l'int no f'utlt finding 0ta for alm  ' , .... Englishllltn set Ie work to wil)e the anti  ' co ct ", n wno.'e ca.' c i , , , - . llI'onflsed to say for them Oll August Metal t rs el the Austr than hler- reslmeted freedom el movenmnt hun  for more than a centur until Jesus C1Hist " they saY, , a great wal te'H' ()tit ef h'el'md's eye they always g ' " Y ..... ' 29 if weather is favorallle at tile altar archy, w o have arrived m London london, Aug. 24. Monsignor Baron ....... ' ,_.  , . , , ......... ,, , .... ,, ,,. e,,a a the bed o ' I h,r thr, ,.o.,1.e II.Hl(ll(crchief at h'e- Sl;olon again, 1.his Llnqc .ny one oi l'a- ,t,ttt.s t.,.t ,. t. .,,. ,., of Madonna l)c.lla Guardia, Patroness from I{ome, l)relest against the Ill- yen Re )p, Archbishop of Mohiley,. and ....  ," ....  ........ ,. ........ eon's encr'fls .. elght of from Of Genoa, where Colunfl, us was born. i lreatment of Archl)ishep Mannix, and Catholic Metropolitan ef Russia, has lands expense. , it Not l,,iwing its worth the gener'd  This altar is in the Vatican Garden. deny that the Vatican has censured arrived ill London on an iml)ortant Dean Jonathan Swift: "The eon-I ,'tve it to 't -oun, soldier 1 ieutcnan sitdtl- manner Grcori i t another ch Genet 11 Chq)tet of the Thud Otde Into as epmtcd m ],nghsh lleJ.s lltlSSlon legl]d]ng ( tthohc alfans en]n(( el polls lll(l hilltops lnch s t  ftts Coss a "' " ' " . i ' '" " ' ' ,  " " " '" "'" ' " " :" ' ' " "' n'tue;)/(l b(st::,:, : .... IGuil,cmont, who had saved hi.-life at to retouch theportrai, la " '"" Regular of St. Francis has electe(t as papers. They declare that he elj()ys His chief el)trot is to get the ap-  , ; ,' (I so liberally on the battle of Austerl tz Gull emont, do n,," so the fabric beg 0rt time unt its general, Rt. Rev. Arnaldo Rigo, the perfect cenlideu,'e ef Rome. proval of lhe British Government for this 1Ongdmu was of no nmre use to Who was "m amateur rainier rcco, at te ends and bul'e i ty of St P Spaniard Ul) to this thne procurator =\\; dcpulalion from the l)ul)lin Cor- forwarl i g to Tchitcherin through us than a 1)eautHul prospect to a man nizcd the excellence of the work atul He c'reful]v ex-unined ether of Wate general of the order, l)oration wailed (m the archbishol) to Krassin and Kemeneff. the ncgotia- shut up in a dungeon." fearing to trust the c'mv's exposed in found the second canvas its wonderf Among tile definitors chosen are: l invite him to l)ublin and offered him It(ms fer securiug the liberty of the '\\;\e .are al/t to charge the h'mh [his home, overlaid it with a cheap pot'- off Nal)oleon's portrait' lent:-seven Rev Victor Brown, T O. R., of Spald-]lhe freedom of the city. The arch- ('athelic Chute, t1 ill Russia and the with laziness, beeaure we seldom lind[ trait of the cmt)eror, never revealing dim outlines of a crosSll 1 describe in lug Neb., for the American Province; | bishep replied, Ihanking the delega- resh)ratien ef (hurch preperty seized them eml)loyed; but then we don't t the secret, features of Christ aud and Rev Father Hugh Symthe, T. O.[tion, and said he wouh! accept the by the Bolslleviks. Monsignl)r yen consider they have nohing to do." [ The apl)arcnt portrait of Napoleon lene's hair. He immedi ieu. ,,e n,,h,H- Colle-e Sioux City h)wa [f'e ,( mu eft m (' v only in l)ul)lin Ropp is Russ an ll)rn a native of Char es S. Parne : "No man er set xxa iven b " Mad me (]uillcmont to to restore lhc tinting   Own CONCt for the Italian American Co nmission.! which he would vit as a free man. l,lxna, and his diocese, includes the of meu can 1)lace a boundary to the Father Sorin of Notre 1)amc while he the clear figure of Ch - .... At a solemd service at the Gesu ,, Bishop MacRory of Belfast has sent whole ef Russia, being the largest in In'ogress of a nation." was in Europe in 1885 to be hung at death agony with Mary 1 : CHISM Chu'ch on Sunday t hee was solemn[me, mndred 1)ounds to the fund eslab- the, world. He was imprisoned for John M Rob nson, M.P. "Seven] Notre D'ame in naemory of her son, [ his fret. It was subSe ! ean by th, inteicession in l)ehalf of Poland In I shed for the Catholic workers ex- several months by the Belshevili, and centuries of rapine attd violence, care- who lind hcen Father Sorin's college [ touched bv Dora GregOl a letter to Cardinal Pompili, the Holy polled i)y Orangemen. He says that was only released after the strongest lessness alternating with ferocity not[ companion Two years after' it xv't 1905 -rod in 191') art criti 0f an" vte Father approves prayers in Poland's at least, lifteen thousand are threat- protests had 1)Pen made by the Holy a gleam of humanity, nor political-- hung in the university it deterioriatcd ed / it an original Van p i hieh he wa behalf, and expresses the hope thatlened with starvation, with their See. After his release, he waited at not even the wisdom of the peasantl visibly, caking and cracking in an un- value of $100,000. ., love and s _" ....... ___---[ ____ I . .--- ..... i .......... , ............ I ...... .... ,low that -- .................. _.[1 alone ? [1- rl-   J- L rLli an was ct i'!: ,I, ,, I se everythi: 'lated for : [, hal it-,elf; The Un ted States Governmem * tside this ' f 0t creatcd fo all the Bath Houses at eet ale all m : equal in wl d  '%,osed of a --" -- _! D____]lZ. 00lle,eated t Hot Sprln,,s Nahona. o,B o, ][rStanding haVe all be( : d.God and Makes All the Rates " i The Rate at the E i TIMES better can doubl "a love m( ust go has my I $19.00 for 21 Baths Includln00 Attendent's Fee is 5c R d'7''dimpled ;OonetWOlittl,litt a Bath More Th:n Any Other Bath Hou Proper ',t, !$l'chubby:nningdes myall =cl by my ' l hanls soft / Reason;. There Beautiful Illustrated Souvenir Free east mee guarc one at