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August 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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August 28, 1920

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Activities IHTs IN FRANCE. Knights of Cohnnbus ceremonies and of Columbus by Marshal Foch 22nd, before 250 rep- 0f the'Knights of Colum- 8tales of the Union and Vlstors.) James A. Fhlherty, gift of the statue, noble figure of a French more eloquently the nature of this gift of Columbus to the ance ill memory of our Who perished so that Lafayette and Wash- for anti won might be b the Worht. Here, by tbis |a bronze, with the bas- marble--a work of America though redo- the great artists we see Columbus, the Ilights of Columbus, in America; we declaring before Congress in 1917, that of France must be Peace comes to tbe e General Pershing at the and we see Mar- the field of battle proph- to members of our statue, with its bas- location we, with have given it, I simply expressed by have come to show of America beats that we Knights of Catholic citizens of by this memorial, to forever the holy bond CaUse ef freedom sealed [ OUr beroic dead." of New York, su- 0f the Knights of Co- of the City Col- delivered the era- He opened his ad- Jure the history of France and the narrated tbe inci- Catholic clergy to :aid the strug- America. Call never forget by the Bishops of people of Frmlce those trying days. fitting and appropri- "tbat the Knights this historic their pilgrimage ; the starting point career, cud that, a hundred years sacred precincts Marshal Fer- of the war, was fOUndations" of that which in later in such good Columbus welcome SYmbolize the age- bind America to to recount the Lafayette's ex- and of the sup- cause by other great "We have chosen "because he and beyond all of France to- the centu- as a loved and trust- Father of Our Coun- binds America to back many years be- American freedom; When almost a cen- landing of the Pil- llymouth Rock, the master pilot of these parts, to be saintly and heroic Whose names are, our history like stand forever," he enduring and ever- of the bravery of fighting men to victory over a be a constant re- that, however the enemies shall con- e irritations that the national lie the domestic considera- or the other shall the mystic cords across the of America to gift of the typifying Amer- and memorializ- Under the red blue of the sis- enduring pledge mindful of the and that Amertca 'baton to Marshal the College of St. i humanity owes to tiffs grey man of Christ who leads the flower of Amer- ica's youth to glorious victory, and whose strong hand has so guided the French nation in its hour of victory that that victory has been made secure and pernmnenL \\;Ve honor Fech in 1 GATES CATHOLIC EXAMPLE the llame of the fallen heroes of Airier- i WORTHY OF EMULATION. lea whose bero he was, and in honol'- i ---- ing him amid these, the scenes of his I (By N. C. W'. C: News Service.) youth in the old Catholic college he/ Washington, D. C., Aug. 23.--Cath- loved so well, we are also highly hen-/olic charities--hospitals, orphanages Prod, and I. venture the wish, and ex-iand homes for the old and the friend- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1920. PAGE TdREE Protestants Give liable and philanthropic institutions Germans Rovcott lagain drawing good h'om evil? No . . - .. American Catholics also support from ------- .... --.-' --.  Imatter how nmch the cruel war may al;nOllCS (.;refill; their ln'ivate purses 110 seminaries C[1OOl in YYlucn ibe condenuled here, it has neverthe- For Charities 211 colleges for boys, 700 academies Atheist Is Taught}less, in the eyes of ninny Catholics -- -- for girls, and 5,852 parochial schools .... been productive of some good, for the INTERCHURCH REPORT INOI- As Catholic charity in these numerous CATHOLICS OF NEW REPUBLI( }Church breathes more freely and hosl)itals, homes and refuges is be- FIND COURAGE TO INSIST ON Protestantism bas lost its support. RIGHTO. [ quate. OPPOSED BY GEORGIA , [ I rotesta]Hs have been CSl)ecially I)e- I)RAFT OPPONENTS}hind-hand in providing for the care of  [tile sick, the report indicates. With It S ' (By N. C. W. C. News Service) /menlbershtl) of about 25,000,000, the I Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 23.--The anti-lvarious Protestant denominations l Catholic issues was raised in Georgia/hav e furnished a hospital service for general assembly during the fin- only 43 1)er cent of their adherents, al days of its session when a sharp while the Catholic' have Institutions debate was precipitated through the with bed capacity not only for the 17,- efforts of Senator Ben J. Fowler o1' 594,324 of the Faith, but also for an stowed freely, regardless of tile creec or the nationality of the beneficiaries, and as by the maintenance of their own schools Catholies relieve other taxpayers of nmre than $60,000,000 of expense every year, their non-Cath- press this wish as a most cordial invi- less---prow)ks complhnents from the o]ic fellow citizens profit greatly by ration, that the great soldier of tlle framers of the Interchurch Move- their devotion to tile principles of age will come to America and be the ment's rel)ort recently issued ill two their religion. guest of America, so that all who have volumes. Catholic example in this re- heard and blessed his name may share]spect is proposed for emulation I)y MOSAICS ]"OR ALTAR OF ENG- the delight we Knights of Columbus American Protestants, wllo are shown[ IJSH ('IIUI{('H DELIVERI,]D experienee ill gretting him this day lto have made inadequate 1)revision for / BY AERO. and giving this token of ()ur admira-itheir sick, fatherless and needy feb[ tion and love." Ilows. [ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ........ /Protestant Hospital Service Inade- London, ,}lqy : --Mosaics for tile HONOR TO BENSON altar and sanctuary of tile new Shrine iad(lit!onal 6 per cent of tile total non- Catholic |mpulation ef tile c(mntry. These figures are taken from the In- tel'churc]l Movenlent's 'rel)ort, which illusH'ates tbeir effect, with a graph. the Twenty-second district, to over- ride the rules committee, which ha(1 refused to place on the calendar a re- solution calling for the erection of a state in honor of Rear Admiral of Our Lady of Consolatioh at West Grinstead, were carried by airplane from Paris three days before the an- nual pilgrimage arrived for the re- ligious ceremonies, including high mass. Benediction of the Blessed Sacran/ent and a procession in which 1,00[) per:ons took part, on July 13. The mosaics were received" in time to' complete the embellishment of the Shrioe for tile celebration. They wouhl have been too ]ate if the ordi- nary means or transportation had been emph)yed. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Berlin, Aug. 3.--The Catholics of Germany, awakening from the be- numl)ing effects of the war, with its consequent intellectual errors and con- fast(m, have made such tremendous gains ill courage and self-confidence that they are taking a more vigorous stand against the persecutions to which, as a minority, they heretofore have been subjected One of the most striking proofs of this new spirit of open warfare against injustice has been furnislled by the Catholic parents of Herne in Westphalia, who, in pro- lest against the inaction of the gov- ernment when they complained about all irreligious teacher ill the Catholic school, kept their chihh'en at home.' While apparently unimpm'tant in it- self, the sland taken by the Catholics of Horns is meeting with commenda- tion from their coreligionists through- eat tim c(nmiry an(l even many Pro- testant eomumnities ]lave organized meetings nf sympathy. Whosoever studies tile history of the great defection from the Clmrch in the occident and is familiar with the sad role played by the rulers, especially of the court of Berlin, will marvel at the change. Influence Of Center Party. Without the great political and so- cial upheaval, affairs might never have shaped themselves so well for the Catholics of Germany Everything, it seems, bad to lie turned topsy-turvy first. The liberal views (if the social- istic masses bad to pave the way for the religious views of all parties, even those of the Center, to further suc- cessfully and legally this complete freedom of conscieuce and religious worshil). And while the Center Party has been sharl)ly criticized for its 'coalition and co-operation with the socialist nmJority which existed when the new republic organized its first form of g0vermnent, there are many who are firmly convinced that with- out this move by tile Center Party there would be no papal nuncio in Ber- lin today. Grinstead is tim only Catholic The incident is typical of the Cath- olic mind ill Germany today. Full and unfettered h"eedom of religious convic- Dr. Kleineidam Resigns, Just at the time when the Pal)al nunciature is being erected in Berlin; i the Roy. Delegate of the Prince Bishop WilliamS. Benson, from a fund to be collected among the .chool ehiidren of the State. Native of Georgia Admiral Benson is a native of Geor- gia and a former resident of Macon. rn'ish in I,'no'land survivino' from nr, tiens and worshil) is tile ideal betngt .... Similar want of provision for suffer- " " ' ' " '" -I .... , . .. lane Arcnueacon of St. Hedwlg's, Dr. Reformation (l't,,s to the m'csent seugm anu many recent eents woulu .......... ors fronl incural)]e diseases, such as a, v .[ ilelneleam, has announces nls resig- Pilau'ires 'lw the roof ch'v)cl where seem to indicate that this complete ....... cancer, tuberculosis and leprosy, is  .... ' ' '1 ............ I nauon, in'. mlnieoam ]s 72 years shown. Speaking of this class of im (lul'ing the prosecution, of Catholicsn'eeaonL ...... o} wnlcu tne erman uam- old and has held his off- e,r ,,,o,,ee .... in the dave of l, lizabeth James I and ohcs have beard so numh but which, .... siltations, the report says: -"  " ' " , " " . . . ' . iyears Tne aumimstration of the del- Cromwell nriests said mass for thelbecause of then" imemor ntmmers,. ..... "Tile Rolnan Catholic and the Pro- '  ..... . ....... egauon requires a ]nan wuo COUlOlnes new faithful The hiding places in they nave never compmtely reanzeu a.^- .-^-., ............... A similar resolution, commending Ad- , u,u uuw, uuu, SUreLy ann vigorous miral Benson's services in the late war health. While Dr. Kleineidam has the and auth0rizing the erection of the statue had been passed a few days previous by the Georgia House ot Representatives. Senator Fowler, who sponsored the resolution, is a member of the reso- lution committee and following the committee's refusal to put the mat- ter on the calendar decided on a min- ority report. K. of C. Mentioned In the debate on the floor, Senator Former Barrett insisted that the reso- lution was framed at the instance of the Knights PC Columbus, of which Admiral Benson is a member, and said testant Episcopal clmrches recogniz- ' ........... is soon to be a fact ......... ' , . WUICl] priests elu(le(i nelr persecutors l ing taen" responsH)nity ior wuicn they ale also sti l to be seen t ^t ' ' ' ............. ' ' ' .' ." .!' The Nuncio a . meowigs. Sll()lll(I De (!Onllnen(le(t uave es[aDllSne(l . ,,  .. ,. ., t g'W(HC anti a pol'llon oz a ven A significant cremony in Berlin re- several hcsl)itals and honles for ill-! ................ I ........... Ot nc lesse(i vn'gm, anti a ol o;tcently was the celebration of the pa- cln'aDl(?S In various sections el tile ; , . . ., . .. . ,. t . . . iwoo(I rom ne aoe a wlucn uelrochial mass m the beautiful etmrch (Ollnlry. 'r t , , , iLast upper was eereorated, arelof St.. Hedwig by Monsignor Pacelli After pointing out that these Catllolic amens" the rel ca Dre;erved in the , ..........  ........ ,, ,,  ......... ' and l,]l}]Sco,)ahan lnStltlltlons al'o In-Icburci" lIIe(l,i,;l's ,,ra |he first and forJa Ion; sufficient "to meet anyihing like the ................. ' ' . " . --- i lllne file only L;atllOlle Gnurcn In Ler- geat need of mcurabl suffmmg lm [SALI,SIAN ] ATHIR% "' ' " " ' '  "  ' ", , [lin since the so-called Reformation( ]inanity," and that the Federal and f START AGRICULTUItAL I the beautiful old Catholic Churches St lie ovemnents had made no sat (OIdEGL IN IRELAN1)I [  "  " ' ' " : - " -" " .having been gradually stolen or taken isfactory '])lans or efforts to afford re-I -- i lwa hen "1 ..... ....  "y ' I lien" rlgutnn possessors 1 of 'lnd care for these thousands the (By N. C. V. C. News Service) I ............ ' ' - ' ' , . . ever since Ins (lay oi tile weak lJlector report declares" | Dubhn, July L--A new enterprise, ............ ...... ..... H)acnlnl ll. ii was lre(lerlcK ll, act- "Prolestantism as a whole has done]resembhn"d the actlvltms of the ,.., ........ ........... ,.. ,, 41 .... ,.._^_. very little to ameliorate the condition Church in former days, ]]as been ,,,s .............. v,,,,,.,- -,- ..... s,-- of these ninny hopeless sufferers." Elsewhere ill the report, in present- un(lertaken by the Salesian Fathers in the diocese of Limerick. Having' ac- motive, who authorized the erection. of the Catholic Church to be known as St. Hedwig's. The cornerstone was that he deplored the situation which allowed a discussion of religious be- ing argmnents in behalf of establish- quired a substantial estate in that ........ laid ill 1717 but wars lack of funds county, they nave esl;al)l]sue(t an ag'rl- .. ', .... ' .. . liefs to come on the floo'r, ing hospitals under "ewmgelical" CLnLur0.1 cortege a Veil cu young ]nen ......... .. Cheap Demagogy }auspices, the authors assert that "one .........  and tne resuucuon o[ rengious [ree- .......... " ...... tit)hi delaye(t Ins con]pletlon of ale Fowlei declar thousmd pel day ue tinned aay In response Senatm .....  " ,  ., , . , Will oe IatIp,'llll l)raclca[ am1 sclenlilC] ................... Church until 1773, when it was conse- ed that the United Daughters of the from Protestant elmrch hospitals in armm'. nls is tne nrs msuuuon, . .. , ........... crated by the Bisbop of Ermeland The 0t ILS l(ln( ]n ircJan(i, lVl.OSi lev. r. Hal]in'an, Bishop of Limerick, opened }land having been donated by the king, ,,  ....  ,. ._n^.,. }colas hearing on one side his image a,,l blvsscu [, u,c,e. [ " In the old d t-s the cler'," in and on tile other the inscription . t,. . t; i"F'mtor Sui Religio Catholics Re- monasteries cud abbeys wcrc exper " ...... ;..,,,H-,,,.;- q-q.,, ].,f Av.hh;.hc, r!nlana" (The Roman Catholic Church to Her Benefactol) were placed in the Healy, one of the ablest archaelogists t . . eel nel stone produced by the Church, asserts in one of his works that so perfect and in- To some German Catholics the fact tensive were their methods of agricul- that Berlin is to be the seat of the turc tlmt the lands immediately ad- Impal nuncio seems almost like the joining' the ruins of old monasteries irony of fate. Berlin, the stronghold maintain 381 hospitals, 288 homes for revealed, on modern exanlination, a of Protestantism from the days when the aged, and 391 homes for children, high state of cultivation in the past. the Hohenzollern became disloyal to They do not give the number of sire-" There is every :ndication that the the ancient religion! Berlin, the cen- ilar Catholic institutions. The mem- Limerick venture will be a complete ter of a strong Protestant intellectual bership of these sects is about 25,000,- success, life, where less than two hundred 000. The Catholics, with 8,000,000 years ago mass was allowed only in fewer members than the Protestant PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS, the embassies! Is it the hand of God :the resolution was a part of a general :scheme of the Catholic Church to in- :crease its power in the United States. He asserted that similar resolutions had been introduced in many other states and in the National Congress. "There is a political wing of the Roman Catholic Church that will en- deavor to crush everybody who op-' loses it," said President Olive. "This :ffo should be killed without com- anction and the Knights of Columbus should be told that they cannot put over any such tactics on the general assembly of Georgia." churches( counting men, women and - children), support a large number of hospitals, orphanages and old people's homes. Catholic Charitable Institutions. The United States official census of religious institutions for 1916 (page Sharp Criticism 652) says: ....... her Sharp criticism of the anti-Catholic, At the enu thoiSc hos ltaT:r:a: e" ported 543 (Ca ) p , camnaign was offered by Senator l .... " -' " ........... n Itariums and dispensaries, ann me agsoam, oI ne Tnlrl;y-elgnl;, wne :l;:7hi:hPs::ath::" ;:twel:nsth::;:lnl" ;:;?bne:t tfnc:t::tSo:td:::v;:ti::tds84o ' .......... I those treated in dispensaries which was dezeacea. enaor agsaam sam: ..... ' .... Slackers Now Fighters I were reportea t)y only a Iew lnstltU- g "A lot of those fellows who have ti:'-ylums and homes for orphans to been fighting the Catholics so hard - h ..... [the number of 645 were reported, with are ue very men w o mrnea I;nelr ,, ......... [131,671 inmates, continues thls gOV- OaCKS upon ];heir tovernmen curing   __ ,_ .,. ......  ,.^ . .. . . , .. - . lernmentreporL SlUtUecut-e me war. lz we nau IOllOWed their .............. ....  .... , I euucauonal worK, It 1S lmpractlcaole tO leadelsnlp, ermany WOUla nave nan " I glve even an estimate of the amount us by the neck." first two requisites, it has been ap- parent 'for some time that his health has been failing rapidly and his resignation was not unexpected. LAYMEN'S RETREATS Protest Bigotry The actions of the anti-Catholic bigots have aroused a storm of pro- test." A committee composed entirely of non-Catholic members of the Unit- ed Daughters of the Confederacy has adopted resolutions pointing out that that organization wag responsible for the move to honor Benson and that the action was prompted by the fact that he is a distinguished son of Georgia :and by no other motive. The resolutions point to the notable ser- vices of European Catholics in the great war, especially those of Marshal Foch. TheMacon Telegram, in an editorial, scores Olive for his bigotry and declares that he "deserves a sound licking" in his campaign for Congress. CHURCH CHIMES B' ELECTRICITY (By N. C. W. . News Service.) Paris, Aug. 10.A company has Just been formed in Paris for the installa- tion of electric power in the churches 'to rtng the chimes. contributed for the philanthropic work. "Practically all of "the (Catholic) in- stitutions and hany of the religious orders of men are engaged in iphilan- thropic work of one kind or another, while many of these devote their en- tire time to this work." The latest Catholic tilrectory gives the number of homes for aged persons as 121. The total number of inmates of these homes is not given. It cer- tainly is many thousands, since in 1916 the Little Sisters of the Poor alone reported there were 9,900 men md women in their 53 institutions. St. Vincent De Paul Work. In addition to these various perma- nent establishments for the sick, poor, fatherless and aged, Catholics do a great labor of charity through the more than 1,000 conferences of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and through other similar agencies. In 1916 the St. Vincent de Paul Society expended $993,889 in giving relief to somo 122,645 persons. While maintaining these purely char- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Boston,. Mass., Aug. 16.--Real relief for the mind and spirit of the tired business man is being affordcd in many parts of America today under the auspices of religious leaders who are eonducting laymcn's retreats. The spread of the retreat movement dur- ing the past five years has been so great that the number of men who will .participate in such retreats be- fore the summer season is over is es- timated to run into the tens of thou- sands. The.faculty of Holy Cross College in Worcester has just announced a rereat of three days, to start on Fri- day, August 27, at 6 Cclock, and to close on Monday, August 30, at 8 o'clock, allowing the participants to be back at business with the loss of only haft a working day. The invi- tation sent out points to the fact that "in America," perhaps as nowhere else in the worhl, does the Catholic man so need this annual refreshment of his soul, jaded as it necessarily be- comes, from the ceaseless struggle imposed upon it by the conditions of work and business life." ORDER ANY BOOKBOOKERY WILL GET IT FOR YOU. J09 West Second St., Little Rock. LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE PULASKI HEIGHTS, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. About seven miles from the heart of the city. Its situation is a very happy one, for the undoubtedadvantages of a city like Little Rock are combined with those that accrue from restrictions consequent on an out-of-town situa- tion. The extensive grounds of forty acres are located in a  remarkably pic- turesque spot between Forest Park and the Country Club. Easily accessible from Little Rock by the Pulaski Heights street car line. Senior Unit .- R. O. T. C. CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, ENGINEERING AND COMMERCIAL COURSES. PREPARATORY, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DEPART- MENTS. Highest Standard of Studies. Thorough Discipline. Gymnasium, Physical Culture, Athletic Field. ACCREDITED TO U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY,--WEST POINT AND ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES COLLEGE OPENS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1920. For Terms Call or Write REV. H. A. HEAGNEY, A. M., LL. D., President Little Rock College, Little Rock, Ark. Telephone: Woodlawn 530.