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August 27, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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August 27, 1943

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PAGE TWO Plans Advanced Reveal Huge Tasks Involved In Rehabilitation Program WASItTNGTON LETTER By Elmer Murphy Washington. (E)--Some indication of the nature of the task con- fronting the Allied Powers, other than that of a military victory and the defeat of the Axis, is given by the discussion of the problem of rehabilitating the countries which have been ravaged by war. Plans to that end are now taking shape and a program is being laid out in accordance with which the resources of the more fortunate nations may be drawn upon to extend aid to the stricken peoples who are not able to sustain them- selves. Although in Washington the emphasis is laid upon the military situation and the imperative need of winning the war before other tasks are taken up, it is quite ap- parent that rehabilitation cannot be put aside altogether until vic- tory can be attained. The relief problem follows closely on the heels of retreating armies. Pop- ulations which have gone through the ordeal of conflict must be fed and clothed and kept alive until they are again able to sustain themselves. This is not altogether a phil- anthropic undertaking. The chaos lwhich is often times the after- math of war may be little less disastrous than defeat. Orderly government may topple before the desperation and distress born of conflict. A force strong enough to maintain order may be lacking. There is no foundation upon which a new regime can be built. In their asperation the people may turn toward self-constituted Congress. The plan will apply to areas liberated from Axis con- trol. It is possible that Sicily may give the key to Allied relief policy which may play a vital part in shaping world destiny for many years to come. Some of the propaganda which Soviet Russia is reported to be beaming over the ether waves is puzzling to observers here. They believe it a case of not thinking out all the angles in advance. The United States Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service an- nounces that it has heard a pro- gram broadcast from Moscow which featured a recorded speech. It was said to have been made at the inaugural conference of the National Committee of Free Ger- many, an organization formed in Russia of German exiles and Ger- man army officers. The speaker was'identified as Lance Corporal Jakob Eschborn, a native of "Heidesheim on the Rhine," who was said to have been a student of theology and a member of the "Order of the Heart of Jesus." More recently, U.S. Govern- leaders Communist, Nazi and ment monitors have reported Fascist---only to find they have hearing what was described 'as an: lost more than they had hoped to address by "the second member gain. of the clergy" to be featured on Heln must be extended nuicklvlthe "Free Germany" broadcasts. ! i he col a e o - " He was described as Matthaeus f t 1 ps f all govern- . ment is to be averted and some Klein, a Lutheran pastor from .............. Bittingen in Baden semblance of order is to be main- tained. For that reason it is a The first of these broadcasts, it part of Allied strategy to extend was reported, declared that the relief to.the peoples of recon- quered territories in the wake of retreating armies and to lay plans for the systematic relief of the countries when peace is attained. The most effective weapon against Communism or any other form of dictatorship is food and clothing. There are indications that con- gressional and Administration leaders are. of the same mind in this respect. All recognize the necessity of a rehabilitation pro- gram. The only apparent hurdle in the way of the adoption of one is the possibility that Congress might balk if it is left out of the picture. The Senate, or its lead- ers, take the view that an agree- ment with other nations cooperat- ing in a rehabilitation program is in the nature of a treaty and, therefore, must be ratified by the Senate. The danger of a split has apparently been averted. In a number of amicable conferences between congressional leaders and Administration spokesmen an agreement has been reached for the procedure to be followed. The Administration will submit the agreements with participating governments to Congress for ap- proval by a majority in each House. It will not be called a treaty-- which would have to ratify by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. It is quite possible, too, that the same procedure will be followed when the time comes to formu- late the final treaty of peace. The Senate and the Administration will work together, thus avoiding a situation similar to that which arose in the case of the treaty of Versailles, when the Senate balked at the world court plans. The State Department has vir- tually completed the draft of pro- gram or agreement for setting up the machinery of relief. This will be submitted to the participating government before it is sent to systematic religious persecution in Germany has been "intensi- fied" since the outbreak of the war, and all Germans were rallied in the fight to restore "freedom of conscience and religion" in a "free and united Germany." The report said that, enumerat- ing the ways in which the Nazis "altogether ousted" the churches "from public life," the speaker re- called the following deeds on their part: The Concordat with the Holy See was violated; secular schools ere made compulsory; Catholic schools were "pillaged and dis- persed"; religious customs, such as processions and pilgrimages, were banned "under threadbare pretexts"; religious instruction was banned from the schools; roll-calls of the Hitler Youth were held on Sundays "at the time of the religious services"; entire theological faculties were dis- solved, and many individual priests were prohibited from preaching. Observers here are quick to de- clare that the Moscow broadcast did not go far enough in the enumeration of the grievances re- ligion has suffered at the hands i of the Nazis in Germany. How- ever, they ask, what weight can! I such propaganda have, especially in nearby Germany, where it is intended to bear fruit, when one recalls that it comes from Com- munist Russia and recalls, too, Russia's record in the matter of religious persecution? Then, too, i they ask, if this "Free Germany" committee in Moscow has Ger- man exiles on its membership, does it include exiles who fled from Germany to Soviet Russia and who were atheistic Com- munists? With what authority do 'they speak? Will Your Child Do Well In, School? His chances of getting higher grades will be increased if he uses one of the MESSENGER Publications. The MESSENGERS are weekly periodicals prepared especially for children in grades 2 to 9. Used in nearly every Catholic school in the United States, the MESSENGERS give the child a better and clearer understanding of current affairs, science, history, civics, and citizenship. They help in the study of religion, English, and geography. With their aid, pupils learn::to read: better and more, rapidly. Especially attractive are the pages of true-type' comics.' The MESSENGERS are also Issued In SubdptIon rate= are low--about 2c a wsek speclal Confraternity Edltlons designed for for tho school year, In quantity lots. Individual the religious Imtructlon of Catholic children subscr|ptlons per years The Young Cathoic Mes- not attending porochlal schools. Pleats specify lenger (grader 6-9), $1.G0; Junior Catholic whether order Is for Schoo/ Edition or Con- Mestsnger(grades3-5)andOurUffleMssssnger fraternlty Edition. (grader 2.3), 80 each. 0000MESsENGERS ; TIlE YOUNG CATIIOUC MESSENGER SUN/OR CATIIOUC MESSENGER u OUR LITTLE MESSENGEff GEO. A. PFLAUM, Publisher, Inc. Dept. A Dayton 2, Ohio IIII II IIII II THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 27, 1943 PLAN IN AID OF CATHOLIC SOCIAL WORK Mt. St. Mary's Music T Presented In Recital Little Rock.--Sister M. Pauline, R.S.M., head of Mt. St. Academic Music Department, was present in recital by the ment of Music, Our Lady of the Lake College, during the session of the San Antonio, Texas, college, i from the Catholic The program of piano numbers Bachelor of Arts played by Sister M. Pauline in- Webster College, and a :eluded: of Music degree. I Toccata in D major .............. Bach  : : -- Allegro ma non troppo Catholic Soldiers Allegro Add To Prestige Adagio Fugue (allegro vivace) Of Church In Etude Op. 10 No. 3 ............. Chopin Jardins sous la Pluie ...... Debussy Augusta, Ga. (E)CatholtCl Paraphrase on the Blue Danube iers have been adding t0 Waltzes _. Strauss-Schulz-Evler prestige of the Church ll Spanish Rhapsody ................ Liszt South, the Most Rev. Lento I. Folies d'Espagne O'Hara, Bishop of II. Jota aragonese lanta, declared in a III. Cadenza, allegretto piece- livered at a Solemn MaSS vole, finale brated upon an altar Sister M. Celestine, R.S.M., of within the vast hangar Vicksburg, Mississippi, was at the Army Air Base at Daniel second piano. "I express admiration for Sisters Return from Summer Schools gratitude to the soldiers Sisters of Mercy, faculty mere- have come to the South, bers of Mt. St. Mary's and of ularly to Georgia because The campaign of the National Catholic School of Social Service, Washington, D. C., to insure and in- other schools in Arkansas con- edifying devotion to the crease the supply of trained Catholic social workers in the post-war era was given great impetus at ducted by the Mercy Sisters, have a meeting of distinguished Catholic women just held in San Francisco. The San Francisco Archdio- returned from summer sessions and the noble example ccsan Council of Catholic Women pledged itself to fill a quota of 25,000 of the 1,000,000 twenty-five- conducted by various Catholic Christian lives," Bishop cent War Saving Stamps which are to be sold as part of this campaign. Among those taking part in colleges, including Catholic Uni- said. versity of America, Washington, : "No words of mine are i the San Francisco discussion, shown above, left to right, were: Mrs. E. P. Carville, wife of the Gov- D.C.; St. Louis University, Ca- I to impress on you the ernor of Nevada and a member of the National Board of the National Council of Catholic Women; tholic University Normal School of being faithful to Mrs. Robert A. Angelo of York, Pa., President of the N. C. C. W., which sponsors the National Cath- Branch, held at Siena College, one of your duties as olic School of Social Service; Miss Elinor Falvey, President of the San Francisco Archdiocesan Council, Memphis; Our Lady of the Lake obedience, loyalty to N. C. C. W., and Miss Florentine Schage, former President of the San Francisco Council and  member I College, and Incarnate Word Col- try, fidelity to every o *^  .... ,  ,r .... *^^  * , .... ^ o,,^I I,Tr,,c,  lege, San Antonio, Texas; and you. In this way you Webster College, St. Louis. honor yourselves and -Xrkan00a0000" J.. tth mar school principal at Mt. St. day when victory will Council THIRD DE Rename Mary's and diocesan supervisor banners of your of grade schools conducted by the "It is the force of NEWS Supreme Knight Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas, was uine love for God, a member of the summer school that gives courage when Cleveland. ()--Francis P. Mat- faculty of the normal school, con- is needed most," . . ACTIVITIES IN THE ]thews of Omaha was re-elected ducted by the Catholic University pointed out after STATE OF ARKANSAS t]Supreme Knight of the Knights of America, at Siena College, to the valor of our v Memphis. fighting men. "The .,H_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-:_-_-_-_-_-=.t : of Columbus for the third conse- New degrees earned by Mt. St. your faith give the Council 996. cutive two-year term at the 61st Mary's Sisters this summer in- strength to be Fort Smith, Ark. annual convention of the order clude a Master of Arts degree duty that may be The first regular meeting of held here this week. Council 996 to be held after the Other officers re-elected in- new officers were installed by clude: Judge John E. Swift of Rev. Alphonse Mustier. O.&B., State Deputy Albert C. Ernst, Boston, Deputy Supreme Knight; [ spiritual director, Charles,mr was very well attended and this Joseph F. Lamb of New Haven, 200 Rooms 200 Baths $2.00 T. J. Arnold. presidett Park Hill, No. Little Rock was a source of gratification to Supreme Secretary, and Luke E. G. H. Kenkel, secretory, Brinkley the new officers. The evening Hart of St. Louis, Supreme Ad- Leo Hammer, treasurer, Ft. Smith was unbearably hot, but the recite. COMPLETELY AIR COOLED J. J. Duerr. let vice.president, membership seemed to forget the Leo M. Flymi ' of Chicago was Charleston weather in their display of en- elected Supreme Treasurer to Mrs Mary Burke, 2nd vie-presideut, thusiasm in considering plans for succeed Francis J. Heazel of New Pocahontal the future good and expansion of York. Dr. William J. McNamara Vlctor Kordsmsler, Srdvice-preatdsat, the Council. Particularly satis-ofFairhaven, VS., was elected 00--lhe WARD HOT Morrlltun fying was the interest shown by Supreme Physician succeeding r*,'*"  the membership and entertain- Dr. Edward W. Fahey of St. ment committees. Otto E. Metz- Paul. Gus J. Strauss of Austin, Mr. John R. Helbron and Mr. ger, Chairman of the Member- Tex., was elected Supreme War- '.eo J. Krebs, Grand Knight and ship Committee, immediately set den succeeding Charle K. Welsh Fort Smith, Arkansas " Deputy Grand Knight respective- the wheels o his group in me- of Wichita Falls, Texas. ly of Little Rock Council No. 812, tion. Under his capable leader- Ray T. Miller of Cleveland, Knights of Columbus, are to be ship this council will be well up Timothy P. Galvin of Hammond, McLoud Sicard, President congratulated on the wonderful on the Honor Roll long before the Ind.; Edward Molkenbuhr, of San improvements they installed in close of the current year. We Francisco, Philip Phelan of or- the local Council Chamber. Both look for great accomplishments tawa, Ont., Canada; James H. Frank J. Volker, Manager these men are members of Branch from this committee in increasing Decency of Cascade, In.; Michael No. 79. the membership, when June 30th, J. Howlett of Chicago, John F. Mr. and Mrs. Clements Berke- 1944, rolls around Council 996 Martin of Oklahoma City, Ber- ::z meyer of St. Vincents had a ram- will be able to point with con- nard A. Kennedy of Prairie du ily reunion at their home on siderable pride to its membership Chien, Wis.; John A. Flanagan of Pigeon Roost Mountain last week, roll. CatonsviIIe, Md.; William J. Gusts CIVIC CENTER enjoying the presence of all their Cooperating closei*y with Bro. of New Orleans, Francis Fauteux fourteen children, some being in Metzger's work will be the Coun- of Montreal, Gervase T. Murphy Coffee Shop  Sample Rooms the Convent and others in the cil Entertainment Committee, of Calumet, Mich., and Michael armed forces. Congratulations which is headed by Charles Sen- F. Welsh of Brooklyn were re- C]roulat[ng Ice Water Clements, who has been a faithful gel, who is also a member of the elected members of the Supreme member of the C.K. of A., for 4th Degree. Brother Sengel will Board of Directors. Free Parking many years, be assisted by Bro. Louis Seiter, Get a man's record when he's Convention Facilities Mr. Peter P. Hiegel of Conway Recording Secretary, and Bro. Leo alive; his tombstone can't be relied Branch, will have charge of the Burns. This committee promises Speaking Contest for Boys at the to arrange programs that will on. forthcoming meting of the Ca- hold the interest of the member- As lonely as a dying atheist. tholic Union of Arkansas at Mor- ship through the year, and any rilton on September 5th and 6th member missing meetings will be (Labor Day). a great loser. The Rev. C. S. Wolffer, C.S. Sp., Grand Knight Delaloye called a the genial pastor of the Morrilton meeting of the Officers and Com- congregation, will have his hands mittee Chairmen for Thursday, You CAN "Take It With You"00 full making preparations for the August 20th. It must have been two-day meeting of the Catholic very gratifying to the Grand If It's the RIGHT Education! Union of Arkansas to be held in Knight when it was noted that his congregation Sunday and there was an attendance of 100% Monday September 5th and. 6th at th,s meeting. Grand Knigllt Sound Catholic Teaching, Stressing the Means of (Labor Day). Father Wolffer is Delaloye, wants to thank all these also Spiritual Director of Mor- Brothers and all the members of Salvation, rilton Branch C.K. of A. his Council for their hearty co- t Mr. Dave Knesal of Little Rock operation in all activities and he Branch No. 79 escaped a holdup expresses his confidence that this IS Good for All Time, Better for Eternity. by a negro last week, in that he cooperation will continue and defended himself and beat off the grow. At the meeting on August attacker. His many friends ad- 20th plans were made for all ac- NOSURER INVESTMENT. TIME MERELY mire his pluck and wish Grandpa tivities for the coming year ENHANCES ITS VALUE Dave many more years of luck Meetings of this Council will con- and success, tinue as in the past namely, the yC second and fourth Thursdays but Chance, office on the fourth Thursday only will be an opeo meo*,ng *o wh,ch all 00UBIA(0 A(ADE00Y Receiving Rosaries, Catholic men in western Arkansas are invited. Programs for these Medals, Requested open meetings are being arranged. Little Rock.In answer to the Read The Guardian and watch plea of the Rev. Edward J. Me- for future announcements in this SUBIACO, ARKANSAS Cormick, Chaplain with the U.S. column. Army Air Corps, packages of ........... torSarieScome andin tomedalSthe Chanceryhave begunof_  O R R IS O Highest Classification by State Department lice. In order to avoid too many IVY' TIlE HATTER shipments, a wait of a few days BENEDICTINE FATHERS00GRADES 6 to 12 is planned before sending them LADLES AND HATS on. MEN'S From the quantity of rosaries received, it seems people of the CI,EANED AD BLOCKED Solid Classical, Science, Commercial, General CourseS' Diocese are looking up their old 523 Main St. Ph. 9976 t rosaries, and sending them in. Wide Choice of Elective Subjects, Solid Teaching However, it is felt that there are still numbers of unused rosaries. ,, ,,.,,, in Fundamentals Please send these to the Chan- BILL SCHMIDT cery Office, Diocese of Little AI T'T'a nn0ro Home of the Undefeated Co-Champion Football Tes00, Rock, St. John's Home Missions Seminary. 00utu-r00-,,r00t;3 The Trojans Plumbing And TIRE CO. Now, More than Ever, You Need An Education Heating , FOR ALL CA00S, will Protect Your Eternal As Well as "A- REPAIR SPECIALIST gk Vulcanizing - Retreading Insure Your Temporal Interests! Address: GEe. M. WOODS 000s-x0 Towso00 The ..=.lTe--'s*rar, Subiaco, Arkansas Call 2-3342 Little Rock Dial 4147 Fort Smith, Ark ; !