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August 26, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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August 26, 1990

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A mXs AUCUg'r Zt. manage events so they would come out Res )ect as we wanted. But the belief that any- one can manage events --- above allDear Editor: Ivan Kauffman warfare --- is contrary to events in the In reply to your Perspective article real world of July 15, one I heartily agree with, A When millions of are and the to said article order has endocrine weapons response by lay my a complete sys- few weeks ago everyone inmanufactured there is a high probabil- fellow parishioner Jeannine Stoals on tern, something that is missing in other Washington was talking about the peace ity that at least some of them will be July 29, I would like to add my thoughts. Catholic lay organizations. Can the de- dividend and used for the purposes for which they I feel one should dress not only toficient lay organizations be injected with how to spend it. were made. And when those weapons indicate the importance of the event substitute hormones to give them the The Cold War is are sold tO a military dictator, who has but also out of respect for the host or courage to take a similar stand? OVer, people a record of using poison gas against his the office said host represents. Charles J. Sippel Were saying, and own people, that probability becomes a Should one be invited to the White Cherokee Village We can take the virtual certainty. House to dine with the president a note rn0ney we've In the case of Iraq that means our on proper dress for the occasion is ca- been spending on the weapon sales will result in hundreds and closed. Miracle Van arms race thousands of people being killed m very abnd put it to What mother does not prepare for !ear Editor: possibly including some of our own sons weeks to assure that her son or daughter I m writing for the American Indian etterThenUSeS.iraq at- and daughter, is suited to the finest for First Corn- tacked Kuwait The world s governments are now munion? children in our mission school, Blessed trying to control the monster they have Why do the bride and groom spend Kateri Tekakwitha Academy, which is a. Virtually overnight the situation created by means of an economic em- such an outlandish amount of time and celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Chart e u . g d. Now instead of talking about bargo. It may work, but in the process money so, that each is dressed just so?For the past year, we've been work- ing and praying hard and asking friends iPlending the peace dividend people are millions of innocent women and chil-Would one dress in shorts or tank like your readers to help us collect "~,ging about the very real threat of war dren will face starvation, and thousands tops to dine with the governor and first 975,000 Campbell's labels for a qVIiracle an economic depression, of American hostages will undergo lady or even attend a Knights of Co-Van for our school. How could the situation have months and possibly years of suffering, lumbus banquet? thagged so suddenly? How is it nossible It may yet be possible to solve thisI feel if the good Lord Jesus has seen With fewer than 300 students in our one of the world's smaller'nations terrible dilemma with skillful diplomacy, fit to invite me to dine with Him (I 11 mission school, we knew from the start that there would be no way we could h ul.d so suddenly bring us all to the probably never get an "important, invi- collect 975,000 labels without help from ration -i.e. governor, president, Ma- -nkoneOfreasonWar? is that although Ira0- is The world created the donna or Michael Jackson), I can atfriends who care about our Indian chil- ra latively small it has one of t ae lar 'est monster which now threat- least, once a week, expend a little effort dren. rrnies in t o The response has been overwhelm- h,.,., he world. It has more than a ens to plunge us into a to dress to the best I possibly can for ins and we now have 675,000 labels -- ;-lton soldiers armed with the latest bloody war. the greatest banquet any of us will be which means we need only 300,000 c Ins'-'jets, guided missiles, heli- asked and permitted to attend. d_e ers, tanks, artillery---as well as the Jim Borho more labels for our "Miracle Vanl" eatlliest chemical weapons.., but regardless of its outcome Iraq has Cherokee' Village This is what we are saving: The front 0_FIw did Iraq's dictator get tats hands taught us all a painful and sobering les- portion only from any of the following canned or bottled products: Any all these sophisticated, modern son -- that the only way to have peace Campbell's food, Franco American, s Pons? The answer is very simple: we is to outlaw war. c"'u, them to him Durin the past de- For thousands of years the conven- Dear Editor: Swanson, Prego, College Inn, Chef's fle eve o ' " -- 8ovi ry ne from the U.S. to thetional wisdom has been that the way to This is written in response to the ar- Kettle, V8 Juice, Juice Works, the lids .et Union has been selling Iraq as secure peace is to prepare for war. ticle appearing in the Aug. 12 issuefrom Vlasic Pickles and Marie's Salad W- Dressing, UPC symbols from capons is it wants. But during the same centuries the about the offertory collection. Wed2d how did Imq pay for all these Church has been pointing out that this I suggest the Catholic laity be in- Pepperidge Farm products and from VOns? Once a ain the answer ao- approach to peace doesn t work in re- formed about the missing funds in the LeMenu Dinners and Swanson Frozen to be V Vea,._ very simple: we gave Iraqality. What the Church has said in vary- Vatican bank and the misspent funds Foods and the front panels from Mrs. yuns in exchanee for oil ins ways over the centuries is that if in the Archdiocese of Chicago - before Paul's frozen foods. Ia a " o " atetl th very real sense the world cre- you prepare for war you will get war. they are asked for more money. Also, we are seeking Labels for Edu- to :. e monster which now threatens "Those who live by me sword will die It is just possible they are declining cation Certificates from supermarkets. hPlUnge us into a bloody war whose by the sword," Jesus told St. Peter just to give because they are tired of These can really add up fastl Please ask iti 5!di ll aniredmt before he went to the cross, and with "Taxation without Representation."your store manager for them. increasing clarity the Church has been E.M. Weinslnger Send labels and certificates to St. repeating that message in recent de- Van Buren Bonaventure Indian Mission and cades. School, "Miracle Van," Eastern Navajo record,Pand rights Now events in the world have dem- Reservation, P.O. Box 610, Thoreau, despite the -t th NM, 87323-0610. tlicta, at Iraq is ruled by a military onstrated once again the practical truth ah atttrsh.ip without having to worry of Jesus' words it's time to take a new Dear Editor: When you write, send me your Spe- ever being, used at least not approach to national security. Congratulations to the Ancient Or- cial Intentions so I can pray for you, gatnst us e, , der of Hibernians in America for taking too. God bless you! a firm stand in barring membership for Fr. Douglas A. McNeil i APParemly we thought we could pro-abortion members Obviously thatThoreau, NM Missing funds Hormones Ft. John Dletzen ! SUre there is good reason why became the patron saint of so a special one to pray to situations. am puzzled. We are told that aa he was known in the time of became a traitor for 30 pieces of silver. After all this, how could he be honored as a saint? Judas, the betrayer of Christ, and St. Jude are two different people. Our St. Jude goes by the name of Thaddeus in the Gospels of Matthew (10:3) and Mark (3:18). Since these were probably the earliest Gospels, perhaps they wished to be sure no one confused this apostle with Judas Iscariot. Later Gospels are more comfortable with calling this faithful apostle Jude or Judas, but they sometimes make the distinction from the other Judas very clear. See, for example, John 14:22. The history of how the apostle Jude Thaddeus became the "patron for hopeless cases" is not clear. Consider- ing the widespread devotion to him, however millions of Christian believe his prayers have great power before God. (71 free brochure on confession without serious sin and other questions about the sacrament of penance is available by send- ing a stamped, selfaddressed envelope to: Fr. Dietzen, Holy Trinity Church, 704 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL, 61 701.) 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