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August 25, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 25, 1923

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I , , / o PAGE EIGHT __  G UARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1923 : * * i|;|*|ld * * : ;:fvU:e:ot:ePaOmulgate the degree, and] (Continu . adllhtUllU ||I son for hi refusal. None ") , " " By Aut,0|yeum was needed ' I cL?WS TAKEN AND RENEWED /I K flf g rT,U,TP, ! A C"'--Y-EARS -- / / I , u u, nu/l/i/ILJ I nvJ SINGER AND * * * * * * * * * * * * a There, is a sum of 10,000 francsi: ther Wernke delivered a most/" STILL IN GOOD VOICE Texas has a tba!ting the astronomer who first es-to esslve sermon on the blessings / LITTLE ROCK COUNCIL NO. 812 (B N C- - .... ' bein- s ...... generalreputation forl bhshes communication with some |.. e gamed trom the religious life;| OFFICIAL NOTES _Y : . W. C. News Ser.ce) thin;s 3:w,:m,-^' ugn" about sometOner planet. This unclaimed money| ae care to be,taken in the duty oil Communion Sunday ]B:::s, ug. ll..--The parish of , ' . ....... x veupm are unaer thel m ne bequest of a Frenchman wh, rperseverence; rne worth and besntvl Th, ..... 1 ......  I -, - ne nelgnoornood of Pau, l mpresslo.n that slight domestic dif-I died many years ago, and who clun'l f the convent life, and the securtv!Sunda;:;ar,mnnly uommumonihas ne lonor of having an octogena- zerences are settled with guns down jto the hope that even when h Jof the soul by living u- scru " .'1 .... "e memoers of this lrian church singer who has .... I . . e was . v pmously coun " . " noT; lelt ..uth. a story era man who ]g ne, h,s money would spur others to/t the gift which God had conferred f wll takepiace next Sunday,/hm .church for sixty-seven years. / w very ooviousiy murdered in Tex-/work for the wQrld's proc, resso ,. i irono . those who took the vows of r,q.-/-." s, o, at t. Edward's church .mce Re was twelve years old., M. / as He had called a man a liar. Thedoubtful whether the b .....  ..., glon; the gratitude they ow - , t ,ram anu ,erry St., at the 7:0ol Pierre Buzy has sn r--- ....  I ury brought in a verdict of "suicide "]ver lead to .... . .... "* "|mighty God for His lav,.  =..:=]oclock Mass. Members will assemble|High Mass and Vesr/e .:;''.'#,,."/ Vohwen t thh2dJ:: , was askedto explain |There are many'be't*tegr =:;t: oTdiie'l hem so far on the righ;"patU;h:t tt:rtl] e school hall. not later than quar-I pastr, of Bordes rem"ark'ed'at tl:e r:! - . mvea a is aecision thelpoing of surplus wealth wi* ,L_ __ | enos o the kingdom of God "You| - o seven and will march to the cent visit of the Bishop, to whom he o reman said: "Ain't it suicide to Isuranc0 of its bei,- em'lo -^ :-" --- I will have your trials," said "Father |church in a body. All members are / presented the vsnerable singer: "M. can a man a liar down here " Eve !wor  ........... " : u or me I Wernke, "but with -., - /urged to be present. IBuz ........ : .......... " , rantin, the+ , ..... . " "1 .u  wexare. or instance, for I...:, _ .   s-ace you ]  | "$"  va- JS Sl:lll title an(1 srong."| . -- ....... .xas is as ough as|two thousand dollars a man co, l,|l,, uurmoum; all your difficulties.| orrespondenee Courses / Anothel; detail is re orted b- / a.,_one expec a bmhop (even anibuild a little church which would helnl$e, ep ne sprat, of obedience always-.egnnmg September 1st, the n.eghbor: "Never have e seen oYu: wcopai one) to try to elevatd thelto ,.roa-ate ..... . .... vl oezore your mind; attend well to it I Kmghs of Columbus will conduct tw I:/singer in a temper" moral standard and not to sink to the Christi,,-: .... lrislanly; anu asland see to it that you live un to the i separate and distinct Corresnnl,. ..... " .... prevailing level J ..... y preceaes all progress, the Irules Bv th .... : . - ,S,,h,.l ' " ........ -- .......... i " ,hteea]oltihcbe_nefltis incalculable. I sated of a happy:a:d Y::cef;l l?el- 1 The free correspondence school ll'K|] s'|' W|NS DEGREE ] urcn xrension 5ocie- rel/gion. You will have God's bless-tier former service m A contemporary writer asserts that lty, of Chicago, has built 1 - . en and w there is no demand for a Cathohc ch " -- .n ndreds of mg wherever you are, and when who are in a ."" - omen, F.M.A. AT PITTSB dafly, andsa,siti.. ..... I ulcheswlthmneydervedfromoe-t!re e,m. .......... YUl position tu present an/ , GH I ,  a ,,aey re sup-lquests I" ....... ,m nls nit, you will be, honorable discharge flom the o | pose that there is Who su " rewarded as ou d / W rid/ th  ....... 9 -,. " Ppses/ l _ Y eserved to be, by War. The cost of maintaining th" (By N. C. W. C. News Servic ) _? -ere s.. 'Inert was no demand| Thomas Edison " ......... lyour entrance into life everlasting." /school is met from the residu -v : Pittsburgh, Au 20--Tho e . . . . , ymg o solve Holy Habit W . . . . James R.' Cox eha lain i!wfd;:!hri:waiP !/helYPr:bleenif: hhe eo B:rtgw'th ]holT:eh::?WThgeltmh:eecl::;eived the !ha:dsF:/dheStlnight:l:f%ol5 /Hospital, is b'elieved p to befthelVI;i::Y / ....... v I the notion that thr  .....  ......  .... " - ' Y (Sister l his school i - " - " Catholic priest to receive a de ree  HOPE Y m om;n America don't chew gum toJ ..... v ...... -. ne|vlary vlercy, Fort Smith n:^' - -xelumvely for former/ ........ g / r. , LESL any great extent But th  ^...:__lcould, of course, do what e-uall-/O'Donnell rSis*^ * ..... '.  "lservice men and womb- /xrom rne umversity of Pittsburgh | K'" onn. camel -  -=wmg r . . - .,  -* ,ary ose), Chica- ""-" Fat , " xnor and trncha gum people are spendimr money l-v |g eat scientists have done He could/go, Ill; Teresa Job .... , ...... / 2. The corresnondence o---, *--./- her Cox has been awarded the/ *orted ioh, il! b, ishly down there, and in-'m Ch: .::" t accept some things as revealed by the |PatrickL Irela  ....... ,o,ser luary members of the Ini,ht -*:,:5.- r degree of Master of Arts after two | ...... . tl ...... . w-- . . ., n.  o ,,- ,,.umvus. ear le One who ave hm hi o I y s of study m the School of Edu p will chew. Left to themselves/gence Bug. s own mtelli- / Renew Vows /artU'tlnatcostbasis. Membersof cation at the Uni ." people would never have risen in their, " na would not be strict-| The following Sisters renewe ^|ne Order only are eli..ib- * .... | versify. [ thousands and demanded chewing/ly scientific Edison has told the As- [vows during the retreat recent;; I structin in this school s'[ ItERMA ' [ The million-year-, .... , DURST, DRU -am psi " "' liesgUm'willAndneverleftriset themselVeSand demandCath'cath |er secreted" the truthPreSSandthat hashe is made"Seeldngmuchaf-I Mackey,/held: ReginaAlphonsusKeating,Butler, SebastianThomas., ]whatsoever. Ibers will not be received on any. torm ............  924, E x,,,n ...... or. rnoneGGIST:zluo |  nmeg mann lShasPetrlfl,ehm ella dailies: Tixe thine, t:, d, ;-- |progress." This is ,,.-* .... Isine Mur,..,  ........ , . . . ! |years. ........ o ..... - o cre-/ .... ,, -,,,, a nal: . ..y.,, mmppe Mustang,| ny memoer who desires to enroll |';' - - - ,----. ...... ... l h eths:hgOdlclle hwa::l:abn ue me astound. ] !ii!ti ' |ouncb accoramg o the hi:!h!f:!i] f!iteneiet:; t Association I B:U:d, .vvakelmm, : ! I :nAgtelihiti:i]mU/lniSD:rAo::ea2Rln:l:: Regis Edstrom,: is requested to write for .an applica./I [ tt'W! 1 !:JihtI2c!!nlei2:ls:prn:m:7::::_ B RA D F O R D !]i " A daily cannot rely upon pat -/. emonstrate the existence of llfel sewed their vows before the chaplain. Ilion a ..... ,mbus, Educa-| 1)R CO |/i S,ociai p,, ronage given as a mtter of dut.[beynd the grave." This is "much | Among the visitors who attended/.  xmreau, ew tiaven, Conn., or I| " ! || Nw Vr You cannot get people to buy things / prgress''' It will not be easy to se-I were/many friends and relatives-'of [ nave the local secretary write for you. I T]e;House of Ouality ] IJ I- us'araB ) as a matter of dut ' cure basic patents on these discov the Ssters, who took th Death of Brother Wm Boone Y. heywill giveJ . " " " - "" " e vows. I . l| rr" " l{ J 8"',,-," outhern " C:::i:daii/::ed: :ofred:o alemes iA:.:n/tsheMa:;rGruMxeKrat!e Grn_ldier:;daB.llYoBr::e, 914..Scot St.,I i nones. 4 0227, 40218 lit ,,, .,,., ,.,, .. . " ' n-! I ,.  , zvliss we-/ . ' g a the family 1| ()9 W Sec,--,,n , i 11 Today,,I Sell eY'.  nee(Is, interest. A Paver which IRllg.00lh00 MIIMq qflflM /celm.rummer, Mrs. John Grummer, |remdence, very suddenly. The news I| ..... t.  I| . Sells a million co ]est v.,aaaaq axqO ll relatives of $1 of his d / l'llone . ". P" o people who |' I - "ster M. DeSales, whol .." eath was a shock to us all.[i Little Rock IlLittle R . buy,l.t_merely as a.matter of duty / Ta C 6(TIAII, DV Icarus from. Conway; Mrs. Urb Halter, l rtler -pone has been a member of!.,..._ ]I .ock . woma Ian. 'me people would not read | v a aa autl D| |mss vmrla Schichtl, Miss Antonette I LmS council for a number of wn | ..... *4--*" ...... ":" 1 it. Therefore, they would not read | Irl )m^, |Thessing, Miss Josephine Favre M,-, |GERMAN AUTHORITY ...... I.  ' the advertisements They would not] a]lr-I VlLIBl01|Stephen Lipsmyer (of Little Rock;.l ON MISSIONS VISITS U. S. II buy, and the advertisements would be | , /Relatives and friends of Sister Stanis: | [ tIr _ withdrawn. Catholic dailies, i n order / (By N. C. W. C. News Service) |bus came from Menu, including Veryl (By_N. C. W. C. News Service) J| UR o succeed, woma lave to be so good/ Cologne Au. 11 ' ...... _: Iev. 2,ugustine p. Gallagher. Miss/ maryknoll, N Y, Au 20 Thetl .... , taul , 5, ..;i,llOlle ,LO. -  ' ' o" * lib al tha:te_people would wan them But thelsloanes , according to the Gazette|, aret. Cal!ahan, and Master I=Iar-/Very Roy. Joseph Schmiddilin, Ph. ", -,, p pets musl; come first *The de-|published by Russian emiants in/m ananan (sster and brother), the|ean of the Theological Facult an We im .. mand will never come first t IBerlin ,,n,  .... , ...... 6- . . |Misses Celeste Christian a  IProfessor - ' ..... y ._d/ ve plmty of money ,m band to -- .......... " i- , .,.,.. ,,,-,,.ver ue oarrea zrom [ .... "- ,,.,.,,/ - ,.,.-,o.,,- clenee a 1;lie )"  --.L I,U U L'|e Nm' ....  |emigration to Russia. The Gazette |um T h.mne2; and from Malvern !Umversity of Munster, Germany, who Ill -- mor aptable security, mad Nlieit apPliCant engous equality has a peeuhar[says that instructions to this effect| came Mss Dorothy Cook. l is visiting the United States was met ma;:=no chh;a::be of the legis.]have been received by the diplomatic|e;toYO::ee=tlatulati s were tender-/at New York by member's of the / " We B. WOR COMPANY  ] reeentl- d--r ...... " exleo. Theylrepresentatives of the Moscow gov-Ihe h-- " y prozesse, and from  Catholic Foreign Mission Society of | ...... -p , a bed ith c sea mac every religious lernnment in Berlin It has also been [na appaness wnren on their coun=Amer/ca, who tendered him hospital | lfs 157" y state snoula be limited to I announced from Moscow, sa"s the | nces.,.  s safe to say that not |it}, at Maryknoll N Y seventy.five ministers There are 4 1' ............  lone oz nem will ever -t,,, +^/ ....... ' " Later, Dr. /   ...... r^_._ .._ , ..... " . lvme puollealon, $11a; a process will -'-, ..... .  . - .....  *" lcmlaallin attended the fourth .,,1 l .... , mu  h_ =w m ne sme; 70 ministers wouldlbeo n h,,,)./ _^-__ ,,_ ..... Iae me aesperare chance of "escan-I ...... ,: ........... -_: -? ..... / --- De ample There are 4 o9 .^,^., 17,. " ........ # as,, me mxreen ling" from th rH)m,- ,-'- # i_,,,,v-,on o me amone Students' / 4    .... ants. 75 rain: ......... '.-': ] cassias nuns who have been charged / .... o.--. a. I Mission Crusade at Notre Dame | .... ,,a lAID O1 Y , ,-n woUlU sulIice tSul; wit .... " / ther  .a ao  .... " IwJ h anti-revolutionary activities, ] ..... " ._ .  Dr. Schmlddflin is deenlv interested - ....... , ,amoncs in the|which -^--'-*^ ...... . .- . . | the worla s minel" cried Monte I- ..... : ..... - .... state Catholic ............ I : ..... ,nu emezly in tale teach- I Crisp- and " ...... l"' o-ortunamg mmmon activities, cent of the o-ul:t "nam-e 4.1 per|lug of religion, lat the"'d We nenas men a.squamt].and has just written a book on this P p on. "me governor t o  orm largely asp still feels  important subject |that way about it, he can have it. J SUBIACO COLLEGE CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE FATHER S Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercial Course, Four-year College Cou rse, Leading. to the A. B. Degree. We make a lia]t of kavttng mmae i first mortgage loan-a therefore amatomers and etate we reprent with vtments. We act as administrators and tOTS under Will of many tat in other eounti in this State. We will be to ist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Central Ba CAPITAL, $200,000.00 Let us take ears of your money for you. Let us sel or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond, Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully mmtaged Bak can do. "'Come Grow With a Growing Bank." Build Your TERR Situated in Logan County, 110 miles west of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Healthful lpcation irt the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. Spa- cious buildings, up-to:date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses. / Forcata]ogue and information apply to Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR t Subiaco College, Subiaco, Arkansas. 201 West Second Street, Beautiful vistas of and valleys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Heaithfu pure air. The place for to grow strong and active. Laid out in a beautiful deuces ony permitted. All building. Streets, gas) electricity and installed. /