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August 25, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 25, 1923

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i: •Ji&apos; P-G:E SIX THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1923 - flays until his death some years after Strasner for some time. Novel Carnival Features for Thurs- wards. - The Catholic Social Club day, Sept. 20 The choir, which was considered the best in the state, at the time, was The. committee in charge of the composed almost entirely of non- .First Annual Carval to be given by Catholics. Messrs. Henry and Adolph St. Patrick's palish on the' school Nathan, who, afterwards moved to C <- grounds, Seventh and ypress streets, New York, und are now dead, sang stores in Jonesb0ro during the State Thursday, .September 20, promises to for years, Miss Sophia Hilzheim, now American Legion convention to be introduce many new and entirely dif- Mrs. Meyer We,let, lso gave her ser- held here next week. Ah'eady our ferent features. At a meeting of the vices. Mr. Carl Voss, now a prom,- business houses are putting on a fcs- general committee held the first part nent business man of Little Rock, tire air and by the time the conven- er the week, the ladies of the church sang bass, Miss Agnes Walker, who tion opens we hope to have all the promise.d to bring out some features married later Mr. Olander Hall,bur- business houses and homes beautifully at the carnival that will be novel and ton and died a few years ago in Lit- decorated for the occasion. We ex- - entertaining. ] pect fully five thousand legionares A feature of the carnival will be a l tle Rock, sang soprano. To raise funds with which to pur- and extend to them a hearty .wel- oig vaudeville review to be staged by I chase the organ, Father Lucy invited St. Patrick's Young Peoples Club un-1 come. Father Ryan, the poet-laureate of the Mr. and.Mrs. Fay V. Johnson and der canvas. The young people also/South, to come to Pine Bluff and de- their two children, Miss Jewell Smith will have charge of five side shows |livei a lecture, which he did, at and brother Paul, left this morning also to be on the midway. Smart's hall, the only place in the on an extensive motor trip. Their ob- A sandwich and salad supper will city where a large gathering could be jective point is South Haven, Mich., be served by ladies of the Altar SO-laccommoated. The hail was securecr where they will stay two weeks, from ciety and the St. Joseph's Guild will I sell fancy work. The Junior Altar i free of charge, and Father Ryan's there will go to Detroit, Cleveland, Society will have charge of the candy I subject was the "Soldiers of the Iiagara Falls, Toronto. They will Southern Confederacy." He spoke to stop at St. Louis and Chicago on- booth and toy and balloon stores. |a capacity house, many coming in route to South Haven. They will be All of the attractions will be under from the country and surrounding absent a month. The trip will be canvas and a midway will be formed that will be brightly illuminated• t town to hear the silver-tongued era- made in Mr. Johnson's new Buick for• The lecture was a success from touring car. A "carryon" meeting was held On|every standpoint and sufficient funds Mrs. Cecelia Spencer, Mrs. Lovie Sunday night by the general commit- Iwere secured to pay for the organ• Moon, and Miss Katherine Spencer, tee on the rectory veranda and the I The life of the old church which who have spent the past three weeks details of the Carnival program were [ has been a long, happy and useful in Chicago and Great Lakes, have ar- arranged with each feature des,gnat-[one, is rapidly approach,fig the end. rived home after a "most pleasant ed for the work of the several corn- The death sentence has been pro- trip. While in Chicago they purchas- re,trees. nounced, the spark is almost exinct.] ed a most up to date line of ladies The Junior Altar Society will re- Soon, all that remains will be many I hats that will be shown at their place• port their progress at a meeting Sun- sad and happy and sacred memories. I AMERICAN LEGION MEMORIAL AT LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE They made the trip in their automo- bile, and had practically no tire trou- day afternoon at 3 o'clock. It was here .that our children and [ AN INSPIRATION FOR THE COLLEGE R. O. T.C. ble on the entire trip. Young People's Club Busy grand-children received the regener-[ RATING GIVEN -- Miss Frankie Mason arrived home The St. Patrick's Young People's cling waters o baptism. It was here I6H 5,743. Sunday from a mot delightful six Club met Thursday evening in they approached for the first time the [ 19. University of South Dakota, weeks' visit with relatives and the school hall• Plans were made for Holy .Table to receive Our Lord• It LOCAL COLLE6£ the Parish Carnival to be given Sept• FOR 5,706. friends in the west. While in Los was here the Bishop made tlm Standing in the basic course was as Angeles, CalifOrnia, she was the ..20• The young people will have strong and va]ient in their faith• It charge of the amusement, such as ITS MItIT00Y WORK follows: guest of her sister, lIiss Mary Ma- ] was here many of them begun a new Vaudeville Review. which promises to ....... 1. University of Missouri, 10,926. son, Mrs. F. X. Keller, sister of Miss ' . . Ine m me acrament of Matrimony, be a show worth the money, also mxl an .... -- 2. Little Rock College, 10,477. Mason, who accompanied her to Call- . , .... ! a 1 was nere many, very many, :Attle Rock College Ranks Sixth of 19 side shows• enearsals ior me snows l _ 3. University of Arkansas, 10,286. fjoined her husband at Port- f were Drought for the blessing of the in Finals, Second of 15 in Basic are beginning under direction of Mr.! ..... 4. University of North Dakota, 9,- John Pruniski After the meeting re-j./cnurcn before starting on a long. Course, Records Received Here 896. land, Oregon, where he is spending his • . [journey. It was here the late sainted Show• vacation with his brother• Mr. and fr'eshments were servea ..... • 5. University of Nebraska, 9,862. Mrs. Keller will arrive home within r aner Lucey spent all the full years -- ° 66 Iowa State Colle e 9 Personals . • • g , . ,381. .............. I of his priestly life laboring incessant- Capt Hunter L Girault rofessor 7 Fmrmount o the next ten days. lrs. wildam Mcliermen, lzi wes l " - • ' - - : " ' p  • " C liege, 8,325. - ........ t Y 'anc1 untiringly xor the soUls in- )I military science and tactics a Lit 8 Umvelsl Mr. and Mrs. P• L• Graves and Fourth St., ann (laugner, uiss luar-r ...... . t - • " ".'•ty of Kansas, 9,325. truste’ to ms care and the pen le he tle Rock College, has received he 9 Kansas garet Mary, are visiting in Dallas, I lo - ' P _. . " t . State Agricultural Col- daughter, Helen, arrived home Sun- • toun, o- ,, ,o,""^ .^*  xr^_,.,, , ,,-l, vea•. ._ . ,] tmal rating of the colleges and urn'- lege•. 9,287. day after an extended tour of Ken- [  was the reayn of his life to see lversities that took part m the Re 10 Washm ton Um er . Galveston, Texas.  - - . . . " - • ' ' g 'v site 9 0 'a tucky, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. a handsome new church crown the serve OfflCelS' Tramm 11 " ' "" Mrs. K• J. Guenter, 310 Orange St.,| "- .'.. . : I ' " g Corps camp i . Ouachita College, 7,846• They made the trip in their new . . sle oI ne old one and he worked tel at Fort Snelling, Minn, in which the 14 Iowa and Miss Wilhemia ec nave re- th " - • " " " I • State College, 7,724. Studebaker sedan. Mr. J. L. Wood- ...., a ena up o a ew months of his|local college was shown to r nk sixth 15 Nort turned nome after visking .in hae ....... •, _  . a I • h Dakota Agricultural Oined them in Kentucky. Village, Ark aeam. l-lis amkion was not to be/el 19 and second in basic course. I CoIlege, 7,009. Mrs. Matt Stout and children have • _ ..... realized, God, in His wisdom and[ The awarding of places was based I  , . . . . returned from a most delightful visit Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koemer,  re "" - _ .. . . . Crelghton Umversty and Umversl- with Mrs. Stout's mother at Pocahon- - . .... p waence oruere(l it otherwise but on pomps ann every militar s b.'ect| • West Eighm, are spenaing melt vaca- who do-  ........ ' ' __ ..... . y u j ty of Minnesota also took part m the tas. ....... uws na from his home in carrleu a specl£1eu,numDer of ointsl "" tion in enon ann ro prings, ArK. heaven h .... a ......... P basic course, but never had the full e sees ann knows all nu au mese wen into a rand total night from Okalhoma City. He is the F .......... ' ...... g [quota of students to qualify them in guest of his mother, Mrs. Travis and eral amer am,..o:[ umaco, spent sev- a me ena oz camp. In the advance |the standing TaRKA eays m the cty, lookm after course Lttle Rock College scored th sister, Miss Alma Ingram. • g e The college boys also made a very taken i ,, ,, the be s wh " n funeral Y o attend chool at this following number of points m the d£ Captain Jack Froley is vigiting wonderfu" "" " f r " .... " " " good showing in the baseball league. Death of Sister J-n-hn of God Sister Celebrants, choir l cortege. All the old be s e en midmry subjects: Offensi e his sons, Tom and John, at Norfleet. will r ...... • Y .... , .... v held at camp, winning two and losin Columbus C : Mrs. W. Barefield, ].416 Maple F, fh::r._ ann several new ones, so corneaL, 6o; ueIensve combat, 1,000; one. The games were nl-,v,, ,,,,g of the Inearna!e•yord--Solemn Re- .... a, aJh° o,, .o,,a  n .... .,^- u,,h. .......  v was a success from minor tactics, 663: infantry drill 9 - -, ..... --- ........ qmem ass wire ulogy by Rev ""' ....... '', are the ,-t -€ .o]tl,,oo ., ,,o.ol] may angles. •aler Benedict. rector ouu; pistol marksmanshin 533" ,wo ,,--, _, " " ' . ?'" *'Y Father r. ,l. Boyle. % .......... o''", o-- ........... .,-., ,,,,o,,- • . ,-, , ....... ,vv, a cam was eli i ..... • of Submco, also anent the -i - .... marksmanshi- an  .... -' .... P g hie to enter body was escorted . wue. da " -. -- ann ,, u pcm weapons, a eam in the league. In th ' • • • the Mrs Wm MeKi-n, , , .... h. . y in Pine Bluff wsiting Father T - 777, and 1 225 for attendance . . e first For the third t,me m the ast . Mother Home • . ...................... '" nm, and other frie Y In t , . . . i game for the local collegmns they P. burial. 'Precious ter, Miss Margaret Mary, will leave ...... nds. he basic course, rifle marks- eliminat,  ..... c,-, ...... month the Angel of Death has vlmt- , ....... , ur 1,' F Kin a man  --,., ,ae umversly oi oro is me aeam tomght for Mineral Wells and Galves - "- " ." " g nd family are soon . ship, 333; automatic rifle, 2,146. ]Ames Iow-'- ........ ? ^ . ed the Sisters of Charity of the In- :o.nenT:f::,sonhee:rm:hey w, ll emit O:h:f?ir ° sh::rof °:kTsiffli lYSneto::::vne g, :o6m2:at:nf751tr:;:l!i:i:erCOtd":gutYmoefnihPnUnO::n:ir:d!:l atasWt °r:umonal::l][: ,  Provi- Mrs. W. McK,erman will be host- , .... t tme in some years that sire combat, 748; minor tactics, 1000;Ifeating them b- th ....... g'h Y;_ :']John of God to her eternal reward, denee Sister# ess to the A1 Lib,turn Bridge Club on I v'a:ai::gt:geheYr ha:: d enjoyed their] T::llYe, 1,?00;_ attendance, 1,300./At this stage of the ?bebal leagl .AI- 1 who knew her felt the charm and Last week mar W , me pleasure ge led both m the advanc  lmmence of their prayerful and ednesday afternoon, August 29, at lan  ^, ......... ] . _ . " ethere were only three team . +,1 . .. " the Sisters of l , o me rlp will be lar el ann asle courses m mfantr drill ...... samuy confrere She was born in her home, 121 West 4th St  .... g Yl " " Y ' ]running, Ouachita Col]o, •',___l • " Ifrom San Anteni Miss Alma Imn and MJ ---]m_e way nis new "Durant" behaves. Following is the final rating of the] i s ." .... ,:, na County Cork, Ireland. For fifteen the •  ..... " If the tires refuse t scho • Agg e and Lttle Rock College. So . . y spent the pJ Froley entertained with a swimming,| .... o be punctured] ols at camp. [to decide the ti  * ...... /years this revered and deeply spr- roe ....  of,el party Friday evening at Purdhan_ a tile spark plugs stay clean and/ 1. University of Missouri, 8,381. |drew to pla-Kans:s '=-c]-''mge - ,°ys[itual character devoted herself to the l -:--"o'-,--' " "- l "e s00r00er' all 00'me I 2 Umv / " ° an" l°S00/w I we00° rln s s acts as t erslty of Nebraska, 8,269 the final ork of the Master unpercmved b Sp ' g in honor of their guest, Miss " " • : ' • game b t ' Y b all " should, the visit i 3 . ' y he score of 5 to . Y , espemally Elizabeth Bailey of Benton, Ark. one P t [Schoo' .... g tural 4. So this put the college in third . .... " J.'p .. fher re- w ll be a leasan Kansas State A rcul the world The ma o, art o were very happy The St Mary's Altar Societ- en  • ,, .,yon. |place /nglous me was spen a ne urpnan-|,^ _., .... ,_ tertained Tuesday even,no, with a ard / . .r. and Mrs. W. O. Taggart are 4. Wentworth Military Academy, The followm . age m Galveston ,'  * " • be s ' rejoicing over a new 7 553 g Y composed the " turned, the only granddau hter , co]le e t Some ew years past an attack of one more teacher party at the Polish hall, 14th and [born to Mr and Mr g ' 5 "In g earn: John Gray, center n ..... • • • • _ .... Or n " • • s.M.W. Ta - • wa State College, 7,551.  i 1 • . ..• ......... m left Sster m fll health. age St. Bridge and Pitch were gart of Little R g . f e d, Dan Leahy, left fmld; Jamesl . . . the staff. -la-ed This -art ...... ock. The young lady 6. Lttle Rock College, 7,334 , urrows ; • -- B order of the Superior General, m P  • p ; wa a gTeal; suc- ,, . . •  , .ht field; Joe Roe fir t " • A new school cess answers to Ellen Jane," and willl 7. Umvermty of Arkansas, 7,323 Ibase; John Powers s , • s opes that the chmate wouhl be bene- but after th. • ' visit her grand arents ve ' 9 No . . . '  , econa ase; • • • " ....... Miss Kate Durst has returned to Father Schar -a to ry soon. le'-e 73 )"h Dakota Agricultural Col-,Chales Franz, short stop; Paul King, I ficml' ths humble soul was trans-lbot h teachers and • , p s r o . Fe-  ' ' • " ird a • . erred to Texarkana, Arkansas about • - her home,-.l124 Barber Ave., after ter' . .1 th b se, Terrence Lawn ca . . , |and antaeus to re _^.,. .............. s church for several years, left l 10. Umverslty of North Dakota and Gunnar Thouren . ., tcher, l: year ago. Medical aid proved of tic duties and it -,o,, u ,,,lOe, e,r. Tuesday to make his home in Wash- [ 7,158• ^ _,__ . , ptc!er. ! little avail, and after four da .... •  .... ' " in ton D . . • "' n onege also entered the track' . ° " "'*"Wlll work toward ...... g , • C. It s with genuine re- [ 11. Cre]ghton University, 7,121 meet entering two men .... tense suffering our noble and beloved is to m v^ *^ gret that we see F , oonn ray , - ,, PINE BLUff ,. uther Schafer leave I 12. Iowa State University, 6,456" .. _.. , ..... Sister died at three o'clock -,,,-, ..... i • • .u ,.,u x nun tra • • ...u. • • " ne Bluff• He m a entlema " 13 Fair • y ran the two-' • , cesszm, if not g n of fine mount College, 6,369 , monmg Agusc 12, 1923 She l. • • mile and Pauli the 220 The twenty i ' ., '. "s which was • ----" survived by Sister Camillus in tell- time ago capacity, with a most attractive per- 14. Shattuck Military Academ ne be. Father Tynin has returned from a sonality, and was as nonuIar ;th ,-- 9on  y o ys that the local college sent u • _ . . _ _ , 6,  to the cam w r P gmn of the Schumgpert Memorial o most deh htful motor tr , p e e m ever Last : "g "p of five members of St Jose h schur ...... 15" U • • " " ything that • Thursday • P ch as he • mversty of Minnesota 6 058 ould boos , . glen of the Schumper.t Memorial of • "ven b weeks..throu_gh the North and East, was with his own. Many good wish- 16. Coe College, 5,993 , , . w ....... t the Colleges reputahon, Shrevenort La clal was gl y ,uuca ,mproveu in nealm He s my *naue me best • ' .... ' • na es for a hannv and - .... " • ....... : , smwing that Lit-I _ "  Altar Society on t ........... SUl career -. ,emper lvliliary Acaem 5 € uiem ervice p!cked up the loose threads and is go with him 74 Y, ,- tle Rock Col!ege has ever made at any t .... eq  . s . Edward's church. ,  of the cam s a I xne olemn eqmem was celebrat weaving rote the hfe of St Jose hs p, nd the • " ' " " • p . Mrs Agnes Hanson '- .......... o ............. " " y put the name ....... -Itended 'the function, • • - reurne o. oum uazom mze WoUe ' eu me IOllowin mornin "-I • c0ngregatmn renewed zeal, energy from New Yor t-  r,. .... ge, of Lttle Rock College on the man.  ....  g at six wish to ex ress thei • .- ..... mcago, wnere , ......... "" ! o'cmcK m he Convent Chapel withIwho hel edPto make and determmatmn. The new clmrch she purchased a stock of milliner [dr " .............. P i Y y at all tmes ths comm wm e n r wnaplaln " r loym, cemran, ev s nearing completion, everything will for her shop. Mrs Hanson, b-" her IThe " '? "' ' g -" t r. lmi o auto accident• I O .... " ." .... ' "  •[ On Saturday mo,rp: De 1  Walls nave een re aired a h r I  laren(mn, ) D, deacon lev 'n readiness for the dedication pleasing, courteous man .... : .... I . .. P " nd] Fat e Joseph Hofflinger of Para m" " .... ". " ; '!of Mary held a rg • , lll', IID, S DUlI man o " • " x. d. luarin .suD-(leacon. whmh will tke place on the 14th of up a snlendid bus; .......... f.. Y mer a,:eratlons made• One of [gould was a caller . at the H,snlt! ....... ' , and Rev. [ are proud to anne October ' - . ....  --, . . ...... , ,u s one o ne rues: pmasant surprises for the/last Thursda,, --, ..... ,v. 1,. u'nen, master of ceremonies, lm.a ......  ..... ,, de • . 'me mus oremost business we- • . " . . , ....... w,. The old church m gradually being men " /younger children on the,r return to- Mrs. J. Lenihan of : ...... I The ehor of Saint Edward s par-[helnt to swell the f dismantled. The altars in the sane-i " |school this fall is an Ocean Wave, the [iting her sister, Miss Grei'f. m  v*s't ish with Mrs. John C. O'Dwyer as he}) to swell the :ft i ' ' / . I . • . g ft o Mr. Alex Berger,,presdent of Mary Jansen, of Pocahontas re- orgamst, chanted the reqmem music Next Wednesds) tuary, have been removed to the new - the American . , , m harmon wltl church, and with a fresh coat of paint JONESBOR0 ] Fatler Ra TrUSto Co |malned m Jon y  the solemmty of the I ' • esboro after the Jones services Th " • . " Catholic Daughters will have to do duty until Father Ty-] I " ym nd Gomez, O. C D, |bore, Weiner, Para-ould " _ • " " . e little chapel was taxed entertai n the memb fi " ' • , ' ' s , ocanonms . • ' • .: nin sees his way clear to replace I ,a_^  ...... [ rushed a mx weeks course in Span- [-icnic, to visit ,..* ..... to t. capacity and beyond. After  ..... n ,; Vo,,aeS • v, , ne mos success:ul su " • ,- ,,,,, nor aunt, .lrs. • . , -,,,, r .... , ,,, ...... them w,th new marble ones lev^, ........ mmer/lsh for the Ssters last week, and re-|Cams the Absoluhon Rev. Chaplain Boyle i _ v ,, ., • . ,,, was ne penn social " • " • . . ,-,,s -, x, : The organ was taken out some[Th ......... Y - gven last |spending to a telegram announcing, [ Myra Murr .... u ......... rendered tlus impressive funeral era- "h, ......  a,,,n’ [ ur.uay nlgn on ne school ounds • . o ,, --,,v nau nor onsus ........  ...... - ...... . weeks ago and has gone forth on a I- ......... gr ,[the accident of ]ather Joseph, 0 C [removed lae .... v ...... tlon: ,,: .... • . -y ne t-arenr Teacners A '. " " ' - - .....   . Jernard's  anua picnic suppe new mmsmn, after having done duti-tn,, ...... ssocmtlon.|D., of McGehee, departed for Little osnital ,-o -" ........ ' • Father Boyle's Eulogy .... _ - . • . ,. , ,,a m,y recovereu rom • . -. vx own VlSlOrS were Mrs Lini [Roc the In th " • ful serwce since the fall of 1877 It |hun ....... ,- " " k. He was the celebrant of the oneration e death of Sster John a saint. D . o,,o cad • . - anu zurs. lestie O trien a - " ..... - ........... was the first plpe organ in the eit,,"/ci , ........ nd second Mass at Jonesboro on the feast Mrs Ruth Wehh  ....... ly sprat has winged its fhght from ,a y -  ^ • , n mren, leslle Jr, and 'ra " • " --  raplclly eonva ............ ,. ., " yes, m the county. It was purchased of " ..... ? • . ncm, all of the Assumptmn, so Father Strass lescing from an ......... this vale o sorrow and suffering to ,.. oon oo,. umpnls. A n • " vpxaion Ior a en- -.,,--, ..... ---' from a St Louis firm and was of the are -" - umber of repmrs net could say Mass at We,her dicitis PP the realms of perpetual rest where ,.,, o +'la,,,st • vemg mane around the " ' • ...............  famous (in that day) Mason & Ham ........... school and Rev. J. F. McBarron of Holy Ros Several Jonesbo .......... God reigns m transcendant splendor th .... a ,..,,,. . jstuuuus So as 1;o De in " - o xttZZll/les moorea • • .......... ,-.--- lin make Even to t 1 readiness for cry church at Stuttgart, and Fath En elb r with His elect tier constant and re • h's day it is an the opening of the fall term Chas er to g e g last Sunday to enjoy " " P " mankind. If it instrument of wonderful volumn and Gallagher and sweetness. Prof. EIlinger, long since gone to his reward, was the first or- imist. He was a finished musician, his eorp of workers have improved the drainage system around tha school to such an extent that it is hoped our basement will be [the parish picnic of St John's rch reetoryJ°s' Troitsheimthis week.were visitors at the Ralph Wimple, of" Harrisburg,Chu __ Father A. P. Butterbach was con- made his private Holy Communion in fined to the Hospital three days last I' Jonesboro last Sunday. He has been week, suffering from injuries in a J taking instructions from Father the change of has ar- Queen of raged for a party for members only lestial home, next Thursday night, the white-robed Postal card views of St. Roman's glorious feast of school and also of St. Bernard's Hos-'whose dawn is pital, will be on sale a the different us. Well trained vary the departed that there is no " cr0ss, hence, she flinchingly bore tion of ever example of Well might the the humble silent vigil o'er i read: "Not my flline be done," for for God and The world was istence, and her inspiration to you, saw her so away. "An heart thou wilt not cried the Royal humbler than tered an act of er meaning than become as little enter into the Ki Who had a more than the departed? er example of "Yea, said the done for these done for me." The good Sister's life care of destitute "Come, ye blessed sess you the for I was hungry, to eat, I was to drink, naked Such has been her i she not feed the not clothe the she not give vered lips, to the Here repose for mortal remains in where she loved to hours of the her simple soul in ator. Out from pass but the virtuous life, those who knew Christ, and likewise Saint Paul well have fought the kept the Faith, stored up for me i of everlasting Every eye love and sorrow• Buried at At seven o'clock That giving, as relieves, is alone ed charity. Make charity. nounced devotion to the Blessed Vir- gin Mary was not in vain, for whilst the good Mother Superior of the Or- der was summoning to the new foun- dation in California some Sisters whose health might be benefited by would be the center