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August 25, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 25, 1923

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1 L: FA FOUR TITE, GUARDIAN, AUGUST 25, 1923 Why the Catholic Has His School (Reprinted From "America.") has been done and should have been The Church is the divinely appoint- prevented, nor provide immunity ed guardian of the doctrine and me- against the dangers that are ahead. rality, enjoined bY Christ. She has a ' Half an hour in the Sunday school, or divine assistance to discover- afar in the Bible class, will not purify the whatever may be opposed to either, and to establish safeguards against the inroads of unbelief and immoral- ity. She has. therefore founded her schools of everygrade, in which full value is given to religion, the knowl- edge of God, of Christ, of the com- mandments, of the Sacraments, Of life,'death and immorality.- She rep- robates and must reprobate the eban- cloning of childhood, youth and gow- ing manhood to an atmosphere of atheism, indifferentism, or what is called independent morality. Under her divine commission she has to up- hold the sanctity of marriage, the sa- credness of human life, the right to fair name. And she knows that where reverence for the Great Law- giver is not inculcated, it is impossi- ble to inculcate the observance of the law. The Church will have us look upon the child as with the eyes of Christ. The Church insists and must insist upon an atmosphere that not only will not stifle the moral life of the child, but will favor moral growth, upon an environment which may be made a practical aid to resist the germs of infection. The Church, mindful of the words of Christ concerning the scandal of the little ones, will not have the child feel that God and his com- mandments and the Scripture story, Christ and the Gospel, prayer and the Sacraments, are things which may not be mentioned, even historically in the classes of the week. Half an hour on Sunday will not undo the harm that garments of the soul of the cumula- tive poison with which they have been charged. And, moreover, the banish- ment of that lesson from the daily life, together with the albert work that is made of its sombre formality, sim- ply offer to the child a standard for an appraisement of the lesson--an appraisement which it does not fail to make in strict accordance with these tables of value set for it by its eld- ers. The office of the Church is not merely to baptize her members and lay them in the graves. She has to be with them and have them with her, so that they may have salutary warn- ing and know where to look for safe guidance when the storms of passion are raging fiercest. She has to be with them and have them with her, so as to be able to lay bare to the growing mind the sophistries of scep- ticism and unbelief. She has to have them with her in their young man- hood, that she may put before them the fullness of duty in individual and domestic and civil life, and insist upon the holiness of these duties for which they will have to answer to the Eter- nal Judge. All this the Church cannot do with- out her schools--shools of every de- gree. Therefore, she has her schools. And, therefore, is it also that when the agents of the powers of darkness 'Vcish to inaugurate anywhere a reign of immorality, one of the first things on their program is to suppress the Catholic school. have been or are now in control. Where the opposition is not alto- gether from the anti-Christian ele- ment in our country, it is from those who utterly misunderstand the Catho- lic school. Where is opposition to the Catholic Church most pronounced? Is it not where Catholics are so few that they should not give the people the slightest concern*. In most southern states the Catholic body is negligi- ble, yet in these very states the peo- ple have no interest in schools gener- ally. Not half the children of the south attend any school regularly, and the schools are poorly supported. In some places an entrance fee or tui- tion is charged;in some places Catho- lic Sisters have opened up public free schools, out o sheer pity for the childrell who would otherwise be de- prived of all education. What must be thought, then, of anti-Catholic organ- izations, such as the Ku Klux Klan, which emanate from the south to make a pretense at "saving the public schools in the north?" If people of the north were in the slightest degree cautious, they would insist on these organizations first bettering educa- tion conditions in their own land. Only a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court of North Carolina decided that "Public Schools are not a public neces- sity." Commenting on this decision, the Seattle (Wash.) Union Record, May 9th, 1922, says: "This decision is handed down in a state notorious for the inhuman heding of little chihlren in the cotton mills." If the parochial school teaches ev- erything the public school teaches and with equal thoroughness, what does it matter if it teaches one or two things in addition, especially if the extra instruction will tend to make a better Christian and citizen out of the boy or girl ? Why]the Catholic Defends His School (Reprinted from Our Sunday Visitor.) Our enemies are making the paro- chial school question a perennial questien. If they were not ever on the offensive, we would never be on the defense. We would much prefer to go on quietly rendering to the youth of the land the most precious benefits procurable even in ts country of glo- rious opportunities. We would con- tinue without any boasting, to show our greater appreciation of education by paying twice as much for it as any other body of people. In this utili- tarian age, in this country of practi- cal people, the value of everything is measured by its cost in dollars 'and eeats. If, therefore, the cost of edu- cation to Catholics is twice as high as to all others, they must place the highest value on education. But this is of seeendary moment. It is principle that matters; the principle that the youth of the land must be taught to observe the Ten Commandments, to respect law and authority, to revere things sacred. If "Honesty is the best policy," so is other virtues, will be habitually man- But neither honesty, nor any of these ifest in the life of one who is bereft of faith in God and of religious prin- ciples. George Washington under- stood this so well in his day that he referred to it in his farewell address. Not only do Catholics and Luther- ans, and Advtists believe in reli- gious education; every religious body des. The officers of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, representing nine-tenths of all church-going Protestants, have ex- pressed their belief in it. The Metho- dist and Baptist churches (south) at their recent National conferences passed resolutions in favor of it. In the State of New York, religiohs in- struction will be given in the lubli schools next term. All this is proof that the principle behind the parochial school idea is endorsed by churchmen of all creeds. The opposition, there- fore, comes from organizations which must not be in sympathy with Chris- tianity itself. If you would know to what hostility to religion in educa- purity; so is truthfulness; so is obe- tion leads, take a look at the countries dience; so is the spirit of prayer, etc.of Europe where anti-Christian forces EXILE OF DOORN LOGICAL CANDIDATE FOR KLAN WIZARD (N. Y. Times Editorial) Out in Steubenville, Ohio, the Ku Klux Klan has been compelled to take a dose of its own medicine. At a meeting of Klansmen, an outsider ob- jected to the Klan's'use of the Amer- ican flaga prescriptive and exclu- sive right, according to most Klan doctrine. A fight,started, in which, according to news dispatches, a hun- dred Klansmen had to stand off three thousand meddlers, and got the wors of it. Klan Furious The odds were even greater, if you believe the Klan version. The enemy outnumbered the Klansmen two hun- dred to one. DOubtless the hostile mob looked larger to excited partisans who had the small end of' the fight; but the interesting aspect of the case is that the Klan is loud and furious in ] its denunciation of this mob violence, I and announce that it will prosecute I everybody implicated in the riot. The 1 Klan goes furtlier. It demands the / resignation of the Mayor and Chief o@ / I i t Police because they permitted a law- less outbreak. In a somewhat impas- sioned outburst it urges the citizens of Steubenville to stop digging their own graves. In other words, it insists that the Mayor get out because he lets other people be rough with the Klan. We have never heard of the Klan's demanding the resignation of a Mayor who let the Klan be rough with other people. Piteous Whines When Klansmen put on their masks and sheets and go out to do a little regulating, thirty to one is considered fair enough odds. Anybody who finds himself set upon, single-handed, by two hundred Klansmen is merely out of luck and getting what his iniqui- tous mode of life deserves. But when the Klansmen are set upon by a larger mob, then there are piteous whines and a hasty rush for the pro- tection of the law which the Klan su- persedes so long as it has the upper hand. It isexact]y the attitude of the .Germans during the war. When they bombed cities and used poison gas, it was a necessary and healthful act, a fulfillment of Germany's manifest destiny. When the Allies in retalia- tion bombed cities and used poison gas, it was an infamous outrage against the principles of humanity. The exile of Doorn would seem to be the logical candidate for the Im- perial Wizardship. MENA Who, Where, When Very Rev. A. P. Gallagher, :left Mena for Little Rock early Monday morning, in his Ford. Father Gal: lagher was accompanied by Harold Callahan, whose eldest sister, known in religion as Sister Stanislaus, will be Professed at Mr. St. Mary's Tuesday, Aug. 21st. Father Gallag- her expects to be absent about two weeks. Bound also for Little Rock and leaving at the same time, was the Hiaumet car, driven by Mr. Hiau- met, of Vandervoort, andscarrying as passengers: Miss Louise Hiaumet and the Misses Margaret Callahan, Helen Ruth Thinnes and Celeste Christian, who will present at the solemn ceremony at Mt. St. Mary's. W. J. Gallagher returned Tuesday from a three weeks' stay at Hot Springs. Mr. Gallagher feels so much benefitted in health, that he ex- pects to be in good shape to assume his duties as traveling salesman in the fall. Mrs. Tony Meyer returned recent- ly from Boynton, Okla., where she spent two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rain and a newly arrived grand- daughter. Mrs. Baln was Miss Jean- netta Meyer and has many friends in Mena. Miss Marie Fletcher returned home Friday afternoon, after a most de- lightful visit at St. Anne's Academy, Ft. Smith. During her absence of more than six weeks, Miss Marie was a guest at Mr. St. Mary's on lreezy Pulaski Heights, and while in Little COME OVER THE BRIDGE II I I f TO THE C-ARNIVAL" St. Patricks Church Grounds--North Little Rock ' Cypress and East Seventh Streets frock, also visited her brother, Fa- ther Albert Fletcher, at Little Rock Colle/e, and numerous other relatives and friends. Miss Christine Swift returned Thursday from a visit with her sister at Oklahoma City. [ Floyd Thinnes, who has been visit- ing in Kansas and Oklahoma, reach- ed Mena Friday afternoon, and is on duty again at the Thinnes Gro. Co. After a short visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Robert, Miss Mary Robert left Tuesday after- noon for Memphis, Tenn., where she will remain indefinitely with her un- cle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mar- tiny. Mr. Martiny's numerous friends regret that his health does not show the improvement hoped for. Miss Mary McNeeley, of Shreve- port La., is visiting her niece, Mrs. C. B. Nail, and family. PRESIDENT OF POLAND BUILDS CHURCH NEAR SUMMER RESIDENCE (By N. C. W. C. News Setwice) Spala, Aug. 9.The President of Poland is having a Catholic church built here, near his summer residence, the former imperial chateau, and has recently issued invitations for the blessing of the building to the two Polish Cardinals, the army bishop and several members of the Hierarchy. The church is quite large and will not only serve for the religious needs of the President and his suite, but will be open as a public place of worship, to the people of the sur- rounding country who have been with- out a church of any kind up to the present time. Reforestation will provide some tall timber for the profiteer in building material to take to. Ill JOSEPH ANISER, OF (By N. C. W. C. Cologne, Aug. Catholics will learn passing ser, who died An Before the war he was tative of the in Italy and was the friend and ary priests, to many aid. He arranged receive special rates made provision for aboard the ships every also concerned about Italian Catholic emi riably saw to it that priest aboard to MADB ]JY ROSE CITY "THI MOST JOH JUNO, THE U. S. 1441 Broadway, New" CAPITAL - - SURPLUS - - We have tneresJmdl Stk ftem $9100,000 to by lllnl[ M new 80 per vent abave on= hu been inereased se0,00e. This asblN 6a4, ure oL eur well u the new enem. 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