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August 21, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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August 21, 1942

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THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 2 I, 1942 and Faithful To Of Peter Centuries Ten Sons, Daughter, Of Catholic Mother Serving Nation Los Angeles. (:)--Honored as No. l Mother of sons and daugh- ters in the armed forces. Mrs. Rose hall was recently dedicated by His Grace, Archbishop McNicholas of Cincinnati. We were proud, happy and deeply touched to think His Grace did us so much honor. Its delivered two eloquent ser- mons, one during Solemn High Mass and another after Mass when he said he wanted to tell us a few more things. How we appreciated Monroe is an old parish and at one time had a resident priest, but so many Catholics have moved away that the parish has dwindled until it has become a mission parish. The Church was originally built by Father Lasance (of pray- or-book fame.) Two Sisters from Middletown have been giving the children vatechetical instruction a chicken dinner. People from all around came, and we had a l'egular festival--hooths, games, soft drinks and bingo. Our hall will serve as a social center for the parish, and His Grace suggest- ed flint we offer it to the com- munity at large for patriotic or PAGE SEVEN Mexican Bishops Prepared To Supply Army Chaplains :Mexico City. (E)--The Mexican Episcopate is ready to respond immediately in the event that the Goverment calls upon it to supply Catholic chaplains for the armed forces. The prelates, individually, are exhorting their people to take an active part in civilian defense City.' (E)--One of the self made mention of one of his ries of the Irish is that journeys to Rome when he wrote: day of their conversion l, I ntiy, their fidelity and t thank Him Who has given to the See of Peter/such force in every way that I been interrupted, Mon-[was enabled to accomplish the Patrick Carroll-Abbing journey I had decided to make 8n article on "Ireland and lublished in L'Osservatore The prelate also notes, of the missionary of the Irish in all ages, Saints have found a on the German calendar, honored as Patron Saints in 30 in Belgium and still Italy, Switzerland and .reasons have been ad- in order to explain this of Saints from Ire- missionary spirit of Christians; their de- COnvert the pagans of and Gaul to the true tendency of the emigration; the 800 invaders,' any or may have impelled cross the sea and carry the wealth of a rich culture. Of Holy Places was, however, still an- for leaving their Msgr. Carroll-Abbing rmtive which is today of the desire to yen- Holy Places, above all of the Apostles and the Common Father of Prostrate at the Holy Father many received encourage- advice for the difficul- It is be- great St. Patrick him- and the work I was taught by Christ Our Lord; and I felt within me no virtues that did not issue from Him or from my faith which has been approved before God and men." That the approval he was talk- ing about migIt have come from the See of Peter seems to be confirmed by a passage in the Chronicle of Ulster: 'A.D. 441-Leo has been consecrated Bishop of the Church of Rome nd Bishop Patrick has been approved in the Catholic Faith.' "La Vita Tripartita tells us that St. Patrick went thrice to Rome. At another point it adds that he sent his nephew Muinis 'to the Abbot of Rome where some relics were turned over to him.' "As time went on the number of saintly men who started for the Eternal City was so conspicu- ous that Irish pilgrimages to Rome became proverbial. In the eleventh century a Gallic Bishop spoke about the 'inextinguishable desire of the Irish to visit the relics of St. Peter and St. Paul.' "Many were the practical re- Radzinski, 61-year-old widow, a member of St. Ignatius' :Parish has become one of the most widely- known figures in California. Four of Mrs. Radzinski's eleven ;ons are in the army, four are in the navy, two are in navy civi- lian service, and the youngest, 17 is waiting the day when lm can get into uniform. Her eldest of three daughters, Veronica, is a member of the Highland Park Women's Ambu- lance Corps. Mrs. Radzinski is a product of Catholic schools and, whenever possible, so have been her children. The 14 children in the Radzinski family were all born in Orange, N. J., where their mother, Rose VIeehan before her maFriage, re- ceived her early education at Our Lady of the Valley School in Orange and St. Rose of Lima School in Short Hills, N.J. The 14 children--all alive as far as is known, though two sons are reported as missing by navy officials--were aducated in Catho- lic and public schools of Orange and in St. Christopher's School at Rock Hill, O., where the family moved when they were reared, and among other institutions, at St. Teresa's Academy in Lakewood, O. The family has lived' in Call- fornia five years. There are eight grand-children. Augustus Radzinski, eldest son TO HEAR MASS Corrected as of June 1, 1942 Lady, Help of Chris- at 5:30, 7:00, 8:80 and 11:00 o'clock; Masses at 8:00 and I0:00 weekday Masses at 6:00 and 7:00 :day M at 7:00 o'clock, o'clock; evening devotions at 7:80 Rlchard's Church. p.m. Suodays. 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays at Our Lady st Good Counsel.---Suoday Masses at 7:00, 9:00 and 10:80: on the 1st, 3rd Sunday afternoon devotions for at 7:80 o'clock and on Peace aod Victory, at 2:00 o'clock; sults of these travels, among them of the honored mother, and Fred- being the beneficient effect on ec- crick Radzinski are employed in clesiastic discipline. At the Center the garage of the United States of Christianity the pilgrims ac- Navy at Mare Island. quired larger visions and brought Victor, 31, second-class machi- new ideas back to their distant ni6t; Harry, 29, first-class machi- land. nist; Martin, 25, second-class machinist, and George, 25, second- class machinist, twins, are in the Navy. Victor and Martin have been reported as missing since last month. In the Army are Benton, 23; Robert, 20, and William and John 21-year-old twins. One daughter, Anna, assists her mother at home, and Louise, 27, is employed in Los Angeles. 4th Sundays at 9:80 o'clock. 8:00 /clock. Ann's. _2nd Sunday at 4th Sunday at 10:00 o'clock. Concep- Mass on the First Sunday 9:00 o'clock and all other :00 and 9:00 o'clock. John's Church. Mass Sunday. Rose. Mass on Sun- --Masses at 8:00 or every Sunday. Holy Redeemer. 1st and 8rd Sundays at 10:00 4th and th Sundays at Louis Church. Sunday :80 and 9:80. Sacred Heart on 1st and 2nd Sundays 4th Sundays at 10:80. Joseph's Church and Holy Days at weekday Mass at 7:00 ILL --St Matthew's Church. nd and 5th Sundays at 10:00 Joseph's Church. Mass- at 5:80, 7 and 9:15; Sun- devotions 7 :S0. on the 2nd Sunday at St. Barbara's Church 8rd and 5th Sundays at 2nd and 4th at S'00 weekday Masses at 6:30, 7:00 and Their father died five years 8:00. MAGNOLIA.Amerlcan Legion Hut. ago in an automobile accident. Mass on the let, 8rd and 5th Sundays In addition to her own children at 7:45 o'clock and on the 2nd and 4th Mrs. Radzinski has nine nephews Sundays at 9:30 o'clock, in the army and navy. MALVERN.--Malvern Library. Sunday =. : =. Mass at 9 o'clock; Holy days of Obliga tion at 8:30. MARKED TREE.--Massee on the 2nd NATIONAL CATHOLIC 4th and 5th Sunday at 10:80 o'clock in the High School Home Economics Bldg. .q#j MARCHE.--Immaculata Heart of Mary. 9:00 o'clock weekdays at 7:00 o'clock. MARIANNA.--Mass on the 1st, 3rd RURAL and 5th Sundays at 8:00 o'clock and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:80 o'clock. Holy Days at 9:00 o'clock.  McCRORY.--Mass on Ist, 3rd and LIFE 5th Sundays at 8:00 o'clock; 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:00 o'clock; I-Ily Days of obligation I0:00 o'clock. MENA.St. Agnes Church. Sunday Mass at 8:00 o'clock; Evening Services at 7:80 p. m.; weekday Masses at 7:00 CONFERENCE o'clock. MORRILTON.--Sacred Heart Church Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 9:80 o'clock; Holy Days at 6:00 and 8:00 o'clock; week days 7:00 o'clock. MORRISON BLUFF.---SS. Peter and Paul Church. Masses o Holy Days at 8'00 and 10:00 on the 2nd and 4h Sun- Days at 7:00 o'clock. FORT SMITH Conception Church. Sun- es (all low Masses) 0:00, and 11:00 o'clock; week- 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock; at 0:00, 7:00, 8:00 and confessions on Satur- noon and evening. Church.  Low Masses 6:00, 7:45 and 11:00 at 9:80 o'clock; at 7:80 P. M.; Con- Saturday nd for Holy 7:18.8:80 P. M,; at 7:80 A. M. Anne's Church. Mass and 5th Sundays at 9:80 on last Sunday of 9:00 o'clock. on the 4th Sundays at "--Mass on the 2nd Sun- the 8rd Sundays 1st and 8rd Saturdays Leo'$ Church. Mass 4th Sundays at 9:90 a. m. on 1st and 3rd :00 o'clock; 2nd. 4th, and 10:00 o'clock. Mary's Church. Sun- and 9:00 o'clock. SPRINGS Church. Sunday Masses 1:00 and 10:80. Church. Sunday Masses I0:80 o'clock ; Holy Days at 7:80 and 9:00 eekday Masses at 7:80 an the 1st and 3rd Sun- o'clock and ou the 2nd, at 8:80 o'clock. Sunday of the 7:00 o'clock. ss every 3rd and Bth o'clock. --St. Phlllps Church. at 9:80. on the 1st Sun- rn. Sacrament es at '/:80 and 9 :$0 ass on the lat and 3rd 'clock and On the 2nd 3801 Grand Ave,, Des Moines, la. (Guest column by Mrs. Leo C. RR 1, Middleton, Ohio). We Like The Country Benediction after 10:00 o'clock Mass. We live in the country because Morris School.(Nlne miles east of Searcy on Highway 86)--St. Paul's we like it. We can enjoy our child- Church. Mass on Sundays end holy ren more; we like to see things days at 0:80 a.m. growing, and assist them if we BLUFF.  St. Elizabeth NORTH LITTLE ROCK can; and we like the neighboring. 1st and 8rd Sundays St. Anne's Shrine. Sunday Mass We have to do without some lux- on Sundays and Holydays a 9:00 Boniface. Masses on 1st, o'clock; First Friday Mass at 7:00 uries and conveniences, but we Sundays at 10:00 o'clock; o'clock, have the most important things at 8:00 o'clock. St. Mary's Church. Sunday Masses and we have each other. There Masses at Ts00 at 7:00 and 9:00 o'clock; weekday are ten of us: my husbancl, eight Same on Holy days; Mass at 7:00 o'clock. Friday at 7:00. St. Patrick's Church. Sunday Masses children between the ages of four SPRINGS.--St. Elizabeth' at 7:00. 9:00 and 11:00 o'eloek, and twenty-one, and myself. The let Sunday at II :00 o'clock; NEWPORT.Mass on the Ist, 3rd and and 4th Sundays at 8:00 5th Sundays at 9:80 o'clock and on the children are growing up so that 12nd and 4th Sundays at 7:80 o'clock, we must find somebody for Gab- .tt j o $ au h'a I Mass on weekdays at 8:00 o'clock, First rielle to play with after school Masses at 7:00 and[ Fridays at 7:80 o clock and Holy Days starts. The thing about a big family weekday Masses at 7:00[ st 6:80 o'clock. es on Holy days, 9:00 and[ OSCEOLA.--4an every Sunday at is that it is never big enough. Friday'- at 7"00 o'clock. I 8:00 o'clock. My husband, a World War Vet- ,Mass'e. on "lst, 3rd and' PARAGOULD.  St. Mary's Church. eran, is a painting contractor, at 8:00 o'clock; 2nd and 4th Masses on the let, 9rd and th Sundays 10:80 o'clock. ,. ,. at 7:00 and 9:00 a. m.; 2nd Sunday at but he was born and raised on a 'CITYMassatl0:SOomoca 9:00 a. m.; 4th Sunday at 7:00 a. m.; farm, and although I was city- and 5th Sundays. Mass at Holy Days at 0:00 and 8:00 a m. born and bred, my forebears were PARIS.--St. Joseph's Church. Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 9:00 o'clock: De- also farmers. When the older vottons and Benediction at 7:90 p. m.; children were babies, we had a weekday masses at 0:80 a.m. modern home in town, but I PINE BLUFF.--St. Joseph's Church. spent practically all my time Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 9:80 o'clock. PIGGOTT.Mass on 2nd Tuesday of either at the front door or the the month at 8:00 o'clock, back keeping them off the street POCAHONTA.--t. Paul's Church. and in their own yard. Then too Sunday Masses at 9:00 o'clock. PRAIRIE VIEW.--Sunday Masscs at our milk, butter and egg bills 8:00 or 10:00 alternating: Weekday were very high. So we saved a Massen at 8:00 o'clock, little money and bought two and RATCLIFF.---$t. Anthony's. Depends one-half acres of land out in the upon bus schedules: 9:00 o'clock Mass ,on Sunda and Holy days et present, country. On this we built a RECTOR.--St. Henry's Church. MaN three-room garage with a kitchen on 2nd Sunday at '/:00 o'clock, 4th Sun- on the back. It seemed like Hea- day at 9:00 o'clock. ROGERS.--Mass on the 1st Sunday van. About six years ago we sold at 8:00 o'clock: on the 2nd Sunday at it and purchased the place on 11:00 o'clock and on the Saturdays pro- which we now live. Here we ceding the Sunday on which there is have five acres of excellent soil Mass, a Mass will be said at 8:80 and a seven-room frame house. o'clock. SCRANTON.Sunday Mass at 8:00 The house is not modern except 10:00, alternating; weekdays at 8:00 for water in the kitchen, but we o'clock. SEARCY.---St. James Church. Mass love the beautiful old woodwork on the let and 8rd Sundays at 9:45 and the "homey" look of the a.m. place. ST. ELIZABETH. -- St. Elizabeth's Chtwch. let and 5th Sundays of the We are on one of the main roads month at 8:00 o'clock; 8rd Sundays at,SO that we can sell butter, eggs, 10:00 o'clock. :fryers, asparagus and vegetables SHOAL CREEK.  St. Scholastlca's fat the door. It is surprising how Church. Sundays and Holy days at 7:80 and 9:80 a. m.; Benediction after this helps out the family budget. 2nd Mass: weekdays at 7:00 a.m. We have two cows and about four ST. VlNCENT.St. Mary's-Church. hundred fifty chickens, and we Sunday Masses and Holy Days of ObUga- tlon are at 7 and 9:80 A. M. through the buy two or three pigs every sum- yar. mer to provide for our winter STAMPS.St. Mark's Church. Mass meat. on the Ist. 8rd and 5th Sundays at 9:80 o'cl.oLq and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays Our oldest boy enlisted and is at 7:45 o'clock. STUTTGART.Holy Rosary Church. training to be a pilot. People ask Mass at 7:80 and 9 o'clock on the if I am not worried about him, 8rd and 4th Sundays: on the 2nd and but Our Blessed Mother has al- 5th Sundays. one mass. 7:80 o'cloak, ways taken care of him and doubt- SUBIACO.  St. Benedict's Abbey. less will keep right on. Before he Sunday Masses at 5:00, 8:80, 0:00. :80 was called, he built a lovely little and 9:80 o'clock. TEXARKANA..---St. Edward's Church. grotto in our rock garden for a Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 9:00 o'clock; statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, Holy days 6:80 and 8:00 o'clock, and a rose arbor with seats in WARREN.Mass on Ist. 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month at 9:80. front SO that we can sit and ad- o'clock. _ - WEINER.--$t. Anthony. Mass on let mire her. Everytime I pass I re- :E.---ur Lady of tne and 8rd Sundays at 6:00and 8:00 o'clock: mind her of her job. Masses at :80 on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays at 8:00 We belong to the Mission Church at 7"00 , ,'clock. ROCK" WEST MEMPHIS. -- St. Michael's Of Our Lady of the Seven Dolors Cathedral.--LoW Mau-[ Churtl:. Mass at 9:00 :'o'clock every 'in Monroe, three miles from our 7:00 9"00 10:00 and[ Sunda.v. :: weeka Masses all V'YNNE.--St. Peter's Church. Mass home. The church was practi- )0 o,1,. TToIv Souls| on 1st 8rd and 5th Sundays at I0:00 cally destroyed by fire about three Masses at 7:80 and] o'clock: 2nd und 4th Sundays at 8:00 years ago but was rebuilt-this evening services I o'clock: Wcekda..v Masses at 7:80: Holy ! hour First Frmays at :80 v. m.; spring. A new Recreation Hall Masses[ Masses on Holy days at 8:00 o'clock, was built at the same time. This the (-ncouragement which is some- after Mass on Sunday, and for times missing for rural Catholics. two summers they have conducted He said that as soon as possible a religion school. we should have a resident priest. After the dedication we served charitable purposes. Gur reason for living in the , country--we like it. --Mary Rosselot and to give lheir wholehearted support to the international policy of President Manuel Avila Camacho. Make Reservations N 0 W for the LAST LAYMEN'S RETREAT August 28, 29, 30 Don't Let The Retreat Season Close Without Your Attendance At This Last Gathering For Men 1 Notice To. Par,sh Captains This is your last opportunity to enlist the men of your parish in making a Retreat. Canvass every man in the parish and sign him up for attendance at this last gather- ing. As soon as you have determ- ined the number of men from your parish who will make this retreat send in the total number of names ">" to St. John's Seminary where ar- rangements wdl be made for thew reception and accommodation. Urge every man in your parish who can possibly do so to be pre- sent for this final gathering. They will thank you for having done so and will be glad that they were among those present. There Never Was A More Desirable Time To Make A Retreat Than NOW!..... It is easy to offer excuses why a man is too busy to spare the time to make a Retreat, yet all of us find time to do those things that we usually want to do. There never was a more desirable time to make a Retreat, and certainly there never was a time when a Retreat was more desirable. We need the comforts and con- solation offered by a retreat during these trou- blesome times. For this reason we should lay aside all other things and give ourselves over to this period of prayer,  . Organize The Men In Your Padsh00 The surest way to have your parish well rep- resented at this gathering is to organize the men of your parish. Sign them up for attendance and  lJJ impress upon them the necessity of declaring J JJ their intentions of making this retreat at the III earliest possible time because " Ill St. ]elms Laymen s Retreat League Ill ,. ', .