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August 21, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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August 21, 1942

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,, pAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 21, 1942 iVISIT U.S, FOR SEMINAR . . - '- --' ........... . ........... .... ; ]I00IFORMERVICE-PRESIDENTS HOME Art Buhop lllga, Lauds ..., 1! Canada, [rmy Chaplains' Lauds Statu00t i J WorIf In Great Britain Ottawa. (E)--Back in Canada af- ter a three-month visit to Cana- dian troops in Great Britain, the Most Roy. C. L. Nelligan, Princi- pal Catholic Chaplain asd Bishop of Pembroke, said he was greatly edified by the work of the chap- lains overseas and the fine re- sponse of the Armed Forces. Lieut. Gen• A• G. L. McNaugh- ton, the Canadian Army Com- mander, other senior officers and officers commanding the various unite spoke to him in highly ap- preciative terms of the zealous work of the chaplains, especially commending the personal contacts successful operations over enemy territory• He noted that the Cath- olic flyers publicly wore their rosaries and medals. They carried their rosaries about their necks over their main uniforms. Bishop Nelligan had occasion to visit Southern Ireland and he was greatly touched by the lively faith of the people. Second Trip In 2 Years His trip overseas was the second in two years for Bishop Nelligan. Two years ago he traveled by boat, but this time he flew over by bomber. One morning he said Mass in Montreal, and the next :. .... . made by the chaplains in setting 4:'theJ|det-ofocia| '._... the men's spiritual and material "thougl/t%and action  in Latin- l problems, Bishop Nelligan said• His Eminence Arthur Cardinal America who will attend the In* t Hinsley, Archbishop of Westmin- ilil I ter-Amerlean Seminar on Socla|' ster, spoke enthusiastically of the  Studies, in Washington, Chicago,11 evident deep spirit of faith among the Catholic men from Canada, Notre Dame, Detroit, Buffalo and:  and similar comments were made New York, August 24 to Septem- to Bishop Nelltgan by members of bet 12, are: Upper left, Monsig-  the civilian clergy• !:::::::!i!ii:: nor Oscar Larson of Santiago, a $ourneyed By Train i director of the Chilean Catholic! [ . His t.our of Canadian units car- ........ nton'o I rled Bmhop Nelhgan fully 10,000 2ketlon, upper ngnc, ev A 1 • • ' jmiles in Great Britain, most of Brambila, of the Mexican Legion [which was travelled by train, un- of Decency; lower photo, Dr. [ der the direction of the Roy. M. C. Efrain Gonzales Luna, lawyer and I O'Neil, M M, Army Chaplain, and writer of Guadalajara, Mexico. I the Rev." €. V. McCarthy, Air i ' iii!i. (N.C.W.C.) Force Chaplain, the Bishop's two ' Assistant Principal Chaplains over-  - seas. ACTIVITIES india ,,shop Appoints  Queen Elizabeth, to whom the Catholic Action Leader Bishop presented a much appreci- (Continued from page 3) : ...... ...^ u- t.^ ,^, ated pictorial diarY, of the Dionne Wzlullul, .L l.i UlIL.  iv,,,*/-- L 11 I: ,J.V,L ,$ b  •  i • t i• • • tulnuples, wno live in ne 'em morning after tm 6:30 and 8 Rev. Francis Vashapilly, Bishop of ....... - o'clock masses. Tr t'',.u, '", aoin *^'vv =u *h ^= =7^ r.: roKe .... 191Geese, also snowea grea Novena in honor of The Little ,,, ,, a,t,,, p,,aot,, €, interest in the Chaplain Serwce, Flower and The Most Blessed ..... ^"*o%":$*':=::J'.'..':.'.*. . and asked about the response of the p, ,, ,... .,.,,,€,,.v v,. ........ Sacrament is held every Friday • .... me men -'-no expressect me view Cathohc Action m this Diocese ...... • ..... evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Ver- Roy Dr Paul ma me morale or me men so- The Good Counsel Senior play- Kakacherrhas been named Gen- large measure on the era will receive Holy Communion oral Secretary work o me cnapiams. at the 7 o'clock mass Sunday. The . " : = : Bishop Nelligan said his own regular meeting and a luncheon |00 Adi-Dravida People observations showed there is an will be held Monday night in the Recivecl In Chnreh |n India encouraging response to the min- school hall at 8:00 o'clock. • € ) f is t o o e aplm s, ............................ tra'i ns " th eh " "n in Salem, Indm. gA group o . Builders night this week will .... -a-i "-o -r h a, '-laos  spite of the dangers and temp- ,a- .................... ati n of ill" "r " be in charge of The St, Anthony 1 r" e  o s m ltary enw onmen. peope, numbe mg 100 have b en -- - a ...... Sodality, ba tied an- r eiv- into the As Iar s me Irequem recepuon p z a ec ea a r " The regular meeting of the St.  ....... i- of the S c aments IS concerned, he tnuren oy tamer isaac, par sn .... Anthony Sodality will be held .^, .^. stud, the monthly statistics give Wednesday night Aug. 26th in- p r,=? ,=,=. reasonable grounds for satisfac- stead of Thursday night, due to the St Patrick's lion, although there is room for Catholic High School Bingo party St. Patrick's School opens Tues- improvement, on Thursday night, day, September 8. The operational base of a Cana- Good Counsel Parish has al- Weekly social will be held Men- dian air squadron greatly impres- ready paid $1615•00 on the Bishop day night, sponsored by the Holy sod the Bishop. He was on hand Morris Golden Jubilee endowment Name "Society, with John Riley as to bid the crews God-speed and fund for St. John's Seminary. chairman, to greet them on their return after Bec 00tiful Rosaries For Your Selection These rosaries and many othe rs are on display at The Guar- dian Office for your selection. Mail orders welcomed. Give number of rosary when placing order• ......... ' L  No. 72Roary, Lee-link Chain, cros and joiner of rolled gold plate with crystal beads, In gift box. At..$5.50 No. 70--Rosary. Small cocoa beads, lee-link sterling silver chMn, cross and joiner. 14 inches long. In gift box ......................... $3.00 No. 74--High grade round Pearl Rosary, mounted on Sterling Silver. Amethyst decade beads. 20 inches long. In gift box ...................... $4.00 No. 71Beautlful lo¢.link Rosary, heavy Sterling Silver, with large cocoa beads, twisted wire around each bead. 23 inches long. In gift box at .... $8.00 No. 59---Oval cocoa beads. Metal tips and back on cross. Length 17 I-2 inches. Nice gift for boy in the armed service. Each ................ 75c No. 67---Jet-black beaded Rosary, on strong white 21 inch chain with oxi- dized cross and corpus (made in France) . ................. $1.25 No. 55---Very nice color, shaded glass bead on oxidized chain and cross, in pink, white, blue, and lavendar, (made in Czechoslovakia) while they last at ......................... $1.25 No. 63Beautiful Rosary, with Mother of Pearl beads, cross and joiner, oxi- dized chain and corpus, 10 inches. Ideal for small girls. Specially order- ed from Palestine six months ago, only ....................... 25c NOTICE! Cocoa beads are fast becom- ing extinct. After three month's search among wholesalers, The Guardian was able to get four dozen, black cocoa beads with neat steel cross ,and chain. Sug- gested gift for boys in armed service. No. 36. While they last at 35c. Place your order with THE GUARDIAN 309z West 2nd Street Little Rock, Arkansas morning he said Mass in Great, Britain• The actual flying time over the ocean was nine hours. His return was by flying boat, the same plane which carried Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the United States on his last visit. At present, there are 240 full- time Catholic chaplains with the Canadian Armed Forces, 170 with the Army, 59 with the Air Force and eleven with the Navy. About one-third the number are serving overseas. ., Britain s Ace Called Great ' "c W " Cathoh arrlor' London. (E) 'All that a Catholic warrior should be" is the tribute paid by his pastor to Dublin-born Wing Commander Brendan (Pad- dy) Finucane, Britain's ace fight- er-pilot and hero, who plunged to his death in the English channel last week after a stray ground-shot smashed into the engine of the Spitfire plane. "He was a model son and good- ness itself to. his mother," says his pastor, the Roy. Patrick Byrne, S.M. "He was a good, clean-liv- ing boy. In spite of all the honors he remained simple and unassum- ing as a child. His valor was only equalled by his humility and mod- esty." In his last letter to his mother, Paddy added this postscript: I BARBAROUS (Continued from page 2) to heed a warning fairly given. Impress on them that they must mention nobody's wrongdoing to anyone except to persons in au- !thority. The principle of the com- mon good can be explained: timt the revelation of an evil which may affect everybody in a group is not unmanly or unfair. The one who informs i§:'only protecting his own rights and legitimate interests and the welfare of others con- cerned. Furthermore, a really kind act is done to the one report- ed, for the offender may be saved from future serious consequences• There is absolutely nothing un- kind or objectionable to it; it is, in fact, a duty. Whenever one brings in an un- favorable story about another, and it appears that something should be done, do not proceed till you have ascertained to your complete satisfaction that whatever is re- ported is the exact truth. Further, make sure that the informer has acted with the best of motives. If one of your youngsters seems to be inclined to take a delight in constantly tattling aboutthings that are of little moment, make light of his false show of virtuous interest and pass it off. Very few children will delib- erately carry tales merely out of meanness• Sometimes, their pur- pose may be a mixture of the bad element and an exaggerated idea of their own personal duty. The one who is downright mean may resort to untruths in an ignoble endeavor to gain an unworthy ob- jective. He must be .directly tackled, both for lying and for being unjust and uncharitable. It is an evil tendency, the roots of which have to be drastically eradi- cated. The best way to bring a despicable deed home to children is to reverse the situation, making them imagine how they would feel if someone reported them dis- honestly. In proceeding along this line, you could mention a hypo- thetical case wherein they could be guilty and yet, in your heart, you would know they were con- science-stricken and sincerely sot- IT. You will have them feeling sorry for themselves, And, by this method, they can be brought more readily to realize what a miserable trick they played by getting Broth- er or Sister "in bad." The weakness of talecarrying may be somewhat of a mental af- fliction which asserts itself to a greater degree than the victim can momentarily cope with. In that case, help him patiently to correct himself by degrees. Never dis- courage children by elaborating your fear that they may grow up with this awful flaw in their char- acter. Such an argument you may stress with a normal youngster; however, with one who is weak in some certain respect but who means well and tries hard but fails often, there is nothing that will depress and discourage him more than to have his failing thrown up to him repeatedly. With an abnormality existing, it always is well to obtain profes- sional advice when your child too often behaves distressingly. In all events, repeatedly ask him to make thd cure of his particular short- coming the intention of his prayers. That will help much; for, besides receiving God's grace, he will be- come forearmed against a bad habit that can hardly make him happy. Competition :: corns colnI f ?a t, New York. (El--High tion for the national being held to select a 15-fo 0t$. of Christ the Light of the W, which is to stand in fr0t, National Catholic Welfare Fitl ference headquarters build,r I... , the Nalion's Capital is given current issue of Art NeWS T]e periodical calls the petition "the most impor tan,,^.,o that has as yet been taken .! the improvement of religt0.,uir- in America." "The cornpe. conducted- by the Liturgical ociety," the publication ad. the first of its kind in wm:k earnest effort has been rna0? both enlist the talents of th artists and to enable these °'ll, to cooperate to the fullest,'. the ecclesiastical committee; The new Cardinal Itarley Military Academy, at llnecliff-on-Hud- "Of the sixty-six whO eo.ltt son, N. Y., which will occupy the 937-acre estate and home of the three sculptors tied for first P,t late Levi P. Morton, former Vice-President of the United States. the publicaHon points out, $0 Brother P. E. O'Ryan, of the Christian Brothers of Ireland, is prin-' that these artists--Suzanne cipal of the school which will open soon. The property is the gift of las, of New York, Robejt Mrs. Morton to the Archdiocese of New York. (N.G.W.C.) Koepnick, of the Dayton 't: .................... stitute, and George Kra am very tired but I felt I must iLhuanian Bishop Dead Brooklyn---have hon invl write to you. How are the new I Vatican City. (:)--Word has been submi(revisio'ns of- their r,,. furnishings going? I know they I received here of the death at for another judging• ont:l will be nice because you chose Kaunas, on June 16, of the Most "The three models pres'li them, mother•" ' IRev. Joseph Kukta, Bishop of teresting contrasts," Art Nen. Educated by the Christian Bro- Kaiseclorys, Lithuania• Bishop on. "Mme. Nicolas figure,  thers, Paddy was 21 when he died, ]Kukta was 69 and' had been Bishop is perhaps best suited to . the R.A.F.'s youngest wing corn- of Kaisedorys since 1926 sical niche in which it w mander He shot down 32 German I = : = L placed, emphasizes sniritu sl planes 'in combat, won the Dis- Named Coadjutor Bishop ity The drapery isVhand led': tingu!shed.Fl.ying. Crossthree times Marseille. (E)Msgr. George Pet- a mastery rarely seen in o_$ i anct me Disungulsned ervice or- lit, Vicar General of Chalons-sur- Mr. Koepnick presents _ der once. . . I Marne, has been named Titular dynamic conception. Wla rteqmem ass .or•Finucane was [Bishop of Leuce and Coadjutor foregoing statue can be co offerect n w.esmInsmr Cathedral, lwith right of succession to the to a steadily burning II_ honcton, oy twonsignor Beauchamp, Most Rev. Charles Ginisty, Bishop composition suggests a '[i V.G., for the Royal Air Force• of Verdun• a • • :' ' I, les.... Re ous Art00c Shown here are some of the more popular and Mail Orders Welcomed :1 re iuvited to Guardian office o09kl-2vWest 2nd. Readers When placing orders by mail give numVe= 0 er fi e display of name of each e. er rosaries, medals and other items, disc not satisfactory can be returned. 'i'! go. z€9. No. 207-The New Roman Missal By Father Lasance, Imit. leather, levant grain, limp, size 4 1-2x6 1-2 inches, in box ............ $3.75 The New Renan Missal Is ideal for every day. "His Holiness, Pope Plus XI, wishes that these volumes may receive an ever increasing wel- come in all the Christian families of your great country." From a letter to Father Lasance. No. 232-My Prayer Book Regular type edition, Imit. Leather, red edges, size 5 1-2 x 4, 700 pages in box ................ $2.00 A Father Lasance Prayerbook. Popular every- where, supplied with all the usual ad neces- sary prayers. Offers counsels and reflections and spiritual reading. No. 233MY PRAYER BOOK, Imit. leather, gold edges, in box $3.75 No. 234--MY PRAYER BOOK, Extra Large type edition, Seal Grain Cloth, red edges, in box $2.75 No. 258-Emmanuel Large Type" prayers in con*enient size book, only 3 1-2 inches wide; 5 inches high; 4 inches thick. Imitation leather in box- .... $1.75 A Father Lasance Prayerbook. Includes many features and all prayers and devotions which the average person needs and wants. No. 25T--EMMANUEL, Still silk cloth binding round corners, red edges, in boxeS1.00 o. 259---EMMANUEL, Genuine Leather binding large type, round gold edge corners in box $2.50 No. 242-Oremus (Let us No. 232 The Holy G0000ost Fr'f$ Book t, Seal grain, Imit. leather cover, compl , devotions to the Holy Ghost as well  0 of beautiful devotions new and old o* $$, in the usual prayerbook, in box. ...... _ -3" f Holy Ghost Prayerbook was written t?$ greater devotion to the Holy Spirit, d0  of Light and Power, help us know au No. 212-Catholic Girl'. Gu'%,,,,i By Father Lasance. American Seal, "-'', _e'li gold side, round corners, red under go* $$"']I No. 1-C,00ha00¢ G00,r. By Father Lasanee. Imitation leaW :(|: round corners, red edges, at  !I Prayerbook For Children [,:il: No. 245-I Pray _..:ii New complete prayerbook prepared,.l0[ for t l young boy or.girl, .by sr.p]i u..u., zoo pages, wrote or ozac - , :}: Legible type, Imitation Leather, size 2 1-2 x 4 5-8 inches, limp, roun thin opaque paper, 256 pages and Gospels No.. 241OREMUS, (Let Us Pray), Same as aST ou with Epistles and Gospels .-----[ gu a edition, Imitation Leather, _' corners, limp, red edges, at  : ' 309 1-2 W. 2nd Little Rock, Ark.