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August 20, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 20, 1927

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Bight THE CUARDIAN, AUG?JST 9.0, 192q t- ~ ............................. e as~em to ac work she was assisted by St. Francis title because of the sufferings in-IMSGR. NeLL A ne help aria wl~n, ~ne relx~Izung ux ulna~, ~nvr~u~ , " . the damage, and when he heard it company him on a visit to the Church. de Sales. fhcted upon hlm du~ng.)he 7ct:La~l;] ,' rdinal 92 ears lion, bu~ i~ is aouDutm lz ne u # was Secretary Hoover, sald: I know The venerable Ca , Y Monday, August 22.--St. Sympho- " ....... xecution ] 'B- N C W C NeWS ............. I and wonderfull- erect, . ' " nd taken died at the nanos oz ~ne e -! ~ # .... ~"-e him very Well. I met mm in k'olana ox age, tel Y ricH, martyr, was arrcstea a ~ | ,~-" .... Au~ 3.~'~n when he was head of the Aznerican ided them, ascending with an alert- h~.~, the me, strata when he re- I er. | ~mc~, ~". _s ~o~ ..... gu ........ _ . Au ust 27--St Joseph hn F Nell, Bishop o~ *- Rehef Adnunmtratmn. He m a man ness more than youthful, over the high fused to pay the ordinary marks of 3aturday, g - /Jo . _. fj of heart and intelligence, and I amland insecure scaffolding of the roof, worship during the great procession of)Calasanctlus was born in Arragon, A.|ind., officiated Sunua a, field the columns and and AutunlD" old!of Ceres at five cornerstone of .t, al very glad he has now a new inlameng marb!es the heathen goddess 1556. When only years the C:~ ~ ~o.,,o .~ Iwhich his sterling qualities can be~materials of all kinds, to point out about the year 180 When asked his]. " - tree of children throughI hos-ital of St. u ,(By N. C. W ................. , . . " ,, no lea a- p story p h0J Mexico City, Aug. 12.---Joseph d6/ubhzed'" land explain ev_ery^detail dfectlhraetdeohe name andconditmns, he rephed=lMYlthe streets seeking th~ devil to killlEast Chicago, Ind. ?~1 be' Cource , for more than 12 years cor- Judge DoWling `then said that Mr. lstruc~ln ~n .~mc~..~ ..... Iname ~s ~ympnormn; I am a w ..... -| ........... ~-^ .-riesthoodlcost $1,250,000 ana ~" _.~,~ Y / , , ,, naa lacect nls last azzec~mns, vat[tinn ,, When he refused to obey the[him Azter en~erm~ --= ~, , ith an eme~ rfespondent here ~or the New York Hoover had undertaken the charge of(. . P ............. I ..... .. - - ! ...... u^-~ where he founded[bed capacity, w . ~ wf Times and prominent, in `the news-lprocuring the necessary funds for the|last cream o I ms longnzeas ~hmS~,ll~ws compelling heatnen worsmp ne ne W erderUofWlh'~ Clerks Regular oflpacity of 340 bedS. ~; eq) paper colony of Mexico City, has been integral reconstruction of the libraryJBishp ana raance o~ the t~nurc " Jwas cruelly tortured andput to the u .......... to care xor ~n~ c~ .... |-f the lar~,est and beS seized by the Mexican authorities,at Leave!n, and that this work will On the Shlps of Italy. /death. ithe Pmus ~cnoois Inorthern indiana. given treatment, according to his be finished n~xt year "I am very1 On the day of their last visit to the/Tuesday' August 23. St. Philip Be-: dren o~ ~ne poor , _..~a own acconnt, which would not be ac- glad of it, especially as I am an old Church with the Cardinal the Sea Of~nizi was born in Florence on the ~ ~=~ corded the worst criminal in the Unit- ' librarian," responded the Pope. I Ostia was alive with ships The/feast of the Assumption, 1233. He ed States, and summarily deported to The Danger of Bolshewsm lwarships of Italy had assembled there/entered the Servitc Order which was the United States. ] Then Poe Plus went on to :eak to be passed in re~ibY ~:ssoHl~:d]founded on the day of his birth. His ..... , --A ~ J'~' I' ~. ~1 Intervention by the United States P , . , P. of the government - "!virtues won him the respect and ad- ~'~1[ |~[]~m ~ ~[ ~ ~ "~ ~| m ~ ~m Embassy authorities was unable to of the general situation in Amer)ca, The Cardinal was invited to bringlmiration of all and it was only by .~ | ~'~m~ *U ~Ul.~l~'~Vw ~ ...... ,~..~.~ .~o; ~ .... .^ +~.~ and asked if the American people his visitors and he embarked on a .............. ~ .... ~ +~ +~ ~V~ I~ [=,,~ :=~..~^.,,a~ .......... s ............ were content with their prosperity, launch of the Supreme Command to- ~gn~ ~na~ ne escape~.~:~..~i,2-81 ..... SUBIACO ARKANSAS ' CUS*incTunder the Mexican Constitu- and if there were any danger that gather with Judge Dowling~ and Mr. repel Tnrone. ?e u,~u2: St "Bar '1-- toi;g~eOr~lYs:mheal~ri~yde:~se:nuenXPed1 t~h:; B;,lp, S::htS% m~ghte un!tda~tg::: the MitD~ida triumphal review. The thY::~dAY'pos~l:uwas n~h fa t:se C::led~pd~t:titon?rder brought about jud~e.d,n,?t ~h~t~u:t~at thPl~dajo:ihty C~pdsmaanldPth:edca:lngs ble?dtgredth: tt~:ltv: ~th~er;a:aolluCC! n~Ht i::b~ed --. P. -- I igor BOy~ While one of the flu ant as eats of the people of the United States salute of honor The crews drawn the Gospel through the .... - Boarding_ CtlOOl 1 of the case is that no read:on wa~Pgiv do not belong to any determinate up along the decks of those steel lee- pus countries of ~.~e ~as~, pene~raung ...... - en for the au+~' ~-, i, ~ religious confession. But I do not !athens, presented arms and gave the into the remoter Indies. He was mar- .~,~.] V~,~,~-~rv ~tal~ ass .... ~ h~,'~ ~'~:~'~: ~:=;ce-'rln think that they will give in to the at- salute of honor, tyred in Great Armenia. Accounts of all~ auuaas ,,,v,- ......... ~:~:-~:~:~-~'i= "~:.,~1~ tractions of the Bolshevist propagan- The launch with the Cardinal on his death vary; some historians say- afoul of ...............v -~,~---- . . --- - " tions, which for many weeks have da because the great majority aye board stopped at the destroyer Pan- mrgs ~nhatsth: :;:/~ay:~o:~ve3L~ High School: Sc,~-~, throttled news reports from Mexico. lovers of order and desirous of tne tara (Panther), the commander of ~ g " " ~ tr~ ~---eIlt$*' Under this drastic policy, correspond- well being of the family and of so- which is a nephew of the Cardinal Thursday, August 25--5t Louis, (Lornmerclal Lmpar m eats here have been forbidden to ciety But it is certain, as Your Hell- On board that ship he addressed an King. He led two Crusades against Fully Accredited. send out any news dispatch unfavor- Hess has often said, that all those who inspired salute to all the squadron the infidels and was noted for his ~ble to Callas, and at the same time love civilization and appreciate the "I am proud," he said, "to have grea~ zeal for the faith. His life was have been plied wdth "hand-out" sto- beauties of Christian principles must visited on this beautiful day, the ships always guided by the admonition of College: Classical Department ries from the authorities putting unite to face the communist danger of Italy anchored here on the marvel- his mother who told him in' his early Calles and his government in favor- which is the gravest menace of our pus sea of Rome, and to be saluted' on youth that she would rather see him Good scholarship and training of char! able light. While no dispatch of De days" board this destroyer Pantera, as I am idle than commit a mortal sin. He Coureey's' to the Times is known Poor Mexico! bound in ties of blood relationshiPldied in 1270 while leading his army chief aim. Athletics encouraged which might have led to his present The thoughts of His Holiness nat- with your commander. Non his second Crusade. der personal supervision. Special plight, it has been suggested that he urally passed from the subject of Bol- "I salute and bless these beautiful Friday, August 26. St. Zephyr!- may have attempted to get though shevism to Mexico where it is really ships of Italy, I salute and bless those an account of actual conditions in Bolshevism that is pursuing such a who direct them, manage them, corn- nus, Pope, was a native of Rome who Knights of Columbus, Catholic Mexico, cruel persecution, mend them, and incite them to great- succeeded Pope Victor in the pontiff- and members of Staatsverband. Officials Conceal Facts. "Every day,",said His Holiness, er enterprises, cute in the year 202 It was in that De Courcey was arrested summarily graver and mor~e sorrowful news "From this sea ~,f Rome, before same year that Severus raised the by agents of `the Department of the reaches us about the conditions of which the grand new basilica dad!cat- fifth most bloody persecution against Apply for catalogue. Interior, and taken to police head- Catholics in that country. Poor Max- ed to the Que:n of Peace is enthron- the church. The persecution was con- quarters. There was was detained ice! It is in the hands of God and ed they will ~ail, always and every- tinued until the death of the Emper- T H E R E V E R E N D R E C God alone l~nows when this sad trial where with the blessing of God for or in 211. In some martyrologies incommunicado without food or sleep- firm rtunes o 0 s " t ~ ..... will be over.But I have the the greater fo f ur Country St. Zephyrinu ~s styled a martyr. I mg aecommooauons, ne says. &mer- " " ve deserve this | !can di " "ic thor!ties rotested hope, the certainty that all will end Th~s sh~p the Panterawhose ry ~s possible that he may ., pmmat au ,.P . in ~he triumph of God and of His name denotes strength and courage, ~ne secrecy oz ~ne proceedings ano ... -v,, .... - ....... ions - "~ ........... wnurcn, o wil~ Keep up ~ne wonaerlui traol~ @@@ ~.~~aMMM~ t.. ~ aemanaea ~na~ ~ne corresponoent oe " -" " ~ Ital- ' ~" ........ oz tHe recoras o~ y. accorded the l~ghts of a clhzen of the Cathohc Achwtms m New York. , ..... ~.,~ t.~ ......... ~I officers [~ , " "[ g P " - ihundered in token of homag I$ TL~ ~r~ a I | .. mat t~wtles of New York He stud that ~ of the Car ~| ~ ~ - Thereupon First Secretary Lane oflhe really marveled at the fact of their ub llDea2:dt tet :lydemanChurchll |lid ~e~IUya~i:d ;~]!??e~~:ta[b/:l~;l:::~::e:; ! :hLtta ors :::::::::::::::::::::: OF THE UNI D ST ATES AND CANAI}A PtT~ddh:= :~et:::i::2eStP::d:n:~/t:~k~rtt:sth::a:nds~::s Y:~;ibut'lgmr::tT:a:t'Vtheth:vte e:;rG:~ed thl~e/l ---- - THE GUARDIAN _ |ed---without distinction of religion--- [love of country I~ THrougH his arrest. The Embassy sent him]to make up this sum "It is man!-| " [~ --~ food The customary Embassy pro- ,, . ,," Other Notable Receptions lest stud the Pope that they know , " IS 01" test against arbirtray Calles treat-lthat theirmoney is well used in con-/. The days passet bYal~Udnge Dt=le/t IS SOLICITING LIFE MEMBERS ON THE BAS meat of Americans has been made. |tributing to the Catholic activities,]~ng an~_ /liedaC hnther visits andlt -- --- ~tndn toh~S :h~c:e~Yr~linqleHta;::?:d~::;:e~ations with the most eminentl~ ~ I ~=~N ,: HOLY FATHER TALKS ~. | :. . [personages of the Papal Court, and[ ~ 1 uu WITH AN EMINENT |those who co-operate with,,mm, navel0f the Roman society. I~ ~ ~== ~=~ ~ ~: R JUDGE every reason to be proud " ~!~ . " ~: NEW YO K ! ........ I The Cardinal ~ecretary of Statel,N ___ .... "--^~ *~-,~ Life membershiP ~' l After these worse llm Holiness smut - "-~ +~- most courteousl.~ 'l'na oroceeos rec~lw~ x~.,.. ~,.~ ....... o , ~ . . rece~veu w~ ...... , ~ - ~- Orlll ~" From Pa e One that w~th all the affechon of hm pa e to be usect (Continued g ) 1. , ! .......... a~:/benevolence and kept them for a longl :i to be invested and the mcom shown the liveliest interest, that is, lternal Heart, ne messea tne uarum '[time talking of America and Ameri-~ ,~ the art!el inundation of Louisiana, the two gentlemen present, all his|.~ o.~.~l;.~ ~s~e~;~lb, ~h~e of New/,~ r, ., ,. "- ~------'~ t ..undatlon P I .............. .............. ........ k/atnollC Literary waru au ilil ] :II The aw ar ds tT: e=e Ci: iFef ra; J exemplary soldcitude and with that tinguished Ame~:::cneS during the)car" Through "these con~ersation:l~ The best a " perfect organization which is shown whole of the cud" , ]th "two American -entlemen estab ~=* The best short story : in all casesin America. ] Leaving the Pope s apartment they~ ~ _ ~ ....... -| ,~ .- -- " ed regions will return as soon as " " " Pizz rdo substitute of the " " those sections are in a condition to Sd~:d~hteh::i)~,c?h~hb::la~sthtetp:h- M::XrtlganrTof St:te,' and members of i The purpose being to encourage be once more inhabited. In 'Italy, in - ~ .... est atria!an families like .... -- ........ " tth:e:h::: thfeCi~nhtat~rii::nt~mo~ thman: :?ghStft::P:Pd'AtSp:hp:h;[hh[ptohe pen::sg:is CPolonna, Orsini, B'andinl,]i , CATHOLIC WRI l wK;~ As#" glens of Vesuvius returned and once tifical receptions. Many strangers, and. Rosp~glosl and the Duchess Sa-),~h~,,,,~; desire to become a Life member of the Catholic presS^, tbia more established themselves even aft-+in fact, who have this charge, , come .... :" i ac uaintance in ! "'~'"'~"~ make ossible the establishment and maintenance U*cbe$ er the eruntion of the volcano whiehlevery year to Rome, even from d~s- L~kewise the r q " ! clarion a P ........... the atta o their week of creased with the monuments---espe 4. nt and er etual FUND, J'ust :[ill OU~ anct re~ur~ rg has so often devastated and destroyed l tent countries to d " . "" - "- .... hiah'the~ permane P -P .......... .... d St Little Rock, A " ~_+~;, ............ h~,~ ,, ,service in the papal apartment, ano ciaiiy sacrea--oI ............... ~ne c~y, w ~ ~,1~1~ +a TIffE GUARDIAN, ~O'~ ~V2o vv =~ ~- .... , "It is true," said the i%pe, ',be.!these two illustrious citizens of New methodically and attentively ws~ted, ~ cause the love that is in the heart of York have prepared to do the same, admiring the stupendous aesthetici he was'rom t~me to tzme man for the land on which ~ " . . beauties recalling their religious andi ................................................................................................... born, is stronger than the effect ellWith the Cardinal Dean. historical glories. In a word, the[ APPLICATION BLANK any material disaster. But cannotIJudge Dowling and Mr. MacDonald visit of *he two eminent Americant something be done to prevent thelduring their stay in Rome on another Catholics to Rome has had, in every! ractical roof of my good will and interest overflowing of the Mississippi an'ca[notable occasion found themselves at respect, an importance worthy of/ I hereby give you the p P ......... .+holiC 7reS for all?" ~ /the side of His Eminence, Cardinal America and Rome. asking you to enroll my name as a IAIe memver oi ~ne w~-- "Certainly that can be done, Holy/Vannute]li, Dean of the Sacred Col- ) Association of the U. S. and Canada. Father," Judge Dowling replied, "butilege. Signed_ -- such a work would be extraordinary, Cardinal Vannutelli is Bishop of ~-- and colossal However, `the present Ostia, the glorious ancient port of moment is most favorable Th~ ad- Rome which is now being reborn in ministration of the Federal govern-ia two-fold resurrection. "It is being meat has a super-abundance of tax-~reborn on the ground which was coy- money and, is studying a means oflered in ancient times and which is employing it in some way, perhapstnow being brought to light by very even by the restitution of the excess important excavations through which income tax, as it is called, to its con- the ancient city returns to live again tributors. Now, it is very possible in the beauty of its edifices and men- that the govermnen`t may think of uments~ And it is reborn in the new using all or some of this very cons!d- city which rises on the seashore in arable sum in the gigantic works nec-lan enchanted place by the Tyrrhenian essary to prevent the longest river in the United States from flooding, so as to do away with the possibility of a return of such a frightful dis- aster as that which occurred some months ago." His Holiness then asked who had been charged with the distribution of Sea. In the center of the new city rises a superb Cathedral erected in honor of Our Lady the Queen of Peace, and many generous American Catholics have contributed to its construction. Amongst the latter are Judge Dowl- ing and Mr. MacDonald, and the Car- Street Address City State. l (By N. C. W. C. News 7=;ervice.) ] I Sunday, August 21. St. Jane Frances de Chantal, at the age of 16, as a motherless child, was placed under the care of a worldly minded governess. She offered herself to the Mother of God and secured Mary's protection for life. She married the Baron de Chantal and her home was a model of dombs`tic happiness until the death of her husband, a two children. She decided to leave the world and became the foundress of the Visitation Order, in which eke check or money order payable to the Catholic Press Associ rg.ati M IAN 3071 West Second St, Lltle Roc , and send to THE GUARD , " " , of (The paymenLmay be made m one payment of $100, or 10 pay~ei~" $10 each or may be paid in 2 or more installments.)