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August 20, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 20, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 20, 1927 given under President Wilson• He is presi- London Au~ 8 After being at upon her return to school The Cath foreign countries will depart in Sep- . ................. ~ .._ ..... _ , ~. .--- " . " . ........... quen~ly canea emewaere vo preach m an ever dent of the Bar 2~ssoma~lon oI Long c relates nd news ohc Dau h of America lye the tember Ior mission stauons m me ra d y ........ tacked by Angli an p a - " g ters " g" . .. - .~ ~. . " the great cathedrals or in the most Beach, ann in aaclkion zo oelng ~.~.~ n~ n~el r.4~ ~or about four scholarshin.~ which enable tl~.~o .~tn ciIic ocean and the ~ar ~asr, unaer ........... ...... ~ __ . v-~ .............. ~ ........ " ~. .... .~ .... ~ • inustrlous churches oi farm. ne was .. ~ a --~, nemg enaorsea Dy the Los Angeles ,~,~h~ ~s~.dlnsl Rmwne h~s finally dents to attend ,the servic~ schonl rne auspmes oz ~ne ~a~nonc rormgn . ..... ~-~ ~ ~'~" " " -" ..... ' .................... " i ' ri on orazor oI ex~raoramary eloquence d County Bar Association was the sole h controvers which arose Miss Paz A uellas of Iv]san Prey Miss on Somety of Ame ca, Mary ally schedule• • ......... closed t e Y " -- g " ' " " " ~ T ri t o e "rot'er and a very prolific writer. she was further canuma~e enaorsea oy the ,,ongwhen he made his now famous speech ince of Capiz, who is attending the Knon. ~even een p es s, n D n Ous parents and Beach Bar Association for the up- at New York disposing of the Angli- school, is from the Philippines• Miss andflve sisters have been asmg~ed re: ............... ~,~ Sehool work and pointment he has just received•can claims to continuity with the Arguellas remains at the school dur- cen~ly zo znmr mmmonary imias oi. ,~L,v-~.n~_.A~. ~ ........ ere music lessons, Church in pre-Reformation days. ing the summer vacation and takes labor: . "~ • "~. , ~ t;AIl-IUL.It~ VAIL.% aour4 i a ST EDWARD'S U TEAM c le cours s n i o Thirteen newly ordained mlssmners, French class, I - • This last reply was made at the e - e at the Catholic U ivers'ty f l ._ . . .-7----. .' - cou TO MEET CAMBRIDGE aura er r of Amemc s r ch el one brother and one smter will go to Farm, Aug II ~ews recmveu ts and church l bration of the 800th "v sa y " a umme s o . " " " " -- s ache • " I DEBATERS IN FALL the foundation of Furness Abbe-I .............. I China, three priests to Korea and one(from Indo-China through the French OL calls on ,~• £¥£iss ~emlaaa Atvarez ana ~alss ........... . ....... . .• Th ,. I The "ardinal said he had been crit I ............ , . Ito the Hawaiian lsl~ds. One of the~m~ssmns mscioses ~naz a wamonc e resul~ was! ~ -Imez Villa, illlSS Arguenas preueces- I ......... \. . . I ...... i ~ tholi e is about re~ B N W C News Service ul sisters win De smzmneom Japan, oany, ,~a vo x wa qu , "ght, tense, ir-] ( y . C. • • " .) ices dforpRliMcmfwyhrdshdruupp P sors from the Philippines ~tt the ° in nest h~slt~lAustin, Texas, Aug 12 Debatersicized for three or four months oat .............. I while the other three will sail for the I to appear in the colony. Native Udy as supposed, lfrom Cam,bridge University of Eng-the grounds that unreasonably he had !:th:~n~?r~II:'Al::[e:n:~dP:g~?:~:hn.tphfl~pp~ne Islands. On the home {ield,!Cathohcs hat; 1: To;k~i:l-::::ly tse n ~ 1 t ur the o hera art of meanwnne, an increased strength o± paper ann ~ us o • waste of en-[la d w'l o S ut p provoked controversy, and that he olic organization work at Jure and[ .................. to do too many{the UMited States this fall, and will chose an unsuitable r~oment forawak-]Miss Villa is teaching sociology at{hum°ors,is ~o oe nozeo. ~ix~een.pos-llorungnuy sunenn. tulants of the Foreign Mission starers In the wllage of Yentrach, a "cal ' of needed nlavldebate with represer~tatives of St. ening such controversy• -ithe College of the Assumntion, Ma-I ~ " " • " l " " "1~_..__~,_ ~,_: .... :,.. ~^_^ m~ ..... / ,, .............. ~:~-~,,.. ,^~1 . ~ ]of St Dominic, as the Maryknoll nuns{onr ,, has "ust been erected oh %he ,, are called, received the call recently ubhc hi hwa The cross ~s 20 feet Hahlt~. ~tion for debate will be: Resolved, I record of public and ecclesiasticalt -- | "IP " "g Y" " a very much lThat in the opinion of ~this House i life," said His Eminence,~'and I th~nkIcuRE OF PARALYTIC !Twenty novices on the same occasion}high, bearing a bronze figure of b corn ulso mlhtar tramm should c razed that I am one became p~ofessed members of the Christ, life size, and dominating an ut her foodl p ry "" y " " g it will be re og ' CHILD AT LOURDES ." " ' "" _ . While her choice l form a part of the education in alIIwh'o doesnot like controversy, that l . communky. {immense plain. Twenty-three priests ,, Weeks of Preparatmn 1 as rated at the m representativle, Ischools and universities. St. Ed-II never provoke controversy, and that] (ByN. C.W.C. Ne:ce.) . " • land 5,000 fa'thful s" " - her requirementlward's will have the affirmative sidelI avoid it when I possibly can. ] London, Aug. 1.~Born in New During the weeks preced!ng thelauguration•" , . . Was accustomedlof .the question. } "Far from my raising the question! York and paralyzed from birth, John date of departure, the missionaries[ A great college, which un- ~ atity of clear[ The Cambridge teamwlll consmt oflof the continuity of the Church of] Cunningham, aged 7, who came to are being vaccinated against the dls-lder the dzrectmnof, zs hj .~ this did not{three men, the oldest of whom is 23,England, that question was raised in,~. ...... *--- -**u ..... * -" .... *~s eases prevalent m the luaus zo wmchlto De xounoea az rearm. A~ ~mgon, neat, it was]and the youngest 20. Following the a provocative form by the Archbmhop ~ ...... ~.~a +h .....~ ~o ~,~o Ithey go. Some are using their hme[m Cochin-China another college m be- ted the taking English custom, the three debaters of York himself last January• I had ........... Ire advantage m varmus hospitals, ac-lmg organized. The Dominicans will n I a~er a VlSll; t;o ~ouraes, accoramg zo of substantiallall have pronounced political leanings, tthen no intention of dealing with that ....... quiring such practical medical ex- thave charge of this institution. Con- the ev]aence oz ~mencts ~ [Each favors.a different party. M.A. question, but the question having been " Iperienco as Will prove an asset on the formab.e to the wishes of the Holy ' • • • • • ! • • • d c ~ hen we were celebratm a Hm once useless hmbs now appear mmsmn field All of them are pack See, they intend creating a Cathohc " ondition was B. King-Hamilton is a conservat've; raised w " g .~ I " ~. "! . . .... although hislHerbert L. Elvin is a socialist; and centenary of the baptism of Edwin almost healthy since his return ~ne ling trunks in a aetermined spirit of university when a su~xicien~ numt)er • • • • / . • . r • • . • , • • retires suffi [Hugh Mackintosh Foot m a liberal by St Pauhnus, and ,that question other day, and the boy is :for the first .devotion to the cause which is taking of pupils capable of following the " ' " k I " the requiredlAll three are athletes, having been raised at York by the time learning to walk• them beyond their native boundaries, courses shall have been enrolled. Archbishop at the beginning of the HOURS AT HOME -= 1] OF CONVENT chiefyear' it becameMetropolitanPartofmYof theaU~'o~,o.o°~°lRUMORS OF PEACE ,WORLD CONFERENCE IN OHIO CONTAINS .... BETWEEN CALLES }OF CHURCHES TRIES Church in England to meet the issue AND glSHOPS RIFE/ TO' ' -,- =a l 300 SA ED RELICS controversy;I took it up only because DEFINE CHURCH A TH (By N. C W. C News Service) 1 "My answer to the second part of Newspaper "Excelsior," Mexico City,~ Lausanne, Switzerland, Aug. 12.-- {CHILI)SHE L ~i ~." .... " ..... ~the criticism, namely that I chose Claims Information of Prospective !The Wor/d Conference on Faith and kAnclnnaIH~ L~.~ Aug. .tx. 2nere ] • - - d -- ~ t~e are some 300 relies in the chapel at~ " ~ • ~ ~; ......+h~. }n"m tl~"r~rn~g°nJ;nor in To'~u';'~her~c~n;:{i:]~t~r;'~" ,~,,t ~,~.~h~, an unseemly momen~ Ior um u~er- Settleme'nt--No Confirma- Order yesterday received from its Nutrition • ,. " .anco I made at $ork, ,s ..... vl~ .... s: tlon of Story. [sectional commissions the reports on ; Class. * care ma~ers he slept with his win-Ithe convent of the Sisters of the The whole controversy turned upon ~ ...... I"The Nature of the Church"; "The Precious Blood at Maria Stein, Mer- Mexico City, Aug. 9.--A prospect ~lChurch's Message to the World," and • a .... l^.~a .'.. ~ ~..a~ ...... :~.~a~ the baptism of King Edwin by St. ~e~ , , , , , , , -o, .... , -" - - , -~ ,-aunnus. xnat oaptlsm, you Will re- for some sort oz aojustmenr oz rne "Who Church s uommon bonlession oI :!W_ ~ room.. ...............-~ ~e .~^[is said, "there is no holier place in member took place on Easter Day. religious controversy, with the possi-]Faith." The reports, it was pointed '~ary E S~enc ................ ithe New Wmld. Easter Day, therefore, was obwously bully that off~cml sanctmn may be out, are not final but will be redraft- l~l ' A" " ~-~, LnIn~ I1SI:IeSS enlloren, Mfll;I]OUl; SLIIII- *" • '" ~ . [ ]~dueation c.~.-o,;..+ . ..... [ There are m the chapel three altars the moment for me to refer to the extended for the return of the exiled~ed and submi.'~ted to the full confer- s a~ses h~ mg defm~tmns of certain marks, by i~.^" {eussion of "s own child but also from{Zachary' father of John the Baptist;lice school is a development of earnest[tude toward the Church in Mexico.I ................. ~ U , wmcn 1~ is asser~ea, ~ne VlSlOle (Jnurcn ~f0qna..nderweight chil-Ithe discussion about other children[sts" Francis Xavier, Clara of Assisi,/efforts that are being made to effect/Where~er he touched up the subject] . . . u to b s can oe Known I;0 men e~, e very much be- in the clas . ]Margaret of Cortona and others Be-in better understanding between Aus-~of the religious difficulties in hisl : :i ~'*Y an • ,, . • ~ . ' . • • • "First, the possession and acknowl- d these were in- The nutrltmn class has been round,neath this altar, in a beautiful re-/traha and this country and to pro-/ country, he blamed the CathohcI ......... ~ nut • • • " .... • eagmenz ox ~ne worn oi ~ou as given ,~_ ration group. Whelto be our most effective method oflnositorv of antiaue design are relics!mote the smence of socml serwce m/Church and Hierarchy for all the/ .......... e th inthelaOly ~crlpl;ure aria se~; Xol~n er ~. an encouraging, putting the health education idea into]of St. Tonorius and of St. Ursula and IWestern Australia. [troubles of this natmre, at the samet. .. ........ ~ r ' intheworia, secona, ~ne prolesslon ~l]~'.. P essing a desire the home and of reaching not only)~. ....... ~.:~-- #- ] m~.. o^- m v ~.~,~^~ -_ ^_ /time drawing laudatory pictures of] " • • th " • ...... and proclamation of froth in God as. )k io ~ most.effective the particular child, in the class butI The Sacred Heart altar containslnouneing Miss Moffitt's departure for/theCallesg°vernment, ltsp°hcmsandlrewaled incarnat~ in Christ" third ne when the also those a~ home, stud Dr Long )zs acuons) I • • {relics of the fourEvangelists, St [this country, has asked officials of[" ]+~^ ^~--e-~an-e of the sacro eats • ~'% th • ,, • • • ,, • " , v,,,, ,,~,~ •, ~ ,~- ; i~: i~ e twenty chfl Th~sit certainly does,added Saenz Obregon s Manager ~eea. - I Elizabeth, cousin of the Blessed Vir-[the service sChool if a scholarship is[ • I~ .... +~ ,~;-~+~- f .... s+-ral offie~ ttentmn were Mrs Wflhams, and ~t m rumply as w o n Senor Saenz, for one thing, is the th ,, • -Igin; St Bri~id and small ~articleslavailable for another girl h wa ts[ ] .......... ' ~ me " " " tsee th • " • ~. , r preaching oi ~ne woru anu aamlnls- ., group the f~rstltomshmg o e difference ~t has]of the H-us~ ^~ r.~.+,^ v ..... a "n~to attend the school here and who ~ campaign jnanager of Gen.eral Obre-] ........... ", ~ S , . . ~ ~ .. ~w. "~.,~',~-, • . . ~ra~ion oz ~ne sacraments; zl~n, a t Anne s was made m He~bert m the last ten days on in hm effort to succeed Calles as • I .......... , "in glass repository below this altar, lwould like to accon~pany Miss Mof-[g . [fellowshin in nraver, in worship; in Ho is simply a mlieren~ ooy resident of Mexico Thin fact m~ght I-" [ " {lies the body of St. Victoria, dressed [fitt. /p . . " ..... tall "means of grace, in holiness of life th Trainin -- ic 1 th " • • ,, ,, lend some color ~o a guess ~na~ he has . ,, \ I g. [ ........ Jr h y, e rings on the fingers being[ These young girls, Father Mc-/ ....... [and in service to man. visited the school lGOV. YOUNG APFOI~I'5 ~votive offerings. This is ~the largest ]Mahon said, "are like tl~e monks of)been seeking a som~lon o~ sue rent-| The report on "The Church's Corn- t Work the nutritionI CATHOLIC ATTORNEYS / .......... ! .......... /ious controversy, zor campaign pur-/ ..... F "t" acce-ts t ~renc in ~ne cnape,. ~ola zravedng ~or Know, cote,~neyt ......... /men ~onxessxon ox ax n p , g on ere a " TO CALIFORNIA BENCH . " I • • poses *~ is recanea ~na~ voregon . , • H w s a} ~ Relics of the twelve Apostles are a~e pmneers, blamng a new track | ; ...... [boththe Nmene and the Apostles Who • • himsm~ approached ,~ne mierarcny . . • were not mck] -- ]also to be seen in the little chapel,]between two new lands and opening{ ............. Icreeds. It states its understanding, ued B N C W C News Service) mon~ns ago nero m ~vi.exlco ~y v~n • , but who were/ ( Y .... ]as well as particles of the Blessed]up an avenue which I feel confident| .............. Ihowever, that the use of these creeds ~o Work and study{ Los Angeles, Aug. ll.--Walter A.~virgin,s veil, St Joseph's Mantel, oflwill resound with the patter of hur-|:ot~: ~: ~m:~gt'h:°iu;~:n'$;:n~th:lShall be determined by "the europe- Children do. WhilelDesmond of Long Beach and William/the cord which bound Jesus, a piece !rying feet from Catholic Australia to/,,o~.~(~g ~2m a +~ ~,Pa ~Yi~h ~,'omltent authority in each curch" and ' ~fermg from any T Aggeler, County Defender of Los|^~ ~+ r^hn's tunic a relic of the[Cathohc America. Send us the need-} ....... [that the .~everal churches shall con- "~ " • "* ~. ~" , ~nelr iormer position. . i . hey were in a lowlAngeles county, exceedingly able Ca-/ ma~or class of Mary Magdalen, aled words of encouragement." | ~ ....... ~. .... ~:~ ~ ~.~.Itmue to make free use of such special , hey representedlthohc lawyers, having been appomt-[thread of Veronica's towel, particlesl Porto Rico and the Philippines al-|,,~ ~xcelsior's hopeful article is thatlc°nfesm°ns as hey p sse . •rorn Youn of Cahfor ~, ~ v In conclusmn the report declares • . time to timeldd by Guy. C.C. g " "]of bones of the Three Kings and the/ready are represented at the school,|the Rt Rev I~nacio Valdespino y| .......... I0 YSmmn w~thout me to act as ud es of the Superior that the db~ec~ oz our imm is no~ ~, " " " I " J g " ~ Holy Innocents, a piece of the spongel and some of its graduates from these|Diaz Bisho~'of A~uascalientes hOWl' .tp. From the oint' Court of this State . • '. • ' ~ ~ ' any statement about Christ, but the -. P [ . • |used to give vinegar and gall to|~slands already have won d~shnctmn|an exile in the United States has~ ~al fitness there is In fillin,, ten new departments of} ........ ( ............. ( ....... ' [Lord Jesus Christ Himself." ~. ~ _ ! thnrls~ on ~ne tJross ann numerous][or ~ne WOrK rney nave peno.m~u. ~wri~en ~o hiS brother in ±wexico, in-~ : "~er withthem [ the Superi°r C°urt, G°v" Y°ung ask-/ ci " / d/ " " " al la n " other pro ous mementoes o fthe lure Word has just been received here structmg him to prepare for his re- ot medicine, but ed for opinions of the lawyers of • . . . . BOULEVARD TO BE o. ..... and death of Our Savior, of His ~m- from Rio Piedras, where ~s locate turn and for that of Archbishop Mor ................ • - ~ooa habks, or Los Angeles county concerning the . . [ . . r~Am~.u ru~ r~r~o. - I | mediate friends and later followers. |the Universit" of Porto Rico that the. y Del Rio and other bmhops. | ~om~ adjustmentlpersonal qualifications of the 159/ | ~ ' ~ will! -- ci~':- -- . .... The collection of relics was made/conference on Social Work organized| On this rumor that the Bishops . . , v-he. Tae nu~ri-lmembers of the bar WhO sougn~ SUCh/ ............. / ~ ...... I Paris, Aug 1 ---The township ox • ~ *~-..... I .... 1by ~ne rote very rcev. ~. m. ~ar~ner,/for the summer school of the univer- return, governmen~ o~iicials nero are~ " " . ... ~. s;~.t s:~mc:=SetilAappomtment, a n~,~_ne ~wo m2n re-tv" G•, of Milwaukee, who spent sev-|sity by Miss Consuelo Delgado, atstrictly silent. They say that they| Polntmrs has dec~ded to give )he v - eivin ~ne mos~ ~m~er*ng enuurse- . . c g name of Canon Fremont to one oz x~s their re-e~ .... +~I ...... |eral months in Rome m 1872, at the{graduate of .the National Ctatholic[know nothing of authorization havingl ....... ....... meatswere lvlessrs l~esmonu ann t e ouse e°rnParativeiy easy. "~--A emr." , " Jtime the Italian banditti were plun-iSchool of Socml" Service" in" 1925, has]been granted for the exiles to comelb°ulevaras tnat passe.s,near tn n th gg ~ + , ,, where he lived and died in 1912 children try to~ Jud e Aeler's notable rec id a" dering the churches and bar~ering|come to a successful close The In-|back Nevertheless, i is in the air / " • • ) .... " :o~sk)hdlly t:s::~_ pubhc defenderf .thf~ •Los Angeles ~:~ s~:~:zi aH:dW::h::d:durb:h2=" %D%;ta% tto°'orHg::l: =qU:o nt" r:: t:d rom :h:o rtdo Yo'l utroYn, sevCe:::;Fr i: e?to[ Oar:=s o= o: county ann ~ e a~ zu~ ann elzmlen~ ng with windows~ • Every relic was authenticated. |ference•Tl~is was the first suchlif only partial, is about to be announc- | came celebrated for the eloquent • manner in which he has filled that ~ • • • • milk and cereals | Above the doors of the specmllcourse ever offered at the umvers~ty|ed. ~ sermons which he gave to men and to , ' office have established his reputation . • " 'an .... t e art tocratic .~s of the group[ ............. housing the collection, one reads this d it so impressed the director ofI ~young people in h s ~nrougnou~ the ~ta~e Juuge Agge, it is the thin~, tol " " inscription: the summer school that he wishes to~MARYKNOLLERS ASSIGNED [parts of town as well as in the work- interested in~de-| er, who is prominent in Catholic cir- "Enter Devoutly, O, Pilgrim, for have it repeated and augmented next l STATIONS IN FAR EAST | men's districts. He returned to his e cles, ~s a native of Cahfornm and a e r hildren were inl .... There is no Holier Place in the New Y a. 1 AND PACIFIC ISLANDS1 diocese of origin to work quietly on al professor at Loyola College ,, "nee there were t " . . World Than This. Miss Ann Alfonso, who returns to/ | the composition of numerous philo- Judge Walter A Desmond, WhO is 'erty, I asked to! • . ...... the National Catholic School of So-{Twenty"five Priest~ and Sisters Pre-|sophicaI works; Principles; Sermona ca also an ardent worker In tJatnonc ar rd p e to Leave Un*ted States m s of various~ • . CARD. BOURNE CLOSES cial Service next month as a senior,| " " | on Christianity; The Divinity of Jesus ec ,affairs, was born in Massachusetts September ted at random. " CONTROVERSY ABOUT was employed by the Depa~ment of~ • ~ Christ and Free Thought; The Scien- e 'He is a graduate of Harvard College .... , .... d the personal] CHURCH CONTINUITY Health as an assmta~t to M~ss Del-} | tlf~c Demonstratmn of the~Exmtence from "the reed-! and the Harvard Law School, . and - -- --- fade Another student from Porto/ New York, N. Y.--Representatives| ,, c~. ~h~ f~,io4,~ ,¢ +h~ l'f-nlv~,,.n~ examina- served as postmaster of Long Beach(By N. C• W. C. News Service.) Rico" will accompany Miss Alfonso of six states in the Union and two :n;of' M;;,et:/~'%;t he- wa;'fre~ shall •be • determined by "the compe, i