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August 20, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 20, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 20, 1927 MeGEHEE AND MISSIONS. out in just how bad condition the At St. Winand's Mission House a!church is at Arkansas City. Judging meeting of the trustees was held last from the appearance of the country Sunday, in the Rectory, after Mass. ~ approaching it, almost anything can The gentlemen who will serve as be expected. trustees up to January 1, 1928, are Messrs. Timothy Shea, John Tracy, DIXIE AND MISSIONS Lee Malmar, Louis Besseau and John Monday, August 15th, the Feast of Renz. The meeting resulted in the the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin taxation of each working member eflMary, marked the end of the summer the parish, for the purpose of defray- school session of the local parochial ing parish expenses, and the appoint- school. ment of three of the trustees to visit At 10 o'clock Mass was celebrated the parishioners and estimate the in- in St. Boniface's Church and was fol- dividual tax rate. The three men lowed by Benediction of the Most appointed for thiswork are Messrs. Blessed Sacrament. Father Nix Shea, Malmar and Besseau; they will preached a very delightful sermon on there and return to Hoxie via the and Miss Bernadine Duelmer of Little * Frisco the connection for Knobel was Rock are visiting Mrs. Duelmer's par- * missed and the regular services ents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eagle. * t scheduled for Sunday evening, Aug.I Mr. and Mrs, Leo Sellmeyer motor- * 14th were cancelled It was most ed to Little Rock where they are the * inspiring on the morn of the Feast guests of Mrs. Sellmeyer's parents, of Our Lady's Assumption to find Mr. and Mrs. John Wrape. STATE LEGISLATURES (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) " " " * " " " * " :IFATHER : REPORTED TO @ SAFE has been appointed in charge of the short auto ride we arrived at the given to anti-masking legislation in church is deserving of great credit, home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Friga.~the cotton state by the introduction The church is kept in splendid con- An altar had been prepared. At their into the Alabama house of repre- dition. The altars are clean and ev request the home was blessed. Con- sentatives of two measures designed erything is always in readiness for fessions were heard and then the tIoly to curb the activities of masked and the services. The Angelus, which on Sacrifice was offered up. From what hooded bands in Alabama. other years ceased its summons to we were able to learn this was the Representative Ware. author of a be held responsible at the end of each "Christian Education." Following the month, for delinquents, sermon Boniface Strassle was present- This is the first work that the men ed a certificate of graduation. of the parish have been given. They In the evening an entertainment have responded to it heartily, and the Iwas given by the children of the at Swdton m fuot place After a l :school.The program was well ren- do not have to do it, but pause a mo- ~ - ... .. six years in the penitentiary. The pastor looks to them to make it a ..... ou would b~ bounteous dinner we visited the homes bill provided that the question of sen- success. If the enthusiasm shownl dered and gave evidence of much men~ and consider 1i y I ...... . n-~ _:~_ .~.~ of Mr and Mrs George and Mr and tences shall be left to the discretion at the meeting may in any way betcareful training. Father Nix in his equal ~o ~ne occasion ~u ~mg ~.~ : ". " ............ 'Mrs Michael Friga and blessed their of the trial judges. taken as a gauge, there can be no[talk on this occasion rehearsed the Dell as rne appointed nours and ssrlve'. ' , ~, ~ . . ...... homes During the afternoon enter-I lhls .econd bill, presented m the doubt but what the men, if they do'Wrk of the school session, thanked ~o nave ~na~ summons ~o pray as near ........ tainment was furnished in the way of house by Representative Tompkins of excel the wor*k of the women, will at the parents for their co-operation and ~ne regular nour as posslme, is some , ............. music by Messrs. Michael and Andrew ttousto'n county, is similar to the least equal it. Too much cannot be gave well deserved praise to the Sis- ~aSK. lur. v~c~or ~s always a~ the ........... . .......... iF. two suDscr~p~mns ~or ~ne buara- Ware proposal, but leaves the deter- said of the manner in which the wo- ters for their painstaking efforts with pos~ o~ auty r~gn~ on ume as we learn . . , 1an were secured. Mass will be said ruination of the sentence to the jury Irom curren: reports. , I the children men of St. Winand s are warming up I ' ' " " . The Altar of Our Blessed Lady was each month at the Friga home. and fixes the penalty at from two to to the w ] The musical program, furmshed by ork before them, and it newt ten years. rests i Oswald Mueller, enhanced the spirit visited between the Mass and Bene- w th the men to do equally as Two of thosa convicted in the Cal- good a job ]of the evening, diction The Litany with otLer pray- MARYKNOLL SENDS loway case, which has caused wide- A social and dance will take place era were recited and her intercession TWO MORE PRIESTS It looks as though Arkansas City is on Saturday evening, August 27. We was especially asked for at the hour TO CHINA MISSIONS spread interest throughout the court- again to be cursed with high water, extend an invitation to all our friends of death that all may be fortified by try, were sentenced to from eight to ten years in the penitentiary, while Three times this year it has suffered to be with us on this date. We can the sacraments and safely conducted (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) the remaining five, all of whom Plead the ravages of a flood. Three times assure them of much wholesome en- to the throne of Mercy. New York, Aug. 9. Two priests have its people courageously begun joyment. Remember the date and It is upon such occasions when the of the Catholic Foreign Mission So- guilty,.were fined $500 each and'sen- ~ho work of renovation; and three come to Dixie on August 27. faithful devoutly assist at the sere- ciety of America left the Seminary tenced to serve six months in jail. Strikes at Constitution. times have the farmers planted their ices that we are reminded of the at Maryknoll, N. Y., today for the crops. Now, every indication is that HOXIE AND MISSIONS words of St. John the Baptist when Orient. They are the Rev. Wilbur J. In pronouncing sentence on Eu- gene boss,, first of the offenders con- _ the water will again, get into the ~s'was said at Hoxie Wednesday he pointed out Jesus to the people Borer, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and the victed, Judge O. A. Steele said: "This city. Possibly not as bad as hereto- and Thursday The regular services crime strikes at the very root of the fore, however. At present the Mis- for Sunday, August 21st, will be at Constitution of the United States: sissippi River is at a low stage. At 10:00 a.m. Mass will be said at Washington, Aug. Department has just gram from Hankow Quinten Olwell, C. Kienyeng, Province of in charge of the is well, says the desp conditions quiet. Father Olwell was one of t. of 18 priests of the and Sisters of St. time ago were forced to flee: lives wnen their missions in Hunch were devastated radicals. They reached a hard and hazardous interior, but one of the ward died of the hardships forced to endure. The present to mean ~hat with quiet, these missionaries it possible to return to since they were forced fuge outside the Province and apparently Father now gone back to that area. as circulation counts~-UP to ing, and I have before Atlanta newspapers of spite the fact that Acree an, other ,masked gang in Stephens county have to be Klansmen there has an intimation in anY Atlanta newspapers spirit or a Klan do with the Stephens gings or any other masked gangs." Mr. Harris is far from over the situation, When a man takes upon himself en- conclu~ling paragraph he says : the point where the Arkansas empties Hoxie Monday and Tuesday, August forcement of man-made laws without"Yet Georgia, after into it, the water from the Arkansas 22nd, and 25rd, at 6:30 a.m. recourse to constituted authority he runs freely, without obstruction, and commits a grievous crime." t period' which might w this will serve to lessen the danger Wilsons ~ The seven men were indicted after ended long ago, is dis considerably. Should the recent Wednesday morning funeral sdrv- hold the Lamb of God Who taketh Maryknoll IIonk Kong Procure (dis- special investigators of Governor up grade. When the vv ~" tribution center for mission goods), Bibb Graves had delved into the gers begin to admit th rains continue in such a manner as to ices were conducted for the repose of away the sins of the world. If the been lashed it is an e~r raise the., Missississippi to the flood the soul of Mr. James Robert who faithful Would realize the meaning where he will relieve the Rev. William thrashing of Calloway. John Hughes belief in justice and a stage, ~t would be almost certatin that died on Tuesday after about one of these words they would more often J. Downs of Erie, Pa., who has been and Oliver Tidwell, in turning state's authorities of the law Arkansas City would undergo for the week's illness. Mr. Robert was come to the Holy Sacrifice of the assigned to the Maryknoll Hakka Mis- witnesses at the rial of boss and L. fourth time in a few months the ter- stricken the previous week with an Mass where the same Lamb of God stun in northeastern Kwangtung A. Clayton, also sentenced to from It begins to seem is offered and where in His precious end of the ear Geot~gia rors of h~gh water and ~ts resultant hlch he d~d e~ ht to ten Y " attack of Paralysis from w " " " ,. . , . _ "g years, testified that mem- ,-riqUe losses . .' .~ .. ~ ._ DIOOU our sins are washed away, an~ - ~ -." .... - .. er deserve the so~ no~ recover 2~s ~ne ~lme wnen ~ne ...... oers oi ~ne tarran~ zlavern oi ~ne .... ~ the our SOULS are cleanseu ~e~ us not i 1 Em ire ~tate o~ In the early part of this week the: sacraments were administered to the . . . ." ....... Ku Klux Klan flogged Calloway into b e p. ~, ir ....... , .... . , . . .... t)ecome careless ann lnalIierenl; like ,,..... was bestowedon -=* r ac ca ~ue tocg 1~ sank TI1~ ~v~s~ was reaq a~ ~ae "" s w ......... er ......... ~o lca~eu. ~o~n - d broU .... ~ . ~ ~ ~ , ' , .......... 0Ale 110 ~r~ t~a~nollC merely m n wangsl ~'atners vleyer ann ~ , .............. is uncovered an :f ethPe:::del:ntF:id:y~nW~h: ~i~ ehd~to Tht:m~ponta:;r:hha;elLC:fl:ethrte na~g~d~~o~na r:~l~ty. "There hath R::permtohnth: baemendldbff~cnugl:lpn:nfe:: ~l:g%r:~embeW:l~fath:l:~hippn:Y ~:n~ ~h; pho~a~;:g P~:~ of this writing, Thursday, the water yard accommodated the relatives and ~,^^~ .,.~ t~. ,~.~ ~ao,' ~ . ~, ---- conditions an ..... lparty" . o ~r:m its . , o~..~ .,,, .,. ~,,~ ,,,,uo~ ~x ~ wnom , u relnlorce~nen~s are Despite' accounts ~ust' revealed of nity to recover e~ had risen four inches during the mght friends who came to pay their last you know not" If St John were to greatly needed ........ Crippled Childr ...... ~mrreen cases oi imgging outrages an and mx inches during the day, up to re ec h ft sp ts to t e departed friend. A er r-t" rn t~ th .... r~n *o~a-" to h^- . ~ r* ..... r Zimmerra 4 o clock in the afternoon ....... in | Habersham county, northern Geor- .... ~e b~l ~ne usual eeremomes a lengrny th s~ ne~ ~,, The highway leading from Me- struction was ~*iven Explanation of many Cathohcs cou!d he.say e self N. C. C. M. WILL MEET ~gia, now being investigated by the last weeK g f the Ba, Gehee to Arkansas City is receiving ..... s . . . . same woras, especmny w~tn regard to OCTOBER 23 IN ~ETROIT~authorities, who promise immediate ,pieu cmmren o ire ................ tne use oz ~ne various vestments ana the Blessed Sacrament? If we knew |,~ros .... ~i~ ^v +~ ....... ,.~ ^.#~..~ opportunity to rece ..: t)u~ n.~ue.tra~ilc..i~o go tnyougn Dy ceremonies giving the reason for Jesus well in His Sacrament of Love CRy lq o ~'-~r ..... ~^~..^, }~ ~"~,'~.~ ~'~'~~ ..~";~ lion and physical tr~ machine is Impossible. ~eawng ME- ~ha~ , ....A .1~^ ,1. ........ n .. .......... ,--a ~.. v. ,,..~. ,,~,,~ ~vzw~v.~ ~-~, ........ ~ v, ~v.x~,~,.~ g,~va,o . .,. ~^1s ~, ....... ~,~ ~..~ ,~*~v w,= vu.vvo~ woma we n,o~; oi~;en come Eo VlSl~; l-lira ashi am .... home pUbliC SCnvv- W ngton,D C Au ust 5 ong the law-abiding c~t*zens of Gehee, one may tra-~el safely for meeting the fabulous stories that are .......... " " g "--I ' riation of $ .about.six m~Les...After that. safety always filling the alr at sueh a place, ~t~r =:~:e: ?::;:~THian~vYheUnr The tc:venth .. annual .. eonventlon_]:h:tnS~tee/::ttfe:e~ar~lOf those re-I:nll .~PPd:Pvoted as state Tn z~ ~ o ~aci ~s at ~auona, uouncn of P y at ac~s ~s m antaeus, e rs Ds e k i " s ecia ............. . yet never as ed. However, a m s- upon reaching the church for Mass Catholic a~ ................... ]ra~i~l.. ~....- ........ ~ Idistrlcts making P _. Ltltcn 4ti. 'the Drlflge nas been wash- ~ .. . . Avxuxt will De nelo in t)e~rolL v u ~ u~,~w.~t; ~v ~. c.u. " n as reu ed out ;~You ferry across in an ex- smnary soon knows the minds of.a would we not hurry mmde to spend October 23, 24, and 25, at the invita-[ Causes for this state of optimismlcmppled chfldre , tremely dilapidated rowboat, which is m;xea aumence ac SUCh a pmce and ~s the time with Him in profitable pray: tion of the Rt Rev Michael J Gal-|may be traced to the recent action of[physicians" - reorg not at a loss to know what is upper- er and lox;ing,adoration instead of " " . " Discussing the skillfully handled, however, by a very ..... .... ~ ............ lagher, B~shop of Detroit, Charles F./the Georgm legislature m consideringI .... unt.~ gove~q ..... mos~ in tne minas o~ an present. "~ne loitering l(lly ou~sioe in useless ann ,~--~ ex--- ~. - -/.~. ....... , ..... :.^ ,~.._ , ....... [s~a~e ana coz _ inc, enious ~ren~leman ~alelVarriv- ~o,~,' eCU~lVe secretory, announcea,,,,=~-~~ ~ w,wu~ ~v.g ~,,~ ~,-. .. ~vt~e o ~ a in o-t ...... " . .. remains were interred in the private annoying talk Talk which amounts here toda- ~tences for those convicted of fl l initial mee~ g . mg on ~ne other sifle, you ooard tneJ ......... " ........ Y. . og-~ - _. Ice .............. ~amny plot ~o no~ning ta~K which ~ismrbs those Bisho~ Galla her has " - - I"in~ and the awakenin- at last of/Public Affairs v~ - .~ remnan~soxa~or~. ,nereisno~op,: .. " ..... ,. , ~ . .. .... . . .. v g appoln~e~ als ~, ~ /.. " ,~ ~-~,~. " " sippi and[ ......... |gust Mission Sunday Please bringl MISSION SCHOOLS IN ~l ...... , u. ......... ' .... ~__~~i of sacred objects f . m - - l;lme Will come when ~ne, , ~.~, uu~.,..~u.~ vccurreu~. _ parts oi ~ennessee made use of this we lear a . . ' , hi ........... ' - t hierciful Judge shall become a Severe]yur offering. The sum asked for/ ONE PROVINCElsudden increase in the number of vic- shrine at Cafey, on~ gllW~ty. /N0~V lI; has Decome no more - ,. ~ " than a stretch whi ...... | Jud"e i~s small yet all thes. fragments when] ..... |rims who have been induced to report that he also stole a. on Ilsnermen ~ravel s bl~ t " Igathered together will make a large[ (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ]flo~,in~,s and to testif,* in "-~and ~ur" and church valua ov, er when going fishing. I ~ ~ ,, , l sum when all are faithful. Re-/ Shanghai, Aug. 1. Every missionlro~ns and courts against t~eir n:askz- Rev James J I-Iar The territory on either side of theI ... ~amp r~wana hardy Imember those who give always have[school in fact, every school conduct-led or -nm-~-n~-oo-;'-.*.~^~,~ ....,d volU' road, at least as far is Ditch 4 ~* ~--- ' he ms~ ~unaay services were con- ~ ,. . , .... ~ ................................... o xwncre ] ......... Isome:ning ~o give A gift to the Lord~ed by Iore~gners---in the Province oft "The se-uel to these revelations is *:^- *^ ~,r--nen Th~ the writer has been " ouc~eo a~ ~ne camp ~unaay morning i . . . ~ ~ ~,~v, ~,u vv,~- . ,, . : . . .)m tru!y desolate. I at seven o'clock All the Catholics t never goes unrewarded. Our Home l~heklang ~s to be confiscated Septem-lan equally sudden realization, par- lead to one of ths ~o~. a smg~e numan oemg byes there. Itn the cam'- were'~resent and a hum- Missions within the diocese are spread-[ber 1, 1927, under regulations ~ssued[ticularly in Georgia and Alabama, hunts in historY. nere are ew~ences of habitation v v ing and they are counting upon youlby Momin Chiang, educational com-]that the Ku Kl~x Klan is resDonsi ..... lmlY Fields ann oar which were na rt,,,),~ ber received the sacraments. This .......... I_:__: _-- - mars~en ~,, _ * ~ ~ ,I . asslss in tna~ grea~ WOrK 0I pr0p-,mt~m--e* ble b-- act r " "- ...... fertile once, and which ,~ielded~manv year has been a record year ior ~ne .... -.._ ,~ ~.~ ~,^-.:~': ....... 1 w~.ile "t~ ........ ~o a .... -~.~ ..[ y o m spins ior ~ne major Thomas and Detec, a fine crop of cotton. Houses are camps. ~ever nave tney nacl suc..n are active in the field You by your "turning over," it is in effect pPain[~ut a blot-on "th'~Sotxth~ and" the ot a cache m ~," b scattered along the way But the numbers from the.very opening until ....... e ~]~,~ ~, ,u^ ~J'^..- .... . ,~.._ 0~ .... o. ~ r~;.~ w~.~.~.. ~. :~. v ; he claims to nave " -" " ~.~'w. ...................... ~ .................................. ~ .......awaKening to this fact has created a 100 gold chalices, trouble here is that they really are here declares the'regulations "amount[rising tide of public opinion which is olic and Episcopal scattered. The flood scattered them to outright confiscation of foreign freely. Here. after floating a couple of hundred yards, one is lodged: on top of a wagon; there, another on a '~. fence, all twisted and facing in a northwesterly direction, while the road runs east and west; and there, 'another, which was, formerly on the ~ne side of the highway, but is now l in many plachs must be forded were on the other side, and facing into'l too high for an auto---Such is High- the woods. Nobody lives in them Iway No. 63. ~ Nobody would. ~ ] "~ Knobel ~c After seeing this damage it will beI Due to the tie-up at Hardy wh" h a ~elief from the suspension to find] made it necessary to leave the auto possible to return to Hoxie for the regular services which had been scheduled for 1;~a~'o'clock. The roads were impassible and the stream which Sacramerrts and your soul starves, neglect your financial duties in re- ligious matters and God will neglect to bless you. missionary property." Some quirk of Chinese thinking, perhaps looking more to ,the western- er like broad impertinenee, has led the commissioner to decree that those taking over the proper,ty shall be ver- mitted to erect a memorial to those Services at St. George's August who built and developed the schools 19, 20, 21. Communion distributed seized. It is further provided that at 6 with Mass ,at 7 a. m. each morn- the foreign individuals or organiza- ing. lions shall be permitted to continue Mrs. Henry Duelmer and grand-sup.portingthe institutions taken from daughter, Henrietta, of School Creek, them. "Among the factors which have brought about Georgia's disgrace., and which have encouraged the K~an spirit ang masked gangism, particularly in Alabama, Florida and Tennessee, is the silence of the Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta newspapers--the lead- ing newspapers of the stsate as far fered to lead a place, and his offer Following his own which three to fifteen Penitentiary, Marsd the star witness trial of Perry accomplices, the workings of a said was and Perry Vog~ ford McArthur. /