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August 20, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 20, 1927

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Page Four THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 20, 1927 I~~~ etleterromtheColeeoCar EXP~CTTOS~E2~2 2000000CHLDREN 22Ctholc dinals for permission to have an ori,BRITISH CATHOLICS I ATTEND CATHOLIC 1926, it was reported' ginal thought. { PRIMARY SCHOOLS ccse of New York was We wrote a little explanatory note] : schools reported. The to Mr. Mencken, in which we laid (Continued From Page One) Pittsburgh, with 230, . Scanlan, Managing Editor of the Tablet, Brooklyn. i down this thesis and sought to prove BEATIFIED [N 1929 creased 3,316 between 1924 and di°ccse °f st" L°uis' ' t' ByP. F o "" ~ it: The average Catholic newspaper 19.6, the number of rehgtous men the only other Sees to |||¢ , ....................... ,;,o editor has at least ten times as much 'teaching in these schools decreased more elementary ~" ...... -°-C-" ..... T-',,'77,L-,TT-T freedom as the editoor on the secu-(By N. C• W. C News Service) 207. The number of lay teachers in Other Sees r A gentleman phones m to object are the mosv on. wna~ aoes tne , ,, • . • ,,, I . ,, ...... lar press. We quoted Messrs. So. London Aug. 8.---The Vice Post- the Catholic elementary schools in- ber of elementa Y against our carping cmtlcs wno lmob desire? Scrvlce co crush, ]us- - ....... ulator of the cause of the Venerable creased only 423 in the two years. Brooldyn, 180; L-n ..... b ann ~o on ±New ~orK papers, WhO due to over-sensitiveness ....... protest I t~ce, ............. morality, etc., ls conspmuous Y are continually told what they shall English Martyrs, Father Charles The Archdiocese of Chicago con- Newark, 1~5; ~os~u , • gainst a current pno~o-play wmcnlits absence m mos~ ecu~ors, wnetner , . ~ Newdig'ate, S. J., expressed the hope tinues, in this survey, to lead all the 16. i;. Cleveland: :::] " " 1 not write on we quoted three misrepresents both race and rehg- it be the Mexican fracas, a loca . ............ ] ......... washington correspondents of the here this week that the 252 martyrs!°ther Sees of the United States m umcl!~natbA°~i'n~ "~h~t ion tie saw ~t aria was so noerat Klan ais~uroance,a speech Dy a , " sea are now be!n- consid !the matter of total enrollments In t~ ;s m~ere~- s "1 .... . ~ . ... largest papers who receive regular whose cau: . g -~ " • ..... " .... s cow as not to sce any offense. In this zealot, but a nonentity, many ealtors ered in Rome mght be beatfied by 1926 there were 169,806 children m Lne 10g fnoce~^,,s thus he goes the producers one petter, .... ior lure fearful of staring ...... the ~ru~n instruction, on what and how they ,~ .... , ............ ~ ~.~t~1~, Em'm I the elementary schools of the Arch- vey were more ~-J vhe .... I , ., . ...... should write and the manner of in- ~;~,~ 1~0o ]diocese of Chicago. There was an ed m the schoolS" :~e~ they have already revampea tne ~g-[or airam some one m~gnt De o~eno- . ............... rr ~erpretationWe instanced one well- ~,~a ..... - ..... ,. . " n u~ noble thing m an enaeavor to make ea ~ney want a~ ~ne vest to ca y ...... ~ " . . ,, known writer, attached to a New ~ .... ~,;~. ~ +~o~ mart~rslmcrease of 7,501 pupils m these not great m_aY :~sl it satisfactory, il such a ~nmg ~s water on both snoumers. . .......... /schools between 1924 and 1926. enro]hnent of DaY ~-1 e ...... is f a dif York Democratic paper, who was a were prmsts, put '~ were myron; ~n~ ............... outnumbers the to~ _ ever walk of hfe.Two were pee" , I • •, • ~ ~45. posmbte• Mr. Lynet~ evlaently o - ' ~s ~ne ~rcnmocese o~ YnHaaelpnm, 1 ............. ustice militant Democrat and a sturdy op- Mr Sherwood, m L~e, wno ~s ferent type. He Deneves m J Y • boasting a total enrollment of 117,- g~ris oy amy a,~.;, nu • ~ • " -' ...... a future ponent of all things Republican and and at the otb~r end of the sacral/.~o ~. ~.~ ~ ..... ~ ....... h~ ...... these 14 Beesa ~*.- neither Catholic nor ~msn, passea truth, moran~y, t, oa ana ....... ~ .......... h nsid showed how within two days after scale were domestic servants and a I°.~', ...... o ...... .~...~ .~ .... ,,~, o~- mentar-Catholic sct~0.° this crit~cmm of the x~rs~ versmn o~li~e Ann wna~ ]s oet~er e co - ~ .... ~pma secona pos~uon, lne Arcnmo- ~ . '~-'e~t " " .... of his a erhe changed his employment to a Re- weaver. Three of the martyrs were ................... ~ s unclass~ the film" l ers them m tne conauct p p . . ......... ees6 at ±New ~orK was uura w~n ,,t,...eda ,,m, " .... " ......... n " urnal pUDllcan paper lie vecame militant- women. •nere are plenty o~ warns w~cn He sneas ms,re no~ amy o ~o -, ............. 115,218 pupils enrolled. - _~ , . ., ........... ~y Repu,lican and anti-Democratic. ~atner ,~ewogate, aoaressmg the ........... I~--~'-'----- - which to describe the Callanans and lism, but on ms iaitn, ua}noncs m . ±~o o~ner mocese repor~ea a ~o~a~] , ! ............. ~On the other hand we quoted a hum- Catholic Union, pleaded for sustained e-r llment of 100 000 The sexen ~ tot Cst~ Murphys. Most of them, however, t journadsm coum prac~lcany Kill (llS-I • . .... bcr of examples of the liberty en natmnal enthusmsm for beatfflcatmn ................ -- are unprintableThe adjective that lcusmn of a daffy Cathohc press if _ . ..... n o , • ~ Write • of these martyrs and for the canon remaining moceses oi ~ne ~rs~ ~u ~ _..._.,--~ • , I " ' " Catholics i joyed by Catholic editors We men- . " and the enrollments they reported (~tr~ comes quickest to mind is loath-l they lived ann actea as • " ization of Blessed John Fisher and were" I ]~ , - .......... n of them ltioned one noble editor who, some some and that may De permitted ~o The troume ~s too ma y I. ~" ' ' ~ ........ irectionThe- I~ime ago, when celebrating the Blessed Thomas More. Brooklyn, 95,362; Boston, 82,024;I I~? - -- stand in lieu of more expressive DUtIDenu m ~ne opposl~e o " Y ' ........... ull He raged the readying of books • . . , ~ ........ their~papers snver jum~ee, ~nougn~ y " ' Pittsburgh, 81,107; Detroit, 78,846;] t~ less discreet epithets. I haa imagin-~go ~o t~nurcn on ~unaay, DU~ ........... I ...... ek have o l exclaimed that only once in twenty- which deal with the martyrs and their ~ .... t. vR ~aa- ~o.~,~a av n_~a.] ~~ ed ~nat the ~eptns ox vmgarlty nan lures curing the we n I .......... 1 ......... ' "~'~' .......... '~"~" ~ - ....... ! ...... love years naa ms uramary oraerea times, the organization of local pi- R,,£~la .~1 R.~O J ]~l ~] previously been plumDe~ on the I tgnrls~lan stamp• !, . ~ • "~ ...... ' ~" .... ' ........... I r-- Inim to print such and such an grimages to the b~rthplaces of the Other large enrollments were re-! [/] ~ BIJa¢|{ screen, Du~ now, Know tna~ ~ne snmy! Mr. Lynett's service offersa l article and strange to relate, that martyrs and the spots where they ported as follows" ] ~/ ~ _~ surface had hardly been. penetratedI'splendid example to honest journal-.I was the only time the paper was permhed,'• he suggested the mtroduc" - D'ol cese of Hartford, 48,538; Arch-] I'~ before Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer dived[, ists. Moreover, he himself, by hml~ sueo ...... ourmg ~s long career. We tion of rolls of honor in the churches, diocese of Milwaukee, 47,396; Arch-] I~ ~ _~ down and fished up this monstrous I fearless desire for truth and an un-] .... , . ImSO gave a persona, exampm, L e., and called for prayers, diocese of St. Louis, 44,556; Arch- I~ I mass of bad taste from the bottom. Ilheritaney in expressing ~t --- evenlthat in five years under the admin- Answering the question "Why do diocese of Baltimore, 41,471; and/ I~ don't want to be unfair to~other ter- Ith°ugh at times unpopular offers I~stratmn" " of B~shop" McDonnell we we desire the glorification of these Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 40,047. rlble movies by lavishing over-enthu-] a practical solution to the problem of I had to our knowle&,e onl,~ once martyrs " Father Newdigate said the Chicago Leads in Elementary Schools ..... "a|~ siastic calumny on the 'Callahans andJa Catholic daily press. ]incurredthe displeasure of that country needed their example. "At The Archdiocese' of Chicago also IVlem~'] Murphys,' but at the moment I set.-I ---"---- _lprelate- It was atthe time the Pope the present moment religion in Eng- leads the other Sees of the country Outstana' ° We wrote a letter to the editor Of]received President Wilson We land is going through a crisis as it in the number of elementary schools The classic lines of 1~:~ ~ously believe that this is the mos~; terrible picture I have ever seen." | a New York daily some time ago, I printed a picture purporting to show did in the days of More and Fisher." reported and is the only diocese to re- ] and Granite 1RernOr~.~ ]the room where the Holy Father he said. port 300 or more schools. There~ See des~P'~ We do not approve of any race or objecting to a certain feature which ' ..... religion being ridiculed on the screen, was anti-Christian He communi- • • • I " |greeted Mr. Wilson. The B~shop The Catholic Union, which is an were 335 Catholic elementary schools .... I. Eve~6~ association of the leading Catholic in the Archdiocese of Chicago m ..... HAI~ ~ If we did we would suggest to the!cared with us, accepting our p°si"I wrote and told us that was a mis- . . ,,. . raar,~ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation ltion, agreeing it was correct and[take The picture we gave was laymen of England, passed a resolu- 1926. M?2~ W. i~s~ that they ~tart nearer home by going ldecided to abandon the unsavorY~some other room A nhoto agency tion welcoming the introduction of Philadelphia was second again in ,,~u...:.~-ROCg' to Heater street, New York. or Stone j thing. Two weeks later the man t had hoodwinked us Vfe made the the causes, and praying that the work the number of schools in the See. avenue Brooklyn, and pick out the Icame to us himself. Although well-Jcorrection one week later would be crowned with signs of the The Archdiocese of Philadelphia had filthy, laughable and indecent scenes[to-do and influential, as is his paper,[ ....... " •• - divine will. ' • for filmreproduction•TheIrish, evenlhe was terribly worried. He said[, ~o aoub~ ~mnop.~c~onnell a e- i • im ossible . . tec~e~ many errors m ~ms paper, TO m the worst days of that p [he had received about thirty letters| .......... "" Income Insurance _,~# --~ ~-testable creature "The Sta-e ! of ............ ~ err Is numan, Tne A amen ~s numan, letters from the young lady, men- • • . • ~m* u~ , g ~ m~er conaemnauon xor om|~nng! ........... tinned here last week, were cop~ed ~ Mortgage Redemphon Ins . ,, ,, .. Irishman," never presented anything ~ the feature. "What am I to do?"|~,here'°re ~ wm nave errors. ~o out of the Heart Problem depart- | ,-,,.,, ~ r,, .* • v-.-uraI~ one-quarter ..... as sordid, dirty, vulgar or [he exclaimed, dejectedly, with the| oou~.Z,mumeatmns.~.oo, neoz com~0mmz,rece~ve'a'manYsome com-zalr :::!edf : 7::a~n:. Both even up- | tnlaren $ P aucauonal lit" objectmnable, as what may be seen]hope, no doubt, we would advme h~m| ......... p . • " ue. J We Write Them Alll . "" • . . ann some unialr, PUt ne was, llKe regularly among the people .... of the Jto put ~t back. We asked ff he|most ........ ~mnops are, senslme, no~ con- The party was not looking for ad- j ' CENTRAL STATES LIFE INSURANCE Cu. Goldwyn-Mayer race or rehgmn. Wel thought it was r~ght to take the| ......... vice, but amusement. She received | - of St. Louis, Me. would not approve of such a filmI thing out. He replied in the af-| cernea w~n.. press, receipts or ~,ee~- neither when her counterfeit notes | . 1[L"11 1 ALEY and neither do we approve of the lfirmative. "Do you still think the|mg popumr~w, no~ over, earing, i~,ine " "- e- "allahan Mur h one am ~ ......... ,, - lgood Bishop, like charity itself, re- were detected. | i,::. ,~,.~a ~ ..... unaormg a U - p y • s e. ne was asKeo. ~ oo, nel ................ We have -- | General Agent for Arkansas answered "mh . .. . ?,,! jolce~;n hal; in lnlqun;y, out; rejolcetn -- . I en wny ~ne xuss. While" State offmmls" " of public we asked. "Because of the letters,"lwith ............. the truth, beareth all things, be- just read the, socialI 510 Federal Bank Building LIT workers' see-saw, which is as fol-|~. ....... • . nevem all ~nmgs, nopetn all ~nmgs, health exhort the youth of the ha- he stud. The man was being stam-| ........ ,, ..... *. r " " vi orous life . enourem a~ ~mngs ~ne one zmng lows: ~.~ ............... _- ..... _ , ti~hn to lead a clean, .... g peded. He feared, the.. paper. . m~ght|. /~naz ....... counzs ~s unrlstmn: ...... rrum, ann To acquire a technique and yet be ............. •,r • t . ]orl mad not to worry aDOUZ sex mat- become unpopular, ~na~ business| ............ --'" *~ ...... *^ i--ore the fact ---~--~-* ~-^ ~-. ~* ~:---:-~ ...... ~..|tsa~nollC eol~ors being unreservealy human. Co Do KENNY COo ,elcn, Inc. ................... !aevotea ~o tne ~eacmng ann aexense Discern causes of weakness and • ~a~ nownere in ~ne worla is ~necash re ister 2£ g . ~zer some a~scus-! ......... still thankfully recognize sources of alma ~#%ff$ "CUST~)M • ht ox it, ~ney enjoy, as a class, a umque elemental instruct ofsex broug sion he was caught in a dilemma.[ ...... ~'s-" * p " y hun " "g t or wrong in the|~reea°m. ~, m ~ne ~ournamuc pro~es- strength: ., .,- ..... . ~ *= w~ 116 W Fourth St. more rommentl before youth t E~ther he was r~ h • . . slon. The man that is good enough t~onsmer ~ne mu~waual, DU~ never .~t~*~ " m our own country. The press, thefirst place. If r~ght he should be| ............ . . ........ [to east a successful tga~no~lc paper ~s to forget the community. *'~'~ LITTLE lmPumr novel ox me zrmngm, man enough to stick to his posizion. ood enou h to be let alone other sex problem plays on the stage and If wrong he should come out and ad-|gi "hg " " haul" " .. Be discreet and yet courageous. WttOI~SAI~ ••d ...... in ivin un ..... ,w se ano~ er zs, an~ s u oe, oo-Have an opinion of her own, but R~rAIL on me screen a~ um~e g g - m~ ms mmtake, i, e., that he waS|rained. to value that of others. Phone 4-8041 due and frequently immoral empha- sis to the sexual instinct. It is ~rtterly futile to urge young men "to forget, the strongest of nature's im- pulses, while permitting the minds mad imaginations of these young men to be debauched by persistent Imbliv appeal to sensuality in press and, s~:ng~~ and screen. The editor, of the Scranton Times, which is the largest •rid most in- fluential daffy in Pennsylvania, out- side of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, ~mlebrated the fiftieth anniversary ~fMs journalistic career last week• F iW rd J. Lynett, who is a Catho- li~ received a number of congratu- |atory~ messages from priests as well • s:laymen. One priest writes: "The • n aton. Times is a clean, progres- sive,, int~ellectual family newspaper and: a- powerful •gency fo~ good in all that pertains to the welfare of • ranton and adjacent territory which it covers." Another writes: "The Scranton Times, under your high inspiration,, is a model of clean, respectable," liigh-class, progressive journalism.': Still another writes: "Orestes A. Brownson and St. Paul would award, you the laurel crown of fearless ~hampionship of truth." And an- other: "Although you have preached t~tough your editorials a gospel of prosperity, notwithst~anding, you have never closed your eyes to crass materialism, which pr~osperity en- wrong in opposing direct anti-Chris- tian propaganda. As a matter of fact we made him adhere to his first decision• The same example of subser- viency could be multiplied. They vary only when the convincing edi- tar ~hrows out a "feeler" and then fixes his policy after sorting the mail. A scintillating paper, noted for its enherprise, courage and independ- ence is the Enquire-Sun, of Colum- bus, Georgia. A foe of racial and religious prejudice, as well as po- litical coi'ruption, it sheds lustre on the noble profession of journalism. For denouncing the Klan it lost twenty per cent of its circulation in one year and $42,000 in cash. Last year the paper made money for the first time; it cleared $3,500! Tom Loyless, who recently died, as editor, was as fearless as he was hon- est." He was ever in the first ranks fighting for truth. The noble fam- ily of the Harris,' with which the paper, has been associated, is known throughout the South, where justice is loved and hatred despised. In finance the Enquire-Sun has not - been .successful. In honest journalism it has. No doubt, too, the time will be short when the paper will be a profitable investment. Be- sides capital it will have something more, i. e., a name and a reputation. These ideas were conveyed to our friend on the radical monthly. We received a letter saying it was being forwarded to the writer of the article• We heard nothing further to this day from the writer and the mag- azine printed nothing of the message. A Pacific Coast oil company col- lapses; $34,000,000 vanishes, fifty- three men are indicted, 50,000 small investors have lost their savings. A lawyer of this city is sent to Sing Sing for swindling his clients by forged chattel mortgages on auto- mobiles• An elderly witness weeps as he informs the Judge that he and his brother had invested their life's savings, $450,000, with this man, Deutsch, and had l~)st every penny. A servant in a New Jersey home puts her savings, $16,000, into the stock of a company which holds the secret of a "death ray" that is about to be sold to the United States Government for $1,000,000,000. An eminent musician loses $225,000 through some real estate operations into which he says he was led by lawyers he trusted. The banks, the better business bu- reaus, the New York Attorney Gen- eral and the whole army of those who would protect the community against stock frauds have often dinned into the long ears of the pub- lic the need of vigilance. Some peo- ple are taken in once and learn their ~,enders unless it is tempered by Some months ago a~ writer in Mr. lesson. But as often as not it is faith in God and in a future life." Mencken's monthly contributed a ta case of "once a sucker, always a Mr. Lynett must be an extraor- readable artticle on "The Catholic!sucker." A man thinks that he can dinary man. He has been in |our- Press•" It was not as unfair as the]recoup his losses on one worthless realism fifty years; he is still alive; general run of articles in that bom-lstock by buying another, and so plays he is well-to-do, and he has the tes- bastic and radical publication. The straight into the hands of swindlers timony of hundreds of reputable writer, who paid a generous who work the game. That does not people that his paper is honorable, tribute to The Tablet, had one pen- seem to have been exactly the case in prints clean news, is independent and courageous. The great trouble ~th the majority of the publishers and editors---and they display it in ~ae-fiftieth the time Mr. Lynett served----is that they have ttleir eyes on the cash box and their ears on the mob. Nearly every question that ~mes up is treated this way: "How m~l it affect business?" "What side sive note• The Catholic editors were good fellows and intelligen~ but they were so hampered and restricted by ecclesiastical authority they seldom could express themselves freely. The reader might believe the Catholic editor had a Jesuit at one ear, a Dom- inican at the other, the Bishop in front of him and the Pope behind him. He was so restricted he had to these recent instances, though in two of them the losers were led by the lure of greater profits to take their money out of sound investments and put it into questionable ventures. It is not possible 'to protect the sucker in America. We have erudite readers. Thus one informs us that the two bogus Hold her own counsel and yet keep the public informed• Be tactful and still sincere. Practise good health as well as preach it. Be loyal but not partisan• Be a leader and also a follower. Be stimulating and yet to have poise. Be dependable, but to let others share the work. Have a sense of humor, but laugh "at" nothing but trouble. Be a good fighter and also a good lose~.. Keep faith in ideals in spite of disillusionments• Possess unfailing sentiment, but to avoid sentimentality• Be fed by the springs of her own religion, but to have respect for that of others. 115 West Straat LITTLR ROCK. ARK. SANDERS & GINOCCHIO FIR|T BusJno~ • Architasts H•ff Building Little Roc~ Arkansas Phone 5195 110§ J.T. Sueeoesor to HALEY & HORNIBROOK ALL KINDS OF BOMBERS AGAIN TRY TO WRECK CHURCH (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) San Francisco, Aug. 8.---A detail of police officers was assigned to- day to guard the church of Sts. Peter and Paul, following the bomb scare of Friday night when three boy scouts, who had gone to the roof of the build!g, saw two men disappear down a fire-escape at their approach. Five attempts have already been made to bomb the edifice. Investigation by the police reveal- ed many foot-prints on the roof and lower section of the fire escape• BANKERS TRUST MAIN AT $1[COND LITTLI JtO~JL ---We are a~ent8 for praetiea]/y all the i~POrt~t ship comp•niN. ---If you are contemp~ting • trip reasons, or if you dest~;a to make use of the many excellent Winter f•iI to call on us for information, which fully ~iven, without charge. ---We wish to remind you also of our Department, which is in position to effect fers to foreiKn eountries by Cable, Orders •t prevailing market price. roll Fore!tin Exchange, gettin~ quotsttone BANKERS MAIN AT SI~COND TRUST FOREIGN 24 ENGLISH PRIESTS READY FOR MISSIONS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Maryknoll, N. Y., Aug. 9.--In a letter received here from the Very Rev. Francis Henry, treasurer-gen- eral of the English Catholic Foreign Mission Seminary Mill Hill/London, N. W., it is announced that the schol- astic year ended with the ordination to the priesthood of a class of 24. All of these young priests will leave England for one or another*of the Society's mision fields within the next few months. Whether yon ass • fool er a wise person eem be Tha aeld test is tomorrow. That means: Is thous'ht, dominstiaT all you do today~ Ba • meneF you put ht you~ ~ving5 Account i~ e tl r L. S