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August 20, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 20, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 20, 1927 Page more weighty and impressive manner! , ]portant in the whole diocese, tmainder interests; the Rev. David than by the flames which, set goinl ] l Mrs. W. Bigelow Robinson, presi-tPetrie, Christopher McMann, Francis by an organized storming party, were /dent of the Philomatheia Club and Murphy and the Church of Our Lady Future Social All tmelttl~tal~ blazing out of the windows of its /general chairman of the mmtt be lm building Friday. /on arrangements, is highlycmmitteelf Lurdes' $500 each; and ne'thirdenthused of the residue each to the Roman Eve ' " by "Had we not been conscious of it at the ready response which has greet- Cat ohe Orphan Asylum and the Mar- nts T~y ttoom_ at any time before, the flaming char- ...... led the announcement of the party, lquette League. acters enkindled by a hateful foe ,and the large committee which zs as- would have shown us, by means of: Opening Program. sisting in promoting the event isIHOW WASTELANDS working with the object of makil~g it PRODUCE CASH CROPS the loss he intended to inflict on us, i The twenty-first opening program the largest party of its kind ever held returned home ess and the color scheme of yellow what the whole Christian people of of Little Rock College will be mark- in the city. A feature which should Ernest Young a farmer at Pyatt, , a three weeks visit and white was attractively carried Austria, what all of us possess in ! St. LOuis. out. the Reichspost. ed by solemn religious exercises. On attract are the prizes. These will be Ark., in the hills of Marion county, "For row=^-^ ~na,,*l--*" ~nil*~" .......... ~y yt~ar~ ~xit# Thursday, September 15, the entire home-made cakes, and have been do- has a farm on which he is raising has been vis- Ed Monohan, 1107 Louisiana street, Reichspost has been standing faith- student body wil! assemble in St. hated by members of the club and by live stock, feeds (largely hay), and ~Iiss Nora Kettler, a member of the firm Monahan & .... , . a large group of women who are in- trees. On the bottom land he grows fully by the rode of the Chrmtlan So- John s chapel, Morms Hall, where a ............. street, has return- Son, monument dealers, left last .. ..... . .... . . ~eres~ea m ~ne weizare oz ~ne umiege. [n ttelena. Thursday morning with his mother, b~:rkr~tru:s t~sitmac:n:::tu::n~ot Solemn .H~gh Mass will be sungfy The following committees have been corn and on the hills he has some of !the best pastures of alfalfa, sweet ~ Mrs Ed Monahan Sr, for a motor I ew ~I " " ' " Ire be shaken ir~ its courage The ~ne pl'esmen~, ~ne l~ev. James ~. trio- appointed by Mrs. Robinson, presi-'~and red clover in Northern Arkansas, 6~, aday and Mrs. J. trip to Washington, D. C., where theyservices rendered by it to the" party n,~ran'............ LL D , assisted by the Rev. dent of the club', according to W. K. Williams, Exten- :~0rth Little Rock, en- will attend the annual convention of of the Christian people in those dec-!theIR~; %feg:Yl~ ~';'%'ta:ss::;cA' 2hckets--Mrs. Thomas Newton, sion forester, College of Agriculture, 'ed~seph's Guild Tuesday the National Memorial Craftsmen As- adesful" -~ ........ t " , Mrs. W. S. Allen, Mrs. Gas Bernier, ~fa0ras of Mrs. Maday, sociation, August 15-20. Following~., owcmm~uues ana stn~e~M., as sub-deacon, and the Rev. John[Mrs W C Bra- Mrs ~xr c, r, University of Arkansas. have excitedthe vandalism of ourI ................ ,s ........... ::@Teh~uiii!it e;fthe:ppln~aPvU&:::hflls'--whlehar~ ~*~ Street the convention, they will motor to , . ~mv, ~. m., ma~er oz ceremomes Hannah Mzs John Pr-ni~M ~,-~ " ' ' " ,n,.~. the granite quarries in Vermont be- foes. Let us repay with the energet-'tAt the conclusion of the Mass, the!~l,,~,l~]o '~ .... ' ............ f ic determination to reconstruct" I~,, ~, ............. t ................ : -" *nlkiewicz, 316 We~t fore returning home. .,ev ........ o neaiy, .~. ~vl., ~uii preach .. - C.h.... lint'. ~=i,,, ~,,;~ I~- m, ' . ! P~zes--Mms Florence Cash, Mrs. planted to trees. This year Young ~.t' North Little Rock, __ ......................... one sermon The remaining members H H 1V~~ '~ ^ D ..... ~rNew Orleans to visitI Miss Annette Agnes Dehmer was " 1 ~, '~Se ...... lrs ...... rugnone, i~lrs. Se"Pralselpetin the crisis has brouzht forth ftheelness-f Mnslgnrtf the faculty will occupy reservedlsteve Pruuiski, Mrs. William Letzig, planted 2,000 black locust trees on ~araison. Mrs. Jami-~guest of honor at a kitchen shower ~ g Iseats in the front of the chapel. IMrs Ola Hafer approximately two acres of this hill- :aS Miss Frances Inda given last Thursday afternoon at the accounts of several incidents whmhI Following the religious ceremonies ] ( . -, " . .....side land. The trees were spaced in truly reflect the great Chancellor's:the student body acting, as an eso,,,t~ motor lransportatn)n--ivtrs. ~nos. rows six feet apart each way. The K. of C. halt by Mrs. P. W. Dehmer - , , ~ ..... .... . J. tIardm~ Mrs. J. J. Saunders. Mrs. space between the rows was planted and Mrs. Joe Berberich. The rooms character to the faculty will march to the ~ym- "'" " With car to sellt .... Perhaps nothing is more character- nasium where patriotic exdrcises will M. J. Harrison, Mrs. Charles Franz. to clover. After two years the trees ~were bright with quanhtms of garden General Arrangements--Mrs. Joe will be ef sufficient size to be well Auto Tires and flowers. Twelve tables were arrang- istic than an ~pisode which took place be held, after which the rules for the Flynn, Mrs. Win. Hagan, Mrs. Time- above the clover. At that time he territory. Ex-led for bridge and prizes were given in Mariahilferstrasse, one of Vienna's i year will be read. Short sessions of thy Benton, Mrs. Harry Casey, Mrs. will pasture this tract planted to . Salary $300 I for high and low scores. The bride largest thoroughfare. Dr. Seipel all classes will be held immediately H. H. Myers,' Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. trees. Rubber Com- was presented with a wagon of useful despite th'e street fighting, had kept after the opening exercises. W.C. Bray. Ohio. gifts, which was drawn by/little Miss his daily program throughout the cri- Re.~istra~on will be held on Men- "Young will be making double re- Itelen Marie Berberich and Phyllis sis. At noon, as usual, he drove to day, -Tuesday and Wednesday, Sep- Tuesday, August 23, should be a turn from his lands, which were for- hiscloisteral home for his l_, ~, ano i4 .... to join Mrs. Cahanin, who wore dainty frocks of .... o ...... day to be remembered by women of merly waste lands. He will be get- luncheon.As he was returning, oneI Football {Lamp. . ring excellent grazing for his cattle ~, and sister,:lpink organdy. A delicious luncheon ~ ..... ~no c~y. . who have been was served by the hosts who were of the rioters leaped on the running The annual football camp will be - ------------- -- - and a crop of first qualityfence posts at Santa Mon-lassisted by Mrs. Harry Farr. board of his car. Dr. Seipel's at-lheld this year at Benton on the Sa- MOVIE FOLK TO HAIL from his grove of black locust trees. CATHOLIC CHARITIES tendant drew hig revolver, but ~the line River for two weeks before the~ Besides this double return, the land a brief visit in CONFERENCE SEPT 4TH returnhome with only action of the Chancellor was to opennig of the regular sessions of[ will be greatly enriched through the . " The ladies of St. Edward's Church ' will give their monthly card party remark solicitously to his would-be the College. The entire squad will[ ~ growing of these crops as both the i ,, , ,, - (By N. C. W. C News Service ) Tuesday, August 30, at the parish assailant, Be careful you don t fall. begin training on Thursday, Septem-I clover and trees are nitrogen fixing of Camden has hall, Ninth and Ferry streets, with Despite the admonition, the man ber 1st,at the camp,reporting telLos Angeles, Aug. 5.~--"Open plants, returning this valuable plant City for a brief the following ladies in charge: Mmes. dropped from the running board, food ~o the soil. the meeting of Peter Hensli, Aloys Streng, Bernard Thereupon with perfect cleverness "On lime soils in Northern Arkan- in Bur- Kellerher, Frank Furer, Leo Heinze, !the Chancellor drove to his office, sas a black locust tree will produce He will go and Joe Berberich. A prize will be where he received a group of foreign a six foot fence post with tr three-inch September 10, given at each table for high score, diplomats, afterward going to a con- top in five years. At that time Young and daughter, A cordial invitation is extended to vent to examine some probationers work for the year. Notice was sent tion picture studios of Hollywood and can cut approximately 500 posts from Who spent the all. Repeatedly, it will .be recalled, the out this week to all members of the Culver City. The producers, as well an acre. Figured at 20 cents per post a raOtor tour of Eu- Mrs. W. M. Breibaek, 1908 East Socialists beseiged Dr. Seipel with squad !nforming them of the plans as the setters and actresses, headed they would be worth $100. His land Sixth street, entertained Saturday demands that he resign. His cool re- re1" the coming year. The first game by the Catholic groups among thegn, will be producing an average of $20 night at a handkerchief shower in ply was this: of the season will be held in Little have volunteered to do everything in an acre a year. The trees left to given Tuesday at honor of Mrs. L. C. Eberle who will "In a democratic state, govern- Rock on September 30, with Hendrix their power to make the visit of the grow in 10 to 15 years will produce J. Kelly by Mrs. leave soon to make her future home nents are overthrown by parliaments. College of Conway as opponents, delegates to the Conference in Sep/ two to three posts per tree, making Cahanin in hen- in Zanesville, O. Three tables were To attempt to overthrow them by riot- College of Pharmacy. tember a memorable one. about 1,500 more posts he will be Agnes Dehmer. arranged for pitch and prizes for ing is revolution. Do you want to The announcement that women are Aside fro mthe conference sessions, able to get off his acre of land. The arranged for cards high and low scores were won by take this responsibility before Eu- to be admitted to the College of Phar- which the foremost men and women posts will be 4 to 6 inches at the for high scores. Mrs. Fred Arnold and B. Bates and rope? I do not." macy at Little Rock College this fall in social service work in the Church small end and of first class quality. lted with a wagon There the matter rested, has met with instant approval on the in the United States will attend, a "Young intends to plant two to four gifts, which was Today the Socialists freely admit part of the many women who have notable program of entertainment is acres to black locust .trees every year '~ Kelly and li- the failure of their attempted coup. heretofore been obliged to go out of being planned by a group o leading until he has everyiacre of his Waste who were They attained not a single one of their the state to take up a course in phar- Southern California men and women, lands in trees. The trees for planting grc)om. Delicious demands, their rioting was broken, macy, and a large number have sent both Catholics and non-Catholics, were purchased from a nursery in by the host- and they were forced to call off the in reservations for the course, dur- Trips to famous Missions, to the Pc, TennesSee at a cost of $3.80 per thou- :, general strike which they had de- ig the past week. cific beach resorts, and to the orange sand. With this small irrvestment years these pape~rs had sounded the creed. Monsignor Seipel's position Dean B. B. Jamison returned on and walnut groves, besides special[waste lands are being made to pro- warning of the methodical attack of now is ' stronger and he is more es-Sunday from a trip that took him p:arformfn:es~, bandhconcer?[dt:Cc,~s P:;fiFtablmeW;;k~il n;~~'~22'~ihe'Arkansas- ;:~hs uP:;= F;T /~! A | | OI the Socialists against the Church and teemed then ever before. Everywhere across the country to California, and ,c ~'~L~ the institutions of the Austrian "peo- his conduct is recognized as a fresh is busily engaged in" getting things _ I ple. In a succession of stirring dis- service to the peace of Europe. in readiness for the opening of the immense altar at Loyola College,! ~A~[~|al[~lclosures they hadftold of the illegal department on September 15. The where a great Catholic demonstra-i- I~tlW...K~11 IMIlt/IHt/organization of armed bodies by the MARYKNOLL SISTERSregistration thus far is far and away tion will be held the opening night Socialists, with the obvious purpose TO WORK IN HAWAII ahead of last year, and it would not of the conference, Sunday, September ! Firm~en in Re-of attempting a coup. They had la- be at all surprising if this depart-4. It is expec~d that more than Held bored untiringly for organization and (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ment broke all previous records dur- 1,000 archbishops, bishops, mon- ~f Ruin. enlightenment of the Christian peo- New York, Aug. l l.---A departure ing the coming year. signori, secular priests and members ple. ceremony was held recently at the In scanning the catalogs of the vari- of religious orders will be present on Funder, It was for this reason that the convent of the Foreign Mission Sis- ous colleges in the country which of- the platform before the altar, while N. C. W. C. chief fury" of the rioters fell uponlters of St. Dominic, Maryknoll, N. Y., fer a course in pharmacy it is plainly seating arrangements for an audience Herold House, the headquarters of]fr ten of the community who are apparent that Little Rock College of 50,000 are being made. The corn- . . ~,~ ~o+h,~;o pro~, about to take up work in the Hawaiian ranks with the best of them, both in blued church choirs of Los Angeles ChumUSae-Vm-~"Rall;ing'~to-the defense of the Islands. Six of the Sisters will con-the nature of the course given and will sing, and delegations will be V'lenna by thelCathlic press, the people are now]duct the parochial school connected in the practical helpfulness which it present from every community in the, % th .... t v laborinf~ to ren ' " [with Sacred Heart parish, Honolulu, renders young men and women ~ho diocese, besides the visitors from the ,~ ox Austria ferventl, o ~mr its ms-, - , ~ o~ - Iterial damages Already the recon [which has lately been entrusted to[are desirousof becoming trained East. The Knights of Columbus will v lcoun~ryreawa~enmg[structinas aI of tl:e central plant is un-/the care of. . the Maryknoll. Fathers. lpharmaeists.. I , The record, made for act as a guard of honor. C_g h:~ - !der way As these lines are written tThe remaining four will dn-ect a~the past t~oyears, since the state -- ~ ,~ ureams. ' ~ - I thevienna .... bo- 'the half burned- .structure resounds~sehl. at. Heem, a village on the op-,board made a two year course m this N Y... . . WOMAN LEAVES. m,,hrn, ........ [with the din of hundr~o ~ ....... l pomte rode of the Island from Hono-ldepartment reqmmte for a degree, has l CHURCH AND CHARITY ~, ~ ~l - --'~-~ -~ , 'lulu been an unusual one Not one fail ESTATE OF 200 000 ~ion b-n --erse tcrs, bricklayers, electricians and oth- " . . " "1 $ , of_ler workmen hastening the repairs. In The departure sermon was given ure m the two years for any candi-I qf~3HAT a thrill as the teacher and [the editor Iby the Very Rev James A Walsh, date of the College who after secur B N aith, had fought "" ial room painters and glaz- " i - - ( y . C. W. C. News Service.) ~ good ship draws ev~en[iers are busy tth~ Superior of Marykuoll..~Fatherling .the degree "Graduate in Phar- New York, Aug 4--With the ex- nearl "The deepest green,, __ igion had e-'" ' ........ " ....... [Walsh spoke of the remarkabl~ blend-linsey" took the state board examina- ception of the testator's household that s e'er been seen'-- ~:~lon ~rom enel inrouga 15 all, ~ne grea~ VOlUlne oi~ . .. . ..... i.. ; " ' ,.~ ,, .... t ..... in~' oz ~ne races m tile mawanan ls-~mon ]effects all of the estate nv r, nro fhnn huge a emerald rising ' u Jibe" ~ " ' " , ' " ................. lC~nUne "WetUa~nollc papers continues tobe t.urn-llands Out of 58,860 p~blic school! This is a record seldom equalled by $200,000 left by Ellen McKenna Gun- from the seal Ireland-- athol/ang-u-a--geo~lea-dU::n~ne, c~ s,er~ n,,, m, uw- :;l:yona~:am:~:no~nn-:-a::li~Ipupits in the archipelago at the close any college in the country and re-nlng, prominent Catholic laywoman, the homeland] What joy l~ , ~ s s ~ ~ 2 were lve~ ...... ~ ~_ _1 ; , [of the last school year, 30, 05iflects great credit on the College, and of this city, will go to Catholic insti- to visit old scenes etched ha" wl~n ~nel nau nappeneu. ~Japanese.The part-Hawaiians hum- on the course which it offers to ambi- tutions *or perso}~s connected witl~ deep in memory--the 1,~le prelate wasI How is this being done? The dam- bered 5 978 ;the Portuguese 5,859; fious young men and women, the Catholic Church under directions place of yot~r birth--the parry all oan * .... age is $70,000, whmh may seem small l 646 the ~ure blood ~ . -1 , the Chinese. 5, ; 1 I " in her will filed yesterday in Surro- scenes of your youth] - uone thmr duty~m Am r~ i--' .... I" e 'ca but is a great sum in im-IHawaiians 3,465; the Filipinos 2,300;IPHILOMATHEIA CLUB gate's Court To a niece Jenn,~ ' ~lzect ~_onsignor " l ' " ' overmhed Austrm But the mone o ns g stro IP ' Y!the Anglo-Saxons .,101; the Korea ~ ! CARD PARTY IN AID OF Lloyd, is left the household effects, ~tAILINg~ nger mess-its coming in, and in the most toueh-/~ ~49" the Porto Ricans 1,027, andlLITTLE ROCK COLLEGE anal a life interest in $100,000. ~.New York to Cobh (Qnee~s- zls~mg manner Workmen, poor widows, ~ ~ ' 1 h o92 All the other races t th --" " I" " ' t the Span's . . I M [ A- e death of the niece, the town} andLiverpool FRANCONIA *Au~ ~7 ruth the full con- sma41 officials, priests with tiny in=lnumbered 728 [Unusual Interest Presages Large At- $1'00,000 is to be equally divided be- CARINTHIALACONIA *Sept:Sept. lOS SAMARIA *Sept. 17 ~have barely es-]~comes--all are making their offer-[ Father Walsh expressed the hope], tendance. Itween Fordham University and the FRANCONIA Sept. 24 ration and the rags that the citadel of the Cathohc hem t~. [" " " tthat opportunities may present t -[ Missionary Society of St. Paul the LACONIA "Oct. tlelr i religious in- press may again be reared. Even selves for the Maryknoll Sisters to What ~s expected to be the larffesttApostle. N. York, Londonderry, Glasgow CAMERONIA--~ ! the rums of thmrlhttle children are contmbutmg the~ ~ h f r ~ n m~s attended card art of the ~esent ~v ~, " ] '. " " i foster ~ocations to t e o e'g ' -i P Y P" ~ [ Outright bequests ade in the will *~Aug. 27 Sept. 24 Oct. 2z ~ne Socmhst money g~ven them by thmr parents n the be s and season will be the annual afternoon a~e as follows Church of as" " " [ " ]sion apostolate amo g Y I " [ " " Our Lady CALIFORNIA--- Sept. 3 Oct. 1 ._ ~ the sky as a for malting good grades at school. ~irls of their schools, especially among card party of the Philomatheia Club of Lourdes, $5,000; the Rt Rev TRANSYLVANIA--- Sept. 17 Oct. 15Nov. 12 '~ne,~__ People seem to[Typewriters, and furniture are placed t hoso of Oriental extraction. The[of Little Rock College, which will be Msgr. Joseph H. McMahon, of that *Wa ~ ........ w~, Halifax. Q~W consmous-[at our d~posal.. . [boys will be trained in the Maryknoll[given in aid of the College on Tues-lchurch, $5,000; Martin E. Fahey, r CUNARD zrom their ex wtany ~uoscr~phons Volunteered e at Los Altosl~ day, August 233, at 2 30 p m The same address 5 000 St Lawr n Ud~ ~ -[ [Preparatory Col]eg .... : i~ " , $ , ; e ce AND ANCHOR LINKS e "= ~o those who] At t~e same time, many have takertIC~ilifornia" !party, which will be held at the Col- ~, hospital, $5,000; St. Vincent's Hos- BANKERS TRUST CO., _lraPending disas-lupon themselves the enlisting of new| The Mar--knoll Sisters already have lege, will serve two purposes; it will pital, $5,000; Sisters of Charit~ of 2o2 W. 2nd St., Little Rock ~O Stood firm forIsubscribers as their contribution. ! in their ~;ngregatiNa a p~ofessed give a large number of people who St. Vincent de Paul, $5,000; Cat'relic F.R. PENNELL, 2nd and Louisiana Sts. ~ the tremendou~Subscriptions are flowing in in largelmember Sister Mary Bernadettelhave never seen the College buildings]Missionary Union, Washington D C ! e it iUtlon.. numbers. [ Tam' wi~ was brn in Hawaii f Chi-] an pprtunity t inspect them at I $20'000' and ne-third f ~he r'esidue'; [ [ I i d'- zor mstanee,[ The Reiehspost, central organ Of]neso parents. Sister Bernadette is]their best, and it will also help in the[the Rev. Joseph A. Carroll, Brooklyn, raaas ..... the savior of,i the Austrian Catholics, has received , ~--. ........... -~^'~--~ i~ine" work at the Maryknoll [building up of an institution that ~s 15,5000; Mmsmnary Sectary of St. ,-zestatmns of countless mamfestatmns of encour 'destined to be one of the most nn t P lira i "I mission of Loting, in South China." " - cut the Apostle, $20,000and re- are extraordi- agement and of gratitude for its and coolness in brave performance of its duty in the ~a~ ~ " ..... HE/l! here recognized, crisis. The Christian Social party ~1 '. .... ,Z, " "" - ]of the country has issued a proclama-[ HI[ ~I r V ~ I J ~ ' 1 :ramended. tign to the'whole Catholic nation] IIII vt_ z: I L NE !olic papers ofllsaying: ' I tnr. ..... ,t AR T with praise for[ "The importance of the Reichspost, H]l BRIDGES u,we .m tl, iiam .,. ,. 5 DU -:- .... rning before the as a weapon of defence in the handsl []tt ]~[ |1 [ -- .| It- VIA CT ," - asm D,m ~i~ ial u~ Fi It,Work to build of the Christian people of AustriaI ][[[ sehtiment. For coulcl not have been manifested ins )~ .-. ,- ........ ".~-. , ,.. .,. ..~.,