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August 19, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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August 19, 1911

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Remmel, Pres. Emmet Morris Treas. . = Max Heiman, Vice Pres. R.W. Nevell, Asst. See'y. = E W.L. I/emingway, Sec'y. Fred gchmhtz Trust Officer. _= llllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllll Illllllilll Ill II II IIlllllll IIIIllllllllll II Illl II II Illll IIllllllll Illll, ARCHBISHOP DEFENDS THE JESUITS. Archbishop J. H. Blenk of New tAr- leans, ma(le a seathhlg denouncement of the author of a certain tract aimed at the Jesuit order, which he said had been freely circulated throughout New Orleans, in his reeent address at the cornerstone laying of Louise C. Thomas' Memorial Hall at Loyola College. lie said the pamphlet pro- fessed to ive the oath of the Jesuit Fathers, and was full of abuse and redolent 6f lies and foulness. "Wh()soever tile attthor of that tract is," said the Archbishop, "l pronounce him to be it ulonster Of iniquity and lying and creator of the ntost hideous calumny that can be produced on earth. I want to brand him in I)nblic and 1 assume resl)onsil)ility for it." MEMPHIS IS CHOSEN. , Memphis has been officially chosen for the next biennial convention of the Catholic Knights of America, which will be held May 2], x9t2. = = FRENCH PRIESTS MUST NOT TEACH HISTORY. Freedom in l:rance is illnstrated )y proceedings which, as we read in (Hie of the papers, have been taken in the }:rench courts against l:afher ('anier curate of V'inay, for opemng a school contrary to the act of ]886. This act provides that the priests or others nlay teach and explain the catechism in the churches to the ehihlren who gt) there. The 1)rosecution relied on the section forbidding the opening of a school without authorization. The nature of the priest's offense may be secn from a qt,estion of the presiding judgc. "Yon know." said he, "that the priest must not teach history. ]qe lnust confine himself to religious in- struction. You are accused of having spoken to the pupils of Jeanne d'Arc and of St Louis." What a terrible crime for a French- man to speak to French children about Jeanne d'Arc anti St. Louis!" SOME PRACTICAL TRUTHS ABOUT THE ILEAL POWER OF THE DALLY PRESS (Continued from page I) ]t wonld, of ct)tlrse, ])e 11Ujtlst tO say that all newspapers are con(lucted on the basis of sensationalism and money. We still have al)le, dignified, emscientions newsl)apers that ;ire wt)tthy of all c(mmaendatitm--1)apers that do "ins])ire. lead arl(l enlighten." ..\\; degenerate 1)opular taste i largely responsil)le for the other sort. The journals snl)ply a (lenmnd. but they also help to create the demand. \\;Vhat can be said of the ethics even of ll]e sense ,)f decency--of a pal)er that de- liberateIy 1)ublishes what it knows to be false or only half truth, that dis- torts, suppresses, vilifies? "Every- tiring is grist tltat comes t,, its mill." Grist that will count against a per- St)I]. a party, a l]leasure or cotmt for the side on which the pal)er is array- ed. A case in point is the persistent linking of the name of the unfortu- nate yonth who is still called King of Portugal with ,hal of :t notori(ms dancer, and of the jewels for which he bartered his crown. The trnth is. as it has been set forth a few times 1)y rel)utable papers, that the re(march's acqnaintanee with the dancer is of the most cursory sort. She danced for a charity in bis capital anti. as is cus- loluary, received a ])resent, llOt [rom King Manuel. but frt)m his mother. Lies dic bard. and ,qOllle there are with more lives than a cat. \\;Vhat student of foreign affairs is n.t familiar with the lnrid and lying reports sent from l,onte ab()unt the dying eontlitim ()f the l'ope, who holds a pubhc amhence the next (lay; abonc the new cardinals thaf grow old waiting for the hats that never eonR'; abont the ra(lical re- form in tl}is ecclesiastical taw or that \\;'taican regulation; and the sympathy that was aronsed for Verdcsi, proved guilly I)y the c()nrts that n() one ac- cuses (ff having any bhts towards the Chnreh--qultc lhc contrary. l[ow few the newspapers that have ha(l lhe courage to tell the truth and give fair 1)lay to an unl)(q)nlar eausc. :\\;s for the scctmd degenerate fen- ture of the modern press, its morl)id and vulgar snsationalism, scrions men everywhere arc sounding warnlllgS against it. Crime, murder, tlivorce, scandals, are not the l)rincipal field of the press, altllough t() many of the journals acts as if the exploitation of these things were their prmcq)al miss:on. Crime has its place as news in a daily paper, but to give it prom- inenee, to put it lirst, is to destroy all laws of proportion, to paralyze the ethical vision. A scar ou a man's forehead is not the man. A scandal is not society. The contrast I)etwcen the 1)cst Eug- lish jonrnals and our own might he studied with profit by the conservers (if law ,and order. The British arc still ohl-faslfioned enougll to demand the truth, and in their old-fashioncd British way t() lmnish slander.., that it behooves an editor to have a care for wllat ht asserts. As a visiting Englishman said, thowing down a sensational sheet in disgust, "our papers may be dnll bnt they are decent." To deny f(w the press the transcend- ent intluence clainted for it is not to deny its genuine and far-reaching power. No one with a keen sensc of the meamng (,f words will say that "it inspires :111 other institutions;" neither will he deny to it inspiration and leadership of many great move- men,s and reforms. The press has it mission aswidc as the world Wheth- er it is filling it or not is a question too big for a categorical answer. Catholic Advance. CHAMP CLARK PAYS HIGH TRIBUTE TO THE CHURCH. Champ Clark. Speaker of the House in the National Congress. is a l)romi- nent figure m the public eyt:s just now, being mentioned, and even boontcd, for ]'resident. Judging from his utterances, bc is a man who looks to some things non-political. In a recent speech he took occasion to complinlent the Catholic Church for hcr firm and unchangeablc position on the divorce evil. He said: "lt is possible to accomplish things in this world without passing laws through Legislatures. If all the Prot- estant clergy would set their faces against solenmizing marriages be- tween people who have been divorced as the Catholic clergy do the number of div()rccs would very quickly fall off. and fall off very largely through- out the Nation. ] belong to the Chris- tian (;hurck, vulgarly called the Caml)hellite Church, but 1 havc not the slightest hesitancy in saying that the Catholics beat the Protestants all holh)w in handling this important question of divorces. "The 1)rotestant chnrches," he said further, "are too tolerant by far of in- discrintinate divorce. You can esti- mate the nmnher of Catholics in a State by considering the number of divorces in proportion to population. Just in proporldon as the number of Catholics increases the number of di- vorces decreases. "The chaml)ions of civil law who d arc clamoring against the "Nc To- mere" decree might, one would Snl)- pose, have an nneasy feeling some- where al)t)nt their consciences wltcn they rctlcet that law ltas brougllt marrmge st) h)w that if all the Chris- tiau sects were now It) UUlle to raise it the ill effects of the past thirty years of htxity wt)uld not disal)pcar in fifty years to come. and fnrthcr. that the nlcn wlto now have the hardi- hood to stand forth and accuse the Catholic Church (f interfering with tile sanctity of marriage represent re- ligious bodies which have not ()nly not opposed the legal (legradation of ntarriage, but have aided, al)ettcd, en- couraged and sanctioncd it "" CONTEMPTIBLE AND UNFAIR ATTACK ON THE JESUITS. \\;Ve suppose, says the Catholic Tintes, the l'ortnguese Minister in Lon(lon wishes to 1)rove to his )llas- ters in lisbon tlmt he is doing some- thing f.r the money he receives from them He might, h()wever, have done this with.nt takings part in their cam- l)aign against lhe Jesuits. The pages ,)f history scarcely c(,ntain anything more disgraceful than the accounts of the conduct (f the lepuldiean author- ,tics in lqwtugal towards the Jesuits, and if lhe Minister tn It)n(l(,n had a trtle sense of shame hc would never ltave used. in an English journal at [east. t]le icrlllS ill which he has writ- ten to the Saturdady Review. The Jesuits wcre imprist)ncd in l'ortugal; Why take a chance on any new or unknown brand of GAS STOVE The Quick Meal is an old re- liable, well known line and one that is very complete. It includes all disirable styles and sizes. [,Beautifully fin- ,shed and moderately priced ONA i PIAN O Means that the most scrupulous ,'i carc has been given every detail ,' of the construction. That every ! part has been manufactured in i the piano and organ factories ,, of the ,V. W. KIMBALL CO.;  that it has been made by skilled workmen, under the direction of experts in their respective lines. 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All =_ d a ty above ev- 2- tie l:athers wcrc banished frt)tn tltc = 9 - = erythmg else. = * 6o4-6o6 Main Street..g C(mUtl'y tltldcr evcrv possible circunt- -_ -  The Oldest, the Largest, the ,.0 ':il slanee of ignt)Ininy. Since then thc -- = T_ Best Piano and Organ Itouse | l',)rlugnese govcrnmcnt and their in- = ...... , =  in Arkansas. : , ( , = Lall ano see spemmens ot = "t, "t'6-6OO'OO'I"a'a' ' " laulous newspaper organs nave con- ' "-- ' tinnally eircnlaled falsehoods ahont  our work. - _.:- ==:_._ ...... ._::. =:. ......... ___ .... -*[7_ .... : , \\; "the cri]ncs ,)f the lesuits," of "the  . 1)h,ts(,rganizedb,'theJesuits,"of"os =. , = "1 ...... = - High Grade agclliCS, () ,,.,,1,trzdo. (h) Iadle Ca- -- bra1" and s n" Yel' as l;at]ler (a- - 0 - bral has I)ointed ont in a letter which -" iV  =- t'rmtmg" " " peol)le, not a single attcml)t has been - /P'I L/ I -- made to 1)rove any t,f the charges = (]  _ 4 I, against the Jesnits. New ,Vorld. 2- 'J -- -- =  i ..........................................  n n =,','l,,I,l.'."l'l'lf,l'.f,l,"f'f',lll.l',ll'2 = = The New Era Press " | -- " --  315 West Markham Phone 5486 2- St. Anne s Academy - - The - . , . 2- Fort Smith, Ark. - - .-__ . -= ***--****************** --" "Dayand Boarding School   Fhoto00rahher- __ Conducted by Sisters of Mercy ---- _---- ..... 0 " ---/" "----- 2_ , 2- Funeral Desit00ns .................................................. = 120 Main Street ; St' Mary s = - "'"" 9 -- Satisfaction or = a = money back --= VESTAL'S, 409 Maln St. -- =" P, M. PALER, Manager. r -IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Phone 463 After business hours call 687 ,' College 7 - : : .... . ...... . = --- -- ...= ...... =_.= ......................................................... If it is Drugs, Soda or ST. 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