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August 18, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 18, 1923

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ii!  v<,' - , "y ./,,y:.,-: ........ , ................ l' PAGE EIGHT 8 $ Q [the hostess thought it necessary to [apoligize for the outrageously low [gown which one of her guests was * " " 't , wearmg. Oh, don t mind me," re- ]s not a confession of weakness to ad- mit our limitations. The most igno- rant man on earth is" the man who Is so sure of his strength that he asks no help from others Beware of the self-sufficient man. * By Atttelyeus * * * * * * * * * * * . plied Father Barnum. "Ihavv been a Tender Tribute to Mother. -_ missionary." Before he left the capitol to taxe over the helm of the ship or state, the Noble Purpose. new president (lid a very beautiful "A little known fact aou the fur- thing, which will endear him to the nishing of Westminster UaeraI is hearts of the people When he had l noted in "Debrett's West End Book," taken the presidential oath he paid a lq uoted by the Lordon Universe. It is quiet visit to his mother's grave be-stated that the white silk curtains fore he went to Washington. The act I which are hung around the inside of was significant of man's consciousness the tabernacle in the Blessed Sacra . of a need of help in times of trial. It Lment chapel, are suspended zrom wed- ding rings. The rings were bequeathed for this noble purpose by ladies whose ! names are engraved on them. I J Lie by Algebra. I It is a distressing thought that[ there is at least as much lying about religious statistics as abou the Iess Humility and Greatness Asked by a literary editor which of all books he would like o ,tare writ- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 1923 CHICAGO PAYS spiritual affairs of human activity. A torn to pieces. correspondent sends me a clipping "He had to face ten, a well-known author says sim,q- which pretends to show (and on the construction abr ad There are deeds I would rather have figures quoted does show) that Meth- changes at home. accomplished than have written any I dists and Baptists each outnumber "It is evident tha " " r thing. This may serve to remind us l Cathlics in the United States le .  was not able to star that all the greatnes in the world is l figures published by this newspape  "Certainly he will not bound up in books; that we can/are:  all, irrespective of t _achieve real greatness by living a Methodists ............ 22,171,959 , CHlVr., ............... '_" -  liefs. humble life well; that "reatnes- s | Baptists .. 21,938700 d .... ,-, t-Alf J l t$IL|N AS CRISIS NEARS--A pretty but pathetic little "The s e 1  ............ , ,n cnurca racel b " . . . ' scene outs,de a Ber- peech whl h r not measured by wealth and fame an   Roman Catholics 17 88 6 A J a ............. y.troubte Jn the R_uhr, and w, th the mark falhng rote insignificance, the DUDS O to deliver r e , u - , , uu ga ,maa tnelr l:ttle charges to the altar to ra " f an orphan- eads Ilk is not al The a p y for the salvahon of the Fatherla ways marked by monuments.[ uthonty gwen m The Yearl nd (lnternatmnal Newsreel.) testament of one There is no reason to think that life|Bk of the churches, issued b- the | press on his eo 1 . . z p P P has been a fmlure because your bankf Federal Council of the C'nurches of RIESTS_ HOUSEKEEPERS /with a feeling of isolation and hwo I The old-fashioned bustle is about to which is most nee& balance is smaller than your neigh-I Christ in America. On referring to| WILL ATTEND RETREATcrisy. " "]come back, says a fashion note and that is, a return to bor's. Greatness is not reckoned by I the volume  question I find the fig-  ....  "I went out to the garden o thit- [ that may solve the problem of what t- Jesus Christ, in whi such trifles and is more abiding, than/ures therein given are: [. etreas zor priests housekeepers [but instead, went to talk -:" do whh the old bed s rin .  found the solution they are. / Methdists ......... :---7,918,557 ]naveecome popular throughout the[dren. At seven wewent tott:::hc]/ .......... om v sprmgs. ,problems, and who | Batist. , o,...- icunry m recen years -- ........ *--- ,, ....... - -"-'" . , - , ......... - |...-,-.-- --?- .... -----i -'''0 [sent that .... /,_ -,.,.--,,unce: ior _oy our." I liked the singing, |'' ..... .r. I me proper sense o: o "'t Home." |-,a ne number of Catholics as], , ... .... nese rereas will |ut the meditations semo! .... .o. || ', {possible." Two entertaining stories about F- stated. The erring editor seems to[e, conuucted at Eden Hall, Torres-tdistressing The -riest-h'ad 5 "= .... .--|| r,  ....  /. ........... - . uale, rom Au . . olu me in ! therBarnum, aJesuit, who was welllhave.arnved_at hm figures by firstJhas aroused u:tt 20 t August 24,1cnfessmn not to force God; that my / 00t00AIgI00'ORD Ill M.A known m" hs" day, enn'ch a book of counmg the Methodists". an Baptists w s a mteres among' uemre" to behev" e was a sign of belief " memories which has just aearedl as groups, then adding the membe I omen working,in rectories or consid-lbut that did not help / DR UG CO |/I 00poc00al p, PP . " ering takin ,, " : from the pen of Harry de Windt the, sh'ps of the bodms composing eachl ....... g up t!us work. / The hour was a veary, desolate|l -,., .... $/J New Yol enticed into fashionable so-l_ . atholic popu-|retrea at Tom "'" p " 5 ,r,y Immaculate, show me your | r-. .... ] || Phone latmn of ths c0untr tha esam cave veen re on and al LI[[I ciety. When, therefore, agreat New[ ...... ! _ Y, t there arelquested to re_i:t__ "l , l of a sudden I looked at | " KOCk r r Little Rock, . . York lady sent him the following note |sui/. nunure(s of thousands of people, Ible" ........ g . cr as soon as possi- ne Monstrance and saw there at the :"'"---------- |[m of invitation, the brevity of which was [ aznoac in sentiment, who are merely t ;,, u.r naz reservations may be top a round splendor a olde- -' .... " .... ':" meant to coflvey an imnression of/utside the influence of the Church be mae I or .tHem. and in the middle of te -le -mry'   -- " ,x imel " . t, nor a .. fnen 1 cause we have not t y mterest, mvmw o t o fl " - " d y informality. / he resources to | . f h gure in blue, and such a thrill ran mI :Ilr::l:t ti!i::i:!!iiaiillet'f I Iii! ", is:=: 0xtvendit '?2eR2F one who took artmar Y P yof moneyou hand toh P " etret sim-[other seemed drowned in that love  othe ........ nd on Lftth, npams urlt, and selielt a4pplleaCtou. W. B. WORTHEN COMPANY, "taee 18TT0, {3omr im ml Mh BtmetL  CJqT l]llffl' PAID ON K4iN4 (By N. C. W. Chicago, Aug. from the city of W. Mundelein, the diocesan the Rev. Dr. D. J. issued the following ! death of President "After the last few days, the dent's death came a: "He entered into ident at one of the ods of our time when the OUR ASSETS ARE TWO l00mJJON We nutke a Pqecialty of ivuting ret mortgal loan&---al therefore etmtomers and estates we represent with vestments. We act as adminiatrators and tots under Will of many mtat i ether counties in this State. We will be to assist you.- PEOPLE'S SAVINGS Dear Mrs. So Shall I. Yours million people rear Mass eve truly, J. H Barnum, S J ry Sun- ilar t " day in churches erected through the m o that which will be conducted at iI did not feel sorry for all the wa t ......  benefactions of the Catholic Church l xuresale: - l years, but onl dell ht s.ed ne nawJusasvm r we Y g ,only ademre _ _ ga. Extension Society. o Before these[ The ac: uerful Favor.Granted It be in Him. Before going to my apIpthtn:hh::TrYa:nd s t:next must churches were built the places in I "We h:::n:h: as re!lows: _ room I went back to the chapel to m, who wnicn tney stand were churchless, and I. . nv nappmess or record- thank Him--all mght the leasure belonged to the, New Yo. Provlnce, lthe hereditary Catholics wh ..... |rag a marvelous favor granted at one l wa .... , ......... P- . - " "' "'" " of our ret . . |  --.,, ,,,% wn  woe  elt tha xor ae ]s tne only Barnum hsted m tend th m wer . . rents. Ths favor s ........... 1  e counted by stahscmns  e  ..... descnb- / meffable thrill all throug m bein ne wamonc lreco u  th h y g, _ . ry of recent years, as Protestants. There are hundreds|_ y . e retreamnt tothe retreat- such happiness, a dell ht - so ar as  can ascertatn. 'e other I of thousands more in tha+ ..^'*'^- I maser m wntmg, as fouows: er,,thin,  - ........ g above ev sory concerns a smart dinner party l  " ....... : I "I was lately in a state of indiffer-I:=o ,;."'..=,, wr e, persona|, in- In .,New oft a " *  l ........ , ,.,,,. P t which Father Barnum[ here is no ma . . - lence and hated to be dsturbed--went/ ] n t)u nows more to the retreat only when overpersuad One drawback to and Harry de Windt were present, evil of himself than he d The priest had come reluctantly and reonle, oes of otherded. After the first day I realized my o ...... ,, ....... mftor00ng ,s t pt " unbelief and de--; ................ /.  -,, ,r co gec batteries ) s,.... _= rWunlmg |cnargea nan to get gasoline charged. SUBIACO (00()LLEGE CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE FATHERS Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercial Course, Four-year College Course, Leading to the A. B. Degree. LITTLE ROCK, AIANSA Central CAPITAL, $2D0,000.00 SURPLUS, Let us take care of your money for you. Let us sell or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully managed Bank can do. "'Come Grow With a Growing Bank." Build /. TERR Situated in Logan County, 110 miles west of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Healthful location in the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. Spa- cious buildings, up-to-date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses. For catalogue and information apply to " Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR Subiaco College, Subiaco, Arkansas. ,, 201 West Second Street. Beautiful vistas of and vail eys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Healthful pure air. The place for to grow strong and active. Laid out in a beautiful dences only permitted. All buiiding, Streets, gas, electricity and tele installed.