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August 18, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 18, 1923

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PAGE SIX NORTH LITTLE ROCK St Patrick's Parish Items Sunday Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. Weekday Mass at 7 o'clock I Thursday morning and cook break- fast in the woods. On last Monday night the Altar boys, with Jack Murray in charge, went out to Clint Young's rce Zarm Confession hours on Saturdays and on a truck and enjoyed a swim m the the eves of all holydays and First I/arge pond on the farm. They then Fridays: 4 to 6 and 7:30 p.-m. i hiked to Dan Hill, where a sumptu- see that it is well advertised. Cypress an East Seventh street. ]ous picnic lunch was spread and all Rectory phone: 4-5075. /who know what a hike In the woods Iarding Memorial [means to the average boy, can im- to THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 1923 K. of A. are learning to add new members without assistance of out- side help. The most successful branches are those which plan well ahead Decide upon a feasible program, and then stick to it as closely as possible--and Your personality is the strongest possible factor toward helping ne how the en o ed that lun build up your branch if you use it to A lrge congregation was present] agMa r EhzabYeth JHrrmon d: ch" proper advantage, modestly but force- at the Harding Memorial services on] Y , gn- fully : CFeed:a y. morning:. A Low Mass t twe:s bf a Dr eand Mrs. J_ F.: Her.risen, ] Make friends among your fellow . . ect I)y J'amer McDermott,  p lz ct ?y lev. liamer rass- I members and they will not desert you o.als O paid tribute to the deceased/Crone any las. week AIoyslus racYli n hour when you most need them c:eslaent, as the leader of the Ameri-/anct Jva Stana were sponsors: ...  Die when we may, I want it said of n people, his attainment of the/ zur. ann urs tieorge ilaz lei orlme b'" t  .......... . , y we WhO Knew me Desk, 1;llal; Meg hrtofffcemrecogflltion o fhls/n./tmh:lr home m Pine Bluff after ai always p/ucked a thistle and planted g y ann ms warm human traits of! os pmasan wo weeks VlSll wln/a flower w --  ..... h ' e, I mougnl; a zlower f:lowshlp, his dependence upon God/t elr parents, Mr. and Mrs J B. Sl-|would grow--Lincoln. zo m help and strength in directing/laz on Jefferson Avenue. ....  Don't wait to draw benefits from rno aestinies of the nation I Miss gnes walvin ler rest nlgnt/-our order wit  ........ [.- ..... / , nOU nelplng O DUilU Prayers were offered for President for the markets o purchase net zau lu- t ........ l p nv oocey, come across in ac- Coolidge, that Divine Providence may m'llinery. .  cordance with the solemn pledge made vouchsafe to him the righteous guy- Miss Josephine Lesmeister left last I a rne ume you joined the order CHILDREN AND THE POOR ARE TREATED F ernment of our people Tuesday for Maiden, Me, to visit rex- i B t .... " ' [ y eking a :triena with you to i-]nverity, which is makin- M'l-----,- .... REE at the enormous dental laboratory which ia the lard-s* ^ :. ? . ;,WmUKve ramou there ale ISZ comDla v ,,;.. St. Patrick's choir rendered several atmes _ ....... l your next meeting and having him ....... Kma m tlae world. _ tel .....  chair in appropriate hymns, e, card zrom r ann 1ors J'ames, 'oi ..... " . i 3 n your t)rancn, you lOilDle your "Carrying On" for Carnival P. Hopkins, Miss Mary Hopkins anu Sunday afternoon th several or- tended theK C. convention at Men- realizYe wheat it Yould mJean to both ARKANSAS 00ITOR Christ P d the image of SWITZFJI MlssMar erlteMason,.w.hohaveat]::s?lfrdenernalbleoSmgi] .::tptbo ..... /priestswentu tower gamzatlons of the parish answered the L P :: :f:oh:kg:ne:la:nCOm:iatrt:e of men I r:rlC?na:tl:t: toYhadaL w:: you .and the branch. AS "RlenT annan,, Latin Too Much for Editor the Grand CgrniP'vl'al to be hg::h:lthat they were leaving by boat fortlikPea_Ytfr ?" K" f A: m.surance i. s 7='=:_?? "y  Of course we could not understand REPAIR TH church grounds, Cypress and East Buffalo, N Y, and Niagara Falls v flu mg money m me oanw with '1  /a word of,what the priests said 1 /the insurance added. Dollars cast in IIt01.1CM/LSS Neither could a Seventh streets, Thursda evening. I Julia Etta, the year and a half old [ ..... I nybody else, for if it DONE TO I Y -- the wind never come back hke dollars had been i t September 20, from 6 to 11 o'clock I daughter of Mr and Mrs. C J Cos-l_ u. .. , ..... 1 S " .......... n he Belgmn language the ', . .  lu  m ,. . o . Insurance. I " . ompere o the apdst Advance lelgians themselves coul The entertainments and booths were |by of 611 Krewson avenue, dieu "ues. I , ........ , L: ......... ,  . d not have (By N C w . . . _  vw, you see a raiwoau crossing, I ,t,e oc, uepiores the Heath unaerstood it i " allotted and committee work be,an in|day of colitis. The funeral oo[v,, ,t  ....... I I ...... ' ..... en-[ . n that building. There Berne. ,,"a :'h earnest for what will be an unusual place at 4 o'clock and mrerrnen tn I 'f,:.: way to guard agams] :' _een n t;az.nolc.wathedralL..In Iwere requent chants, the priest doingj of SwitzeA:: ': and unique Carnival :Nght, Thurs-|the Catholic cemetery. The bereaved I_u:_i when, you see. sign o:t y. 1. ] rea. flurry zo t/_'ive .Gospel to Ipart and the choir at the opposite end Irovernm-' '"  day, Sept. 20 parents have the sympathy of many I ,.(t'raerna: snould  .emgntea .oman .Cathohcs---Pay. Iof the building answering. There was Iro-e-t---v-i:':':  The full committee will meet aainlfriends in the loss of the precious I:..: _."=,' ..... an.a oruzy yourself| g zor ns xcurmon by Sending lalso much of bowing before the im-]ch-'.- -:''-:'-';s .',' on next Sunday evening. - lbbaby. Father Raymond Gomez, O C t"*sams me same tnmg. [ home ome Letters oWhch Prove I sage of Christ, burning incense and in the' hP:n pery wmca .T,,i, an, ...... It,  .............. :, "l When we contemplate the fullness] Hi, Ignorance and Prejudice ]ringin little bells  ......... / ds of the G ---, .... ,.,.. ociey  ., ,...aea a me nome ann tee i ^ ._: _ - - . ,. i / ...... u v Llle ume / The uroe 1- + , .. u av pan o]: xraernalism we re  the " ,- , - ,,as o , The J . .  - priests ke t their b . . . . tertaineUl::t ::ntd:.vS:::nYore the Icemetery }}dice that it takes in not only the re-l. The Baptist Alliance of the World lience. P acks to the au /wmg funds: rehgle ,_., ...... ". ... " .... / ...... lquiremens o savings in the demand I nas an Arkansas renr--.,*" .... | ,w.^ t._:,.,. ......... |z.mcKmi (z6,098 fran ,,-auuy remaence on x ia street The| Mblll/t I, .... .... ,_.., ....... I+.: ..... Y ....... ,* a-| -,, ounumg is seatea wire orcfi-lcal relief v,,ao  Misses Margaret Madam/ and Marie | ,a,lt [_ .... ew -egu.ary .ne. price oI xuu m" - I _,'mg ne. meet at Stocholm, Swed-]nary chairs, very plain and with high [fun.- ,r*^- a "-" .... . .x-- surance service but e on, in the r  e asslsan . / i s , I tter still, that}' pe son of J S. Compere, backs that have flat rests on top. ans (70,031 francs an Prum s ky:;t: d s hl:t':s s-'- ] Who ""--'--"'"- I it prvides what n ther plan nl edltr f the Baptist Advance, Little IThey are laced facto IT _ )' .... g eopi s Club | .. , where, when. l earth providesa medium ....... lRock. He was fa,,or ff . ..- I th  P g away from olic diocesan funds (2 ._ 'JLn.e oung. People's Club held their I.. v.essrs. John, Fred and Victor }enjoyment and nrofit thv,:'h:::ia Itation and a fred :,'' ''.'. : ..... I .= =__[' so that people may coie m his latest being spec monml meeln 1 ooer Druthers of  -  -,,,, - s  ,val as uu res nelr nees on the ci]mr Y " g "n the school hall on[r , Joseph Robert, of.--.', ...... - ....... Is^--t, . - ....... ' ''l" ' " ,ICatholic will h .-.a, Ynursda-- evenin ....... I Mena Mrs ......  .......... 1 ,,,,,vn | =-,uy, an a to repay the kindness, is with their elbows on tile r 7. .......  .,  Y. . g, mls wee, when I ' : do,in Jb, uulrt,, 1/1SS me, [ Fate is a grim ,,mhl. xr .... Isendim, somo 'q .................. I ......... est at the Ire the Cathvhcs. As ne tParnzval re m eor e ann 'rank R  o ......... o one ,o  ---,; py o ne a- l, o ne chair Deck and do a little p gra of entertain- g obert, all resl- should wa er 1 . vance ' . . others, the orl m of w ments wll be decided u- ....  +.o]d:nts of Walnut Ridr, e "rk ---'-: / . g o d age with It. Thel'. written with a Bapt/st eye }worshipping toward the altar The Ic, +. o g ...... - ...... ,, .,, . . o , -- ., ,,,,u v,- mall wno has the fu ann a mind " ]th . nl.:..o, .... .ouncn oz D, efforts of all the members nlo Icimty, arrived in Mena Th .... a ..... . I ...... ture provided for ] ..... so prejudiced, and bigot- they turn the chair around and sit .. _ .......... Iwill be uestn ,- - , '..:f* ":|can lOOZ me wnole world in the face I. u' mat lais Ignorance an portrayed Ifacing the altar--when th ..... o. -* I"nu over 93.per e,tl ............ I .... :_.._ .- -:-- .... o ,,. ,o/and grin. Future comfort and ha-m- Ixs the one sad feature for his Ar ---' ]standin  ....... [atnoncs and 7 per c pvun xooer home on eine street. '" "" ' Cath " IAI(KANA Iey were accomnanied b,, r; wr .... [hess come to those who prepare for [sas frmnds to contemplate. I -" Men in Majority I(  ohcs . .. _ ^__ ....  .  ........... z/mem teeny. ! z or The Guardian read- -. , r,,, ,, ,,- .... / ,onmuermg mat the uver, wad, xor the past several/ u^^, __ . . I.-_,_.. . . . ..... ' "l "*/. ......  u,, ne people nact rosaries Irelieved i-..,.,*..* .....  . The. ,vo, ............ months ha boon ,o;f; ....... [ .vvt p oz your raceme with oth-lf pmrauon oz Ignorance on thinslwith numerous beads l).r. .... .1- .....  u. ..5"- 'Y-" urrow wmea -ell upon _.. -- --... ..... mg a me nome lars ancthey'll noel hart nf th,lr .... ;h I Catholic in the elev , r,,f - -Y I^ ........ -.. ---.- ...... Iparlclpauon in the di, mm country when the death o r^s: ' oz ner uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs l ........ - .: . ;---- ............... I ^,,__. .- ---, ......... rein, me I ux ne lme o me servme they stood/ence, i.  ,1, ........ 1 dent Hardin wan n,,- -'- "' ' M Marline of M,,,o . .: Iua. ' we ueclae teeny how we shall Iuowlng ezusion from Antwerp, [ and seemed to sit in the chair o -- I ' ".- Z': "P." '7--"'""' was xzrs ' -, ....... e .... , .... ,, -,, de fixed tomorrow. elgium, will continue h w . o ,.- oman anolic synod 1 announsed in thin city by the bells of party motored through in two cars. I' .z,,, .  ....... * t_  .......... t e pleasure of Iwhen they became tired out with tO00 franc. d,;,,o v,n, , - ma 1 / ,, -amoac 'razernal Life In *unowng me l)lary of a BI standzn A --- " * St. Edward s, which tolled their sad _ k'ng the long trip without mishap surance Order toda .......... "I ;ptist Abroad" gored }st g.... nd there was a large au-I of Zurzach, which was y mn ne G. It. [uzence, wire consiuera . . t:[sfn the early hours ofthemorn- nB:v:rdl ofthe s!tors, with .Mss An- of A. and get full protection in th;I -'Here is the effusion of bi,ot and than women ely .more men} The Argovlan State  ng uure many were awae. .-xreu ooert, wen o wins. Ola^. ._,: .... - i- ............ o -, .. /orin to renal- ,,o n ,v ,av, oac oruer, WnlCn was or-[astuulee as carrlea Dy ;ne "Advance" E:,^_ ,_,_.._ .. /. - .. - ......  " ,,ur arng nlngs juone in ne nineteenth  The main part of the service lasted value of the convents b :!t a l!re :P!! !:p:Iotr!  d :=i :::t: :ii:ii: FeT!h?.'taNo::eaa!ier last ?dk: Y 'nC:tR=: Cat klic t a an hour and ended with what i took, 1840 alone amounted kana. People of all denomrnatlon of Mr and Mrs. Tony Meyer, is or- twent- fo ..........  Y ,_ 0 .......... _. to be the elevation and adoration of}francs. Y" a- r mlllion uollars has aeen w, ou,uay, ouly lo, our art. was showed their respect by their memo- gamst of St. Agnes' clair during the ,mid to th ^ - ......... ,' in Antwer-. ^ ........ P .Y. . the host. The beginning of this feat-I - rial services. AI I flags were ke,,t, at i absence of Miss Mary llen Connell, me,,,uerse' ..... mu,clar!eSne w i. ozAz a eeease.u i sala msevver ........ any .... BapS"mhst churchWe .comaln thent wzthure was before the image of Christ," P01WIFI had-mast sundow00 and manylWh is spending the summer in Cold-, wa"s be;n an .... " " . " . "l.lace so w ..... ; " .nits a ceremony and the burn-I CAL . # a as now strongly en- e , e aecme re go to the Re- in places were draped, in black /radO.musl After recewmg, her diploma in ] dorsed b-y the mzarcny ...... and clergy, I man Catnone ......... catneurai I confess f rg of incense. Tahe host (a little we- ] .|.|]R v, NI B] seS:imEedsa  thUTal=P;:7:r h; tMeyCr =S:in:eSeph: AsadymYo::l h:Vci:bg i among its. members numerous I that the real.object of my going there i:o the: =t:alUPodyed ::d bo:drn:d [ p. .] ':I having her doors draped in deepest[ chsen profession in Chicago and St.lriCn snps' lshops, and over 400was.ffo.see. the. cathedra! and to ob-]Christ) was in a vessel of gold on a[ (By N C WTC:Ne mourning and the  Mass of the day| luis, and is a performer on both/ ...... " |trv...or"siWaY m whlcn they cenduct!staff that appeared to be also of gold  London, Aug. 1.--Br . - __ ,vw p mere. After the ceremony at the altar this|of the papal court who i., him, who had given his life that his| justly proud. ]FREN%OFFICIALS | So:rot Up On Painting I:h: nela up y ne o,iciating priest[ was said for the repose of the soul of[ pian and organ, of whom Mena s| | ......  .......... ments from the Holy country might prosper. The bells oft Lambers Christian, accompanied by  RETURN OF [ . . party were anxious to , attended by other priests, bore r'prelates or lay chamber St E war ' d d s sounded thezr melan-I several other young men, has gone to | RELIGIOUS ORDERS I:t::e:m:th: paintings by Rubens l iatudh::::h quite a large part of the I organization known as choly tone during the Mass, and the ]Ft. Smith where he will be employed } " I cathedral. They are l ' , seemingly to receive their ICourt Club, which meet choir sang,, hymns approprmte" for the I on a big' rock constructm" n job ....  (By N C W. C News Scrvl'ce.) I'the paintings, showing" the elevation" I worship" As the procession" came Iat the archbishop's ho oecas/on, Lead Kindly Light" being| Louis Robert has sold his interest| Paris, Aug 4.It is always the pol. I Of Christ on the cross and the descent/down the aisle altar boys in whitelster. chanted before Mass, and "Nearer My l in the Owl Cah Grocery and will en-I/cY of the Minister of the Interior to I frm the cross.. The paintings are/rbes went before ringing little bells. I Keen Apprecisl ..... . . J.C.I! ' siness. AI- [l " " " n e-[ ...... Y | ' " P I " Ca dinal Bourns God to Thee" afterwards Mrs gage in another hue of bu submit requests for authorlzatzo r no always msplayed, but the were At me conelumon of this art of Wth r v nvyer presided at the organ I fred Robert, who had been assisting I ceived from religious congregations |on lsplay ths time, and as we went |the service almost the entire audi-]the Pontifical Court CI throughout the services. Ibis brother in the store, will leave Idesiring to return to France to the I! at the bmlding some minutes before ence left and we supposed the service I held its general meeting From two to three the of 1 1 soon for Ft S lth to Mumm al Councils of me service egan we had a was over, so we went also o nal' , f'c'al hour [s l" , be associatea [l " "P ' the cities in I , . good  " One f | s residence, at which of the bu of President Harding, Iwith the McCann studio I which they wish to open their estab- I chance o see them, even at close [our party, however, remained and re- Iwas passed to make a do defob:llsflf'St. Edward's again peal- I N.E. Milott, arrived in Mena re-I lishmente" The favorable reply givenlik:g:the:si:l they. look just aboutlPorted that there was a sermon of IHoly Father from the J th rneir sad news During the Icently from Newport, Ark, to assume Iby the Municipal Council of Paris to I v ar paintings, of which I aut ten minutes in length delivered/club, and also to tender a interment of the bed of Pr  e d the requests of the Dominicans an we have seen many But I am no from a pulpit about the middle of the Kin G o Y es'd ntIs uties as local manager of the l t d l.  ......... . If .... i . " [I" g e rge expressing Harding, the organ's majestic voice [Commonwealth Public Servlce Co. Mr [the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul is ]h age ::al rt; SUll, I would pronounce It appeared to be in the Iloyalty and devotion and once again " sounded. ,,the favorite | Milott's home was or/,inalb,,,  in Lit- |already kn0wn. [nem y great paintings. [ elglan .language' but evidently the Iciciation of the British s hymns of the premdent Lead Kindl tle rbe Mumczpal Council of Na c Ias An Ear or people dad not care for it for neari !'cent .... ,, ..... , _ y[ti Rock, where he was born and rear-/ "" ' " n.y / " Bells 1 ],, ", y," visit toHis Holiness gn anu ."-Nearer My God to Fed. Mrs. Milott and two small chin ]was recently called upon to pronounce [ The Cathedral has the fin . nt , I au of them left before the sermon. I As a membershi in th An - " . . . . - e ....... -.... . . p .. ee, zss ary Ahem premdmg at Idren are expected to join Mr. Milott I upn the foundation of a rest house Ichlmes that I have ever heard and [ Poor Editor's Feelings I strmted to appointees t " ! ne organ [ at an early date, and will be a very l for aged and sick missionaries of the ]they were rung every 15 minutes | It is impossible to describe m- "eel | court, its list of members i   lwelcome addition to St. Agnes' par-/Order of the Friars Preachers. TheITheir silvery music floated our overling s as I witnessed all tho , "['/ng/y large. It is inter |li}llq [ xsh. . I ot was nineteen to five m favor of ]the cty, and it seemed that it could ,lance. It s heathenism pure and sire- ever, as showing that ap olwliOi#li {the foundahon The re uest was be heard for miles a le and o meshc relates ]" The ice cream near-social given by w " - "'-" . q . [.b, . .. ' "ound. They are[P., nly labeled Christianity. It/ . . p and. 1 [Mrs Jo For armly tougnt oy a raulcal councillor fin one oz the tallest chur [taes more the japostonc, aver conmae Th , . " e sythe last Sunday, prey- ' s ch towers n a label to make " Y " e young peoples Catholic Spcial/ed to bea great success During the 'but ably supported by a Catholic, that I have eer secn, and the tower}Christianity, but many people are de-| f laymen in different 1 ?lab of Jonesboro, assisted by the So-[afternoon and evening thirteen gel-! Ueorges Renard.. lhas above it a sky-piercing spire [ceived by  label. Many peo-le of| British empire have clos I ualry oz weiner, gave their second |lens' of cream were disnosed of or [ At Bordeaux also, a favorable I From front to rear the buildi-, o considerable learning, ar ..... .,**;. |w/th Rome, either as vr/vl i :_nual picnic last .Sunday at Highland/ders being filled for friends in all ' pinin was voted almo, unammous-/very long and has rows 6f ma'ssivel the label of Christianit;upon ienfide'l s- |lains or as members o'f t ar ann nan as ner guests on that parts of the clt ' stone commns m it reachin ty and c]almm orders !.: . ., | " " y. The little folks " [ " " " g from the[" " " g that it is the highest| " , occasxon ne youn folks of. Pare o ground to the eefll for - - Since th .... g g uld/spent a most enjoyable afternoon on l / " "'ng at a dlzzv m of Christlanityand ma ...... | " e death of the About ninety-seven I fathe lawn of the Forsythe home and' CHIItlJ00IJA VETOES h:ugmhs?hh7 ::: fc:: :ueh rows of/P aubeing deluded by the falseX" In-/rnN:bkrsth;thehave be i served dinner, with,,ter Benediction services cream was ...... ' " e rows beint,/ . a label will not mak- ris / higher plenty of ice cream and lemonade to serve "m ch taller t " "  "" " o ' ........... ]i d on.the church lawn. } ANTI-CLERICal. RH.[/ u hen the ones on thehamty out of infiddlitv--and , ,II [ rders. The Marqms of B1 ms au.aay. In .r:ne conzests between | ] .............. /sides. As we entered the buildinr |not make pagan /dolatr'v into Chr"is I recently created a Knight ne varxous socmtms Pocahonta ke  - , . . , s won | p " I  ItlN]ilO [ t B,, N C W C News Sea-ice  ]and 1oo d down these long rows of |tianity, even though they nrn, ti: [en Spur, is a Scotsman. hignes point, Jonesboro second- and I a, ink. VK tl. l|r,O  - " .......  /illars it was nN,., ,:, ..... i ........ - ........ / _ pV"llld + .... ' "" / r I El Paso, Tex., Aug. 6.A bill ":." .. - ....... ne looKlng ]p..gan goes esus and the Virwin I .... o ........... pecml vsors /  , I -.... .................. i own a tory avenue /Mary and the a^,^ r, ....  I MANY ORDERS APPLY Conway, and Mrs D LeBone'and'sonIenti ..... " ..... "| anua re seventy-five, has been ve.[._ rom th  ^:- - _ " a-| Catholics [ ...... ' -. o- o ..... ms new drench Will be/toed b,, Governor Enri-uez The bill I"'   ,,,,m entrance, and the I But *her ............. I loer, oz 'aragould. The success of}instituted Sent lt h,, +, a ...... ]_. ' _ .- " ", . |organ and choir were -o +^ --^:- | -   re mzmons or people o  By N o w  a the nicnic wan l*reol,, .4,. . .... ._   .... -- ....  ,, ,--preme InS mmllar o me one recenuy passed / . - . - ......  '""*' I wnom Christianity  -^'- .... I ,... _. ....... ..v.., -  - ,- - , ,, ,,u resluent Dr JYe entrance - was a - - ,,,,, ,,,u J:'arls "J work  * --: ....... I ..... '. " lix Gaudin, as o [in Durango. which limited the num. [ ." . magnificent or-Ithan what I sa "- "Y  .- t . , July 12.--The " , - ,,,,,,,b m char e lais aae n ann a rea ,, ,- - oman tam e " _:,. .................... g ,  he will make a visit to |bet of nriests to twent,, five Gov |ga g t choir. The building lolls ca *-^--, ....... " n claims to have receive! wmn wa ...... eumposeu oz me Iauowing: I North Little_ -, ,,,,,, ,,,^- ae" ..... tn, e rnor Jnriquez, " in nis" comment" ' on ne'" " ]is so. large and so .-arrn'al--': ...... , h, ...... ,.. I:iasts,. "Fu'confessionsmngetc.,Wlmthattiae penanCe,o t liable sources to the elf Ri, Wlllett,. Adelade Stack, Inez [will be with Branch 79 Little -- ,m ..,. , ,, .... .^,. ..... +.^,:. |musm sounded as if at were bein I+ ...... . , g w h Government has received =:k:Yw:hndeMrhilaY;ndCh:: _ Supreme prganzer .Jos . H DeC'i;rk: :n'd' nconstituiion'ala:d't'ha't'iTw;ul'd I_ rendered in-(some great resounding I ;arr/edmo:b;=::gn:U:fimp::i:::i  requests for _uthor/, wm msz me ouowmg places the de rive ic ns . . cavern, c t, zeacnmg, contemplative a el p Mex a of the prxvflege of eremomes, ma mfzcen Yates. A j ly good time was enjoyed/coming week. DebuT Bran - .... : ...... I' Not Up On Ironer Name I  ...... g'" t buildings, ligious orders which desir b all each votin .... /. , ,, .tuut, worsnlppmg as mey pleased. / xro, h ,..^.- "=- . . . ]rcmy urnlsned and costln mllhons vy_ ,_, ..... g me pzcn one oz|Aug. 17th and 18th," Pocahontas, . / ' .......... ,,,os carrlea on moslof men e ............ ,u w]m all ne geau .:their place in the natioll mt?Y:eting held Sunday after.]b:g::hz:7wA:rgan::t;e2nesbflr' to Bertrand Russell ,the philosopher,[:fudth:rueatth:t t itshtheend rfothe]adornmen't that wealth canuppy?! taddTt::ttth:elG:v:flmP01  noon by the school girls club it was Ia ,t ........ on zu says the world should learn to be lazy,/,,----e for it t - ....  P- ]we o not hurry with the work of "v ' ......... - . ....... , au wemer ug zz . .,-,,, ,, ,u was a great altar . . - cn one oz meso reques decaded to hike out to ttickev early ]" r ..... . .......... " ." - but most people know how already Iwith images and old and . . mg t.he gospel to benighted Roman sulting the wishes of th .......... .,..-. rancnes oz me ,: What they want is the opportunity" i and the alr hadteps on ::: [ a.,,!o,lc peoples we shaU be terribly] authorities in the t gunw. the various orders