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August 18, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 18, 1923

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,,,, IDAG FOUR , URDAY;/£U U22.P i8,  9!" LIFE A BEAUTIFULDEEDsONEDoNEANDToFULL " ................. THE " - ...... foundat/on of morality, and if we find today that there are those w preent he try to " ............................................. the ground that he did not have the peculiar qualifications needed for t1, gILLED .our children from receiving that advantage we know they are those It is not pleasant to have to say r or, as this office• Also he expressed the fear who care_ but little for the final and most solemn words Washington ever chiefly'S°' but forthe politicalfact remainSand money-rock-that intol, l .r°n as°f itthCwaskindWaS hethehadsec°ndreceived,apPIiCa-he thatof religioushiS candidacYcontroversy•might belnthea letterCaUSe Mobile,(BY N.AIa.,C. addressed to the nation• Our IIeritage. erance in the United States continues ought it best possiblet° end theto matter,do so, byaS thet° a friend he said that his wife and into W.the appreciated the words of the noble man who achived the freedom of members of his family were all by State Senator Let us not forget those words. Let us not forget that all those who filled mg purposes. Men without con- 'anding the statement as absolutely Catholics, and that he did not wish to with a view to the presidential chair of our country were men who l)roperly sensed and science or common decency exploit ad unqualifiedly false• nation and whose heroic sacrifices', inspired with the loftiest patriotism our hatred as an easy way of acquiring[ Knew Cardinal {ibbons sincere purposes: gave to us the greatest heritage that the true patriot subjectengage themin anYto conteStinsult inWhichtheirW°Uldten_ chial, private and easy money. They trade in bigotry Then he added in his courageou derest convictions. give his country, can just as other men trade in "dope" and ashion: schools of Alabama • . . . ",. • similar things calculated to ruin body, "I know Cardinal Gibbons and I The time will come in this countr " by the Committee He was indeed a model of all that was good, of all that was wJoe m the and soul. Ihey have no pity on their l now him to be a good Clt/zen and when tha idea of discrlmmatm y which It was refe positrons Almighty God placed him, and well he filled his trust To the very victims, and would even despise them J irst rate Amerman n against a dandid:te ;or t " " " g reading in the Se last he wa's the true American, and through him principally tiai; beloved land if ' "' " I " • "' , a d that his kind " he presidenc • . . of ours was made the land of religious as .... 1 .......... V _ they themselves were not entirely l ross nf h,,. ......... " on reli,iou .......  ..... . y that its mtroductl which -'-" "--', • .. , .. vz a pmll;lcal nDery--a ]and devoid of a ....... ..  ..... .. I ........ ,-m olel•ac]on are in ... , o s*uuJus Will De regaraea • .  . . .. ,.u to!s goes ume was made the refuge for all wh .................. :,,e o ,u.vr. we can I .triking contrast to th t";, ;.^. wln amazement and ..... .^ • .... the bill w,s wl ny ne tyrants of the old worm ........ pp*cseu nave a cerman respect for the honest / ttion and vlo ...... -- Z-"?";. "" are becomin ..... ,-.--' ...... *.*el by representatives . Unselfish. bgot, but we can have only loathingl race son(e-who cl2'/mgmto y e nn s- year in spit:of th: ;=;;:la, year .O ]:nd denominationa Never once did he seek his own -r .............. ] or ne one who uses or exploits this I an   ...... e lroes- toleran " . KS ot m- tim members ef b* free his neonle from o ,.n- ...... p vae ammon, rim ambition was to I feeling for financial or olco -.-[ .'" ......... a num)er ox Catholics .... Ice m some sectmns. The Stars] , w ............. , . *" , s,,--,g yoke oz yranny. No selfish thou,h¢  ....... I ........ " ..... "'"" I wan were in the nublic ser-^ - ...... .,m rpes are the color. ,€ €,,, I ." ..... - pre, querea nis pure sould; no ca,rice ever h ^ ....... . ...... ". .... "l wme to Methods I mv -a;--, .... :2-£ . .. ,u,ng] Americanism oa .__ -_ T" .... I oeing opposed to i thoughts of conquest of a w - ....... =m way m ms nooie mind; no] We are beginning to be familiar *'- ............ amn, anti i suppose]m ...... ...-,,,!ey canno oe per-| intent, q ^2., ' .  eup,e.were allowed to find place in,his]with those who ,0 ,,:-:-- . tere were many so employed ll_"a.nY repmcea by the black fIag ................ errme sacrmces ne made from the momen* - ......... /•. -- ...... -gmus preju-[snould be ashamed o • ....... ". 1o mgory. [I[| ll| Ill of the American patriot army at Cambridge, Mass., until th;esu°°:n;;rge/alce- as ,the founddatlon for get-rich-lrianism if this declaratl;n y 22"e2Yt:.TI ! KI FI I wornwalhs at Yorktown, are not parallelled by an ...... , 2 ........ .r u|qmCK scnemes. Tlaey form fantastic l ground for o'f ...... " ...... ]/i Iltlll a ,,n,... [ ||||||fl|| |||1 fo " "   .... s=-*a m mstory, or anizations ......... ll ........ *'"" r the many dmcouragements he had to bear lac ........ | g and pubhsh unclean and / It is -eneral- b ......... , |lilt/ IRI]|/IN hhill / .... supporters, treachery within the lines, the bitter co:Id :::2h:Stonrald'netTte¢ Idsh°nest newspapers;:and the moneylG • Blain, one of th;eb;[i,: -a Jamesl ltt.,, ......... ] A** years, often in rags like the most of his army, all were borne wi;h"::rs: t/;;?, afro ast that the promoters lose this time, was the victim":re;ni::l lll]l00ll]l0000 l00llgl'lt/ aw e,w vering rus in God and God finall., r^w -- ............. " - / ......... ass enureiy ana usually come i in nalf v. .. s -[ | ltu /i• • , z , ,,ueu ms almUi sea "to a tragic end But th a "" t - * ......... ns morner was a Cath-/ . -- /,ii ...... Hard Work. |. ....... • ,. e verage cs- I olic, and some of his political asso- / (By N. C. W. C. News  ....... -- E MOST IANr! ,., ns ne was successful and fruitful in great things; and why w- , .^ [:-" . no so.we,l acquamted wthlciate s wanted him to mak ..... +,:^ / McLaughlin. S D a..- :v'ce:) .- | JOle. JUNG, ] wny were the lives of all o " ........ m,. bne pOlitician wan counts upon intoler- Im •  . o,.=- " • ", -*-s.]or ....... ur eminent men so successful? Wh,, ", ..!'^ + ............ ent which would clear him € +-^/James McLau,hlin . ......... [ '-- •. a.:am o ma: great popularity which enabled them to ro-c *Y,d-° thet?:, o %n cmseiy contesea elec-lsuspicion of beloni,, +, + .° ,.:|Agent of Fort°V-,'-- ":"*-- nman | ...... Szmply because they worked hard. And as it is i'" bu,2"£2" 2,.'e ,op : l uo,% ana who uses devices that would ! Church He occ2i::.;7."e wan?nc |buried her- ,^,___.e.?: .: 1)., was / THF. II . ST nan;.1 l:.r^ o^ ^-- .... , • . ........... o, pUlllcal anfl i oe Irowned upon v hh..;..^a --. ] .. • . " ........ j aenoe a l  uay wln camc ann mill- ] --u v. ,...-- ....... .':v' ,. -o ]s ] ne case m ecclesmstical life, for no nriest can ever I._.] ....... ._ .b, ... ................. [ ongregatmnal church in Aur, ut- Itary honors. Father Bern.rd ,, .... | 1441 Broadway, N expec o get anywhere unless by h.v, , v ....... : . • ,,u ,vmwt.  ;s a pleasure ¢o say Me ,,  ........... ° " -'¢t7,:_ :,. . . "--, ....... ,[ ," noun'^" u- ruue ..... zo .......  """ .......... uu eanno get to heaven on I hat such metho.... ......  -,¢-,': .... wvn:' I t'- "' - "' unwmng o makelY"'"c nman mssmnary of Fort i .. • , ;s ny rxials and difficulties overcome that we reach ' .......... * ": . g i ant the subject of a bulletin t- ch,/(ates, conducted the s-,- [CAPITAL - - , me goal of success. ", I ,v, ,u ass success m national elec- voter° .v  ..... ....  "-/hie ..... 2_ ._ . ....... , ann in  ' ............... [tions, although thev continu f, he €. [-  o ,e country, lesmes, he o  ..... on_gave laor McLaughlin ; natio;*U;hm;:_gave us ¢.ne Des government on the face of the ear,h--a| fective in small communitiesan;1 n !;eaten ,na ne .might be misunder.! credit for having paved the way forSURPLUS - " : ....  oeen rmzui m rengmus progress, and in material gain l isolated cas " I ooa. I woua not for a thousand[ ne ¢onvermon to Christia ", ,¢l ....  nas never been equalled in the world's history - [ :- ...... presidencies," he said, "s-eak a disr- many Indians on th ^  .... n;., .[ we nave merci • / work unue u ' *" v- I v anclln 10 ,,_,.,_No,wonler God brought Washmgton's eiforts to a glorious success. I But it is a rar rl,,:?er^  .... /spectful word of my mother's relig-[ reservation, g c/$tOek.flnl.$1]10,0! ua,e zuapomon, ne was no yrant, and he was n .............. _, _..  ] .....  ...... s  ,avv  lion." [ Funeral  .... ; ........ |DT I1111 lle I1@ • • *v )verveu asloe irom presmenial election in " '  --**e were /eld out the mtentmn to benefit the people who so deservedl ..... • d.: • ........ / . .... flus country [ Preacher .. ],. doors to nrm; ..... of [$0 Per en abova .- ,-* -- m am. [wmoug seemg the black fla o ",- • - ............... ne atenoance of the , And why do I say so much about Washington today9 F- +].; ....... !- ......... . g f bo I Curmusly enour, h e . " crowds which hH boom lncrea! that God seem° *^ .--- , ......  .,• y. ............... ,,.ry ymg m some orm or other i ...... o h was bitterly .... . could not be accommo-[nntm ,m. .... ..  -... w -ave me,sea nls counsry Wln presidents who wer all Jle h. +^ I- ........ "1 a:aczea in many Protestant n n;t uaea lnsiae. Te o,,.--.: ....... / w' ..... """ "=" worthy to fill the chai fi s ' "  ........ / u ue use aiscreeuy or snell ._ul.._ . . n o..,,vors o the • r r t oceupmd by Geor e Washm on" a "- s " . n New En land M " i Indmn eli  er of r g  gt , n{t ffwe ay urose ] . g • any of hs eler- P ee who serve • . f worthmess comparable ]n any manner with/h .....  .. ............ [ al antagomsts questioned his inlet, or McLaughlin in th .......  ,.  the mew that they all were men o . . P P s defeated. No candidate of ic • d under Maj.  wll tieorge Washington then "- " .... ,,,es woutct nmK o omr- ri o- • -- mg ul ., we. make a proud boast for our country, and we ] sting such methods and .......... u^ ty, and he seemed to feel tills deeply, campaign, were present. .1  snow our sense ol apprecmtmn of the men who have been placed at theless responsible leaders ';--f : one of the members of his family said  a,,arlut,lu, . .  ./'-":- ." nat Mr. Blaine abhored "the introauc- I game unuel cover ometlmes it takes tl • s "on of anything that looked like a re head of the government at Washington• " Other Chiefs. the form of a whispering campaign, ligious test or qualification for office St. Joseph's In God bless the memories of the departed. God guide our present chief. Jones tells Smith that the candidate in a republic where freet*.om o con- I remember well the sad taking away nit President Garfield and of President of the opposition has a Catholic wife, science was the' birthright of every H O W S P R I N G S McKinley and I saw that the horror which filled me on those occasions was and Smith relays the astonishing in- citizen." the same as that which filled the minds 'and hearts of all my fellow citizens. 00Oiem::Oo00l e002W0000:00n°te002u00: We were all one in our grief and indignation, as we all should be. Where h hi s election day drew near some of , " was the man who would consider for a moment the religion of our beloved " [ political friends felt that it was I The South's Most Famous the candidate's crime grows in sizeirnportant to organize a meetin " pregident in such a case, or any ease'for that matter? At least not among like a snowball rolling down hill, and]- . g xor[ Conducted by the Sisters of us Catholics, thank God, and so it shall ever be. Our religion teaches us before election day comes we find the/n:iaPUapgse oz offsettmg the minis- / that we are bound before God to obey the laws of the state, and it never it ack upon the candidate. Thus _ innocent man being accused of hold- 1 came about the famous Burchard -'- •  cen wnictt proved to be the death - implies that there should be anydefect in our disobedience evdh when the ,ng secret and daily communJcationsl ..... -- PHIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFI laws ar made by those who are outside ou'r Church. Heaven forbid that our with the Pope. I Inell of Mr, Blaine's aspirations. UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD obedience.should hinge on any such condition, for if it did, then we approach Distort Facts [Nearly 1,000.clergymen, sa/(! to rep- AND WITH ALL CLASSES. anarchy pure and simple. Obedience to Law. It is curious to notice how facts resent Protestants, Catholics, Jews are distorted in order to accomplish and Quakers, gathered at the Fff * No, the Catholic is well aware that he must obey the law of the land the purpose Of those who enlist under "v .......... "" DEVOTED SISTERS Gh;o ::ajlke e: ::s b::]td;Yn' Wh:/ enue ,oe, :tor tim purpose of as- everywhere, and there are no more loyal citizens than the Catholic people. " • suring Mr! Blaine of their faith in bls EXCELLENT STAFF MEMB bhe history of the country proves that conclusively, and all good people out v v  integrity and high purpose. It might COMPETENT N side our Church admit the fact. United States he came into contact/ .............. __ . " And, if laws must be obeyed where they are made by those having but haw paea oi as one o the uneven- , with Cardinal Gibbons. The Baltimore ful episodes of the cam-ai n i ..... little sympathy with the people which is very often the case in the old prelate called at the White House ln ..... p g • l nan world), how much more loyally shouh] we obey the laws made under the more than once and his friendship lea e' o Dr°eenBurchard,°r ne imprudentwho latnchzeal--_°f Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominent supervision or by the suggestion or consent of such Presidents as the na- was highly valued by the president I ...... " ...... : ea .o Care in AppointmentsEvery • a ensauona aac upon the Dem,r ROO1TI lion has ben blessed with from George Washington to Warren G. Hard- On one occasion he asked the cardi-I ..... : .............. .. ing? " eru c,numae an ne uemocrauc Well Vefitilated and Lighted nal to listen to the reading of a fa- party Th, at party, he assur " " Our Pride mous message which he had just writ- . ine "" ' ea r. The history of the c0untry, and the records of the men who have been ten, with the reuuest tha' s vlsltorl Jm • ' was tne party of "Rum, Re- chiefly responsible for its magnificent course of political and religious lib- give him his candid opinion of the/mamsm and Rebellion." Naturally, Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. , erty make us proud that we are Americans, and cause us to thank God for |the newspaper men who were present Idocument. It had reference to the tar- the great advantage, lift, a question which was then excit: I featured this to the exclusion of all the other speeches. The obnoxious When, therefor;e, we see our beloved Chief Executive called tea better/ing much attention, The cariinal lis-/phras e was caught up instantly, and INFIII00I{Y SA00TItRIlJ00 REST life, we bow our heads in humble submission to the decree of Almighty tened carefully and at the conclusion -- .. God, while we cannot help mourning in the very depths of our hearts be-/of the reading said that what he had |there is no reasonable doubt but that] Professional Attendance cause he left us in our lonilness, heard was undoubtedly a great state it cost the candidate the electoral votes of New York state, l-re lost the . __ Peace to your ashes Warren Gamaliel Harding, and when the last trum- paper, but that he feared is publics- Empire State by a few nuncled votes For Reservations Apply to pet shall sound to call all men to judgment, we shall rejoice that the many lion at that time would adversely only, and it is certain that the unfor- REV. SISTER SUPERIOR good acts of your life will place yo.u at the right hand of the Judge, Who affect the political ortunes e Mr. lunate speech drove thousands of St. Joseph's never failed to reward the good men of the earth. Cleveland. History proved the wis- Catholics away from Mr. Blaine,. Infirmary, Hot Springs, And who will say that the life of Warren G. Harding was not a beau- dom of that opinion. Damage Was Done I tiful one, full of good deeds, and conscientious acts done to please God, and The president and the carama! were The responsibility for thin utte ...... to benefit his fellow-men? botl splendid Americans, and their ance was placed on Mr. Blaine, al- Loving Memory. personal friendship had not the retool- though he afterwards insisted that he In this hour of sadness, it is at least some consolati0n tome to have est connection with matters of relig-was actually'unconScious that it had Bankers Trust Co the task of addressing you that you may bear in loving hearts the memory ion, but it was bound to be distorted been made until he read it in the news- of our well-beloved late President; that you may learn the lesson of patri- by unprincipled person. One of the papers on the following morning. IIe MAIN AT SECOND otism fromhis well-spent life, and that you who have the care of the young, results was the publication m the stood in the stairway leading to the LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS may bring them up to be gbod, loyal, religious Americans; tha't they may "British American," the 1892 cam- second floor of the hotel, and his clef- We are agents for practically all the important grow to be useful and good citizens, and that by your example you all may paign, of an article saying a when ical supporters were maecr on the Companies. give your non-Catholic friends to know that they hav nothing to fear from Mr. Cleveland became president he stes all the wa ....... you or your Church, but that on the contrary, the ver- principles taught -'ou  had a direct wire ru  ......... P , y sown o ne nrs If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business hy your Church wil prove to our separated" brehre that we sha]lSnoJbe 1 White House to the c2';d%al'Uhmou;ne, sevenfl°°r" speecnesTnere werea probab:y six or you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the many surpassed in true patriotism. , !and that o h.,l , .... ,.1 .  ...... ,  ., nd the candidate lis " " " True Ca thohcs--True" Americans . l at the hea:of e'ver/im; oft ;n Jb'ur::', c ,, etene('om°oneUmmof hism mechanicalfrien(,s lash/on, beWmtercheerfullyCrUlS'S'given,d° nOtwithoutfail tOcharge.Call on us for information, The so-called Catholic who does not live up to' his religion is neither a [ of the government. In the course of I so n'-en  upon :rami- that Ie wa We wish t0 remind you also of our Foreign Exchange Catholic nor a.true American. He may call lumself a Cathohc, but he st TM Mr. Cleveland received a ]ett-I ..... ng the reply he which is in position to effect money transfers to forei , ' .... " - was on o make . . by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing m not, he s outde, the pale of his Church, and even ..°ur Protestant friends [fronthe a man enclosin'g ,o' eHppnr,o of / n,u ,v.u"•" .... was smo that.fhehen=xSCarcelYda We b&h buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotation anct neighbors are often known to admit the a t h artm]e and askm Y abl& A man who turns his back on his G:;Cwila:l?Uth Pme:P]eeea£sl;t; ttrue. The purpo;e, :g ;umr::, itw=et;/.h.e caused a dmclaimer to'go forth, but BANIERS TRUST COMPANY • I" ' ' /it was z hours late . hs back on hs country This s surel If  tra th r  In New Haven i ' • " " , y se -ev'dent. " i P e p esident into saying some- on November 1 in the c^- -  ,.. MAIN ATSECOND, It ]s therefore by conscmntmusl hvm u to ou o h thm that woul u se  a p, " " " Y " " g p r b "gations to A1- I g d injure him with some!lie speech he disavowed .... FOREIGN DEPARTMENT mghty God that we best fulfill our duhes as end America voters The  all responst • '  " " g " n'citizens. Let/ • "den was that no matter lbility for the sentime ...... t ourn°t thatbelovedbe forgotten.Presidents whoIt is" havebY thSp'assedmeansawaWey; beStand leth°n°rus thee n th'smem°riesoccasion]• el[What"Injure" replYh]m. P heohh. "cally.might makeif he adm.tted Ibee nit would[ r. ...... urcaarU,done, and utit wa-thenLS.--2damaUterec- ge. ,had y. 1 mm II  mm mm I1----------------- III-- IlIl-- -"" -'- ----: lm=-'-'--"---  resolve that froha his abode of rest, our beloved late President, Warren G. [the truth of the article it wa reason- ,/to re,air it  r,en oo ate .Hardmg, may look down wth pleasure on a natron living up to those Chris-|ed by the tricksters he would in;ure I   - :--. - A R I S T R 0 N 6 S P R !  G S W l T  R tian prmcples which are the bulwark of the nation   ome oz nencidents of our himself with Protestants, and if he lday life are more dramatic thn denied it he would hurt himself with / .............. +, -.. any- CAN N0W B OBT VESTMENTS WOVEN BY gold manufactured in Dublin The or Catholics. Imng uunu m ae pages of novel • " " or upon the stage. On the fourth BY IRISH ARTISTS !naments consist of Celtic tracery en- Reckoned Not on Cleveland Ida" of the followin ...... FOR U. S. CHURCHES .dosing thirty panels representin Ir- But those who set up the job reck-Jcesfu 1 o onen g uarcn he suc- /sh Sain.ts embroidered in colo bv[ oned without considering the sturdy.r,2'- ..... Pp .. _t of James Gfllespm • - m-, --, ,,muguraea as re" Dubhn, Aug. 6.--In ecclesiastical|Dun Emer workers honesty of Grover Cleveland He was l .............. p rodent ' • , .... ".. /oz me umea taes in the cit art Ireland has made vast strides dur- | The st o'- - ............ ] a srmghtorwara man who believed |w--'--*^- ." ...... y of hag the past twenty years [cannot -"---' ss o uuminli n the intelligence and fairness of the/,""'": .... .au me mast of a cheer- . ' e exceueo. Tile nighest tri- Arne " mg ann overjoyea crowd. A th ame The vestments made by the Dun Ibute to thei- ........ [ ncan people. He rep::ed at once +; Mr B1 " -  _ --  - , • r merl is na oroers zor "in the b '---' ---" ........  ....... nine, lonely and sorrowru • Jmer uild for St. Patrick s church,/staine d rl ......... / ,u, snma or wmcn ne was "n the • - ' $ ss nave come to D was  cathedral m Ba umm noted H s  ltimore at San Franemeo, an example. These/;;om 00ranee. Ma.y Ame.can 00as-/ashame00 t.00_at alTo00t/tend00ng the funeral of his sister lIr, vesmenr comprise a complete set for Iters or ...... =-' ....... I . u ,,.ta w nv reques ol ais I xr...,. T+ ........... ' ' High Mass and are woven of e]oth'of ]art g:ods'r;n;;]l, ves,rnens ana ,silly }e°rresp°ndentand to deny a statement so [ c;;;=;ts ;ih';°li;: °se. is erowded.str'R:ng I so absurd on its face. How-J Becoming More Libera! I ARKANSAS' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SPRING AGAIN TO BE $OID TO THE For I yesz ti war hal been famou am a Kidney, Bladder, and Nrvo.= For informaio F0R !10 81ARCY p. 0., ARK. ROUTE No. $.