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August 18, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 18, 1923

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G UARDIAN, SAibi,DA i, TIlE ACG' SST 12, le.:23 Lt Published Weekly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 309 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as eeond-class matter March 21, 1911, at the postoffiee at L/ttle Rock. Ark.. under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879, A New England man president of the United A SPLENDID EXAMPLE States? This is something never looked for by the astute politicians of either party, but it is the unexepected that has happened. Let us hope that if President Coolidge performs his duties faith- fully he will receive the nomination from his party A writer who can discuss with the greatest charm the courtesies of life insists that they should not be regarded as optional or haphazard by cultural men, and he takes pains to warn his readers always to respect them, for, as be oh- EDITORIAL dominant factor in the affairs of the world A decrease in army or navy, with all the means ready to increase them, will have no effect for peace. When the causes of war are removed from human-kind, then indeed we may expect peace among the nations These causes lie m the de- fects of human nature--ambition, revenge, cupid- ity-in a word, man's forgetfulness of the duty he owes to God. When will they come to the roots of the ques- tion? The much-vaunted session at the Hague in 1914, in its self-assiirance, gave out to the world that FOUNDER OF WEST Great soldiers have received next time. But we fear! serves "the courtesies of life are sentinels oi cation at West Point, an ins,it SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 "I'lf] YEAR o-e virtue" CUASGE O ADDRESS [ What we have dimly foreseen for some time is t It is like labmin the . . Americans have reason to be W'hen a change of address is desired the subscriber should g,ve both lit seems, soon to happen, and that is the Metho: ...... " g.. , ot)vlous to stress that h aps, who read and know a te old and the new address. I!OIIESlIONIrGNCI [dists are about to lift the ban from th',,, ,,,;,,, I saernen zor tJamolics o whom the well-known 'Ior this ....... - bout , ;' . '*' , , , --" ....... -s-.-s,/de" , .... , w,,ry are aware " , " news co'respondence is alway. 'card-p]ay)_ng ld dancing If the Baptists WOUld ' but oland who founded i welcome, The kindness of the clergy in this matte We - tinted, r :s cordially appre. I ffl ve i   __ -,-y mmw meir exampm mere would be one J .... : ...... ' ......... L we write me pnle t)y the Re, Thomas F do,h, /-llllll. OZ one WhO . - ,, " "-..*,.*.,, ................... Managing Editor agency less m making hypocrites Prohibition[ - . was a splendid example 01]thls: It was a CathC;-.,. '^'-o,, All communic'ations about "The Guardian" ahould be addressed to ' courtesy in every Iorm are being consigned to the that taught the science of should have a monopoly in the making of such.tomb the late laInented Pre;o . * Rev. Gee. 11. McDer,not. 307 West Second Street. products I s.-nt Harding. raw American colonists. It was OFFICIAL APPROVAL -- ---------o-o _ [ It is not an easy task to sit down and write the West Po/nt Military Academy T, C,,ard. i, the olScal orga, o t,e D oce o Ltte Rock, a,d Samples of the happier tone which non-Catholic/abut the policies that occupied the mind of the brated training school for the J[ pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the cause ol right vtC:o a..d truth,,, extenuated antoa.rdentt my olessmgdCfe!derw,th q thethereligiona,nccre hopcWhiChthatWe itsall divines take on when speaking of the Blessed Vir-[president ever since he entered the White House, American army; out of which ,r a, h on and prosperous. OH a nORRIS, /gin Mary are "Surely her life character ought to/,'dr these policies have caused serious splits even flower of the military genius of the: Bishop of Little Rock. /suggest many a tender and instructive dis /in his own party, but it is a grateful task to record to the far-seeing creative braig {course," from the Rev Dr MeLted Presb,-;--" [the judgment that he was a gentleman 1 Pole" There is more about the , a " , ., ,..,**, In ook, land "Mary must surely wear the crown n ho/manner, dress, and above all, in his dealin s with of Washington's Cavalry, Count m ...... g Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 18, 1923. other of all of them who believe in her son," I his fellow-men. Catholic Pole, and about : {from. Rev. Alexander White, D.D, of the same de- One fine illustration of his uniform c- Father of the American Navy - xnirteenth Sunday ater Pentecost /nA1Uait:ri .., ]was furnished before he ever sat in the presidel'- who "when Washington crosse'dt' _. "o-o [ ...... " mn. minister, in, a pamphlet entitled, ]tial chair, and we single it out for commendation ma Iamous Christmas eve, s Thanksglwn even , as th v.ary me viother of Jesus h ', bec ann ll " g for little favors shows ood / .... " "s to say: Is I ause of a fellow feeling between editors. As P" oted the ,,Father of his Corn breedin I  l noz srange that she who cr , own r . . " river to vi , , _ g. f this is so among friends, how much I-, .. ....... adled the world s I . e of a newspapez, he formulated the code . . ctory. hls small pamt ,.u- m her maternal arms s w 1 a Iew more so our ratltude hould r h c br g " should be tnwa ,, .a'  u ....  eceive .s.lit- / " .h reporters, were expected to be guided by, .." . ief references, to the part l; - 0-0--2--______ , ]j:s::Ought. That she who nursed the infant/and in this code we observe with pleasure the 0- hcs in the history of the United To protect people against "The  .... a ^, ..... / '. a her pure breast should be almost forgot- moral tone which he command " . the Ku Klux Klanker , . . -a,  plr-, .... s. Be truthful; s seem to t ltlsm, aJesultprlest, FatherThurstnn w,,,;,,[tenbythemllhnswhworshlpherson? '' /be decent ; be fair, be.eneroUs 'v-,u r I have no rights Kosci akn p,,o: The Tablet urging the need of olV...q" i,, ***'"h;';'-. f*^ I enerW !lke the fulfillment of the,,prophecy: "All hgmus, matters reverently. If it can possibly be / their, kind did. not we'i, r masks or t nhgS:xCua:nlt: which tle claims mad e by the lead. [ g atlons shall call b]essed. _ lavoIded, never bring ignominy to an innocent] kind' or, tell hes to promote love an p s of the movement can be shown / ..... - Iman, woman or child in telling of the misdeeds or l toakley s pamphlet can be had fron , when Pope Plus X brought the a msf r ,, Pubh , upon unimpeachable v C thoh shin e idence, to be unworth,, oi"] .... " " " "c world l " o tunes of a relative / " " g Society, 1328 Lawrenc0 .... z duck to me correct conception of ver  . credit. _His article is reproduced in a recent num-I, ...... Frequent Holy{ in these days when no hem  .......... o. / , Col.--Cathohc Herald, St. Lou per oz IThe Catholic Min_.d ommunlon ne was meeting, a universal need. tlonal" n .....  '-- acreu, o sen- _o_o /Hurrell Froude, who was so,Intimately associated/t ....... ewpaper men, Mr. Harding s cod e should / EXPENSrvw w, ...... " Those ,,.^ ^ --:,- . - [with Newman ill the Anglican reviw  .......... !.- an emphasis ann puolicity, and it will make ! - ...... -r, " CZVt ,,,, ,wa, me low moral standard off+he ,., ....... "" "'. .... " "lnis name live in places where hi. naii, i. [ x. trace me Archbishop of D our time . should read about the days of Catherinelthes:wo;,,IVbliemi: pus one reZ or.m .in/ple s will not be remembered "-'- " ........ -;''-[ing to the. priests in retreat a f v ,e me mos lnals-[ 00-- ' ell ,unselea that the faithful be persu ue luealcls, warn costly entertainments ,,were [pensable of all the duties of external religion, that [ THE CATItOLIC WRI the growing fashion of expensive f given At one of these we read in her Life that levery one should receive the Commun" the most beautiful ladies of the court, half nude Ins ho  ....... ,.._- ........... lon as oten , _ TER Im He_pointed out how grief-stric ann having their hair down ovr their shoulders, Io-'ortun=- "Pi'ou",'y' ai,u \\;na .lZ ne has such I, lnce the days of Gutenberg, the printed worn dyed to most unreasonable extrav$ pp ly every nay oz me week it is his dut has necome more an wise ex Were used in serving the banquet." Histor once!to take --' ..... " . " " " Y. d more an influence in the af-] " penditures, which many of t] repeats itself, but in our day bobbed takes thelAnd fu'uvan-ag- e .o l_every any of the week.[azrs o e world, so that today the printingl gret' Ihe deliberate judgments o zzz, u an lmmeulae corolla 1"re his press can boast f wa place of flowing hair I, .............. ry m t ", ' o greater power than kings anal' y to the suggestions of mere [i nlnK 11; me ausy oz every clergyman to ive thelCourts enjoy The da i n ,_ issue in an -" , . o-  /or,, .... --- , -. . .... g . I ...... y s ot distant when wlthl i entirely false sense of d Too bad that the serum sco,q,;. * ....... , 17-., ,-,-,rs o hiS congregauon this oppor-me aid ot mechanical amplifiers d e 'radi loved dead. - *'- y ....... * ,,,P"- uniy as often as he call without ne lectin r hen ,. ., . . an th . [1 . . mg people to tell the truth was not known in the/nart. of h; a,-,, ,-: - g , g othe P . e, man s voice will be carried over the entue . Christians know, but they are ke nays of Queen Elizabeth and Catherine Medicis |::ret--,-----':':.'-: '- ,/,sexpress!on makes us re-]gioe. Still the writer's influence will ever be mg that when the eye is closed fol ...... /g ne untimely aeam oz riurrell Froude. There/counted as immeasurably above that of the speak- heart forever chilled, display of rune when a certaih intrigUeg Y of hersltWaSanddiScovered is no doubt in our mind but that he woul e ] er b Ehzabeth unblushm brought [ d hav , ecause his word does neither be a deh l denied preceded Newman' Into" the Church [vlbratmns" " of the air," but ls'ntmadeVanishfast andWithperma-the All" the most expenslve'ght nr a cmf::tdto outfit c counter-charges against Catherine; and, according I to Prof. Van ,Dyke, "the two queens followed theirl Spea -o-o nent within the covers of a book or the columns to the vanity of the living. Every ]ing of the importance of the South Amer- of a paper or magazine Even the most insignif- what manner of service can usual practice of closing the dispute by each pre-lican trade, reminds us that we had the pleasure leant writer is a mighty inl'luence among men; and he can have no sense of a sen,lug the other with an official falsehood, it was Io f listening to a lecture by Sylvester Baxter some he is a sower of seed, and his field is the world terpretation of his will which leads possible for her to accept by shutting her eyes tO,years ago, at a time when Spanish and Spaniards Since everybody reads, no one knows how many waste of what may be needed by the facts she unofficially knew" , were looked upon with much aversion by Ameri- people are eventually reache him o- _ can " . . d by the written ann . On account of the rowin im,,, .....  ,^ [ s, which, however, was due to erroneous lm- pubhshed word "Per ....  ..... ,, o- --,, ---**--,, v, ,, nrim tr^ _ ^,,_.._, .   . , ov,, ,,v come o me, South Amer" . .......... ,,v ,,at, ae,ueu me 'an-2merlcan ,, , ,, lean countries, the Spanish languagelconven,- ...... a .............. [ ihe Holy t uther attributes great influence to asking me to secure a free grave . , . . . . " . -[ " " , . - . :h?tminlnegaly. . ?P:rraabl:" mehhUv:itl:dst Statc t th:Y:nir!aciv/thiernr:m:dtUheaffm::m .h - many / h:iPp:dS alFrmthd:2p:nnh:hpr:sd b:uy f2t:; hndy h:de efg:gbdr:l ''gi---va of the South American trade on account of the fal-^ - ...... ..__ . Y .. stalled in the Vaticau under direction of Comm. Milwaukee. , i v mpreumns among us concerning most pro- Scotti. Only recently, too, he made an address --o-0 fpa:tgrteh:tiveW::udenrt n SwtUdll:hhiact W2o:ds:rfetl d gw?:drfpeople. He showed by lantern slides the/to a gathering of journalists, and assigned to them[ VISITING ff'ItE SICi p ogress, as well as the refinement oi' as their heavenly patron and hterary model ann He is a bare-faced individual who! Uryl. d eu:h;ega:touWntnd:r::r:h:oWal:pthoCthe th:il::it:::d toPltl:l:dlodfhe tmplwelylg'uide St. Francis de Sales. In keeping with his! the advancement of philanthropy. lth:S:t;efmtehrcq:eI:d e anTditmh:rwf:re received claiming they were refined, toleP:n and pYrogre:'ld:::dh:=etmh:eP:m ted word, the Holy Father/:alIttY has ::acled a stage unsurp ' . woke up ; sive an  "'--  ........... ; . -  ' " " o tar Apostleship of Prayer ] ' g aavancing until we , u ma rom me lmpresslons nenaa galnea  , but never too late to mend. l ........... I to give their spiritual aid to Catholic writers dur-/kind as kittens and as amiable ; lere ne wen mere ne naa very grotescme iaeas[ing the present month We are not directed to/me'hers And yet philanthrop 1 0ncea alum dO as to the kind of people to be lound m South ra form Y g" y p p ryi gtofindouta[Americ a ] . " " "" "s, as in the case oil" " " an eo le are t n p y ore Cathohc wlte if not Its folhes means for ending all war. The trouble with such/ " o e /missmnaries in last month's intention, but for[ When we come down to brass, people is that they do not go about it in the right/ E'- .... : [those who are so generously and with all so ably/means down to practical life, find T z; VER 2Hu' rt'ormin way. hey argue that cessation of the increase of [ .................. /PC g the work of literary apostles in the / lacking m those endearing qualit tonvers o me tnurcn rom any o me aenom- Church of God Generall s eakin n /known by less high-sounding nar :::rs,aCh'arh:lath::: hed:dgh:n eaI::;shiO/:b::::tm:rs:h :swflle o:e day return. ../.dearth of Catholic writel, y. Pin thge ' :h::: :for; the sick" is an old-fashioned exer ' . p . g " m emporary mental contest just concluded by Columbia there were no Iservice since the world began. Has armies and navies totally, there would be some laberatlo n who will one da'r re .... , _ _ chance for practical effect in the line of peace[ -- - '- -    .... - , less than 2,300 entries. While other fields of lit-I ad'vanced and nurtured that pleasar or a numoer o years aer iewmans en- rature are " " ,, ,, among the nations, but when they can point to a Itranc- -'-- ,-  ........ . e similarly swamped, some of the/has-the Idea of institutional service: - e  .... -, ,nurcn nls eacmngs were much i her form probable time that such an end will be achieved --:---- ........... h g s of writing are neglected to a deree [capped the individual initiativeV . . . muuuuersooa ann ne nlmseli was suffering from m o ,  it will be tlme to have some expectation of peace ----, .............. presu ably because they call for a deener knowl / [here was a time when a sick uel . wuus has oeen Called me ostracism oz saintly gen eel' C " " - " - Imagine England, for instance, abolishing her ins an  .......... " edg atholic truth and practice, and because ]the attention of the neighbors and t! , u mm gave rise o rumors aDou his dis- some c avy, a navy which heretofore has made her the ----,,,-.. .......... .. ..... in uses they demand an inte "-v of r -[a friendly visit. Now unless one s con In me ua;nOllC unurcn ann o his _rh f^ ....._, ....... nslt .... e .. ...... .. ,. , -.    wmca Du ew nave the necessary Iris- m Soclel;y DrlngS me SICK hst re or training. Thus, in the fields of history, i bedside, one may suffer he political science and apologetics, more Catholic l animal in the desert.The Visitor, witers of ability would seem welcome. THE CONVENT' GIRb: The Catholic writer needs our prayer. He is l From the Catholic girl trained called to stem the increasing tide of godliness [muc h is expected. It is the exce throughout the world. He must level the moun- ains of prejudice and make straight the path that leads to Christ Even as that of St. John the Baptist, his must be a voice crying in the wilder- ness and calling men to the true faith and to a life of Christian morals. In order to write effec- a girl does not carry herself with grace of culture and retire license, slang and loudness are so Iconvent-bred girl that society will where those social blemishes have been a convent training, no probable return to the Anglican Church In his own time and in his own way he met those rumors by telling of the peace of mind and heart he ex- perienced since he became a Catholic, and of thos rumors we may .say "happy rumors," for they furnished an occasion for that fine specimen of writing for which the cardinal was so famous, and for that well-known phrase later on inscribed on his tomb, ')From shadows and symbols into the truth." J We observe from the press that Chester,on is also the victim of rumors; that he 'contemplates abandoning the Catholic faith, and we observe itively; he mus keep in touch with the world, and loudly she asserts her prerogative. they held the means of universal peace in the hol- also that, unlike Newman, his impulsiveness would still his'heart must remain unsullied in the con- The eye of suspicion is fixed on low of their hands, and they treated with con not permit him to live a moment under that impu- tact. He should live his pen, and yet he must be" who tolerates familiarity, who is tempt the right. . of a. representative. . of the Pope, ration.. Judging Chesterton, however, by his level, ever true. to the high principles, of his calling,, lest I moral cleanliness ou ht not t to L:mbdrbhhP!th:l:OthC:l:elf=satisfied body l fotll:::t::loCmboawt'ithh:ees:U:e :hatmheetWll I hederl, t:TtrluY2:e:lishl=:e  t: tile highest looks invite admiration  and t be g p g , o p so al enas He . was setthng down to bring about universal peace I matter how ---- ............. ,, ...... I ma, hope for su - ........ " I conduct has about it a suggestion of ! eInpnamauy uerea: x am nor go-!   .... , -u ye ne may no Decomel ven the girl who ublicl toh?h:aUsdtdenYr iOv::ed:::ly from the.shells{lug out of it into anything smaller, and anythingloverbearing and vaing'lorious. He will meet criti-lunder ..... P . Y. g n They eit sure else w ,, clsm fmr and crmclsm ann provokes 1 .,  ._, ........ , . [ ould be smaller, and with the assurance[ " , " foul, and yet he may neither be t___, .......... meY conic,, aowimout to,a or m..represenmives, that he was going to make an address at the Ca,h-[blinded by praise, nor discouraged by failure Be [,yar,ts u amagmg o her respec and mey mane no pones aoout 1 elmer but oh  ust so let h in speech, manner oraress, is a , .. , ; , ,/olic Congress soon to be held in Birmingham, but m is light shine before men, that they ]o,,ot afford. De]icac-' is s how mdmrous was meir fright fro m the Hague,  that he Will find in its a splendid opportunity for praise the Father who is in heaven By praying ! ...... : ann now poignan must have been the waking up/indul,an, in another of h--e ...... --'---- .... -  ........... " [once lost, can never be found.  1 . s  u puwrxal parauues or me kgal;nOllC writer you are of direct benefit from the pleasant dream ! . hood without such a for which he has ecome so famous. T. to all hm readers  ], " . rrancisco. k ',o