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August 15, 1947     Arkansas Catholic
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August 15, 1947

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST ! 5, 1947 Catholic Delegate To Legion's Boys Forum in B t I I Notre Dame, Ind. (E)--The ur-I not bb identihed, because they to do this, a movement is neces- ,~,~* n,~*=d for ~,rdater effort[ have relatives,in Soviet areas, sary, and the movement is the ~'"among camolic~":- " priests .... m the ac- t The Russian people: the ob- YCW,~: which must be the per- . . . I servers declared, at first were manent solution to the problems tivities of_ the layapostola~e wasIwilling to fight side by side of the young worker." stressed durin gme.~'z~n Annua~ I with the Germans, but when Mr. Keegan said that the YCW "~ ie ;s. heldatLaYs'Apstlate tStud'YiWeekneUnverszt .fOr[oz. they became aware of the would be helpless without ch'ap- z--ri ~, ; [ ruthlessness with which the lains, who alone are able to in- Notre Dame, under the patronage ' "t f 1people were treated they flame the young worker and bring Welfare Conferen'ce, was cele- Went, Bristol, Conn.; Gerard J. Walter Tetrault, Pr~l~-~ brant and later accompanied the Ennis, Elizabeth, N.J.. Rev. Paul I.; James McCaffery,--/=~1~ boys on a visit to the Apostolic F. Tanner; J. William Murphy, Del.; William P. DiXOn:~ Delegation. Pictured at the ha- La Crosse, Wis.; John J. White, Wyo.; Donald Everett Tt~l tional shrine are: Left to right, Harvard, Mass.; Raymond Ablon- coma, Wash.; William ~'~lm~ standing: Hayes Kennedy, Ameri- di, Fitchburg, Mass.; William W. McIntyre, Detroit; Del,~,,~ can Legion counselor of Illinois; Lanigan, Demarest, N.J.; Ed- Nagengast, Howells, l~l~ ward Francis Smith, Gosport, N. ald E Tibbetts, Man~ Y., and Nick Ragus, head football Tz ~,~ ]',~h~ .T~ q~zlld0~!~ Mont.; John A. Tracey, Kittery, coach, Arizona State College. Left ""' ............ .- -~ of Archbishop John J. lVli~.y, .~ I turned against the Germans to him the full beauty of the storia, Long Island; Joseph .J. tin McHale, Pittston, Pa.: Conrad San Franclsco, ~plscopal ~nmr- Iand were willing to fight un- Church. man o~ me uatnOllC 2kC~lOn ~uuy j der communist leaders Af ,,-, tholic - Tne problem of the young Department, Natmnal Ca I ter the termination of Worldworker is a huge one." h~ con- Welfare Conference. .. 1 War II, observers continued,cluded, "but it is not going to be More than 100 priests from raG- / the younger ~ussians wno nansolved unless we see it with the ceses throughout the United / fought in the Red army felt eves of Christ unless w,~ build States, and from Canada, France, ~ that l~hey had won the war a movement the scale and size of England, and Yugoslavia, heard ]for the Allies and since they the destiny to which Christ has leading laymen and priests con-]discovered that the standardcalled eacia young worker with- nected w~th the lay apostolate ........ | of living in Europe is much out exception. I be~,~ of you, in movement urge more concentrated[higher than m rcussm, m ey the name of the .young workers, effort on the part of lay apostles ~ have turned against the com-to consider before God th'e re- and the priests who are their [ munist regime, sonnsibilitv that i~ vn~r.~--tn rnalro - - n i- r d n .................. chaplains, at the conference at I So ma y w aesp ea i - or mar our movement--the move- which Bishop John F, Noll of Fort | stances, they reported, have- ment which I am convinced can Wayne, and the Rev. John J. [ occurred it/ Russia in whichand must brln~ back thp rnn.~.~*=~ n ........ ............ Cavanaugb, Notre ,Dame presi. - [ _Russian~. soldiers_ returni..g of _____Ground ....... wnrkp,.~" ............ tn ChriCf nnd dent, were hosts,, j trom ~rope nave Dersonauy His Church " The Rev. John Fitzsimons of ] executed members of the corn- Msgr Reynold Hillenbrand of ! Liverpool, England, a visitingI regime maz now no Chicago, expressing the hope that[ lecturer at the University of] ~.uss]an somjerwno at any YCW would be stressed more[ Notre Dame, reviewed teach- e O?onVaL Ur s'S than ever during the study week,/When the American Legion took ings of Pope Pius XI on the apos- ] - . x. ~._ n- said tlzat the YCW movement ~youths from all parts of the Unit- n h ooservers s~resseu ma~ you g,, tolate, and described the stre gt,~l .... ~; in has been much too diversified led States to Washington for ffs ' ison men wno nan been ac ve , of the late Pontiff s emphas I ......... ~z - w~th the result that we have not [secoz, d annual Boys Forum on the idea of the lay apostolate. I ~o~:~eg ~r~SU~ereW~e;~ gone into the most important job [National Government, a score of "Gradually, Pope Plus XI be-I ............ -~ --*;-.., ;~ *ho --the workers. If we are going ]Catholic youths attended Mass in came more explicit," Father Fitz- | resistance~ m'ovemen~" in" the to work with the workers we/a body at the National Shrine of simons said. The apostolate was [ ~_~t-..~ "~,,r;n" thewar have to know th'at the first [theImmaculate Conception on Rudy Domitrovich of Anaconda, . . ~a~,~,,o -- s " h " ro m" not merely to concern ~tself with | ~o.~a ^* *~.^ ~ .... ian --~o problem ]s t e econormc p ble .. |the campus of the Cathohc Urn- Mont.; Thomas Anderson, Havre, men as mdzwduals but also zt | .., ....... u..~.. ,~ "b ..... ers Monsignor H~ en nct asse a ]vers~ty of Amerma, Rev. Paul F. must take account of all the social I ~,v ~ a w,~y, 2,,.,= ..... _ thab the capitalistic system as we/Tanner, Assistant General Sec~e- Me.; James Patrick MurphT, As- to right, kneeling: Thomas Mar- Conn. Photographer, *~l~ groupings to which men belong ] ~ns~a~ o:t ftun~a~:n~a~;ag~ know it in the United States is [tary of the National Catholic .....,~-~-~ ,.,~.._.~....~xorcise.. such a ~.nower- I ..... m not inherently wrong, but the / " . very TOGa person. "hey sa "1 " l" These abuses, evi s, and zmmora zty ,~ounin,~s or institutions" are in-I that the two. chmf. v~rtue within the system are wrong. ~ IT ~'~F ~- charistic Congress noting the cen- ful influence over them " " s here recently. Msgr. Francis E. ~s thega~ '=" ~" -'*" ' "" " - : - n ' neeuea m aeaung w~n mem ........ /v.vo ~-- - -. tennial of the founding of the Furey, rector of St. Charles Bor- awarded an honorary *~". escapaole, lwan is born znto o e,I ............... ~,o ~ ,~,t ~on*o nf fellow- umer aauresses ann mseus-/ "L:on~lnuea ........ zrom page z Buffalo diocese. The Holy Hour r~~" " -ii!'" the family, and is constantly pass- I, ~h~u an,~ infinite natience be* siGns centered around the biblical,/ ( .... ). will be sponsored by the Diocesan ing from one to the other---andI cau*~e o'f ianoran~e or~ thepapal, liturgical anal personal [August 16 to 20, in conjunction eacl~ one of them has its ownI *,art of the ~I~ussian beoPle of bases for the lay apostolate, to-/with th~ 92nd National Conven- Holy Name union. .,~ .,~. ..... :~ particular inflhence and its ownI ~t~e American way of life getl'mr with the specialized activ-|ti0n of the Catholic Union of ~cherYlJ; particular value pattern .... I 'The crude direct way of life Sties Of the organizations within ~America.' Vlllanova Graduates 105 . ~ .~., .; .... Tn all of them, the apostolate] of the Russians, they obser-the apostolate. Speakers mclud-[ The Motto for the1947 Natmnal Villanova, Pa. 0D--Ninety-sixr ...... (~-Ld'Year:'~n ) : ': ::'ili~'~';~,~ is the link bet~ween the spiritual[ , ,,,~ ~ th,~ to th.eir b~einf ed. the Rev. James O'Toole of/Conventior/ has been taken from members Of religious communities em oral in the erson .......... : i nd Toledo; .the Rev Stephen Az~derl the address of His Holiness Pope . "_~ _~----:""~':": and the t p ~p I deprived of the hbert es a "" " " " l/ . . were . among, the . I05 graduates " Fine x~t~d[ty~State --'----]1L]:.Ap--~--d'-~-:'~'o, pr.~);i!~l~ .......of the iav_ anosfle._ . At ,th'e ~same I ~,.,~,~,~,,,~ ........... v,h,es of life.' oz ~a t:rosse, wis.; the Rev. Thee- Plus XII to the Cardinals As- who received degreeScommencementat the 30th . l~ime he is a member~ of the I '~ : . .... , dote M. Heshburgh, C.S.~., ,of / sembled in VatiCan City in 1946: summer session I ~: MYstical Body and a mel~ll~ei'of| Principal.lay speaker at theNotre Dame; Msgr. LuigiLigutti,['*NoCbxistta.ffhasthe right; to :xercises of Vfllanova College I ~~ 1 The two trl Kee an of executive secretary Nabonal Ca ---- = - ~ , fi~tk~~ numerous in stitu~'0fis. ' ' ; ]~0nference wasps "ck g j ....~ + ' ~" r ~' ~ r " ' -Ishow himself tired 0f th~ fight " , ~earcy ' chnrtot be kept in separate c6m-/ London, End general secretary ~nonc 4xural 4=i!e ~:onzere.l?4ce the |...~:..~, ,~.~ .,.,: .. ~,: .......... ~ ' ...... RevLouis J c SC .................... ,oo .... "" PLANTERS " partments--both are necessary for/of.the Internahonal Young Chris- ~ . .... ,1~.. ,. " " " [" " "' m .......... 1 nder ' ' " ' " , ' " ' '~' ~ ' ' ' " .... '" the Tetal. Chvist." . : '~ : / tian Workers moemeh~i Mr; Notre Dame. and the Rev. .Wil- [ zoaay. ~ at~ers _lztt e u ' . " ]~r,~-,~an o,~oke on behalf of~'the liam Quinn of Chicago |what forms, With :what methods, ,' ~ .... ", ~ o1~ , .... ~ ; ~ , . . . , :. , Rupiahs Oppbse Commtm, st . |youngworkers of.theworld and c,.l..,..__,Al.,.,..,^ . ,.. . . .~ ~.= ..~ .**~ ~..~. |weapons,. words entmmg . or IMPLEME T:; Rule, Resistance Aides S~y . ~tressed the importance of m ...... , .... (' ~ ' ....... ....| ,, " " "ani" Vatican ..~itv~. (It)'.__ ........... q~ ~,,,th ~e/menacing and m what d~sgmse the N Ind 1E) ' A'tresertmg the whole of Chmsu D' - . , " . Notre Dame .... - [ ................ u. ...... 1- Archbishop Jehn 1V~arm Masson 'of[enemy h~des himself. No one can v /m' me whom ,~e o~ ~ue ...... " " .... ' " .... ' C:"P :NYoMA C Lu--berm ...... ov er li tne worKez m ~ueg ' , , .. ....... J. lution ~s taking place m. S - [ .~ ............. . ported by Osservatore ' Romano./^.~C^ ...~.~: .2~.~e.~. ~r~.s. .~.~......~ . .~ ' ' ~ ,~'. . i-t Russia today with at least ~toctuglven Olgflll, y -- :.. - ............ /l) ~ ~ w~ ~u~u u a l~ , uuw~u e .~ | ~ memDer or me ululates o~ ~vlary| . ,, ' 90 ercent of the RUssian peG- Insisting that attempts to buildImmaculate he was ~,~rn ~,~ ~o izead, and trembhng knees. le opposed to the c0mmun- the life of the workin~ cross on Biolle, Archdiocese of Chamber ~:: f;t regime controllin'g thelr [ Christ must begin with the work: on March 21, 1876. He was co~-' ~0,000 Men Expected John Deere Farm countr . This is the opinion ing class, Mr. t-~eegan remi~aea C ecrated Arch'-i ho ........... i'~:'~i~t~ Y | "" " "'h "--r h "tare " u s p oz t:ommDo At Btfffalo Holy Hour All Kinds of Bugd Material of competent observers from/ the priests mat t e L:rm c , ~ , in 1938 Equlpment e r szstance movements m I and all authorities can and should " "" = "u"f " - th e" " ..... , .... ~ z am (E)---More than 50,000 , ~ several Soviet occupied coun ~ help, butcanno~ rel~mce ~ne ' Take care to be considerate - " " " st men are expected to take part in Larro Feeds tries, who reported first-hand [ young worker m this. conque and prachce sympathy. Because a ............. PHONE 233 information to more than 100 I of himself and the worKing, mas- the Blessed Virgin Mary was real- l-lOly /-tour a~ ClVlC ~taulum nere priests attending the Fifth An- I ses. The young wor~er, ,mere- ly-merciful, she made it a rule on the night of September 24, Seeds & Fertilizer nual Study Week for Priests [ fore, must be trainea, organizes, to help others in distress" one of the ceremonies of the Eu- Searcy Arka~ held at the University of /and given the formation necessary " . ........... J-~ ....... ,~,~ Seatcy Arkamas Notre Dame. Speakers from | to penetrate and become the " the resistance movement can leaven of the .masses. In order Supply Associate Store 211 W. Arch Street Phone 210 Searcy, Arkansas II EASY PAY TIRE STORE III II v..: yo= , III II II,- I ALLEN'S BAKERY Searcy, Arkansas III I GARRISON Optometrht and Jeweler PHONE 22B Smith Vaughan Merc. Co. Searcy, Arkansas I I II ..... I IIIIII III I Arkansas' Oldest Frigidaire Dealer . Ba~ked By 25 Years of Knowing How - West 81de of Court Square... Searcy Full YEIGIDAIEE /*HONE 360 - 458 Wakenight Co. 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