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August 14, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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August 14, 1942

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST ! 4, 1942 THE GUARDIAN PUBLISHED WEEKLY THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY Of the Diocese of Little Rock. Arkansas 309x/a WEST SECOND STREE'F Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1911. at the post office at Little Rock, Arkansas, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 the year OFFICIAL DOCESAN ORGAN The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock and I pray God that It may be an earnest champion of the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be long and prosperous. JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Reek. EDITOR VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D BUSINESS MANAGER All communications about The Guardian must be handled through the Business Manager, and all matters intended for publication should reach The Gugrdian office not later than Tuesday at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST Business and Editorial Office, 809 West 2nd, Telephone 5486 ning of the Christian era. Some Christian souls have preserved the blessings of poverty despite their wealth. Now the war steps in and makes a practical example out of the traditional teachings of the Church. People may have more money than they ever had before but they will not have the luxuries that money has hitherto purchased. They will not have automobiles and gay banquets; rationing will see to that. They will not have innumerable gadgets whose prime object seems to have been to keep men from thinking. Robot life will disappear and men will have to use their reason again. Right there is the promise of a mighty blessing. This enforced poverty in the midst of plenty can be capitalized and turned into a renaissance of true Christianity. Christ's kingdom is not of this worId. Wealth and its luxuries do not form its constituent parts The sacrifices born of the war effort may force us into a Christian way of life. That in itself will be pure gain. ----Universe Bulletin. Catholic Soldier Tells SPONSORS OF SERVICE Of Many Tasles Performed Paragould Council, No. 1713 ........................ $1Z.00 Little Rock Council, No. 812.. 22.00 AUGU.ST 14, 1942 ]By Army Chaplains Aboard * It by hberty el the press, we understand merely New York. (E)--A Catholic sol- ses. The attendance at these was the liberty el discussing the propriety ot public dier's view of the work of a Cath- astounding. I could not count the measures and political opinions, let us have as,much olie chaplain was released today number of Communions at the first by the Military Ordinariate. The Mass which I usually attended; ot it as you please; but it it means the liberty ot at- report came in the form of a let- but it was near 100. tronting, calumniating and detaining one another, I ter from a sergeant somewhere in "When reaching our destination the Southwest Pacific. It follows: a great number of soldiers, myself own myselt willing to part with my share of it when- "Though this letter bears the re- ever our legislators shall please to alter the law; and semblance of a report, it is meant included, were placed in a section to be an account of the activities of territory where we could not shall cheertully consent to exchange my liberty ot of the chaplains as seen by a have an American Catholic chap- abusing others for the privilege of not being abused soldier in the ranks. Also, it is lain. The Division Chaplain did meant to bring out the fact that excellent work in arranging for myseif."--Franklin, not all religious activities on the the Catholics to attend' Mass. He field can be reported by the chap- got in touch with some mission- EUROPE IS NOTHING IF NOT CATHOLIC lains under your guidance, due to aries and a Catholic chaplain to circumstances beyond their con- take care of our men. Many, trol. many men went to these Masses, The ombing of Cologne was a shock to the feelings of "First, let me tell you that we four in all; at least 125 attending are far from the shores of the the Mass that I went to on the first those who have watched with horror the swift spread of war good old U.S.A. The trip to our Sunday. I mention this to give .actas the face of Europe, with its wanton slaughter, and with destination was rather uneventful you an idea of the many soldiers the fine capacity for destruction perfected by the progress of as far as the enemy is concerned, who cannot be taken care of by We had on our boat one Catholic an American chaplain, and cerise- science. One city after another was reported wrecked by fire priest and three Protestant chap- quently are not included in the lains. They were kept very busy; reports that are made by them to and explosive, and in those flames and crashing masonry for it seemed that religion took you. perished much of the art and beauty and accumulated traditions on a new spect in the lives of "I am sure that were any of the of centuries. / the soldiers" I am sure that you clergy to spend even a small per- would wish to know just how the tion of time with the soldiers on As Catholics, we are one with the generations that have men of the Catholic Faith re- the field they would readily recog- sponded to their religious obliga- nize the necessity of priests and preceded usin Europe and in the Faith. They handed on tions, more priests in the Armed ser- to us that sacred deposit, garnished with the art and folklore "As previously mentioned, there vices of our country. I once en- was one Catholic priest on our deavored to attain that great of- and enriched by the hallowed associations of Catholic centuries, boat. He did marvelous work rice, studying approximately eight We need no interpreter to explain to us the significance of had Mass each day, distributed years. Unfortunately, I found my- Holy Communion to large hum- self unfit for that office; though  their great buildings and their works of art; we still speak the bers, and heard confessions in a I have often desired to become a same tongue, still cherish the same visions. And we feel a private stateroom each evening, priest in the succeeding years. being ready also to be of any as- Sometimes I visualize myself a pang at the loss of the monuments of which we are the heirs, sistance to the soldiers, in what- chaplain in the Army, the won- and the culture of which we are a part. If we have known ever manner he possibly could, derful work that I could do were "I attended week-day Mass a I privileged with such a distinc- Europe by personal contact, or the lessons of history, we number of times on the boat, and tion. I am sure that the Church cannot but grieve, as we see her die. received Communion also. The will see that we soldiers are not attendance at these Masses ex- neglected; for she has sent hun- Many times before, conquerors have tramped across the ceeded 100 each time, there being dreds of her clergy to the field expanse of the continent. Many times before, fanatics have only one day that the attendance already. The missionaries do fell below that figure. Holy Corn- great work for the soldiers when spread destruction there. But each time, Europe has bowed munions averaged about 25 a day, they can not be attended by to the blast like a field of corn bending before the wind, exceeding that number at times. Catholic chaplains. This is also On Sunday there were three Mas- the case with the Protestants." to rise triumphantly after the storm had passed. We who are one with the past in blood and in baptism ask ourselves: "'Can --"---------'-----------'---------''" Europe survive once more? Will Europe, as our generation Words of ' ' Toda00's Parable has known it, be again a theater of Christian life?" Encouragement Father- S te-dman" Cnfraterntty  If not, it is secure in the timelessness of all things vanished of the Precious Blood, " Brooklyn, N. Y. " beyond recall, and enshrined in the memories and traditions of Avoiding False Hope and Pride. Mozart's Requiem men; but if the quickening Word be spoken again over the dead Vain is the man who puts his The great composer, Mozart, bones of European civilization, we may hope to see once more trust in men, in created things. was writing music one night when Do not be ashamed to serve the fruit of that long tutelage which made Belloc say (not others for the love of Jesus Christ a stranger appeared in the door- quite truly) that "the Church is Europe, and Europe is the and to seem poor in this world, way, requesting him to compose Do not be self-sufficient but place a requiem and offering to pay Church." your trust in God. Do what lies for it in advance. So mysterious If F urope is to live again, it will not be by a second front, in your power and God will aid your good will. Put no trust in was the stranger's behavior, that or an international police, but by a return to the concept of a your own learning nor in the Mozart, who was already out of Christian family of nations under the leadership of that same cunning of any man, but rather health, came to take him as a in the grace of God Who helps supernatural messenger of death. power which withstood the hordes of Attila, and saved Europe the humble and humbles the from the Turk at Lepanto. The nations of Europe are children proud. Mozart set to work on the rb- If you have wealth, do not glory quiem. He put his greatest music of that Catholic family--some of them unruly and stubborn in it, nor in friends because they into it, becoming more and more children; but within sight of them all is the home of the are powerful, but in God Who convinced that he was writing it gives all things and Who desires for his own death. When the stranger called again, Common Father. It was under his rule that they all grew to above all to give Himself. Do the masterpiece was finished their maturity. It was in throwing off their allegiance to not boast of personal stature or of and Mozart was dead. (The mys- physical beauty, qualities which terious messenger was afterwards him that they turned one against the other in fratricide. It are marred and destroyed by a found to be an emissary of a will be only by a return to the Father's house that they will find little sickness. Do not take pride certain Count Welsegg who wished in your talent or ability, lest you the fulfillment of their destinies, and the satisfaction of their displease God to Whom belongs to perform Mozart's requiem as natural desires, all the natural gifts that you have. his own). ' Do not think yourself better than As the messenger to Mozart was to him an inkling of his ap- The Catholic Church is infinitely greater than Europe, others lest, perhaps, you be ac- preaching death, inspiring him but Europe is nothing if not Catholic. counted worse before God Who knows what is in man. Do not to put all his great genius into The Pilot take pride in your good deeds, this Requiem Mass, to make it the masterpiece of his life, so is for God's judgments differ from there an inkling for us in this ' those of men and what pleases parable, which we well may heed: THE FRUITS OF SACRIFICE them often displeases Him. To put our best Christianity into If there is good in you, see more the work of each day as if it were good in others, so that you may Where we find a cross-surmounted Catholic church we remain humble. It does no harm our last. A great teacher often said to find the blessed fruits of sacrifice. The church may be a to esteem yourself less than any- his pupils: "On the day before one else, but it is very harmful you die, live that day for God". majestic basilica or a rustic mission chapel but its building in to think yourself better than "But", his pupils replied, "we do the long run came from the pennies of the poor. Rich gifts even one. The humble live in continuou[ not know the day". "Theft", counseled the sage, "live for God occasionally stray into the coffers of the church but the stream peace, while in the hearts of the today". of widows' mites is continuous, proud are envy and frequent an- : : The Apostles built the early Church on a foundation of ger. =: Death is certain and inevitable, and no human being can escape sacrifice. Each succeeding century piled up Christian sacrifices So long as we strive with all our from its mortal stroke. We are hearts to rise toward God, for- and added to the strength of the Church. The Church never giveness of even the worst injuries all, Sir Thomas More, remarks, suffered reverses when the children were poor. Misused is easy. criminals actually condemned to Bishop J. L. Spaulding. capital punishment, but allowed to wealth always brought her trials.  : : . go free until the moment comes Our principal business should when sentence is to be carried out. The cornerstone of the Franciscan movement was poverty be to conquer ourselves and to As we advance on our earthly pil- grimage, it is wise not to forget and few inspired leaders have had the following in every age become more perfect every @y in this great truth. We should' rath- er St. Francis of Assisi. Seven centuries after his holy death this practice. --St. Francis de Sales. e take to heart the advice given ::: by St. Teresa in one of her let- he still influences millions in the world today. There is a strong suggtstion of ters: : The Church has not condemned wealth in itself. Itdoes power in the slogan "get the "Since it is certain that every- condemn the pagan way of life that wealth purchases for habit." thing passes quickly away, we : : : ought continually to be thinking many. On the other hand the Church canonizes the spirit True patriotism cnnot be di- of a good death." of poverty. The wealthy may participate in the blessings of vorced from religion and survive. -- Scan the pages of history and you To foil the tempter when sure of the Beatitudes when they are truly poor in spirit, will find that patriotism and re- his prey, to snatch the lost sinner Money is not an end in itself. We should make it the ligion go hand in hand; and the out of the devil's greedy clutches, purer and more fervent the tell- to bring the poor, despairing means to bring blessings to ourselves and others. This truth gious spirit of a people, the stron- wretch to God--that is Mary's ger and more enduring the patrto- favorite work, bet own peculiar the Church has taught to a reluctant audience since the begin- tism.---Cardinal O'Connell. province. "Rural QUESTION BO. ( Notice---It is important that nil questions be signed with the sender' name and COMI'LIqTE nddres (n(t illitials): otherwise the cuestions will not be alswered. No names are ever published. Questions which ask for private illlbwer must be aceonll)llnied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We iuvite only honest and worthwhile questions. Catholic I Comm How Can We Prove That The Protestant Belief That Faith Alone 0071l Save Is Wrong? Prove it from the words of Christ. He proclaimed that faith is necessary for salvation but that it is not sufficient: "I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in Me though he be dead shall live." He who spoke thus of faith also declared concerning works: "Not every one that saith to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doth the will of My Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." Christ, there- fore, taught that works as well as faith are necessary for salvation. Is there any Scriptural basis for the contention of some Pro- testant sects that the wicked shll be annihilated at the end of time? Such a doctrine is not in accord with the clear statements of Our Lord on this point. He has said: "Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels" (St. Matthew xxv, 41). "And these (the wicked) shall go into everlasting punishment; but the just into ever- lasting life" (St. Matthew xxv, 46). "If thy hand scandalize thee, cut it off; it is better for thee to enter life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell into un- quenchable fire, where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not ex- tinguished" (St. Mark ix, 42-43). These statements are unmistak- ably clear, and in line with them is the teaching of the Apostles. St. Paul says: "In a flame of fire yielding vengeance to them who know not God, and who obey not the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall suffer eternal punishment in destruction, from the face of the Lord and from the glory of His power" (II Thessalon- ians i, 8-9). In some passages, the Scrip- tures use the word destruction, in regard to the lot of the wicked, but that does not mean annihila- tion. It means the loss of the bles- sed life that shall be the lot of the good, and in a very appropri- ate sense that is ruin or destruc- tion, for it is the frustration of the purpose for which man has been created, namely, to know God in the beatific vision and eternally to glorify Him. When a machine or a tool can no longer do the work for which it is made, we say that it is ruined; so when man, by his own perversity, is excluded from the vision of God, the ultimate destiny of every human being and the purpose of its existence, he is properly said to have come to ruin or destruction. But that does not mean annihilation, for then the statements of Our Lord about un- quenchable fire and the undying worm would not be verified. * * Who founded the Episcopal Church? The Episcopal Church is a branch of the Anglican Church. As it now exists, this church was not actually founded by Henry VIII. He prepared the way for it and by act of Parliament the King was made its head in both spiritual and temporal affairs. Under Edward VI and Queen Eli- zabeth the present Anglican Church was formed on the foundations laid by Henry VIII. Are two witnesses absolutely necessary for the validity of a mar- riage? May not the officiating priest be considered as one of the witnesses? "Only those marriages are valid St. James says: "What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him? . . faith, also if it have not works is dead in itself." Christ proclaimed the same when He said: "The Son of Man shall come in the glory of His Father with His Angels and then will He render to every man according to his works." If lan- guage has any meaning it is clear that faith without good works is condemnation rather than justifi- cation. Why insist on the supremacy of the Pope? Did not Paul rebuke Peter to His face? It is quite true that on one occasion St. Paul rebuked St. Peter for a certain line of conduct which he considered wanting in courage and consistency. "But when Ce- phas came to Antioch, I withstood him to the face because he was to be blamed. For before that some came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles; but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them that were of the circumcision." This was truly a rebuke but it evidently did not refer to the doc- trine but to the conduct of St. Pe- ter. In no wise can it be construed as a denial of the superior author- ity of St. Peter. Quite the contrary. By way of example our Secretary of State may and possibly often does rebuke or remonstrate with the President for what he might consider inconsistencies or faults of conduct on the part of the head of our nation. But by no stretch of the imagination could this be considered a denial of the Presi- dent's authority and jurisdiction. The more the Secretary of State has the interests of the Chief ex- ecutive at heart, the more likely will he upbraid him when he con- siders it necessary. Nor would the Chief Executive consider such ac- tion in any other light save as a further proof of his secretary's loyalty and devotion. So too with St. Paul and St. Peter. The rebuke would lose much of its force did we not regard it as directed to one whom St. Paul held in highest honor and respect be- cause of his superior position. In similar circumstances St. Bernard, St. Catherine of Sienna, and St. Robert Bellarmine more than once rebuked the Popes while fully ac- knowledging their supreme author- ity. Far from being a denial of St. Peter's supremacy, St. Paul's re- buke presupposes that supremacy and proves his devotion and loyal- ty to the supreme Head' of the Church. $ Can the same person who was sponsor for a child at Baptism be the sponsor at the Confirma- tion? "The sponsor at Confirmation which are contracted before the should not be the same person who parish priest or the local Ordinary acted as sponsor a Baptism, un- or a priest delegated by either of less for a reasonable cause the them and at least two witnesses. minister of Confirmation thinks it . . . (Canon 1094, Code of Canon proper to allow an exception to Law). Ayrinhac, an authority on this rule, or unless Confirmation the interpretation of the code, is legitimately given immediately says: "There must be at least two after Baptism" (Canon 796, No. 1, witnesses in addition to the pastor, Code of Canon Law). otherwise the marriage is null." S E TRANGE BUT TRU I Little-Knows Facts for Catholics M. I. MURRAY., of the South by Rev. Anthony C. S. Sp. (General Diocesan In every department complex problems arise ficult situations make pearance it is necessary t' specially trained men to the leadef'ship. These handle the problems and find a way out, which advantageous. With the spread development past few years of organizations, both commercial, there has great demand for more than average vision and ability. A good leade must have tain amount of most difficult phase of education movement is the tion of interesting style that will appeal common people. It is portant for the farmer to abreast with the things rain to rural life. The be equipped to bring in elusive manner the are advantageous to the and he must leave the under the impression 100 per cent for him. must analyze the present themselves and ly bring about some kLnd isfactory conclusion. should not depend leader. Those should form them and occasionally meet and themselves blems that present To discuss a knowledge of it if you wish a or study group. This the farmer posted on methods, ways, and it .will keep him farm He will keep himself his live stock, how he prove his herd and 80 reading and studying have to say amen the leader might but will be able to igently his problems leader. This should early in life. Even in tary grades, rural taught the when he starts bottom up and not from A "Best For Service I A book that will young men in service as well) is the Franz Werfel, "The adette". It is seller and when the lands in that class, The story of the Lourdes, to whom Virgin appeared, its simplicty. We that St. Bernadette come the heavenly all the camps and copies of this book available to the off a copy od: men in service. Place your order GUARDIAN, 309 immediate Price $3.00. Tax and Taking Stock During His public in preaching, was compare life to a the buying and chandise, etc. It is tic of a good intervals to take stock, to figure his bilities, to check up and losses. A retreat is a taking, where one he is trading with t.he gives him; how his bO whether his life is failure or success; he is heaping up vine grace, which of his spiritual wee When one reflects interest of men in professional and eers successful, and spread apathy and that characterize there is question the soul, the Christ's saying : "The children wiser than the Yet, as He "What doth it gain the whole the loss of his Man may work, work with in God's way. erect a hill, so that Nature for you and drive In morals you same method, seek to avail but of you must work to work in and for vided for the from all evils is to provision you that eth in you