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August 13, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1982

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Ouardla S.P.C.B. We are a humane society if you are a dog or cat. Pet owners across the country violently protest instances of mistreatment of animals when they are publicized on the 6 P.M. news. Of- ficials from the Humane Society are even granted the un- common opportunity to prevent film producers from abusing the animals in Hollywood. Concern for animals follows the pets to their graves, literally -- pet funerals and pet cemeteries are available to grieving owners. What would pet owners do if they discovered that the bodies of Rex or Boots had been casually thrown into the city dump? Woe to those who did not treat the bodies of their dead animals with dignity. It is odd, therefore, that this same dignity has not been more vociferously defended when the bodies of three aborted babies were discovered in a Corpus Christi city dump in May. A city worker noticed dogs tearing at plastic bags which held the bodies estimated to be four-and-a-half months gestation and one nearly full term .-National publicity was nil. Corpus Christi citizens, to their credit, have recently received the bodies from the coroner, obtained caskets and buried the three in a donated plot of the local cemetery. The pro-life community and the people of Corpus Christi mourn the deaths and the degradation of these babies, but who else has heard about it? What organization has collared politicians to insure that "fetuses" are granted a dignity in Rev. Jerome Kodell, O.S.B. Question: - Give me some information about the method of contemplative prayer taught by Madame Guyon who lived in the 17th century. Her method was "quietism" and she was condemned as heretical at the time. What does the Church think of her now? A. -- Quietism in its extreme form is associated with Michael de Molinos (1640- 1696). He held that perfection consists in the complete passivity of the soul. This meant for him that virtue is not to be cultivated nor temptation resisted. This teaching was condemned by Pope Innocent XI in 1687. A mitigated form of quietism was taught in France by Madame Guyon (1648-1717). She taught that in true contemplation of God, a Christian loses all concern for his own well-being, even becoming indifferent to a future of heavenly bliss or eternal punishment. She minimized the importance of the Church and of attention to the life and death of Jesus and the truths of the Gospel. These views were condemned also, but not Madame Guyon herself. Question: - What is the meaning of Roy. 3:20? A. -- Revelation 3: 20: "Here I stand, knocking at the door. If anyone hears me calling and opens the door, I will enter his house and have supper with him, and he with me." Jesus is always willing to share himself with us. There is never a time that he withholds himself or is unwilling to enter or deepen a States, this period is from the First Sunday of Lent till Trinity Sunday, a' period of fourteen weels. Question: - Are we still obliged to confess once a year? A. - This is still the law of the Church. It applies to anyone who has committed a mortal sin within the year. .E HAS relationship. Any hesitation Question:-unfort. would be on our side, on the Church make:this u inside of the "door of the passages tobe'o.,_w, e. heart." Union with Jesus has Mass so that  , ..... s" Isve its ultimate goal in sharing tor eany MassL k -2 US [ heaven with him eternally, on them" w._ - lit own which is often described in the what passageSe dest New Testament as a banquet. ' and f A. - Theseime, ' Question: - Is the Church available jrable a law of Communion during the missalettes al, our Easter time still in effect? Daily miss liv( through Catho! chi 1 A. - Yes. In the United The Congrega', I a Worship has rotor, u it the liturgical tple lois, ' -ent, Father Jthat it questions fives. 0 subscrlbers.dren a should be  glad Rev. Jerome ea O.S.B., New d His T. Is able the t he bur death that they are not lawfully provided in life? And what will Letters to the Editor pazarus ck to " o Mary. the Lord's judgement be on a society who provides for the i ,m Vi, ,,-- burial of animals, but throws away aborted babies like Readers ,-,' Their fingernails and hair clippings? IPIV llr  lLl I,W " kere ar Pro-lifers do not seek the abuse of animals or the destruction The Guardian welcomes letters to the editor. Letter writers _elrieve of laws which protect them, but rather wish that such I:xDresses Thanks should strive to be concise and accurate. A letter must bear the people all WaL . tl protection would be popular enough to be extended to human -- writer's signature, but the writer's name will be withheld from those so entic ent babies. Grant them, at the very least, the same respect that is Dear Editor: publication on request. Letters wall" be edited to conform to drove cars to giandHi] given to our pets. space requirements and standards of good taste.-The Editors. bar and, after -=our G I am most grateful for two drove ho![_ The Compass recent articles carried in the (hopefully). merc! Diocese of Green Bay Catholic News Service on my talking to many .pcpie, we shaken .tgether' and. running I respecffulll anDointment as Executive began to feel discouraged, over, will be poured rots your some of the I Director of the National Most people seemed to feel it lap; because the amount you Arkansas aspl J00-ssays n" lelr'r--O'Ogy Conference of Catholic was not feasible because of measure, out. is the ,,amunt on our hands. .... Charities the enormous amount of you will be gwen back (Luke that The G r r d rsw 1 money revolved just to get 6 38) n If any of you ea e ou d " " : policy of  like more information on the started, in addition to the If Catholics really believed ,,; .... tte ds"  ChulPeh and Polities -- I work and services vrovided usual operating expenses, and trusted that GOd would ads from an, by the National Conference, Some members of the not .go, back on His Word, would not be : By Father Richard P. McBrien they may write to our office.. , committee, met with the.local wontan, t .they stop Doing those killed"  1346 Connecticut Avenue, ctergy and also with Btshop afraid to gwe. We all need to drivers are i N.W., Washington .... D C 20036 McDonald. At first, I was pray. first to see is God'Sh n those killed b'y EvE PIN I begin this week a series of magisterium, then it is also angry because it appeared will for us to begin suc a abortion I t9 NTUR five essays on the Church and legitimate for Catholic (Rev.)ThomasJ. Harvey that .nt only were we not undertaking as a. Cathofic The Guar_md" d {) REA politics, progressives todoso. Executive Director getting support from the High School for thin area. If not to reconst Chicot In the previous two "Loyalty to the clergy, but we were actually it's God's will, Hewill helpus because no d columns, I have been com- menting on a new phenomenon in  the con- temporary U. S: Catholic Church; namely, the in- creasing measure of dissent against the hierarchy emanating from the Catholic right. The essence of the Catholic right-wing attack against the U. S. bishops is that the bishops have become too political in their public pronouncements and have thereby exceeded their missionary mandate. The Church's mission, it is argued, is spiritual, not political. Accordingly, the bishops may denounce sin when it comes in the form of abortion, pornography, illicit sex, drug abuse, drunkenness, failure to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation and so forth, but not when it manifests itself in racism, sexism, indifference to the plight of the poor, militarism, suppression of human rights, consumerism (the excessive accumulation of material goods) and the like. I have challenged the Catholic right to acknowledge one of the implications of its new adversarial  posture toward the hierarchy:. If it is legitimate for Catholic con- servatives to criticize the magisterium" can no longer be proposed as the final standard of Catholic or- thodoxy. It is possible, in other words, to be a faithful Catholic and, on some in- frequent occasion, to find oneself in opposition to the official teachings of the Church's bishops, including its chief bishop, the Pope. But it would be irrespon- sible -- and pastorally useless - to leave the argument there. The fundamental point is not whether it is ever legitimate to disagree, even publicly, with the hierarchy, but whether the disagreements are based on sound principles and strong arguments. The Catholic right is raising two very basic questions: (1) What do we mean by "the Church"? and (2) What is the scope of the Church's mission? It is crucial to our un- derstanding of this growing controversy that we take both questions into account. The Catholic right itself is divided. The more extreme view (which I shall only mention here and then leave aside) holds that the Church -- in any and every sense of the word -- has no place at all in the political order. There are no moral implications (at least none that Catholics can ever agree upon) in such political I ,00h0000J:c00ioPna;loIlph::eUrgtiedoCabhtlhC;002aka%k2aW00 television. Guardian readers may do this by mailing their com- ments to: Communications Department Diocese of Little Rock P.O. Box 7417, Little Rock, Ark. "/2217 Letters will beduplicated and forwarded to networks, stations, sponsors or newspapers involved. Need to Give Dear Editor: Last fall, my husband got together with other concerned Catholic parents in Fort Smith and the surrounding area to work on a proposed plan to establish a Catholic High School in Fort Smith. After a few minutes and after issues as nuclear disar- mament, U. S. foreign policy toward El Salvador, or the economic policies and programs of the Reagan administration. Therefore, both lay Catholics and their ordained leaders have a right to form their own opinions about such matters as citizens of the United States, but no Catholic -- lay or cleric -- can presume to associate such opinions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel sheds no light at all on political and economic problems. It is concerned only with saving us from this sinful world, not with reforming it. The more moderate right- wing view concedes that there are indeed social, political and economic implications of the Gospel. This view would not deny that war poses moral dilemmas or that blatant racial prejudice is sinful. But those who adhere to the more moderate approach insist that the task of applying the Gospel to questions of war and peace or racial justice is the responsibility of the laity, not the clergy. More precisely, it is the responsibility of the lay person acting precisely as an individual lay person, in his or her own particular area of competence, and not acting in concert with other Catholic getting opposition. I couldn't understand why. Didn't they want our children to have a Catholic education? Then slowly the light dawned and I could see why the priests and the bishop were less than enthusiastic about our idea. On the whole, Catholics, especially here in Fort Smith, are not supporting their Church and schools. The figures say that the average Catholic gives about two per cent of his income to the Church. This is distressing to the point of being very sad. What lack of faith! It seems that not only may we not be able to have a Catholic High School, but that our grade schools may be in danger of being closed if things don't get better financially. Now, where does the blame fall? On the people for not giving? On the Church for not teaching us the principles of giving as taught in the Bible? Do we not believe Jesus when He says, "Give, and there will be gifts for you; a full measure, pressed down, laity to constitute some kind of corporate Catholic witness. This is the first assumption of the Catholic right; namely, that "the Church" is divided into two separate parts: the laity, which lives in the world and which alone has the responsibility of applying the Gospel to the temporal order, and the clergy, which lives in the sanctuary (both literally and figuratively) with the responsibility for governing the affairs of the Church and for leading the laity to their spiritual fulfillment in the Kingdom of heaven. This is, as I suggest, the Catholic right's first assumption -- and its first major theological error. More about that next week. and He will not let anyone be deprived if they give to Him. Please wake up, Catholic Parents ! Mary Elsken Fort Smith Against Ads Dear Editor: At the .risk of sounding like Carrie Nation, I feel that I must again write and express my .deep concern and disappointment, over The Guardian's extremely poor judgement in continuing to carry advertisements from liquor stores and distributors. While I do not feel that there is anything inherently sinful or evil in the use of alcohol in were received first letter on two-fold: Guardian's tors, that plement a cepting vertisements, the readers d that they know have no place family "journalistic Catholic sas." moderation, I have become p,u,, ww increasingly aware of the p,ms.,,c destructive effects of our 2ONT/IrSt.I,I society's alcohol-oriented Entercl,ll,tecJ milieu. Local news items '. *. *' '" e'? illustrate my point. One '*"* .e " March l. 11N1 reports that over the past s,o,,-[ three years, an annual L*tt*e R SUOSCRIP f average of 194 people died so0,y,,,l alcohol-related deaths on c...e.$t' Arkansas highways. Two others describe the deaths of a uoq OST R 12-year-old child struck by an ANDREW J / inebriated 20-year-old driver so and of a 24-year-old woman PRIEST CO hit head-on by a drunken driver near Stuttgart. Ri v oE Nt My concern is that a portion ANAOI of the alcohol which lead to R WILLIAW some of these 582 deaths may EDI have come from The Guar- MR. KARL dian's advertisers. What if m,.r one of those "cute" hillbilly oase cartoon characters influenced ' , the purchase of a pint of vodka which lead to the death .W: of an innocent victim? For  &N the entire month of May, The '--] ,,[l:le Guardian ran quarter-page  .,- nt ads proclaiming National () Fo Tavern Month, encouraging us to "visit our local tavern" in honor of the month-long ,. celebration. Unless these