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August 13, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1927

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Etght THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 13, 1927 whole exhibition, the proposed Cath-/in God, and in the help of the Chris- olic department will not seek to dam-ttian people for whom we struggle, onstrate the press alone, but all the activities of the Church and CatholicsI p| I i|O r/~l~ /~ l~||t~| |t~ ]order, one of th~ most important lication would be continued. No /~[][A ]k|[~]~.rt Dr# I lTrrJ to politics: it is lethal to religion. A[Bishop Griffin has I,/~l~li~ l'Ull Id~lllULlb imeans of defense of the Christian:refutation was forthcoming and con-l~jll~-~l~L]~jl~ rl~/-~]~l~ Idouble-mouthed Church is a dumb]tions to every: aris i~i~r~O hrl~ 1 I~qrllJ[i~.iI~r }people, a rampart of its rights and sequently the articles were continued. I ~/'lh/~|Y ~1 ikTl~ /'~l~/~lrTl~ [ Church, and a dumb Church is a dead ] every parish will s, r~rJt~t~ |]~rj.~||~|r,|11| sits liberty--the Chrstian press---was There followed a direct interve~tionl !~||||1~ /-I|~l|| |~K|||IV' ]Church " ]Every Council of th ..... -- .............. b s r t ..... vvva~ ~aA,~ • l to e de t eyed. But bad as the dev-Lby a Sovmt offlcml w~th the e(htors, I I A former An~,lican clerk-man Fr [umbus in the diocese A~ ~| ~ ~/~|~|Tiastati°ns may be, we keep our posi-Iwho repeated their declaration. The{ P~~|~I p F 'Eat*clay says" "I do~t~hink'thatlresentatio'n of F'ourthl 1"~][111JWl~kIJ]l~ i'~[klilVl| tion unshaken, and are true to our result was the same ] JllT121a Oi ll] :" -~" ~" ' " " .... ]in uniform, while o I ......... I " . I t an ~ms ~-rayer ~ooK controversy ~Sl uu~y, which we assumeu oe~ore ~ne Soviet Investigation Suspected. ~ • • --'------ ~ ......... I ]making ~t more and more clear to {Columbus will atend iit:1 {13yl~.c. ~coun r~ tha~l By George Barnard (the average serious-minded English-I bers. ~ eyesto peop,e our One,s ndeed tempted to th,nk Cologne, Aug 1 --An Internationali ~. Ithe attack on the ¥ienna central of-/ (London Correspondent, N C W C / ....... - I ' " ,, . . . • • man ~nat the redgion that says xes In addition to the ~ Catholic Committee has been formed The technical structure and the or-{flce of Cathohc newspapers ~s nott News Service I • ,r,~ ....... [corner stone bY Bisho~ ~.~ [ sW~!q~tl:d:lthout connection w~th th~s m n J:mlYne2n5~ CFa~::~iecr c:~ inthfii s:ininbrh~ab!:ii~rO~i!b!!]exercises will inelude,~ oh~i:et:pP:t::~tihetPleagrS:a~ri:frantha gwhl~:hatiw°:re ::tab~hs~leye:;Ida eLn~ db:n'p p - s short addresses and P0~ tional Press Exhibition to be held iniand difficult work, through sacrifices} The assault on the Harold Building,) ] ........ ._ . .... } which Cologne in 1928• Cardinal Schulte, lmade by the Christian people of Aus-]and the furious destruction o£ files,I in various parts of this country on ]~eacn w]tn au~nm,~y, ~nere~ore, ne}~:~i:d, with ..... ' ' " •ca h . %viii De s~ronger ~O resls~ ~ne ~empta- Archbishop of Cologne, ~s patron of trm, and which were considered bylfurmshmgs and machinery wh] adlthe acceptance of the revised Prayerl -- , I • I ee se b this Cath lic a enc to tion to allow nisconscience to be Bishop Griffin the committee and Prince Alms ofiexperts to be a model work, must be b n u d y o g Y Book b~ the An~lica~ r~h,,~ch a~ I Loewenstein, its head. lreestablished. We shall succeed in tell the truth about bolshevism, has --] ...... ~ ..... ~ "" ~..~." "*~ doped with the cunning counterfeit the buildings ar~ • " ~ .... been told ~e,my reveat no an~c~pauon o~ for Catholicism that the 'Anglo-Cath- progress" and Irt keeping wxth the purpose of the attaining th~s end. Yes, by trusting• But with the energetic and joyful group conversions as a consequence• olic' party'has to offer at so cheap be ready for " n co-operation of the hundreds of our Some priests believe, however, that a price." jubilee celebratm , a?d certain of the ir6n strength which G given to us in our tasks through i~ all spheres, in so far as their ex-ithe joyful devotion of all our men- pression has been and can be given I tal and technical co~opcrators, we by literature• Portraits, models, and lshall and will succeed." the like, will supp!emen~ the litera-/ Military,, Police Blamed. tare. l ThL, is ~hat actually happened at According to to the present plans,/the headquarters of the Catholic the first room of the department is newspapers• But there was much to be devoted to the Papacy• It will back of the attack, and it is of pe- contain a portrait of ±he reigning culiar Catholic interest. For years Holy Father, portraits depicting theian illegal military organization, set history of the Papacy, and papal dec-]up by the Social Democrats for their nments and writings illustratting the]own purposes, had been disquieting organization of matters relating telthe Catholics of Austria. Its opera- papal literature and communications ttions have been described previously together with an exhibition of edi i by this correspondent for American tions of the Bible in the ]angages o~ Catholics• Catholic groups return- the various nations, published at the ling from church were attacked by time of Luther. There will be pic-~this agency of violence, which styled tures and views of St. Peter's, and i itself the "Union for the Protection of Austria. For the moment the illustrations of Cathedrals and typical of the Republic.'" Catholic meetings Austrian government has the riot- churches throughout the world. Iw-ere dissolved, by force, and in many ous movement under control, but the Other rooms are to be devoted to instances Catholic youths and men Bolshevik paper Rothe Fahne (The an exhi~bition of mission Work, corn-]were left dead after these outrageous Red Flag) already dares to announce men,rig with an exhibition o£ the Sa- attacks• Such an act of terror had that the riots will be repeated• cred Congregation of the Propagation t come before the jury .of a Vierlna of the Faith. There will be exhibits I court in the last few weeks. This BISHOP GALLAGHER of the various missionary Orders and ltime, the attacked persons had de- CALLS DEAD PRIEST the m~ssmnary aid work. The mis- ended themselves w~th f~rearms, and 'MARTYR TO DUTIES'" sions exhibits will be aided by the re- the killing of two men was the result• ligious congregations and societies, It was impossible in the judicial pro- (BY N. C. W. C. News Service.) which, in turn, will be helped by theIceedings to find out from which side Detroit, Aug. 1.---The l~ev. Louis Catholic organizations and societieslthe dealy shots were fired, and the V. Kovacs was a martyr to his duties, for education, the charitable, econom-accused non-Socialists were acquit-the Rt. Rev. Michael J. Gallagher, ic and social groups and the various lt ted, after even the public prosecutor Bishop of Detroit, said in a brief professional bodies, was compelled to state that the per- talk at the funeral services for the An exposition of the Catholic press sons morally guilty were to be sought late pastor of Holy Cross Church, throughout the world, including daily l on the side of the "Union for the here, Tuesday. Msgr. Desideriue Na- papers, weekly papers and periodicals, lPortec~ion of the Republic." Imme- gY of Flint, Mich., preached the ser- will conclude the exhibition. {diately a hot campaign was started men, but Bishop Gallagher said a Notice of the plan has been trans-tin the Socialistic press calculated to few words after giving final absolu- mitted to the bishop in all countries, lrouse the Socialists, and it was tion. He lauded the work Father whfle the Catholic bodies of the vari-lcharged that through the fault of Kovacs had done among the Hungar- ou;~ nations are asked to join theIAustrfan judges the murder of labor- inn Catholics of the city. committee with a contribution of not[ers had been permitted to go unpun- Father Kovacs was born in Negy- less than five dollars ,or the equiva-Iished- How slanderous all those ac- kanizsa, Hungary, about 50 years ago, len% and a statement of what mate- cusations were is proved by the fact the son of a Hungarian nobleman. rials, if any, they are prepared to an- Ithat the majority of the jurymen H.e was ordained in Hungary and came tar in the exhibit twho had returned the verdict of not]to this country about 20 years ago The International Catholic Commit-~guilty were Socialists. l as a missionary priest. H~ served tee will meet September 7 at theI ' But the inflammatory work attain-Ifirst in New York City, later in Penn- trades union club in Dortmund. led its end. As a protest against the t Sylvania, then in this city. His only [judgment, the workers in numerous]Surviving relative in this country is ATTACK BY VIENNA MOB ON ~establishments struck suddenly on lMiss Lila Kova~cs, a sister, Who attend- CATHOLIC PRESS BUILD1NGtFriday, July 15, and went to the Vi-led the funeral. The body of Father ]enna Ringstrasse for a demonstra-IK°vacs was taken to MacConnells- (Continued'from page 1.) ]tion. The moment was seized by BoLIt°wn, Pc., for burial near the grave columns of smoke. The devastation{shevik elements to increase the ex-lOf his mother. was accompanied by a barbarous citement to a still higher degree andI roaring and shouting. ]to carry the passionately excited]BISHOP CANTWELL'S Shortly before the onrush, I had]masses to revolutionary heights.] INITIATIVE SUCCORS ordered all the employees to leaveI Palace of Justice Stormed. ] MEXICAN REFUGEES the building, and only a few voluntary[ The Palace of Justice, which is sit-I helpers remained at my side. They[uated close to Parliament House, wasI (ByN. C.W.C. News Service.) offered brave resistance, and somelstormed by the rioters. Benzine fromt Los. Angeles, Calif., Aug. 1. The of them, while trying to save some]reservoirs in the neighborhood was]Relief Committee of the Union of of the property, were injured by the]carried in hats and vessels into the]Mexican Societies, formed with the invaders. %Finally nothing was leftlbuilding, and shortly the magnificent[approval of the Rt. Rev. John J. to me and to them but to flee fromlstructure was aflame. The fire bri-ICantwell, Bishop of Los Angeles and the mob, who were armed with hatch-[gade which soon arrived at the scene I San Diego, to aid the refugee priests ets, bayonets and iron posts. Iwas driven back, the fire hose wasland religious is winning the condemn- Mob Cuts Fire Hose. Icut' and thus left to its f'ate, the great] ation of all the Catholics of the city. Soon after, the fire brigade arriv-]building burned all day. Treasures It has beer~ a difficult task to care ed, but it was kept back by the crowd. Iof great value and documents of im- for the eighty-five priests who at- When the firemen nevertheless, un-tmeasurabIe importance were destroy- rived from Mexico, destitute and rolled th? hose, it was cut ten times, ed. friendless. The committee has also Thus the fire was permitted to con- While these riots were going on, helped the Sisterhoods when in need, tlnue raging, the word was given out that the cen- and deserving lay persons, victims of In the meantime, my private lodg- ings were looted. The only money that was left to me was the last check from the N. C. W. C. News Service which was found lying among scatter- ed paper. After two and a half hours' work the fire brigade succeeded in quench- ing the conflagration. Almost all the administrative rooms, the card in- dexes, and the statistical books were destroyed, and are now a desolate heap of ruins. Of the machinery, the larger part was ~rend,ered unservice- able. ~hus it would appear that the So- cialists had triumphed. While not a single non-Socialist paper was per- raitted to appear, the radicals gave vent vociferously to their jubilation in the Socialist journals. Catholic Papers Resume. But they had counted without the strong spirit of the Austrian Catholic press. On the first day after the general strike, the Reichspost, chief organ of the Austrian Catholics, ap- peared with an enormous edition. In the leading article, it was possible for me to write: "They have tried to cast us dbwn; still we stand upright. An attempt tral building of the Catholic papers also was to be set on fire. This structure had been newly built in 1913, with money contributed by Austrian Catholics, and was equip- ped with a splendid printing plant and offices, fitted with all sorts of t~p-to-date machinery. On some days more than 250,000 papers were is- sued from it. Here were printed the Catholic daily papers Reichspost and Wiener Stimma, and a large number of weeklies and magazines among them the Catholic Kirchenblatt (Church paper), which has 'a circa- lation of 100~000 copies, For a long ~ime the Catholic dailies which never cease to hold up the employees we succeeded m repair h * " " - t e present stream of conversions will Another convert clergyman, Father ins the more important of our me- . ' • - W.T.C. Sheppard, O. S. B., says the • . . De wmeneu. chmery and m reopemng our news- ....... t~z t'- The Rev Vincent McNabb, a dis true significance of the measure lies paper pmn~ m snor~ oraer az ." ne • " -in this, that it is the first formal and a erstmgmshed Dommman, the Rev Vas rioting. All the great Cathol'c p p .... " • - .... authoritative recogmt~on of the hope- of our editorial house will appear sell Phillips, a Redemptorist, and Ft. . ........ less doctrinal confusion that exists m w~thout mterruptmn, as before. The N~cholas, Provmcml of the Capuchins Catholic population of Austria re-[who gave striking opinions soon after • , . [ ~mces greatly at this feat• Countlesst the acceptance, have now been joined the Anglican Church, and the legal acceptance of that fact as an inevi- letters of congratulation are pour- [ by two Jesuits, two priests who are table and essential principle of Angli- ing in, and although it will be most converts and Father Knox, son of a canism. " " m i dfffmult to make up for the d ~ age • ~ I former Anglican Bishop of Manches-Father Ronald Knox, son of a for- we have suffered, we Catholic news- ter. mer Anglican Bishop of Manchester, paper men shall, we confldentl~ hope, • " Father Francis Woodloek, S. J., an says "the only immediate effect will and believe, be able to continue our ............ be to nmke a good many people give . [ authorityon Erie 2Kngllcan unurcn, work Our courage is not broken, ,,. • . up going to church altogether." • , . . , [declares that m sp~te of the nmsy and we devote ourselves ~o our eases ....... .... l oppos~mn ox extreme ~ow t~nurcn-TO LAY SPRINGFIELD ~oy~uny. ] ........... ~-. - ~. ~.. a~. ^.~a ,~ men ann ~ne ra~ner plaintive pro~es~s ~very~mng mus~ n~w ~ u~,-=~ ~ 1 ' . CATHEDRAL S CORNER. of extreme Ang o Cathohcs, there ~s the defense of the Christian people " STONE AUGUST 14 no likelihood of group secessions to have been living Nonconformity on the one hand or ................ -,;~,~-t their Rome on the othe~ were "" ] Sprnigfield. Ill., Aug. 5.---The The nuns Another distinguished Jesuit, Path- .. ..... • .... v ~.~ xr~... ~-~.~.~ ~ ~,, ~,~ cademY er ~enry may, saying that the revised when • ]the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois Durango, Book is "the latest device of the . • ,~exico ,,wi [wfll be lind here the afternoon of leave ~7 Church of England to set her house[~,~,~, --~'~'~ ...... ~a, ........... ~.ho o~ ~ +h~' The~"V were in in order by placing 'comprehensive-[w^.~ .~ +~ ^ ...... ,;^~ ~,~ ~- ....~ day hess on a legal footing,declares chr "[thedraIgroun,which includesthe Bishop S . • . .- . • 0e This scheme ~s fatal to the purpose ~ss~on t I Cathedral, the enisconal rectory, a ters perm intended• Compromise may be vital ....;¢i-,~-* ~.h^~-~ ,,~; ........ * house of their corm l .... ~ .......... ": .............. • nvent w~ in made for the ch . . home for the Smter teachers, all now Their co g arter, ~t ~s ex- - ~- ~oma," pected that the Malolo would leave'being built, will cost over-1,200,000. Rev. F. ~. ~ . _ San Francisco on or before September l Considerable importance and color few days ago wh~:~t 1, 1928, and would return to this will attach to the ceremonies, which to the Sisters, *~ city in early October. have been called "strictly diocesan." live in a rented he ~.~.4.,I.~.4.4-H.~. ÷4..~. ~.,P~-g-~.~-~.~..~ g-.~~~~ ~÷~.~ ~i4"4"4~ i Th " e Cathohc Pre s Assocmt 0 ,. OF.THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA i - Through THE GUARDIAN ., !! IS SOLICITING, LIFE$100ME 8ERS ON THE BASISOr'! $ The proceeds received from the Life membershiP to be invested and the income to be used to :i Cathohc L terary Award Foundatm ;:i i The awards to be made each year for " - :ii $ , poem year The best of the " Z . The best article or essay I The best short story The best novel ! The best juvenile book, etc. I The being to i purpose encourage CATHOLIC WRITERS the religious persecutions. The work has been carried on quietly, and as far as possible the Mexican people have contributed their share of the general fund. However, the generosity of Bishop Cantwell and a. few other Americans has made it possible to meet the many expenses of the relief work. C. D. OF A. MAY HIRE BOAT FOR PILGRIMS TO EUCHARIST MEET (By N. C. W. C, News Service,) San Francisco, Aug. 1.--Plans £or chartering a palatial ocean liner to convey one thousand pilgrims to the mirror to Austrian semi-bolshevism, Eucharistic Congress in Sydney, Aus- had stood in the way of these radicals, tralia, in September, 1928, are being They are the center of Catholic en- considered by the supreme board of ergies in Austria. Only recently, they national officers of the Catholic had incurred the particular displeas- [ Daughters of America, it is announc- are of the Bolshevists when in May ed by Mrs. Frank C. Mollett of San they published reports from their Francisco, a national director of the Moscow correspondent in which the organization. present state of affairs in Russia The nenvly launched ocean liner, and the objects of the rulers of Mos- Malolo, shortly to be place4 in the Calif0rniu Hawaiian Islands service, has been offered to the Catholic Daughters, for the proposed voyage to Australia. As this fast steamer would cut down by several days the round trip voyage ~o the Antipodes, it is believed such a charter would at- tract keen interest and substantial: patronage by pilgrims to the great Eucharistic Meeting. In the even~ of an arrangement be- was made to burn down the newspa- per citadel of the Christian people of Austria. In a house turned into a half-ruin, amid destroyed furnishings, at tables black with smoke and ashes, We are again at our work. "In this assault against the public cow were described in an objective and impartial manner. When the Soviet legation made a protest to the Austrian government against these articles, and demanded that their publication be stopped, the ed- itors of the Reichspost affirmed their willinrgTless to listen to any refutation of the statements of their Moscow correspondent, but if such disproof should not be given, insisted the pub- the fall MEXICAN NUN5 :: OPEN A I4oU5| (By N. C. W. C. Cleveland, OhiO, rams of the Order Word of the Bles of many groups co more than a assigned to take { o2 Annunciation t Annunciation P tivelv new and it~ bers twelve natio~ Since their ar~ early in the year Should you desire to become a Life member of the,Catholic preSS clarion and make possible the establishment and maintenance permanent and perpetual FUND, just fill out and return the blank to THE GUARDIAN, 3071/2 West Second St., Little Rock, ' APPLICATION BLANK I hereby give you the practical proof of my good will and asking you to enroll my name as a Life member of the CathC Association of the U. S. and Canada. Signed Street Address City State. Make check or money order payable to the Catholic Press , • 0~ and send to THE GUARDIAN, 3071/2 West Second St., L tle B (The payment maY be made in one payment of $100, or 10 $10 each or may be prod in 2 or more installments.) :,