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August 13, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 13, 1927 ] " " '~ h - - - - ...... ::[ ist was not what it should have been. * * * * * * * * * * * *[year-old baby, Helen Peterson, who of fl, ndmg out W Y ~---- -|l Remember we are here to assist you ,* :~wfll be known hereafter as Jaquehne row. |lto work out your salvation We are!* STATE LEGISLATURES ~Mary Clancy. It states: ~^r ~t ~~--,1~,~ ~ ,~*ir~,c, t~1 .......... ou* *! Registration of the name of the "The purposes ,v strlvln-co co our part.when y | l IVlI IOII llUt /-i_~LIVILI~ t ] I . 'g ..... do * * * * * * * * * * * *]child, of its parents before adoption, borrow reveal drama.t1 ~ . , co notcoopera~e and vy so Going r _:_==__= ..... ~ _ - - ~=~:~/not receive the Blessing OfrsG. OdoUPnOo~ (ByN C w C Ne~Ce) /f::t~;sf::t~:hPh::n~;~: n;d:: f~hr: :eh~dho;th: ::::a~he;' McGehee. and Missions. . [ day_ ................. upon which Holy Motheri Church. blameYUrselfus and your labo , ..... 111 ^uri Washington, D. C., Aug. 4.--Pre-/since. the passage of the b" . The source of credit at su McGehee m highly favored withI cummen,ora~es ~ne l)ealca~ on ox v ~ " dictions that a nation-wide campaign law went into effect July 4. The most common : two or anizations which are of im ]Lady of the Snow, Mass was offered~ Mass Sunday, August 14th, at r._ write anti evolution legislationl Some criticism of the law has also illness---18 9 per' g "/ ~u - / buted to " 1 with t..~ ..~ ---~ --- ~ ' ' n ma be made case of the men and 37 ] meuse value to the progress of any in St. George church, Knobel, and[10:00 a m. will be:ollo::d bYs~hd'in to the statutes of every state arisen from social workers who cam- town or city; the one, the Rotary followed by devotions in honor of tBenedict on in the union, now being orgamzedlplalned that adoptm s y women Anproximately Club, promoter of good feeling and[ the Sacred Heart of Jesus closingl Sacrament. Iby the "fundamenta stsli " of thelin courts of minor .... jurisdiction. The of the women an" ~ d 20 per~ ethical business standards; the other,] with the Benediction with the Most]Personals Knobel ]country, would exceed in bitterness[ new statute says ~nat the ueeree oI . .-~ ,, naY u the Business Men's Club, in,tent on[Blessed Sacrament I The Rev Peter Engel, rector Of/and ~ersistence the activities of the~adoption may be issued by any courttmen Drr:;:r~'r;;Orte' " " ,[ " I , .[ p une oorL 1 any worthwhile enterpmse tending toSaturda the Feast of the Trans- St. Elizabeth s Church, East St. Lores Anti-Saloon League to bring about'of record. [ ~*,,~ was a girl of two . . Y | .... ~,~,~ increase the mty's business The pe~],. ..... ~^~ ~ nur Blessed Lord the~ spent the past week vlmtmg his par-lthe adoption of the Eighteenth[ Record to Be Kept I ....... wed and rePS . . ~I~UZ~UIV~L VX V ..... nao. O0fl'O ( project under d~scusmon at present] ........... l ents Mr and Mrs Peter Engel, hlS/Amendment were made by Dr A1 | The principal difference in the] , ~-00 for . glass was oxiereu accoramg ~o ~ne , " " . , " - years time ~u lstheestabhsh~nentfanalrprthere[T .... ,~^.. ^v ~. ~l M~.~ 3nh~lbrother Joseph and James, hisslsters,/bert C Diffenbach, editor of the[present law from that formerly inI ...... i~,le brothe Plans are now well under way. The[ ;;ee":ifor the repose of the soul of[Mrs. Frank McConnel and Miss Chr]s-/Christian Register and Modernist[force is that .the court may, ff nec-/~lT/::;:id~'~.n imp0rt field has been don~ted by Mr. ~co~ . . . tine. Durin his visit he offered Mass!Leader, while attending the sessions|essary, investigate all details of the/ -- ..... as thenet ~McGehee, and action has been take:lthe],r mece, Miss He!en, whose soul/ ...... g ......O~.urch We arel^v ,~ T.oq~,,te of Politics He de Ichild's history and environment, that[reasns give.'' ":'~.,~ ~e f::;:; raining of funds to build a[ ~itnke=dl~ :; :::~st :t::n~Y[ iiiYYi~h:aP?w!i:ietFft:e~rfEe:gien1 lglaat@id hme~diildsb:ndorecVeesrY:f::rm~btattimtu~aYs::naYdecrreger::td th2Ph:tf:ct:l =i2Yh:~onii:aW~:~h~ . . . ance for some time and while Mass ,, - - and the coal m McGehee ls ideally sltuatedl as anl ....... .. /.^~; ..... h ....... his numerous labors[the alleged onslaught of the funda-~lconcermng the names of the parents, I ..... ,lit, airport, in a direct line between Lit-[was oi.~ereu a~ '~:uv .a.m. ann zor i :~,-:s =~.~ ...... . [mentalists." | foster parents and the child must belmg to extenu ~=-e un tle Rock and New Orleans Little[ some a nt~m early, ye~ ~ proven ~o De .... 1- ........ . . hristianFundamen given in the records It is also re- ' Taxes, msura'i% ' birt] , the best hour for about 8:45 natureMrs Joseph Sellmeyer is confmedl The World C -I " ed that re arts be made to state[ a- merits on homeS, . Rock s a~rport has already become an[ " .... leader qmr P t p ~ establishment As times goes on and began to weep and let a downpour to her home on account, of an mjuredltahsthi ofrgamzatmn'the Rev Drunderw BtheRiley of-I au~nor~ues ............ m some cases ann improvem~,'ts on . cf rain fall Upon the already well ankle We hope she will soon be able[s p .... ![ A law ~assed earlier ~ermitted onl"-] other reasons given. the num.ber of mrplanes increases, . .......... I . " - - ~ {Minneapolis ,is organizing a system-] ' .P , . P .... ~1 .... ~..rther sh, traffic of~ this kind will be consider-~ soaKeo earth. ~ortuna~e ~or ~ne eany [to ~e up aria a, ou~. ] ................. tle theIorganizations having a sta~e ncensel The stuay ~' .~ ! " " " all reached . cue pon~mm amve ~o .ro~ I d for ~u~ able through that c~ty. Much of ,tlworsh~ppers" most ,f not ] Mr. and Mrs. Aloysms B. De~hofflteaching' of evolution and implantlt place children m homes There,loans securer meetC~r will be en route to New Orleans. This home m screw. !had as their guests this past weeK] ...... .,,, ~. ...... ~^ :_ ^.. 1are scarcely more ~nan ~uteen sucn lheln the worl~er . , . . . , . iunctanlenballsm ~y ~a~ubc m c.- . * ,s what the BUS,hess M ens Club all Wh,le the number receiving Holy! Mrs Derhoffs father, Mr. Darnel[ s" "e DI Diffenbach asserted organizations m Iowa. The Desl ergency needs McGehee foresees now. .. [ Communion on First Friday was not Bode and Mr Derhoff's brother, Mr.[ery,,'la~2_;./5 ,,~....~ .... +o1~,~,, ac']Mines Catholic Charities Christ Child[ oe +h 4.000 perSOnS be[ . " vve~ v~,, -~ .... e . as numerous as on prevmus occasmns Peter Derhoff of St. Ehzabeth, Me. [tivities, Dr. Diffenbach said, now are[Hme and the Iowa Children s Home[t Credit UnmnS f At about this point there will I -room for an ai lane station The the number to receive during the vis- M ..... A--~ ......... n T .... ~ Bor~ / ..... :_.~ ~_ :~ _, .... ,...^~,.. lure reported ~o ve ~ne amy ~wo suenl . ~,~ 95z time is not ripe just now, of course,/itation reached the normal numberlmeyer of St. Elizabeth, Me., visited!two states and it is part of the planlagencmt'n.~.es2.:nes; .. [three fourths of. td?~ for it to be a busy one, but therel for the first of the month. The re- I*~.-~- Urother Conrad Borgmeyer, lto enact anti-evolutmn measures even[ The bnms~ bmm name was ~ne[ rowed were marr~e , are other towns with foresight in this. gular visitation was made to the home ...... who ~s'" owner' and manager of thelin the ~States of Pennsylvaniaand agency placing the Peterson child" ml' had dependents" In particular district, and before they and Mrs Peter Engel who ......... I x~^.., v~..~, the adoption proceedings .... family . of Mr. - ,~one ~ar uarage a~ ~noDel. I"~=w ~'~"" [ . . . .... . ...... leases wner~ _~,~ get their talons in the meat McGeheel were comforted and sDiritually I ........ , ......... ,_ ~ ~ proposm wm oe su~m]~ea a~ ~ne ~ test borro- ......... -,- - ,~ ~-~ "- ~ Mr and Mrs Theodore Schlattererl. ~vloaerms~s, ne aaaea, are ne~p-I ........... I were grea " t~ encases ~o ge~ at ~t x~rst. ~noum ~nel~tren~thened bv the Food of Angels [ " " . . I, . , ,~ ,~_~..~_~.~ ^n~lau~ht/nex~ session o~ the ~ew xorK mgm-I. ~,__ a~,eS o~ .. inaSii:?!!'aii!i~:1 ...... ~:f~riFuH!itv!i/i~. "i in with herVessagams~ ................. ~ /.~tetCtib~oe~e~i)~l~!!!~!:~!e~ . itween ~ne ~ !i?PeY~i:n:ii.~e;o~s~:Y:ly o~:A??~!: :~!!i~ Ri)ide!:Mtr fF:phna~ :ft?r~ovda~Ri~chir~dl~!nssdah2e~lth ?iimg~I ft/i'tffhY;~ s . i:eU::~;( the missions attended from McGehee] ......... /Boeekman and Mrs. Katie Wankum.] .. "'" - n ex-lanation" ofa|the first oil well on the American~ ~m~b to . 6"00 a. m. Mass w~ll be ag 7:uu a. rressea ~o~ a p centurya~e (ff they have not all grown rote self-I " - ....... [ ~-~ l.--,-rence Dahmus and sons, I .......... [continenCe m 1627, under state super-I . _.onle week it has rained almost every dayl possibly do so will receive Holy Com-~home when she was suddenly attack-] ....... . ............ .~ _~.~ut/ and state offlemls. .~ [ ergeney ...... . . I1ve years, xnere ~bn b ~ wu-- a.. .... Now, to leave home m a machine ~sI mnmon and offer it m honor of Ouz I ed with paralyms from which she d~ed/ ......... ] Klan Beaten ,n Vzrgln,a shark. ~ _ evolution in ~aose DOOKS, SO ~ar as . I suicide A machine which can getI Queen of Heaven on IIer greatest l about two hours later While Mrs I ........... [ According to reports rest received, ------~_ ~, more than a hundred yards without/Feast" That all shall have the oP-/Clark did not profess helief in thei:e c~~2n~,,ol~t~Ples2r:h~r~eln:er;[the Ku Klux Klan lost its fight int MEXICO cONSIJL:t being stuck is hailed as a marvel and/ nortunitv of going to the Sacrament/~_,~.^~. Oh,uch ....... ~holo~ ~ was l~~ ~ ..... ~ u ..... ~.', "-~. . .. ~Newport News, Va., Tuesday,for N.C.w. ~', .. . , .... ~,~,.,~ .~ ~... .............. he ~nee(~ ior a law pronlDlUng ~eacnlng~ ..... . ~ -rn Ai~ follo~red around town hke a c~rcustof Penance, Confesmons will be heard ever kindly disposed toward those of the subject." nlasKea paraoers.. .. ,n afe~erenoumI ~ "~:1:, AU~ Para~ae. . ., . t Sunday evening before and after the lwho did and her flower garden was/ Governor Richards is intent, how-]r ~el,)hm ~::r~;~s~fg2:s~::"i'n~stre;tI uenver, ;~.. other In front of the rectory ~nere ~s a| devotions as well as before Mass ................. a~an..! - ~ ....... : .......... I rmg ~ e w g . . hausting ev "~ ~e . ' " always open ~o ~ne aecvrabvr~, x,* s over, on giving Lile IID.bIUII grit ~2~i~till-| " re alo~ chrome mudhole. No one who hasI WILSONS t ......... ] ............ ,parades, the Klan went down m de-/ iean Consul he occasionxouna[;he 2~ll;ars o1~i;. pieOI olue-law eniorcemen~sucn t . ,, ,, ,., . --- - ever ventured rote it has come out,[ wo.~.~,~ Au~,ust 3rd we were[an ............ / ............. h~ ,~.,o 1~.~1 xeac.y a suDs~anua,majomty. Iver Deanery of tne: . . ., ~....o.~, ~ ' ' George beau~i~uny oecKea in ilowers as 1~ has noc seen bince c ............. ~' nlell v except behind a,pair of mules or a " 1 merit " r In Norfolk, Va, thehooded order lic We ]called to theWilson sett e m I...u;.~ ~.~.t ~ .......... der hert ago when the Sabbath really was a l [of Catho 2,~v tractor And places like this are order that thelastrites of Holy .... c .......... ~ ....... :. [ .~ ........ l also failed to defeat State Senator sion to this count*- all over the city. Fortunately they] Mother Church might be administer-]h:ntdhf:lo:Y~ill::i;Udl~:t~t.edsbey =/(mY~i~h: ~athem;:v~:ran~is restrain- "~amv S. Barren for re--el::t~the his widowed_dau~h~;2 nave aireaoy starvea gravenng ~ne . " ..... ~enator barren was opposeu Miss ....... ed to Mr. James Robert who had ........ ;- -^o~ led from ~vmg h~s ~deas on the qucs- ..... children. _~ streets so ~hat wl~h ~he help of good _ _.. ever wflhn~ to assls~ ~nose m n~u [ .. ~ ~ ....... I ground that he was Ca~nonc ann was I ..... ~ the De~u~*- P suffered a stroke of paralys~s. At " " I ~lon ~unaay erasing ~un sway. ~UL Im ........ ure. . ........... her many fmends. Let us no~ ~org~I ........ the same delegation back to bo~h ~ne ~. ~_:.. -~d has u~ weather ,travel will soon be a leas- ...... and her departure will be m~ssed by , . . hostile to the Klan Norfolk will send~.., :_+ereSte th~s wmtmg he ~s not much ~mproved.. ~ ~ ..... Ihe revealed in a tsatement g~ven a~ " - . .. ~ committee, "'~ ~r ..... . ~ .., , ......... ~nis nrotner oosepn ~oDert o~ xwena,/ ' ~ .... ~er I the recen~ conxerenee o~ governors _ . " .... . ~ , 0_laLely ~** _ .i~1 t~lmng m ~n aucomoDne,.now~ever, I ~_rk is at his bedside, t her and when praying ~or ~ne su~t - at Maetdnae Island, Mieh., that un- house ann senate, une o~ ~ne. xour! that the four Me~ even on gooa streets, has ~s a~sao-I "" - .... I~n~, souls in our charity rememner/ ...... ~ ~,_ ._.~ members of the house demga~mn ~s . ~....~ ~ virtUat* ....... ~ ~-ich is be I HOXl~ / " "~. " lmss ~ne ~upreme wour~ ox ~ne s~a~e ............ ~or entry, ,~ vantages, not ~ne leas~ o wn "1 .... / ~'~" I. ... .. . . . , Mrs ~ee ~am ~ne Ilrst woman ~o De Mass Sunday morning a~ '~:~u a. ,"~* ~orDms ram, ne ~s going ~o erase up " " n~lSSlOn, l~ m de r~ved of hstenm to the h~gh r g P ~ g "-[ ....... ~.~ ~-rtha Boeckman, who has] ............. elected to the legislature of the Old , ~. 1~ ],~ ~..u~+,,.~ c~nversation of the| m. was in charge o~ ~ne very ~ev. : .~r ....... . ..... " / ~ou~ tAa?:onna mr-~gn~ on ~unaays... .. Gonzmo u~ -- _ "~ .............. " been em lo ed in Little ROCK, Ior the .... uommmn, la CrU~, negroes The following was over-/ S. J. Peoples, Ph. D., Dean of Die- " P Youths after spending a/ ,,Denounces Sabbatic-Breaking. Despite thefact that J. B. War-Jauana de veere ~l::ds tmh:~ ,o:0i!i:~@oeueTWn::ii~d2!i/;ui!:~1~i!t~u:~:h b~m:kth:wFni?: ssPe~i!:2ia~a~ntioWnithnh~: ~ao~:nts has t:dIyr;gh~:d~hbat!i~:i~nii;~iMe21h sk~tOef Che:ht:rfThl~;t;?f~.;:hg f:[gitnti: !!ii~nW~e~i~A~:be;t: the other, W y gw" . [ C " Y ..... " ; In ] .... " district, had the forces of the Anti- " " . . was answered thusly: "Nowhere.] The hour being earher than usual .Mr. Frederick SenmeyersitO:_ his!Of the prese n~ coy ~w~essness can Saloon League arrayed against him,law and cousin't ~,, ~ diana OilS lnalana, is g De ~racea ~o ~ne ~ac~ ~na~ people are rives Where you gwme ma have been an excuse g~ven by P , These rela / y " _ ...... eir[ ............. he looked to be an easy winner over , . _: Approaching nearerto the city we some for their absense Remember brothers, Henry ann aosepn ann ~n t negmcung rengmn m orqer ~na~ ~ney .. ................. +~ lay families Mr Fre a Mr harry ~ ~neaa, rose o~ unes~erzmm wlmn nes~ ~ met a more energetic type of black the firstCommandm;nt of the . . derick nd may make a sporting event of Sun- " " " g ur man He is a consistent loafer who . must hear Mass Joseph are twins and we hope thatlday.. Normal conditions could be re-. ....... ~ grant_s. Th:::~, Church reads Thou ..... e ' .......... a~r..~ .hr. ~r.~u*~ career, ~,v moves with the shade. White boss on Sunday and Holy Days o~ ~bliga- the visitation wm ne a nappy on ,istorea t~y regara xor ~ne renglous re- _ ....... asks him what he is doing, and' he tion To willfully miss Mass on such one in which many adventures of the [quirements of the Sabbath. WashinW2:n,D?C.K, AR:g BORR9~W edhPc~S;ford " " ' " " " ill be brou ht to light again. Our last legislature voted to re- " ..... truthfully answers, Nothm Well, in However past w g [ ~th the occasions is a Mortal S , r s ent the peal the Sunda observance laws I A study of 4,000 loans made by diately w" come on, then, I want you to go to here we Mr Frank Sellmeye p Y during our short residence " of Immigratiol work for me," says the white man. can not help but notice that each interested The indignant answer is, "No, sah. I'se t .Sunday finds a number absent from rained too busy." [[that Greatest of all Dramas The cans to Late lastJUdgewednesdayHammckafternoon,] Holy ~.crifice of the Mass. While Judge W. T. Hammock, from the' it is the greatest it is also the Most St:?::i:e=~hL~l;:r~:k; :~r~:~da2 ir:P::tt,an~ha~e::= thf Bal;Sc:thSo~c .~ Sabbath. All sporting events were i ll : " " r " worship, from Our chur hes and you last n~, a the re-ulred reformation e prohibited, all sales of goods were ~,~d~,~, eh~ +~e ,~ ~,,~ h .... : have an empty buildin: '. Beware, dir~ stopped and all places of amusement so-uth~es--ft o "-a",H mbu-rg'-n-a d w-ishesto Our Lord and ~/Iaster now dwell~ . I[cr' were,, shut. her of Hm Love ~e ~ he populate with industriousfarmers there a prise " -it The only opposition came from SUBIACO, ARKANSAS ~s the t~me to ed that a s lend~d t~me was your Friend. Now " " at[is, claim P " " ,the sporting elerpent. After we had Judge Hammock, Fathers Lillis and eace Do n hm ~s lanned to be a Peoples and Messrs. E. A. Baradel and sue for pardon and p elhad by all.T " " P. [made arrests and obtained convic- When th will be held on I tmns M. E. Sherland went into conference wait until it is too late. hat[weekly, affair and " ,they got out an injunction re- about 8 o'clock in the evening which hour of Friendship is past and t ~ Thursday evening Let all the young I straining the state from enforcing broke up about 11 o'clock. At pres. IFriend becomes your Judge, Some/ folks come out and have an enjoyable[the law against the playing of golf Rh ent it is impossible to make a definite[will say the summer time is a time[time land selling of gasoline, so that we Catholic -oar_ _c..ool e should not be ex n bel will are now waiting for declsmn on this ~-n'~ __ Voun.,.,,._Me- statement regarding this property ell of vacation and w " "| Our next visitation to K o " / ...... , rch How shock 4th m]unctmn before going ahead further Mr. Ham~noek s. ~t has prospects of pected to go to chu-- "| be Sunday evening, August 1 , " " " being a good buy for energetic farm-[ ing Summer time and vacation is[,,,hen services will be held at 7:30 p. [in that direction." High School: Sc :i,,' era who are willing to work and bide ] always the Devil's time and many a| m and Monday, August 15th, Cam- [ . Child Labor Question. I r[ ' I Antm~atmg the hme when forty their time Later, v#hen eve detail 1 ~s forever lost because ~t fo 00 " ' . ry " sou " " " reunion will be destributed at 6: state legislatures will" meet the- Classical, has been gone into,'if the thing looks[ seek its Lord and Master during sum-| ........... 00a m [four Commercial Department" be--end an- daub~ "'k ... I ....... like a" a. m. w~n mass a~ ~. " " . ]National Child Labor Committee has y .. y . n ~ a p~oposmon,[ mer anu vaca~mn, uea~n m . . [ The regular visitation will be Fn-~raised ~ith th~ ~r-nor state officials a aa~l~Ul|" Accred,ted." we ~oum wan~ our ~mends "co take[ ~hie~ comin~ when least expec~ea. I ........ *------*~ ....... ~ ~"~ aa ~a~uruay ann bunuay, ~ugu~ u" full--articulars will be "tin*^~ :"|~- *-- - "- .......... ~ Y' land private citizens in thirty-seven ~,, ~, p ~ -,/The ,~eo-le o~ l~noDel na(l ~;nls ~ac~, I ....... ~ _~ ~ . _.*~- | _ ~'~ |~ ~.~ ...... [ ~" " _ .... 119th, 20th ann z~s~. ,~ommunmu]states the question of improving the ..... e.*v.~- thin lesson, brought very xorcmiy De th Mass at Mrs E J Pe~"~'PerSnal'who" recent|--un I| zore ........ ~nem last ~a~uraay. when one o;Ieachq.00, morning at 6:00 wi [to[laWSTherelatingAmericant children,Child, officialaCcrdingor- College: Classical Depart ......~^-- ^:'" "~ " ^";;atJn in- " ~'^w--":'::| their weU knwn citizens rse as us'' "'~ --' ~P .... ~'P'--" ual was about her regular work--the ! ,[ gun of the National Child Labor Cam-Good scholarship and traininggfe " at Lafayette, La,, has returned home] ..... a-d becomin-ILIVERPOOL CATHOLIC [mittee. In most cases the committee . . ! .eat. angel summoneu n ~, -- AcE OF O 'mem chief ram. Athletics encour . I and is doing mcely. ! .... ; _~ I DIES AT ] bers made suggestions for con- /3 l' unconscious sue passeu ~o 1;no gre~ student[ struehve" actmn der Miss Dorothea Kellogg, .............. afterl I " . personal supervision. Spe=m , ._ ,, ! oeyona in leSS ~;nan ~wo [,uu ~I ~ ' -- ' W C News Service ) n~rse at St. Vincent s Hospital ,, L,~- ~ .... ! (By N. C .... | Iowa s new adoption law, passed by .. the sudden attacm l)o no~ consme emarkable Knights of Columbus,"o' c tle Rock, has beea VlSltlng her folks[ourselz ......... wltn zne ~nougn~'2 ~n~ ...... you[ London, Aug. 1.--A . r Live eel" Ithe forty-second General.Assembly of here ~or .the past two weeks | Y _ [old man has just died m rp ,|the Hawkeye State, wh,ch has been and members of-- -- - StaatsverDan " i s all have a mckness wherein you ktt at Mrs Potter has recently m;ved herl h " ]in the person of J~mes Hac e . [bitterly attacked by some sociall|| shall have t~me for preparing for f.mily to a house %u- Third streeti[That" m resuming upon" the[the age of 102 years. Right up to[workers because of its unusual pro-Ill Apply for catalogue.. half abel ck from. the ch rch,u where~l death. " P " . ~w~thm" " a short hme" of his death he[ wslons'-" and champ'mned by "others, God Let the resolution be her children will find the schoollMercy of " ~regularly attended daily Mass at 7[functioned for the first time in Polk m om to amend and , T H E R E V E R E N D R . much more convenient than hereto-[ made now. I a g " g [o clock [county last week, when Judge O, S. ' ~ :fore. [~hat at once. [ At the age of 100 he went in[Franklin signed a decree which gave KNOBEL | The number to receive the Sacra-[search of a permanent job---and got [Mr. and Mrs. John E. Clancy of Des The First Friday of AuguSt, that[ments of Penance and Holy Euchar-'one in the service of a local baker [M0ines, the right to legally adopt a