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August 13, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1927

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Pale Four THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 13, 1927 His Holiness imparts to the Kni hts~VIII becomin h ~ .... ~h~] A~ T~|~| g t g t e actual head of thejREV. J H. ROCKWELL, work in Arkansas is under the direc- pattern of the I$|VIVll~| 1"]LILY lliL~Ut~ of Columbus the Apostolic Blessing." so-called Anglican Church, and his EDUCATOR 25 YEARS, tion of W J Jernigan, state club:choose Father C UADD|A~ ~'I~D~ m. Resolut,on on Mex,,co. . successor today still retains that title, t IS DEAD IN BOSTON agent, for the Agricultural Extension |W~]~|J'~.Jt~ t~~ . .he ~ex~ oI~ne resolu~lon on uex-IThe cathedrals were confiscated with]__ Service of the University of Arkan-!LOAN OF EUCHARI$~^~ ~,,~ ,~,,~.,,,,A was as fohows: {the same ruthlessness as character-(ByN. C.W.C. News Service.) ..... .1 ^..~ .... ~ u ..... :~ ~ ,~w~ ~-~VEN PAs]u~ R RIKHllP MANNINEf Be it resolved that the Knlghts[lzed actions in Mexico. ] Boston, Aug. 2.--The Rev. James ing the best club work in each countvl CARDINAL MUL a#l Jt#ltJalqTl /lll'alllllLl~ of Columbus, in Su reme Council as " " ' " o P -1 So whether it be Henry VIII or]H. Rockwell, S. J., an active Cathohc in the s~ate. ~oes to Little Rock tel London Aug'. 1.--T , - . ~ Isembled, do ca.!! upon our fellow eIt.l-[Calles or Nero, tim .methods are thetiedueator for more than a quarter of attend" the An.nual Boys'. and Girls'Istruggling new parish .o:t= (ByN. C.W.C. News Service.) Izens oI. an Iai~ns and of no froth in'lsame, the philosophy is the same, andla century, died at the Carney Hospi- Club Conuress ]King at Broad Green, LlVerP 'Paris, Aug. 1.--Bishop William T.'the United States and Canada, in therein the providence of God the results ltal here vesterdav Funeral services ...... .~ . .'. ......... die-1 ~Tundelein has given name of hum " . I ~ ~" " wnl.~e in J, lttle r~OCK they will be ........ the Manning of the Episcopal Diocese of unity, to observe the. pc-ishall be the same for Christ haslwill be held here tomorrow morning n ............ I McCauley the free use of thetic li ht of i l' " e LercaInea ~y rne ~rKansas ~a~el ill~ New York criticised trial marriages - p g m 1 lens of men, we- promised, and we rely unalterably Burial will be in the Holy Cross Col ............ Eucharist c Congress f : 'men " " " ' Fair, alia Lne t)oys XVlU nave an unus- " " a~d Pans d~vorces m a sermon at the and children groaning under the!upon that promise, that the gates of!lege Cemetery ....... ~ - , lgoes to Liverpool. " " " hear hand f " " uaI opportunity Ior juoglng ll~e sroc~ , sitY Amemcan Church of the Holy Trimty Y o oppression, murdered, ! hell shall notprevail againstHisl Father Rockwell was bor~ i~ D~ " " I ~ '~-~;nal S ~enero .... a I " " " ~'~" and agricultural products, while thel ~"~ ~--' .~ "th Yl here, [robbed and outraged b~ mlhtarylChurch ton in 1862 the son of Col and Mrs ~,~,. ..... v n~a .... Isult of his meeting v~ oil " " " " " " " " ~ '" k$,x,c~ VVlll ~aKe aa a t ge o~ ~ne WOrK sS; "When such things as trial mar-! garchy, m the name of patriotism Speaking at the first session of the Horace T. Rockwell. He began his ~. ~ et_~e Fail alon~ th~ ': ..... ~!Cauley during the congre : " ' " 1 * k.tla bill2 0 ~tb " ~ t2. IIH~b Q)J. ' e~t~ riages and so-called companionate!tO take cognizance of the pernicious eonventmn at the Multnomah hotel, studies m Boston College in 1881 and u .... ~.~.: .... n~ H~m~ ~, ...... :~ inence showed keen lnt: " ' [ " " I llUllig 10.IXlJIN O. U k.' ',212~Et)llt)lltlU~. . marriages are being openly earn- social doctrines which have ereatedlthe Apostohe Delegate extolled thelwas for several years professor of ]first English parish to I~ m.~.mett--'~'~-~ be " ou~ zuung ......... peov.~l~ ~y~-- urn-"--: ~this state of affairs and which men-lpatriotism of the Knights, callinvo it rhetoric' befole" stud~dno'~ .. theolo~-~.~ ~at ....v...~- ....... ~~.,. ..___~ to Christ the King. versify professors and others, ~t Is,ace the peace and stability of twot a commonplace in Catholic doc-iWoodstock, Md. He was ordained in FOLK HONOR ENGLISH J Up to the present th ,, time that ~chose of us who believe inlentinents; in .the name of God andltrine." He said in part: 1895. I~.. ~t. ..... ~ ~o~s being ee!~ Christ and His standards speak our'InHls.Sen Jesus Christ to realize] "I clearly realize that I am ad-I In 1907 Father Rockwell became PRIEST ON JUBILEEI~'he ~;~;:t~'s h;use. minds and call these things by their belore ~t is too late that there exists ~ dressing the representatives of a greatlsecretary to the Provincial of the ............... ~.., ]erty of the district, Fatl~erl phin names," he sand. l?:hor :;o:s :ts~s::tmoO;ngO::::m:n~tgroup of Cathohc ctt}zens, who Maryland. and New York Prey,nee, London, Aug. 1.--Prominent polk- has to give lectures to v:. "Trial ~narria-e is of course nott " z s mrougnou~ ~ne ~eng~n ann oreaa~n ox WhiCh a~ ~ne rime ineluoea ~ew Eng- . .......... Ihold bills g ' ' " ' t " 1;lclans, s~age IOIK ann JOCKeys ];OOK " ~-,d .... ~ ~u ~,,,~ o~ ~^~,, ]values and the social structure, as It~th~s land are pledged to the two-fold land He was oresident of St. Francis ......... [ -~-----*~-~ -*- --, ~-- -,-.v,- ,,,~-,---z ' - - -leaolng parts In honoring, on ~ne oe- ~,,a ~.m.,~. ~e ~- ..... i has Mready succeeded in corruptmg lldeal of serving their God and their Xavier College of New York fl'~ ]~ -~- ........ ~, .- ~ ~ .~w name u'oes h ...... ~" .... easion of his sacerdotal silver jubilee tale not make it any better ,Companion_it e sehoo!s: dlsrugtingthe fam i!y and country. Patriotism is a common- 1913 to 1917.He was also presi-Father John Caulfield ~arish ~riest] Write for Ca a~o marriage', as it is grandiloquently roa~lng, ou~ rengion ,Irom ~ne heartsIplace in Catholic doctrine. You hear dent of Brooklyn College and presi- of Pinner, who is known by tL af ~ .......... Iol mnIions oi our ~enow being lit from the lips of Christ, you read dent of the Association of Colle~,es ......... - ! r~rme~, m no~mng ~u~ a proposal ~o "Be it resolved th-t the c'n-en ................ " Iec~iona~e due o~ the unofficial .... ~ ...... ~....: ~ .... ..........I ~ u v -II~ in ~ne lnsplrea epistles oI his apes- of New York. He became the pro_^ ....... 1~ ~---;~,, w--~,-~.~-.~-u. ~ '~,g~"~eltion does hereby approve ~he aet~n ties, and you have it unequivocally curator of the New England Province ~hap1 .... f the Turf and Stage. ~ree rove. Ann ~: ~s ~lme rose talef the Su-reme Board of Directors~nI ........ - .......... E A St Aubyn Harney, K C, say- ~auz" ........ ~ne furlsalvorcesgran~eu" a . P * . . ,taugn~ toyou ann your cnnaren Dy OI~neoesm~swhen 1~was Iormeain ," ,. " " ,~ ,. . " " i~1 ~______,~t l carrying out the Mexican ohc of the ish " Ca~nonc memser oiParuamen~, pre . P Y b" ops and thepriests of today1926 - !~ p rmh Americans which are helping I the order and the way in which thei Religion AidsPatriotism " sented the jubilarim~ with a check for o make a mockery oi marriage arelmone cell c ...... "" " ~ 4 230 from Catholicand non-Cath .CK & diehard- to France even ~ ~' y e ted has been expended,[ This divinely imposed obligation is FR. SERRA PAGEANT IN $.' ..... - ]/] ~ l~L/~Cl{ -~" ' ...... and that the board continue admm ~im ohc friends A cabinet minister, Sir ~...a ^ m ....... - ....... ~_..~ ^__ I ~ -~' measurably enhanced, ennobled and SAN JOSE SEPTEMBER 9 " .i l~ : ~ ........... ' ........ u~. m.'u a~e~ist r ........ I ......... .~ Phili Cunliffe-Lister and man oth- & dishnnar ~=. t,~O~ .... .t .......1 e ing ~ne iuna as nere~oxore, sustalnea ~y ~nat o~ner uuw w~n ~ P , Y ]i~.... -- "'-,."2 ........ ~ ................ "'1 "Further Be It Resolved, that welwhieh it must go hand in hand and (ByN. C.W.C News Service ) er people distinguished in public life I~ -"'-~J-" , nze,. ana on. .... {commend the rank and file of thelwhich demands of you loyalty and fi- San Jose, Calif, Aug. 1--Septem- ere vicepresid nts of the presenta- till __ .we at.l iove e ranee ann. aamire!Order for their generous co-operation delity to the religion which was ber 9, 10, and 11 will see the renewal tion fund committee. [~i /'arm, Du~ me presen~ ISsuing 0I " " ' le ...... . . tand whol'e-hearted support in provid- founded by Christ The emblem of of the famous Serra pageant-drama Steve Donoghue, England s most[~m, r-aria mvorees.o Americans is a scan- in'- t~-~ *.'-"~ ^~' ..... :u:~..~..~ ..... , ............... famous %eke-" offeredto "Father ......... , . . . ..... l s ,u~ ~u.u u uric mnuun uunattb 1;hal; religion is ~ne brass oI desus wl~n ~'raneis liiekson, creator of the ~ z, x~ _. ~ous ann snamelul nln , an cause ,, " ~1 ..... ':. , .g, ,., ]and fortheir response to the appeal Christ---the sympol par excellence, of leading role of Father Junipero Serra John the tributes of theknights of #-~ IYl.eIIl.~. " _ th i skin."An outstandin tribute utstanl[l wmcn ougn~ ~o De correecea, anu I uo t ll Au us e p g g I.~ of the Supreme Coune last g t self sacrifice, and throughout the en again playing that part Great Inter- , ...... not hemtate to say thin here m this wh~ came from rne ~ev ~lmpson tuat ic hues of ' " " " in such wholesome fashion, "ch tire history of human institutions est is being manifested in the Men- .... The class" " city, for I know hat the clergy of France and all God-fearing French- men and Frenchwomen will say this as strongly as I do." K. OF C. CONVENTION CONDEMNS MEXICO FOR PERSECUTION (Continued from page 1.) office, in tribute to his long service to the order, which under his lead- ership has grown from 106,000 to 700,000 members gives such strong evidence of the vir- ility and solidarity of our mem~ hers." Reports on Membership Reports prepared for the conven- tion showed that increases in mem- bership were registered in Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Nevada and New Mexico in the United States, and in Alberta, British Columbia, Newfound- land, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan in Canada, but that the general mem- bership of the order decreased by 31,440 The total membership is there has never been anything com- parable to the Catholic Church for inspiring in the consciences of its' members a sense and a conviction of their duty towards their country and their fellow man. To say that a man is a true and loyal Knight of Colum- bus is to say that he is a true and loyal citizen of his community and of his country. You showed your spirit when your nation and your fl.~.g called for the stalwart spirit of the patriot; you show it now in your many con- structive works which the times of and Granite N terey peninsula, and everything is thews, Anglican minister of Pinner, I . . being done to make the performance who, though confessing to being an a big event. "uninvited guest," asked leave to Two hundred people are being re- speak. "I want to pay a tribute to hearse,d in an earnest endeavor to the whitest man I know," he said. make the project a true replica of the "Father Caulfield is a splendid par- story of the missions, ish priest. He has been to me a very Mayor W. G. Hudson, of Monterey, vital influence, and if I wanted a believes the pageant and pilgrimage should be an annual event. RAILROAD OFFERS EDUCATIONAL PRIZE TRIP See desigUS' Mark Every MONAHA] 410-412 W. LITTLE ROCI Income Insurance Mortgage Redemption I Children's Educational We Write Them AII I Refusal of Mr. Flaherty to stand for re-election was one of the sur- prises of the convention. "I feel that .it is time for me to step out and give, the younger men a chance," said the veteran Supreme Knight, v~o is sevmty-~our years old. now 690,732 The largest decrease was in New York State, where mem- bership dropped from 110,324 to 106,378 The .decrease, it was fur- ther reported, was confined to asso- ciate members, the insurance mem- bership showing an increase of 1,172 and now totaling 238,889 peace make possible; and it is unmis- St. Louis, Me., Aug., 1927.--Pres- takably clear to anyone who under- ident L. W. Baldw,in has just announc- stands the genius of your order that ed that .the Missouri Pacific Railroad the well-spring of your civic virtues Company will award an educational is to be found at the altar of God prize trip to one 4-H Club boy or girl and in the sacred Gospel whose eter- from each of the 51 counties in Ar- ~nal principles are embodied in the kansas served by the Missouri Pacific CENTRAL STATES LIFE INSURANCE CO. of St. Louis, Mo. JEFF J. RALEY General Agent for Arkansas 510 Federal Bank Building ~LITTL" marvelous constitution on which this to attend the annual 4-H Agricultural There were two contests in the Five thousand persons, including blessed republic so firmly stands. Boys' and Girls' Club Congress at the election. John F. Martin of Grand many of the Knights, attended the] "You have, of late, by the estab- Arkansas State Fair, October 10 tof=--:=== =----=-=-- Rapids was chosen Deputy Grand Solemn High Mass at the. Shrine of lishment of the Columbian Squires, October 15, 1927. / C, D.KENNY ] Welch'M in, Knight, succeeding Mr. Carmody, aft- Our Sorrowful Mother, Sunday It undertaken to prepare the youth for These prizes will be known as the CO. . er William Prout of Boston had con- was celebrated by the Rev. Msgr. Ar- your knighthood The wisdom of Missouri Pacific Educational prizes, tested for thatpost. David F. Supple thur Lane of Albany, Ore., and the such precaution and provision is ob-land will be awarded to the boy or [ Teas - Coff, e. | CUSTOM I of San Francisco wa selected Supreme t sermon was delivered by the Rev. vious to anyone who knows the trendlgirl doing the best agricuitural club 116 W. Fourth St. Tel'*~ Warden after two ballots, defeatting~M. J. Miller, O. S. M., Prior of the of the present hour. If the in each county. ! Sug~r, ] LITTLE ROCK, A$~ P. J. Hanrley of Portland and' Edward iChurch of the Assumption.bian Squires by virtue of the care J The 4-H Club Boys' and Girls' Club J WHOLISAL~ and } McCann of Pittsburgh. Two new di-~ The convention opened formally, and the energy of the Knights of Co-i, rectors were elected--William J. however, on Tuesday with the Sol-lmr~bus are inducted into their man-graduates of these schools are now M. A,B~I Guste of New Orleans and Dr. Claude~emn Pontifical Mass celebrated by ~. Brown of Waterloo, Ontario, Can- I Monsignor Fumasoni-Biondi in St. hood adequately trained to take theirlengaged in volunteer service, in boy | l~one 4-8041 | places as true and loyal andlwelfare, said Brother Barnabas. ! 11| West Sixth ~tr0et t RepreHnt~ adu-The other officers were re-I Mary's Cathedral. The Most Rev. active Catholics and citizens