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August 13, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 13, 1927 Page to Future cial Events 0CIAL CALENDAR rout be Im ,e ....... , .. U Tuuday m~oL Mass daily at 7:30 a. m. Monday, August 15th, is the feast August 16--Evening card party in St. Edward's Hall, and Ferry streets. 17.--Evening card party by ladies of St Pat- on the school lawn. of the Assumption of the Blessed Vir- gin Mary, a holy day of obligation. Masses at 6:30, 7:30 and 9:30 with Benediction of the Blessed Sacra- ment after the 9.30 o'clock Mass. Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church Sunday Mass at 8 a. m. -f- I l~l~fliflrlbAllffAl~.l[~l~l[rCtq[t~ for the deceased members of tire , , I rl Uhl Agl Ur I league will inaugurate the second [ ][ll~|T~'~i[~ltr~|oqp|t~ | 1Olt/"t|llD]f the convention, August 31. The I I I Ir,|ILI~gKI3IIL LE/-lthllr,[celebrant will be the Rt. Rev. gotml~h I t'~.~W I W'q.4~Im ~.TA*WqI~r'I | I i ..................... ] Schrembs. The sermon, will be preach*. I LUIA hI I'IU 1 I It CflNV NTINN IggllcVll/ed by the Rt Rev Joseph Cha =. I .... I]I ~k0UllWt21tVlll~Utll lttJkStld~.~lld~Bishop of Indianapolis, Ind. / ~ i At the sectional meeting in school Athletic Prospects. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) f hall, at 10 a. m., "The Rubrics of the The announcement of the selectionl Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 4.--The pro-IMass,'' will be described in a paper of Prof Harold J Murphy, A M ,[gram of the Fourth Regional Conven-[by the Rev. Franc~;s J. Connell, C. SS. to be the head coach of all athletics tion of the Priests' Eucharistic R., Esopus, N. Y., and discussed by at Little Rock College for the corn- League, here, August 30 and 31, has the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph Me- ing year has met with universal ap- proval and commendation on the part of the members of the Alumni and the student body and friends of the College. Many have written to the College expressing gratification at the choice of the Alumni Athletic just been issued. ! Headquarters of the convention will be at St. Louis' Church, at Mhin and Edward streets. There will be a meeting of the diocesan directors on the evening of August 29. The Rt. Rev. William Mahon, New York City. The secoml paper will have for its subject "The Rubrics Governing All Eucharistic Functions Other than the Massy Its author is the Rev. John F. Turner, St. Joseph's Seminary, Yonkers~ N. Y. The Rev. George J. Spetz, D. D., .. 23.--Afternoon card party by Philomatheia Club Confessions Committee, others have let itbe l' Turner, Bishop of Buffalo, will cele- D. C. L., Orchard Park, N. Y., ltock College. . Confessions are heard at the Ca- known that they approved the selec-ibrute Solemn Pontifical Votive Mass conduct the discussion ..... ~ thedral every Saturday, the eve of tion, and a general feeling of opt[m-of the Blessed Sacrament at 10 o'clock The sectional meeting in the, a udi- ~ne has as her guest Fred Isenman, Richard Cuss[nell[ and Holydays, and on the Thursday be- ism is shown on all sides at the fu-~the forenoon of August 30, and the tormm will hear the paper, First St. Louis, Me Henry Benton Vogler. Players are fore the First Friday, from 4 to 6, ture prospects of the Eagles under Rt. Rev. Michael J. Gallagher, Bishop]Commumon of ChAdren According ::: ~ requested to bring their own cards.I and 7"15 to 845 p m Confessions their new mentor Both of the daily of Detrmt, will preach .the sermon, ire the Decrees of Plus .X,,and.the En- W::~n[~th ~dlat~::s Al.COr(hal invitation is extended to awr:e:lf:rh:::dh:;;?omObm:ogreOfB:ahs: Ph~'e;:evgaV: :ct~P)i~;:ds~dofaCct~u:tno~ Am::dliZ~_;:~tme:hmg 21.1 bT~eh:ldd_]L:k:F:S;ha~::y,nB~f~ValoD~q.~7o~h~ Y' land on Sunda~ molnin~s for one half coach in the Sunday editions of theirldress of welcome will be deliveredIRev. H. B. Laudenbach of Buffalo, [ ~ [, ~ " s - naner% and on Sunda,~ last the Dem-!bY Bishop Turner Committees ofland the Rev. J. J. B. Feeley, ~. hour before the first two Masses. ~ " ..... " . ..... I~-PI ........... ocrat had a cartoon illustrating in no[the convenhon will be appointed at[of Scranton, will d~scuss the paper. "~ academy conducted/ /,.,,,,,,,,~,.... " ,~m~=~,=A$] t~onlesslons a~ ~ne t~nurcn oi our uncertain f'~h;~- f~, ....... ,u;,,, ~eJthis meeting, IThe second paper, by the, Rev. Fra~ of Mercy, will reo en Lady of the Holy Souls are heard, .................. .... " " ,, ~o, o p / T~NH;HIN I]II,IIM~IISII ~ tthe coach during his college days. [ The first paper to be read at the,ClS" X. Smdele, S .J, will be Frequent ~, ~e~te 1- ~*~ ~ . ~ ,,,..N,, ,,,~ vv--~-.-.,.-~,.,. ~ ever,, ~unda- mornin~ forone half ' ' ~ ..... ~.~ m, er ..... /~~ - ~ ~ % s - [The cartoon which was made by a]general session convening at 2 p. m.,]t~mmumn ann the means ox r~e- I ]hour Delore Mass. ]former student of the College Geor~e[Au~us~ ~0 .-;1~ i.~ ,,qn... ~i~o~ ..nlmoting it. The discussion will be .L: Keany is home af- LITTLE ROCK COUNCIL No. 812. Monday, August. 15th IE. Wiggins, was very cleverly drawntHis Personal Devotion to the Holy]by the %(er~ Rev. Monsignor F~er, '~,m the East. DoctorI ~ I Feast of the Assumptmn. Holydayland elicited favorable comment I Eucharist," by the Very Rev James]M" O'Brlen, Chicago, and th~ Rev. G. ,nat tvtasses at 6 30 7 30 and 9 30 a m I C P~card, Kankakee, Ill the weather in Official Notes : - : : among the followers of the Purple W Donahue C S C of Notre Dame] " " " !s delightfully cool. I Things are ,omewhat quiet aroundl Benediction of the Most Blessed and White, and throughout the city. lUniversity. 'The" di'scussion of the[ At the general session in the audi- [Sacrament immediately after the nine l It is ex-ected that Coach Mur~h-l-a,)er is to be led b,, the Ver,, Re,, I torium the final paper of the can- ~t ' the club rooms and a good many of - . . ~ .~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- ~ ~" - ,, z will thirty Mass No Evenm Devotmns ventlon, The L~turgmal l~Iovement return home I g -[wlll arrive at the College some time[Thomas Plasmann, O F M. St Bon-[ r a month's vacationlur members are on their vacations. I Mass at the Church of Our Ledytduring the present monthto takelaventure's College, Allegan'y, N y,[as Related to the Mass and Sacra- . . ,, M mental Devotions,will be presented rs. LouisFritzin[Brother Joe Dold is back from Can- of the Holy Souls on the Holyday at over the athletic program for theland Very Rev Paul A Kelly, Scran-] | , " . { ,, by the Rt Rev Aloum Deutsch, O. ada and had some interesting experi- 7:30 a.m. year. Practically most of last year sIton, Pc. Means of Promoting Eu-[ " " . . . - t ences B-~*h~- ao~ M~h .... a Confessions for the Feast I material will be on hand for the twoIcharistic Devotion Among the Peo-IS B., of Collegewlle, Minn. The dis- a ....................... I ,, cuss[on will be by the Rev V F Kien- Haler hasreturnedI ........ Confessions will be heard on Sun-weeks camp, which will be held this/pie, the second paper of the session,[ .... ~ro~ner earle ~anaers pu~ on a very berger, C P, of Detro;t The read- in Me ...... I da,,mornin'- beforethe First two year on the Saline River at Benton [will be ~resentedb,,the Rt Rev | "" repros, niter artati " ~ s . ~ ,, v ~ . . ente rang featureat thewater mg of resolutions and a general sum . relativesandl . - Y " [ 'g " g " " ,1 ....... - With Masses and on Sunda afternoon and a number of new men will be Monsl noI Au ustme J Rawhnson le melon feast m tie e Ask them about , mmg up oI won~ none Dy um con ; Rock. P from 5 to 7:30 p." m. present to begin their work under the[St Mary sof the Woods College, In-] " - | n w vcntlon by Bishop Schremb~ are also tit. ~ e coach. If the present registra-ldiana. APassion[st Father will dis-[ to be included m the program for ~. Fre~ ,~ ~ , ! Brother John P. Powers is one ofREV. H. J. HEAGNEY tion at the College is any criterion,[cuss this paper | . ' ." ~ ~erg, wno this general sesmon ~ing Mr ", ~. ,,. Ithe happiest Knights in the United WRITES JUVENILE NOVEL there will be a large number of new[ Solemn holy hour for the visiting[ " ann vtrs v~c ~ Solemn procession of the Blessed ' rerun- ~ - ~.~'. , -[State~. He announce~ the arrival men from which to select the team]clergy is set for 8 p. m., August 30,[ ~ne(1 ~0 UKlano- ' -- ~ r ~ ~ ' Sac an cn~ at Mt St Jose h s Aead [of JohnPatrick Jr. We hope that His Book "Ted Bascomb in the Cow which will finally represent the ~ol-/with the Rt. Rev. Joseph Schrembs,[. P. - ,, ~ , emy will close the conventmn [junior will make as good a future Country Is Accepted For lege on the gridiron this coming sea- Bishop of Clexeland, national pro-| ' of Mis~ . -- . IKnight as his pop Publication son. |rector of the Priests' EuCharistic] )Uis He:~--nn, et~e ~.-gnesl Our Bachelor Class is getting small- Pharmacy Department. [League, presiding. The,. holy hour| EX-SERVICE MEN'S ,~ry nar~ wm De . " -- " ~ .... N Y HEADQUARTERS ednesda ..... [er right along We wish a very sue- The followin~ news item is taken Prof B B Jalmson, M ..... Deanlfor the hutv will be held m various[ , b% 2kUgUS~5 l'l~ " ' ' " ~, , . " IsChurc ...... [cessful future to our Brothers J C from a Camden Arkansas news of the College of Pharmacy. who haslchurches of the diocese | OPENED BY K. OF C. n, INln[.Iian(1 T " ~" ' ' - ' ' ' " " ' ts. Poole, Ernest Narey and A1 Lynch.paper" been on an extended trip which tookI Solemn Pontifical Mass of Reqmem] -- ]More power to them *The Rev ....... him into California, is expected back/--~/ New York, Aug. 5.--Headquarter~ ~a~p, Pastor of Atkins I There will ben big surprise for our received iv'o:~" JioH~h~seYub?:s/USs~ at the College this coming week. This[shortly They will be of the usual] for ex-service men passing through in the ..... ' members at the next regular meet-Benzi-er BI , ,. " ..... '_ department of the College is growing!solemnand impressive nature as here New York to the convention of the City ttlis week ~ g "os, OI New xorK, tna~ . ~ " - . . . ~s that ...... ling Tuesday August 16th.The lasthis novel "Ted Bascomb in ~" rapidly, and it would not be at all sur-[tofore, beginning with a Solemn High] American Legion m Paris next month 2kLKInS is stag- . " , Ene .... c on ~ .... [attendance prize was won by our Cow Countr .... has been ac-e,~-~ prising to see the attendance thlsIMass in St. John's Chapel after which]have been estabhshed here by the .~v*-onoay, ~ugust I , -~, "- v~ / vident t .... tworthy ~arden Brothel- Jack San- for nublication ~" year, break all previous records. Thelthe usual program will be carried Supreme Council of the Knights o:f na~ r.e expects v - . tow .... Iders. Whatever you do--dent m~ss The book is a ~uvenile s*~r,, ^, unusual success attained by the Little]out. The sermon on the opening day l Columbus, m Suite 5F at the Knights -'.,, creTe. [the next re~ular'meetiw~--the sur- - - , ~- - ~: ~ .~:Rock College Department of Pharm-[will be delivered by the Rev John J of Columbus Club'Hotel, Eighth ~f ]pri~e will be great ~nes~as~AlthDYh ~cte::ur:he lne:::! acy the past two years, has been of [Healy, A.M. Avenue and Fifty'first street. Denis the Seminary ' " '!:" g ' 'such " , [ ............... a nature as to exceed the fond- [ Phdomatheia Club. 0 Connell who was g~neral secretary lain largely in ~ou~nwest oKlano- , . , . | ..... esr expectations oi even its most at-| The members of the ]~hilomatheia in charge of post-war welfare work ma, are arawn ~o naEure. The an- I , suoporters, and with the opening of ]Club assisted by a large group of of the organization in New York Cit~ on a vacation to ~irae this we "~. [CATHOLIC RURAL LIFE eK l~e ve~ and frien" . [ CONFERENCE IN A SUC- thor touches on some of the beau- and o~- ~s in| CESSFUL MEETING ties of the Ozark regions. Horses dent supporters, and with the opening women and friends will conduct a cner ~as~ern ! ------- and dogs also enter into the narra- of the new year, the department is monster card party at the College on bound to show an added registration, the afternoon of Tuesday, August The Catholic Rural Life Conference rive" .... met at its fifth annual convention at cnapmm ac . . . . Father Heagney, a priest in For the first time in its history, 23. The party will be held at the and Profes Lansing, Michigan. The convention the Diocese of Little Rock, which this department will admit women to College and will be under the direc- tion of Mrs. W. Bigelow Robinson, was one of the largest attended the s Semniary, left Men- of a few weeks. Will spend the time Philadelphia. His Pc. Club of Little give a card party College on Tues- at 2:30 p. m., at the made cake will be for high score at A. J. Epps and chil- ~randon and Miss returned from a Louis and other and Illinois. While Were the guests of er, Mr. Pat Du Val organization has ever had. The pro- gram provided for the participation of the American Country Life Associa- tion and the American Farm Econom- ics Association. Secretary of Agri- culture, Jardin, addressed the meet-i ing. A number of papers were read at the regular session of the Cath- olic Rural Life Conference and one of the most interesting and well re- ceived wa~ the paper of the Rever- end Francis Schwab of Morrilton, Ar- kansas, who discussed the Consolidat- ed Rural Parish and Experience in the Diocese of Little Rock. Father Schwab told of his own experiences and stressed the work of the mission centers throughout the diocese. The following officers were elect- ed: The Rev. W. Howard, Bishop of Clarksville, Md., vice president; the Rev. Dr. Edwin V. O'Hara of Eugene, tural department. York is wmt Oregon, secretary, and the Rev. Felix "'" N. Pit of Louisville, Ky., treasurer. and Mrs. C. C. The Rev. Joseph Scthmidt of Harris- and street. Mr. burg, Pc., and Prof. James W. Hay- the architectural en- ward of the University of Notre agenta Columbm Urn- Dame were elected to the board of b/e_ n d has been con- directors, while the Rev. Thomas R. t-w ~'ork firm since.[Carey, of Lapeer, Mich. the Rev. W. raris this fall for a p McDermott of Ra in cot~rso I " c e, Win., and . [thatFatherbodyO'Hara were re-elected to ~t~i:f St. Patrick's[ An invitation from the University : w~th a cardlof Notre Dame to hold the confer- levenmg, August[enee there next year was accepted. awn, ~eventh and]The meeting will be held sometime sheet will be given]in July but the exact date has not score at each yet been set. In this connection it vicz is chair-iwas announced that the University is d by the fol-going to develop an intensive agricul- es. Ray Fischer, Harry and D. Thomey. is extended to WOMEN'S GUILD ORGANIZED (By 1~. C. W. C. News Service.) Los Angeles, Aug. 4.--Formation of a Women's Volunteer Guild, for home visitation among the poor, as an adjunct of the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, is announc- ed by J. Wiseman, Macdonald of Ies Angles, president of the councils of that Catholic charitable organization in Southern California. He stated that already there are functioning guilds of lawyers, physicians and druggists, which provide ~xper~ and eostless ministration to the penniless. for the opening of] St. Edward's next Tuesday eve- at 8 p. m., at Streets. A prize for given at each ta- door prize will will be ladies will be Carrie Eickhoff, Chas. Heinrich, Snyder, Victor Joe Jung, Jr,, comprises the state of Arkan- sas, made many trips years ago in the state of Oklahoma and while pastor of St. Michael's Church, Van Buren, a border city, was called upon to assist scattered families in this neighboring state to the west. The late Theophile Meer- shaert, Bishop of Oklahoma City, granted Father Heagney full facul-! ties in his diocese. His story concerns itself for the most part with the vivid, impressions made on a boy from the crowded East coming in contrast with the raw, wilderness of a new empire. Mystery and thrilling suspense may be found in almost every'~chapter. The atmosphere is Catholic in sen- timent. Father Heagney is vividly known as a short-story writer, but this is his first effort in the way of a book. The publishers, Benziger Bros., is the largest firm of Cath- olic book dealers in America. "Recollections of Father Ryan," a "Study of the Life of St. Cece- lia," essays and a children's serial for the well-known juvenile maga- zine, "Manna," have also been accepted since the first of this year. CONVERSIONS TOTAL ,489 DURING 1926 IN ENGLISH DIOCESE London, Aug. 1.---Conversions to the Church in the Westmifister dio- cese last year totalled 1,489, it has just been announced officially. The previous year's total was 1,727. Of the 139 parishes in the diocese only ten had no conversions to rec- ord. The Jesuit church in Farm Street heads the list with 138. Other churches record 75, 71, 50, 49 and 39 respectively. . ANOTHER OF COWLEY FATHERS CONVERTED London, Aug. 1.--Another member of the famous Anglican community at Oxford known as the Cowley Fath- ers has been received into the Cath- olic Church. He is the Rev. J. H. Pearse. the ~'~tudy of pharmacy the co~;/ng year. This wilt prove to be a popu- lar innovation. Little Rock College has the only College of Pharmacy in the state Many of the women in Arkansas who desire to take up the study of pharmacy are obliged to leave the state if they wish to pur- sue a course of this kind. Constant appeals have been made to the Col- lege authorities in the past to open this course to women and it is in re- sponse to the urgent representation this course in Little Rock, that it has thi scourse~in Little ock, that it has been finally decided to allow women to be admitted as students of phar- macy this coming year A number of women have already applied and have been registered, and when the fact is better known throughout the state, it is expected that a still larger number will apply for admission to the College of Pharmacy. Faculty Notes. The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Smith who has been seriously ill at St. Vincent's Infirmary has returned to the Col- lege and is recuperating rapidly. Dr. Smith hopes to be perfectly restored to health by the time the College 4s reopened in September. The Rev. Joseph M. Burns, A. M. treasurer of the College, is spending the month of August in E1 Dorado substituting for the Rev. H. J. Kel- ler, pastor of the Holy Redeemer Church, who is on his afinual vaca- tion. The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Keany, vice president of the College, return- ed last week from a vacation spent with his mother in Hopkinton, Mass. Dr. Keany will spend the rest of the summer craveling in the interests of the College throughout the state. The Rev. Lawrence O'Neil, A. M., returned last week from a vacation spent in the East. Father O'Neil made the trip to and from Pittsburgh in his car, and reports a wonderful trip and a very pleasant vacation. The Rev. John J. Healy A. M. was in Texarkana Texas, over Saturday and Sunday, substituting for the Rev. Father O'Brien, who is on vacation. Plan. for the 21st Annual Opening. Tbe plans for the twenty-first an- nual opening of the College are being perfected, and will be announced president of the Club assisted by a lal'~.~e committee. Advance reports indicate that this will possibly be on~ of the largest parties ever con- ducted in the city, and the prizes, which will be given at each table, will be home made cakes. The mem- bers of the club extend a cordial in- vitation to all to attend this party. Tickets be secured from the pres- ident, or from Mrs. Thomas Newton, secretary of the club or from any member of the club. will direct the activities of the office. 1 Approximate y sixty Knights of Columbus secretaries, all of whSm saw service overseas, will attend the convention. Fred V. Milan, Knight of St. Greg- ory, Special Agent of the K. of in Buffalo, will be the first to leave for France. He sails Saturda~ on the S. S. Republic Michael S. Hogan, of Laurelton, L. I., Superior of Edu- cational and Welfare work here, and Michael J. O'Donnell, of Astoria, will leave on the following day. Edward L. Hearn, Knights of Col- umbus Overseas Commissioner, be in charge of the work of the or- ganization in France. (IN THE HEART OF THE COMMONWEALTH) COURSES: ARTS AND SCIENCES PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-ENGINEERING PRE-LEGAL, PRE-DENTAL COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Two-Year Course Leading to the Degree Ph.G. (WOMEN ADMITTED TO THIS COURSE) Boarding and Day School Terms reasonable College will open on Thursday, Sept. 15th Registrution on September 12th, 1Stir, 14th.