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August 13, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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August 13, 1927

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PP., XV. wx Pm,'V*tm*J Mq,**i,m~,-- Po~ Le* Xl~i. "The G=erdlaa ha ~f home"~t ~. ,,, ........... ,,, .... ,. , ' The Official Organ of the Diocese of-Lit--ii 'Ro'- k,--Arka-nsas LITTLE ROCK, ARK., AUGUST 13, 1927 No. 48. ASKS CATHOLIC MEN I NA 9 HELENA, T?oHELP BOY SCOUTS/ C ,,ESS B,,LB,,G 'CR TE %cromon o 1-- oc,S 22: L?;:h2:' Holy Cross Congre- ognizing in the Boy Scout movement] ment's Hose Cut to Prevent Extinguishment of Blaze--Pub- [MEETING OF CENTRAL IK. OF C. CONVENTION VERE!oN A!offUST 211 CONDEMNS MEXICO ..... :: ! FOR PERSECUTION 70~h~:d~2h~:'aAr/:LP~5~:de :h:et[Says American: S-~ould Real'ze Dan- to Episcopate lnu. S. Service. ) August 2.--The J, Finnigan, C. S. C. former university Provincial of the the Holy Cross, who ~ Bishop of the diocese May 20, by His XI, was elevated ,rank amid impressive Sacred Heart church, 400, ineluding three bishops and eight a great opportunity for character building and training for good and useful citizenship, the Rev. Father Bennett, chaplain of Troop No. 7 o the Cathedral Parish, is appealing to Catholic fraternal organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, the Y. M. I., and the Ancient Order of Hi- bernians for troop committeemen who are interested in the welfare of the boys, to assist the scout masters in their work. U. S. ULTIMATUM TO CALLES DENIED lishing of Catholic Journals Resumed Under Difficulties. in the annual convention of ~he *By Dr. Frederic Funder Catholic Central Verein which assem- bles here August 21. The Central (Vienna Correspondent N. C. W. C. News Service. s lVerein is a national organization of Vienna, July 20--It is hoped that Messages told us that a mob had a - ger in Conditions Now Prevailing Across Border--Martin H. Carmody Elected Supreme Knight to Succeed Jas. A. Flaherty, Who Is Given New Office. (By N. C. W. C. News Service Special Telegraph.) Portland, Ore., Aug. 5.--Approval of the action of its Supreme Board of Directors in carrying out its .Mexican policy was voted by the Knights of Columbus assembled Jn national co~a- vention here this week. The resolution approved did not urge United States governmental ac- ~f nearly ev- WASHINGTONi tion, but called upon all citizens in the United States and Canada, "of all .~ :ectiOn.onsecrationOf theof countrYBishop [CatholicsleSs armedbyattaCksocialistsupOnhada grOU~m Ofto licebuildingcould be detached to guard the vention will be held in St. Peter's faiths and of no faith," in the name first member of the Washington, Aug. 1.---At the State[do with it all; the vicious anti-Cath- At a quarter past one in the after- parish hall, while a.mass meeting will of humanity to "observe the pathetic be held in the Metropolitan Opera sight of millions of men, women and OfinHolYthe UnitedCrss re- Department here today denial waslolic character of the uprising; th.e noon, the storming party arrived. House on Sunday afternoon, children groaning under the heavy ad cnsecratin f its made f a stry published in the New] assaultDame's history. - The of the mob on the Cathohc Vith roaring cries andandrushedironUpOnhammers,the doOrSsmashedShutS'withthebeamSlargethey CATH 0L[CS F0R handbed, under oppressiOn,outraged bymUrdered'a militaryrb-eli- was that of the garchy" of Mexico; and to take cog- j ** panes of plate-glass of the windows ............ aurth, D. D., C S. and throu h the o enin s thus made VTVAT-,W ~e~ S W~rS~ I nizance ox anu reanze De~ore lc m is[rap of Bosh-a, who . g. P .g "' V~||~|.|| .~ ~.l~|~..~| I too late" the anti-social, anti-religious 'at yesteIday's- cere- came m m oensetheCrOWOS. ,~ v-,aaa~ ~, a~ aa~,a I'force at the doorstep, of the United Apart from looters, swarming r~~ w#'~A~e~ #'~~w~r~] ,. in and stealingwhatever of value ~Ll~ll|||[~ |~K0|[YIStates" n F Nell, Bishop ConsMeratlon of the Mexican mtu . ........ have .had to send this report, after they could easily find and ~qmve, } " " ~'n~ tlne, l~scorresponaen~ in MeXiCO " Diocese, and the atmn was an outstanding feature of .... - ..... daw durin~ which all communication came a ~an~ of men led bv a smartly ] 'el T Hoban- titular City, Mexicans generauy believe that ~. , ~ .......... ~ '~ m, ~ , (BFN. C. W. C..Ncws Service.) [~-h ........ nt%n which o~ened Sund~_v _. " , _ _ . .~. ., .... was interrupted In Austria ~y ~ne gen- dressed dew. ~nls gang was armed _ ~ . |~,.~ ~- ..... , r -- nla and Auxflmry the An.~erlcan~na~ge" a A.i~axresse~v: eral strike forced upon the country with torches and chemical combusti- London, Aug. t.---t~atnohcs form[and which drew to this West Coast 'o assisted Archbishop [ ed notice on ~anes ~na~ n: ne ala noc h,, ~.,~ ~^~;.~;~ .... ~ ..... T .... ;~ ~.~o n~ ........ ;~ o~,~ ~ ~,~;,~ the largest single religious body in the[city more than seven thousand per- Very Rev Matthew t release Catholic prisoners within 48 ..~f'~" .... ;":'~. '\:.~': ..... ~( ...... ~.~', ~.~',~: ...... ...... ~- ~""~."~'~ world, Christian or non-Christian, ae-[sons r " I .... 111 v, hOUSe WnlCn 1s ll~:l:le more ~nan a winch,1 lacerwas aseerbamea, nau / ~, res t e hems United States ~ecogmtmn o~ cordm to fl res 3ust published here :" P identof No r [ "~, . " . ..... ruin, and the atmosphere of whichbeen deposited in the early morning . ~. g ... gu L ". ~ .. ~ . [ The convention further was marked ~Y s' overnmen~ woma oe wl~n- b l)om ~vla~ernus ~ i~z ~. ~. x~. WhO ,~ , the Rev.Thomas[ Calle g is still saturated w~th the odor bf m the close wcmlty of the house. Y . P ... ' . [by the retirement from the offmeof , Mso of Notre Dame, drawn burned wood an f a d assaultmakes a specml study o~ rengmus s~a Su reme Km ht of James A Flaherty a-' - ] I d urnishings. ] It was a well prep re .. ........ : .. -] P "g uecl aspics ~nrougnou~ ~ne worm on page 5.) 1 No such instructions to deliver an I Here is what happened in this[Within 0we hours, a considerable part , ; ., ..... [of Philadelphia, after 18 years of set- m to Calles eve~ were sent h~ch s Herol Dom Maternus s~a~es ~na~ wa~noncs ultimatu Ibuildin~ w " i d House +betel the house was converted into . . "[vice at the head of the order Martin 1 I ~' ''~ number 330 mflhons The next most MA~' ~[~[~[gr ]by the State Department, and no such central office of" the Vienna Catholic/ruins. Machinery was demolished, " |tL Carmody of Grand Rapids, Mich., . . numerous groups are the Confucian- ill was chosen Su reme Km ht whe~ Mr ~l t~l~ ~ultimatum was dehvered,_ so far as papers, of which I have the honor .to furmture smashed to, pieces, paper ............. he [ P g " ISiS anCl TOalS~ [non unrls~:lan)~ W A iO~ll i~[r l~wr irt ] the State Department knows, it was I be the head: land books thrown into the street. Be- [ '. . ~ ...... " [Flaherty declined to stand for re~-elec- , zmmDer ;JOt/ mllllons l tLl Ill WAK- Imade plain upon inquiry at the De-I At 10 o clock I was sitting in Her-l fore long, from various spots, flames[ .. i re "" "" n that the]'tin' -!,, ., ,- y ......... ~ne surpns ng vela~lo is ...... ~partment this mormng. Offmlals]old House, writing. Suddenly the/were blazing up high amid enormous[ ........... ~ New Office for Flaherty. inued on a e 8 worts popumnon ox ~ne clews ]s omy Thereupon Mr Flaherty was shade L ~0[TAI ~H ~V~| there were plainly inclined to disbe-~telephone started ringing furiously] (Cent p g .) ........ [ . ."~"~|~'i ! - - 115,000,000,the smanes~ renglousl~ ...... r