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August 10, 1962     Arkansas Catholic
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August 10, 1962

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AUGUST 10, 1962 14THE GUARDIAN WARNING (Continued from Page 1) of Church and State as exists in out" country." Not A Purge Cardinal Spellman stressed, however, that by the First Amendment "t h e Founding Fathers of our country never intended to purge public life in America of all religion. They never intended to establish ir- religion. "Their declaration of depend- ence upon God anteceded their declaration of independence from England," he noted. "They were themselves religious men, whose faith in God and de- pendence upon, Him permeated both their private and their public lives. "They did not hesitate to mention Him in their public utterance, to open their delib- erations with prayer to Him, to set up chaplaincies, and to ask the President to call a day of prayer and thanksgiving to God. On religious values they built this nation and on these values it has ever stod firm." Referring to Thomas Jeffer- son&apos;s use of the phrase "wall of separation" between Church and State, the Cardinal said that for Jefferson "this wail was a dividing line, a fence, if you will, between friendly neigh- bors. A Metaphor "The secularists have breathed into his metaphor a new and sinister meaning which he never intended," Cardinal Spell- man said. "Jefferson spoke of a wall, but they have made it a rampart between Church and Statue as though they were hos- tile elements in our country, instead of friendly partners claiming, each in its proper sphere, the allegiance of men's hearts." He charged that the Supreme C(mrt's school prayer ruling "disregards the traditional rights of the overwhelming ma- jority of parents and children." The Cardinal complained that secularists, "proclaim religion and the State as hostile "forces in our country, instead of friendly partners, each in its own way, serving man. "Theirs is a crusade, not for freedom o religion, but for freedom from religion," he said. "Their goal is to strip America 0f all her religious traditions." Cardinal Spellman said t h e controversy over Federal aid to education is "a classic exam- ple" of the tactics of the secu- larists. lie said some 65 million Am- erican children attend non-pub- lic grade and high schools and receive an education that "equals that given in public schools." He noted that the graduates of these schools sevve as parents and citizens, are prepared to defend their country, and pay taxes to the government. "But some argue that not one penny of Federal funds may be used to improve the excellence of their education, because in their schools, in addition to their regular subjects, they are permitted to learn about God," he said. He added: Injustice "This is injustice. This is dis- crimination. This is an economic penalty against the schools per- forming a public service for our country parallel to that of the public schools." The Cardinal accused the "forces of secularism" of taking the position that "they would prefer to see the Federal aid program die than have it bene- fit the children in God-centered schools" He argued that if school tax- es are leviqd "across the board" without regard to race or creed, "it would seem reasonable to suppose that the money thus collected would be distributed across the board with an equal- ly firm and even hand, : "When we speak of govern - ment money," he said, "let us remember that the government does not create money..Taxes for education are alsocollected from the parents of these chil- dren. "If no part of these taxes is returned in any form to aid the non-religious aspects of their h00stituh00. TO Train Post-Castro Lea, Miami, Fla., (E)---An Institute of Social Action, to prepare Cuban leaders for the restora- tion of the economy in Cuba in the event of the collapse of the Fidel Castro regime, has been inaugurated here. children's education, how c a n this be just? "is not this taxation without participation? And eventually and inevitably will it not stran- gle the splendid independent school systems which so many God-fearing parents of all reli- gions have with so many sacri- fices established and main- tained?" Want Congress to Decide Cardinal Spellman said Cath- olics "as a group" do not op- pose Federal aid to education, but leave it to Congress to de- cide whether it is needed. "They simply say that if leg- islation is enacted, it should ap- ply to all children on a non- discriminating basi," he said. tie warned against creating a "monopoly" in U.S. education, commenting that "the more variety in our educational sys- tems, the richer will be our culture." Expressing the "prayerful Training programs in com- munications, social and econo- |hie planning, labor legislation, land reform, tax reform and the .theory and practice of demo- cratic government will be of- fered. The institate will be con- ducted by a team of 10 exprts headed by'Father Salvador de Cistierna, O.F.M., Cap., a na- tive of Spain who was formerly professor of Catholic social doc- trine in the school of economics hope" that other independent schools would flourish, he add- ed: "For as these independent schools grow, our free society will become stronger through this diversity of education" The Cardinal said he takes encouragement from' the "frank discussions" over the subject of aid to education. He said lead- ing constitutional law experts have stated that aid to the "non- religious aspects" of education in church schools would be conStitutional. He also expressed satisfac- tion at the recent declaration by former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Abra- ham Ribicoff that there is a wide range of permissible pub- lic aid to private schools. at the now defunct Villanueva University operated in Ifavana by Augustinian Fathers of Vil- lanova, Pa. Organizers of the program are not connected with any political faction or any underground or military group. They initiated the movement here because ap- proximately 200,000 Latin Amer- icans, most of whom are Cuban refugees, are residing in Dade County. "We are interested in orien- tating in a Christian manner large groups who some day will carry out the reforms imposed by social justice," Father Cis- tierna said. "In this way the future tasks of the state will be exercised with a sense of service to God and for the common welfare of society." One of the principal purposes of the reeducating program, he added, is to "expose the truth about communism; its faults in the economic, political and so. cial orders so that all of the population Will ! aware that ('OITllnunism offer an adwmtagcous to their problems. In pect, the Cuhans' could prove very skillfully . presented Latin Americans." With the permission, op Coleman F. Carroll ami, classes will begin tember in the Centro Catolico, the Miami Spanish center. Intensive courses will instruction in social dialectic materialism, development; methods nique of the social contemporary social ments; and origin and ment of syndicalism world. Approximately 100 fessional persons and are expected to tile initial phase of gram. Heights Variety & Hardware A Full Line of Hardware and Variety "We Appreciate Your Business" E. 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