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August 9, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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August 9, 1930

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PAGE FOUR , THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 9, 1930 and it's uite another thing co be an Holland, Belgium, England, Germany, The missionaries must have a ha- I tin-foil for the mission, and it pos- ! the progressive idea of Cathoh q , . . . od MANY MODES Archbishop in India, but d~spite some Switzerland, Malta, Ireland, Italy andman appeal m order o reach the In- sesses three remarkable banners,] fusion of hterature, and als.. OF TRAVEL USED of the hardsihps His Excellency finds a few from Hungal~y are engaged in idian. Their first impulse is to fear imarvels of ecclesiastical embroideryI Sodality movement for Good ~'r BY ARCHBISHOP I his work in India very satisfactory work among the people of India. lastranger, but on ceitis proven that t the work of" three exiled Mexican] observance in her city. | and pleasant, he said. ] These missionaries come from various the stranger is working for the In- q nuns. [ The prize for the greatest per~ msgr. .... raoone~ ~rmzea ..... ttowooa~ anal| "The people of India 'are a very,religious communities and from the I dian's best interests and welfare, itII Largest Delegations." [contribution brought by a real ......... ~ ..... ! affectionate neonle and are very ap- secular clergy ! is easy to win him to your cause, the I The largest delegations were those| ...... cclar~i Elephant in V~s~tmg rt,s ~o -- - . ~ . ~ .... " woman was awarueo ~y l'ndla Dioceses. [preciative of anythmghhat lsdone for 3,300 Priests Labor Jn India. . Archbishop stated, hailing f re m St.John's parish,~ ...... tin" that |them They are reverentand re- There are some 3,300 priests work- ] ^ ........ ' " - ~" bu/Ir a Ime l~alK sugges s - .. .... I~umcy, 1~1.; ~. l~ary s parish, ~u -| have a J'oint ~'~T T S OF CHU~t'ts'e PROa~ESS~ spectral and extend every courtesy mg m India, and of this number two- 550, FROM 22 STATES, ers and daughters ............. .... e nativ Indian~ and i LITY que, Iowa, and St. Charles Borromeo . . " a s i' T~t:R~ ~t0 the prmsts, sisters, ministers, and thirds of them ar e ~, [ATTEND PARISH SODA .................. ] mg twice a year, with P' ,, main er are n HI A parish, ~5. unarms, ~uo. ross nowaru "sc~ ....... ]others who work among them he the re d from Europea j CONVENTION IN C C GO ...... .,, | rector leading, for a dl -- - ' . oi ~etroi~, personally was responsible , ' 01~ | -laims coutrles and Amerind. [Apostolate of G o od Literature .. ] mothers and daughters c & ostolie Delegate Visits Relatives in, ~. .~ .......... I o ,,, ann ~.~.~-~~tress~d Resolutions for Unionfor a very large delegation l:rom ~e-~ ..... +~. ---~- n~a P V~sl~mg ms xi~y-~nree~lfferentt There are about o,,~,~ ,~,,~ , ~ ~ -- ~ .: ...... .th! ~eres~s. xms .... w~ Youn stown. ~ " ..... . tro~, represenung 1~ parishes w~ g dioceses in India, Burma, Ceylon and hcs m Indta. These are d~v~ded rote I Adopted--Mother-and-Daughter ........... I colored woman from the : a ri e a ,~ ~elega~es.. 1~ was ~ne lal'ges~ . , . .the Malay States is not done as con-.three strata, the first composed of I PI n--P z s Aw rded. , .... , ..... I St. Ehzabeth s Church, [Universe Bulletin, Cleveland.) I:~..;~,+~'(o~ ~ ;o ,~,,~ in his coun-lsome 500,000 Catholics who trace u nl.on .~elega~on: ....... Mrs. Joseph C. Thompson All modes of conveyances, from a t'ry,'b'u't~,ne~vertheless'during his four their Catholicity back to the first cen- ~vnss ~vmry ~ua~ung~y o~ washing- ~ rowboat to an elephant, have beent (By N. C. W. C. News Service.). . C'i a o --u " Some five hun ~on told of t~e fine Catholic rural used ,by the Most Rev. Edward A.iyears as Apostolic Delegate to India tury to the time of St. Thomas, the n c g , ~ g..-- - THE CATHOLIC ~reu anu. Illl~y (mmga - ,- ~ .... third and Adams, Memphis, Mooney, Archbishop of Irenopolis andlhe has managed to Visit these fifty- Apostle; the second are followers of " " - ...... tes from 22 dif schools supported by her Sodality in Apostolic Delegate to India, in visitf[three dioceses to inspect the Work'St. Francis Xa,/ier and the revival of ferent states closed a two-day Con- ~ne sou~.n o~ lvmrymn~. .... patronage. Hotel Rooms, e' that is .being carried on by the bish-i the missionary work within the past venti0n here recently, which brought] f, lrs. ~mry ~.aKe" rman, presme:~ -.omfortable. Reasonably pric :ing the 53 dioceses in his charge, he[ mcag P " ", k declared in .an interview during hisI ops, priests, sisters and catechists in 75 years has brought many more ~nto to .......... C'" o re re,curatives of WOmried~ Cath'licl~ ~ne m~erna~mna~Alumnae, .sounded~eaeraunthe ey- PHIL BLEECKER his vast territory. ' There are eight the fold of the Catholic Church. ens. parish, soaanues, ..... Do~n mar ~note of the convention when, on ~he General Manager Visit to relatives in Youngstown Tues-[ dioceses in India, manned throughout Missionaries are attracting on an and single women, m jo~rr~ an~ sec- day noon for a visit with his brother, [ ! openin~ day at the open]ng general Charles B. Mooney, and his sister, Iby Indian bishops and priests, average of 35,000 adults to the Cath- tional meetings. I - ' Ma A. BH Modes of Conveyance olic Church yearly. ~heir work is ~meetmg she gave a forceful and prac- Discussions at the-convention re"Itic "t lk n "~ ab o'u .... Mis~ Margaret Mooney, 24 Illinois ! - ' " d ! mostly among the aboriginies and the ....... at a o ~ne s ~ ~e necessary o~ Representing street" I All sorts of conveyances were use I . vealed to all the delegates ~ne great, ^^~ ..... , . non-castes need of federation of aims and i nter-i~~u e ..... ~zes Awarded FIRST Company in by the Archbmhop for hm travels to[ Business ef the ' " " h ra el Indm s educatmnal system ~s h~g With a cheery "hello," he greeted his various dioceses. There was t v" " ests, and resulted in adoption of reso-, .. ..... " . - Amets: Over One : his brother Charles, his newphew, E. tde .luxe in train compartments, al-lly'developed and in this the Indianlutions toward ..... union aiming a~ ~om~ ........... ~ne prize awar~e~ ~y popmarhav.VO~eHanded Mfilien efforts of all sodatities xor common ......... W. Mehler, and a group of YoungS-tmost as comfortable and convenient tgovernment has been very helpful and - . ~ ~o ~ne ~ooan~y consmereu as mg tow pries s and ae 'spaper r, pori "~rSias our own modern Pullman system, - maue ~ne greates~ success ~urmg zne who were there to welcome him toi! a~ ng four, w'b~n'~ "~ igenerUS'u:r:~rs"~imaking large, co+;-'~algrants institu-f land ~o~uonPir~eSwt!.laenrde t:WSPe~P:::e~:e~os accommoda~l~-herwbat*nthe'r!veYit:onse sPAittt~le ::d:~ Co:tho~ioCi~Yentions year, wentto the Married Ladies' So- t~W York Lift ,,Y;un stown is a level' la, et ' , a student body of , ; the equivalent pri~e for its section ~ ~' all again." . ox-cart, automobile and other modes 900; Madras, 700; Trichinopoly, 1,- Literature Apostolate Stressed !was that of St Peter's Cathedral, ~, ~ ,t~lt~lt~ C He did not discuss the political s't- . ' " .. oz conveyance. 200, and in the Syro-Mal~bar prey-Catholic literature was emphasized Belleville "Ill Miss Meta Sten~,er ~.~. ]~. ~l~ | Decauseaatln ln~neIndiaua~nolic:ln his cnurcntrave!S'lshenol;Sa~'a'm Parishes are composed in some in-t, ince, universitieSa anacherrare located in Tri- as a most powerful factor.Geraldm the layA !prefect.i 'Th~s" 'latter Sodahty" had~he __ ,,, :. nohtics i stances of some 5,000 persons, cover-[ chur and Ch ng y. apostleship. The Rev. i distinction of having for spiritual di- . ~ .- CO~ " ~ .........of 25 s-acre miles and~ In the high schools and elemen- Fitzgibbons, S. J., of St. Lores" who rector, until his recent consecration~, rived in the United States last Tue - i ' " n - ........... I churches and chapels attend religious ] which is in line with the trad[tm s I he enjoined every .woman Sodalist to dality She is a member of Cathedral /~lt~t|e ]R~,I& ~a:ik ~:dsP::: ~:~de~:ns;:~Iservices regularly, the Archbishop de- of the Catholic Church. employ herself in some capacity inn Chapel Sodality, Toledo. She told of, __ ~ with his sister, Mrs Bernard Byrne, clared. ] A remarkable achievement of one Sodality Catholic literature program. ,,... ~. . ~ ~ of Atlantic City, N.J. India boasts of many fine churches ldiocese, the Diocese of Ranchi, which The Catholic book rack, and the The Archbishop said he expects to ~built of masonry, and among these Ilia the 40 years of ~ts estabhshment]work of pamphlet placing, also We~ne .............................................................. be ~n this country for six or seven ~are the cathedrals of Colombo of A1- 1 has a total Catholic popum~ion o~learnesuy mscussea a~ ~ne conven~m weeks, and in returning to India he tahabad and La Her. The cathedrall 240,000, is the establishment'of a Co-lOne delegate told of a successful will again visit Rome. l of Colombo has a capacity of 5,000. l operative Banking and Credit System[Catt~ohc .!~terature !n one ofthk The Rev Jose h Hurle f the Most of the chapels are the primtire for the protection of the natives, ismaner ci~ms o~ xmnms where aoo diocese, who hasPbeen hi:'seqcretary mud chapels with straw roofs. Many tending t6wards the elevation'of the]rack is maintained at the railway sta- in India for the past two years, ac- of the homes in the village are simi- economic and social life of the na-ltion and is attended by Sodahty wom- companied the Archbishop to Rome larly built. Few of the chapels or tives. ]en, assisted by Holy Name Society and to the United States. He arrived even the cathedrals have pews. I Money lenders in India, chargi?g] men. The original rack, bough~ sec- in Cleveland Saturday morning Missionaries working in harmony ~ interest at the rate of 24 per ce end-hand and originally bearing the Finds Work Satisfactory. ]n the interests of the Catholic Church per annum, are one of the curses of legend "Christian Science Literature," It's one thing to be an archbishop are from America, France, Spain, lIndia, the Archbishop said 'was painted over and now reads "Catholic Literature," the speaker SENATOR JOE T. ROBINSON The time has passed in Arkansas when political demagoguery can outweigh truth. The people of Arkansas, realizing fully the great service Senator Robinson has rendered his party, state and nation, will, on next Tuesday, August 12, by their baal'S's, roll up a tremendous victory for the state's most distinguished son. The Democrats of Arkansas will give notice by that victory to the Democrats of the nation that they fully endorse the great record of Senator Robinson and appreciate the glory has has brought to'Arkansas. Today Senator Robinson is the outstanding Democrat for the nomination for President in 1932. He still is the "moral and intellectual leader of Democrats in the Senate," as President Wo0drow Wilson thus declared him to be. LET'S MAKE ARKANSAS' POLITICAL TESTIMONIAL TO SENATOR ROBIN- SON IN THIS GREAT VICTORY FOR HIM UNANIMOUS. (This advertisement is inserted and paid for by the friends of Senator Robinson.) i iir i said A delegate from Toledo, Ohio, told of the effective system in her large Sodality of reqmring each member to buy weekly a five-cen~ pamphlet, to read it, and then to pass it or~ to someone or to leave it in a .public conveyance or public room. A woman from one of the Wash- inffton delegates spoke of using ef- fec:ive pamplets gotten out by the Paulist Press, as well as the Queen's Work series. She reported these had done untold good and brought about co aversion, some of them in jails and hospitals, where the literature cam- paign was carried on. Cincinnati, which boasts having ol(les'z established Sodality in the United States, sent numerous dele" gates. One of these gave a very good account of how her Sodality provides all the leading Catholic weeklies, as well as pamphlets, in its book racks in the vestibule 6f its parish church Tells of Catechetical Work. Miss Williams of Milwaukee told of the methods of the Catholic I~ structio~ League of Milwaukee, a val- uable system for catechetical classes of children no~ in the Catholic schools, foreign children of Catholic parentage, etc. She added that the mos~ efficient help the League receiv- ed came from the Sodalists of the diocese The Sodalities from Brooklyn were well represented, an d Monsignor l~ickey of ~he Confraternity of Chris- tian Doctrine of Brookly~t contributed much to' the inspiration and zest of the convention by his explanation of his own remarka'ble organization and by his witty commen'cs. Most successful and interesting was the informal round-table discus- sion Saturday night, in which every- one was invited to participate. Here the colored women of S~. Elizabeth's parish, Chicago, gave a most edify- ing account of their work. Philadelphia, claiming second place historically on the list of parent So- dalities of the United States, was ably represented by a group from Gesu Church, whose loudest boast is that Jt was founded by the Rev. Elder Mullah, S. J., who, coming to the Quaker City from a long study of So- dality work in Rome, made this So- dality his special care. This group has adopted a missionary in the Phil- ippines and sends him supplies and a yearly generous fund. It also con- tributes ~o ~he knowledge of Madon- na art. It boasts it was the first f l church Sodality to collect stamps and Governor Harvey Parnell "It iz my sincere hope that t:,~se who su me will not permit the road-building program di~,rupted by a change in the present efficient s~nnel el: the Highway CcmmiaM~n." JOHN E. MARTINEAIj' All manner of libelous circulars are being I out by Brooks Itays' supporters. Some are ed, which is in violation of the law: Rt us that all manner of scurrilous statements ,ill made throu , h the press and in circulars during remaining closing hours of the campaign. Hays' managers gro.w worse as they realize position grows more dezperate. Governor Parnell has waged a clean carnPuT.s based solely on his record of achievement. He refused to engage in personal abuse of his opposers;i . gO" or political mud-shngmg of any type. Your for him is a nendorsement of this high type of pea].