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August 9, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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August 9, 1930

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passed at the Asheville League of Nations in opening a hos- were on duty. ~ ....... cathedral but to the ten thousand or r.was sent to Bishop Me- housetelry therefor scholars.aS an internationalwhen the LeaguereSt" .___ Newantea5 wtt JusrlCep . Victor. Dowling of more outside the edifice,, all of' whom THE POPE CONTINUES eve ms su den~ as ~ heaid the re ,, , t ~ " ' ~ Y ~d " , p a her s c~ 1:Wor.d~ Ution is engrossed on refused his proposal the anti-clericalWORK FOR ITALIAN them altogether.If from time to ~he dis inguished jurist "~vha" " awake X@ake, Euro~& Germ Paper and the illumina- Perrier allocated a part of the menus- , . ' " " " g t of the Holy Father ~ h~.l~. , awake. QUAKE SUFFERERS tram the title of a mohon picture dlc' hough , Fatherland t,, andfUrgreen.Clrs' ThenamelY'testimon-blue' tery for this purpose.__ not recall them, this" hfe ............ would not Jilstice Do~ling replied unhe "" " The afternoon procession was an (By N C W C News Service) be bothered with them Our world . ' m~a~-impressive"a-eant ...... s of eight pagesand is MARYKNOLL MISSIONERS, .... " 'ngly that he wa ' ", v ~ o~ eccmsmstlcm Aome Au 2 I ~ o is no longei homogeneous, therefole s trul~ amazed to.and clvfl 1 , g. . ~I's Holiness P pe .i~ " " .......... " " l'fe. Innumerable organiza. . la silk-lined black morroco 'BOUND FOR ORIENT, BID .... ~ ....... ~ can no longer have a single mora" rma rim rionness looking so well and tions and unions, all witla flags a~d FAREWELL AT SEMINARY mus .,~1 continues ~o gwe ms s ..... " co * * * .. ext of the resolution isas . . ' de The Ten Commandments strong.During his stn- ;- l~.~ ~.^ banners,nart~cinat- n~^.^ ous aid to the victims of the recent no ~ ......... ~ ........... ~, ~L~ . .- ,. ~d ....... ~ho italian earth uak "is s me':ng*er represen~ ~ne moral Iunaa- added, he had had more than one o,, canopy,under which Cardinal ~,on (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) q 1 e o a ~er. rne tn - ntam of existence for the best .......... v- Faulhaber carried *~-~ ~" ...... To His Lordship Maryknoll, N. Y., July 29.~-This ops and parish priests of the afflicted people ~u,y ~a~nersment th ........ ,,, purLunll;y tO a~mire the r~^,.. ~,_., , u~e ~,esseu ~acra- ~ishop MeDevitt " ener ~ alwa , e arcnuu~e, prince, minister~ ~ the Right Rev. Philip R. evening a Departure Ceremony wasarea have kept the Holy Father in- These quotations from three let- g~' ys so fresh and vigor- parliamentarians and other civil dig- ........... ters indicate the dangerous trend of ous. During the recent ceremonies nitaries formed a c ~ormea constantly oI conamons m "h " - ortege. Priests in tl).D., Bishop of Harrisburg, held at the Major Seminary of the the earthquake region, the Monsignor ~ OUght m certain German quarters, o~ canonization, Justice Dowling con- the procession carried the relies of he past few years, as Epis- dirman of the Department of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of '- It is ironical that in the cradle of 'inued, he had observed His Holiness St. Guido, saved from the fire of 1689 Publicity of the National America, Maryknoll, N. Y., for the Spirits Chmpetta, a former engineer, trhaOsedSO-called reformation, which very closely, and had seen how easi and Mnce then preserved lathe Co~ Welfare Conf.erence, devot- nine missioners assignedto the is expected to.return today from his ~ne hue of giving the Bible ly he brae the " vent of St. Maud. The relic is to be l:~ Without stint to the cause Orient.|l ! i ,ttholic Press, and The ceremony began with the ring- as, in the performance of his ing of an Oriental bell which hangs has been stricken by a seri- in the quadrangle of the Seminary. The bell - ringers were Mr. Liu t ~ and forced to resign his Cheng Hua and Mr. Shu Hua Cheng, ther.efore, be it ,~d, That the Catholic Press two young Chinese of prominent ~a, in covention assembled, M~nchurian families who were recom- ~ " .' ., . . ! Rome, Jul 31 His Eminence health and assuring h~m that he s The relief work done oy ~ne locm~ Y "~ " " wa i a~d, it hereby tenders ,Is mended to the authorities of HolyI ................... 1.. l~orenzo Cardinal Lauri, Grand Pene being remembered m their prayers. Leghorn, Italy, July 30.--Hm Emi- clergy in ~ne ear~nqua~e a~e~ ,,,s ' " | to Bishop McDevltt in his C r o s s College in Worcester, Mass., won admiration in all quarters. The tentmry of the Holy Roman Church, He also received a number of letters I nence Eugene Cardinal Pacelli, Papal d Offers its prayers for his by Maryknoll missioners in Manchu- arish ~ri sts and vicars who were offlcmted today at the wedding of his from physicians who suggested dif ~Secretary of State, this afternoon p _ e . ~d COmplete recovery, and ria, and who have been granted free _^, ~.-n^~ :_ ,~_ _. 1._ :___._~:^.^~.. meee, Miss Alcea Raggi, of East ferent remedies and treatments for !christened the infant daughter o:f d, That the convention au- scholarships by the Rev. John M. Fox, ......... u_ ,,, ~,~ q~ ,~m,~u,a.~,~ Orange, N J, V S A, daughter of the different ailments from which t Senator Marcona m the ma ff~ e e l~xecutive Board to make S. J., President of ~Ioly Cross. organized themselves inzo nrsz-ai~,~ _" ..... " " , ' " gn "c nt -- units, and went about ministering" ~o" I t~mpPRoas~-i .... Ragi, ecclesiastical artist, to they supposed His Holiness was suf- ~villa of Prince Odescalchi, where the ar~'angements to .translate NEW VATICAN STAMPS ............... I-'G. .... oozz~, an engineer, fering I Senator is staying as a guest of the asi0n of sympathy into tan- ~ne wc~lms o~ ~ne msas~er wx~n as-1 .; me ceremony was performed in Justice Dowlin .... !Prince. The Child is Senator Mar- l, and i TO BE ISSUED SOON mirable courage and zeal. ]t;ardinal Lauri's private chapel. The g asKea leave ~o sug.~coni,s first bv his second w~~ h,~ Government assistance was organ- P~:late spoke in the course of the gest to His Holiness that he ought !former Countess Christina "-Bezz]~- d, That the secretary of the Rome, Aug. 4.--Arrangements are ized promptly and admirably. Tne] "t " -- , - ! " " yed a _.- [M ss and after the Holy Sacrifice the o try to conserve his health and en Scull Cardinal Pacelh conve. I1 be authorized to transmitI being made for the issuance of a ...... A ........ I ~ ' ~ev. Thomas J Walsh Bishop of ergy. He wondered, he said, how the ] special blessing from the Holy Fa- conauc~ of ~ne Army, ~Iascist lVllll~;la| ~T ...... 1_ , . ~ " ,,, these~ resolutions to Bishop I permanent] series of Vatican City post- ane ............ c~w~ au~normes was aoove au | ,,,~,~,ar~,Tne FopealSsentmaaehis ablesstngSnort addresS.and a ofHlYso Fathermueh bOrebusinessUP underand theabovStrain_,, i~ner'The child was christened Maria tion was signed by Rev. age stamps " praise, it' has been said. In the places gift. " of so man -" , e ,m, ! Electra Elena Anna. The Duchess .. y aumen~es. At tha -. The stamps are to be of different that have suffered most damage, re- . The couple left for Taormma, Sm~- t me i of Laurenzana represented Queen rson., S.J., editor of types and colors, according to their :o:struetion work has been begun ac-lY,es:here Signor Sozzi has a villa ment the Papal hall was filled with i Elena of Italy, who was the god- New York; PatriCk F. ]respective values. The subjects that On the whole, it is said, the dam- couple will make their home in thi~ to pass, to address them and to give attended by many government and editor of "The are to appear on the stamps are: a o ding'to anti-earthquake plans. P nted him as a wedding gift. The people waiting for the Holy Father ]mother by proxy. The ceremony was and Vincent P. age, though serious; was infinitely city. them his hand to kiss. Such audiences diplomatic officials and members of ~ means to us that nothing is II "~"~" .......... ore desirable than that Catholic ~Pers a ........ ~[ ~ , A Cathohc Paper Is a . **u ~-atllouc hterature 'I~ I~ . ~a~Id have a large circulation, as ~1 Perpetual M~sslon--- , ~;t every .....y h ....... Y ][ I po_~ T ...... ~a ~s0d reading which instructs ~ [[ l-~u ~,~o -'~s~a. ] u Warns, and strengthens and ~[ ometes the Christian virtues. ]] Ik "The Guardian in every 1 ~!I Home"--Our Motto. ] __ OFF'IClAI__ ORGAN OF_ THE. DIOCESE_ OF LITTLE ROCK t Formerly Archbishop" Mooney Ill MOTHER OF FIRST ]PREMIER MIcDOON , .... Official of Labor in Clevela-J ' I u s OFFICER KILLED l ATTENDS PASSION PLAY Gen. O Ryan to. German Eucharistic . . ttu rlOSpl all HoNoRs FRENCH DEADI N.Y. Memorial Group Con ress Was Union to Visit U.S. I l g . . . Great IYN C. W. ~. News Service.) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ] ~-'~. -- Oberammergau, Bavaria, Aug 3.-- B N . t Exhibition of Faith '-~on, July 2~ ~ ,~,~.~ ,,,h ...... Cleveland, O, Aug 2 --The MostI By M. ~vmssiani [Prime Minister J Ramsay MacDon-I (.~Y C. W. C. News Servme.) t 'e~ly a labor-'Yn~o:'~'~.5~'~" ~ Rev. Edward A Mooney, Anostolie I (Paris Correspondent, .N. C W C ] aid attended the Passion Play today [~ ~m~ny,,N. y, Ag. 3.- Maj.-Gen. Cologne .~.h, ~'-9"~W~,o ~ .... " "--~*~,~,-,~ ~'-. " -- . " " " oonn r oll an who I o , ---~ -.-.----..,- ~ucnarlslae ed Wins .Delegate to Indm, who has been visit News Service ) ]for the fourth time The whole corn I, . Y , commanded New ....... b ..... . . " . "York s troops in the World War has l~ngress 3usz neid at Sp~res, is said orough, of Cardiff--is " .~ murat tender , , g here in a few days for his mg hm family home m Youngstown, Pm~o, July 28.--Mrs. Charles Fltz- . . Y ed England s Premmr,be . to have been the reatest Christi Visit to th~ lT,~it~a ~ .--~.-~^ ~fs in a ho~pital here sufferin~ from ~simons, mother of the first American his ~wo daughters and their nartv a - e~ e!ected chan man of the com-~demons,.._,, ...... _g~ ..... all ........ ~, wuctt=. ~ "- " j Dlne~l world Wa ~,~,u. u~e camearai has w~r~ ~itl Study social problems. ..... acute bronchltm" ..... and smumhs, ~t has offlcm" killed' m" the World War, a rousing" ovation despite a heavy~ ram] mgton" Memormlr" c:dd:t::gse'Wash'l~ in thin, nessed in all its 900 years . era looking forward to my tri'a been learned. Physicians attending Catholic, placed a palm on the tomb that poured down upon this section of t t. -, ~ ^ ~ The Holy Father had s~nt h great en~ ........ * .... ,'~ .~.~ Archbishop Moonev declared how ]of the Unknown Soldier at the Are]the country. /s~a.~, which willprobablyb= th=icia1 ~o~.+o ~o ~--- .msp~ , -o ...... 0, ,~ ~0,, v,= - ' "' . , uioinIor " " -~.-~, -~.o ~mmence uardina~ "W. C New.~ .Ror,~o, ,0 ........ ~ I ever, that the illness is "not serious" [ de Wrmmphe in the name of the Gold [ Mayor Hans Mayr and Hans Geor-e I g . g fern determining the form, yon Faulhsho,- A-~hh~ ........... ,, . ........... r~pvuu-] . , . . o *ariaskeo~ zne pro osed memorials .... , ,.-~. .... ~nop OI iVl.Unlcn. It will mean ...... ~^_, .^~ and that hm condi'ion was "fairly iStar Mothers. She was accompamedlLang, d~rector of the Passion Play, l P " I Des,qte a "ouri .... : ...... . . ,~ ~a~ ucat ~u ~ ~ ! . ..... .. ' [ , v V -~ ram plans,xor nm ~~lnY future work concelnin'~" s so- good" this evening. , Iby her daughter, .... Mrs. Julia West. ]wm~eu mr._ vmcDonahl,. who expressed ] r~ . . , ,., , reception were carried out. The Pp.- ~0blems in this coun'-rv " Mrs. Fltzsammo.ns arrived m France ]hm pleasure at being able to witness] l~octors in U. ~. i pal Legate was welcomes ~,, h~ ~* ~ays he looked to the United[GRAND CHARTREUSE t with group K, which comprised 234 j tbe hmtor:c performance again, t "Prescribed" for Rev. Ludwig Sebastian, Bihb0p of as. the "~reat bulwafl~ of the I HOSTELRY'S ONLY GUESTS mo~hers and widows. Interrogated by [ The Prime Minister and his party ~ __, ~ Spirhs, and Dr Held Bay r ' " ' " " ,. I , a Ian primo m the o1,.~,,,~;,,o i .... [ DEPART UPON PROTEST,journahsts she made the followm~/wfll leave for Innsbruck tomorro v llness of Pone .............. se ...... ~....g ~ ....... , ,., ~ ~ .. ~ --m~er. ~ smemn procession es- ~ea,,, he says, "is the hon-.e of] - statement: [ _.___--'~~ I By Ms"r Enri 4. . :colted him to the caVhedral where ~cy and of reward for efficion- 1 By M. Mass."anl, I. have always ardently desired to |DANtI~:Rou5 TREND I..~ _ -s co ~'ucc~ Msgr. Seydel. Auxiliary Bisho Of ~:,~here initiative ..... en~nusmsm-' -~ ~ (ParisCorrespondent, ..... N C W C Ifvisit the grave of my son. I am in- ,/ SHOWN IN REPLIES Itl~ome Corespondent, .... N: C. W. C. i Vmnna, ~e" a.d the" Panal brief" P C - . ~'~ ews ~ervlee , - " OUraged and welcomed" the I News Sermce.) thmtely grateful to the French a n d | TO GERMAN QUES~IION / ....... ) , On Sunday, just after a sermon On sa , ' Paris lul 2 " 'Ameri a r a , ! ] ~ome, amy z~.--A humorous inc~ , " ~' feguard of the Church s in-t . , , y 8.--Following letterst .. c n governments fo h: "rag fa-I -~ ---'~ dent connected wi*~- ....... ' .,-: The Reconciliation of Nations, Con- ~COnservatism ,, ox pro~ess aooressed to him because eiti~ated this pilgrimage, ~nanks to t~erim--- Some months ago the ~,, --~ recen~ wine-:fessions and "~'--- " .... '- " i .... ~ s read ~. ~ t~atsaes, oeilvered~ Dy ~::W~nsborou~,h is vi~i~i-~, h,-]of hm occupancy of the hostelry ~whmh a great .number of American I L~terarmehe Welt put the following P. , but ent]ielyg~oundless, re-:Archabbot Wal ..... r~...;.^~..w^ ~:Rew York ~W~l:h,~t~,: "'~)~,~ opened for foreign univers:Ay profes-imothers will come to know the sacred question to ,veil known persons in va-ipr~ of the illness of His Holiness,' Pa-oal Let, ate w.~"",,..~';.'i ~',,~,'~'~,~'~:. ~..7 ~' ~ort "ar.'.,~':"7;,~".:~,:"..~.':'~:-isrs in the monastery of the Cr'~nde ]spots where repose the remains of rious walks of life" "What do -ou rove Plus XI, has been brought to !eeriea ,.,~: ,~._ ~'" .:~.'. .......... ''~" ~;_ ., a~,,=. ~......g'. ,~..~l --~- ; _. " ", I , . , " - " I H~he .. ; u ~.~u tae ca~neflral accom an- ~:i.tie hn ........ -'--^-, .... : .....IGhartreuse, Prof. Vestrup of Copen-!their children IthinK oi the modernity of the Tent"'~'-~" " ~ied b,, +~-~ A..~.*..'-~.__ _" .~ ~P - ~.dreases ...... ~u ,o g,w ~eV:,hagenand his Wife have departed "I have the sad privilege of havin lCommandments?'' The editor {t concerns theMarquis Joseph the ]3 o~,,:_~amyerg, '~ " '" , ~ ' x-elle , . - .- ........... , vv uerzDurg, ;!W~nsbor ........ [The hosteh'y has thus lost after only t been the first to ffix;e mine for the [recewed a tlood of letters contain~n,, grm~ Quaronto.tb a member of 1Shires Pas~ ..... ~ ...... , uugta was Deiore sis or- I - ~ . ' ~ the Pope's, Noble Gual ~- , , ,~,. ,.,u ~uxemourg, tne ~, a trade union orfioi-" ~-dia few days its first and only guests. ;cause of liberty. He was attached to Jhverse opmmns but pracheally all J . . "d, who Is ab. Auxiliary B;shon~ ,, ~**:-.~..;~.-- He i* oh~;~7.~."'2 I The first letter of protest received the Harvard Medical Corps. He was/indieating a serious approach to the Is,n~ on his honeymoon in America. lSalkbur2 and v;~..."~-,-~''-~-~,n~,":~ ~,tholic Social duil~['G-Gles by Prof. Vestrup was from M. Garie], ikilled during the bombardment by l qucst,on. The Marqms was in New Yoi~k when of Bem~on th/Ab};:~s--: ~tcnaot~o~. V ~ " ' " - . : a " " ' , . OI A.UgSDUr ~..Iaerabe, ~ ~ ~,~;~.~ ~...~ i president of the ex-serwce men's or- I Germans of the hospital at Ypre~ J Yore" questmn sm'pr~sed me " one I1 e read m the newspapers the alarm- INeuburr, ~ ~ ++ ....... g': ~Oard gamzahon, the Anmens Con, battants. [ "But it was not to serve our coun-Iwrote, for meal,t-,ring after readin~ ]]~1g rHP'tthat.the {~ol~,.Father was ]Schw,,rt ach, Premier Held, c~hinet !~'Winsborouo.h ~ ..... f ~h ...... f After that many others wrote to h'm. [ try alone tha~ William entered the |your letter upon what I should reply, i " e cameo mameom~elv to Prince Imembers ,secret--:~' ,~-- ~ ,- - ~eS"s t ....... " One letter from the Patr erie League war In 1914 he took part in the I had to admit that I do not even AldohrandmL h~s commander-m-chief of the Cl, o ..... D~." .... , -, u receive an lnv]tal~lon CO ~ ' " ' . .. " " ....... ;,,]a,* a~-~u~,~a ~ t,l]e resi'- tu "lef~ -..'--o,, ~ ,~.~.~.~, r~.~ 1f French Women of Grenoble spoke formation of the Red Cross in Bel-Iknow what there ~s to question in expressing h~s deep regret that the ~e-* ^~ ~ ...... g' .. p .. ~l to th%,~'"2~..;~;~-2:;:;.,.,2; ifor 11,000 women of the department glum and he never ceased to lavish tl~e Ten Comandments" -Anoth. r Pope wasill, and announe,ng ~taat he "f;:.~:~e;'~.['.::_ :ava, lau l/~m2tag, ~ne ,-- ~ ,~, " I " " " ' . ' ~ ~ " " 1 " tA'uWn L rlnce r;.oclo[pllo o[ Da- ' 1)ohcy, and" ......... received"~'~'"'";heart2 of Isere. Another from a professor I Ins" 'care upon the woundea. ~Urote:~ The, Ten Commandments, are t;~xas ready, to return to Vatican. City, l'.varia, Aachduke' E_,ugene,' as re resen-' '~ at th- -,--, " i at the University of Grenoble, be-I "At first he wqs buried at Ynres {neither good nor bad; they constitute mmedmtely upon notification bv hi~ ~*-*: ...... ~ ...... 'P 'A "- t:xlu. ' ~" " . .... , , ~ , .. ~ ~,~lve O1 1he l-lOUSe O1 l-/ta )SDIlrg, 1; ~ sought hm~ as "colleague" and "corn- but hm body was moved to lhe Somme a h~stmm document whmh belongs in Cmmander" When thin message be- rectors "o* r~ ........... tl ... ne " " . ' . " " of antiquity They will' came P.nown i., the headquarters of !other re~ ...... ~a un,~ersmes ana ' A TEND R ]lade" to qmt the hostelry Cemetely You can ~magme nay emo I ~res E S " th ~ " " t ~enta.~ves of the national T~ e ............ t ' ..... i n at the thought of soon kneelinr, [ -" r" ' society di- " .... ~ . .n and state and mnn;Mnnl ,~ .......... ~,,; I The Monks ~eze dI~ven from the[~ o nbt be modmmzed In a e Noble ~uards, who hod bee J ' o~tivira,tnx iv /famous monaster drain th ,, ' were that da~ do ........ ~'~" *" .... " ..... ~'~ " r* ...............I Y : g e Combes before his grave [vtd:'d rote classes such as ours, they l " ." mff dutv in the Pc-] The ,~ontifico~ ~*- .......... " -- persecution m .1903. Upon their re- The first Aw..erlcans killed by the c~uld not have equal moral value for p, 1 Apartments durm~ the re~ularlby Cardinal Le-ate yon .... N, c w ..... .... ]turn to France they occupied it by enemy after the United States en- a~l classes." ]au,henee hours, it caused ~reat tI~ruckner's M-~.~ ~'*" ~aumaoe~. '" "~" ~'~-~ ~""~-- vir - , ~ all] . ~oo .,, ~-xvllnor wa3 sun 9, July p,~ a ......... a].. rue of a !ongte~m lease. Leon tered the war were Lt, Fitzsimmons ~The latter opinion is voiced art.. usement" The reachon of the Ibv the Sniro~ ~l.oa,~ r-~. .... ~ ~i~ -." -~" ;"" ~-~'~-,~"~ I rernre, pres:dent of the general and P,qv,to~ ~,o.~ ~,..~.: ....... ~,.~.. ~_,~,~ .... . ....... " j tiuards, incidentaI1v, illustrated ....... ! - - . ....................... , .,a~e(l copy oi a resom~ion ....... :, _e v .... - .......... ~", ~.u~.o tt~lo, s4|va~w~ ~vngLH Ill SLllt another letter: I , , ..... "~,* lsecoml sermon was preached bv Ab- :the svmnathv of the 'Catho- t [ .... cH u~ ~sere ana ~ormer cab:net Woods, all members of U. S. Base "if tile churches did not impress:l cieamy the falmty Of the report that I bot Glo er of . , " ss4ia;ion % Rev ier' a van age of the faet .ospit I No They were killed these commandments so stroogly in had spread abroad I A gsburY on :eD 'vitt in h;, iUn~ .... ;;])na~, ~neore~,, the Grand Char- 10:55 p. m., September 4, 1917, when the mind of youth up throudh the] in this conneet~nn ....... Ivior theAl-,',~*...~Y--~~;~:~- ;-'*- _ - ........... ~-, ...,u ~reuse Delonrrs Ea "1-1-.,:-. .~..~.....,...... a e .. . ~ .. , . , . ............. ,ere aS another I, --~a..~a ~,,ru ,x t,e ~a- ~ts.nraveI~ ...f~- has" spe, ed, ..... "2 , ~. ~-~ ~v.~.-,ent otGerman Domes Iell on a Brit'sh hos ms~ cn'cumvomtmn, One could be sur I strikm ~ncl ...... thedlal " AmpIifiers transm~tte "- " ~sere fie firs~ tried to interest the ' * " " '- ~ " ~ " "dent. During an audience " " ' ' ' d the " " at Dannes-Camlers, where they that among the proletarmt of the clt- I^, ......... , _ ',. sermon not only to thousands in the .-~ sume ~u ~ura~mn that he cathe~,~l t ~t to the " ~n t] aes and among the intellectuals, par- . . . . , .... . , . tieularly those who are not Catholics ~an~ a to usrlc ~ v~c:or Do~,l ng of more ~tsi e the edifi 'e, al I T . ' hundreds of thousands would fqrget New York, Pope Pros suddenly asked heard the preacher's call: ~nanaging editor of "The Catholic Review," Balti- ~embers of the committee lt~tion was also signed by editor of "The Detroit, the then and by j. H. Meier, pub- :'The Catholic Press Direc- the secretary of the pea'trait of His Holiness Pope Plus XI; coat-of-arms of Pope Plus XI; a panoramic view of Vatican City, a view of St. Peter's Square and the Basilica; a vi.ew of the Holy Father's palace from St. Peter's Square and a view of the Vatican Gardens with the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica in the background. The new series of stamps will ap- pear only after the provisional ~ssue has been exhausted. This is expected to be in a few months' time. less than was reported in some ,pa- pers, particularly American. The Pontifical Hospital of the In- fant Jesus, 'supported by the Ameri- can Chapter of the Knights of Malta, cffered ten beds for children who were victims of the earthquake. Fath- er Moneta, chaplain of Littorio Hos- C, U. PROFESSOR HONORED BY POPE \ Rome, Aug. 4.---His Holiness, Pope Plus XI, on the recomm.endation o: the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jame~ H. Rva~ Rector of the Catholic University of from what seemed to be certain death.mestic prelate take place every day, and Justice Dowling suggested that, at least, the Holy Father might be saved this strain. Pope Plus smiled kindly upon Jus- tice Dowling and said that it was im- Uossible to give up these audience;, because there were so many gee{ souls that waited to see him,, ~nd te them his presence brought oy and af- fected much good. the aristocracy. Refreshments were served in the extenMve park of pines, cypresse~ and eucalyptus trees after the chris- tening. The villa overlooks the sea where SenatOr Marconi's yacht con- taining his floating laboratory, was anchored, gay with decorations. The Senator is experimenting with short wave beam wireless and:he and his wi~e will resume their traveI~ ~board the Electra after a stay of several months here.