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August 7, 1970     Arkansas Catholic
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August 7, 1970

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PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 7, 1970 Declaration CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Population Control." It referred to "disincentives" to limit the children in a family and proposals for enforcing this limit by government fiat, and then asserted: "...this certainly is not social justice. On the con- trary, it is an invasion by govern- ment into a field outside its author- ity..." The Declaration refers to na- tional leaders who "would de- crease the population rather than increase the supply of food." After citing the teachings of Pope Paul VI in "Humanae Vitae," the Declaration cites the attitude of right-thinking legislators and as- serted: ,'There is hope.. "." PERSONAL RENEWAL The Declaration on "Renewal of Catholic Persons," presented by C.C.U.A. President Richard F. Hemmerlein of Syracuse, N.Y., emphasized that "any renewal that does not conform with the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church is a false renewal and must therefore be avoided..." "The loyal Catholic," the Declaration said, "will...give priority to i n t e r i o r disposition rather than to overt action, social or otherwise... "A positive mark of the renewed Catholic," it continued, "will be his spiritual childhood, in the spirit of the Little Flower of Jesus, and his active participation in the Church's liturgy, as approved by the Holy See...Without compro- mise, he will seek brotherhood with all men of good will, ir- respective of particular religious beliefs, promoting as the (Vatican) Council suggests, 'whatever is true, whatever just, whatever holy, whatever lovable'...The genuine Catholic will turn frequently to HRYUHT Any size lus available, from xlmol bus te luxGry air con- difloned coaches. HOUSTON. BIGFJLOW BUS LINES ARROW COACH LINES 2715 W. 10th 666-9891 Principles Cove study, to spiritual reading and meditation and to fruitful dialogue with fellow Catholics of like mind and spirit..." "Finally, the Catholic person truly renewed has no problems of identity. He knows full well who he is, why he is here on earth, and where he is going from here..." PARISH RENEWAL The Declaration on "Parish Re- newal," presented by The Rev. Ray- mond Schuerman of St. Louis, re- viewed misconceptions concern- ing the subject and deplored the belief held by some that many parochial practices must be dis- carded simply because they are old. "...In the minds of many Catholics," it said, "parish re- newal means only one thing -- change...But this was far from the minds and intentions of the Fathers of the (Vatican)Council... "Parish renewal...means in the first place a renewal of our own individual lives...the willing- ness to work harmoniously with all members, even though they may not share all our views...We must desire the restoring of our parishes to the state of life most conducive to the spiritual good of all. We must welcome change if it will be of real spiritual benefit to the people..." PRIESTLY CELIBACY In the Declaration on"Priestly Celibacy," the convention laid stress on the obligation of the faithful to help priests live holy lives. It attributed rebellion against priestly celibacy to the modern world's permissiveness. "In recent years," the Declara- tionasserted, "due largely to the spirit of permissiveness that has made inroads even among the clergy, the question of the need of clerical celibacy has been re- opened... "Our best reaction to this sub- ject," it continued, "...can be summed up in Pope Paul's own words: 'Priestly virtue is a treasure that belongs to the whole Drs. Bunten & Thessing CHIROPRACTIC OFFICF 510 So. Pulaski, Little Rock Phone 374-5902 rs Wide Range Church. It is an enrichment and a splendor above the ordinary, which redounds to the building up and profit of the entire people of God'," the Declaration as- serted continuing its quotation from Pope Paul. " 'We wish there- fore to address to all the faith- affectionate and urgent exhortation. We feel that they too feel responsible for the virtue of those brothers of theirs who have undertaken the mission of serving them in the priesthood for the salvation of their souls. They should pray and work for liriestly vocations; they should help priests wholeheartedly, with filial love and ready collaboration; they should have the firm intention of offering them the consolation of a joyous response to their pas- toral labors. They should en- courage these, their fathers in Christ, to overcome the diffi- culties of every sort which they encounter as they fulfill their duties with entire faithfulness to the edification of all. They should foster the spirit of faith and of Christian love, a deep respect and a delicate reserve in their dealings with priests, on account of their condition as men entirely consecrated to Christ and the Church...' " ANSWER TO REVOLT In proclaiming "Catholicity, the Answer to Revolution," another Declaration observed that "modernity was founded in re- utter hostility to the truth of man, to the truth of God, to Catholic and civilized order... "Modernity has come to matur- ity," it continued, "in the revolu- tionary ideology of totalitarianism- the total state - which seeks to make man a god, to realize a 'civitas dei' within history: by war, by genocide, by reducing men to automata by social con- ditioning..." The Declaration asserted: "It is not chance that theChurch calls separated Christians to it- self, not chance that it commands Catholics to penetrate and to suf- fuse secular life -- to witness to the truth of Christ before the world. It is not chance that the Church commands Catholics to shed their trivial concerns, their petty interests, to submit them- selves to the transfiguring grace of God: to make His will, His truth, His redemption, theirs-- utterly..." THE MEDIA Dr. A. J. App of Philadelphia presented the Declaration on "Communicatiols Media a n d Social Justice," which insisted that "...the C(mlmunications media should promote social jus- tice m harmony with Christian principles. For Catholics these !ave been declared the papal en- cyclicals and other episcopal teachiilgs..." This Declaration noted that the media have endorsed thr, right to unionize, to u living wage, to limited work hours and overtime pay, to vacations and sick leave, to special safeguards for women and children. And tile press has condeinned racial and religious discrimination. "...The rights andprivilees of all these KrOtll)S haw t)een publicized," t h e stat**ment as- .(;el'ted, but "thl,ir ('orrt,i)(.)|I(iiil.. ' duties and responsibilities hay(, not. The media need todeclar,,that ,miployees h:lw-, tilt_! (lu/y lo W()l'k as efl'iciellI]) ;is [hL'y v,()ll](] Wall{ '.tit (qllpll)5eL 01' theirs Io work, tha.t higher piy IllUb[ ill 1)riw'ipl, [)(' a('('(Hllptliit*d 1)V hiffIl!r pr(l(hl(,- tiviIy, tidal the right to strike is liluiIed, that property alJd h(d,; IIIU,4t [)I' hal](ll'd like ()no"4 ()WII, The{Ouardioan Official "Publication of the ' f tittle tock Published Weekly by The Guardian Press, Inc., 2500 N. Tyler St. Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1911, at @,e, office of Little Rock, Arkansas, under the Act of Congress  March 8, 1897. "1" " " Second-class postage paid at   Little Rock, Arkansas w. @ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $5.00 the year in the United tess t" Canada $6.50 - Foreign $7.50 The Guardian is the official publication of the Diocese of Little Rock. It proved its worth during the many years of its existence. It merits hearted support of the priests and people of the diocese. With this help, its goal, as an instrument of Catholic Action, can be achieved. ALBERT L Bishop of Little EDITOR RIGHT REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph.D. Mount St. Mary's Academy, Little Rock, Ark. 72207 MANAGING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER MR, WILLIAM W. O'DONNELL MR, AUGUST PROBST. JR, Address All Departments P. O. Box 7417 Telephone Me 6=0286 ` FOREST PARK STATION -- ZIP CODE 72207 Business Hours 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Saturday, major National Holidays and Holy Days of Obligation. that one may not steal from the employer nor tolerate it in fel- low workers. "The media," the Declaration continues, "must not let concern for racial justice and civil rights degenerate into permissiveness of racial violence, vandalism, and general lawlessness. They may not glamorize racial and other re- volutionaries. They must not sen- timentalize the criminal at the expense of the victim, seem to side with the lawbreaker more than with the law-abiding, show more concern for the life of the criminal than the effectiveness of the police..." VOCATIONS On "Vocations," the convention declared that the current "dearth of vocations can partially be re- solved by words of encouragement and by prayers for our young people that they may have the courage and the love to accept the challenging call of the religious vocation. "A worthwhile goal," the Decla- ration continued, "would be: - to make the world better because one is there; to make the Christian community fulfill its functions, to lead others to the goal of heaven..." self...Most of our youn and this includes those college, are good, seek goals, and refuse to be precipitate actmn or toward legal ends. "We are, however, reaping results of a godless where materialistic dominate, and advise that the e justifies the means. "Dissent, where lawful using legitimate means, is able. It was the glory of martyrs, the heroes and patriots of the past. "It may not become mob accompanied by crimes, sucli unlawful entry, sit-ins, and battery and arson. A tion of the law of God can be condoned even for a sacf purpose. "Our young people must SEE DECLARATION ON pG, Serving Pine Bluff end South-East Arkansas for 40 yurs THE YOUNG With regard to "Our Young People," the convention asserted that "tile generation gap has al- ways existed 'psychologically'," but "at least tile younger gen- erations of the past exhibited a greater respe('l for their elders and for duly ('onstituted author- ity... "Undoubtedly," it c o n t i n u e d, "beneattl the youthful restlessness and estrangement appears a quest for moral norms. These must be sought, as our Holy Father warns, irl the natural law, and in the search ultimately for Christ tiinl- 3 Locations @ 4520 Dollarway Rd. Hwy. 65 South at Brentwood Dr. 26th & Cherry Shoe Repair & Dyeing Shoe Prescription 42 Yrs. In Downtown L.R. 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