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August 6, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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August 6, 1982

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Figures recently released by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops show there are now 5,175 permanent deacons and 2,352 diaconal candidates in formation in the U. S. In 13 dioceses, deacons number 100 or more, with the Archdiocese of Chicago counting easily the largest number, 411, in the nation. Others are Newark, 187; Hartford, 182; New York, 165; Trenton, 153; Galveston-Houston, 131; Boston, 124; Detroit, 113; Washington, 111; Baltimore and Toledo, 107 each; Milwaukee, 106, and San Antonio, 101 Full acceptance of permanent deacons in church life, especially by priests, and the role of the deacon's wife (93 per cent of the deacons are married) remain two of the problems still causing concern. On balance, the development of the diaconate program has been one of the finest flowers of Vatican II. -- VJG Our Sunday Visitor Huntington, Ind. Essays in Theology Assault Upon Bishops By Father Richard P. McBrien A new assault is being launched against the U.S. Catholic bishops and it is coming this time from the right, not the left. The charge against the bishops is threefold and it is sometimes put in the form of questions. First, what right do the bishops have to speak on issues which are political in character, e.g., U.S. foreign policy on El Salvador, nuclear disarmament, Reaganomics? Secondly, what right do the bishops have to speak on such issues in the name of the rest of the Church? Thirdly, in speaking out on such issues, do not the bishops compromise their pastoral roles as unifiers of the Church at both sacramental and doctrinal levels? When Quentin Quade (pronounced "Quad"), the executive vice-president of Marquette University, made precisely this kind of case against the bishops in a recent issue of the Catholic Herald (the archdiocesan weekly paper in Milwaukee), he was rebutted in the letters-to-the editor column by no less than the Archbishop of Milwaukee himself. "What frightens me most about Dr. Quade's article," Archbishop Rembert Weakland wrote, "is its deja vu nature. I heard these same theses personally from very high government officials in Poland and Hungary just a few years back. "It was expressed usque ad nauseam during the Hitler and Mussolini period. In fact, during every fascist and totalitarian regime, it seems to reappear in South America to stifle the voice of the Church or make its statements so vague and dis- incarnated that it becomes pointless. 'The Church should stay out of politics,' theykee p crying. "I would rather applaud a hierarchy that struggles with the moral issues in our political life and tries to reflect with all the faithful of them in concrete situations in the light of the Gospel and Christian teaching and tradition," the Archbishop concluded. Two weeks later, Dr. Quade responded to the Archbishop's letter in a manner that reflects the changing mood and temper of the Catholic right. It was tough and hard- hitting: the kind of com- bative, non-conciliatory style that one would have expected from the anti-"Humanae Vitae" left, not the pro- "Humanae Vitae" right. This is not to suggest that Dr. Quade was out of order in his response, or that he did not raise legitimate counter- questions. I'm only calling attention to the style, not condemning it. Dr. Quade's counter- rebuttal to Archbishop Weakland was apparently composed and mailed to the paper before the publication, in the intervening week, of an article from a member of Marquette's Department of Theology, Father Matthew Lamb. If Archbishop Weakland failed, as Dr. Quade charged, to answer point-by-point the questions he (Quade) had raised about the U.S. hierarchy's pronouncements on political issues, Father Lamb succeeded in doing so. Regai'ding question No. 1: Father Lamb called attention to specific teachings in Vatican II's Decree on the Bishops' Pastoral Office in the Church (n. 13) and throughout the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, which itself speaks authoritatively not only on marriage, the family and sexuality, but also Pope John Paul 11 has urged Catholics to make known their reactions to presentations by the press, radio, and television. Guardian readers may do this by mailing their com- ments to: Com munications Department Diocese of Little Rock P.O. Box 7417, Little Rock, Ark. 72217 Letters will be duplicated and forwarded to networks, stations, sponsors or newspapers involved. Question: - Did Jesus really have long hair? St. Paul says: "Does not nature itself teach you that it is dishonorable for a man to wear his hair long, while the long hair of a woman is her glory?" (I Cor 11:14). Also, would this prove that the Shroud of Turin is not authentic since it has the image of a man with long hair? A. -- The men of Jesus' time in Israel did wear their hair long, so the Shroud of Turin's authenticity is not affected in this regard. But in Greece at the time Paul is writing to the Greek City of Corinth, men wore their hair short. Long Letters to the Editor arguing from propriety, not from divine law. As we know, customs concerning hair cross lJ a ca hair was considered ef- would not invalidate the Question: -o r ! feminate. Paul is concerned marriage, the Creed that Christian disregard for Mass? --bus A - The vails o the social prejudices in these Question: - What are the struction on!f St.. peripheral matters of dress names of the seven angels and grooming will bring the whostand before the throne of Missal provid s um Church into disrepute. He is God? I know of Michael, ',The Creed is tthe c Gabriel and Raphael. Who are the other four? styles and beards can change quickly from time to time and from place to place. Question: - My husband and I lived together before we were married in the Catholic Church. I did not confess this and wonder if I am validly married. A. -- This factor in itself A. -- The Church honors by name the three archangels you mention. According to Tobit 12:15, there are four others, but they are not named in the biblical text. The apocryphal Book of Henoch (with questionable authenticity) gives the names of the other four as Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and Jeramial. priest with , stat.u Sundays and |nscn feasts; it may ro.ft special celebd ot .m have a m ssln character" (pal, xXI -4on tO Father Jemncil. questions froze Be subscribers. associ should be adl. We Rev. Jerotions O.S.B., New slere ar 7.  Italim "t the' nd wh m in $I Disloyalty to God Dear Editor: There has been a growing disloyalty within the Catholic Church, since the death of Pope Pins XII, to Jesus Christ Who is God, to His Divine Person and to Him in the Blessed Sacrament. To build up proud man, in his own eyes, the idea of Rousseau and Marx, that man is "naturally good" is being preached and taught, while reverence and love for Our Divine Savior is not. The proud Modernists hold on to some notion of God. But they seek to rob God of His authority. Naturally, they attempt to do the same thing to Christ's Mystical Body, the Catholic Church. The Pope, in whom Jesus Christ has vested .on culture, education, socio- economic life, politics and issues of war and peace. More to the point, the Pastoral Constitution declares that the Church and its bishops have "the right to pass moral judgments, even on matters touching the political order, whenever basic personal rights or the salvation of souls make such judgments necessary" (n. 76). Regarding question No. 2: Sometimes bishops do indeed speak only for themselves; at other times they speak as pastoral leaders of their own dioceses; and at other times they speak as a body in the name of the whole nation (as in statements of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops) or of the whole Church (as at Vatican II). One has to take each pronouncement as it comes. (To be sure, Dr. Quade is not suggesting that the bishops' teachings are no more authoritative than those of any other member of the Church. ) Regarding question No. 3: Bishops who speak out on politically divisive issues, which nonetheless have a clear moral dimension, preserve sacramental and doctrinal unity "by aiding the whole church to discern how their political stands are informed by the moral and religious meanings and values informing the church's sacramental and doctrinal life." Father Lamb continued: "If their stands are not so informed, they will not stand up to the test of the Spirit and the Lord of history who guide the church -- as the documents of Vatican II make clear..." Spokespersons of the new Catholic right sometimes appeal to Pope John Paul II to The Guardian welcomes letters to the editor. Letter writers should strive to be concise and accurate. A letter must bear the writer's signature, but the writer's name will be withheld from publication on request. Letters will be edited to conform to space requirements and standards of good taste.--The Editors. supreme authority, is always their chief target. You can always spot a Modernist. They are full of love for everyone -- except the one whose supreme authority comes from God -- the Pope. What business has Father McBrien writing about Faith, when it is the Faith of Catholics he is working hardest to destroy? Cardinal Newman asks, "Now, in the first place, what is Faith? It is assenting to a doctrine as true, which we do not see, which we cannot prove, because God says it is true, Who cannot lie. And further than this, since God know the Father, but the Son, and he to whom it shall please the Son to reveal Him." Father McBrien, like all Modernists, doesn't want to know the Living and True God. They would rather fantasize, do away with a Visible God in Christ Jesus, and a Visible Church, Christ's Body. Why did Jesus suffer his cruel Passion and Death? So that Father McBrien could go around talking about "ex- periencing God?" About having God disclosed to him in one way or another? Why have our churches lost their warmth? Why is there says it is true, not with His little sacred about our own voice, but by the voice of liturgies? Is it not because we His messengers, it is have lost our God? Is it not assenting to what man says, not simply viewed as a man, but to what he is com- missioned to declare, as a messenger, prophet, or ambassador from God..." Father McBrien writes, "to have Faith means to know God, to have experienced God, to have had God disclosed to us, in some way or another." Not a word about Jesus Christ. And yet, "No man has seen God at any time, the Only Begotten Son, Who is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him." And "No one knoweth the Son but the Father; neither doth anyone' because our hearts and minds are no longer centered on Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Father Charles McGinnis Benedictine Manor Hot Springs Use Talents Dear Editor: support their case. The Pope, they assert, insists that the Church must never intervene in the political order. Although there are many papal statements to the contrary on the public record, his physical embrace of Bishop Helder Camara of Brazil in the summer of 1980 spoke louder than all of his formal pronouncements. No Catholic bishop has been more "politically divisive" than Camara and yet the Pope embraced him, knowing full well the symbolic effect of his gesture. One final comment: The Catholic right has every "right" to criticize the hierarchy and to demand sound arguments from the hierarchy in support of its teachings. Such freedom must characterize the People of God. But the Catholic right should at least have the decency now to stop effecting a more-Ca tholic-than-thou pose when instructing their benighted liberal brethren on the virtues of loyalty to the magisterium. So much attention hs been focused on the poor and disadvantaged lately that sometimes we forget the parable of the talents. God expects us to use our talents to the best of our ability and multiply them. People that have become successful or "rich" are THOr /as e supporting the n le su  our Sometimes,  _, angry when I he  . e n stories that a .- nrtst priests outside ling Mass So manl t - , ur., the priests a so , not having a j0 _ in IS e things are roU u-- don't expect aoU;; collection, etc. n very people an cigarettes and Ielies turn down jobSi, s in o liking because welfare and work," and cani the hottest priorities are place and rewarding I wish their could see instead of minutes at change a lot of who the Looking nearby found that less cent of the needy. The laz at the wealthy parishes, less could have questionable like. I hope that all  their labels of or bad m have seen Christians hurt by poorly clergy. A sometimes '*"'""0"" '* denounced from the pulpit. I p,,$o w., Pr(,$$. Inc think it's very important that o0 people are not judged ,,, automatically as either poor   ',, (meaning good) and-or rich .k... .. ,. M4rch |, Il (meaning bad). So.o ,, I have made several ob- L,,,'.o, servations over the years. Two people can come from s0o,. the same disadvantaged c..o.$.0o background or even the same family. Yet one of them will accept God's challenge and work hard to become suc- cessful while the other takes the easy way out and winds up accepting handouts. M,o,,o The one that takes the easy M W,LUMW way out is the one who has EDITOR problem children, gets MR. KAR divorced or falls to vices. I ,,, have also noted some in- ORESPAax teresting facts about the successful people I know. Those that are truly wealthy A.M ' have a deep belief in God, mro. their family is closely knit and .,...I their marriages are much happier. These are the people f-- -'k who are very generous when it comes to helping their church and private in- e,,, Lm dividuals. And they also are MOST REV[ ANDREW j BishOp Of PRIEST RJV RERNARO E hie of Readers Express Their