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August 5, 1938     Arkansas Catholic
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August 5, 1938

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PAGE TEN THE GUARDIAN, AUGUST 5, 1938 '1 U. S. Cabinet Member Praises Cati00 lic Faith Dubuque, Ia."l do not know of any faith which has ex- pressed itself more positively with respect to the proper atti- tude of the State toward its people than the Catholic faith." Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace made this statement in the course of an address which he delivered here yesterday at the centennial of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. He quoted copiously from the Encyclicals of Popes Pius XI and Leo XIII. He set forth the administration's program for aiding the farther and declared that "no informed Catholic can conscientiously urge" the point of view that "it is wrong for farmers to cooperate with the government to bring about a harmonious, balanced relationship be- tween farmers and the other classes in the long run." He said "the papal encyclicals of Leo XIII and Plus XI speak too plainly with regard to the duty of th/e State in its relationship to the classes and especially the under- privileged classes." "No one," he added, "has recognized more clearly than Plus XI the need for a balanced harmony between the classes as distinguished from the laissez-faire policy of old-fashion- ed liberalism." Quoting pertinent passages from the encyclical of Pope Plus XI, Mr. Walalce added: "It seems to me obvious.. that any Catholic who knows anything about the problems of soil fertility, of modern technology, of the creditor position of the United' States in a world where so many nations find it impossible to buy from a high tariff, creditor na- tion, and who knows the spirit of the Papal Encyclicals, cannot help being impressed with the fundamental wisdom of our agri- cultural program. For that mat- ter, it seems to me that our pro- gram should appeal equally strongly to the members of all re- ligious faiths, although I 'do not know any faith which has ex- pressed itself more positively with respect to the proper attitude of the State toward its people than the Catholic faith." Seattle Bans Future Meetings As Rutherford's Seattle, Wash. (EL--This city yesterday officially recorded the fact that it wants no more "Judge" Rutherford hatred blasts. Its City Council passed an ordi- nance denying the use of the Civic Auditorium and other city-owned buildings for meetings that "tend to engender racial or religious antagonism," The vote in the council was seven to one. The ordinance was introduced as the result of Rutherford's use of the Civic Auditorium for an inflammatory address against all' religion when his "Jehovah Wit- nesses" convened here last month. Jesse000000 Reynolds4 CANDIDATE FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE Fifth Judicial Dlstrlcf / Communists Send N Y. Priests Friendship Appeal New York. ().The gesture re- cently made by Communists in an appeal to Catholics to accept the Red "hand of brotherly co- operation" is now being used in an attempt to deceive priests of the Archdiocese of New York, ac- cording to the Rev. Rovert E. Woods, who, in a sermon at St. Patrick's Cathedral, revealed that copies of Earl Browdcr's penny pamphlet, "A Message to Catho- lics," have been mailed to the clergy. After reading the Gosepel of the day, which L warned: "Beware of false prophets who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves," Father Woods spoke of the pamphlet which had been re- ceived by the priests with a let-I ter from the New York County Committee of the Communist Party beginning "Dear Friend." Referring to the Gospel text, Father Woods continued: "We un- derstand by the term 'false pro- phets' those who set up norms of morality that are not God's. We have been taught to belieze and do firmly believe that any sys- tem or individual that attempts to rob us of our Faith and of Christ and His Church is a false prophet." "Now we are extended the 'hand of brotherhood' by the Commu- nists," he continued, "and are ex- pected to forget what our co- religionists have suffered in coun- tries dominated by communism. We are expected to forget that our ideals of the Sacraments, especial- ly the Sacrament of Marriage, have been flouted and ridiculed by Communists. We are expected to say there is no fundameatal difference between enemies and ourselves except political opin- ion! I don't think I need make any further comment on that. It I speaks for itself." National Commander John M. Dealy of the Catholic War Vet- erans termed the latest Communist move as the beginning of "a re- treat and oblivion" for the Reds. 23-Year-Old Monk Heir of\\;Barony London. ().  A 23-year-old Benedictinemonk is heir to the ancient barony of Vaux and Har- rowden, now that the King has called the title out of abeyance in favor of the monk's mother, the Honorable Mrs. Grace. Gilbey. The monk is Dom Peter Hubert Gordon Gilbey, member of the Ampleforth community. He stated before the King's decision, and has repeated since, that the new posi- tion will make no difference to his plans. Radio 'Question Box' Popular Biloxi, Miss. (}0.--So popular is  SPEAKING OF THE WEATHER.., Here are two views calculated to take your mind off the humidity. Both were taken in bleak mission field of northwestern Canada. At the top: the Roy. James Dunleavy, O. M. I., whose home is in Tewksbury, Mass., is shown with some of his Eskimo charges. Below: Father Dunleavy and Father Dionne riding on a load of ice cakes with the temperature 40 degrees below zero. , i , ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,i, i MEDAL STORY Tht DaugSten 0! Charity Emmltsburg, Md. :-: J O S E P H :-: The Story So Far Joseph was a Jewish boy who lived nearly 2,000 years ago. He was tending the sheep one night on a hillside in Judea, and fires were burning to keep away the wolves. He heard a noise. It was a young girl who had climbed the hillside on her hands and knees. Joseph helped her inside the ring of burning branches and gave her something to eat. And after a little while she "The Egyptian robbers caught me two days ago. I was working in my father's fields. They saw me as they went down the roads with their train of camels. One of them came over and asked me for a ctrink from the well. And when I turned to go for it he caught me and bound me with ropes. I could not cry out. He had thrown a cloth over my mouth. They would take me to Egypt and sell me as a slave for much money. I heard the captain say so. "I tried to get away yesterday but I could not, I cried and pray- ed them to let me go but they would not." "And how did you get away?" asked Joseph. "They were drinking this eve- ning. The one who had charge of me was drinking, too. He thought that I was asleep and so he did not watch me. And night came, and in the darkness I slip- ped out when he was not looking. I found myself near a great field. I saw this light on the hill top and so I came. For my father has often told me of the shepherds of Judea, how kind and good they are. I was afraid no longer." "But are you not afraid the Egyptians will miss you?" Her dark eyes grew big with fear. Even as they spoke sounds came Hegarty Drug Co. Corner Fourth and Main Sts. Phon9111 Little Rock, Ark. . up from the road way below, the first. "Is she here?" first. "Come! What is "They are coming back."  "A girl?" asked Joseph, leaning talking to this lad She caught hold o$ Joseph. on his staff. "Girls do not watch nothing. He is half Joseph thought quickly, sheep. This is the work of men He pulled the "I shall not wake the men. If and boys." to him and then they sleep the Egyptians will not "No, no," cried' another. "She [ down the hillside. The 0 think any one has come and that got away from us Ihts night as I lowed- I, a boy, am alone." we traveled down the road. She I Joseph did not move, The sounds were growing loud- has not been gone long. She must] there until the last or. be,near here." liar away down the "Come," he said. "Come, quick- 'Look," cried a third. He point-i Then he went over ly." He lifted his cloak from the ed to Joseph's cloak on the ground the cloak. sleeping lambs. "Something moved under it.' "You are safe noW," "Lie down beside them," he He pushed his wicked face near! quietly. "They have gone said. Joseph's and help up his sharp;not come again." And the girl did quickly as she knife. Joseph looked quietly into (To Be was told. the evil eyes. (Medal Stories, Joseph spread the dark cloak "The lambs were cold in the Whitman Company, over the girl as well as the lambs, night air," he said slowly, may be purchased Then he went back to the little "She is not here," cried the stores and elsewhere), path that led from the ring of fire to the hill outside. And as he stood, there, he broke a branch and J.J. Healey C. fed it to the hungry fire. And leaning against him was his big HEALEY & ROTH shepherd's stick. FUNERAL DIRECTORS SINCE 1905 Joseph's heart was hot against Ambulance Service this thing that the Egyptian rob- bers had done. He was not afraid of them. He felt that the Great Lord God would care for him and his sheep as well J.E. HORNIBROOK C0. The Egyptians reached the fire- light. How dark they were Heating and how strangely they were dressed Sheet Metal Work and All Kinds of Their dark faces were as as the great knives they carried. 209-11 Dast Mrkham Street Phone "We are looking for a girl," cried Prizes We're Curious! Popularity Conte 1st Prize $5'00 In CASH = 2nd PRIZE - 2 Years' Subscription to The Guardian 3rd PRIZE - 1 Year's Subscription to The Guardian  4th PRIZE-6 Months' Subscription to The Guard, an" i 5th PRIZE-6 Months' Subscription to The Guardian * * . -k What Interests You 114o81 In THE G UA RDIA N? What Is Your Opinion of the R-U-L-E-S 1. Select three of the following in their order interest to you, and fill out the coupon below. A-Diocesan News H-(Catholic) What Do ........ B-National Catholic News You Know? C-World-wide Catholic I-Today's Parable News J-A Medal Story D-Question Box K-In the Ktichen L-Weekly Puzzle ' E-Qui rive? 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Write in not more than one hundred words 1: .i Blessed Virgin Mary, are among . -- II II M I II I I/I  . . . the speakers J I lil -... o , ,| serving the II itys m dis'|'l t .'J. i IJ 11 i It I reasons for your cnome. V:I. FH   !11 t t Ill 3. An,, In,, ,,erson ma-, be a contestant [ PLUMBING & HEATING[ '11 ,r w Ill " "" ." " COMPANY o I .,.,. Ro00. t 00L'f-dl II ...... I/I 4. Each contestant wdl be allowed only one entrY Dependable  Honest  Capable [ ng I  II mce Itl) we have beenl/I Endorsed bv the I L For More Than | --  II ...... I/I oh s o t - 20 YEARS $ n on C un y Bar Association . . . . Loyally supported by his home [ AIR CONDITIONING I We Specialize i[Icriminating Cfamiliea Stwithl[I Letters will be judged on originality, clearnesS county. Inss]]ation and Repairs . . Subject to Action of Democratic [ HKATIIq. I ,. ,.,,.., ...,. {I pure wholesome milk. oo.i] I and coherence. The Guardmn Staff w, ll judge Primary, August 9th. -" ............ ":, -,--- o an " Polities, Adv. ] lllable Satlsftor I a,:l 4fl.l..h.+,-- '. [I l-'asteuri/ zi 7 plant?rid b?rnsl[ I d award prizes. 401 W Capitol Ph 6153 .aA.L vaJ...taaa o @ [ 401 W. Capitol rh. 6153 /I are open tot your mspecuon. I/I , , WHOLE t]l t/I c IIIIIIIIAI..II IIIIllill.lq*alllBlSlll a ]l] We 70 Carry a Complete ontest W,II Close August 7 I UU00IbSUN UlUl'K I AI00iNU tO. Itl Line of Aro', Sup,n ill "- .... Ill __ ! IrljOHNNm'Slllw=_00D00nltl TheGuardlan I - .................... I11 SHOE SHOP Ill " '"'"= ","" ' Ill 3o% West Second Street Lime Rod(, [ 905-90'/ GlneaStreet _ l/00l/t00/i | Illt " '' *" i