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August 4, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 4, 1923

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PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1923 Q $ $ $ $ $ ,$ * * $ * * $ LISTENING IN " ]y Autolycul * Danger of Short Circuit The latest hypothesis concerning the nature 0f life is that we are noth- ing more than electric machines. The brain is the Positive pole of a com- plicated battery. The liver is the neg- ative pole.' The Cleveland doctor who advanced this view before the Inter- national Surgical Congress in Lon- don says it eliminates the idea of a supernatural soul. It is St'range that some people are exceedingly anxious to get rid of the idea of a supernat- ural soul; anxious to be id of their past when they quit this life. would be a generous thing to do to think of somebody less 4ortunate, and to lighten his own load out of grati- tude for your own good fortune. What I am getting at is this: Scatteret throughout the country 'are many mis- sionary priests who not only neve get a vacation, but who are actually "hard up" for the necessaries of life, a square meal and a suit of clothes. The Dollar Club of the Catholic Church Extension ociety (180 No. Wabash 'Ave., Chicago), is designed to help such priests. Why not send along a small cheque as a "vacation thankoffering," figuring it on a basis of say, five per cent of the estimated cost of your trip ? You'll feel better about the trip. Cute Mexicans Bm00u w0ob ave AMERICAN GROUND FOCH PRAISING DEAD Chateau Thierry, July 28.--Belleau Wood, the little frest of tangled un- derbrush and stark dead oaks that was wrested from the German troops by the Marine Brigade and the Sec- ond Engineers of the Second Division, was dedicated as American ground last Sunday with impressive ceremony in which the Bishop of Soissons and Marshal Foch participated. "Cradle of Victory." Marshal Foch delivered an eloquent oration to the American soldiers who CATHOHC .gHRIMEg IHISTORIC RELIGIOUS ............. ] STRUCTURE NOW HELD OF RBINPlANI ARI --1 BY AMERICAN UNITS AUA,,,I AUffi ] (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) RIM. PqI Jerusalem, July 23.--American re- ,uLl aluutw JWllie f units are now holding the three Light On Livers The doctor:ries to explain away personal responsibility for our a:- tions. The body, according to his no- tion, acts as it is acted upon. We ae helpless machines, lriven by forces which we cannot control. My reaction to this nonsense impels me to say hard things of the doctor's wild flight of fancy; but I refrain. Why do I refrain ? Because ] am not driven by forces which I cannot control. "We are not merely electric machines governed by a liver. It is true that some peo- ple seem to be governed by their liv- ers. But that does not explain the nature of life. It explains only the nature of livers. Efficiency of Protest. The best way to reach an offend- ing editor is by way of the circulation department. When an editor is in the habit of publishing statements offen- sive to his Catholic readers, there is no use in merely deploring the fac:, and very little use in merely wri% to him about it. The most effective thing to do is to write to the pub- lisher, tell him to stop sending hi paper, and say why. Even when edi- tors are not in the habit of offend- ing Catholics in this way, it would be wise to adopt this course for an oc- casional offense. It will prevent the offense from becoming a habit. Tn Catholic readers of a Canadian mag- azine proved the efficacy of this pro- cedure the other day. The first in- stallment of an anti-Catholic serial appeared, and the readers' revolt was so eloquent that the serial was imme- diately withdrawn. If Catholics swal- low one insult and come back for an- other, they deserve all they get. We do not have to implore people not to insult us. Far less do we have to support them whilst they are doirg it. So Would the Priest k If we thought more often of the good things which we enjoy and which are denied to other people, I think we should be more contented with life. Are' you taking a vacation this year ? If not, read no further. I should hate to remind you of the pleasure denied you. But if you are going away, it The Mexican government knows fell in what he called "the cradle of Socialist leanings in many iatances, that the Catholics of America are victory." H described Belleau Wood are not unmindful of this roblem and very largely indifferent to the wel-lfro m a viewpoint of a tactician, ex- have taken steps to aid private re- fare of the Catholics of Mexico, and I makes capital of the fact. As I Iplaining how necessary it was that it sources in the preservation 6f historic write it looks as though the recognl-i bar the path of the advancing Get- monuments of art and architecture. tion which the Mexican government is marts and how gallantly it was de- For example, the Rhenish Provincial seeking will be accorded by the Unit-I fended by the Americans holding the Landtag made an appropriation for ed States. In order to break down] French flank, this purpose of 364,000,000 marks. any possible (but improbable) last I "Brave comrades," he said, address- The sum of 50,000,000 marks has beeh minute opposition by the Catholics of ling the American dead, "let me say allotted for the restoration of the America, the Mexican government lthat you can sleep here in peace-- wonderful old Cathedral of Hanten, throws out a final handful of dust Ihere in the cradle of victory." famous in German Legendary history to blind the public to the fats. The I The ground had been previously the'little parish church at Braur wei- facts are that the Obr'2, govern-/cnsecrated by the Bishop of Soissons. ber near Cologne, formerly a Benedic- ment has tried and is trying to put iThe United States was represented by line Abbey church, has been allotted the Catholic Church out of business in I Colonel T. Bentley Mott, Major-Gen- 25,000,000 marks; 60,000,000 has been Mexico. So it inspires an editorial eral Harbord, who commended the Ms- set aside for the old Carthusian which declares that there should be rines; Vice-Admiral Andrews o church in Cologne, now used for Prot- at least three Cardinals in Mexico. Pittsburgh; Senator David A. Reed The preparation which,Mexico makes of Pennsylvania and Colonel Hugh A. for the reception of three cardinals Bayne, commander of the Paris post is the "expulsion of the Papal Dele- of the American Legion. gate. The way to judge the official mind of the Mexican Government is CHINESE CATHOLICS to read its actions and ignore i;s words. AID IN CLOTHING HOLY NAME MEN INDIAN CHILDREN OF CHICAGO SEEK (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ------ZU0,UU0 MEMBERS Washington, D. C. July 30.--A vivJd illustration of Catholic fraternity is given in a letter addressed by John (By N. C. W. C. New Service.) IF. Carrere, newspaper correspondent Chicago, Ill., July 28.--A drive to of San Francisco, California, to Fa- include every Catholic man in the ther Hughes, director of the Bureau archdiocese of Chicago, in the ranks of Catholic Indian Missions, Washing - of the Holy Name Society, has been ton, D. C. inaugurated by the Archdiocesan Mr. Carrere, who had received from Union, under the direction of Arch- Father Hughes a request for clothing bishop George W. Mundelein, and at. for destitute Indians, brought the sp- Ree, Bishop Edward F. Hoban, spirit- peal to the attention of the boys in ual director of the organization, the Chinese mission school conducted August 5th has been designated by by the Paulist Fathers in San Fran- the spiritual directors as Holy Name cisco. The boys commenced at once Sunday in all of the Catholic churches. [to collect clothing. They are still At every Mass in every church, talks collecting. Mr. Carrere has writtm on the Holy Name work will be made to Father Hughes for shipping in- and cards will be passed about for struction, nd with his help the boys registering the names of every rome 1 will pack and ship the clothing to St. adult of the parish. It is expected jJohn's Farm School, in the Arizone that the Sunday drive will add 100,- desert, where over 500 children of des- 000 to the membership of the society, titute tribes are dependent for food, which now has more than 100,000 clothing, and shelter upon the charity members in its ranks. of the faithful. I I I I|1 By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon Captaine (N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne, July 16.Nothwithstand- ing the poverty of Germany, efforts are being made to prevent historic buildings and works of art from fall- mg into decay for lack of proper care. This problem is an acute one for German Catholics since many of the fine old churches and cathedrals of the country are concerned. The governments of the various German states, notwithstanding their estant worship and smaller sums have been granted for the restoration and preservation of many churches throughout the country. In Cologne itself the famous stam- ed glass windows in the Cathedral which were removed during the war, have now been nearly all restored. A sum of 10,100,410 marks have been raised by private enterprise for the p;eservation of the Cologne Cathedral and plans have been made to raise 40,000,000 more during the coming year. .PRE-REFORMATION CENSER IS FOUND .... IN ENGLISH MARSH (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, July 24.Declared to be the finest examples of silver work el the mediaeval period, a silver censer and incense boat belonging at one time to. the ancient Benedictine Ab- bey of Ramsay, have been placed in the national collection in London. The manner in which these relics of the Catholic past in England were found is interesting. In 1850 a marsh, known as Whittlesea Mere was befffg drained, and in the mud at the bottom were found a number of an- tiques. Among these were the silver- gilt censer and incense boat. From signs on these articles they are be- lieved to have belonged to the treas- ury of Ramsey Abbey ir Hunting- I donshire, which was pillaged at the time of the Reformation. S00UI00IACO COLLEGE ........ >,,, " ...... CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE FATHERS Two Pre-Aeademic Classes, Regular Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercial Course, Four-year College Course, Leading to the A. B. Degree. th 2,   .............. Situated in Logan County, 110 miles west of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Healthful location in the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. Spa- cious 5uildings, up-to-date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses. ! For catalogue and information applyto Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR Subiaeo College, Subiaco, Arkansas. most important devotional centers of the Armenian Catholic Church, ac- cording to a report of the Armenian Patriarch. St. James' Monastery, built in the Twelfth Century and formerly used for housing thousands of Armenian pilgrims who formerly came to Jer- usalem, is now occupied by the Amer- ican Agriculture School for Orphans. The residence of the patriarch is a trade school supported by the lear East Relief. The Convent of the Holy Cross, standing on the traditional site of the tree from which the Holy Cross was made, is an American hotel for girls, with accommodations for one thousand.. By e n,w .*any, qut. imOtf m0thod, at cellqr or by maR, mare qudy qualify at bk'mlmr, a@. emmtsmt, stenographer, meelmstary oe tlvtl rvke *mploye or tmph mad stst/umMter, and we uaran ym a position when yo by Wit t.dmy for lntnmaton, stimq mm irl. BRADFORD DRUG CO. TheHouse of Qual/y Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little Rock ORANGEMEN MINISTRY Winnipeg, Man., call of the British Vatican was asked adopted at the convention of the Orange Lodge o here. The Lodge being opposed to made by King Mary to the Vatican. Kindness has ners than either zesl,' learning; and these never converted an were also kind. ! J M.A. Special Re New Y Insurance 80-7 Southern | Fix Up That Life J Today"I Sell I! | Phone 74 ]Little Rock, We have purchased S. Army Munson last J to 12, which was the stock of one of the ernment shoe This shoe is dred per cent solid tan; bellows tongue, proof. The actual is $6.00. Owing to buy we can offe] at Send correct size. delivery or send shoes are not as cheerfully refund your ]y upon request. NATIONAL BAY COM 296 Broadway, Ne OUR BANKING DEPARTMENT Je able to extend to its eustomet ,ver We have plenty of money on hand to lend on IAble Reel[ er other eeptable security, and solicit applleatlom. W. B. WORTHEN COMPANY, 187Y" 4  IHT ]NTr,trr PAID ON ghVll OUR ASSETS ARE OVmt TWO We make a silLlt of ivestin same first mortsaj loal therar mmCa and tat we r*tmt with onto. We Mt u admlnistrto and tots under Will  maW be in Pulasld ether ounti i this State. We will be to ut you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS B LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS [] Central Ba CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS Let us take care of your money for you. Let us soli or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully managed Bank can do. "'Come Grow With a Growing Bank." 00;-uild Your in TERR 201 West Second Street. Beautiful vistas of and valleys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Healthful, pure air. The place for to grow strong and active. Laid out in a beautiful dences only permitted. All buiiding. Streets, gas, electricity and installed.