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August 4, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 4, 1923

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CONTROL BE FOUGHT SAYS BIOLOGIST --..-.._. WATTS BANCROFT DE- COUNTRy WILL LACK IF PRACTICE CONTINUES. N. C. W. C. News Service.) Francisco, July 30.---A vigorous against birth control and a plan of eugenics were ad- by Frank Watts Bancroh, biologist, formerly of the Uni- of California and the Rocke- Institute, as solutions for Amer- )litical problems. homicide has already thin- the ranks of American intelli says Professor Bancroft in of present ccmditions, he declares must be remedied. Unfit Predominating. talk continually of the poor America now has and yet men arq representative, unfor- often more intelligent than American voter. Imml- men and women neither quali- physical fitness or mental ca- to carry on the big work that of us, are fast taking the from the hands of thoe to $1o the work. As t'he families die out, the for- are waiting to take their in the community. America breeds future gener:- the best physical and men- we have today, our political will take care of themselves. Aliens Supplanting. the remnants of the people came here in the Seventeentl and Nineteenth Centurie., speaking, the leaders of system. Unfortunatel  2so of the regrettably small fain- rear--if they raise any chil- at all--they, are being supplanted ie alien. The influence of these types on our youth and Amer- people, generally is the worst. Id American stock--the men and who shaped the foundations cf mtionare dying out." Pushing Brains. Bancroft expresses the that ff education were institu- would push the brainy stu- supplanting the presenting of pulling the backward ones, would have more to show for expenditure on education. he says, "the educa- plan is to spend more time on student so that the class whole will go forward. That progress and the best minds Careful Selection Needed. Bancroft also advocates selection of immigrants befor leave foreign countries. tide of immigration,', hc "is daily throwing the scum of on our shores. By a process selection we could secure of the highest physical and development.,, PRINCE OF WALES MONUMENT TO BENEDICTINE PUPILS -.--.._.... (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) July 30.The Prince of visited the Benedictine Abbey last ;eek, where he un- a war memorial to one hundred of the Benedictine monks who war. The prince, who was re- by Abbot Ramsay and Cardi. 'addressed the students he had placed a wreath on the Later he was introduced monks in their cloisters, and a two-day holiday for the of the abbey. The visit marked time a member of the Royal had entered a Benedictine ab- and it is regarded as further ev- er the respect paid to Catho- England in these days. ,lic Congress Mass will mark the op- el the National Catholic Con- in Birmingham next Friday. Mass willbe followed by a re- to Cardinal Bourne and other by the mayor and city ogl- er Birmingham. The congress last until Tuesday. PASSIONISTS NAMED FOR CHINA MISSION New York, July 3O.Solemn de- parture services or five Passionist missionaries who are leaving for the Chinese field were held Sunday in St. Michael's Monastel:y, West Hoboken. The missionaries are the Rev. Edmund Campbell, C. P.; Rev. Duns'tan Thomas, C. P.; Rev. Constantine Leech, C. P.; Rev. Quentin Olwell, C. P. and the Rev. Arthur Benson, C. P. They comprise the third group of Passionist missionaries sent to the Chinese mission within the last two years. With the advent of the new recruits the Passionist missions in China, which are located in the Proovince ot i North Honan, will number thirteen i priests and one brother. It is expect- ed that this group will shortly be i augmented to twenty-five. The dls- trict was formerly in charge of the Spanish Augustinians and has a popu- lation of 22,000,000 of whom about 13,000 are Catholics. The sermon at the departure cere- mony was preached by the Very Rev. John J. Hickey, pastor of St. Joseph's church. SMALLEST CHAPEL IN WORLD SEATS ONLY EIGHT PEOPLE Fort Atkinson, Ia., July 30.A lit- tle stone chapel dedicated to St. An- thony, situated five miles east of Fort Atkfnson, is said to be the smallest church in the world. It seats a con- gregation of only eight persons. The doors are always open and fresh flowers are kept constantly on the altar Hundreds of Catholics motor- ing in this vicinity visit the chapel, the outside measurements of wlfich are 12 by 20 feet. Inside are two seats on either side of the aisle, each seat holding two persons, thus giving seat- ing accommodations for a congrega- tion of eight. The history of the church goes back to 1848 when a French missionery visiting in Cincinnati induced John Gartner, a Frenchman who had served in Napoleon's armies, to locate at Fort Atkinson. Six Ohio families later joined Gartner and an old log build- ing abandoned by Indians was con- verted into a chapel. This structure was destroyed by firs and Gartner and his son-in-law, F. J. Huber, built the present unique chapel. Each year, on St. Anthony's day, the descendants of tile ttubers gather at the chapel to honor the memory of their grandparents. The bodies of seventy members of the Huber family are buried in the lit- tle cemetery. FIRST NATIVE BISHOP OF LATIN RITE NAMED FOR EAST INDIAN SEmi New York, July 28.Word has reached the national offices of the So- ciety for the Propagation of the Faith from the Sacred Congregation of Pro- paganda of several appointments which cannot fail to be of the greatest importance in the future of Catho- licity in India. For the first time in the history of the Church in India native priests of the Latin rite have now been made bishops. A new diocese, Tuticorin, formerly a part of the diocese of Trichinopoly, has been erected, and a native Indian Jesuit priest, the Rev. Tiburtius Roche, has been named as its first bishop. Msgr. Joseph Pais an Indian secular priest has named apostolic administrator episcopal dignity of the diocese of Mangalore. By these appointments the Holy Father makes evident his desire to further native vocations in missionary lands. Only recently, Pius XI urged all missionary priests and bishops to make the formation of a native clergy their chief concern. DUBLIN CABLE - Dublin, July 30.On the occasion of his depadture from the diocese of Raphoe to take Ulhis duties as Co- adjutor Archbishop of Armagh; most Rev. Dr. O'Donnell was presented with 'an address by the Catholic laity and members of the Protestant churches. The Protestants, in their address, paid a tribute to Dr. O'Donnell's im- partiality and the consistency i ,. W *h which he upheld the standards of jus- tice and righteoousness. His advo- :cy of freedom, it was pointed out, and Bishop at Court vet de generate(1 into a dissre,ard .eo,00man,l ::in-Lth r,ghtss or those ,00bo all -ar(unal Bourne an .... : b ta:ngs did not agree with hi olic Biss . u me three , ..... m. .'-,,ops of London-- - ne archbsshop in re ass ,lJ^-- - were in- ,.,_ . .. . .. plymg, saul  css at the court "PU "" tnac his relal;lons with the wuiovs h ., . . . .ncuon Protestant denominations had 1 ma:ls the end of the Lo m at ,- -. ndo - . . a ways )uemgham Palace - been o a very friendly nature uall '  an . . ., and he Y large number of  ..... here testamony to their 're , )rs Were amone tl, ..... :,:er,can 'ance in churcI movements , e,:en'vl',,:,: " " i phtma divided them. lie recalled ferl?tw a fool yet that tho dt b:U: ly and with pleasure the neigh- : :er than wise. 17 :,' r:! . feeling between the "., .n:es hm.elf a .c,, . .'* ":' !reli;ious bodio ......  .... dffeent t :olly. b,,*.. ..... ...... , taut PTUn;  ,  -..., ,mu pom::e( out lh:tt se n ,i[ ....  ue spark o wit. ]]" u:e rode of the Catholic nvL'ori : ,, : " ,noma More. [r:fewas a c,.m:ph:te absence of]iut:,]: l ,[:ce on rOll[ClOne ground3. THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1923 SOUTHWARK OBSERVES DIAMOND JUBILEE OF ITS CATHEDRAL CIVIL AUTHORITIES AID-- BUILDING STARTED SECRET- LY BECAUSE OF BIGOTRY. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, July 23.St. George's Ca- thedral, the only cathedral dedicated ton' England's Patron Saint and the mother Church of the diocese el Sout wark, has just celebrated its dla- mend jubilee. Seventy-five years ago, when the stones of this cathedral Church first began to arise, their very appearance was a sign and a portent a sign that the old days of blood- shed and persecution were past, an that Catholic Engiishmen were free  worship in the Faith of their fathers. The mayor of Southwark and t1e town clerk of the municipality were present in the cathedral for the jubi- lee celebration, and the presence of Southwark's chief magistrate at thin act of Catholic worship is a sign of the different state of affairs that ex- ists now, compared with the old con- ditions, outlined by Father Bamptor,, of the Farm Street Jesuits. Going back to the early clays of the cathedral's history, Father Bamp- eta told how, in the secrecy of the early hours of the morning, the foun- dation stone was laid, the Cathoh. of that day being femfful that a hos- tile demonstration might be made. And then, when the great churc, emerged from the hands of the build- E " " ers, ngmno was still in partibus in- fidelium. There was no territorla, 1/ierarchy, as in the present day. The eight bishops who attended the in- augural ceremony were the Vicaru- Apostolic who exercised ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England. With them were 240 priests, and a congregation of three thousand. Tha ceremony was--said au:er Bamptona chal- lenge to Protestant Enand and a noteworthy event. On Site of "No-7"opery,, Riots. The very title which the Catholics of those days gave to their cathedral was a challenge. The spot on which the Cathedral of St. George stands was known in old days as the Sr. George's Fields, and here, on the spot dedicated to the Patron of Catholic England, was engineered the last of the great assaults on the Faith I It was at St. George's Fields that Lord ,| PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES DESKS Our printing plant is very complete, automatic feedinr xqress a^. .o of work.  ........  """ Send for illustrated price tist of Office SupDlies. PARKIN Printing & Stationery Co. Little Roe.k, Ark. Residence Phone Office Phone 4-3572 7834 DR. E. J. MAHONEY DENTIST Suite 521-22-23 Domaghey Bldg:" LITTLE ROCK, ARK. George Gordon, that visionary, who wobbled between Christianity and Ju- daism, staged those rials known a the No-Popery Riots, when howling mobs of frantic Londoners set out to wreck and loot the Catholic chapels and the home of Catholic citizens. There is no need to recall this story. Dickens has told it, with all its shame- ful details, in "Barnaby Rudge." But on the spot where the name of England's Patron had been so ou- raged, the descendanzs of that Catho- lic remnant that had remained staunch through three centuries raised a Cathedral to Saint George the Martyr. So was the challenge offered to bigotry. The Engish Catholics of today arc in a position that is, perhaps, unique in the whole worht. For they live surrounded by the past glories of their faith; yet have raised ewer glories or themselves which they can con- PAE SEVEN AUSTRALIA DEPORTS , it is a wonderful tribute to the la- bour accomplished by Charles a TWO IRISH AGITATORS Fourcauld and the pioneers of Chris- tian civilization to realize that a Cath- olic college is to be opened in the Sends Yr. O'Flannagan and Sean year 1923 in the land where, 15 years O'Kelly on Ships for alone, under pain of certain death. __ Enghnd ago, no Christian dared to venture Chicago, July 30.Cabled messages of today, from Sydney, Australia, tell of the deportation of two representa. tives of the Irish Republic, Father Michael O'Flannagan and John J. (Sean) O'Kelly. The Australian (overnment had agreed to their voluntary departure provided they signed a bond to leave at an early date and no to continue their propaganda. While they stated verbally that they would leave, they refused to sign any form of bond, in the meantime they were kept in jall at Sydney, from whence they were # The oficial census figures show that no less than 220 different languages are spoken in India. Our Brands are perfect Blends the result of more than fifty years experience in roasting and blending only the choicest selection A trial will convince you. . C. D. KENNY CO. template withou shame and without removed today and placed on board 121 West 5th Telephone 4-1465 fear. the Mongolia for England. Federal of- ficials will esco them as far as Freemantle the last Austrahan porL BISHOP SHAHAN IS I I ' " - "- t was ori inall " ' .... rtr#r,rm , s I . . g Y lnended to deport .......... ,,,ut,- me two men vla Amerlca, but It is lilILP, IVrDlrurr, , . . " " unctersood that difficulty with Am- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) erican officials prevented passage on Rome, July 30.--The Right Rev. an American vessel. The transfer to Thomas J. Shahan, rector of the the Mongolia was accomplished so. , . UI Catholic University of America, was cxetly, only a handful of s,,h, .... 05/C ' received in audience by Pope Plus XI, bein .... :" ......... g at the wharf. .,. _ who showed great interest in the af- fairs of the University and inquired DO' qA rr ,, ,-,,,., '- _   . particularly al, out tbe library. The bi: -=_',r -'ll'11'J L l'a t3K INACTIVE L Pope also received a party of one , IVER -t tl BONDS LIVER p  dll hundred American sailors, who were ILLS ] presented by Rev. Dr. Mooney, tle .., ARE BET'rF.I ] , rune, yet effective manner Bdmus spiritual director of tht American ,ross l'Jizzi  " .. . . - !" -'-I .% . hess, rleadaches, l' overs, ] College. mov(!, the hile and poisonous waste in .... 0. lamoad puu puu aoa V -  P,Y Y r', ...... . ,so Ideal[ "If you wish me to wee ou our- etc., (u}.'t continue when the  I m ,,,,  -,, ,,,r,, ;fl.e  ms are used. One is the dose J .................. , ..... un!y 25c. Refuse substitutes ...... I Prompt, Regular ICE DELIVERY SERVICE --Just during the Summer, or tbe whole year! We're ready to serve you. Call ns ! CITY DELIVERY CO. Phone 4-3450 SAFETL CONVENIiINCF,. PROFIT lu g Your Savinm  l s0yri/l00 00UST COMPAN00 you not aly ebtaa manplete et for your und and 4  cent tntamat ounded twice a year, but you aleo @tat your money ia readily avail. able whaev you may requir it. Remember that a amall amount lolted regularly at fixed intervals  predue far better resul thu hmxtt depost4ing of amountaj. OsIte the Potoffte BOYS' PROTECTORY ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, who have taken over the famous health resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of giving to BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade IIEALTH  DISCIPLINE  KNOWLEDGE Acquired Within Pleasing Enviromnent For Infornaation :rod Terms Write: VEN. BROTIIER ALBERT, Route No. 3 SEARCY, ARK. Haley & Hornibrook VENTILATING AND ALL KINDS OF ROOFING PHONE MAIN 18 A lombstone o] Beauty always expresses to t .pmw-b ,. l awe which it was selected, you have n Idea for such a memo. rial, we will carry it to the last detail ia ae.eoaulan wi your desire. We are at your service for monmmm wmlk o( am kind. N Apsnt, s---Ne Commission. Wr, fer MONAHAN & SON 412-414 West Markham St LITTLE ROCK, PREFEP00ED LIST Our Advertisers whoae announcment a  ta THE GUARDIAN are leaders in their line of businm. want your trade and solicit your patrona  your own paper. PATRONIZE THEM. They are worth your co-operation. In dealing with them mak mentkm o your appreciation of their material assistance to Four Cath- olic paper. Tell them that you "ace in THB GUARtII aml they will be encouraged to contintm to  t/ Im help you, and to help Tmz GVRDIAN. St.:i00Vincent's Infirmary Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE- EXPERIENCE .. EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Citical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE Conducted ] by 1887 The Sisters of Charity [ 1923 of Nazareth '' ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR blURSES Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and training in all classes of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalize in this enobling and renmnerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and all cases pertaining to gencral hospital work. The Infirmary is ael:nowledged to he one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the Soul.h. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. Ile next class is now being formed. Applicants must have one year of liigh School or the educ'ltioual equivalent, and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTITEI PA [ICULAIS ADDRESS lr  SISTER SI PLRIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark,