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August 4, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 4, 1923

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PAGE SIX NORTH LITTLE ROCK St. Patrick's Prish Items. Sunday Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. Weekday Mass at 7 o'clock. Conession hours on Saturdays and the eves of all holydays and "Fir.t Fridays: 4 to 6 and 7:30 p. m. Cypress and East Seventh street. Rectory phone: 4-5015. The Ladies Altar Society is making preparations for the monthly soc/a], to be held on the school lawn Thur.- day evening, Aug. 2. They expect a large number and have made provision for a pleasaut evening's entertainment. This is the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Aretz, rector of St. John's Seminary, Little Rock, was a Fort Smith visitor last week. Hearty congratulations of many friends came to him upon his papal appointment as a Domestic Prelate. JONESBORO bow, Ark. He was born in Perryville, Me., May 29th, 1805. He served al- most two years in the service of his country in the late Worid War and was severely wounded in the Ainse- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1923 C. K, OF k NEWS I for the statement that Klansmen re- 00FE)MF00T WOULD ST. TH0100S sponsible should be prosecuted. In an [intelTiew after the alleged alterations DESTROY MEASURES TO BE Death of Bro. Toney F. Mattingly ha been discovered, Justice Pierce is Bro. Toney attingly was a mere- quoted as having declared that (he ber of St. John's Branch No. 1007 De- Secretary of State should nullify the PROTECI]NG WOM00 C+,tenary iucorporations. When asked whether Catholic Unfi this would not make the Klan subject Washington, D. C., July 30.--If the / the World to prosecution under the Walker lw, t National Women's t arty succeeds (N'. C W C he is quoted as having said: [with its constitutional amendment all! Rein . "Mos" Contempt of Court I of the special legislation which has necti-a- e" July .30.. . assureuzy, ana it should be +bee o,,,,,v .... . ,_L..: ...... [ on wm zne of: n ......  ,,,,u .uurmum vuu up centenary of St. prosecuted not only for wolatlon to protect women m the hoYme and in |will be held Mary Lucile Willett, 14 months old and daughter of T R. Willett, promi- Marne offensive in August, 1918 He nent farmer of R. F. D. 4, north of is survived by two brothers and two Joneshoro, died last week of coliti:, sisters, the Walker law bt for falsifying a industry will be destroyed," according cording to the and was buried at the Catholic ceme-I He died at Jonesboro Jly 8th, at public record and an official docu- to a statement issued here by the Rex.. been prepared by the tory. Roy. Father Strassner officiat-I the age of 28 years, 1 month and 9 n:nt." I R. A. McGowan, assistant director of emy of St. Thomas. +' ed. Sympathy of the entire parish is Idays- The remains were shipped to It is also regarded as a possibi|ity the N. C. W: C. Social Action De- The program include extended the bereaved family. /Engelberg. Funeral arrangements here that those respansible for the partment. . day by famous first open mr event of the season, Mrs. B. B. Chiles has received an-/were nmde by the local branch of the changes in the Klan's incorporation Would Work Havoc. and with the grounds well lighted, nouncement of the deaths of her co  C K of A and and fully tabled for the devotees o ins, Emmet and Hu-h Lon - -  u.,- held at t '^ ..... !he services were 'pers may be haled before Justice - nationalities. "T , who will he passage of such an amend- various usne ,rmge and pitch, with refreshments cah, Ky, who wer- - g .oz r?au- I ...... ? ..,,,):, scnurc.n on :uesaay, :Jerce to answer to contempt of court merit," said Father McGowan, "would .... - .ts of :Th served, a real sociable is .......  [^,, .. e urownecl in a nollmY zun, oy qe lev. A. G. Haerin,- cnares work havoc. In its haste to do away lon of the cancelleria.' .Father McDermott on Sundl;urg-[ Ohi:n:i::rPerT:: ::y: :andebar m the I M, a bu;:aeta.s m St. John's cemetery, t  " -nest ,tenures win t)a with evil laws a/Yd customs under lmeet/ng s will be held ed the attendance on the part of all}min and came ....... on(an zea inn aSWm"lin ueamY" "" oLadJn peace. + LXHAUSTIVE STUDY which women suffer the National ltives of Catholic n,+ the parishioners, so that he may meet I that was str + - - g e y Blanche Frenken I OF DIPLOMACY BETWEL, xr W ........ ve with and know the eole ov ..... .^ [ ,,, : ecnea across the river Lady Mrs. Blanche Frenken was a ux ..........  oman s Party lumps mdmcnmmate- lout the world for discu : .... .,, ...... i mr. ann Mrs. J. B. Silas have re- member of St. Paul's Bran( I Ne ",- ll AMERICA ly all protective laws and custom,lgrams and methods of the Bmhop has recently placed him a turned from - -o;, ....  ........ h No. 476, w York, July 31.--That it " pastor. - ..... m z'me uz and rocanonms, Arl. Mrs. Blanche interest of the United States to =::rt tg:doand bad, which apply especmI!y [the last day of the eel, mvn. o aesrroy the bad it will |tare will be delivered in I Little Rock. The trip was made in Frenken died at t " .- The Sisters of Mercy of St. Pat-ltheir Buick to .............. he f.amlly home in and maintain the Open Door Doctr" e . . tick's School are to fulfil their an-[,aret ca_ _ -rmg_car. Mms Ma- xocanoncas xuesoay mght, July 24th, in China as it is to maint-' ...... re_|destroy the good too. It will cut m the presence of His , ,,-,, WhO mane tJe tri after an illne , -- ,e xon- aown me tree to et rid nual retreat obligations Within the l wa++- - ..... p down . ss of several days darn- roe Doctrine in Am--." ...... I , g of a few dinal Laurenti ha hon next fortnight [_:- ,em remained m Pine Bluff and tmn. She leaves a husband Bro of the ar ....... "  Lneessencejorancnes. orator fro- h"-5[. L,.. ..... " ...... wm go rom there to Harris,,, v .... Nick Fr,b,, - -- -- ' .  . -,- o an exnaustive l "Yet its nror,r;,m  .... ,+. .... - ......  ,,+,,v,,. m yar noias me re(era or the visit bv ........ " ............ , ,, anu nree smatljSuuy of Cninese-Ame ',-,, .+.._, [,, ...... " .... ""'" ngmus functions duri cons " I ,.,,,,c returning home. "eh , . , .  r,., u,p,,- women are hargiica ed in a s " [ .... truchon of new homes m North Mr. amd Mrs u^. ......  zZgH A pu .ola H . :IoID Imaey just issued under the ausnices of [wav hv .,+ .... PP - petrol will be held m the Domr zat;le Rock. The completion of the I who have been at'Sal:r:r.pPenjans[ (I "H "sol ,uosu H "N "I4[ ',pinta l, the Knights of Columbus, Americaz- iwhich-lav ::a--u)laws- anu customs of Santa Maria supra : --,   for us z '   umv uown Irom an earlier zwo ine concrete bridges over the ] some time, are visit ..... " ' [" p H c[ D lods uqo e[e szo Hstory Commlsmon. The book is by 'time when the position of wome  "+ .  mg remtves an(l -oq lid "t " O zeuqooI sn.mBi Mmgcnien Joshua Bau Ph D . . . n was ' an:vSJV e th:l:ivf:]yntmC:deaat/:e:dl:e;:ckrw:;eWt:ays .on route/',xe H oq fq "m 'v6" 't[sg [n 'Xvpldescribed by Tyler Den'nett,'a"nandn: [di:;en'ramTh:z e Natmnal Woman's] CARD. i price of house lots, the excellent lo-/their h,, Y will make t-anl S sg umuzoq pmz q6 'tlaznulauthor/ty on Far Eastern ,.,- :-! .... s the ssue against : , e proximity of| T. O Chil .......... / S : p[ q zoo, samzos[ P hal, exact and scientifi ',  [- --'--' ......... (N C . i cations for homes th "" ...... "' s, pzp.w   o o - - "lm ar " . -...: .... , a mese laws an( customs and furnishes -'U--- " cn   zauucan, K ar .toun s u is c t 1 ,+,,,n pun or their destrucnon I W C Spec arch and school, make for North [rived toda,, for sev ...... .Y.., . "If I " p o!z$ o soq  pay sAt[ the third in the K. of C. series cov-'It _ . Rome Jul 30-- " Little Rock a nlaee worth,, - .... . |1_ ....  . erm uays visit With [-1 .tqo uRI nu ,,,- rerin, *^-+  ...... I s Program s to be expected m a day i .... ' y . Niche ^, .......  - .  ; ;,o,.- Ires orotners, B. B and Bell P .'^+ [ ........... ' .... * .... p pu ]__ .,,u aes msory, commerce Iwhen simple sloan ennth,t : ] uarlm, secretary of tl :,,ua y me par o amouc zami- | ...... +. [ ..... .L  SOa[ O H "OAr. IcI I'g |,u mpmmatic relations an,V ,..m .^ I_..., ....... -  :-.--" .......... Ilion of the_ Or;ne- ,h, lies seekin the re ul ]t tuo s! o aA -+ lye  ,+- v=puuumy is so poweriui a wen on - a, ,, g q "sites of real | I ; q I{  p omoz sutulo. |g n nation-wide distr,. ...... I ... P [ ...... -'.--':': . . . home conveniences. / MFA $o uo!zn p uoi za$IK.,,of C. history comm;;s':: n oy ca, ,,ThneU: bL:tle at:erCef:;:m:, ain.? !d.:dOh::: d:::ga,th:Sp: [ [ . # oq  9g ,ln ,psanqv[ Up to 1858, Dr Bau ,-+* .... I ...... ,  g 't!was a -: ..... O'i lwavma / -- /leT!dsot[ IeO l u v "uP) o-- - l"there wer- -'- -'" y ..... s ou, [ne woman s .t-arty is not primarily l . ,+.uLna ueacon; a i ...... " g sick sition with the w-:-, ....... p-/. ...... q" zo$ spuo!a$/. !.- caries need contain no other:l ORPHANS IN IREL4ND !cal Study.. o wm consumption, virs. H. Hartmanlco .... - ..... r-mcn Mocor| +ott  s op!soq 'so^!7loz aaqo |supmation. As a consequence thls' He came from r had been bedridden for sometime,  . mss ;atherine visited Yellow.|:mm pu zoqotu puP. ou ........... |'mesh-favored -* ..... "! W|] | R] ,]RATT]  .... a Re As a rule the consumptive will not I sne Park, Denver and many other [.Burml was in Calvary ceeer; 't,q v [as a purely 'com:r'ciaTm:o appears | ,, aaa aa VvaXt|i/tiM l;i:n., _ana spent aline .^v._.._ : ..... Ipoints o interest o ..... ., !he rest in "eace " /,:_, ' p cy m tnep [ in tim eterna city. uuv IllS conall;lon aangerous Mrs |+ .... " ot speaks In lIle  " ,-. treaties b,,,,, ...... , ...... e -- .._,.. ...... H. Hartman, however, surly ....... Imps: enthusiast/c terms of our "home,' Masses for the Dead I Staten ,,a  ........ ,e. umce(![ Dubhn, July 23.--St. Patrick's Or- [me zrJena oz lope ' " ....... grown seen r " i At . ,, ....... auern nauons m 1833 ban .' rope Benedict XV Mx exce hen of t 1 / e y and stron 1 the last meetin of Br Th p Socmty, Belfast, spends ever [ P h's rule, as she thought ........ g y advises]._ . " g anch 79,[ e treaty of Nankin +,. 1,, , Y car,i,,' .... "- that she was approachinr death when ounss on ths side of the pond, to [ l was uecided to not give an,, flow- [ which sti,,ul-, , ?, -" .-,, year aoout $30,000 in providing for .."."  +ram ano e .^- -,---- . .. -.. ee America fir * ,,  ors as has , .... -  _ , . |,__ . ,,u ue cession o l-long- orphhns in  ,li ....... voce( to promotin the ,,. _ngm graauauy mminished.  ........ : ..... 'V" ,e custom heretofore, ong to Great Brit-'d- ,,,: ..... _ _ th .... ocese of Do .... a,,d +.^ r .... .. ...... g . xnerefore she did not nest .... h,, ,,s nce "riecl 'made a business I ou ms(end to have masses said 'n or- claus s of . . . .----, .]-+,,mu wonnor. The Society has to exercise ..... umua o ne urge preparation to meet h-'M=7::-  :'- trip to Ft. Smith durin th .... , t der that they sooner onto, +-* , .... e **^ poIitical ,,purt, tha is to the utmost vigilance in ord  .... through the medium of Lord unexpectedly. Every wee b .... week. l eternal glories of Heaven l. , mea,,--. - op m war pohtmal vent helpless children from bei,-- Bessari one, the ...... Miss Christina Swift has,- .... ,^ I remember that the souls - -.::.+ ,,-' were men co make doubly snatched away, b rosel tie . Eve a" h e directed. e .............. - ........... he Open Door for British the decisions of y :urt y zrs. o+,n will be held today in - ....  ...... San Martino Monti. :greater beyond. Mrs. Emma Hart- - ,-. ..... . , shp as a future machimst. Flo d will amn was corn ov. o, o, anct was _ . .. . y ' raarricd to Mr, Henr Hartman Nov. ma?e his ome with his brother, Carl Y [Tmnnes" and family, who have rein , , 1900. In their union they were l .... " "dot . . !m that city for som t , blessed with five children, nenrica Jo- "r' " e ime. Floyd s sofa, Theodore Henr, Eugene Ed-  mn(s wsh him the best progress Y . [and sucess in the field he has chosen. war,+Laurence, and Jerome, who, ..... . '  .I rrea rmrgrove, son of Mr with their father, mourn the loss oz Mr and pod Christian m t ..... [ s. Peter Hairgrove, livin west of a g " o her anaa zaim- to " g " I wn, has gone too Parsons Kas ful wife, who had to part too early _ .......... , .., where ne win worz unut all. At the Friday she received the Sacraments Oklahoma Cit "' ceased . . , " , . . . :reah7eatheev::dd:i[;ws;:eye:b:. resdr:d jB; C. YP:s::: t :: :='er]y ] their livm:gm:::th:;:kand?:tlr:glnY th: radeeth:Uldarn::s b:c::;C'll t:C;rit: at. ed the last Sacraments two days be. sev- Mona, has returned after I aCnK" of A. to h.e!p them. wth prayers pal word powers, excepting the Unite erm years sent m E u more es eclall w t d fore her death. One hour before sheJMr s . '_ P . mid, Okla'Iof t ..... P'" Y - h the Sacrifice. States, which was China's only unset . 'aser has purchased the Dun- ae roiy vlass. Let us reach out fish friend from the beginnin a e died, on being notified of her growing man pro eft ..... r  our hand +- . . . . g, h v worse, Rev:" Father Van Oudnhovenl and w"" p Y, aajommg her old home |Par ato  ' the suffering souls m Ibeen founded on a pohtlcal as well a m reside m Mena g and b hurried in an auto to her home to as-[ Geor _ permanently. [1_ "Y y ]]ivine intercession, ion a commercial basis, under w?ch sist her in her last hour and she had/wh . , ge Fried, of Oklahoma City, Iaf t ho:m L: m their sorrows to eter-/equality of commercial privilege in nas peon mmtm at th J y et us not the blessing of receiving her Lord and [his -are'nt "" g e home of 1 ... , . . forget that in [China has come to be more and moe / P s, llr and Mrs F proporuon as we ne Master just half an hour before she ...... . .... R. Fried, l lp the poor souls, | dependent upon equalit-, of .... " had to appear before Him ett Thursday in his Dod e roa so will others assist us wh  poucaz , Whom she ex +" " " g dster. " " en we are [privilege. so faithfully served during life, onCelro ipyyung to stop at several points en/h: lpless and_ de pend!ng upon the [ "The Open Door Doctrine has world more in Holy Communion. ShortlY/Th.nn e e was-accompamed by ]loyd i I ayers oz the Church to obtain de-[slgmfmance because it underlies the afterward she fell asleep, never OlMrs jS'ThYunges son of lYr. and| "verance rom the pttrging flames. |fuldamentals of Chinese diplomacy, a awake in this worhi anymore, but/th e "'our nnes, who will completel ....... -- : |nation which was in existence almost | J ney to Indmnapohs Ind b t passed peacefully away into the rail While serving his a' 'r "'" ff/KSMi IN No Yo [,two thousaml years before Christ and : PP enuc+- / Inca worge( out through the centuries [ MaY F/EE CHARGE the fundamental bases of political and commercial equality, as developed in from they--July 25. Funeral services and Requiem High present time there is little in the way Mass were conducted by Rev. J. F. I f employment in Mona for boys an i O *' ' " Van Oudenhoven. After the absolutionJ y ung men and, for ths reason many of the faith the remains were laid of them have gone elsewhere to seek to rest in the cemetery of St. Vin-| work. have to be withheld. In a recent case the Belfast courts, contrary to the wishes of a deceased father, ordered that children should be brought up Protestants. Bishop MacRory criticised the decision with At the time of the elected Pope Pins XI great vigor. Catholics could not, he said, allow it to rest where it was. An appeal is to be taken to the House of Lords. The Bishop has intimated that Catholics in Belfast may have to subscribe the necessary expenses. VATICAN ORGAN GIVES APPROVAL TO LETTER OF CARDINAL I)UBOIS "(By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rome, July 20.--The "Osservatore 0F r/d,S|F|CTl0Nithe doctrine of the Open Door.,, t , Romano" gives the following state- =[' ment of the events leading to the ex- (By N. C. V. C. News Service) I AMERICAN COLLEGE planation by Cardinal Dubois of Paris oF ROME IS GIVEN of the letter of the Pope to Cardinal Albany, July 26.--A tempoorary in- t . Gasparri: junction restraining the Ku Klux, iC::b::rad:l;::h:: :dd: I ,in view of thedebates in the Klan and its sister organization, the LEGACY OF $500 Kamelia, from exrcising any corpor- 9000 t ate rights of privileges in te State Chicago, Ill., July 27.--A legacy of parent misunderstanding of the ponti- of New York was issued here yester- more than $500,0ff0 will go to the lfical document, even among some day by Supreme Court Justice Har- American College of Rome from the]Catholic members of Parliament, His old J. Hinman. Appl/cation for the Chicago estate of Mrs .An ea .1 . . injunction was made by Deputy At- g C. Gor Eminence, Cardinal Dubms, Arch- newspaper dis dinal Marini, who clave suffering from died during the sessions. : cent with a big attendance of people. FORT SMITH Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Redmond are looking forward with delight to the visit of their daughter,. Mrs. Alfre Wde, who will spend August with them, Mrs. Wade will be remember- ed as Miss Mary Redmond, who was the able nurse in St. Vincent's hospi- tal, who administered anesthetics to patients in the operating rooms. M: and Mrs. Jean Redmond are enjoying a trip that will include St. Louis, Nazareth and Chicago. At Nazareth they will visit Mr. Redmond's sister., Sister Teresa Angola, in the world, Miss Marjorie Redmond and Miss Ju- lia Redmond, formerly an able young I business woman of Fort Smith, later of Dallas, who began her novitiate soome time since. She has always TEXARKANA | torney-General Edward Griffin, bad , upon an affidavit by Supreme Cdurt Justice George E. Pierce, of Buffalo: -- in which the latter declared that the Picnic papers of incorporation filed by rep- The fifth alniversary of the organ- resentatives of the Klan and Kameiia ization in Texakana of the Catholic with the Secretary of State had been Daughters" of America, formerly the materially altered after he had p- Daughters'of Isabella, was celebrated proved them in delightful fashion last Thursday Pretense May Fail evening with a picnic at Spring Lake' If the temporary injunction is later Park for the members and their fami- lfia(le permanent t will mean that the lies A big truck was hired to convey the picnickers to the Park On arriving there many went for a plunge in the cold water of the lake. About seven o'clock a bountiful pic- nic supper was spread and among other good things to eat was a large birthday cake, holding five candles, the gift of one of the bakers of the city.. After supper boat-riding and Klan will be deprived of its pretense of being a 'qlnevolent order," by virtue of which it has been attempt ing to evade the provisions of the Walker law requiring lublication of l its membership roster, ritual and co- I ligations. If the temporayy injunction is sus- tained on the grounds upon which he'. application was made, it will mean that such an alteration of the Klan's articles of incorporation will have really, as the result of the settlement by greement of a suit to break the will of Mrs. Gormully by her brother, Joseph E. O'Merra, and his two sons. Mr. O'Meara 'had been left a trust fund of $30,000 under the will, and protested, charging that his sister was of unsound mind, when she executed the instrument d/sposing of an estate of $1,000,000 and had been under the settlement, in which Mr. O'Mn, ..,i addition to the $30,000 trust fund is given $50,000 andeach of his two sons $25,000. The $100,000 will be paid by bishop of Paris, sent to M. de Gail- hard-Bancel, Catholic Deputy from Ardeche, a letter in which he ex- influenced of Rev. Charles A O'Hern of Chicago, rector of the American College at Rome. Compromise Settlement. After two years of litigation on the validity of the will, including one trial in which the jury disagreed, the at- torneys for the complainants, and for the Northern Trust Company, trus- tees, under the will, came into cohrt during the week with a compromise plained the true character of the do- [cument, showing that far from bein l a judgment vf the merits of the Ruhr question--which was expressly dis- claimed in the document itself--it ex- 'pressed the hope for an early solu. tion of the question in accordance with dancing were enjoyed and on parting wished to be a nun, but would no[everyone declared the picnic a grand been officially recognized as a tea- Prorating among all of the bequests leave her parents while the twins lsuccess, son for withholding from the Klan under the will, in which a number of were younger. All the Redmond chin the privileges given to incorporated Cathoic charities were named for dren were studious and ambitiou.[ Few Religious in any part of the "benevolent orders" in this State small bequests, and the residue given eager to grow up and do their part'world possessed such a proud record Supreme Court Justice Pierce who to the American College at Rome. in their chosen line of endeavor.-- as the venerable Scottish nun, Mother approved the original Klan and Ka- The basis of the compromise was City Items. ]Mary Sales Leslie of the Ursuline or- melia articles of incorporation as a asserted in court to be the grea ex- Several Sisters of Mercy from otherlder, who died recently at her convent mtter of routine judicial business [pense of further Htigation, the ill feel- convents of the diocese are makinglin Edinburgh after having completed ad later made an affidavit to tholing and scandal caused by the litiga. their annual retreat with the Sisterslthe seventy-first year of her religiou+ effect that they had been altered af.ltion , and the possibility that another at St. Anne's Academy. profession, ter ll e had signed them, is authority jury might find the will void. the principles of justice and charity, and that it contained many passages favorable to France. Cardinal Dubois' t letter concludes with the statement i that the pontifical document contain nothing opposed to French interests or which could give offense to nation- al patriotism." This account is followed b, the fol- illness, however, the to east his ballot in tho ANGLIANSSEND MESSA00I AS lowing editorial commen: "The ltter of His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris em- phasizes very justly the concept and fundamental aim of the Pontifical let- ter, just as they were described in our article of June 29 in which, after re- calling the present status of the ques- tion, we said: 'These. are questiom of fact which should be examined in forthcoming diplomatic conversations; the Holy See cannot and does not wih to enter into them, and has discharged London, July ares of the which has just been in London, was the the delegates to this "High" Anglicans to [ The message sent rom to the Vatican, read a / "Sixteen thousand A }in congress in London, |their reverent greeting Father, humbly praying of peace may quickly All kinds of meanings into this message. It have ment that the humbly praying that Ror ter its attitude towards ant churches; on the may have prayed that the may alter their Rome. But its real sJ lie in the term used "Holy Father" the An him in their telegram, a fortnight ago that the of Canterbury, in possible reopening of Council also referred to "the Holy Father." In the light of English history there is import in this phrase. can mind, until times, has thought of Pontiff not as the Holy Christendom, but as the as "Anti-Christ," aml a opprobrious terms, the or more centuries of cal propaganda. I One of the most the growing power church is the rapid its duty in recalling the principles of ross she has made in justice and charity of which God him-|were wrested from i self made it the custodian and the the Reformation and mistress in the world." considered Protestant