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August 4, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 4, 1923

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PAGE FOUR DIVORCE REFORM COMPLICATED BY PARIS SITUATION ' Eaglet and More C'onvement for Many to Get Decree in France. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, July 30.The sudden THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1923 PRIVATE SCHOOLS AFFECTED BY MANY NEW LAWS OF STATE (By N. C. W C News Service) Washington, Jy 30--Many States adopted laws affecting the interesus of private and parochial scho61s, dur- ing the sessions of their respective rise of Paris as an international di- 1 legislatures this year, "according to an vorce center is viewed with conflicting incomplete compilation of such legis emotions by the advocates of a uni- slat`on made by the Department of form divorce law in fle United States Laws and Legislation of the National wlio had hoped, by means of a consti-ICatholic Welfare Council in a report tutional amendment, to put a check on to the N. C. W. C. Department of Ed- the evil. Before that reform could be ucation. In malting this compilation accomplished it has bee,, shown that public the Legislation Departmen% it is just ao easy, and probably vastly through its Associate Director, James more convenient, for Americans to ob- R. Ryan,' announced', that inasmuch a taina divorce abroad as it is in some the legislatures of several States are states at home. The only cure seems still in session and complete reports I to be to make divorce 16gislation a have not yet been received from pth- matter of international agreement, ers an additional report will be is- Those who are opposed to a federal sued later. The present report deals divoree law are now pointing to thewith laws passed in Arkansas, Call- Paris practice as an argument that fornia, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, the reform cannot be accomplished by Elinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Mich!- the legislative process, dan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jer- International Dryness sey, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Da.- U. $. SUP. COURT AND OREGON SCHOOL LAW Washington, July 31A decision by the United States Supreme Court in the Orego, a school law case is not to be expected for many months, ff the usual judicial process is folloved according to the view of attorneys fa- PLAN CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY GROUP ON ENGLISH LINES Cleveland, July 30--The great uni- versity buildings at Oxford and Cam- OLD DREXEL HOME ATTRACTS PILGRIM3 (By N  W C News Service.) Philadelphia, July 30.With the ap- probation of His Eminence, Cardinal Dougherty, who was himself present bridge will be the architectural rood- at one of the pilgrimages, there is be- els for the first group of buildings for ing held throughout the summer un- miliar with the practice of the court. Cleveland Univer . . The case mm:t first ,o t .  ,... ........ slty. the great Jesmt der the auspices of the Sisters of the . ..... ? o th . msuuuon on na:er Iteights, just Blessed Sacrament. a series of mis- prem.e.?.ul; m: tle outside Clevehmd, for which $15,000,- sionary pilgrimages to the old home- *m ummuomy o e mougn O nm 000 eventually Will be expended stead of the family of' Mother Kath.t- :dc;i;] n:t:l.levaew, whether the The fJrst umt wall comprise three rme Drexel at ]?orresdale, near Phil ,  ln 11 ,'I,D, Le or noI IE sc , . , " -  " " I mnce halls, two dormitorms for out-!adelnhm. ..l:or 2e iU_mtcd S?a.tes Supreme]of-town students, an administration Permanent exhib' . ,--, Lo ueLermme wneumr or no ,: build,n,- librar .............. : . ,ts of handmraft il" . .. , .  ,s, y, acmy ouumng, anu onjecs oz interest gathered from l:w'erP:;SrtUP:m:t;m::th:l:o:rft hh: egrYfnasmm, power house and a mod- Indian missions, the work of the chil- " ' "'f stadium that will accommodate dren in the schools conducted by the ditn:;l::s::t:sl:Pnhh: t:;s::::lt:i/3w0i0beP::S?::de(iA sum of $3,000,000 Sisters among the colored people of . p on this first group the East and South are being dis- ll;e::;:gnt:LmJtu::t/ilntlP:;;:d]:  of buildings, which will be of Ohio played sandstone, trimmed with Harvard" The purpose of the pilgrimages is  presented in the form of a prosecu- red brick. I to arouse interest in and zeal for mis- finn for violation of the law. As a Complete colleges of arts and sci-tsions in general, particularly home rule, howeve': in a ease of this im- ences will be established before an at-lmissions. The first pilgrimage took portance the court does noL wait for tempt is made to expand the institu-!place on May 13, and numbered ap- thia to happen. In the California tion into a full functioning university, proximately four hundred. On each mid Washington aliea land law cases, Colleges of law, medicine, dentistry, succeeding Sunday various societies was celebrant and welcoming the and telling them notion to the good extend it by the ferences. "Veracity is the ity." MADJ ROSE CITY "THB MOST JO! JUNG, :: d:=Ploe n " " ceogdT:[ng will be The advocates of the prohibition kota, Texas and Washington. s , th:Chq::st:: ::: :and:d ePrh:cmfY ::: and clubs have made pilgrimages, advise you to amendment were firmly convinced OregonStatus /u anM:jyUlB:|ReP:;?dd[:,g925 /Cleveland"The intent Sef the founders of I " i from Philadelphia, New York, aml insure your order The sizes are 6 Washington. had Further particulars can Pay Postman on that it would stop the drinking of in- xcept for the anti-parochial school University," declares the/be toxicating liquors, but it has been law of Oregon, which, however, was Having granted a petition for a re- Rev Thomas J Smith, S J, presi- KtharinebYDrexel,applicatincornwellst MotherHeights,M. ifsendshoesmneYare order.not found that this question also has an adopted by popular vote and not by i":" w of the case the Umted' States dent of the'institution, "is to build/Pennsylvania. " "" . i . " . "" ' . " . . FtFfna;yiii;at! i!h[]far.-J !!!!:]e:!!Tn]eagSvl2:::eto th:$ein  S:P:$7:foC:h:taflgl . bie=k:da::, td; t:e:htoC:lxl;ga:fftliobTlulr  fully and THE U. S. .............. - . c education written into ],'ourt may or may not grant the re ...... unctiningl, flflfl IiWIT/TIAM 1441 Broadway, ona, 3ur, sulclon Irom three miles to'State statu, es (luring- the -s+ ----- 'ouest ., :, .._ . .......... umvers,y. Encrance to the universi- --,vvv., aa,x, a amO -= . ! .  _ p. .ar. l '. . * *.. , . m no likely na ty will not be conditioned on reli- . = twelve from shore, so that the vany" rad,cally" ant, Ca!ho!/c bfll.,ltne .'real opm,?n w,ll be rendered for gious belief or nationality. The in -[ OBSERVE FFAST OF CJIPITAL surrephtmus mportatmn of aleohlio were introduced m the various leg,sla [everal. months at.least. In vmw of shtahon wall be open to all student liquors might be better controlled /tures but almost uniformly they fah the dehberatmns with wh,ch the court . .... . = Dope and Divorce Control led to become iaws Most of the law nmves it i,, te be doubt ...... seeking a moral educatmn, ,huse key-I PA00{0N IN ST. LOUIS, st00PLUs Those " " } ' ' .... I " s eu nat tne " . who are trying to bnn about whuh were assed  note ,s sterhng American catlzenshl I I W haw lner g I : P deal with details o' Oregon case will reach the United I " . " 'P" the suppression of the dope evil havelaJministration , requirements andlStates Supreme Court a - -^ ^- a}Cleveland University, when complet-! St 1....- ...... I$tk fom $.00,000 ound that the only effective means qualifications for teachers . ,... I urin the - ........ ,,u o= .u.,,led, will be one of the show spots of +.^-" ,.-'.":' me., omy 30.More by mllia t now ! 0- control ,s to guard the supply at iccmpulsory inclusion of certain  sub- t probable that it ,,m ...+ . ............ America, as no amount of time or el- .+ w: ......   members of the $0 per emt above m me source. Now ,t has been demon- jeers ,n all school curricuIa of until 1925 uie :'" "-.";--? u'Pu''Ifrt will be spared to secure the best r.:;,i"_(.T[auiy merence m St. ha, been Increased strated that d,vorce likewise cannot i Teaches Constitution ifnund of exnedit'in=4.:u,=.,w, ay 'Slthat may be had from an architec-Jtr:',:':v. . ne.,zeast.of their Pa- $0,005. Thi| enabl ne ezectively regulated as a doines- Arkansas, California C0nn--+--t Liafit P'o -- - '- :'-' =""'." )rural as well as an'utilitarian stand-]-:.-'-'-= ': vncent:s Church, Park  earn of {mr ! , . .   . , ,u., / * ,er o[ u. . Uourt ! . avenue ann LNlnt ty matter..And t ,s to be doubted i I(lho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jer-j In the meantime a movem,m. ,...|k. ]point. , ] receivea ---,- ,-- sreet, where they  wall am th. n.w , na ne umed States will ever enter;ey, South Dakota, and other State,]veloping to limit the ...... =-57 ] "In consonance with the present W -5 *:-:' ,onmumon m aooay, mv. aav rote a compact with other nations to now have laws requirimr the "to,ohi,2 Icm,t bv re,mlri,,. ", ["r .......icomprehensive program of buildinl "' vaor, aev. l,'. J. Moser, C.M.,I[IL I regulate divorce in accordance with "ff the Federal constii:,+,,.- :'--::=:-|.;..~ ..:'.-.'-'--" ..,,a ,s emm.on[the establishment of Cleveland ll,i-I I ---- - --- - " common standards, or that the principles of civil governm;nt"iUn trnl;;'u"n'aS;;m;;sUno?nSuUm:n',a',D e e!tn-/versity wil; further enhance t]'e pri'de/ I-. T -- 7-- " League of Nations will make it the vale and parochial as well as in n,,,-Ithirds of th .... +.,i:,+ e. o.y _,:-[that now so justly fills the breast of - ' " subject of international control, schools. These laws ........ \\;'..'..]::l'v, .,,,:b,"..v:" ..... v,ng, jushce, every resident of the fifth city" I 5t. Jose#h s . . . .. .,-u ..... c ..... .e aceomplisnea onl by . "  -- Outlook for Saclal Legmlatmn or, ous oppos,tmn and a an amendm Y ] The s,te of the mst,tutmn s m a .... , "n. most m-I " eat of the constitution for,, " " ' '" ' gr o v r, -,,  ' ,0eautiful section of Shaker Heights *  x  Jr" 1 lN ( SALE-ARMY We have just stock of ARMY to be sold to the PRICE $2.75. These per cent solid double soles sewed uppers are of leather with bellows making them shoes are sellin Afiili?eer:m;h:heff:;hh:; Pn lath:S'schlfl n:;;]:la::.htt]e change :hp:cCt:rcfgrn?:s Sued:tfmt!at s ts i bnd cmpris forty-five acres. The graver agtfi,e:OOok:d :ethe future with[ m. ^ Religipus Garb " lowed/method of procedure. But the !a:'l !drags of !he university will event- tb'ou-h" "- ' g n more serious t. ne regon legislature passed a effect of such a restriction in a. case t- y cover ,torts-five acres, leaving   o_ me cheering, of those I/aw prohibiting flue wearinb of it- I such as the Ore,-ov h... .. ,.t.. Iten acres for the athletic field :forces which_ make for dissolution and, liTIiOUS garb by teachers in te'publk I be startling. ' ................. ""' ;d;d :nem=t:r:m?fnlWnilsn has l L?;ll:t; Both houses of the Florida I Serious Question !MURDER BY ULSTER elating tlat ciValizati0n eangn -?y ae'lv-i--- use . adopted . resolutions I Presumably a state law will stand no SUr'I 'S ,u.b ne teaching 'of Darwinism. inthe same relatio ' REVEALED viva unless it be" redeemed spiritual|-/a6neism and agnosticism, a, truths |a Court ash federal 1Ltft::nSaUnPro"ae t POLICE ty-.a note " ., . . , , " 'mous l which seems to echo the |e pubhc restitutions of  o i " " ' ' /': that S.'tte. pmon were reqmred to declare a AFTER FULL YFAR recent pronouncement of the Holy Fa- Foreign Languages legislative enactment constitutional ' ter who, as Cardinal Dubois said,/ Connecticut now has a law making If that were the case eight of the] Dublin, July 21.In Cushendall, "d " a .... village it| the glens of Coaanty An- e$,res peace, roL merely exterior Erglish the medium of instruction in ustices might- hold ne uregov law . " .. peace iinposed by force, but a peace lalI public and private schools of that unconstitutional, but ". " of reconciliation-in Christian justice [S{'+.te, but permitting' the teaching' ,:f opinion would defeat affir ds;::;fg ] weretnm' shotthree(teadYungtwelvemen'monthsCathhCS'ago un- to d charity." Senator Johnson also any foreigfl language for a period of " der circumstances which until a few o halt the 'forces of. radicalism andl.cfiool .I-t:..,' During the year aow. an the law would remain in force, i asserted that something must be done! In September last, a commissioner o: roorc lhan one hour during e.ct, From this it can be seen that the pro- days ago had remained a mystery. lesser leaders in their way have re-/ever, the Sunreme o.... _... ' .. |osal to restrict the authority of the " n:ut,: Supreme Court in nullifying ]egisla- ' appointefl by tbe British Government .eatedthe Idea S.ngalariy enough,ed States [;clarer? 'ifc:ns ? live acts by declaring them unconsti- held all investigation into the affair 'Mth0ugh the Unhed States is the one tim 2nt'fcreign language laws cf tutional will unquestionably be giveu and, in due course, presented his find- ,conntry. that. t cbnspicuously prosper_iN ]ings. The British Government was cb..yska, Iowa, and Ohio. ]?best very long and serious consideration willing to publish the report but the ous there is a gowing disposition to !..tatutes prohibite d the use of an Int.'- weigh delibentely the warnings g'tage c.'ber than English as the y before it is adopted. ,t;e- Belfast Government would not assent. which have so often been sounded to ]d/ttm c t instr, uction in any school in ,deaf ears in the past.' the resp(tlive States, and alo pro'ib- FRANCE HONORS What was the reason of the objec- tion to publication by the Govern- Conflicting Opinions " [ited !he teaching of a foreigp la..- MEMORY I ment of the Six Counties? British But to accomplishe this purpose by gua:e us a language until after "he OF FIRST i troops and the police force of the legislation requires a much more def- chikl i,a,1 eempleted the eighth grade. Belfast Government were involved. The South's Most Famous Sanit Conducted by the Sisters of M, tHIS TELLS THE WHO'LE STORY OF EFFD UQH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE AND WITH ALL CLASSES. DEVOTED SISTERS EXCELLENT STAFF MEMB COMPETENT NURSE  Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominent Care in AppointmentsEvery Room Outsi( Well Ventilated and Ligled I Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Re INFIRMARY-- 9,NITARIUM REST Professional Attendance initely formulated program than has Damper on Petitions CANADIAN BISHOP;0000,? roport foaud that Mr. Churchill ' ...... admitted in the British House o yet been devised. There are thoze Michigan legislators during ff, elr Commons that the, e was n founda who assert that nothing can be done t recent session wrote into the statt, te.. Paris J 1 "0 -  .... - .... " ' " P. : . For Reservations Apply to tv resorting to government. As to o that State a provision that is. ex-. . .. ., u y z .'-- ,e|egauon. oi a- ann or. any allegation against the REV. SISTER SUPERIOR the policy of participation in Euro-lpected to put a damper on the uvre. haman. Ca!hohcs . which came to Britislr troops. I avoided saying St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, penn affairs, even to the extent of stricted filing of petitions for anti- rance zo}' ne cem brahon of the can- that the police :force of the Belfa..t I ar centare of Msgr v'rancms de ....... in'hind the worhl court, there is vio-lP ochial school legislation. The new ' .  :. ' ' Moat- Government had been exculpated by lently conflicting opinion. But it is l law requires all persons' er organiza-]mrency-am' nrst Bishop. of Qua- the commissioner. From that time a 'vere than prbable that an ' tlns clrculatl Dec' o's'ted the httle arish f 1 l  // B k " : effort'w'll, ' - ' ' ' "ng such petitions to filel.. ' s " p' '.' Mon-,til the present the Belfast Govern- be made duing the forthcoming Con- reports of contributions ;ace,nod, ugnysur-Avre, in the Chartres diocese, ment has insisted upon the suppres- gess to l,ve moe attenhon to"do-[naming the donors .a ,._ " ]where the great prelate was born In iion of th ......... ' 'arl :ers Trust n|es.hc 0cml, rather than economiclgneh,,to account for'the::p:muf:/theChUrch where he was baptized thiI" In the m;a'me, Jn the.course ot [I MAIN AT SECOND problelm, andto extend the scope of, of such funds, and to state under oath - gatmn unveiled a monument of I other proceedings, the facts have been ]/ LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS legislation" in this field,  I that'deception, has not been prac;c;d i t-ered, of itsbYfirsCathlic Canada in memory brought to light The parents of the Political Evolution ' m securing signatures to an .... q I " t pastor. ]?his monument young men who had been kill- h II--We are agents for practically all the important " Immigration, education't [.finns Tl .- v. " represents the Bisho s - ," " ' ' "" t/ Cmanies" .. . , he regula- I m law also makes r man&t-I. , . . p, ant by trance, Jphed for compensation. Hn,n +1,, ann oI conditions of labor and kind- tory upon County Clerk  .... . eamng by the hand a young Canadian hearing of these -: ..... ( ....... ]l If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business r .... s . ,,ly, ......  - ,a,n, evmenee wa []you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the me red top,cs will come for a general the signatures of petitioners ,gin to tne ee,of the Holy Family. Igiven that on the occasion n ...... H Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for information M. Maunoury, Minister of the In 'l tion lorries of militar- an-' --'" "'"- ii be cheerfully given, without charge. discussion whether or not they are[ Two States enacted laws providlagterio ......  ,---+ .. . " . ' y' u ponce ar- made the subfect" of specific legisla- that chihlren may be excused from I'sennn"/'' ':; p.e..en m person, rep,, i,,ved in the village. The police got II --We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange tion. The political tendency is to give school attendance for limited erio(l I g the government. The official loft eir lorry and started to fr -,, II which is in position to effect money transfers more attention to the individual and for the purpose of receivi- -;'^.. e']u(:ational system was represented on the neonle - "c..^ ^ .,_ : 7.-e" [] by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money .... . . " " -e. --.,s, vuS ) , . .- v,, t, bne nree - to improve his condition in life so far Instruction. In Minnesota this perle,t/[y-t Rector of the Faculty of Caen l young men was seen by a witness in ][ We both buy and sell Foreign Orders at prevailing as that may be done, but the move .lis hree hours a week, and in South/an[l ano]ic education by Msgr. Bau-/th& act of surrendering to the police. II BANKE Exchange, getting men, is just bginning, nd it remains Dalota, one hour The religious iz (mllart, Rector of the Catholic Insti- !An hour later he was found dead, to be' Seen at form of political eve-!'sirnction in each case is to be -iven itu;e of Paris. 1he monument was lshot through the mouth. The el,ca ]]/[ FOR lution it will take. i by teachers selected b,, the a ^- --] hlc:.sed by Msgr. de Guebriant, S,- Itoak the other tw ..... P- J J: Lll {Is "  " IJ 111t2/1 OUt O a gmrdians penor General of Formgn Missions, shr; and shot them in the presence of  BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT CZECH GOVERNMENT as.Lted by Msgr. Landrieux, Bish,m the villagers. MAKES APPROPRIATION }appropriation for this purpose. The FOR HUSS CELEBRATION people, the majority of whom aro of Dijon, who made a trip to Cannon I This evidence was not really contra- two ears ago. dieted. In opposition to the applica- The Canadian delegation was head- tion for compensation some witnesses i Catho]ic taxpayers for anti-Catho- ed t:,y Msgr. Pelletier, director of the stated that the .police had been fired (By N. C. W. C. News Service.i lic propaganda. On their side, the Ec;e Normale Super, cure of Quebec, upon by some persons in the village, Prague, July 18.The feast of Sts. Catholics have suggested that the accompanied by Abbe Langlois, a pro- ] but a British military officer exam- Cyril and Method,us was celebrated statue of the Blessed Virgin, removed fecsor from the seminary founded by ,ned on the same side swore that no this year with the customary rever- in 1918, be put back in the place it M:-'gL de Laval. Judge Bernier and shot had been fired from the villa e t;::; twUonfg::::a::Yts, the f:;:tstl:  fo;:ump:ld y b;cu:i:datb:t ofhHh s is now Abbe Per,at of the Church of the Holy ]at the police, g " s. Child Jesus, of Montreal, also were These revelations explain the an- of the Slavs, is followed by the birth- 1 The Huss celebration brought to- members of the delegation. day of John Huss, the enemy of the gether a large body of people a .....  a ............ of the Belfast Government v -u t ,,. vaunoury, wno spoze m praise to pumish the report of the British faith and doctrine preached by Cyril ls proposed to make this feast a na-lof the work of Msgr de Laval , missi and Methodms The Cathol honal ,was Corn oner , " ics of i " holiday each year. f611owed by Msgr. Beaupin, secretary Clady, a Tyroone village, near the CTsh:dSb:at: fah::et, bfen,__.greatly t . ......  /of the Corn,re Cathohque des Amities}border, has been on several occasions .. x .  .a., ms rrovmce oI ueee has a popll-[Franchise a 1Etranger, who delive me government ook offlcml part in latmn of 2,100000 o ,.a. ......... - ...... red ldmturbed and terrified b un ......... ,  _ , , - ---,,...t,uza,uoul a panegyric oi the great mmsionary The latest attack took  g men me nussie cemorafion ana made an are catholics J""  ' I . . P ace during " ulsnop, cllr-I ew llours. ARMSTRONG SPRINGS WATER CAN NOW BE OBTt ARKANSAS' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SPRING AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO THE PUBLI For 0 yars this water has ben famous a a Kidney, Bladder, and Nervous DisordalS: For inormatiox writ PROTECTORY FOR BOYS 8EARCY p. 0., ARK. ROUTE No. $. to sp, he m You