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August 4, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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August 4, 1923

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PAGE TW0 THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1923 7; Published Weekly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Dioceme of Little Rock 309 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as aecond-clasa matter March 21, 1911, at the postoffice at Llttld Rock, Ark., nnder the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 TttE YEAR CHANGE OF ADDRESS When a change of address is desired the subscriher should give both the old and the new address. CORRESPONDENCE Matter intended for publication in The Guardian should reach us not hter than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cordially appre. dated. REV. GEe. H McDERMOTT ................... Managing Editor All communic'tioas about "The Guardian" sbould b addreHed to Ray. Gee. H. McDermott. 307 West Sccgnd Street. OFFICIAL APPROVAL The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, and [ pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the cause el " l ultice and.truth and an ardent defender of the rdlilrion wh;h rlgh € IO Well J. extend tn i, - t,T..." .. . . . ......... ,. we a•, -- - - .-.j u,lng wln toe sincere h " career may ve long cud prosperous, ope that zts JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishol of Little Rock. LITTLE ROCK, ARK., AUG. 4, 1923. % The Evil One hates peace• He loves hot disputes between relatives, associates and neighbors. Most of all he would cause misunderstandings and mis- givings about religion• The evil one is certainly abroad in our fair land in these, our days. Sensational pulpiteering has come to a lament- able pass, when the district attorney of Pulaski County requests two of our Little Rock preachers to forego their advertised sermons on the notori- ous alleged assassins of our two policemen• It is a blot on the Christian pulpit to make o it a ped- dlin$ place of vicious notoriety, yet we have among us a few preachers who would bait the public mind with the sensational and the alluring, in order to hold their reputations as the "live wires" of local Protestant preacherdom. "Jesus Christ crucified" is never advertised as a sermon topic by these baiters• That would in- deed be "old fashioned" for the "pep" publicity. preachers of Little Rock. Catholics had been made a part of a campaign of socialism if not of communism• Everywhere the efforts of those who offered a substitute for Cath- olicism, have resulted only in the creation of a spirit of indifference to all things religious and have made easier, by the belittlement of authority, the task of those who would lead the people of these various countries in the paths of commun- ism and anarchy• At one time this flood of hostility to the Churc threatened to engulf the whole of Central Europe. That the Red Terror was checked in its first great advance was due to that Poland for which Count Lubienski now pleads• But if there was a check, if many of the European nations were shocked into an appreciation of the gravity of the menace, the menace itself was not removed• It reappear- ed in more insidious forms. The forces which were unable to crush Poland were employed to undermine the national life of that country and 0--O' to make its people more susceptible to the sophis- Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost• 0- "He hath done all things well; He hath made both the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak." Gospel. SIXTY Dr. Coakley points out that the odists, Presbyterians and Protestant denominations in have 117,650 preachers for their bers. He thinks that these based on his findings, could 000 ministers• He suggests that nominations get rid of preachers and retain only those much work as a Catholic priest. inefficiency of Protestantism that there are 21 different brands t elegy; 21 varieties of Luth dism and 10 of Presbyterianism, different branches of Protest fulness brought about by the is enormous• Baltimore Catholic O-, The agitation now carried on to wipe out Cath- tries of Sovietism• As the Holy Faher has point- PRESS olic education is one founded on ignorance of the ed out, the Catholic school was made a special facts. There is no objection evidently to teachingl point of attack and one has only to read the report The other day the Detroit the natural sciences; it is because our schools/°f a non-Catholic commission which was submit-] York dispatch telling of a French teach boys and girls their duty to God--a duty/ted tOtehsetUihacians of America, to discover thet wh° had lived in illicit marital which makes them betfer men and women, a dut3 ;:tre " h this campaign has been carried Pittsburgh millionaire for 32 so necessary in all aes and especially now, when " the small territory of ransylvania. spondent calls her a "remarkable there is so much to lead them astray from all that There can be little doubt that much of thelqu°tes her as saying: "I would is good and noble• In the last analysis this is money contributed by American Protestants to ried him even if he had been i the crux of the situation; those agitators do not this widespread campaign of socialism and corn- I am a Catholic and I do not want God in the lives of the young• munism has been given with ignorance of the any circumstances." There are many good non-Catholic people who, i purposes to which it would be applied. Many haw That is buncombe, pure and if they understood the Catholic position with re- been told that Protestantism in Europe was in telegraph editor of the News ou gard to education, would gladly assist us instead I danger; others have been led to believe that a' This woman could not obtain 'of supporting our adversaries• It Would be very lgreat opportunity opened for imparting the dec- fession as long" as she continued illuminating to such people to make an investiga-/trines of the evangelical churches to great masses and, not receiving the Sacramental lion of Catholic education in all its phases and/dr the population of European countries that were a year, she was ipso facto ex then ask themselves should ±hey help destroy it• entirely without religion. How m-any o  those was no more a Catholic than is a We bear our own expenses and are willing to who have given money for these purposes realize South Sea Islands. Michigan do so, though we know that Catholic education is how their contributions are being spent? While one of the most valuable assets of the State. 400,000 Catholics gather in one European capi- SIGNS OF CATHq o-o -- tal to testify publicly to their faith in God and No matter how hardened the life of a con- demned criminal may have been there is no one who cannot feel some sympathy for his sad fate. One's mind naturally reverts to the time when the 6riminal was young and innocent and the delight of his parents. Had the child had the proper chance to learn the truths of God and imbibed the spirit of prayer, how many who have been desperate criminals might not be good, law-abid- ing citizens today? Unfortunately it often hap- pens that it is only at the last moment the crim TOO MANY LAWS their respect for constituted authority, the funds l ........... inal turns to God, thus confirmin the ....... "- ] - . . • . _ which have been furnished by Amerion .... ,. I A warn ulrougn 1:he ±odsn .,,.t._...t. ,,_ . 6 O1(1 ttytttg In a recen issue oIa magazine devoted to li- i .... • .....  "**= '- ...... ', . ua a man is never more honest with hi ^'`l' • . ........ -g spen in an enaeavor to shake fha col;1,..] Wlli convince a Sightseer that ,__ _ ..... ,.c,! orarles we read oi an lneresung ctiscussion ROOm _._t... , ...... ,----s r , • . . umn a me hour oI death" . ..... ,.. " , , wmcn has t)een•secured for the nation th .....  t,^ tpeopm s everything in evidence i • ,ne es way oi weemng a norary, ulat is of - ......... s ..... , " , ", elIors oIa Catholic prelate premier ..... /churches and splendid schools b o e  /getting rid of book that had become useless or li- , . - • weal-mean-! . " . "  " I ng people WhO imagine that anythin, c ] " . ano generosity of the Poles for th,  ............ /superfluous, and whilst readfng that article thel ..... g a l egam-! ...... zuy years ago me writer was asked by a Prot ..- ........... - ........ _  ........ ( eu ior zne spiritual life of a country b- re-h;--|al ne nauonalities that miggate to es*n* '--: .... " .... -,mvug vccurreu b. us wua a boon zo ne worts J.,-- - . • . '  J. ....-.,s. .-. .... be b x'leil(1 0 aKe him to church -,,  .... a.. /.. . . ' . . _ . tree doctrines oi neffation and +h ............. /lS non2 n]ore waulolic than tlae s, T. v.-^ ...... - ....... Y.I SUCh a Brocess could be ti'md on law books  ......  ....... --ocuon or. ; ....... . :... " • - x*aau was a V1SltOr 1;o one of th o [ilr ¢i,.o ! . • . . ........ . _, ]aazy projects oi material DrOsneritv an. ÷1. ¢.,n |Tcers o£ bal;nollc lolan(l wllen a , --.s ,=o 2orelgn cn;les are agnas a me number anti - -. ..... ,----,, a,. . . " of the United States He was tal, € - -. [ ..... /founded on rules of rich,: . . ell or a school is built the uest E. ..... ,: .... • . .   - a c.varlety el laws which are the result of diversity-- ..... , . o-eousness, should con-I .... '. .q v,t; church to which h, ,,,,,,,, ,! .... _  ./mer IUssla, wnich is th ,., .... • _ _ _ 1s no considered so much as the t --.- ,,--tu u e c ,v,,in ex q , ..... ..  ......... - [oi our law-maKing Iorces, and they are disposed / ...... --- g ample of all  ........... ,,,us,,; u me wsimr said" 'No I ^.,'* .... , ........... ucn scnemes of substitution y and saifiy. no umse cn t " • , ,.,.,J.u ,., .,, 1;0 c0ncluoe lnaE law making has ecome a ha- . . • . o listen to the sensations of the day I wish to | ................. ] They will find that they can not blink t - ^- |beauteous temples in which they oc hearse---"-' . . . " /1;lOnal naDll; wD;I1 us &no, now, ma a well-! ......... aeuvv,-i memmg oI religion; brin me t ............ !- • , • ..... |vus Iact that tneir money is bnin ...... ^ ship Day after da from earl  a-- v.- _  Y, Y the ^*:' ..... ,, ,Known law is eing so noorioumy disregarded,, .........  ......  ve, not tu If. " . ,,aonc tmurcn. 1. ........... 'lmaKe 'roesmnts but to make Bolshevis ,r ,, me evening, these devout people ' From th" Ioregn crmcs may e emped to concmde tna C .... '• '" t " is true incident the " • . . TV. . o pay Him the homage of mind av _ .... sensatmnal preach-/law-breaking has also become a habit with us ; .............. _____ • ............ er may learn real; while he ma- se-u- -  ....... " ! .................... apprecme, oo, me nee oi tsnrls' ..... y c re a goocl-! Now o course we are no rash enough to say ....... - .... I ......... mzea aumence when 1 no omy primary u oi a mgner h s sensational sermon  ad __ " " "s - f which laws are useless, but when we observe that }  b'I|ITfliHAI I00im0000OAo00w .. ", , verisea, yet the reaction amen- his ............... #I LOllL/llkltlh ]Ll]k! ,/41 I| ILi_ | • i year finds a larger number enterinl ,_n, ...... g auulences the passion ior law-maKing in tills country causes I  v w va  1   ............. e u o smaller ann smalmr ntfon,o ............... I I .--- ..... _ ,, . scnoo/s aria COlleges o IH; nemsel' - ...... ,vvu new laws o ne passes each year, and wnen ............. ,] ....... " m • • . .  slona careers, the votisn parer, So e ministers do not seem to realize that, recall the groans wlth which the opening] CEMETERIES IN SUMMER I the nec s" " r" "" :-- • • • es ly oI prepa lUg ;net- after all,.most people go to church and support it of every state legislature is received by most esti-I ' These are peculiarly the days of the automo-I and intelleetuall" *^ * ...... * b • • • . " ' " • " .y &UL blL £ tb ecause tlxey want to hear the word of God;and mab!e citizens who could not be m sympathy wlthl:d :::;st Given fmr weather and a good road, I fronts every one in life• And the unless that word is preached constantly their peo- the violation of law, we are not to be charged withl:om e tha c an that can affort it, and no doubt/distant when, in Buffalo's Polish ple will not take very much interest in it, hence disrespect towards law-making powers of the landi s annot, crank up or start off someday ! ........ :- • - oi mgner eaucauon wm rise o the wholesale falling away from their churches, when we say that lawmaking has become a dis- or another and go forth under the open skies• sands of graduates from the Sixty millions of our population profess no relig- ease with Americans and that some weeding out I They visit the lakes and the woods. Sometimes onortunitv of ursuin their studie  e T they set theselves a g ion, according to the last census. This is due to process of needless sl/ws should take pine . o. I " distant destination, just to tlan direction" It is certain that thl get to see something of the world. They usually cilities in the diocese are not adequ that much-vaunted but irrational liberty which is N; IN EuRoPE Imake a circling tour to take in a series of towns to continue their education beyond given for private interpretation of the Bible-and PROSELY 'and cities ' " " " " • • They want to observe what other sensationalism. Private interpretation is as vari- Proselytizing activities of varmus Protestant/o,, ure doing anct What is going on in other " -"'s ...... - - It is customary to speak of the able as the wind; therefore there is no certainty sects in many of the countries of Burope, have i_,_ce s , ...... .... m Buffalo to distinguish it fro: for the truth of the interpretation• Outside the long been a matter of grave concern to statesmen ] ................ ]whose national characteristics have • v uun melr own. When they are Catholics, I Catholic Church all is doubt and uncertainty. " " i .  ;ney arc llKely, on unday at least, to dro into .... * as well as churchmen of the nations in wh ch this a church of *^: .......... P I m the great melting pot m which It is only the Catholic Church which proclaims propaganda has been pushed A few weeks ago l -cu- co-renglomsts to hear Mass with lAmericanism Speaking of an A • , (them• Not unfrequently, especially in the rural that it teaches the truth." This fact should be well Count Thadee Lubienskl, head 0f the Cathohc I triet - ..... ,a hyphen is erroneous when that • . ........ , utey pass y a cemetery, and while a ' • • considered by all honest men, and surely we Populist Party of Poland, came to ores country to!...^ ............. come a citizen of a nation. And esP w,,o,,, mougnt aDOU neath stirs ,;+. -- ' ...... , should not trifle with the things of God. discover means by which the inroads on the faith l ciousness .......... - rue oI mose wnom one may can / of the people of Poland might be checked and a I ;rayer for their charity moves them to breathe a' are in every sense loyal Americans;: - o-c _ . the dead. country and her cause; ever re serious menace to the national life of Poland re- I The care they give to the last resting place of in her defense; obedient to her In spite of the taunt of a prominent minister moved. I their dead is coasidered a pretty good sign of all, prepared by their high ideal of of this community, that "'The Guardian" never Now the Pope speaks. At a great gathering in the quality of a congregation's religion. When a give to this nation a manhood quotes Protestants except when a compliment to Vienna where 400,000 Austrians convened to cele-! stranger, at this time of the year, gets to the out- that has not been contaminated the Church  is conveyed, we find a certain satis- brate "Catholic Day," a letter was read :rom HiS{skirt s of a town and sees a well-kept cemetery theoryMalthusianism.. If our faction in gieanilg tributes to the Churdh and to Holiness in which he not only called attention to there he can not help having the impression made per cent Americans who protest so the Pope from unaccustomed places, for sad to the campaign which was being conducted by these deep upon him that soon he will see a people national love and deliberately say, criticism and not compliment is the order of sectaries, but noted the fact that many of them worthy of respect and commendation. For they preaching of a limitation of the day. At a recen National Peace Congress in were of American nationality who took advantage do not forget their dead. They are of the kind would follow the example of these England it was dec!ared that "the Pope cam out of the distressful conditions of the people to draw he would like to have dealings with. They are national love they question, there best of all of them from the test of the war," and them from their allegiance to the Church through likely to be imbued with religious sentiments that fear for our national future arising at another gathering, Lloyd George had this to the bestowal of material relief, ring true and are real. They are likely to be in posedly American family that is • say! "During the Middle Ages the Church was Of those who sought to implant false doctrines hearty and harmonious co-operation with their in the purchase of an automobile the agency for tempering the asperities of force, in Austria, His Holiness said: "Their sole object pastor in making their church a worthy House carriage.Union and the agent of mercy, the minister to the sick, blind, is to implant socialistic doctrines with all their of God and a center of good for the living. Their lame and the halt. There came the brutal over- pernicious influence in all publc institution in Po- worship is really a praise and a blessing of the. throw of that system without the substitution of land, might be paralleled in the experience of sev- Most High. WASTING MONEY. anything in its place. We had the ruthless and eral other European countries. Similar reports On the other hand, a cemetery, given over to callous individualism of the Nineteenth Century, come from Czecho-Slovakia and from Hungary, neglect, tombstones sagging or fallen, the grass Men spend more money to when men trampled on humanity in order to makel and only a few weeks ago a commission of Unit- uncut, weeds and brush and shrubs growing wid call their social position tlmn for wealth." With all the depressing news now com-tarians reporting the results of a visit to Transyl. and unhindered, the trees untrimmed and general and genuine enjoyment. They ing from Germany, it is gratifying to hear that/vania, disclosed a similar state of affairs in that untidiness reigning supreme--what an eye-sore t a standard of extravagance which the cause of the Church has not suffered anything region. is and what heartaches it occasions to those of ment impo,ces upon them, and like the catastrophe that has been the lot of the] Recent events in all of the countries affected, the beautiful Catholic Faith concerning the dead State. hi fact, according to reliable information/bear eloquent tribute to the correctness of the "who die i the Lord." Such a cemetery is a dis-[ resources without giving them any many gratifying things have happened since the/Pope's estimate of the purposes of the opponents /:ion. If they only had the courage grace. It is a sign of religion sunk to a low ebb. Iing to their own notions and the war. The government it seems, is very favorable, of the Church in several European countries and It marks all the livin who have any of their dead theii' hearts, they would be hapier o the Church. The Jesuits have established sev- I of the effect of the teachings of sectaries of vari- there as citizcns of a doubtful quality of citizen- useless expense. Extravagance has eral houses; there is no interference with the/ouS kinds who apear to have unlimited Ameri- ship. It is a bad advertisement of a locality, and happincss and wrecked the fair H01y See in appointing Bishops; and a great num'can dollars with which to prosecute their work helc is hardly a tom'ist but will remember it as a promising" family.--The Standard ber of conversions have taken place, t of proselytism. Everywhere the persecution Of]such._._Catholic Bulletin, St. Paul. Philadelphia.