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July 31, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 31, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1920. is the county seat of and is the most ira- in the county. is located on the main Iron Mountain and the Counting the 1)opu-J Ridge and Hoxie as the popuhltion is over 4,- interests are in these cities with lum- c'saw mills, cotton gins, cot- and brick factories; a cal' system about ten Lg connects Wal- " and Hoxie. lines are all wel in the two cities, and Stores and bank buihlings 8 and other public buildings: and the school buihl .re not any inore progres- In Arkansas. lands of this section arc he growth of every sort thousan(Is of acres are With valuable timber when a man couhl buy land for what the timber but that cannot be clone there is available in Law- many acres of land that and cultivated at a very above the actual market the timber. Thousands of are already cleared can be cost, as COlnpar- in other states, and sections of Arkansas. the principle crop of the ;the farmers have turned along with all the of the state, and it has that this county anything in the line of ttea Vtl, s:lnl)oad tuav.j any other southern section. Some of the finest stock in tile state of Ar- kansas is to he found in this section Walnut Ridge has several banks. There are also several large con corns that carry stocks to supply the many wants of the community. Al are substanital concerns and have built a large patronage because of their progressiveness and square deal- ing. They have Inade it a point to supply the home trade with a stand- ard an article, and at prices as low as they can secure them elsewhere, and give their patrons a large stock to select from. Fine Business Center. Socially aml commercially, Walnut Ridge is one of the finest towns in te state. It is modern in its public iml)rovements, has the only trolley system in Northwestern Arkansas and has a progressive c',ass of bust hess nlen. Ii.s schools an(l churches and housed in fine buihlings and the educational advantages here are as good as may be foun(1 in any town of its size in the United States. Tile stores and banks are of the most substantial character. The Law- rence County Bank, with a capital and surplus of $125,000, is a strong[ and progressive financial institution] and is the pride of the citizens of this[ section. It is the oldest bank in Wal- I nut Ridge and while conservative in I¢ its policy, it has helpe(I the town tel grow and has fotered many worthy enterprises. Its officers and direc tors are among the best known citi zens of the county, whose interests are mostly within their own section and who are progressive men in push- ing the growth of the city and county. The Dowell Land Company is a MACHINE SHOP JOSEPH C. BERG, Proprietor EQUIPPED TO DO YOUR WORK of a machinist of 40 years' experience in Little Rock SERVICE OUR MOTTO Overhauled, Repairing of Every Kind, Made or Furnished. "No Job too Small too Large. Live and Let Live Policy , Send Us Your Work. MODEL MACHINE WORKS Ave. Little Rock, Ark. Land Company WALNUT RIDGE, ARK. for" Bargains in Fine Corn Land, Timber and Farm Land on Easy Terms ut Ridge Grocer Company WHOLESALE GROCERS rs of Jaunita and White Rose Flour PHONE NO. 275 and 320 RIDGE ARKANSAS Hardware (ompany Stoves, Furniture, Rugs and Harness WALNUT RIDGE, ARK. pioneer concern of .Lawrence county and their work has been to deve:op the land and put it on sale. Mr. S. C. Dowell, the head of the company, is one of the best known men in the state and has done much to build up this section aml bring new blood from Mountain, has greatly increased its numbers, xIt' now boasts of more pas- senger trains each clay than any city of many times its size in Arkansas, and there is hardly an hour but what a passenger train passes Hoxie, and what is more they all stop in the other states to settle in Luwrence town because it is a junction of the county. This company has some fine h'on Mountain and Frisco main lines hohlings in very fertile land and are]and one of the largest stiipping and gla(1 to give anyone interested in this' change points in the state. ,;ection any information they may de- All mercantile lines are well rep- sire. ' resented in Hoxie/ It is also well sup- We are also a(lvertlsing the Walnut Ridge Grocer Company, a wholesale conceln that does not confine its op- erations to Lawrence county a]one. ]'his. is a most progressive business house and meets competition fair and square. The splendid shipping facili- ties from this section enables them to make prompt shipments. plied with Inodern city improvements, in the way of e'.ectric lights, water works, side walks and splen(Ihl streets the main street being more than a mile long and well lighted. The All Souls Catholic church was built in Hoxie about five years ago and has a good congregation in pro- portion to the population of the town. Cooper's Pharmacy is another wide It is the only Catholic church in the awake concern that is" helping bust- county, and is the place of worship hess interests by giving quality and,, for the Walnut Ridge Catholics, as service in the drug line. 'lwell as those from other parts of the Rankin's Hardware Co. is in its Pcommunity. Roy Walter Coffeen was new buihling and is one of the most rl pastor until September 1, 1918, when up-to-date hardware stores in North-[ he was transferred to Osceola -rod ern Arkansas.. Blytheville. It is now attend'ed by a Christie & Siinpson have opened a priest from Little Rock and a resident millwovk factory and turn out any-pastor will soon be appointed. thing' in cabinet work as well as in- I, The shipping facilities at Hoxie are side finish for buihling, lunexcel:ed as it is a junction point I,awrence county is a splen(lid lo- ation an(1 its peop:e are eInbued with the southern hospitality that is so: well enjoyed by a stranger. They welcome thrifty people in their midst and merit rather than wealth is the standard of the community. HOXIF.--A FAST GROWING CITY for two big railroads. The town of- fers great inducements fo,. factories etc. The banking facilities of Hoxie are well cared for by one of the most progressive banks in the spate. The Bank of Hoxie is a live institution and furnishes a strong and reliable depository for the people of the city land county. It is officere(I by men Hoxie, with a population of over t of the highest integrity and business 2,000 people, has gained more in pop- knowledge and extends to its patrons ulation than any other town in the state. Some years ago, with its raih'oad facilities, Hoxie was only a small town, but with the improvement in railroad service, it has improved and within the past year, since it has been made a division point of the Iron! a most satisfactory banking service Its policy is to help a growing tow to grow, while the institution is grow- ing itself. Each year adds'to the re- sources of the bank and as the busi- ness of the community increases it grows in more popularity and strong- er financially• q Van Buren and !CrawJord County What the Business blen's Club Say About the County "Crawford county is in the north western part of Arkansas, on the Ok lahoma line. It has a population of approximately 26,000. Van Buren is the County Seat with a population of 5228. Tim city's population has in- creased 32 per cent. since the last census and it is a city now of the first class, rests upon the banks of there is potters clay within reach un surpassed in quality." "Anil then our NATURAL GAS More than a hundred and fifty mil lion feet above our present need an use, with inore wells coming in al the time. And OIL is practically as ure(1. But the gas; what a domes- tic convenience, and how clean and cheap. This is destined to be the cen- ter of manufacturing industry be- cause it is the center of the most pro- the Arkansas river 450 above sea lev- ]ific gas field in the enth'e southwest. el, beautifully located, and surround-, Yet ............ I an this iuel vumaeu m memories ed upon tile north and west by hills," , , ' . ", ann in (mmestic use leaves tle city rising to tim height of another four el ' " " " • can an(! lree Iroln smoke and soot. 15i;i o=e:, u this city and county and the newly Frisco put us in touch with every organized Business Men's Club, a real important city in the southwest and democratic and representative institu- tion, was bol-n with the idea of mak- ing this nature's rich inheritance o county and clime, nothing more nor less than one of the best places in which to live, rear children, have plenty, be happy and (Io something for others." "We have a really ideal climate geographically considered partak- ing of the "Gulf" type in winter and the "plains" type in summer• That is, in winter--Jan., Feb., and March --the inean temperature is 41 degrees[ as compared with Saint Louis 33 de '1 trees. In summer the mean tempera- ure is 79 degrees. But the lower humidity of 30 compared with St] Louis, 50 degrees, and Chicago 80 (le- I trees, makes the summer heat most] bearable and" sunstroke is unknown. I i "Crawford sounty is well watere(l having a rainfall of 41.40. The land as near as we need be to any other part of these United States. Our passenger depots are worthy of the lines." • "We are within five miles of our neighborly city of Fort Smith, and the street cars ln every fifteen min- utes. We cross the Arkansas rive upon one of the finest steel bridges west of the Mississippi, free, and a splendid asphalt road connects th two cities." ",Van Buren has the best of publi schoo:s, and the pupils of our Higl School rank first at the State Uni versity. But these are to be improv ed. We have some ideals to be work cd out yet." "Our city water is of the best and of course we have all the modern conveniences, while more streets are to be paved immediately and more cement sidewalks to be laid. We ar runs from the rich bottom lands of " "and i growing and our majority is yet be the creeks and river, to ne upl . ,, • .l iore US. which change from the level flail ,, ' ' s 'lhere is a Woman's Litelay lands to the rolhng lands of the hill. ' ..... .......... ,_ _ ,. Club, a Civics Improvement Club, a an(I nnally ,o mountain lantt o  ...... • ........ I United Church Charity Association nol%n lne SOIl tin(! climate are Oeb- • " .......... bles la Rotary Club' Of courSt, Frater auapeu o irulI: an(l vegea i than any other section of the south- nal organizations and churches. F;v west. And the crops of corn, cotton, of the seven white churches have set Irish and sweet potatoes, strawber- tled pastors and adequate buildings.' ries, cantaloupes, grasses and alfa'fa all do exceedingly well• And stock and poultry are among our most val- uable prodhcts becouse the mild win- ters make extra care and attention unnecessary." "The 137_ miles of good hard sur face i'oads that are in the bu!lding "Upon the beautiful hi:Is surround ing our city is built one of the lnost picturesque drives The Sherwood- to be found anywhere and far super.. ior to many much more celebrated• This road is being pt in good shape and is worth a long trip in your auto to stop at its crest and view the ' now, and to be completed within two beauties si)rea(I out before you in wonderful panoralna. The course.of miles, will reveal to us undreamed of this drive and the abutting hills about production and prosperity. Land va- .... t ,. our beautiful little city offer building lues range in price arom tna o • " ^ re The chea-er ISites and combine the urban and sub- $8.50 to z:u per ac . p _ ...... ............ i beed urvan ann makes ox a nolne uilt lan(l IS among me hills OUr, I, m ' , , . , but new roads and the ever inereas I within the circle to become a. moun- ing auto will tie all this up to hills tain-resort-plaee of abode, as well with verdue and beautiful homes. It's without the inconvenience of" travel to reach it." sure to come." "We have shale of that grade and "These are but a few things we quantity in the veT heart of Van Ihave to say to you, and the half has Buren that would build us ten thou-lnot been told." sand homes of ti.e and brick, and For further information write t | tens of thousands elsewhere. And the Secretary, R. H. Lampkin. PAGE THIRTY-NINE .---- lh'. W. B. FARRIS Osteopathic Physician Telephone 62. Res 2828 302 Merchants Nat'l Bank Building Fort Smith, Ark. --Made on Honor-- T H E F L Y'E R Overalls and Work Pants Fort Smith Garment Co. Fort Smith, Ark. --Sold on Merits-- /, 2,/ • ! 4 ! ,o ,'2 Lawrence County Bank t OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS # J. G. RICHARDSON, Pres. E.L. MOORE, Cashier :• C. W. WHITE, Active V.-l'h'es. VICTOR SLOAN, Asst. Cashier G. E.'HENRY. Vice Pres. HOMER MAYS,  # .... DIRECTORS  J. G. Richardson Chas. Bloom J.C. Childers  I. M. Lester Jno. K. Gibson C.W. White i G. E. HemT Dolph Sloan E.L. Moore  R. R. Johnson S.C. Dowell D, W. Fenter ? 2 (,alntal and Surplus, $125,000, :z Oldest and Strongest Bank in Lawrence County !? Waln.t Ridge, Arkansas ........................................... i ............................ I Genuine Quality and Service COO PER'S I'HARM A C Y I • Phone 48 I I WALNUT RIDGE, ARK. I CHRISTIE & SIMPSON Cabinet and Mill Work Finish for Interiors, Etc. Next Door to Frisco Depot WALNUT RIDGE, ARK. ,if,; ,. :;:(.