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July 31, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 31, 1920

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"&apos;i' | : - PAGE THIRTY.SIX % NO RED TAI'E WE 1}0 0R WE DON'T The Hope00[National Bank Capital, $100,000 SUnrl}lus, $75,()00 ' I Hope Hardware Co. Everything in Hardware Phone 45 Hope, Arkansas I HOPE FERTILIZERS MAKE THINGS GROW HOPE FERTILIZER CO. HOPE, ARKANSAS *, imtm om  tllDNmDoa ml'm Jm cm | -. FURMAN J. SISSON . OPTOMETRIST Glasses Fitted and Repaired 5014 MAIN STREET--Room 201 Phones: Offim, Main 21S3--Residenc, Main 4548 LITTLE ROCK -:- ARKANSAS Hope, Arkansas Center of One of the Most Productive Sections No c, oumy in Arkansas can claim a'tem. \\;xortb $150,000; has twenty-five [areater variety of products than miles of eonc|'etc side-walks, has an [ lleml),tead. Every known kind of Ul>lo-date sc%ve|'amr(! system; bas [farm product is raised here. Tim soil, mitral gas; has an abundance of ar- which con.dsts lar,'a'eiy of black land, tesian water; has excellent schools; .qmilar Io the bl,wk rand 'i,i Texas, I lms churches of a'.l denominations; has produces abund-m; ca.n, larg:.' staple four raih'oads, the h'on lvIountain, the cotton, alfalfa D.l:atoes an,, sr,all l.ouisuana & Arkansas, the Frisco and grain, w:hile the sandy lea;n is .'tdaptod [o naelons, peas, sweet potatoes shaw- berries, and vel'etables of all ldnds and the gravelly hill lan:l is tlle home of the Elberta peach It s an ideal country for stock r::ising', many farm- ers devoting their time ahnoA exclu- sively to this industry, with grea profit. Many dairy farw are to be round over the county the free Ber- muda pastures making a cheap and substantial feed. Lare'e herds of Jersey cattle are to be found and many silos lmve been built. Truck farming is another paying industry, not only b(,ause the soft is rich, but because of the splendid nmrketing facilities, H(mq)stea(l coun- ty having .';ix raih',,:d::. the Arkansas & Louisiana has thirtj passenger trains daily has six large wholesale houses has a daily, n- v,- paper, a somi-,weekly and a weekly; t'as a deep well of fine mineral water with 1 599.71 grains to the gallon, and i.q a specific for rheumatism, stomach troubles "rod constipation. A five- .-tory bank and office building with other-; being' remodeled are some of the better class buildings of the city Hope lms a large number of mercan- tile establishments, ninny of them carryin stocks equal to any city. Her physicians arc graduates of the best me,lical coltees and are skilled in tbeir profession: her lawyers rank ro'cen',o.;t among the state's bar, and li(,ml,.4e:M county '}:as" t)roduced such Any farmer who umlerstamls the men :ts A. H. G:u'hmd. Albert Pike first principhrs of earming ,"m make ?and Jas K. aones. woney in llelnpst,:cI county. { Ammlr her leading industries ic, the l"arm tle,nonstration work under thellh)po 1,'evtilizer Cnpany, which fur- supervision of the United St'_,tes Gov-, ni:.he. a large portion of the State emunent, has be:.'n carefully plammdl.,ith it b,.:st fertilizer, said to be the for the farmer and the land has beenl':(,:t ,n the nam'ket today. Holm let- brought up [o '. hiv'h etate of caltiva-[tilizt, r is known for the flood it does ,.ion. [tim c:'op. Here you have all the conveniences I Hope's hotels ave [ homes in the city and its surroundings tor was the Rev. P. J. we infer that they are a busy eom- first resident priest in ]rany. Father Higgins had -Th,., Cocoa Cola Bottling Company L(-en at St. -ndl'ew's , ) . manufacture carbonated waters an(Ill ill( Lock. Upon his it'( cream and if (luality and service cvunts their establishment is t, reatly [al,prcciated in this communit,. ] ,oautFlul parks oiIo(1 strect, h)ve- I) shade trees lmn(ls(lnc ](,lne:q at-. tractive lawns and many nearby ,pleasure resorts af'orl the c tizens pientv of relaxation from the cares iof tl(e day/ --'Hole also has a large number of imercantile establishments. Her phv- siciaps are -'raduatc, s of the be:; medical colleges: her lawyers rank /foremost among the State's bar. Our Lady of Hope. In the early history of Catholicity in Hope, the' faithful were attendel [l,y the resident priest of Camden. 'l'he Rev. Father Demurger is re- membered by one of the old pioneers in Prescott as having had charge of these missions at one time n*.arly a quarten" of a century ago. Father Mautl:ew Seattle, O. S. B., is -;aid to have taken in this p:n' of the State during the early days when Hope w;lu an "ont of the way place." lurin." this intem'al down +o about 1[;02 no one seems in a p,sition to nnnle tim mi:;si,maries in consecut!'/e order. About the ye'tr.; mentioned .almve a llelgian l))'ie:t, tim Rev. Father Inolis [correct spelling of the word) in the south of Arkansas lli:s i,ability to speak the En,:'I sl: lan- baa'e so as to l)e understood made it mq)ossiblc for him to accoml)lish \\;'e y much for the missions. Tim Rev. l":ther Morrow. w(, bgliex'e, was the first class, the:m'>:t on the list. He was a convert, lhe on of a I'resl)yterian minister, came to Arkansas from Pennsylvania. The Rev M. McManus succeeded the l:ev. Father Morrow. Folloxvim. his departure for Califotmia after a few ponths on the missions the Rev. l.':ther t3irminghan, took charge. The n:,me of the latter's successor i: not remembered; but following this one, the Rev. Clms. F. Wahh'on from Iowa, convert and a former member of the ;le(lical profession, attended the:;,'.. missions. He had followed th,-. ad- vice of his doctor and come south; but being ah'eady past mi(ldl age, and in ill health, his naturally ze:d(ms spirit was tamable to cope with the disparaging conditions. Following Vather Chas. Waldron came the well- known Missionary. Father Mat- thew Seattle. O. S. B. The nex pas-. I CANTALOUPE SHED NEAR HOPE of free rural mail delivery, rural tele- phones good schools, churches and a splendid society. Hempstead county citizens are law-abiding and a feeling" of fellowship prevails. The climate is delig@tful, the winters are mild, and the summers not near so hot as it is in sections further north, the ther- mometer rarely eer goes above 90, or below 20 degrees. An average rainfall of over 50 inches guarantees sufficient moisture for a sure crop. Failures from drought here are en- tirely unknown. The county is well drained, there being a number of creeks and smah streams. Under the administration of County Judge R. J. Byers, the roads of Hemp- s',ead county have been made the eqoal of any in the soubh. Being a practical falTner he knows the value of good roads, and has fulfilled his promise to the people along that line. Hempstead county has held one of the best Union Fairs in the state, on everything grown on the farm, and is the cause of mudh. effort on the part of the farmers to excell in their produets. These fairs are held an- t,ually for rgm purpose of placing that section of the state in the class where it belongs. They claim.the best coun- try in the world, the best people in the world, the best climate in the woPld, and the best soil in the world. They can raise anything and nmre of it than any place in the worhl. Hope is the largest town in the county and is a city of industries and offers great inducements to factories. Aheady some yery substantial con- cerns have located here. ltope owns its water and light sys- I:arlow lintel being one of the leading hotels in the state. The Hope Hardware Company is a large concern in its line and its pat- ronage extends far and near. A full line of implements and hardware for the farm and plantation is camSed and he company are building up a large business both in and out of the coun- ty. The banks of Hepe are substantial institutions, and her merchants are in good financial condition. The Hope National Bank is one of the strong and eonsmwative institu- tions of the State of Arkansas and is a power in the Upbuilding of the city. It fosters worthy enterprises and brings about a condition of thrift and economy in the community. Its offi- cers and directors are the best known men in the county, whose interests are located in their home territory, and ho are helping to upbuild and de- velop the city and county. The Citizens National Bank is an-, other institution in hich the peo- ple of Hope take a just pride as one of the strong financial institutions of the State. Its present capital and"sur- plus amounts to about $al0,000.00 and its constructive work is felt all over this section. With institutions of this character a community cannot help but grow and become influential in the great commonwealth. Wade H. Bourne, the plumber, is a good sample of the wide-awake con- tractor who does his work well and nothing comes along too big or too small for him to handle. The Union Furniture Company ad- vertise themselves as the "Makers of Happy Homes." Their stock embraces the finest of the furniture makers art and from the many well-furnished WADE H. BOURNE I'ltA the pastorate at ltol)e heJi; l) bec;'an to lay plans 0 i, t;(,n of a church, and tll} __ Quality f hs' 1)eople. ::. l,'ather Hi:'gins xva la,e-. ' 1-,(,lena, and the Rex,. 'J' !111 ,.'as ass gned to the 1IoI ,- The new pastor tool< tp a al Drug :ie2ly started and conti:1 ':..-ent to another field- Rev. H. J. tIagney, ,]i'; took charge of the parish .... Ark., spent several years ! Li,; effort, were crowned b!l ce:s. - ] hontas, Rev. Thonw.s A. Martia l cm. pa. tor of the ehurdh of Hope and his good we 4  u'reat effect upon the too4 cial condi(cions of Hopa'l lle to Ran devout and energetic I[' r, . ,, makes many friends, t, ounty'" Tim Sisters of Mercy hadi! ishinv' .clmol that is P, C'tholics and non-Ca: Their efforts in the line 04 recognized  al trainintr is ..  ": W' peciative commumty. " IS Gee. Maclon;;a--r;:ist--Bracel-!, - <,,er, J. LEW --00!itllre ('o, ',t,I)ERTAK COCA -" BOTTLING C( 10e4holltas Manufacturer and I), CARBONATED W,_., Of All Kindsill)'il" J" BAL' ICE CREAM ,,  ESTATI Agent for BEVO;,J .2 IV E STO( HOPE, ARK."I  0 s0eeial i,. HOLLaMON, 0f Randol i  and far kind and G] Compa0000 PLUMBER Makers of Happy:a,LL , }h Sde Sq IS If You Citizens National HOPE, ARKANSAS Capital and Surplus, $310,000 Assets, $1,500,000 "The Bank That Service Built" CORN FIELD NEAR HOPE